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I Doser Pack (Synchronizing Your BrainWaves) 330in1 {++MUST HAVE++} [h33t][migel]

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Name:I Doser Pack (Synchronizing Your BrainWaves) 330in1 {++MUST HAVE++} [h33t][migel]

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1. MUST READ (Size: 134.85 MB) (Files: 23)


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I-Doser Pack (Synchronizing Your BrainWaves) -330in1- {++++ MUST HAVE ++++} [h33t][migel]

127 MB Compress
143 MB UnCompress
No pass


1. I-Doser v4.5 (Full)

2. I-Doser v4.5 (Lite)

3. I-Doser v4.5 (Portable)

For you see this flash tutor

The newest version of I-doser.
It is version 4.5 and does NOT require you to add a registery entry
or crack to the use doses more than once, it does it automatically

4. 324 <> Dose Files

5. Recreational Simulations .MP3 [320 kbps]

Track list:

- 01 Marijuana
- 02 Peyote
- 03 Opium
- 04 Cocaine

Included.............: NFO, M3U
Covers...............: Front + Inlay + Back

Recreational Simulations 1 is a collection of 4 doses in MP3 format:
Marijuana, Cocaine, Opium, and Peyote.
Each audio track contains our advanced binaural beats that will synchronize your brainwaves to the same state as the recreational dose.
MP3s are mixed and tested with the same quality and process we use for all other I-Doser products.
They are the only way to get I-Doser approved MP3 copies of our doses.

6. [BONUS]
BrainWave Generator v3.1.12
BackGround Extra


What is I-Doser?

I-Doser Labs is the leading producer of Binaural Brainwave CDs and computer applications. Using proven, scientific, and safe methods of synchronizing your brainwaves;
a simulated state can be achieved through the use of our advanced audio CDs, or the I-Doser Application, and a pair of high quality stereo headphones.
Our Binaural process has been refined with years of research and development.
With thousands of satisfied users, the I-Doser Labs CDs, MP3s, and the I-Doser Application for PCs continue to lead the industry as the only safe and effective method to achieve a simulated mood or experience.

I-Doser for the PC is the most advanced computer application available to achieve a simulated mood or experience through the use of binaural beats. Use the I-Doser app to play doses included in this AIO. Each dose is scientifically designed to give you the optimal measure of pure beats safely and effectively to induce state.

Is I-Doser safe?
Absolutely! I-Doser has been tested on many people of many different age ranges and there has never been an issue with the safety of the I-Doser doses. However, for doses marked "strong or long program doses, it is highly advisable you do not operate heavy machinery or drive under the influence of a strong I-Doser dose. Use it with the same respects you would a doctor prescribed or recreational drug.

What to do:
step 1: click "install I-Doser 4.5" and install the program
step 2: click doses, and copy all the files (196) into a directory of your choice.
step 3: run I-Doser, load a dose file, and enjoy


Alter your mind — 1 beat at a time

There's a new way to get high and it doesn't involve snorting, smoking or a syringe - all you need are your ears.

It's called I-Doser, and it's a new type of software that claims to produce binaural beats that synchronize a person's brainwaves, putting them in the same state as a dose of some recreational drugs and prescription medicines. Plus, it can be downloaded on an MP3 player.

What this means is that after putting on some headphones and listening to five minutes of white noise, which sounds like hisses and static, making up each track, I-Doser claims that the user will feel different - very different.

"I found out about it around a month ago and the first time I tried it was strange, the only way to explain it is to try it for yourself," said Chris Peck, freshman in art and design. "I thought this was going to be completely fake like a placebo and I went in pretty pessimistic, but it worked out all right.

Peck said he listened to the shortest track available, "Nitrous Oxide," and immediately felt disoriented and giggly."

But Peck's results aren't unusual - I-Doser has become an underground Internet sensation since its release last March. Now, the company offers more than 40 different downloadable tracks ranging from the illegal to the pharmaceutical, with different tracks simulating the effects of crack, acid, OxyContin and more.

But the effects of binaural beats aren't a recent discovery.

Interestingly, research about how binaural beats affect brainwaves has been around since the early 1900s, when it was used to research Parkinson's disease. Now, nearly a century later, the same technology is leaving some experts scratching their heads at the validity of I-Doser's claims.

"I would be real skeptical of this," said Michael Kitchell, neurologist at McFarland Clinic in Ames.

Kitchell said a person can change their brainwaves by concentrating really hard or relaxing, but there is not much more a person can do to alter them.

