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VectorWorks Designer

For the designer or firm who does it all, VectorWorks Designer has it all. It combines the exclusive technology in our sophisticated design programs—Fundamentals, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, and Machine Design. VectorWorks Designer 2008 is the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution for all your design needs, allowing you to use one program for everything, from conception to completion. Enjoy advanced production, superior presentations, and streamlined collaboration features.

Dream it, design it, dimension it, detail it, and deliver a powerful presentation with VectorWorks Designer.

Designer Benefits

For the designer or firm who does it all, VectorWorks Designer has it all. It combines the exclusive technology in our sophisticated design programs—Fundamentals, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, and Machine Design. VectorWorks Designer is the most comprehensive and user-friendly solution for all your design needs. Enjoy advanced production, superior presentations, and streamlined collaboration features.

Comprehensive to Cover Your Needs

Use one program for everything. From conception to completion, VectorWorks Designer features state-of-the-art technology that sets you above the competition.

No Learning Curve Required

Out of the box and out of the gate. VectorWorks Designer was designed to think like you do, so you are up and running right away doing what you like to do best—design.

Flexible to Fit Your Workflow

You can design anything from products to environments. VectorWorks Designer maximizes the exclusive technology from all our design products—Fundamentals, Architect, Landmark, Spotlight, and Machine Design. It offers the largest set of tools available in any CAD program.

Plays Well with Others

What a great team player! VectorWorks Designer can work fluidly with other programs used by you or your colleagues, so there's nothing lost in the translation.

Customer-Focused for Your Success

Your relationship with us doesn't end when you download the software. That's just the beginning. We provide many channels for you to get the information, training, tech support and networking you need.

Cost-Effective for Your Practice

You won't find another professional design program that packs so much into such a small price. In one package, you get state-of-the-art tools and technology and the ability to work from conception to completion.

Proven Worldwide

We listen to our customers and use their feedback to create a product that continually exceeds expectations, delivering superior design flexibility and world-class graphics. Join the more than 400,000 professional designers worldwide who use VectorWorks.

Streamlined Interface

Find what you're looking for quickly. Common controls are all within easy reach.

New Heads-up Data Display

The new heads-up data display puts the action where the cursor is, allowing you to quickly create and edit objects to exact dimensions. Need a 22" line at 43 degrees? Simply click to start the line. Next, type 22" to set the length. Then, tab over and enter 43 to define the angle. Finally, press Enter or click to end. Drawing in VectorWorks has never been this fast.

New View Bar

The new View bar simplifies the interface and improves usability by centralizing VectorWorks' many organization and viewing controls in one convenient location.

Object Selection Highlighting

To make selecting and reshaping objects easier, selected objects now highlight-handles are reserved to indicate reshape points/grips. Highlighting makes it easy to see selected objects at any zoom level and removes confusion when reshaping objects with overlapping handles. Highlight colors are completely customizable. And, you can choose different highlighting appearances for objects on active layers, objects on inactive layers, and locked objects.

Saved Tool Preferences and Settings

Set up VectorWorks just the way you like, and, the next time you start a session, you'll be ready to draw. To save you time, tool modes, tool preferences, constraints settings, and the settings within some dialog boxes and their screen position are saved across sessions. You can also set many alert dialog boxes to "always do the selected action," which suppresses them, so they don't interrupt your workflow.

Automatic Object Centering When Editing

For easier object editing, VectorWorks 2008 automatically centers objects in the middle of the screen when in an edit mode or when switching views, so you don't have to manually adjust the view to fit to the objects after a view change.

Faster Editing with Object-sensitive Context Menus

Many of the object context menus have been customized to display the logical operations you're likely to need for each object. So, when you right-click on an object, you're presented with a helpful set of commands that are specific to that type of object. For example, if you right-click on a text block, you can edit, format, or even check the text spelling-which saves you the trouble of locating the right commands. Or, if you right-click on a symbol, you can replace the symbol or edit its 2D or 3D view.

