Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion (Remaster 2006) [EAC FLAC] [RePoPo]

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Name:Depeche Mode Songs of Faith and Devotion (Remaster 2006) [EAC FLAC] [RePoPo]

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Torrent description

Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith and Devotion (Remaster 2006)

This torrent contains both the Audio CD in its remastered stereo form, as
released in 2006, plus a short video, which tells the story of DM during the

The video is presented in XviD with .mp3 sound. There are spanish and english
subtitles already ripped and a subpack which also includes subs in Deutsch,
Français and Italiano. You have to rip it yourself (I currently use SubRip on
Windows), in order to use them.

Note: There's no 5.1 audio here. I repeat: there's no 5.1 audio here. Only the
2.0 stereo album remastered. And sounds great!

CD: Depeche Mode - Songs Of Faith And Devotion (2006 remastered)

01. I Feel You [0:04:36.17]
02. Walking In My Shoes [0:05:26.08]
03. Condemnation [0:03:29.22]
04. Mercy In You [0:04:20.41]
05. Judas [0:05:13.20]
06. In Your Room [0:06:23.03]
07. Get Right With Me [0:03:51.70] **
08. Rush [0:04:40.52]
09. One Caress [0:03:33.60]
10. Higher Love [0:05:56.19]

** "Interlude #4" – 0:59 (hidden song starting at 2:53) is an excerpt from the
"Swamp Mix" of "I Feel You". It is often used to introduce the song when played


91-94 We Were Going to Live Together, Record Together and it Was Going to be
Wonderful [0:36:01]


by Ned Raggett

In between Violator and Songs of Faith and Devotion, a lot happened: Nirvana
rewrote the ideas of what "alternative" was supposed to be, while Nine Inch
Nails hit the airwaves as the most clearly Depeche-influenced new hit band
around. In the meantime, the band went through some high-profile arguing as
David Gahan turned into a long-haired, leather-clad rocker and pushed for a more
guitar-oriented sound. Yet the odd thing about Songs of Faith and Devotion is
that it sounds pretty much like a Depeche Mode album, only with some new sonic
tricks courtesy of Alan Wilder and co-producer Flood. Perhaps even odder is the
fact that it works incredibly well all the same. "I Feel You," opening with a
screech of feedback, works its live drums well, but when the heavy synth bass
kicks in with the wailing backing vocals, even most rockers might find it hard
to compete. Martin Gore's lyrical bent, as per the title, ponders relationships
through distinctly religious imagery; while the gambit is hardly new, on songs
like the centerpiece "In Your Room," the combination of personal and spiritual
love blends perfectly. Outside musicians appear for the first time, including
female backing singers on a couple of tracks, most notably the gospel-flavored
"Condemnation" and the uilleann pipes on "Judas," providing a lovely intro to
the underrated song (later covered by Tricky). "Rush" is the biggest misstep, a
too obvious sign that Nine Inch Nails was a recording-session favorite to unwind
to. But with other numbers such as "Walking in My Shoes" and "The Mercy in You"
to recommend it, Songs of Faith and Devotion continues the Depeche Mode winning


Songs of Faith and Devotion is the eighth studio album by Depeche Mode, first
released in March 1993. The album incorporated more guitar textures than
previous releases. Upon its release, Songs of Faith and Devotion reached #1 in
both the UK and US album charts. The album was also the last one the band
recorded with Alan Wilder. To support the album, Depeche Mode embarked on the
eighteen-month Devotional Tour. As of April 2006, Songs of Faith and Devotion
has sold 920,000 units in the United States.

All art for the album was directed by Anton Corbijn, which included photography
and the front cover. The front cover is the only Depeche Mode studio album cover
to feature the band.

In 2006, Songs of Faith and Devotion was re-released with a bonus DVD. It was
released as a part of the second wave of re-issues. (Along with A Broken Frame
and Some Great Reward) The first CD was remastered and (except in the USA) was
released on a CD/SACD hybrid. The bonus DVD includes the B-Side "My Joy" along
with the Jazz Mix of "Death's Door" (similar to the original version) and
several other remixes.

Also included was a 36 minute documentary on Songs of Faith and Devotion called
Depeche Mode 91-94 (We Were Going To Live Together, Record Together And It Was
Going To Be Wonderful) named after a quote from Alan Wilder on the potential of
living in their Madrid-area recording studio. It features interviews with
Depeche Mode (including Alan, who would leave the band shortly thereafter) and
other important DM figures like Daniel Miller, Anton Corbijn and Daryl Bamonte.
There is also footage from the movie Devotional and the music videos. The
documentary mainly focuses on the extreme difficulty of recording the album, and
the even more frustrating 14-month tour that followed.

It was released October 2, 2006 in the UK and October 3, 2006 in the US.


