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Malware Cleaning Disc 2007

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Malware Cleaning Disc 2007

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Name:Malware Cleaning Disc 2007

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MCD 07 (Size: 171.80 MB) (Files: 133)

 MCD 07


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541.89 KB


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  anti virus



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16.03 MB

   standalone scanners


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925.55 KB


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    firefox extionsion issues.txt

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171.45 KB

   Firefox Setup

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2.68 MB


2.50 MB


13.94 MB


13.08 MB

  general cleaning tools


444.63 KB

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2.31 MB


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  grc tools


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25.00 KB


21.50 KB


21.50 KB


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   Optimization Guide.txt

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   XP Services Guide.txt

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  hardware tools

2.87 MB

58.49 KB

280.23 KB


1.43 MB

  internet tools


1.42 MB

178.27 KB

1.08 MB

   proxomitron certificates.txt

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4.71 MB

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   general scanners & tools


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   malware specific

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    bfu scripts

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   proactive defense


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    Gromozon Remover.exe

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  system tools

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  trojan removers


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 READ ME - MCD.txt

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Torrent description

-- Malware Cleaning Disc 2007 --
[email protected]

Release Date: January 07, 2007 Version: 7
System: NT/2K/XP

MCD is an anti-malware toolkit intended for experienced
computer users. The purpose of this compilation is to
provide an array of powerful malware analysis, detection,
removal, and prevention software in one download. Also
included, are some relevant system configuration and
optimization utilities. This can make for a good emergency
disc, a disc for cleaning friends' computers and preventing
further infection, or a good starting point for those interested
in computer security.

The majority of files included are standalone programs (meaning
no installation necessary). If you like the programs in this release,
give some well deserved thanks to their developers by donating
to them.

Please note: NOD32 & Norman anti-virus (and possibly others)
show a false positive for dcombobulator.exe
Download link:
This is a false alarm, so please email your AV company with
this info so they can update their definition files accordingly!

I. File Analysis
II. Anti Virus
III. Encryption
IV. Firefox
V. Firewalls
VI. General Cleaning Tools
VII. tools
VIII. Guides
IX. Hardware Tools
X. Internet Tools
XI. Malware Programs/Tools
XII. Rootkit Detection
XIII. Sysinternals
XIV. System Tools
XV. Trojan Removers

New in version 7: Revised and reorganized the info file. The main
change is that the malware section is now divided into a General
Scanners/Tools & a Malware Specific Tools section. Version 7
includes 19 new tools and 15+ program updates.

Boomerang - This program represents a step forward as far as decompilers
go: it attempts to rebuild a file's original code. An excellent tool for
checking out suspicious files.

JAD - A freeware, command line decompiler for java files. Useful for analyzing
suspicious websites' scripts.

Resource Hacker - A utility for editing inspecting resources of .exe files.
Useful for preliminary inspection of suspicious files. Can also be used to
customize context menus/graphics in some programs.

Truman - An excellent boot program that lets you test files in a 'sandnet'.
Truman even creates a virtual internet for files to interact with, without
harming your machine.

ANTI-VIRUS: For info, see

I. Programs:
Antivir - This consistently ranks as one of the best anti virus apps,
and it's free.

AVG Anti-Virus - I'd say the second best free anti-virus application;
very light on system resources as well.

**Kaspersky AV - Excellent virus detection, and it removes most
spyware and trojans as well. This version is a bit heavy on system
resources though [not nearly as bad as Symantec or Mcafee, however]

II. Standalone Scanners:
Avast! Cleaner - A tool that scans for ~20 viruses and their variants.

Sec Check - A small tool that scans for active viruses, trojans, and
worms. Your results are sent online and scanned by F-Secure and
Clam AV. The results also display a projected scan accuracy for
each file.

Stinger - A small program that scans for ~40 viruses and their variants.

AxCrypt - A powerful, easy to use freeware encryption program.