New Modern Icons

The VectorWorks icons have been updated and now have a new, modern look, which make them more consistent, easier to identify, and easier to view and select at high screen resolutions.

Printable Keyboard Shortcuts Guide

You can easily export and print a list of all the available tools, commands, keyboard shortcuts, and reserved keys for each workspace-a good reference tool for existing users and great learning aid for new employees.

Drafting Improvements

You'll be amazed at the things you'll be able to do with the new features and improvements to VectorWorks Designer 2008 drafting capabilities.

Rotatable 2D Views

A long-requested feature, the new Rotate Plan command allows you to rotate the page to make it easy to work on parts of a design that lie at odd angles, while still drawing orthogonally.

New Rotation Modes for 2D Tools

New rotation modes for objects such as rectangles, ovals, and text. These objects retain their object types when rotated. For example, a rotated rectangle is a still rectangle, not a polygon, so you can control its height and width using the Object Info palette.

New Move/Duplicate/Distribute by Points Tool

Users switching from AutoCAD will love this feature. With VectorWorks 2008, you can quickly move an object by clicking any two points on screen. New modes allow you to move by points, duplicate by points, or distribute objects evenly between two points. This new tool works on 2D and 3D objects, as well as symbols in walls.

New Polygonal Selection Mode

New polygonal selection and reshape modes aka, Fence Selection for you AutoCAD switchers, makes complex selections easier. These options give you more flexibility than the marquee selection mode and are faster than freehand selection mode.

Improved 2D Reshape

You can now reshape 2D objects by deleting multiple vertex points at one time-a huge time saver when simplifying polylines. And, you can reshape, move, and delete holes from polylines. This works on all 2D polylines and 3D objects that are based on 2D polylines such as extrudes, hardscapes, floor, and roof faces.

New 2D/3D Duplicate Along Path Command

A new Duplicate Along Path command replaces the old tool. In addition to being more robust and easier to use, the new command works with 3D objects. A new button on the Duplicate Along Path dialog box makes it easy to run "what if" scenarios by previewing results before you commit to the values.

Over 180 New Marker Styles

End markers are very personal design choices. VectorWorks Designer 2008 offers many more marker types and editing options, so you can fine tune markers to your exact specifications. Plus, you can now assign different marker shapes to either end of an object or quickly choose a marker style that displays at both ends.

Specifiable Dashed Line Lengths

Improvements to the Edit Dash dialog box make it easier to define dash styles. Now you can define the dash length and gap length by typing exact values-allowing more precision than the old-style sliders.

New Polygonal and Circular Modes for Clip Tool

For many edits, the improved Clip tool is much faster. New modes provide added functionality to the Clip tool; you can now clip with polygonal and circular marquee shapes.

Improved Tile Command

A new checkbox on the Tile dialog box gives you a choice of converting the tile symbols to groups. Converting tile symbols to groups means you can control the graphical attributes of the tile pattern with the Attributes palette.

New Referencing Workflows and Improved Library Management

Take advantage of new resources and viewport enhancements that provide more flexibility and freedom when working in a referenced design environment.

Design Layer Viewports

You asked for it, and now you've got it! With VectorWorks Designer 2008, you'll be able to create viewports on design layers. Compared to traditional layer links, design layer viewports provide an easier and more robust way to handle linked and referenced views. VectorWorks design layer viewports:

* Are able to represent more than one layer

* Allow layer and class visibility control

* Support layer and class overrides

* Are croppable

True File Referencing

Using design layer viewports, you can also create true references to external VectorWorks files, image files, and PDFs. With true referencing, referenced information is not imported into your documents, keeping file sizes smaller, eliminating naming conflicts, and reducing the "clutter" that can occur when layers with many resources are referenced. Design layer viewports also improve workgroup referencing by allowing:

* Quick and easy duplication of referenced information

* Multiple layers to be easily referenced and managed in a single viewport object

* Layer and class visibility control of referenced layers

* Support for layer and class overrides

* Total control over whether layers and classes are imported into the target document

* Persistent positioning, rotating, and cropping of referenced viewports

* Gathering of all referenced drawings into one plot file

* Easy coordination of reference and target document origins

* A streamlined procedure for importing DWG data and keeping it up to date without adding overhead to the VectorWorks drawing.

