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BLAX32 Wizard People, Dear Readers SL

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BLAX32 Wizard People, Dear Readers SL

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Name:BLAX32 Wizard People, Dear Readers SL

Total Size: 4.37 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 0

Leechers: 0

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2015-04-25 18:27:58 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-28 16:54:29

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Torrent Files List

BLAX32 - DVD-Rom (Size: 4.37 GB) (Files: 32)

 BLAX32 - DVD-Rom

  Advanced Potion-Making

   Advanced Potion-Making - Arry.mp3

4.03 MB

   Song used in menus.txt

0.07 KB

  BLAX32 - Wizard People, Dear Readers - TPB Edition.nfo

22.43 KB

  DVD Covers

   BLAX32 - Wizard People - Just Potter - DISC.jpg

1.02 MB

   BLAX32 - Wizard People - Scarry Potter - DISC.jpg

1.02 MB

   BLAX32 - Wizard People, Dear Readers - Just Potter - TPB Edition.jpg

3.11 MB

   BLAX32 - Wizard People, Dear Readers - Scarry Potter - TPB Edition.jpg

3.11 MB



37.11 KB

   HArry Fucking Potter.gif

34.53 KB

   Harry Horses.gif

36.80 KB

   Ron animated.gif

10.90 KB


32.18 KB


38.02 KB


26.50 KB


22.00 KB


32.62 KB


4.61 KB


8.25 KB

  Wizard People, Dear Readers - PRESS.txt

41.00 KB



8.00 KB


8.00 KB


102.00 KB


102.00 KB


30.66 MB


1.00 GB


1.00 GB


1.00 GB


1.00 GB


332.28 MB


12.00 KB


12.00 KB


4.83 MB


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Torrent description

                         .$8?,  ~ .=ZDZ,                                      
                        :N=  .:=~78    ?NI                                    
                       :N~            .+ ~D7                                  
                       I8    .,=~+$?,+8ON= =DI                                
                       ?O     .=+:  :O=  .   :N~                              
                       +D.    O,=D8?. +O,.Z?.:,O=.                            
                       :D,    Z: $$,87. ZI  ?D. $$                            
                        8?    +? ,8: =D+ ?7.  .  .                          
       ,ONO7I788~.          :D  ~D~  OO8D8DO=. ,D87                          
     :OO, .?,.  :O7      O7    Z,  ~D, .D~  , ?D8IOO88.                        
    *ANGRYSVN*    .O$    .$7    $   :8?.+Z  7O?.O$8$+=O.                      
   ,N:           =. .ZZ.   ZO    7   :8+ 7?  ?~$.O??IO                      
   $8  .       ,7I7?  =8?   O?   .I  .:D. ?Z  IN,7. I:+D+                      
   Z$      .,      =:  .+D+ .D~   ..   IO  :D? .7=O. $==D.                    
   OI   ?N+?ZD=  . ... ,. =8=.       .D~   :D7  .Z:.I:~$                    
   ZI   =8   O8O,    .=7+I..78D.        D+     ?DI  7, ?,7I                    
   7O   .O  =D, 8Z.    . ~8: :O         8+       ~D$.=: I I?                  
   +D:  .O   OI. =N=        :$~        ,D:         .Z$.    ?Z                  
   ,D+   8,  ,D=   OO                  ?N.            D? O~=~~                
    IO.  :I   =D:   +D+                8+              .Z=:7$                  
     8I   O~ . ,8?.   ID~.      .    .Z8                   =D=                
     ,D~   +$:  .I8=    I8Z~      .~$.                     7D.              
      +8:  . +7.  ,ZO.    =ZDDDDDNNO~                        .D,              
       7D+  .  ==   :88.   .      .                           +D              
        .DO     .=.   +D8.              .+*BLAKSVN*+.          ,ZN~            
          7D~           ZD?:~==~:.   .ZNO7=.       :I8N?         .8?          
           .OD:  ...IDD8O+=~~===?88?.,.              O?         ~D=          
              ZO::O87: .   .     ~?   :8               ~N.         .O~.        
               :8D?    . .       .    O=                Z+           .        
               :8?                   :8                 ?8                    
              .D7.                  .$=         :?8= N+ .N.                    
              ~D,    .              .8. ..   ,OOO8~ ZI.  N+.                  
              ?D. ?7.,N8DO=         =+ .D~  $8OOO: $$    D?                    
              =8=  $+ .78OOOO+      7. .D. OOO8$. +7    .N+                    
               .D~ .78~ .?OOOO8=    Z  ,8 $88Z.   :     ,N,                    
                +N?  .7D7, :7888Z. .7  ,7,N$,.          +D,                    
                  ~D?   .~$$?  .:, .+  :=               .                  
                    :887           ..                  :N,:N:                  
                       ?DD+        ++?=          .~I7+?8D,  8.                
                        Z8?D,     +D+~D=       .:Z88?. ,..N.                
                        $8..?     O7  IO   . +O, =O8Z,.    7.=8                
                        =D, , . .   .    ..  $  OD$$8 I?   .7.Z=              
                        IDI    .:?Z8O8Z?~,   .  O8  O7:   $: N.              
                      .ID+  ,7D8IO+:$=~ZO88O=   IN. ~N,Z:   :Z $$              
                      =8? ,8O8:O:I+ I, $.=~=8D~ .8? .8$+.    O,,N,            
                       .DI   D?7++? I, $.+:~D7.,8D,  7D.     ?+ D=            
                         7D+ OZ:7,? ?: $.=,~D:ZD+    =N.     :Z D=            
                         ~8+ ?**^^^^^^^^^^^**,~D=    ?N.Z.   ,O D:            
                          87 :8O8$.       78D.~D+     8,   ,O N,            
                            OOOD:   .+$+ ,D7~8+   ~D,?I.   :Z7N              
                          =D: Z8O88      ~?  =ODZ,:.     ?=87              
                          .D+ ?OOOOO.          .,,:,         77D.              
                           O$.=D78I7D,       ..:Z8+         ~88                
                           $8 ~N,O. ZZ$                    .8Z                
                           ID..D:I: Z =8+  ..             +D?                  
                           :D: 87I$?Z?I++             +8O                    
                           .D= ?I+=~~:=+?7Z8D7+~~:~~+?                      
                            8+             .8$:=IZ7+:.                        
                            ~.      .,$8I                                  