Yet, while I-Doser offers risk-free mind expansion, Peck had a different experience.

"I had a slight headache the first time I tried it, but there were no long-lasting effects," Peck said. "But when my roommate tried the 'LSD' track he had a two-day effect where he didn't feel right."

According to I-Doser, however, there are no adverse effects of listening, although they advise not to operate heavy machinery or drive a vehicle while under the influence.

On campus, Sara Kellogg, program director of the substance abuse and violence prevention office, said she had never heard of I-Doser.

"It's different, because it's not actually a substance like alcohol or marijuana," she said.

However, she said if the product actually did what the company claims, then there is cause for concern.

"To title things like that, and if they actually give a noticeable response, that seems to be, at the least, irresponsible," Kellogg said.

Alternately, Peck said it's a safe alternative to actual drugs.

"I absolutely recommend it - if you're going to experiment, then you should be safe about it," Peck said.


Some Types of doses:

Antidepressant (Moderate)
25 Minutes

Do you know your brain makes "happy hormones?" 5HTP is an amino acid that is used in the brain to make the hormone Serotonin, which is your HAPPY Hormone. We desinged the 5HTP dose to assist your master hormone gland, the pineal gland that makes Melatonin at night and Serotonin during the day. When these two hormones get out of balance, wee feel depressed during the day and cannot sleep well at night. A guaranteed formula for stress. Let our 5HTP dose put things back in the norm. Best taken in the morning when you wake and/or at night before sleep, 5HTP will re-level your hormones and help you feel happy again!

Recreational (VERY STRONG)
30 Minutes

BOOOOM! That is your brain on A-BOMB! And it works just like that: It starts with a low upramp of emotional feelings that seep into the deep crevices of your brain, hardly there, with hardly any effect at all in the beginning. You feel something, that is for sure, as the dose begins to slowly work its way into your mind. A bit a bit of euphoria, that slight cold-sweat your body makes to warm you that something is happening. Not the strongest dose, so far. Not even all that great. Then, it hits! BOOOM! The A-BOMB goes off and the hrz level propels you into the deepest reaches of space where there is NO reality, which is why this dose is often called the reality buster. A-BOMB mixes everything we know about how binaural doses can effect you, and ramps it up times infinity. We get constant emails about this favorite, and they all say basically the same thing: IT BLEW MY MIND! Exactly.

Sedative (VERY Strong)
30 Minutes

Let's not beat around the bush: Anesthesia will mess you up. DO NOT get in a car after this dose! Not like you can, since the only thing you will want to do is drop to the floor and let the world swirl around you. Testers have called it a "short lived, but a crazy numbing experience." You can use it for any form of pain (toothache, headache, etc.) and it works great, or simply get it for a good example of what an i-doser dose can do. Just make sure your bed isn't far from your computer. Trust us.

Black Sunshine
Recreational (VERY STRONG)
35 Minutes

You know a dose is good when all of a sudden our email box is spammed with high regards for a specific dose. That happened when White Crosses was released, another popular dose of ours. All everyone could talk about was White Crosses. Black Sunshine can be considered our first sequel dose. From the team who created White Crosses, comes BLACK SUNSHINE. They said they could do a dose just as good or better than White Crosses, and everybody laughed. Well, THEY DID IT! BLACK SUNSHINE is the anti-stimulant. I wish we could easily put into words what this dose does, but it is so beyond words... let's try: It takes your brain and twists it so that everything shines with a beautiful glow, then it goes beyond and reverses all that glow deep inside you. There is no sunshine when you are looking face to face with your soul, and Black Sunshine puts you in a room with your soul and lets you two talk it out, but without talking. Communicating, with yourself, but so deep under you will strain to remember. Highly advanced, this dose attempts to bring you further under than any dose before it. Be warned, this is not a dose for everyone. If you aren't sure, stick to the lighter, more earthly, doses. A dose that can't be described. BLACK SUNSHINE.

Recreational (VERY STRONG)
30 Minutes

Cocaine is a common stimulant derived from the Erythroxylum coca plant. It is best known for its massive popularity in powdered and freebase forms. Are you ready for it as it: Increases alertness, wakefulness, elevates the mood, mild to high degree of euphoria, increases athletic performance, decreases fatigue, clearer thinking, increases concentration, and increases energy? Warning, this one comes close! We have marked it VERY STRONG for a reason, and you will soon find out why.

