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Magic Programs + Utilities 20in1 [BEST] (AIO) [h33t][migel]

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Name:Magic Programs + Utilities 20in1 [BEST] (AIO) [h33t][migel]

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Magic Programs + Utilities -20in1- [BEST] (AIO) [h33t][migel]

Audio theme:


Blaze Video Magic v3.0.0
Magic Image Resizer v1.4
Magic Lens Max 4
Magic Music Factory 7.07.1
Magic Music Editor v5.3.12.1
Magic DVD Copier Version 4.8 build 4
Magic Speed v3.2
Magic Swf2Avi 2008 build
Magic Video Converter
Magic DVD Ripper V5.3 build 4
Magic Music Workshop v8.0.9.1
Magic Utilities 2007 Version 5.41
Magic Burning Studio v10.4.8.1
Magic DVD Creator
Magic Whiteboard version 2.2
RAXSO Drive Magic
Spell Magic 5.3.2
Video Edit Magic 4.46
Network Magic
Screenshot Magic


UU² Magic Image Resizer is a simple yet powerful tool for UU²
UU² resizing digital images in JPG (JPEG), GIF and BMP UU²
UU² formats. It was carefully designed and this are the UU²
UU² results: it is very effective so the users can resize a UU²
UU² large number of pictures with little or no work at all UU²
UU² it is very easy to use so even the next-door neighbor or UU²
UU² his mom can use it without having to go through a special UU²
UU² training UU²
UU² it is small in size so it fits fit even on a digital UU²
UU² camera memory drive and it still leaves space for pictures UU²
UU² it supports all popular graphic formats (jpg, gif, bmp). UU²


?U±U²° ° ?±U²²° Magic Lens Max is a intuitive, °²²U±Y ° °²U±UY
°U²U²Y ° °UU²²Y advanced and real time screen ?²²UU° ° ?²U²U°
?UU²²U° UU²²²²° magnifier and desktop viewer °²²²²UU °U²²UUY
?²UU²²²UUUUUUU°?° to, rotate, zoom, enhance and °?°UUUUUUU²²²UU²?
°U°???????U²U²²²U° capture any area or the full °U²²²U²U???????°U°
°±UUU²? ° ?±U²²Y screen display. With built-in ?²²U±? ° ?²UUU±°
?UU²² ?²U²²° highly optimized resampling °²²U²Y ²²UUY
°UU²²Y ° ° U²U²Y enhancing filters, Magic Lens ?²U²U ° ° ?²²UU°
?UU²²U UU²U²²° Max generates high-quality °²²U²UU U²²UUY
??°UUUUU²U²²²²?° view with clarity in various °?²²²²U²UUUUU°??
°U²UU²²U?????°UU situations. It also lets you UU°?????U²²UU²U°
°²±U²²?° ?±U²²Y viewing in different color ?²²U±? °?²²U±²°
?UU²²° ° ?±U²²° or adjusting the color levels °²²U±Y ° °²²UUY
²U²²Y °UU²²Y of separated channels. ?²²UU° ?²²U²


YUU? Magic DVD Copier is a very easy and YUU?
YUU? powerful DVD copy software, which YUU?
YUU? can copy DVD movie to blank DVD YUU?
YUU? without any loss of quality. YUU?
YUU? You need only insert your DVD movie YUU?
YUU? and a blank DVD then press Go, YUU?
YUU? everything will happen automatically YUU?
YUU? and complete within 20-40 minutes. YUU?
YUU? You can then enjoy it on any PC or YUU?
YUU? Home DVD Player. YUU?
YUU? Magic DVD Copier can also copy DVD YUU?
YUU? movies to hard drive without any YUU?
YUU? loss of quality, you can then enjoy YUU?
YUU? them anytime without DVD discs. YUU?
YUU? Magic DVD Copier is a software that YUU?
YUU? helps you to copy movies or music on YUU?


?²° A powerful utility that uniquely supports to convert °²Y
?²° Macromedia Flash SWF to avi °²Y
?²° With Magic Swf2Avi you can watch flash files from TV. °²Y
?²° °²Y
?²° Magic Swf2Avi is a powerful utility that uniquely °²Y
?²° supports to convert Macromedia Flash SWF to AVI video °²Y
?²° file. °²Y
?²° °²Y
?²° With Magic Swf2Avi, an AVI file in any resolution and any °²Y
?²° frame rate can be output from swf file, so that you can °²Y
?²° use this video file in video edit program such as After °²Y
?²° effects and Adobe Premiere. °²Y
?²° °²Y
?²° Here are some key features of "Magic SwfAvi": °²Y
?²° °²Y
?²° u Batch conversion for °²Y
?²° Swfs to AVIs. °²Y
?²° u Batch conversion for Swfs to GIFs. °²Y
?²° u Convert to TIFF and TGA images sequence. °²Y
?²° u With alpha transparent channel. °²Y
?²° u Capture a frame to a bmp or a tiff file with alpha °²Y
?²° channel. °²Y
?²° u Provide seek controller that help to fast locate frame °²Y
?²° number range for conversion. °²Y
?²° u Support Flash 6 compressed movie. °²Y
?²° u No skip frames during conversion. °²Y
?²° u Customizable dimensions for exported video . °²Y
?²° u Customizable frame rate for exported video . °²Y
?²° u User specifies the start and end frame number to °²Y
?²° convert. °²Y
?²° u Easy to use. °²Y