Bcrypt - A 63kb command line application that provides 448-bit,
blowfish encryption. If you lose the password, you can't recover
your file(s)

CCleaner Slim- Comprehensive deleting of temporary data. Also lets
you scan for unused dll files. The slim version comes sans Yahoo!

JV16 Powertools Free - The last freeware version of this program was
almost as powerful as the latest release.

**JV16 Powertools 2006- Comprehensive assortment of registry and file
cleaning/defrag utilities. You can even program your own scripts and
automate things like mass file renames with it. The installer includes
a detailed pdf handbook.

MRU-Blaster - Very comprehensive and customizable deletion of MRU
files from recently opened files lists. (note: this app does not delete
the actual files)

Jetico - Here is a freeware alternative to Outpost. This firewall
has tested very well at Intermediate/
advanced level. A bit tough to get the hang of, but provides
solid protection.

Outpost Free - The last freeware version of Outpost for intermediate/
advanced users. Takes up less system resources than the pro version.

**Outpost Pro - A more powerful and advanced shareware version of
Outpost. Version 4 includes a self-protect feature, among others.

Zonealarm Free - For the novice/intermediate user, this works quite

Includes Firefox installer and some handy extensions.

1. Adblock - block ads on websites.

2. Adblockfilterset - works in conjunction with Adblock.
Updated blocking of the vast majority of advertisements.

3. Bugmenot - bypass login on many sites using right-click.

4. Customizegoogle - many different google customization and
privacy features.

5. NoScript - This blocks javascript for every site unless you
specifically allow it. Proper use of this adds a huge layer of

6. StumbleUpon - Select your interests from a long list, and
this addon will let you 'channel-surf' the web.

* Some very small apps from that take care of some
potentiality dangerous features of Windows XP.

-Shoot the Messenger
-Socket Lock
-Unplug n' Pray

Guide to Windows XP Services (.txt file) - A guide with detailed
info on XP services. Can greatly improve system performance &

Guide to testing system security/performance (.txt file) - Provides
links to online browser exploit tests, firewall tests, virus tests,
internet speed & optimization tests, some security support forum
links, and more.

AIDA32 - Complete system information utility.

Memtest - A small program that checks a system's RAM.

ScienceMark - A thorough, freeware system benchmarking tool.

Speedfan - Check system temperatures (and even overclock
your machine)

IP Tools - 20 network analysis tools. Some of these tools are in
the Console Tools.

LSPfix - Used to fix regain internet connectivity (removal of some CWS
strains leaves you unable to connect!) [*note: if you have spybot
installed, it has this feature built in]

Proxomitron - Makes your true computer identity incredibly hard to
decipher by passing through multiple proxy servers.

Proxomitron Certificates - I've included an excellent filterset for Proxomitron
users. It has been optimized for speed and security.

Proxyrama - A program that checks the security & quality of proxy servers.

Sandboxie - Creates a 'virtual sandbox' to prevent data loss that can occur
while online (p2p, browsing...)

Tor - An excellent program that helps anonymize nternet surfing, instant
messaging. SSH and more. Their userbase is now in the hundreds of

WinsockxpFix - An XP specific application similar to LSPfix.


I. General Scanners/Tools:
AIMfix - Excellent tool that removes all known AIM viruses
and malware.

BHOlist - Merijn's application that shows the toolbars you have
installed. It also downloads a comprehensive list of malware toolbars
so you can make sure yours are safe.

Brute Forece Uninstaller - Simple scripting app that allows you to execute
commands. This is good for uninstalling stubborn programs/files.

Bug Hunt - Small utility that detects 4,200+ unique types of malware executables.

Combofix - A small app that produces a detailed log filled with filled with
system drivers, hidden files, registry keys, etc. Sort of like a more
advanced Hijackthis.

DLLCompare - Detects hidden dlls as often left by CWS spyware and other
malware, but only scans the System32 folder. (Option Explicit Software)

Ewido Microscan - A small but powerful standalone spyware scanner.

