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Canopus ProCoder v2 04 02 (Retail) + HASP Emulator

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Name:Canopus ProCoder v2 04 02 (Retail) + HASP Emulator

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Canopus ProCoder v2.04.02 (Retail) + HASP-Emulator

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Application : Canopus ProCoder 2 + HASP Emulator
Version : 2.04
Homepage :

Canopus ProCoder 2
Thank you for purchasing Canopus ProCoder 2! ProCoder 2 is a highly
versatile multiple source to multiple target format conversion tool. It
places emphasis not only on speed but also on quality of the files that it
outputs. This document is intended to address outstanding issues as of the
release of this software and to act as a guide in case these issues or
circumstances are met while using ProCoder 2. For detailed information on
how to USE ProCoder 2, please read your user manual or check the help.

Read This: Installation Requirements
Section 1: Manual Update
Section 2: Known Issues (ProCoder Centric)
Section 3: Known Issues (Third-Party Centric)
Section 4: CD Extras
Section 5: USB Key (Dongle) Installation and Notes
Section 6: Changes from previous versions

Please refer to the Minimum System Requirements listed in the ProCoder 2
manual or on the product packaging. We cannot support installation of
ProCoder 2 on systems that do not meet the minimum requirements.

* No manual updates were available at release.

* A PDF version of the manual is available on the ProCoder 2
installation CD and its content is also contained in the online help.

Known Issues (ProCoder-centric)
* CODEC INSTALL/UNINSTALL: If you own a Canopus hardware or software
product and uninstall that product, you may run into an issue with
ProCoder 2 not working correctly. If ProCoder does not run correctly
after you uninstall another Canopus product, please re-install
ProCoder 2 to resolve this problem. Uninstalling ProCoder should NOT
affect existing installs of Canopus hardware or software.

PRIOR TO V2.0: Due to the significant advancements in ProCoder 2,
presets, profiles and projects from earlier versions of ProCoder will
need to be recreated for use in ProCoder 2. If you have custom settings,
please record these settings before installing ProCoder 2.

to a droplet will load with the default still image source settings.
You should NOT attempt to drop all the images onto the droplet as this
will result in multiple sources. Instead, load a single image of the
sequence and let the default wildcarding find the remaining images, just
like when loading a still image into the normal ProCoder application.

* FILTER PREVIEW: While the video filter configuration delivers WYSIWYG
regarding all lumina and chromina values, it does not work in WYSIWYG mode
regarding the video size. When using for example the bitmap keying filter,
the exact position of the keyed bitmap might differ from the final output.
Furthermore, filter preview for targets will not necessarilly be WYSIWYG,
especially when the source and target have different frame or pixel aspect
ratios. Also, filters with temporal dependencies may not preview correctly.

* LARGE NUMBER OF SOURCE CLIPS: ProCoder has no "hard" limit to how many
files you can encode at one time. The limit is basically how much system
memory you have. Each file takes a certain amount of system memory to
buffer codec information. This amount ranges anywhere from 1 to 10MB
depending on the source. When converting a large number of files
ProCoder 2 will pop up a warning window that you do not have enough
system memory to proceed. You can alleviate this by adding more memory
to the system, or breaking up your large project into smaller ones.

limitation of the hardware MPEG encoder - it cannot encode SVCD
resolution, this is not a limitation of ProCoder 2. Use the software
MPEG encoder for SVCD encoding. Besides, the software encoder most often
produces better results than the hardware encoder.

* ODD FILE WIDTH OR HEIGHT: Due to inherent problems with odd widths and
heights (for example 101x50) of certain files when converting to various
codecs, ProCoder will not allow files with odd width or height to be
accepted for conversion, except for Flash and QuickTime import. For
other sources, please refer to the source type documentation for further

* PREVIEW DISPLAY: If your preview does not show an image, or shows an
incorrect image, try changing the User Overlay on Desktop setting in the
Conversion Options tab of Transcoding Settings in the ProCoder 2
application. This will disable overlay use and draw frames directly on
the screen.

* SAVING PROJECTS: If you save your projects, you may not be able to
open them, if your hard drive letter or folder name changes. Please make
sure that you save to a hard drive letter/folder name that will not
change. If you do change the hard drive letter or folder name, you will
render your project invalid and will not be able to load the project's
source files.

* JOB SEGMENTATION AND MEMORY: On systems with less than 1 GB of RAM,
we advise limiting the number of conversion slots in the Job Manager to
avoid using so much memory as to cause swapping to disk. To limit the
number of conversion slots, open the ProCoder 2 Job Queue Manager and
select Number of Conversion Slots from the Tools menu.