Other Important Workgroup Referencing Improvements

In addition to the true referencing improvement found in the VectorWorks Design Series products, you'll find many other substantial workgroup referencing improvements:

* For easy management, references are now listed on new tabs in the Organization dialog box and Navigation palette. The new reference tab shows the name of the referenced file, the kind of file being referenced (VectorWorks, PDF, or image), and the status of the references, for example, broken, up-to-date, or out-of-date.

* For faster updates, you can control whether to update all referenced files or only out-of-date files. Plus you can even have VectorWorks automatically check for out-of-date references after a specified period of time. And you can edit the setting for more than one reference at the same time.

* A new option lets you choose whether to save referenced data to disk. Saving referenced data with the document makes the document more portable, but uses more disk space.

* When a referenced layer becomes the active layer or if an object is moved to a referenced layer, a new warning alerts you so you don't inadvertently make changes to a drawing that could be lost when a reference is updated.

* New improvements make it easy to locate and update referenced files, even if they've been moved.

* For added convenience, all referenced files are listed under the Window menu, and you can quickly navigate to and open any referenced files via the Window menu.

New CAD Manager Features

New CAD manager capabilities make it easier to set up, share, back up, and manage VectorWorks content and preferences. CAD managers can easily control where resources and preferences are stored (centrally or locally on individual computers), which means CAD managers can control who can access or edit resources and preferences. And, because custom folders are stored outside the VectorWorks application folder, updating to newer versions or reinstalling VectorWorks will maintain your custom libraries or preferences. The new capabilities also make configuring new machines and maintaining existing machines with your firm's standards a lot easier.

Improved Library Management

You'll be able to build and manage your resources more easily in the VectorWorks Designer 2008. A new Export Resource command allows you to quickly move resources from the active document into another file without having to open the file-another huge time saver.

Resource Browser Improvements

Interface improvements make the Resource Browser easier to use and faster to navigate between library file and document resources:

* The Home button lets you see at a glance if you are viewing resources in the active document or another open drawing or Favorite file, and can quickly display the resources in the active document

* The Up One Level button makes navigation through resource folders easier by allowing you to quickly switch to the resource's "parent" folder

* If desired, the Resource Browser will always display the resources of the active document

Enhanced Usability

From 2-way worksheets to importing and exporting AutoCAD 2007 and 2008 files, VectorWorks 2008 will cuts out extra steps and saves a lot more time.

Two-way Worksheets

Two-way editing between worksheet and objects in a drawing is now possible in the VectorWorks Designer 2008. Now, when you change an object's data in a worksheet, it will automatically reconfigure the object in the drawing, even for multiple objects.

Edit Multiple Objects in Walls Simultaneously

You can now select multiple objects that are inserted into walls, making it easy to reconfigure and reposition multiple objects at once. You can select multiple objects by shift-clicking, enclosing objects with a selection marquee, and by using the Custom Selection or new Custom Modification commands.

Improved Viewport Workflows

For many of you, using viewports has become essential to your workflow, and working with viewports in VectorWorks Designer 2008 is much easier, thanks to many time-saving improvements.

* Support for Associative Dimensions in Viewport

This improvement to VectorWorks 2008 saves time and reduces drawing errors. Now dimensions in viewports can automatically update as design layer objects change.

* Improved Navigation between Design Layers and Viewports

To navigate seamlessly between viewports and design layers, a new option in the Create Viewport dialog box allows you to maintain your view when navigating from a viewport to a design layer. And, once on the design layer, a new on-screen button makes it easy to navigate back to the viewport from a design layer edit.