HijackThis! - Well known spyware/malware assessment tool. Need help
analyzing your logfile? Look here:

HOSTS file - This comprehensive file blocks known malware sites from
connecting to your computer. On Windows XP/2K, this can slow down
internet speed - here is the solution to this:
Editors Note: in most cases a large HOSTS file (over 135 kb) tends to slow
down the machine. This only occurs in W2000 and XP. Windows 98 and ME
are not affected.

To resolve this issue (manually) open the "Services Editor"

* Start | Run (type) "services.msc" (no quotes)
* Scroll down to "DNS Client", Right-click and select: Properties
* Click the drop-down arrow for "Startup type"
* Select: Manual, click Apply/Ok and restart.

jpegScan - San a system for infected .jpg files (an older XP exploit)

Killbox - A neat little program that deletes stubborn files.

Neo's Safekeys - An onscreen keyboard useful for bypassing keyloggers.

PV Find - Another general malware scanner. Useful for removing recent CWS

Show New - Excellent tool that logs system modifications of the last
90 days only.

Spybot 1.5 Beta update - Recently released updates to the scanning engine
and teatimer.
Note: you need v 1.4 installed before applying this patch.

Spybot S&D - I like this better than Ad_Aware. Includes some IE hijack
protection (blocking bad hosts, locking the HOSTS file, teatimer to monitor
system changes, and many other tools)

Startup List - Merijn's more in depth application for detailed scrutiny
of possible hijack points/system settings.

WinPFind - Another good general malware scanner, though
it relies on general definition files.

X Cleaner Free- Though this is not as comprehensive as Spybot, this
standalone cleaner find things Spybot misses. Includes plenty of extra
features as well.

II. Malware Specific:
2 Brute Force Uninstaller scripts that automate removal of: Alcan, EDGA.

About:Buster - Small app that cleans the many variants of this Internet
Explorer malware (CWS related).

Alexa Remover - Removes the Alexa spyware toolbar. Parts of this
"research software" are included in Windows XP installs.

Apropos Fix - Removes the Aprop malware.

CWSshredder - A tool that cleans some CWS variants.

Cydoor Dummy dll - Some programs won't run if you delete Cydoor's
cd_clint.dll replace yours with the dummy file to stop ads and keep
program functionality!

E2Takeout - Removes the E2Give malware.

Fix Wareout - A small program that removes Wareout and related spyware.

KazaaBegone - Removes all the leftovers Kazaa uninstallation misses.

Look2me Destroyer - Removes the most recent versions of the malware.

QooFix - Removes the QooLogic malware.

Smit Remove - Remove Smit, and related malware.

Smitfraudfix - Another tool to remove this annoying malware.

Sp.html-Se.dll Fix - Removes this hijacking malware.

Viewpoint Killer - Uninstalls this riskware.

VX2 Finder - I've included two version of this tool to eradicate all
VX2 malware.

Some of the best standalone scanners:
--Blacklight Beta -
--IceSword -
--RootkitRevealer -
--RKunhooker -
--PWalker -

Aries Remover - Removes the rootkit technology distributed on over 4 million
Sony CDs.

Gromozon Remover - A tool that removes all variants of this new rootkit.

**DefenseWall - This is probably the best malware/rootkit prevention program
that uses HIPS heuristics. Very light on resources, and no signature file updates

Neoava Guard - This is a freeware alternative to DefenseWall. It monitors
the system for suspicious changes and prompts the user if any are
detected. Great rootkit/malware protection in addition to an anti-virus
application (even the best AV's won't catch everything)

NISfilecheck - This is best used after a clean Windows install.
This checks the hash sum of various system files and allows you to
monitor changes to them (can occur when updating the system, but can
also occur when rootkits and other malware alter important system

Console Tools - A zip file with 25 very small and handy tools: getip,
cpuinfo, adapters, BIOSdump, and so on. See the link for a complete list.