U² Magic Utilities is a cute program designed to make your computer ²U
U² clean and more stable. These utilities include Uninstaller Plus, ²U
U² StartUp Organizer, Process Killer. ²U
U² ²U
U² Magic Utilities is a useful utility that allows you to uninstall ²U
U² unwanted programs, can kill processes and can organize your ²U
U² startup menu. ²U
U² ²U
U² Magic Utilities enables you to easily and safely uninstall ²U
U² programs;inspect and manage the programs that automatically start ²U
U² when your turn on or logon to your computer;lists and controls ²U
U² all currently running processes(system and hidden processes are ²U
U² also shown). ²U
U² ²U
U² With a cool and user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone ²U
U² to use Magic Utilities. ²U
U² ²U
U² ²U


Magic Whiteboard is a colorful network drawing
program, designed especially for kids?
entertainment. It is known that drawing,
as well as playing with toys and making
something with hands develops children?s
thinking and logic, allows them to develop
their brain with the help of motion activity.
Magic Whiteboard is a perfect tool developing
your children?s abilities. It lets kids express
themselves by drawing and is a constant source
of fun and joy for the entire family. Magic
Whiteboard is designed not only for individual
use, but also for collective drawing in a home
network. This program can be used in a home PC
network with up to 5 computers, so you and your
kids can draw pictures all together at the same
time. The main feature is that you all are drawing
at the same ?sheet? or ?board? on the screen. So,
if you have another PC or laptop, you can play
with your kids or let their friends draw something


YUU? The process of sanitizing a drive YUU?
YUU? means overwriting each unused track YUU?
YUU? several times to erase the data that YUU?
YUU? was previously there. This applies YUU?
YUU? to the free drive space only - Drive YUU?
YUU? Magic will never harm your existing YUU?
YUU? files like so many others. YUU?
YUU? Drive Magic also now contains 4 YUU?
YUU? Patent-Pending sanitation methods YUU?
YUU? which also include our exclusive YUU?
YUU? drive reconditioning process - only YUU?
YUU? Drive Magic offers you a truly safe YUU?
YUU? and secure way to sanitize a drive YUU?
YUU? that is in use. YUU?
YUU? Our state of the art sanitation YUU?
YUU? processes will also recondition the YUU?
YUU? unused free drive space and cap off YUU?
YUU? remaining sectors - this helps extend YUU?
YUU? the life of the device. Why would YUU?
YUU? you simply mangle the drive and YUU?
YUU? leave it for dead when YUU?
YUU? Drive Magic can help you save a lot YUU?
YUU? of money. Our Patent-Pending YUU?
YUU? sanitation methods will clean, YUU?
YUU? protect and extend the life of any YUU?
YUU? drive far beyond it's normal factory YUU?
YUU? specifications. Sanitizing a drive YUU?
YUU? using Drive Magic ensures that YUU?
YUU? deleted files can never be YUU?
YUU? recovered, ghost copies will be YUU?
YUU? destroyed and when it's time to YUU?
YUU? replace the drive - nothing will YUU?
YUU? come back to haunt you. YUU?


UU² Spell checks any work, paragraph or document from any UU²
UU² application, e-mail program, text/HTML editor or database UU²
UU² on your computer. Spell Magic resides in the Windows UU²
UU² System Tray providing a system-wide on-the-fly spell UU²
UU² check. Includes over 20 languages plus medical and legal UU²
UU² terminology and Instant Spell. UU²


²U² Video Edit Magic brings you almost all the features of a ²U²
²U² professional video-editing application. Its easy-to-use ²U²
²U² features let users cut, copy and paste media clips easily ²U²
²U² and quickly, and the Timeline makes the video and audio ²U²
²U² editing process intuitive and straightforward. ²U²
²U² ²U²
²U² Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to position ²U²
²U² video footage on the editing Timeline and assemble a ²U²
²U² movie in mere minutes. Add professional scene ²U²
²U² transitions, some background music, a couple of title ²U²
²U² effects, and get ready to show the world your finished ²U²
²U² masterpiece. You can even edit and combine popular file ²U²
²U² formats including AVI, WMV, ASF, MPEG, JPEG and many ²U²
²U² more, all on the same Timeline. Combining multiple file ²U²
²U² formats like this without any preparation or conversion ²U²
²U² first saves you both time and trouble, letting you create ²U²
²U² something truly unique from multiple media sources. ²U²
²U² ²U²
²U² Video Edit Magic supports making movies in MPEG Formats. ²U²
²U² This is the required format for creating DVDs, VCDs and ²U²
²U² SVCDs. You can also create QuickTime and Digital Video ²U²
²U² AVI output formats. Movie can be made in NTSC as well as ²U²
²U² PAL standard. ²U²
²U² ²U²
²U² A unique benefit of Video Edit Magic is the volume track ²U²
²U² (which is displayed as a volume graph) allowing you to ²U²
²U² change the volume of audio clips at any point from 0% to ²U²
²U² 400%. You can create fade-ins, fade-outs, Doppler ²U²
²U² effects, and almost any volume effect. ²U²
²U² ²U²
²U² Video Edit Magic makes it easy to join, split, crop, ²U²
²U² trim, modify color, and merge your video files. It ²U²
²U² includes more than 150 built-in transitions, making it ²U²
²U² ideal for hobbyists and professionals to turn ordinary ²U²
²U² videos into works of art. ²U²


AIO Created by NoNaMe

=/////////////////////////All packs is CLEAN 100%\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\=
=All have ScreenShoot and FULL Report from KasperSky Internet Security=
=If you find something with other AV prog I DONT ANSWER in any comment=

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