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Flaming Pear Plugins and Alien Skin 32in1 [MUST HAVE] (AIO) [h33t] [migel]

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Name:Flaming Pear Plugins and Alien Skin 32in1 [MUST HAVE] (AIO) [h33t] [migel]

Total Size: 122.98 MB

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Torrent added: 2009-08-28 06:29:48

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Picture & Info

Flaming Pear Plugins and Alien Skin -32in1- [MUST HAVE] (AIO) [h33t] [migel]

Audio theme:
1. God's Hands On The Wheel
2. Hunted by a Freak
3. Intro AE 86


Alien Skin:
1) Alien Skin Blow Up v1.0
2) Alien Skin Exposure v1.0
3) Alien Skin Image Doctor v1.0
4) Alien Skin Eye Candy Impact v5.1
5) Alien Skin Eye Candy Nature v5.1
6) Alien Skin Eye Candy Textures v5.1
7) Alien Skin Snap Art v1.0 for Adobe Photoshop
Alien Skin Xenofex v2.12

Flaming Pear:
1) Beautifier
2) Cumulus 1.0
3) Electroplate 1.0
4) FeatherGIF 1.98
5) Flexify 2.05
6) Flood 1.12
7) Glitterato 1.10
Hue and Cry 1.10
9) India Ink 1.95
10) Lunar Cell 1.50
11) Melancholytron 1.30
12) Mr Contrast 1.20
13) Ornament 1.00
14) Polymerge
15) Primus 1.80
16) Sextet 1.40
17) Solar Cell 1.50
1 SuperBladePro 1.44
19) Tesselation 1.30
20) Webmaster 1.04
21) Creative Pack 1.20
22) Flaming Pear Freebies
23) SuperBladePro Extras
24) Flaming Pear FAQ

This is an AIO of the popular Alien Skin and Flaming Pear plugins.
As much information as possible has been included for each of the plugins, to remove the need to hunt the web in attempts to find out what each of them does.
You'll also find user guides for most of the Flaming Pear plugins, and some extra goodies (presets, icons, patterns, resource links, etc).

I created this at a screen resolution of 1920x1200 (it's my guess that the AIO'll look significantly LARGER on monitors with lower resolutions).
To view things properly your screen resolution should be 1024x768 and above.

Much work has gone into making the AIO interface user-friendly and pleasant.
Hope you will enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed the creation.



Alien Skin -

Alien Skin Blow Up v1.0

BlowUp offers the highest quality image resizing available, better than bicubic interpolation and any other third party solution. BlowUp makes advanced image scaling easy, preserves smooth, crisp edges and lines, and creates four times (1600% area) enlargements from any image without jagged artifacts or halos. In some cases, BlowUp can enlarge up to six times (3600% area) without obvious artifacts.

BlowUp includes advanced features such as photo grain controls, enlargement-specific sharpening, and support for most image modes, including CMYK. BlowUp also supports 16- and 32-bit images and is optimized for multi-core and multi-processor systems. These features make BlowUp perfect for a professional photographer creating gallery prints from digital photos, as well as an amateur photographer creating a poster from a favorite snapshot. Graphic designers can now easily scale Web graphics up to print resolution or rescale everyday images for large format printing and outdoor advertising.

Alien Skin Exposure v1.0

Exposure brings the look and feel of film to digital photography. Simulate the warmth and softness of real world film, both color and black and white. Reproduce realistic film grain, and simplify your digital photography workflow.

You can now digitally simulate the vivid colors of Velvia®, the rich blacks of Kodachrome®, the sensitivity of Ektachrome®, and the characteristics of dozens of other film stocks. Exposure also models the size, shape, and color of real world film grain. Use this level of subtle reproduction to simulate the distinct looks of films such as Ilford® 3200 Delta and long discontinued Ektachrome EES and GAF® 500.

Exposure simplifies your workflow, collecting color, dynamic range, softness, and grain controls in one plug-in. Correct a colorcast, soften a digital portrait, and tweak contrast with one, easy-to-use tool. Or define your signature look and save it as a one-click effect.

Alien Skin Eye Candy Impact v5.1

Eye Candy 5: Impact, is a collection of ten Photoshop filters which create chrome, brushed metal, glass, bevels, shadows, reflections and more. The third of three upgrades to Eye Candy 4000, Impact offers beautifully rendered effects that any novice or professional designer will appreciate.

Impact includes three all-new filters. Backlight projects dramatic light beam and spotlight effects. Brushed Metal simulates textured metal surfaces such as brushed aluminum and polished brass. Extrude gives 2D objects a classic 3-D look, adding thickness and perspective. In addition, Impact refines seven classic effects that made Eye Candy famous. Embossing effects now include surface textures and more bevel shapes. Gel, glass, chrome and liquid metal effects now showcase a wide variety of vibrant reflections.