Crystal Meth
Recreational (VERY STRONG)
35 Minutes

This dose seems to do both good and bad, but it is such a fine example of how a binaural dose can really effect your entire body. Expect increased energy and alertness, decreased need for sleep, euphoria, increased sexuality, excessive talking, sweating, visual & auditory hallucinations (hearing voices.) This dose literally freaked out several of our beta testers when they got sweats and reported hearing things from inside their head. This dose can often feel somewhat more like MDMA (Ecstasy) than a simple stimulant including a sense of euphoria, openness, and intellectual expansion. There can be a mild psychedelic component as the new user feels they see the world a little differently. The sensation of mind-expansion and openness quickly fade after the first few uses and physical and mental stimulation dominate the experiential effects. Because of some of adverse effects like sweating and auditory hallucinations, we have marked this very strong. Use caution!

Stimulant (VERY STRONG)
30 Minutes

Divine: To see in new light the world around you, shimmering. Divinorum is the result of 2 months of testing and the only dose to be created by the creator and visionary behind I-Doser. It is her baby. When we say this is a very strong dose, we are not kidding. It was designed to give you inner insight, a view inside, and a deep trip into your soul. Take this dose in the dark, on your bed, and get ready for one of the most spiritual trips possible through an I-Doser dose. I have seen inside myself, and not everything is clear.

Sexual (VERY Strong)
30 Minutes

Let's face it. Sometimes you just want to MAKE it happen, and make it happen hard and good. Ecstasy was designed to bring you to the mind-state of near orgasm. Our strongest, fastest, sexual dose- we do not recommend this for casual users. Bring that experience to the NEXXXT level with Ecstasy. This is not for romance. This is not for cuddle. This was designed to make you explode in pure ecstasy, tingle your body, and melt your soul.

Sexual (VERY Strong)
50 Minutes

Excite is the perfect dose to put you (or your partner) "in the mood." Designed to be used just prior to sexual activity, or to put you in a sexual brain-state, it takes you through several levels of brain activity to leave you fully charged, ready, and "able." Starting from your normal state, it eases you from slight euphoria into somatic responses, tingling, heat and then melts away anxiety to leave you in the Venus state of love, sexuality, sensuality, and harmony. You WILL be ready.

Sexual (Moderate)
20 Minutes

When the mood is right, you want and need to LAST! Extend is the perfect supplement to any sexual endeavor. Designed to be a quick dose right before sexual activity, it will leave you feeling refreshed, ready, and able to go all the way and more. Finish too soon? Can't finish at all? Never get started? Extend may be the dose you need.

French Roast
Energizer (Moderate)
5 Minutes

French Roast is the perfect Early Morning pick-me-up, or a late night boost when you need a few more hours of open eyes. This dose takes you from an existing state of blah to a normal mid-day condition of awake. Use it in the morning just as you wake up to start the day off right. French Roast synchronizes your brain to 14z, or the state of being alert and awake.

Stimulant (VERY STRONG)
30 Minutes

The universe was created with a bang, and we offer you Genesis so you can feel that explosion deep inside. At the start it will feel like a little spark, you will have to concentrate to feel it, like a tiny match burning deep in your soul. By halfway though the dose, the spark will be a forest fire consuming everything that is dark or bad inside you. Bad feelings wash away in this incredible soul-fire. By the end of the dose, your body will be shaking under an explosion of heat, you may feel jittery, alive, awake, and shaking when the final minutes of Genesis hit you: the Big Bang of your soul. When the dose is over, you will feel new, washed away in the incredible fire. Words can not describe the complete wash of this soul bomb: Genesis.

Recreational (VERY STRONG)
30 Minutes

For a much stronger dose than our popular OPIUM, here is Heroin. We get constant reports of feeling a surge of euphoria rush accompanied by a warm flushing of the skin, a dry mouth, and heavy extremities. Following this initial euphoria, the user goes on the nod, an alternately wakeful and drowsy state. You will dream while awake, and be awake while you dream. Unlike any dose we have. If you have tried our opium dose, times it by ten and you are close. Just like the real thing, without the instant addiction and horrific side effects, but still strong beyond belief. New users please try Opium. Experts and those wishing to push the limits, we wish you luck. You'll need it.

Experimental (Moderate)
30 Minutes

This dose was created for users who require inspiration, for whatever reason! If you work in a creative job: be it writing, art, or just needing the ability to creatively think, then you know that being in the mood to be creative is not always an easy thing. The Theta 3-7hz level is normally associated with recall, fantasy, imagery, creativity, inspiration, future planning, dreaming, and switching thoughts. Writers block chips away with this dose, ideas flow, and you will have creative thoughts more freely flow with this dose.