* Improved Navigation between Crop and Annotations Modes

This enhancement will make working with viewports easier and faster. Now our view is maintained. So, if zoomed in tight, you'll remain zoomed in as you navigate between the Annotation and Edit Crop modes.

* Control Over Section Viewport Resolution

In section viewports, you can now control the 3D conversion resolution of the curved surfaces separately from the VectorWorks preference. This allows you to keep your 3D conversion resolution set to low to speed display and drawing and increase it for section viewports that require a higher degree of resolution.

* New Viewport Adjust Flipped Text Option

The Adjust Flipped Text option allows you to change flipped text in a viewport without affecting text in other viewports or design layers.

* Viewport Black and White Only Settings

This advanced option for viewports lets you display and print viewports in black and white only, no matter what your document settings are.

* Viewport Layer Overrides

Draw your design once and present it in many different ways with class overrides, and now layer overrides in viewports. Overrides allow you to assign attributes to different viewports without affecting the look of other viewports in a drawing set. Overrides are great for presenting clients different design options, as well as for allowing you to easily create different drawings from your plans.

Improved AutoSave

New options give you more control over your backup files. You can now choose a custom location for your backup files-either locally to your hard drive or centrally to a server. And, you can specify the number of backup copies you want to retain The backups are time stamped for easy reference.

Import Drawing Structure

To make setting up new files faster and easier, you can now import design layers, sheet layers, and classes from other files. We also reduced the number steps when creating new layers and classes.

New Scale Object by Distance Option

A new option in the Scale Object dialog box allows users to easily scale objects by defining a real-world distance. This works on any object, including imported image files, and also eliminates complex calculations when scaling objects.

Saved Stacked Layer View

You can now save the stacked layer status of a document, so the next time you open the document you won't have to "restack" the layers. New stack layer options are also available, so that working in stacked layer mode is even more flexible. This is ideal when you're working between a saved view that you want to see in 3D and design layers you want to see in plan view.

Global Object Editing by Criteria

With the new Custom Modification command, you can simultaneously edit the properties and graphical attributes of multiple objects, regardless of which layer or class they are in, their scale, or their selection or visibility status-it even works for objects in walls. Being able to quickly select multiple objects and perform simultaneous edits will save you a lot of time.

Support for SketchUp 6

VectorWorks Designer 2008 adds support for SketchUp 6 giving you compatibility with the latest version and additional access to the latest content from Google's 3D Warehouse

IFC Import/Export

By supporting IFC, VectorWorks Designer users can share BIM data with other IFC-compliant programs. This data can then be used throughout a construction project's life cycle for things like costing and quantity surveying, energy analysis, structural design and detailing, facility management and space analysis, and building performance modeling, such as clash detection.

Support for AutoCAD 2007/2008

VectorWorks now supports all AutoCAD 2007/2008 products. New import/export options allow you to import and export DWG/DXF files in AutoCAD's native 2007/2008 file format.

Support for Worksheets in DXF/DWG Export

In VectorWorks Designer 2008, embedded worksheets can be exported along with the drawing. Worksheets images are exported as blocks of lines and text so they can be edited after export.

Easier Management of Imported AutoCAD Layers

A new option in the DXF/DWG Import Options dialog box allows you append a prefix to AutoCAD layers imported into VectorWorks. Assigning a prefix allows you to group imported layers, making them easier to identify and mange.

Cross-platform Workspace

Workspaces in VectorWorks 2008 are cross platform, making it easier share custom workspaces across the firm. It is also faster to launch, and switch between workspaces.

Macintosh OSX Spotlight Search Integration

This new feature will save you a lot of time when you're searching for VectorWorks files that contain certain text. Apple's Spotlight search engine makes it easy to find text within text objects inside of VectorWorks files. Instead of opening up individual files, you can now use Apple's Spotlight search tool to quickly find the VectorWorks files you want.

New Support for Bookmarks in PDFs

Writing bookmarks into exported PDF document providing an easy way to find and browse sheet layers, viewports, and saved views.