* STOPPING FILE CONVERSION: Pressing the "stop" button during a conversion
will sometimes yield an invalid or inaccurate file. The "stop" button
should not be used as an editing tool (i.e. to make a shorter clip).
Please use the "In" and "Out" points if you wish to edit the length of
your file. Also note that files which are being converted using a 2-pass
method will yield NO output if the 2nd pass has not been initiated.

* TV PREVIEW OUTPUT: When using the Canopus DVStorm or VideoGate for TV
output preview, the preview image is converted to the broadcast format
that the TV output card is using. Thus, it does not make sense to preview
an NTSC-to-PAL conversion on the TV when the hardware is in NTSC mode, etc.
The TV preview output is intented for image preview and does not guarantee
an accurate preview of the output frame rate.
ProCoder 2 supports only one TV preview output device at a time.

* VOB IMPORT AND PREVIEW: When adding a VOB with the name VTS_xx_y.VOB as
a source, ProCoder 2 will load all VOB files with the name VTS_xx_n.VOB
where n is from 0 to 9. Source and filter preview of the source, however,
will only show frames from the loaded file - other frames which are
located in VOB files other than the loaded VOB file will appear black in
source and filter previews.

created using the ProCoder 2 Wizard are temporary and only active while
the ProCoder 2 Wizard is running in that session. To create Watch Folders
that are active regardless of whether ProCoder 2 or the ProCoder 2 Wizard
is running, use the Watch Folder Manager to create a permanent watch
folder. Permanent watch folders are active as long as the ProCoder 2
Engine is running.

-ProCoder HAS been tested to convert 1000 files with no issues (This
system was equipped with 1GB of RAM).

-ProCoder HAS been tested to output a continuous file that was 12 hours in
length with no issues.

These QA milestones were set to ensure that it is possible to do this. Of
course, depending on the source clips used, your results may vary.

Known Issues (Third Party centric)
* BETA AND "WORK-IN-PROGRESS" CODECS: Please note that ProCoder 2 will
utilize codecs that are designed to output to its various target
formats. Some of these codecs may have inherent bugs within the codec
itself. Make sure you are up to date with the latest version of these
codecs and check the FAQ or web page of the codec to potentially
resolve issues with the codec itself.

* DIVX DECODER SETTINGS: By default, the DivX decoder enables options
that can cause problems when using DivX sources in ProCoder and viewing
DivX output from ProCoder. Post-processing applies changes to the video
during decode which can sometimes result in repeated or skipped frames
when using DivX files as sources and when playing DivX output. Also,
the DivX logo is displayed over the video during the first few seconds
of playback.
To ensure that DivX content is both provided to ProCoder and displayed in
an unaltered manner, disable the DivX decoder post-processing and logo
display by running the Decoder Configuration Utility (usually located in
Start > Programs > DivX > DivX Codec > Decoder Configuration Utility).
On the Post-Processing Settings tab, put a check in the Disable
Post-Processing box. On the Quality Settings tab, put a check in the
Disable Logo on the box.

* DIVX TARGET WITH OGG ACM AUDIO: DivX output using the Ogg ACM codec
for audio may result in part of the tail-end of audio being lost.

* DRM-PROTECTED WINDOWS MEDIA CONTENT: Windows Media content that is
DRM (Digital Rights Management) protected cannot be used as sources in
ProCoder 2. This is to comply with the Windows Media Digital Rights
Management structure.

Please note that playback of DVD/MPEG-2 video files should be performed in
dedicated playback software. Synchronization problems, artifacting and
other issues may arise from attempting to use a non-dedicated playback
engine. If a file appears to have any of these issues and you are using
Windows Media Player or another "multi-format" playback software to view
these types of files, please try using dedicated DVD/MPEG-2 playback
software to verify your file output is correct.

* FRAUNHOFER MP3 CODEC ISSUE: The Fraunhofer MP3 Codec in some cases can
not operate at 48 kHz in ProCoder. Please select lower sample rates.

not support multiple instances. Thus, simultaneous encoding to more than
one target using the IIS MP3 audio codec will fail. To avoid this
situation, use the DirectShow MP3 encoder that installs with ProCoder
instead. The included DirectShow MP3 encoder supports up to 8 simultaneous

* IMPORT OF SORENSON PRO ENCODED FILES: Files encoded by Sorenson Pro with
the "Bidirectional Prediction" option enabled can not be imported
properly. If you need to use those files as sources for ProCoder, please
encode them with "Bidirectional Prediction" disabled.

application is trying to use the same output hardware, the TV output will
be unpredictable. For example, if two instances of the ProCoder 2
application are converting simultaneously and ProCoder 2 is set to use the
Canopus DVStorm or VideoGate for preview output, TV output may not display
properly. The same situation applies if a Canopus application tries to use
the DVStorm hardware while ProCoder 2 is performing a conversion and
previewing output using the DVStorm. Avoid running more than one
application that uses the same hardware.

