Titan quest+immortal throne masteries and new worlds

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Name:Titan quest+immortal throne masteries and new worlds

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Torrent description

Readme for ôMasteriesö ? Titan Quest mod version 1.03

"Masteries" is a fan-made modification for the PC game "Titan Quest: Immortal Throne". It replaces the nine masteries of the original game plus the xpack with nine brand new masteries.
The mod is free to download and to play of course. It was made with the dedication to "IronLore Entertainment", which we will truly miss? Please, note that using the mod is at your own risk. Although it has been tested extensively, and does not touch vital parts of the program, it might still cause some conflicts, especially when you try to use several modifications at the same time.
The mod is in English. German and French are also contained in this pack as optional languages. To use them simply replace the "text.arc"-file in the packs with the one in masteries/resources/... Create a backup of the default english text.arc so you can switch back easily.

What?s new:

The version 1.03 contains several bug-fixes and some balancing improvements. Sorcery's "concentration" was replaced by a skill called "Elemental Prism" which increases elemental damage. Please post your opinion about them on:
Installing the version 1.03 will not harm your character!
Although the "" is in the package again (for freshers), it?s not necessary to place it into the ôDatabaseö folder again. If you have done that with the previous version, you don?t have to worry about it.

Change log 1.03

Fixed wrongly inserted tags for CloseCombat and Alchemy in german version.
Fixed skill augments for "Druid's vest" and "Axe of Tereus"
Mines: reworked to function more like actual mines. They are "invisible" to monsters, have no fixed life time now and drop very close to the player.
Traps: fixed dropping relics.
Automaton: no longer drops weapons. Additionally it will not use unique weapons anymore.
Pandora's Box: has higher notification radius and opens faster on higher difficulties.
Hammer: increased damage bonus on epic and legendary difficulty.
Practicability: slightly increased speed bonus.
Rodenticide: has higher notification radius and dies faster on higher difficulties.
Close Combat:
Shield attack: reduced energy cost (9 - 75 max).
Attack of Janus: causes now slowed attacks.
Attack of Moirae: causes now -x% reduction to enemies health.
Reflection: has now fixed 50% chance to trigger. Also has small chance now to retaliate stun for 2 sec's. Fixed a bug that prevented it to work without shield.
Spartan thrust: has now +100% running speed at charge.
Blocking: decreased percentage of blocking on all skill levels.
Defensive Posture: decreased bonus to shield recover. Also fixed ultimate level being +5. It is now +4 like it should.
Enfeeble: - OA retaliation got decreased a bit.
Hope: cooldown got increased it was 45 seconds and is now 120.
Sharp eye: is now free for all weapons.
Swerve: dodging scales now slightly higher.
Freezing arrow: chance to cause slowing is now higher (70 - 87 max)
Charged arrow: has now 25% chance to stun.
Bowstring: +x% pierce got exchanged with +x% physical damage converted to pierce.
Evasive maneouvers: got total damage reduced by 25%.
Vibrancy: chance to petrify was removed. Instead it has now a small amount of reduced total damage for enemies.
Way of Nosferatu: +int is increased. Added +x% to poison damage over time. Also duration of damage over time is increased.
Sickness: exchanged instant poison damage with poison damage over time.
Hellmouth: fixed possible droppings of items.
Cunning strike: has now +x% physical damage converted to pierce. +x% pierce increased to 10%.
Way of preacher: has now lightning damage over time. Additionally it increases attack speed.
Way of battlefield: retaliates now -DA.
Conversion shield: added mana leech resistance.
Ways: all three way skills have now identical values for flat and modified damage and energy reserved.
Concentration: got replaced by a skill called "Elemental Prism" which increases elemental damage. This targets the need for inter-masteries synergies.
Escape the fate: got total damage reduced by 75%.
Accelerated attacks: energy cost increased and has now 2 active energy cost.