Dial a Fix - This simple utility makes things like re-registering
commonly used dll's very simple. For example, it re-registers
files that could cause Windows Update or Windows Media Player
to stop functioning.

IBProcman - Merijn's Itty Bitty Process Manager. This is handy when
some piece of malware shuts down your anti-virus. Use this to kill it!

Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer - A more comprehensive windows
update. Scans for uninstalled system/MS Office patches and gives other
security suggestions.

Mozy Remote Backup - 2gb of free online file backup

PC De-Crapifier - This fully uninstalls a lengthy list of programs that
are bloatware - large programs that hog resources and for which
better, more efficient alternatives exist. This is specific for the
programs that come on Dell PCs, but can be used on any computer
with any of these programs. See full list:

Reg Compact - A small program to defragment the Windows registry.
JV16 Powertools has a similar feature, but it's shareware. This file
requires the .NET framework.

Safe XP - Small app that secures against many little 'holes' in IE,
Windows Media Player, MS Office, Windows Services, TCP, and more.

Visual Basic 6 Runtimes (XP) - The latest version of the VB Runtimes.
Needed if you get errors when running some of these programs.

Unknown Devices - Makes identifying unknown drivers on a pc much easier.

Wholockme - Tells you what is preventing deletion of a file.

x_py - A very small utility that compliments Safe XP' quite well.
This one has lots of extra performance, security, and general
customization settings.

Bugoff! - Merijn's app for fixing 10 critical IE vulnerabilities that
haven't been patched (all fixes are undoable). Prevents many CWS
variants from infecting a computer.

Infiltration Recovery Tool - Gives you key system function when
malware has made a computer non-funtional.

WindirStat - Useful program for seeing what's taking up your
hardrive space.

John the Ripper - A program that's useful for recovering XP passwords.
Especially useful for accessing the main admin account of a machine you're
working on, since many users don't remember their passwords.

Security & Privacy complete - A program that complements Safe and x_py.
This includes a number of extra security & configuration options for Windows,
Firefox, and systems settings.

nLite - Well known program that lets you customize your windows installs
by deleting features you don't use and creating a new ISO. It requires
the .NET platform and works for Wndows XP/2003. You can even integrate
hotfixes, drivers, and tweaks into the install.

**UltimateDefrag - This software lets you select your most used files &
programs, and defragments your drive so that they are in the outer portion
of the hardrive. This can equal big performance increases. This program
is a 7-day trial.

Powerdefragmenter - Uses the included sysinternals file contig.exe to make
a GUI defragmenter.

AccessEnum - Displays who has access to files or registry keys in a
specific folder/part of the registry. Good for tightening user permissions.

Autorun - A small utility that gives you detailed autorun, boot execute,
winlogon, winsock providers, and more. What I like about this is that
it also provides publisher info for most files, which makes removing .sys
files left behind from program uninstalls much easier.

Contig - A small, command line defragmenter.

Filemon - Detailed monitoring of disc activity in real time.

PageDefrag - Defragment the Windows Page file.

Process Explorer - An advanced process manager from sysinternals.

Procmon - Another powerful utility from Sysinternals. Monitor the
processes on a computer in real-time.

PsTools - Includes the following tools: Psexec, Pskill, Psfile, Pssuspend,
and more.

Regmon - Similar to Filemon. Monitor registry activity in real time.

Sdelete - A small tool for secure file deletion.

Sigcheck - Provides file version info and verifies digital signatures of files.

Sync - Flush cache data to disk.

a2 Free - An excellent program to detect trojans, backdoors, and
spyware. This is an optional addon to a setup with an AV program.

Peper Fix - Removes the Peper trojan. (Option Explicit Software)

**Trojan Remover - Small, well-updated shareware application for trojan
detection/removal (although any of the AV's plus other small, freeware
tools I've included most often do the job)

VundoFix - Removes the Vundo trojan.

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