Steroid (Moderate)
30 Minutes

JuiceIT! was designed for the sports or workout user. If flows through 3 levels to finely tune you as a preparation for workout or sports activity. At 3hz, your reaction time greatly increases. At 3.5hz there is an "Enhancement of Receptivity," and finally at 6.3hz there is an increase in accelerated learning. Use JuiceIT! When used just prior to sports or workouts, we found it to profoundly affect our performance! The PERFECT supplement for sports users who do not want to use chemicals or steroids, this is as close as you can get to the real thing. When competition is high, kick it into high gear!

Lucid Dream
30 Minutes

Lucid Dreams... or the act of being awake and aware inside your dreams. This dose was designed to be taken just before you go to bed. It is important you hit the pillows just as the dose is over so it can work its magic into the night... and magic is it! This dose was designed to do two things: Help you to remember your dreams, and aid you in being lucid in them and control them by bringing you from a high to a low theta, where dreams can intensify! Normally being able to control a dream takes months of intense practice, but with this dose it can come much easier! Since the first few times a user becomes lucid can be intense, this dose is marked VERY STRONG! Be aware!

Recreational (VERY Strong)
45 Minutes

All the effects of that sticky-icky leaf, without the smoke! The main active chemical in marijuana is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). The membranes of certain nerve cells in the brain contain protein receptors that bind to THC. Once securely in place, THC kicks off a series of cellular reactions that ultimately lead to the high that users experience when they smoke marijuana. That is EXACLTLY what we tried to emulate with this dose, to GREAT effect: mood lift, philosophical or deep thinking, increased appreciation of music, pleasant body feel, and that HIGH that only THC could bring... until now! One of our most "complicated" doses, over a year in the making!

Recreational (VERY STRONG)
30 Minutes

The great Poppy. The extreme opiate. You aren't floating, you are sinking. But, not just any decent: sinking into slowness but with a coherent calming. As this dose sets, you will be overwhelmed with a relaxing feeling almost to the extent of being uncomfortable. Relax. Let it play through and you will be rewarded with a wash of relief. Social boundary has been broken. Dreams will become a reality. Don't plan anything for after this dose, because you will be a wash of calm and want to just lay back and let life haze over. One tester, laying in a bed with headphones on as the dose finished, only mumbled: Everything is just good. Everything is just good. We knew then we had a hit dose.

Recreational (Moderate)
30 Minutes

THE JOY PLANT! Opium is a naturally occurring analgesic harvested as a latex from ripe Papaver somniferum (opium poppy) pods. It has a long history of use by humans as an oral and smoked psychoactive. Opium can cause euphoria, followed by a sense of well-being and a calm drowsiness or sedation. Breathing slows, time reverses or stops... the world is a haze. While we have not been able to fully emulate the effects of opium, we have come pretty close. A favorite dose of the I-Doser technicians, this could very well be your favorite also!

Out of Body
Stimulant (Strong)
30 Minutes

This dose is to help assist you in experiencing an out of body experience: defined as an experience in which a person seems to perceive the world from a location outside the physical body. The consciousness separates from the body and is free to roam the earth plane. Phenomena associated with the out of body experience are things like remote viewing or other such seeing of places and people as they exist in this time and place. "I floated up out of the house into the sky and became aware of everything around me. Then suddenly, I could perceive all time and in particular the whole of my life. I could see clearly that everything that seemed real and solid was just an illusion of mind. Time and space did not exist." 75% of out of body experiences happen while the user is laying down or sitting and relaxed, so put on the headphones and go into a deep state. You just may have an out of body experience.

Recreational (VERY VERY Strong)
35 Minutes

If you are new to hallucinogenic experiences then we HIGHLY suggest starting with our TRIP dose. It is MUCH more mellow than Peyote. If you really want to fly through the outer stratosphere, then we are happy to offer you Peyote. We sent one of our senior techs to Amsterdam to sample some of the best Peyote in the world, equipped him with a laptop, and told him to write a dose that gets you as close as possible. He came back with this, and it BLEW OUR MINDS! Causes a mystical loss of oneself, disorientation of the senses, distortions in body image, distortions in perception, the inability to communicate and hyper suggestibility. A true altered state of consciousness, not a toy, not for the weak minded, not for MOST people. If you aren't ready, STAY AWAY! We warned you.