We would like to state that this particular NOT FOR PROFIT fan created film
editing project is intended ONLY for those very unfortunate fans that do not
have access or the necessary skills to achieve a "Fan Edit/Synchronization" and
should be only be used for private home viewing, research or educational
purposes; please do not support piracy, you must own/purchase an official DVD to
protect your license. This DVD should be freely distributed via trade or
download among legitimate owners of the official DVD and never sold for profit.

Word to the Spookies…

//Release Information//  

"Wizard People, Dear Readers" Release Edition


Type................: DVD Movie
Platform............: VIDEO_TS & DVD-Rom Folder
Burn Tested.........: Yes
Video Format........: DVD/VOB/MPEG2/16:9/NTSC
Audio Format........: Dolby Digital 5.1 (448 Kbps)/Dolby 2.0 (192 Kbps)
Runtime.............: 2 hr 32 min 21 sec
Size................: 4.35 GB SL


Genre...............: Fan Produced Fan Edit/Synchronization
Creator Catalog.....: BLAX32
Disc Creator[s].....: ANGRYSVN Productions
Release Group.......: Blaksvn-Torrentz


Warner Brothers DVD (Catalog # 22467)
U.S. Retail Soundtrack CD (Catalog # 83491)
Internet Downloaded Synchronicity MP3 Spoof by BRAD NEELY (

//Featured Fan Edited Film//
"Wizard People, Dear Readers"

I am a beautiful animal! I am a destroyer of worlds! I am HARRY FUCKING POTTER!
- Harry Potter
"Imagine a grizzled, intense poet hired by mistake to record a cigarette-scarred
book-on-tape of J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone without
having actually read it before. And imagine that instead of reciting from it at
the recording session; he simply watches the ultra-faithful Chris Columbus
screen adaptation with the sound off, improvising a blow-by-blow rant on what he
sees, what he wants to see, and what he knows he can't see."
"Wizard People, Dear Readers" is an alternative and unauthorized re-envisioning
of the book/film "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone"; in which the film's
original soundtrack is replaced with a much darker comic narration created by
Creased Comics author Brad Neely. Mr. Neely's unique use of outrageous plot,
insane characters and themes interlaced with his own brand of subversive humor
has been called a "new art form" by the New York Times. It is best described as
the infusion of dissident subtext into a pop-culture phenomenon creating a
suspension of art and reality.
This completely unauthorized DVD synchronization project was created without the
knowledge or consent of either Mr. Neely or the original copyright holders and
includes an all new musical soundtrack remixed along with the original internet
downloaded "Wizard People" MP3 files.

Welcome, dear readers, to the Dark Side of the Potterverse…


//Post Information//

Posted by............: Rikter Blaksvn
Date Posted..........: 05-23-06
In this torrent you'll find
1 - VIDEO_TS folder that's all set to burn!
2 - DVD features a DVD-Rom folder with NFO and Cover
4 - Custom Release Edition DVD Cover by Blaksvn!

//Viewing Notes//

- For best results enjoy with an ice cold beverage and a tasty treat
- Spark it if you have it!
- Pay it Forward
- Word to the Spookies...

//Distribution Notes//

1. If this title is uploaded to another tracker PLEASE retain all files.
2. Please DO NOT alter the NFO, DVD-Rom or layout
I'm asking for your Promise to SEED as long as possible and to also copy this
disc as many times as you can and then give or trade copies to EVERY fan you
know! This will help prevent the Darkside Dealers (eBay/comic shop sellers) from
selling copies for $50!
PLEASE - DO NOT sell this for profit.
If you bought this DVD for more than $10 you've been duped, suckered and
hoodwinked. This DVD was intended to be distributed within the DVD trading
community for FREE or just the cost of a blank DVD and shipping.
I do not want anyone to feel that I'm attempting to exploit these wonderful
works. I just want to share these with other fans and at the same time keep the
Trading Universe Alive and free of hooligans!
Smackin' down the forces of the Darkside.