Impact includes over 200 presets for frequently used effects; you can find the perfect effect quickly. The improved settings management system makes it easy to browse, share and collect new settings. Impact also works with 16-bit images. Color transitions are smoother, with less banding. Print documents reproduce colors more accurately.

Alien Skin Eye Candy Nature v5.1

Eye Candy 5: Nature, is a collection of ten Photoshop filters, which create fire, smoke, rust, snow, ice and more. The second of a three-part upgrade to Eye Candy 4000, Nature offers beautifully rendered effects that any novice or professional designer will appreciate.

Nature includes four new filters and reincarnates six Eye Candy classics. The classic filters boast brand-new looks, greater realism, and improved ease-of-use. For example, select filters can create a new layer and render effects to it; this allows you to view, edit, or turn off these effects without modifying the original layer. Nature includes over 500 presets for frequently used effects; you can find the perfect effect quickly. The improved settings management system makes it easy to browse, share and collect new settings. Nature also works with 16-bit images. Color transitions are smoother, with less banding. Print documents reproduce colors more accurately.

Alien Skin Eye Candy Textures v5.1

Eye Candy® 5: Textures is a collection of ten seamless texture generators. The first of three upgrades to Eye Candy 4000, Textures produces a wide variety of texture effects, including snake and lizard skin, fur, brick, stone and wood. Graphic designers, Web developers and 3D artists can quickly create backgrounds, skins, seamless tiles and more. Relying on the contents of a stock texture library limits creativity. Textures creates a limitless variety of photo-realistic surfaces for $99, the cost of a stock CD. And, because every filter has a seamless tile option, tiling is quick and easy.

Textures includes settings for over 200 frequently used effects. A new settings system makes it easy to explore these effects. The ability to save and export makes sharing settings a snap. Textures works with 16-bit images and does not compromise expanded color depth. Color transitions are smoother and print documents reproduce colors more accurately.

Alien Skin Image Doctor v1.0

Image DoctorTM is an all new set of powerful image-correction filters for Photoshop®, Fireworks®, Paint Shop Pro®, and other image editors. Image Doctor magically removes blemishes and defects, quickly repairs over-compressed JPEGs, and seamlessly replaces unwanted details and objects. Professional and amateur photographers, photo editors, archivists, graphic designers and Web designers can more quickly fix their images with Image Doctor.

Image Doctor delivers these effects in a clean, easy-to-use interface. Users can tweak their effects in a huge preview that includes a before/after toggle, command menus, keyboard shortcuts, and unlimited undo capability. Image Doctor is the only filter set to offer selection-based image repair. Use the familiar selection tools of your image editor, then correct large as well as small areas in one pass. The intelligent pattern matching of Image Doctor makes it the perfect complement to existing photo-editing tools.

Alien Skin Snap Art v1.0 for Adobe Photoshop

Snap Art creates beautiful, natural media artwork in a single step. Render any image in an unlimited variety of real-world art styles including oil paint, pencil sketch, pen & ink, comics, and more. Great for stylizing photos or graphics, Snap Art works without laborious hand editing and is more versatile than Actions or brushes.

Conventional artists often use an underdrawing to outline key objects within a composition. This lightly drawn sketch serves as a guide and is usually painted or drawn over in the final composition. Similarly, Snap Art uses edge detection to discern the objects, edges, lines, and shapes of an original image. Then, using this outline, an advanced paint engine strokes and fills this outline using the brushes and colors you specify. This allows realistic reproduction of detail, but balances that realism with convincing artistry. Loaded with hundreds of settings, Snap Art distills this complicated process down to a single step. Simply find the factory setting that works for your image. And for the advanced user, detailed controls are available to fine tune a composition for the desired effect.

Alien Skin Xenofex v2.12

Xenofex 2 delivers 14 more phenomenal effects for Web designers, graphic artists, digital photographers, and special effects enthusiasts. With Xenofex 2, simulate spectacular natural phenomena such as lightning and clouds. Create striking images and text using sophisticated distortions such as Flag, Television, and the brand new Rip Open. Transform your photos into jigsaw puzzles, constellations, and intricate mosaics with a single click. Plus, presets put hundreds of quick and easy effects at your fingertips. With the familiar, uncluttered interface of Eye Candy 4000, Xenofex 2 is better than ever.

Flaming Pear -

1) Creative Pack - Winding edges, undulating surfaces, bright colors and patterns.
a. Boss Emboss - Emboss. Scuplt. Melt. Crease
b. Organic Edges - Illuminate edges and add drama.
c. Vibrant Patterns - Elegant symmetry, retina-wrenching hues.
d. Wavy Color - Set colors aflame.