Brain Reset
20 Minutes

Reset will reset your brain to a normal 8hz level, or normal and awake. This dose was designed so you could "reset" your brain if you wanted to get rid of the effects of a dose, or try another dose and "clear" your brain before you administrate another one! Because many I-Doser doses are so very powerful, we do not recommend you piggy-back doses one after another. If you try a dose, and then want to try another, MAKE SURE you use a reset dose in between! Order some today so you always have them on hand! Using reset is the ONLY way to try multiple doses in succession.

Sleeping Angel
Sedative (STRONG)
25 Minutes

"Sleeping Angel" is our perfect nap, or evening doze into sleeping bliss. Lay back, put on the headphones, and let it open by syncing to your current awake brain waves, then gradually bring you down into a Theta state, and tuck you gently into Delta. Your sleep, your perfect rest, is delivered through pink noise that gradually fades while the binaural beats take charge. By the end of 25min you will have gone from your regular awake state, softly guiding through Theta, and then drift into a perfect-sync Delta, at which point you will be zoning in a perfect rest: hypnotic, wonder, sleep. Sleeping with Angels.

Similar in effect to: Diazepam (Valium)

Sedative (Semi-Moderate)
30 Minutes

Tranquil is so hard to define we almost didn't approve it as a dose. Such an interesting one, Tranquil is. There were so many supporters of it, we had to include it. What it does NOT DO: Tranquil does not make you tired, it does not put you to sleep, and won't even make you drowsy. Tranquil is a soul dose. It eases your soul, harmonizes you with the earth, and space, and everything that is. Called the "mircale drug" around the offices, it just seems to melt you easily into the earth, warms your soul and heart, and covers you in invisible glow. So hard to describe, we can only beg you try it for yourself. Feel the warm soul experience.

Recreational (Very Strong)
35 Minutes

This is a pure model recreation of a hallucinogenic experience. You will feel open-eye visual effects, lights gain auras, star-pattern effects, rainbowing around lighting, lights seem brighter and often more beautiful. You may experience feelings of time-dilation, belonging and connection, and increased emotional sensitivity. Gain a new perspective on current lifestyle and behaviors, feelings of connection with those around you, noticing things which are normally ignored or taken for granted, feelings of wonder, spirit, joy, sadness, despair, religious awakening, contentment and possibly latent psychological feelings can come out. Often referred to as our most powerful and life-altering dose, it is for this reason we DO NOT recommend it for everyone. Treat it as you would any other long trip. One of the most interesting effects is the feeling of awakening for the first time ever from a previous state of sleep, of liberation from what is now seen as a life-long state of bondage. Paradoxically, it is this new awareness, which feels normal and natural, and the previous fog, which is seen to have been unreal all along. The seeker is convinced that, once gained, this awareness is impossible to lose, but inexplicably by the next day it is just a memory. Be very careful - your life may change.

White Crosses
Recreational (VERY STRONG)
30 Minutes

White Crosses is a strange one. When the team that invented this dose showed it at our monthy dose meeting, it was greeted with a bunch of confused faces. Describe it, we said. OK. White Crosses is a simple stimulant that brings a sense of euphoria, openness, and intellectual expansion. There can be a mild psychedelic component as the new user feels they see the world a little differently. The sensation of mind-expansion and openness quickly fade after the first few uses and physical and mental stimulation dominate the experiential effects. It is a hybrid designer dose for experienced users. Fine. When we put on the headphones, and White Crosses finished, we couldn't believe it. This underground bastard-dose that has been talked about in the halls of I-Doser Labs turned out to blow the minds of everyone who tried it. THAT says a lot for White Crosses.


How To Duplicate Doses:

This is for those of you Who don't have the cracked or "Magic Keyed" version of I-Doser.

For unlimited Doses, follow these steps:

1. create a folder on your desktop and put all of your doses in it

2. right click on the folder and Send To > My Documents

Alternate method:

After you use up a dose, open the dose with WOrdpad or Notepad.
Now change a few characters on the first line.
This seems to work with some, but not all, doses.

You will now have fully working duplicate doses!
Proceed to frying your brain with virtual drugs!!!!

For more information on I-Doser or to download a sample dose, visit

You need more?