Easier to Customize Title Block Objects

A new Use as Title Block Only option for your drawing border allows you to show the title block only. For added flexibility, you have more control over where title blocks are positioned in relation to the drawing border.

New and Improved Objects

In VectorWorks Designer 2008, you have more options than ever. You'll find improved wall features, and new plant and lighting options. Not to mention high-end furniture, door, window, flooring, appliance, texture, and color libraries.

Architectural and Interior Design Improvements

Classable Wall Components

Wall components can now be put into their own classes, making it easier for you to control the component's graphical attributes and visibility. By classing wall components, you can easily showing or hiding wall components so you easily create framing, structural and finish plans from the same set of walls.

The Ability to Show Wall Components in Section Views

Walls can now display their components in section views. And, because components are classed you can easily adjust their visibility depending on how detailed you want your section views to appear.

Draw and Edit Walls in 3D

Now you can draw and edit walls in 3D just as easily as you can in 2D. New 3D wall technology allows you to quickly create, move, join, and reshape walls in any 3D view. And improvements to the 3D Symbol Insertion tool make it possible to insert symbols into a wall while in a 3D view.

Exterior Wall Dimensioning Improvements

The Exterior Wall Dimensioner (i-n-c-l-u-d-e)s T-joined walls and can dimension doors and windows in exterior walls by rough or masonry opening. Exterior walls can be dimensioned by outside edge or center line, and dimensions are associative. Overall, dimensions can now associate with wall components, and are easier to modify.

Wall Replacement Improvements

The Wall Replacement dialog box has been enhanced to (i-n-c-l-u-d-e) options to replace a wall's height, class, and texture.

Refined Create Spaces from Walls Command

From a network of walls, you can now create a gross space object that represents the entire area of floor or slab, instead of individual room spaces.

Space Object Improvements

A space can now be automatically defined by simply clicking into any area that is bounded by walls. Spaces can be drawn as gross or net, and for U.S. users, they can be drawn according to the new United States GSA "Space Validation" requirement. As the design changes, spaces can be easily updated.

New display options allow you to display additional fields in the "space name" tag, as well as rename any of the fields, such as "GAREA" to "GROSS AREA." In addition to room finish information, you can now add extended IFC data sets and GSA space data to the Space object.

Improved 2D Stair Graphic

This new stairs option allows users to display the portions of stairs beyond a 2D break as dashed.

British and Japanese Standards for Structural Shapes

The steel shapes objects have been consolidated, and now support AISC (US Standard) BSI (British standard) and JIS (Japanese standard)shapes.

Herman Miller® Furniture Collection

A new library of 69 home and office furniture pieces that (i-n-c-l-u-d-e)s a variety of side chairs, sofas, stools, side tables, dining tables, conference tables, work chairs, etc. There is also a selection of nearly 100 systems furniture configurations from HM's 'Typicals' libraries. All symbols are 2D/3D hybrids with material textures applied and attached records.

New Furnishings & Scenic Elements Library

An assortment of 47 interior furniture symbols from New World Graphics, Inc. (i-n-c-l-u-d-e)s chairs, sofas, tables, file cabinets, desk, lockers, file cabinets, and lighting.

Updated Marvin® Windows and Doors Catalog

The Marvin® product line has been updated to (i-n-c-l-u-d-e) the latest model configurations for 2007.

New Sub-Zero® and Wolf® Appliance Libraries

Add high-end kitchen appliances to your kitchen designs. VectorWorks Designer 2008 (i-n-c-l-u-d-e)s 25 Sub-Zero refrigerator and 55 Wolf appliance objects. You can choose from several refrigerator models, built-in ovens, cook tops, range tops, microwaves, and wall and island ventilation hoods.

Updated Forbo® Flooring Materials

Your flooring options have expanded in VectorWorks Designer 2008 with 44 new flooring materials in the Forbo flooring library.

