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Dark Basic Professional v1 068 ISO and Lots of Guides and Extras[h33t][deepstatus]

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Name:Dark Basic Professional v1 068 ISO and Lots of Guides and Extras[h33t][deepstatus]

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 Dark Basic Professional v1 068 DVTiSO and Beginner's Guide To DarkBASIC Game Programming [h33t][deepstatus].rar

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 h33t - deepstatus.url

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 Hands On DarkBASIC Pro - Volume1 and 2.rar

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Next Generation Games Development

DarkBASIC Professional is the most advanced games development package built on the BASIC language currently available. No other package out there makes it as easy to incorporate all of the special features and effects you see in todays games and no other package natively offers the benefits of Microsofts DirectX 9 technology.

Pixel & Vertex Shader Support

NVIDIA and ATI's powerful new graphics cards have inspired us to support both Pixel and Vertex shaders. You have full and direct control of these awesome hardware effects from within DarkBASIC Professional. Pixel Shaders are used to alter lighting and surface effects that replace artificial, computerized looks with materials and surfaces that mimic reality.

Vertex Shaders are used to breathe life and personality into characters and environments. For example, through vertex shading you can create true-to-life dimples or wrinkles that appear when a character smiles or you can ripple shockwaves through a land matrix. The illustration above shows 6 different DarkBASIC Professional shaders in action.
Commercial Quality Games

3D Mahjong

A lot of developers like to create and then self-publish their games, offering them for sale from their web sites. One such high-class example written in DarkBASIC Professional is 3D Mahjong. The quality level of graphics, sound and extreme playability showcase perfectly just what DarkBASIC Professional is capable of.


All games created with DarkBASIC are license and royalty FREE!
All games can be distributed as a stand alone executable!

3D Engine General Features Misc. Features

Binary Space Partitioning (BSP)
Potential Visibility Set
Pixel & vertex shaders
Real time shadows
True reflections
Advanced terrain
Multiple camera views
Particle system
Lightning fast 2D sprites
Polygon collision detection
Bump mapping
Light mapping
Environment mapping
Bone based animations
Cartoon shading
Rainbow rendering
Low level access of object data
Vector and matrix manipulation

General Features

Super-Fast 2D Sprites
Mirror, Stretch and Blur
Fade, Transparency and Rotate
Screen-Sized sprites
Fast Collision
Animated Sprites
Gamma Control
Scale Sprites
2D Drawing Functions

DLLs containing FORMATTED FUNCTIONS can be dropped into the plug-ins directory, after which they become commands within the language All components are modular for safe and stable upgrading

Misc. Features

Modern design
Creates .EXE files
Encrypt and compress exes
Icon control of exes managed
Breakpoint markers
Produces 100% machine code

Step Through Mode
Variable Watcher

Project manager
Function folding
Syntax formatting
Fully Windows XP compliant
Online help
Showcase examples

Does "Professional" Mean Harder To Learn?

Not when it comes to DarkBASIC Professional. "Professional" to us means that you get all of the benefits of the original DarkBASIC language, so you can write games with ease. But you also get the lower-level control and extras you would expect from a Professional language. There are an increased range of Data Types, a far more advanced 3D Engine with low level access to Object data. You can utilise vector and matrix manipulation via the 3D Maths commands and many other advanced features that are there if you need them.

DarkBASIC Professional will grow with you as you learn new development skills and extend your 3D knowledge, so you can unlock the benefits of the more advanced areas of the language. Even if you master all of the 1000+ commands on offer you can extend DarkBASIC Professional with your own DLLs which allow you to create custom commands.
All this and so much more!

Even though we have told you some of what DarkBASIC Professional can do - we really have only just scratched the surface here. We didn't even mention the cool Particle System that lets you create sparks, explosions, fire or snow - the new Multiple Camera support allowing rendering to new locations (including off-screen bitmaps), Multi-player support for LAN and Internet game creation - the new Lighting Effects including spot, point and ambient light levels or any of the other neat things that go together to create DarkBASIC Professional.


Adding the latest technology is par for the course with DBPro, and stereoscopic technology is no stranger to the language. With the latest upgrade it has gained official MTBS certification, recognising our native support for S-3D and Anaglyph rendering.

High-tec Academics

Not only is Dark Basic Professional a great solution for home development, but it's great for use in schools and universities too. Hundreds of institutes are already teaching games creation and programming with Dark Basic Professional and we continue to explore new technologies to help train the next generation of programmer. If you are working in education, you may have heard of the Promethean technologies currently available such as the Activexpression solution which offers teachers the ability to ask questions of their students, who in turn can immediately respond using hand-held devices.