Change log 1.02:

Speedcap increased to 270 dual wield, 330 staffs, 300 bows and any melee weapon
Monster infrequent armband ômi_e,l,n_gorgonmelee.dbrö augments now archery.
Monster infrequent armor ômi_e,l,n_reptilian.dbrö augments now sorcery: way of ice.
Monster infrequent armor ômi_e,l,n_satyrbrute.dbrö augments now close combat: warshout
Monster infrequent greaves ômi_e,l,n_ratmanchampion.dbrö augments now archery: leather vest
Betrayal: changed template to work better. Slightly changed effect.
Bloodshield: increased absorb-damage by 150%.
Hellmouth: minions don?t drop loot anymore. (Thanks to I_Raps)
Way of Cain: is now called Cain, was called Kane before.
All 3 ways: have now +15% physical damage absorption.
WoB/WoP: changed templates to work better. WoB got effect made less obnoxious.
Study: removed ?level requirements.
Lightning: is reclaimable now and comes from hands instead of sky.
Avalanche, Meteor, Chasm, Blizzard, Snowballs: adjusted (lowered) recharge.
Conversionshield: removed energy-leech. Instead put in lower recharge and lower energy cost for any skill.
Whirling Blades: cut energy-cost by half.
Selene: made more angry/improved A.I.

Change log 1.01:

Traitor?s Shiv augments now the Vampirism skill ôWay of Kaneö
Companion?s Guard augments now the mastery ôBestiaryö
Labyrinthine Cuirass augments now the mastery ôClose Combatö
Alke augments now the Close Combat skill ôEndorphinö
Timaios augments now the Close Combat skill ôCritical Hitö
Templar?s Brain-cage augments now the Mysticism skill ôWhite Flameö
Hoplite's Helm augments now the mastery ôClose Combatö.
Main menu:
The ôStartö button is now called ôMasteriesö when the mod is loaded. The danger of cross-using the chars should be less now.
Blurred Vision: made passive but is now still dependent on ôIllusionö.
Leather Vest: nerfed armour by approx. 70%.
Multiple Shot: removed fragments. Lowered energy cost. Lowered pierce damage. Fixed scaling for ultimate level.
Signal of Attack: removed fear. Adjusted description.
Sickening Arrow: increased poison DoT. On max it?s now 300 poison over 5 sec?s. Chance to trigger the reduced resistance is now increased to 10%.
Bugs: made ultimate-level-bug?s damage visible on the hud.
Timeless Strike: added 25% min and approx. 70% max pierce damage on each level.
Encouragement: renamed the skill to ôDiscouragementö. Changed description accordingly. Removed hp regeneration and +x% OA. Added small chance of fear and reduced resistances.
Charged Strike: renamed to ôFeint Attackö. Changed description accordingly. Charge level is now reduced to 2. Deleted electrical damage. Added low chance to 15% reduction to enemies health and flat pierce damage. Comment: the skill seemed unpopular and pretty close to ôCalculated strikeö from ôRogue mastery in original TQö.
Battle Aura: removed chance for +x% total damage. Changed skill description accordingly.
Whirling Blades: lowered recharge to 15 sec?s.
Automaton: increased scaled damage on epic and legendary difficulty. Added damage bonus on skill level 10-20 on normal difficulty. Removed slowed movements on levels 1-6. Decreased damage of ultimate level automaton on epic and legendary difficulty.
Surplus: reduced energy cost and fixed scaling issues.
Barricade: lowered recharge time. It?s now 50 sec?s.
The Hammer: fixed a mesh bug in The Hammer - lvl 7. Increased damage on epic and legendary difficulty.
Bat: added more aggressive stance.
Vibrancy: added reduced life leech and bleeding resistance and removed impaired aim. Lowered chance to fumble and increased radius. Decreased active energy cost on higher levels.