2) Designer Sextet - Six transcendent plugin filters to warp, recolor, abuse and dreamify your images. Includes Aetherize, Twist, Swerve, Lacquer, Silver, and Glare.
a. Aetherize - Give your pictures that dreamy, gauzy look, or crank up the controls for acidic colors.
b. Glare - Flood your image with hurtingly bright light.
c. Lacquer - Drench your image in coats of metallic, transparent, and prismatic resin.
d. Silver - Make shapes glitter with polished brightwork.
e. Swerve - Deform shapes into languid curves or harsh fractal blotches.
f. Twist - Churn images into a swirling mass or smear them beyond recognizability.

3) Webmaster -
a. Browser Preview - Browser Preview shows how an image will look in a web browser under the influence of various kinds of compression and computer monitors.
b. Web Posterize - Web Posterize lets you design images in web-safe colors.
c. Web Scrubber - Web Scrubber improves your control over the dithering of 256-color web images.

4) Cumulus - Cumulus draws puffy clouds.

5) Electroplate - Electroplate turns pictures into polished metal.

6) FeatherGIF - FeatherGIF is a plug-in filter for paint programs. It helps you make GIF images with transparently feathered edges for use on the Web.

7) Flexify 2 - Bend spherical panoramas into vertiginous new shapes. Now with High Dynamic Range support.

Flood - Inundate the landscape and submerge your friends. Create realistic pseudo-3D watery reflections with control over waves, ripples, and perspective.

9) Glitterato - Stars and nebulas with lots of realism and little fuss.

10) Hue and Cry - Hue and Cry is a color noise generator. It creates areas of semi-random abstract color which are useful for making backgrounds or for reducing the

uniformity of an illustration. You can also use the output of Hue and Cry as a picture base or as an element for textures and tiles for surfacing 3D models.

11) India Ink - Convert color images to unusual black-and-white halftones. Or use its color modes to produce strange etched effects.

12) LunarCell - Instant planets. Fractal, reality-based, or just strange worlds are yours in seconds.

13) Melancholytron - Make pictures moody, nostalgic, and somehow sad.

14) Mr. Contrast - Add dramatic contrast to photos and hyper-emphasize detail.

15) Ornament - Turn a photo of a mirrored ball into a 360° panorama.

16) Polymerge - Combine image gangs into bizarre composites.

17) SolarCell - Create suns in a fantasy style. Design your own sun with controls for every part of its appearance, or roll the dice and see what happens. From modest

white dwarfs to red supergiants, you design your own stellar phenomena. You control the coronal flares, diffraction spikes, sun-surface detail, halo and rainbow effects.

SolarCell lets you make brilliant stars in impossible colors, or tone down the controls for a more realistic look. SolarCell's dice button gives you different ready-to-use

random effects with one click. Composite suns into your own backgrounds, or use special image-combining modes to produce eerie results. Create your own night skies and place

false suns into a photograph. Thirty pre-fab settings files get you started fast. Version 1.52 is recordable and works in 16-bit color in Photoshop™. SolarCell requires at

least 800x600 screen resolution.

1 SuperBladePro - Move to the next generation of BladePro, the plugin filter that combines textures with bevels and mirrorlike reflections. Quickly create tarnish,

iridescence, and glassiness for appealingly 'touchable' 3-D looks. SuperBladePro's features include waterstains, moss, abrasion, spotlighting, dust, grit, embossing, fractal

blotches, and smooth Gaussian bevels. An Undo button, higher-rez environments, and a hundred presets with graphic previews will have you making eye-catching text, web buttons,

and more instantly. SuperBladePro has custom textures, zoomable previews, light sources, preset galleries, a randomizer, and more. You can all use your favorite BladePro

presets with SuperBladePro.

19) Tesselation - Easily turn any graphic into a seamlessly repeating tile without detailed retouching.

20) Flaming Pear Freebies
a. Patterns - Sixteen unsubtle patterns that you might dare to use on your desktop.
b. Circle to Square - Warps globals shape, preserves local shape.
c. Vitriol - A filter which changes colors' contrast as if viewed through colored glass, but without tinting the image.
d. ColorSwap - Three simple filters which pervert the hues in RGB images.
e. ChromaSolarize - Spooky contrast with your original colors.
f. Tachyon - Reverse brightness, keep the colors.
g. Ghost - Create a smoked-glass look by changing brightness to transparency.
h. TransLine/TransTone - Transparent scanlines, transparent halftones.
i. Solidify - Fill transparent areas with the nearest color.
Good for fillling in gaps in panoramas.
...and more! RGB/HSL conversion, anaglyphic channel exchange, AntiGhost, Make Cube Tile. Now compatible with 16-bit color.

All credits to Maelstrom.


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