Key Features

Here are the Key Features of DarkBASIC:

All programs made are License and Royalty Free
Save your programs as stand-alone EXE files
10 2D Image Formats Supported
7 Music File Formats Supported
Over 730 Commands included
3D Studio and Direct X Object Support
Over 750 game orientated commands
Sprite support including flipping, scaling and collision
Set and control sounds in 3D space
Load, Play and Loop music files, inc. soundtracker music formats
Load and play music CD audio tracks
Load, Play and control Video Animations
Control 3D Fog depth, distance and colour
Ghost objects (make 3D objects semi-transparent)
Full Object Rotation control
Control Object Limbs (direction, angle, rotation, size)
6 built-in 3D Primitives
Create and Delete Object Meshes
Global or Object based automatic 3D Collision Detection
Automatic Camera and Orientation Commands
Create, Position and Colour Lights
Build, Texture and Map Matrix Landscapes
System Test Commands let you check for compatibility

System Requirements:

Minimum System Requirements

300 MHz Pentium II Processor
Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP (Home/Pro) **
400 MB of hard disk space
64 MB of Ram
DirectX Version 9.0c
Fully DirectX compatible Graphics Card with 16 MB Memory or more and Hardware 3D Acceleration
Direct X compatible Sound Card
4x Speed CD-Rom Drive

We recommend your video card has at least 32 MB of memory to get the most from DarkBASIC Professional, you will be limited in the size of game and type of effects you can use otherwise. Certain features of DarkBASIC Professional (such as vertex/pixel shaders) require a suitably powerful graphics card. Please check with your video card manufacturer before purchasing.

Recommended System Requirements

733 MHz Pentium III Processor or above
Windows 98 / 2000 / ME / XP (Home/Pro) **
400 MB of hard disk space
128 MB of Ram
DirectX Version 9.0c
Fully DirectX compatible Graphics Card with 64 MB Memory or more and Hardware 3D Acceleration
Direct X compatible Sound Card
16x Speed CD-Rom Drive

Please note that certain features of DarkBASIC Professional (such as vertex/pixel shaders) require a suitably powerful graphics card. Please check with your video card manufacturer before purchasing.

Apple and Linux Based Machines:

We are sorry but DarkBASIC was developed exclusively for Microsoft Windows based PCs and will not run on any variety of Apple hardware or on Linux even under PC emulation.
Playstation, PS2, X-Box, GameCube

Your DarkBASIC programs will not work on any games console and they cannot be converted to do so.


Beginner's Guide to DarkBASIC Game Programming

by Jonathan S. Harbour and Joshua R. Smith
Premier Press © 2003 (711 pages)
Design and play your own games without worrying about the technical details of programming DirectX. DarkBasic handles the entire game engine for you! By the end of the book, you will have written complete 2D and 3D games.

CD Content

Table of Contents
Beginner's Guide to DarkBasic Game Programming
Part I - The Basics of Computer Programming
Chapter 1 - Welcome to DarkBASIC
Chapter 2 - Introduction to Computer Programming
Chapter 3 - Basic Commands, Variables, and Data Types
Chapter 4 - Characters, Strings, and Text Output
Chapter 5 - Looping Commands
Chapter 6 - Making Programs Think—Branching Statements and Subroutines
Chapter 7 - More Power to the Numbers—Data Sequences and Arrays
Chapter 8 - Number Crunching—Mathematical and Relational Operators and Commands
Part II - Game Fundamentals—Graphics, Sound, Input Devices, and File Access
Chapter 9 - Basic Graphics Commands
Chapter 10 - Game Graphics—Learning to Use Bitmaps
Chapter 11 - The Art of Using Animated Sprites for 2D Games
Chapter 12 - Programming the Keyboard, Mouse, and Joystick
Chapter 13 - Adding Sound Effects to Your Game
Chapter 14 - Playing Some Tunes—CD Audio, MIDI and MP3 Music
Chapter 15 - Loading and Saving Information Using Files
Chapter 16 - Playing Intro Movies and Cut-Scenes
Part III - Advanced Topics—3D Graphics and Multiplayer Programming
Chapter 17 - Fundamentals of 3D Graphics Programming
Chapter 18 - Multiplayer Programming—The Crazy Carnage Game
Part IV - Appendixes
Appendix A - Answers to the Chapter Quizzes
Appendix B - Recommended Books and Web Sites
Appendix C - ASCII Chart
Appendix D - Guide to the CD-ROM

and more!!!!