I FEEL YOU by Tim DiGravina

Depeche Mode settle into a storming, squalid rock swagger to open Songs of Faith
and Devotion. "I Feel You" feels quite a bit like a sequel, at least musically
and in tone, to Violator's "Personal Jesus." The fuzzy, extreme guitar twang
might bring memories of that earlier song, but the vibe is more confessional and
spiritual, at least on the surface. David Gahan almost screams Martin Gore's
lyrics, venting as emotionally as if he's confessing his love to God in a
church. Gahan's punchy inflection sits perfectly against the thunderous, fuzzy
buzz of electronics and guitar samples. The driving, throbbing beat invokes
imagery of repetitive industrial manual labor, perhaps of workers pounding away
in the blistering sun to build a railroad. If one was to take the album's title
literally, "I Feel You" would be a song of devotion, but it's delivered as if
it's a song of faith. When he sings, "This is the morning of our love, it's just
the dawning of our love," it's quite easy to mishear the vocals as "this is the
morning of Allah, it's just the dawning of Allah." Depeche Mode always tie love
and lust together with other feelings, whether religion, violence, or sorrow.
That "I Feel You" feels simultaneously like a religious song and a dark love
song is merely a testament to how powerful Gore is as a songwriter and how tight
the band was musically at this point, even as it collapsed internally.


With rampant depression, drug abuse, world tours with ridiculous schedules, and
interpersonal conflicts ravaging the members of Depeche Mode, walking in their
shoes was the last thing anybody would hope for at this point in the band's
career. But this darkly melodic and starkly revealing song from the great Songs
of Faith and Devotion proves that even through obscene adversity, Martin Gore
and company could achieve musical catharsis. Like "I Feel You," "Walking in My
Shoes" feels like a throwback to Violator's lush electronic sweep. Even though
it's musically quite ornate and smooth, Dave Gahan threatens to turn Gore's
lyrics into a battle cry. Melodically, the song is similar to Ultra's "Barrel of
a Gun," but where producer Tim Simenon would lead Depeche Mode down an
aggressive, bombastic path, Flood embellishes the band's sound with mournful,
weeping synths. Of all the tracks on Songs of Faith and Devotion, "Walking in My
Shoes" shares perhaps the most in common musically with Depeche Mode's previous
albums. With so much of the album leaning toward spiritual revelation and
hinting of gospel and blues, "Walking in My Shoes" strays the least from the
band's formula of keyboards and depressed subject matter. That it feels like the
band is recycling trademark sounds doesn't detract one bit from the song's power
and swarthy charm. "Walking in My Shoes" is a sure highlight of Songs of Faith
and Devotion even if it doesn't seek new ground thematically or musically.


With its handclap samples, heavenly background chorus, spiritual piano, and, of
course, Dave Gahan's gut-wrenching vocals, "Condemnation" is the heart and soul
of Songs of Faith and Devotion. Since the album's release, Depeche Mode has
inexplicably expressed some disgust with the album as a final product and
revealed that "Condemnation" most matches the album's original thematic
blueprint. The song certainly follows the album's title to a tee. Gahan
absolutely pours emotion from his larynx, his somewhat slurring vocals at once
expressing the rejuvenation of Martin Gore's lyrics and his own concurrent
emotional and physical downfall. Gahan's constant plea of "please open your
eyes" as Gore moans ecstatically in the background captures a religious sense of
rapture. Perhaps the most genre-bending Depeche Mode song in the band's first 20
years, "Condemnation" is an honest, vibrant musical revelation. As great as the
rest of the album is, one can only guess how fascinating Songs of Faith and
Devotion would have been had Depeche Mode been able to come together as a unit
to forge the masterpiece it had planned. As the band fell apart as a whole and
as individuals, the result is still a fascinating and joyous journey, with
"Condemnation" the hint and tip of the iceberg of what could have been.

IN YOUR ROOM by Tim DiGravina

"In Your Room" is all about atmosphere. Dave Gahan sounds angry in his almost
sinister vocal delivery, offering the album's least religious-oriented lyrics.
Noirish keyboards, ominous industrial textures, a pounding mid-tempo beat, and a
bizarre cut-and-paste moan sample provide a cinematic backdrop. Despite Gahan's
serious tone, Gore's lyrics depict a masochistic demeanor. "Will you leaving me
lying here in your favorite darkness?" Gahan wonders. He knows he's his lover's
"favorite passion, game, mirror, and slave." It's safe to say that "In Your
Room" is a kind of love song, but it's the morbid, diseased kind of love that
perpetually fascinates Gore. Musically, the somewhat bland keyboards and string
arrangements don't conjure Depeche Mode's trademark mystery and power.
Ultimately, "In Your Room" feels like a moody experiment where the music can't
quite match Gahan's fine vocals. That it's still a fine song and a favorite from
the album for some fans signals that even when Depeche Mode isn't firing on all
cylinders, Gore's songwriting and Gahan's passion can still work considerable



"I Feel You" is Depeche Mode's twenty-seventh UK single, released on February
15, 1993, and the first single for the then upcoming album Songs of Faith and
Devotion. The song peaked at #8 on the UK singles chart and also made #1 and #3
on the US Modern Rock Tracks chart and the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart
respectively. It is the band's highest charting single worldwide.