//Blaksvn-Torrentz Information//

All BitTorrents that we share are either known to be Fan created Preservation
efforts, Fan created Edits, OUT-OF-PRINT titles or titles that are not YET
available on any "Official" currently produced DVD, Laserdisc or VHS release.
We will not offer any titles that are copies of available "Official" DVD's via
torrent or trade.
PLEASE purchase or acquire via trade any OFFICIAL copies of these titles when
possible (i.e. Laserdisc, VHS, CED or DVD) please don't support piracy
PLEASE seed to keep the community alive!

Information in any torrent posted by Blaksvn-Torrentz that is NOT 100% accurate
will be corrected. I will update that information with what I believe is the
correct information when it is passed on to me. I will ALWAYS give the proper
credit WHEN I have this information. If I need to "attach" credit to an existing
set please contact me directly via email again PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me
and include any proper NFO, TXT or Word DOC that you may have so that I can
include this information with any future Torrent releases.
SO, if I post a torrent and I have NO information about said torrent - I will
post what information I have via an NFO; if the release does not already have a
known title or name, I will again place a temporary name on the set until a
correct name can be established. - I will no longer use any information gathered
from any forums or newsgroups as this information will be considered strictly
hearsay (unless the information is posted by the KNOWN source then it can be
called canon). Again I will ALWAYS try to give the proper credit but this is
only possible when I have this information.
ALL Personal information (i.e. emails, names, dates and places) will ALWAYS
remain CONFIDENTIAL and undisclosed. Rest assured I keep no records of any
contact information.

//SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION or the Angrysvn Productions Release List//

The Angrysvn STAR WARS Releases
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BLAK0002: RETIRED/ PLEASE buy the official DVD!!- The Ewok Adventure LD  
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BLAX26: Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The S.E. "Goodtimes VHS"
BLAX27: It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's Superman! - The Musical
BLAX28: Blade Runner: The Broadcast Version
BLAX29: Close Encounters of the Third Kind: The S.E. "Columbia LD"
BLAX30: Matinee: Letterboxed Edition
BLAX31: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn - The Television Cut
BLAX32: Harry Potter: Wizard People, Dear Readers (fan edit/sync)
BLAX33: Harry Potter I - ABC Television Edit


Thanks to those that made this shared DVD/Torrent possible!
My Wife and Spookies and Los Hermonos Blaksvn (Lord Shadow, Johnny Nuke, ZCrumb
& Trey), Crappy Logo Productions, Psycho Davy, MeBeJedi, Dark Jedi, ADigitalMan,
MagnoliaFan, FanFiltration, BitTorrent Technology ner ner nah ner nert... the
Hoobie Doobie and a special extra thanks to all the members at The and those that have donated to help save my bandwidth & J.K.
Rowling for creating the magically wonderful world of Harry Potter.
SPECIAL THANKS to the Blaksvn Seeder Team - Bwlag, Devilman1369 & Taolar
And of course... for making these torrents possible!


This is a fair warning to all, please do not read any further as the views,
opinions and ideas presented in the following text are solely mine and do not
necessarily represent those of any other living entity in the known or unknown
- RiK


"Nightfall does not come at once, neither does oppression. In both instances,
there's a twilight where everything remains seemingly unchanged, and it is in
such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air, however slight,
lest we become victims of the darkness."
- William O. Douglas, U.S. Supreme Court Justice

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will
deserve neither and lose both."
- Benjamin Franklin

Educate Yourself.

Stay Free.


ONLY those over 18 years old should read the following…
Trolls - You bastards

KEEP these DVD's off eBay you fuckers - AND stop stealing my screen captures for
your auctions of the DVD's I release and at least fucking right-click-save the
damn pictures so stop using images linked to my private website - HOST your own
damn pictures you slimy shit dicks.
Whiny ass forum users that seemingly think they are the shit and those pole
smoking assheads that think that it was all their idea first - GO FRAK YOURSELFS
Leechers - listen, the torrents only work if YOU share so please keep the
torrent window open until you've uploaded at least 2:1 okay??
Those few assheads that keep asking for XviD's… Just download the damn DVD and
convert the damn files yourselves you lazy frelling bastards!
And to all the Cry babies and whiners - IT'S a choice to torrent. YOU may not
like what everyone uploads but it is YOUR choice and you really don't need to
post in and post negative comments about it, just start to upload (yes, you to
can upload and help support the community!) the kinda stuff you wanna see and
OTHERS will follow, seriously they will. So choose wisely and don't complain.


eNd BlaKsvN Tranzmizsionzz...

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