Hands On DarkBASIC Pro
Volume 1
A Self-Study Guide to Games Programming

Book Description


Stepwise Refinement

Structured English

Desk Checking

Boolean Expressions
Starting DarkBASIC Pro

Creating a DarkBASIC Pro Project

Executing a Program

Understanding Screen Output

Text colour, size and font

Adding Comments

Variables and Constants

The Assignment Statement

Arithmetic Calculations

Keyboard Input



Creating Random Numbers

AND, OR and NOT Operators

The IF statement

The SELECT Statement

Nested IF Statements

Testing Selection Constructs

The DO .. LOOP Construct

The EXIT Statement

The FOR..NEXT Construct

The SLEEP Statement

The REPEAT UNTIL Construct


Testing Iteration Constructs
Drawing Statements

Drawing Basic Shapes

Erasing Shapes

A First Attempt at Animation
Modular Programming

Creating Functions

Global and Local Variables


Parameter Passing

Pre and Post Conditions

Returning a Value
String Function

Standard String Functions

Creating a Function Library
The Game of Hangman

Black Box Testing

Designing a Game

Equivalence Classes

White Box Testing

Defining Arrays

Accessing Array Elements

Multi-dimensional Arrays

Programming Techniques Using Arrays

Searching and Sorting an Array
The Game of Bull and Touch
Advanced Data Types and Operators

INC and DEC Operators

Record Structures

Arrays of Records

Dynamic Lists

Declaring Variables

Queues and Stacks

Shift Operators

Bitwise Operators

Binary, Hexadecimal and Octal Values

Basic Ideas

Loading a Bitmap

Displaying a Bitmap

Resizing a Bitmap

Positioning a Bitmap
Video Cards and the Screen

Creating a List of Available Display Modes

Creating a List of Installed Video Cards

Creating Windowed Applications
File Handling

Navigating the Backing Store Structure

Accessing Files

Writing to a File

Reading From a File

Random File Access
Handling Music Files

Playing MIDI and MP3 Files

Playing CD Tracks
Displaying Video Files
Accessing the Keyboard

Scan Codes

Detecting Multiple Simultaneous Key Presses
Mathematical Functions

Loading and Positioning Sprites

Setting the Sprite Origin

Moving Sprites

Detecting Sprite Collisions

Rebounding Sprites

Animated Sprites

Playing WAV Files

Creating 3D Sound Effects
2D Vectors

Creating and Manipulating Vectors

Using Vectors to Record Velocity and Position
Two-Player Space Duel Game
Using the Mouse

Creating Buttons and Roll-over Effects
Using a Joystick

Controlling Movement

Pseudo 3D

includes lots of extras too!!!!
oh and more!!!!!!

Hands On DarkBASIC Pro
Volume 2
A Self-Study Guide to Games Programming

Book Description

Volume 2 of this series covers all aspects of 3D work in
DarkBASIC Professional and includes several coded games.

Other advanced topics are also included - find out how to program networked
games, how to use memory blocks, how to create new DarkBASIC Pro statements
and how to use the built-in physics engine. Use the hidden commands that
aren't even listed as part of the language!

As usual this is a book full of activities so that you can be fully
involved. There are hundreds of programming exercises to help you with the
learning process. And, unlike most books, complete solutions to the
activities are included.

Topics covered:

3D Concepts and Terminology; 3D Primitives; Texturing; Cameras; Lighting
Meshes and Limbs; Importing 3D Models; User Control; Solitaire - The Board
Advanced Lighting and Texturing ; Collisions; Particles; BSP Models;
Elevators - a 3rd Person Game
Creating Terrain; Treasure Island - a 1st Person Game; Landscape Matrices;
Manipulating Vertices
Pointers and Memblocks; Shaders; ODE; Maths: Vectors and Matrices; Network
FTP; Using DLLs; Creating new DBPro Statements; Adding Highlighting and

oh my more extras!!!!!



burn or mount
go to folder DVT inside of CD
install the upgrade
now copy content from crack folder to C/prog../Dark.../Compiler... overwrite all
dont run [color=red][b]Dark now go to C/prog../Dark.../Compiler.. and run TGCVerifier and put your email (creat new one if you like)
go to email and copy the Order key
run Dark and in the box that is go to appear click on activate and insert serial provide on email

ufff..... Done!!!!!


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