"I Feel You" brings Depeche Mode's rockier side to the table, using more non-
electronic instruments than ever before. For example, Alan Wilder plays drums,
and Martin Gore plays the guitar, but there's still plenty of electronics, like
the synth screeching intro. Unlike most other pop and rock songs "I Feel You"
superimposes a 6/8 beat (played by the guitar riff) into the 4/4 time, creating
hemiola. The 7" version of "I Feel You" is the same as the album version. The
"Throb Mix" is a 12" version, but with incomplete lyrics. A part of the mixes
from the Limited Edition is used as an interlude on the Songs of Faith and
Devotion album between "Get Right With Me" and "Rush", and that same part is
also used for the intro in the Live versions as you can hear for example on the
Songs of Faith and Devotion Live album.

On the cover of "I Feel You", there are four symbols, each representing a
member. To tell which member it is, there's a number on the right-corner of each
symbol, which is that band member's birthdate OR you can match the symbols up
with the symbols on the Songs of Faith and Devotion cover, which overlap a
picture of that band member. Using the latter, the top left corner is Alan
Wilder, the top right corner is David Gahan, the bottom left corner is Martin
Gore, and the bottom right corner is Andrew Fletcher.

The B-side is "One Caress", which is a Martin vocal track from Songs of Faith
and Devotion. In the USA, Sire / Reprise released "One Caress" as a promo-only
single. One promo copy has the original version. The other has the version from
Songs of Faith and Devotion Live. There is no remix for the song.

The music video for "I Feel You" is directed by Anton Corbijn. The girl in the
video is English actress Lysette Anthony. There is also a music video for "One
Caress", it was directed by Kevin Kerslake and was filmed during one of the off
-days of the Devotional Tour in the US. It was a promo-only video that was later
released onThe Videos 86>98. Prior to its inclusion on The Videos 86>98, the
music video for "One Caress" was frequently broadcast on MTV's Alternative Rock
video block 120 Minutes.

The song is also used in a scene in Fatih Akin's Turkish-German film Gegen die



"Walking in My Shoes" is Depeche Mode's twenty-eighth UK single, released on
April 26, 1993, and the second single for the album Songs of Faith and Devotion.
The song reached #14 on the UK singles chart and matched the success of previous
single "I Feel You" on the Modern Rock Tracks chart, where it hit #1.

The 7" version of "Walking in My Shoes" is not the same as the one in the Songs
of Faith and Devotion album. The sound has been made more noisy and dirty,
especially the drums in the verse, and the intro has been shortened.

The B-side is "My Joy", the only exclusive B-Side from the Songs of Faith and
Devotion album, and is a rock track in the vein of "I Feel You".

The music video for "Walking in My Shoes" was directed by Anton Corbijn and is
based on Dante's Divine Comedy. At the beginning of the second verse, there's a
shot of Martin Gore, Andrew Fletcher, and Alan Wilder with naked women on their
laps. This was removed in the MTV version in the US and replaced with footage
the three members standing still, alone, from earlier in the video. The uncut
version is on The Videos 86-98, the Devotional and The Best Of, Volume 1 DVDs.
The song was covered by Canadian Grunge Band, Finger Eleven and was placed on
their 2000 album The Greyest of Blue Skies.



"Condemnation" is a song by Depeche Mode, released as the group's twenty-ninth
United Kingdom single on September 13, 1993 (September 14 in the USA), and the
third single from their album Songs of Faith and Devotion. The song reached #9
on the UK Singles Chart[1].

"Condemnation" is a gospel-esque song with a rock twist. One of David Gahan's
favourite Depeche Mode songs, he always enjoys playing it live. He even did an
acoustic version during some Exciter Tour concerts, because the song was not
meant to be played, but later on he really wanted to sing it. The 7" version of
"Condemnation" is the "Paris Mix", because it's basically a re-recording of
"Condemnation" done in Paris, with female backing vocals added and an emerging
drum beat scheme. Dave voted for "Condemnation" to be the first single for Songs
of Faith and Devotion, but obviously lost.