Files encoded with the Picture Structure set to "Automatic" or "Always
Field Structure," while often providing increased compression efficiency,
may not properly decode in all MPEG-2 software or hardware players. Use
care when using automatic or field picture structures in MPEG-2 output.

* MPEG-2 3-2 PULLDOWN FLAG ENCODED FILES: Files encoded with the 3-2
Pulldown flag set may not properly decode in some MPEG-2 software or
hardware players. Use care when using the 3-2 pulldown flag in MPEG-2

* PREMIERE TIMELINE EXPORT PLUG-IN: Due to the way that Premiere handles
different video formats on the timeline, occasionally stuttering or errors
may occur when exporting. This happens most often when mixing various file
types (most notably, audio formats) from the timeline for export. We
suggest you use ProCoder to convert all these files to a similar format,
then assemble them to the timeline and export to avoid this situation.

* QUICKTIME COMPATIBILITY: ProCoder 2 was designed for and tested with
QuickTime 6.4, which is included on the installation CD. Installation of a
later version of QuickTime may provide additional options, however, if
issues are encountered, please revert back to the QuickTime version
included on the ProCoder 2 installation CD until an applicable update to
ProCoder 2 or QuickTime is made.

target using the QDesign audio codec, the last few seconds of audio in the
output file may be lost. To avoid this issue, choose a different audio
codec for QuickTime targets.

* THIRD-PARTY MPEG DECODERS: The DirectShow MPEG decoder included with
ProCoder 2 has a very low priority. Installation of another MPEG decoder
such as those included with most DVD playback software will override
ProCoder 2's default MPEG decoder for system MPEG playback.
This does not, however, affect MPEG import in ProCoder 2, which always
uses its DirectShow decoder. If you find that MPEG preview outside of
ProCoder 2 looks different, check for any newly-installed MPEG decoders
or use a hardware MPEG decoder to check your output.

* WINDOWS MEDIA MULTIPLE TARGETS: Due to the way that Windows Media
codecs prior to Windows Media 9 operate, simultaneous conversion to
multiple Windows Media outputs might result in some video artifacting.
This is typically seen as "pink or green" artifacts and discoloration of
the video after the first target file. The best way to avoid this issue
is to convert to one (1) Windows Media destination type at a time or to
use WindowsMedia 9 series codecs only.

* WINDOWS XP MEDIA CENTER FILE IMPORT (.dvr-ms files): Import of Windows
XP Media Center Edition files (.dvr-ms files) requires that the system
running ProCoder 2 is running Windows XP Professional or Home with the
lastest updates installed. Refer to Microsoft Knowledge Base article
810243 for further information on the requirements for playing .dvr-ms
The following link also provides more information about .dvr-ms files:

USB Key Installation
* The Aladdin USB Key (Dongle) that is supplied with your copy of
ProCoder 2 is effectively the "key" that allows you to run ProCoder 2.
Without this key installed in a USB slot on your machine, ProCoder 2 will
not run. The installer will install all necessary drivers needed to have
the USB work correctly on your system. The USB key should NOT be installed
when you first install ProCoder 2. If the key is in your system upon
installation of ProCoder 2 it could lead to an incorrect driver

You may leave the USB Dongle connected. Once installation has finished and
rebooted your PC, ProCoder 2 should start normally.
Due to the nature of the USB key and driver, it is still recommended that
the USB key NOT be physically inserted into a USB slot upon the initial
installation of ProCoder 2.

* When the Aladdin USB Key is installed correctly, it will appear under the
Universal Serial Bus Controllers Tab in the Device Manager as "Aladdin USB

* If you come across issues with the USB Key not working here are some
suggestions to rectify the issue:

-Install the latest drivers for your USB PCI card/Hub and ensure that it
is properly configured/working in/with your PC. Refer to its owners manual
for proper installation and configuration.

-The motherboard might have the USB bus disabled in either the system BIOS
or a jumper on the motherboard. Please verify that your USB Bus is
activated. You may also need to turn on the BIOS setting, "Enable IRQ for
USB." This information can be found in your motherboard User's Manual.

-Make sure you have the latest drivers and BIOS update for your
motherboard. These drivers DIRECTLY affect how the USB works on your
system, and can potentially be the source for your USB key not working

Changes from previous versions
v2.0 - Initial release.

v2.04 - Added support for Canopus HQ format output.
- Fixed issue when outputing files larger than 2GB.
- Fixed issue when converting to Windows Media files.
- Fixed issue when applying multiple audio filters.
- Fixed issue with field order in exported file.

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