Installation "How to" - Quick-Guide:
Unzip the mod into your "custommaps" folder of Titan Quest - Immortal Throne.
Unzip the smaller package into the "database" folder of your Titan Quest installation.
Start the mod by loading it in the "Custom Quest" menu in the game.
When you are brought to your main-character-selection menu, create a new character and start playing.
Warning: Don't load an "original TQ" character, for when you load the game it will delete its skill points.
Hint: You can use the caravan without any problem with or without the mod.
Have fun!

Installation "How to" - Detailed Guide:

Needed software:
No additional unpacking software is needed if you have Windows XP or Vista, it is included there already. Otherwise all you need is a program that can unzip "*.zip" files.
Where to put the downloaded files:
If this is the first modification for Titan Quest you are using, you will probably need to create a new folder. Go to C:\My Documents\My games\Titan quest - Immortal throne. Then, once that folder is opened, create a new folder called "custommaps" (without the quotes).
You will only need to create such a folder once. Every modification will be a subfolder of this one.
Unzip the content of the downloaded mod into the "custommaps" folder.
There should be a subfolder called "masteries" (without the quotes) then.
Unzip the content (6 ôtexö-files and 1 ôsshö-file) of the file called "" into the "Database" folder of your Titan Quest installation. This would be typically here C:\Program Files\THQ\TitanQuest\Database\
Start Titan Quest: Immortal Throne (e.g. by executing the shortcut on your desktop).
Click "Custom Quest" in the main menu and then pick the "masteries ~" mod. It doesn?t matter which character you use on this screen. After you selected the mod, the main-character-selection menu will open.
To start masteries create a NEW CHAR on the main-character-selection screen!!!
And vice versa: Don't load the Masteries-characters when you are about to play the normal game either. Cross-using the characters will delete all the skill points that you have invested in the character so far. The character itself will be alright, so that programs like the "TQ Defiler" can bring back the skill points, but it's an annoyance.
Don't be alarmed if the characters in the main-character-selection menu look like they have lost their armour or weapons. This is only temporarily as long as you have loaded the mod. They have not changed actually. When you start your game the normal way, they will be alright again!
If you have any questions on this or some other uncertainties about the mod, please kindly post them in the forum.

Thanks to:
MaDMaN, who is the most talented, versatile, creative and supporting modder I know. I hope this mod represents our ideas to your approval, man!
MadWasp, who was a part of the process since very early - testing, consulting, suggesting and doing the hard work of a tester. Your influence is all over the mod.
i.n.s.a.n.e, who is truly insane. No one can imagine the amount of work and commitment you put in there! This is really team-work, my friend!
The other beta-testers (in alphabetical order):
? for your patience, work and suggestions!
Batman and Ivaron for their help with the language and everything!
All the guys and girls in the [W.I.P.]-thread! It?s been a pleasure to discuss the progress and stuff with you!
IronLore Entertainment, without your wonderful game the world would be a less interesting place.
You! for the downloading and checkin? the "Masteries" mod.

-Mainquests + Dungeons + Sidequests finished (Egypt)
and many more........
5.3.07 (VERSION: 0.0.41)
-Mainquest 1 and 2 finshed and tested
14.2.07 (VERSION: 0.0.40)
-started making quests and testing them

8.2.07 (VERSION: 0.0.32b)
-reached 70% landscapemark
-changed Greece and Orient Underground to Frozen

3.2.07 (VERSION: 0.0.32a)
-SceneryGreece Frozen Textures completed
-extra Frozen Textures completed

29.1.07 (VERSION: 0.0.29a)
-SceneryGreece changed to Frozen--> completed
-SceneryEgypt changed to Frozen---> completed
-reached 60% landscapemark

23.1.07 (VERSION: 0.0.29)
-SceneryOrient changed to Frozen --> completed
-SceneryGreece changed to Frozen---> half-completed
-SceneryEgypt changed to Frozen---> half-completed
-reached 50% landscapemark
All new add ons for titan quest + immortal throne
uploaded by : intxyz

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