The B-sides are remixes of "Death's Door" and "Rush", and some live tracks from
the Devotional Tour. "Death's Door" was a song from the 1991 Until the End of
the World soundtrack. The original version is still exclusive to that CD,
recorded only by Martin Gore and Alan Wilder after the World Violation Tour was

The music video for "Condemnation" was directed by Anton Corbijn. For unknown
reasons, it did not appear on The Videos 86-98 in 1998, replaced by the live
version from Devotional. The original video eventually resurfaced on The Videos
86-98's 2002 re-release (The Videos 86-98+). Both videos appear on the
Devotional DVD re-release in 2004. (Although the "Condemnation Live" video was
edited so that it wasn't identical to the one in the main Devotional movie)

The video was shot in Hungary.



"In Your Room" is Depeche Mode's fourth and final single for the album Songs of
Faith and Devotion, released on January 10, 1994 and January 18 in the USA. It
reached #8 on the UK Singles Chart[1].

The common single version of "In Your Room", the "Zephyr Mix", is radically
different from the original version on the album. The music is completely redone
by Butch Vig of Nirvana fame, with only Dave Gahan's vocals remaining unchanged.
Other official single remixes include the "Apex Mix", produced by Brian Eno,
which sounds closer to the album version and Johnny Dollar's "The Jeep Rock
Mix", which appears on Remixes 81 - 04.

During concerts in 1993 and early 1994, the album version was played live. From
the 1998 Singles Tour onwards, the "Zephyr Mix" of the song has been played live
instead. However, in Tour of the Universe a mixture of both versions is played

The single was released in a special foldout digipak with room to hold three
different versions of the "In Your Room" single: the original release
(CDBong24), a live disc (LCDBong24) and a remix disc (XLCDBong24). The b-sides
consist of a remix of album track "Higher Love", along with some live songs from
the Devotional Tour.

In 2003, Fallon Bowman's band, Amphibious Assault, covered the song for their
debut LP District Six.

The music video for "In Your Room" was directed by Anton Corbijn and features
references to the "Strangelove" (a model posing in her underwear), "I Feel You"
(a woman dressed as Dave Gahan, wearing a pinstripe suit, sunglasses, and a
wig), "Walking in My Shoes" (the bird costume), "Halo" (the people wearing clown
makeup), "Enjoy the Silence" (Dave Gahan dressed as a king, holding the folding
chair while walking in the road), "Personal Jesus" (the bandmembers wearing
cowboy hats), and "Condemnation" (the white dress with ribbons on it that one of
the women wears) videos. Corbijn described the video as a retrospective at the
work he had done with Depeche Mode. He said he made it that way because he was
sure frontman Dave Gahan was going to die before Depeche Mode could release more

The video features Alexandra Kummer, who sometimes is partially clothed. Because
of the partial nudity and scenes of bondage the video only aired after prime
time on MTV in the US. Since the video had only limited screen play the single
was not a hit in the USA.

This is the last Depeche Mode single with Alan Wilder as a band member, and thus
the last music video he appears in.


Exact Audio Copy V0.99 prebeta 4 from 23. January 2008

EAC extraction logfile from 4. August 2009, 10:17

Depeche Mode / Songs Of Faith And Devotion (2006 remastered)

Used drive : HL-DT-STDVD-RAM GSA-H55N Adapter: 0 ID: 0

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Defeat audio cache : Yes
Make use of C2 pointers : No

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Null samples used in CRC calculations : Yes
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Gap handling : Appended to previous track

Used output format : User Defined Encoder
Selected bitrate : 1024 kBit/s
Quality : High
Add ID3 tag : No
Command line compressor : F:Archivos de programaExact Audio
Additional command line options : -8 -V -T "ARTIST=%a" -T "TITLE=%t" -T
"ALBUM=%g" -T "DATE=%y" -T "TRACKNUMBER=%n" -T "GENRE=%m" -T "COMMENT=%e" %s -o


[Verification date: 04/08/2009 10:18:42]
[Disc ID: 0011c9de-008e7bc3-7f0b230a]
Track [ CRC ] Status
01 [c43a81c2] (56/76) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
02 [35b28b9b] (57/76) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
03 [8cf53eca] (57/77) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
04 [02a1ddf3] (57/77) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
05 [8f30f93d] (57/77) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
06 [3f4709a1] (57/77) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
07 [bc3b09d9] (57/77) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
08 [ed04ffc7] (57/77) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
09 [396a7d34] (57/77) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1
10 [30e3135a] (56/75) Accurately ripped as in pressing(s) #1


It's usual to post comments only to complain about a torrent which doesn't work
in your configuration. It's normal, after a few hours/days downloading and
expecting a release, to feel deceived if it doesn't work properly, and
expressing this is legitimate.

I've often found one comment (negative) on a movie/CD downloaded by 2000+
people, and since that single negative feedback, people simply stop downloading
and therefore, sharing. But a few times it was due not to the torrent itself,
but to some issues on the downloader side (not updated codecs, misused
tools...), and that's unfair for the person who took the time to share it for

A LINE AFTER YOU'VE CHECKED IT. This way, You'll help in keeping the torrent
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