Landscaping Improvements

Improved Plant Tool

A redesigned plant tool makes it easier to create and manage plant objects. Plants in VectorWorks Designer now behave like other symbols in VectorWorks. You can easily import them from other drawings, as well as export them to your firm's plant symbol library. And, new right-click editing makes it easy to edit the 2D look, 3D look, and plant data.

Standalone Plant Database

An improved plant database complements the improvements to the Place Plant tool in VectorWorks Designer. The plant database is now a stand-alone, full-featured database. It's much easier to import new plant data from external sources or existing plant databases, and perform sophisticated plant searches. In addition, plant records can (i-n-c-l-u-d-e) both botanical data and a pictorial representation. Without leaving the database, you can quickly navigate to sites such as Google™ Images, Wikipedia, or university or government sources, such as the USDA plants database. Now, it's easy to create custom plant lists or catalogs that are linked directly to the Place Plant tool.

Support for Geo-referenced Image Files

VectorWorks Designer can now import geo-referenced image files, giving you a great new presentation capability. Easily overlay GIS images (bitmap maps, aerial photographs, etc.) with GIS .shp (Shape) data to create compelling and informative presentations. Because the images and .shp data are geo-referenced, the imported images and .shp data come in perfectly aligned.

Updated Xfrog® Plant Libraries

The Xfrog plant library has been greatly enhanced to (i-n-c-l-u-d-e) 652 new color images. This (i-n-c-l-u-d-e)s 84 new plant species of flowers, ground cover, and trees, as well as new spring and fall variations. Each species is also represented as a 3D image prop. Another new addition to the Xfrog plant library is 166 stylized watercolor versions of trees and shrubs in top, elevation, season, and growth views. You also have at your fingertips black and white bitmapped and silhouetted versions of all new and existing species in the collection.

Unilock® Hatch Patterns

185 new paver hatch patterns match Unilock's paver patterns to enhance your designs.

Entertainment and Lighting Improvements:

Two-way Designer Worksheets

Because all worksheets are now dynamic, your workflow won't be interrupted by having to run a separate command to update them. We provide you with sample database worksheets to get you started

Improved Non-rotating Label Legends

Non-rotating label legends now allow you to easily move individual labels using a control point at the center of the label.

Improved Scaling of Label Legends

You won't need as many label legend definitions with VectorWorks Designer 2008. Improvements to label legends mean that a single legend type can be successfully used with more types of instrument symbols, because labels are placed relative to the instrument size.

Advanced Beam Geometry

Enhancements to the draw beam function give you improved visualization, with enhanced beam projection and support for elliptical light sources. Beams can now extend beyond the focus point, to the ground plane. The new advanced light parameters now make shutter cuts in wireframe and rendered lights possible in VectorWorks Designer 2008.

Furnishings & Scenic Symbols

An assortment of 47 interior furniture symbols from New World Graphics, Inc. (i-n-c-l-u-d-e)s chairs, sofas, tables, file cabinets, desk, lockers, and lighting.

Advanced Light Source for Lighting Instruments

Now you can control the light source in a lighting instrument and specify a light distribution file, as well as control the instrument with the Visualization palette.

Lighting Device Position Awareness

Now, when you move a lighting device, the instrument position name is automatically updated. Lighting objects now adjust when you move the lighting position or change the height. You no longer have to worry about updating lights when either a light or a light position is moved.

Machine Design Improvements:

New 2D and 3D Shaft Tools

The new 2D and 3D Shaft tools in VectorWorks Machine Design 2008 allow you to create custom 2D/3D shaft configurations in one easy step.

VectorWorks Machine Design Improvements

VectorWorks Machine Design 2008 (i-n-c-l-u-d-e)s several improvements that greatly enhance its overall usability. They (i-n-c-l-u-d-e):

* A quick way to add parts lists to drawing borders

* The ability to add round, rectangular, and v-grooves to shaft segments

* The ability to automatically add keyways and center drills to shaft segments

* New configuration option for screw and nut objects

* New plug-in objects for pulley creation, spur gear rack, and center drills

* Several objects which (i-n-c-l-u-d-e) markers can now take advantage of VectorWorks Designer 2008 enhanced marker styles

Presentation & Rendering Improvements

Your presentations help sell your work, and you'll be sold on VectorWorks Designer 2008 when you can see what you can do with the amazing enhancements to the program's presentation capabilities.