Solution for any problem

I-Doser Experience Reports

How to Convert I-Doser .drg Files to WAV

Build your own DRG Files

The I-Doser epidemic

Music Is the Drug


Theory Behind BrainWave Generator:

EEG and the brain's state

EEG (Electroencephalography) technology is used to measure brain's electrical vibrations from the surface of the scalp.
The resulting EEG pattern will contain frequency elements mainly below 30Hz.
The frequencies are categorized into four states as follows:

State Frequency range State of mind

Delta 0.5Hz 4Hz Deep sleep
Theta 4Hz 8Hz Drowsiness (also first stage of sleep)
Alpha 8Hz 14Hz Relaxed but alert
Beta 14Hz 30Hz Highly alert and focused

The dominant frequency in the EEG pattern determines what shall be called the current state of the brain.
If the amplitude of the alpha range frequencies is highest, then the brain is said to be in the alpha stage.
Note, that other frequencies still exist and it is impossible to give any "exact frequency your brain is operating on".
However, later references to the brain states use the simplification of assuming that such a single frequency exists.

Entraining the brain to a desired state
If external stimulus is applied to the brain, it becomes possible to entrain the brain frequency from one stage to another. For example, if a person is in beta stage (highly alert) and a stimulus of 10Hz is applied to his/her brain for some time, the brain frequency is likely to change towards the applied stimulus. The effect will be relaxing to the person. This phenomenon is also called frequency following response.
When the brain's state is close to the applied stimulus, entrainment works more efficiently. Thus, when doing a sweep from one frequency to another, the starting frequency should be as close to your current brain state as possible. The sweep speed should be such that your brain's state changes steadily with it, so that the difference never gets very large. In practice, it is difficult to determine your brain state without extra equipment (like EEG devices). However, you can quite safely assume that during the day your brain is in the beta stage (about 20Hz) and you can start the sweep from there. If you are already somewhat relaxed, you can use a start frequency of 15Hz or a few Hz lower.

Stimulating the brain with binaural beat frequencies
The easiest way of applying stimulus to the brain is via ears. Other senses could be used as well, and vision is actually used quite often (often in addition to hearing). However, humans cannot hear sounds low enough to be useful for brain stimulation, so special techniques must be used. One such special technique used is called binaural beats.
If the left ear is presented with a steady tone of 500Hz and the right ear a steady tone of 510Hz, these two tones combine in the brain. The difference, 10Hz, is perceived by the brain and is a very effective stimulus for brainwave entrainment. This 10Hz is formed entirely by the brain. When using stereo headphones, the left and right sounds do not mix together until in your brain. The frequency difference, when perceived by brain this way, is called a binaural beat.

The effect of the audible frequencies used
To get a stimulus of 10Hz, you may use tones of 500Hz and 510Hz, or 400Hz and 410Hz, or 800Hz and 810Hz, or so on. The only requirements are that the tone is heard well enough and that it is below about 1000Hz. Below 1000Hz, the wavelength of the skull is sufficiently small so that the sound waves curve around it.
You may try out different audible tones with BrainWave Generator and see which ones work best for you.

Altered brain states
As mentioned above, applying a stimulus to the brain will eventually bring the brain's state closer to the stimulus frequency. The following paragraphs describe some possible effects of this.
Note, however, that just passively listening to binaural beats does not necessarily alter your state of consciousness. For example, willingness and ability to relax and focus attention affects how effective the binaural beat stimulus is for inducing state changes.

Helping in meditation
Meditation is essentially about willingly being able to alter one's brain frequency to a desired state. While meditators have traditionally used several years to learn the techniques of meditation, you can now attain the same effect with brainwave entrainment. No special training or great discipline is required. Good meditation frequencies are in the alpha range, from 8Hz to 13Hz.
When a certain brainwave state is experienced and practiced over a period of time, the brain will "learn" the state change and it will become easier to self-produce the desired brainwave state at will. Thus, using brainwave entrainment, you can expect to get some of its effects later even without any entrainment.

Reducing learning time
The theta stage (4hz - 7Hz) has been found to increase learning capabilities. In fact, children spend more time in theta stage than adults, which probably explains the accelerated learning capabilities of children.
Alpha frequencies are also useful for learning purposes. You can play language cassettes, subliminal tapes, etc. during an entrainment session for a maximum effect.

Reducing sleep needs
Some people have found that half an hour a day of the Theta stage can replace up to 4 hours of sleep.
Treatment of certain mental diseases
Brainwave entrainment is used in treatment of depression, low self-esteem, attention deficit disorder, drug and alcohol addiction and autism, to name a few.
Brainwave entrainment has also been found helpful in alleviating headaches and migraines.

Some users have also reported increases in their sex drive as a result of brainwave entrainment.

=/////////////////////////All packs is CLEAN 100%\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\=
=All have ScreenShoot and FULL Report from KasperSky Internet Security=
=If you find something with other AV prog I DONT ANSWER in any comment=

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