Unlimited Color Choices

VectorWorks Designer 2008 offers unrestricted access to a world of color. The completely redesigned color palette menu manages and organizes unlimited color choices. In addition to the standard operating system color pickers, you can create custom color palettes or select from color palettes (i-n-c-l-u-d-e)d with VectorWorks. Enhanced color support also preserves the colors in all content imported into a VectorWorks document.

Color Palettes from Pantone®, Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin-Williams®, Resene®, Pittsburgh Paints®, and more

Easy access colors from pre-set color palettes that ship with VectorWorks. You'll find color palettes from leading manufactures like Pantone, Benjamin Moore®, Sherwin-Williams®, Resene ®, and more.

Object-based Opacity on Macintosh and Windows

With object opacity, you can easily adjust the transparency of individual 2D objects with the Attributes palette, or by using class attributes. Class overrides are also supported in viewports.

Layer Opacity and Anti-aliasing on Windows

Like Macintosh users, Windows users can now apply opacity to layers and also select to use anti-aliasing, which smoothes out jagged edges on diagonal and curved objects for a better on-screen display.

Improved Hidden-line Rendering Performance

Under-the-hood improvements have decreased hidden-line rendering time, on both design layers and viewports, by as much as 50 percent. Hidden-line renderings are also more memory-efficient, so files with cached viewports can be substantially smaller. And when rendering in dashed-hidden-line mode, dashed lines follow the perimeter of curved objects.

New Gray Layer and Class Print Option

Different printers print gray levels differently. A new option adjusts the level of gray for grayed layers and classes, to give you more control over your output.

New Wood Texture and Image Files from arcitex®

111 new high-quality wood materials from arcitex® will add another dimension to your drawings and models.

Support for 3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator™ Support

The SpaceNavigator is a new 3D mouse that provides a powerful way to navigate around your model. With it, you can simultaneously pan, zoom, fly around, and walk through your models. Vary the amount of pressure on the SpaceNavigator to speed up or slow down.

Expanded Customization Options

CAD managers and third-party developers will appreciate new technologies that provide new ways to create custom VectorWorks Designertools and commands.

Customizable Layout Manager Controls

Third-party developers can offer better solutions with the SDK calls to layout manager controls-now it's possible to implement your own solutions through layout manager functionality that work with existing layout manager components..

Layout Manager Improvements

These new controls and enhancements are sure to increase productivity for third-party developers. You'll now be able to create new dialog boxes and convert existing dialog boxes to use the layout manager system. You'll also have more control over scrolling speed during drag and drop, as well as adjust component sizing and position at the pixel level, for better control alignment. You'll also be able to view full tooltip labels of truncated names in many controls and icon labels in list browsers.

System Requirements


Operating System: Mac OS X 10.4.10 or later

Other Software: QuickTime 6 or higher

Processor: PowerPC G4 or newer

(Universal binary runs native on Intel Macs)

Other Hardware: DVD-ROM drive

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 (XGA)

Display color depth: 16 bit


Operating System: Windows XP SP 2, Windows Vista

Other Software: QuickTime 6.5.2 to 7.2

(higher versions not recommended)

Processor: Pentium IV or newer

Other Hardware: DVD-ROM drive

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 (XGA)

Display color depth: 16 bit



Hard drive space: 4GB free

VectorWorks plus RenderWorks:


Hard drive space: 4GB free

VectorWorks Designer:


Hard drive space: 6GB free

VectorWorks Designer plus RenderWorks:


Hard drive space: 6GB free


Burn to DVD or mount to virtual drive. When prompted for S/N, open the text file found in the NOPE folder. Enter/paste the S/N and install. After Install is done apply the SP1 Update. And please, don't forget to seed

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