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BigJ r9 3 rar

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Name:BigJ r9 3 rar

Total Size: 45.89 MB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-27 14:11:37

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BigJ_r9.3.rar (Size: 45.89 MB) (Files: 1)


45.89 MB


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-no need for ext.rom all customization builtin
-MMS requires you run the to enable
-remember to softreset after installing the registry cab

-no customizations, still need your ext.rom to run
-MMS requires you run the to enable
-remember to softreset after installing the registry cab
-MMS, vz users *MUST* enter their phone # at this key!!!
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Arcsoft\ArcSoft MMS UA\Config\mm1\WspHeader]


++++++++++++++++++++REVISION 9.3++++++++++++++
removed r9.2 and uploaded revision 9.3 Here are the changes

-working MMS for Sprint!
-resampled the custom audio in higher quality, resampled the default ring, changed some alarms around, and changed default.wav to suit the theme
-found smallmenu to cascade, i dont like it much, but its there & better than wisbar
-updated coreplayer to 081 w/ additional plugins to support more formats
-added wm6rdp OEM package from FIN (works awesome!)
-added LIVE Search (livesearch is freakin cool, thanks for the suggestion)
-added flashlight program per request (neat, but be careful to not burnout the LED I removed the "always on" option)
-removed IA_Zip program as winrar is superior
-added SoftKey control panel applet (change your left & right softkeys via a gui in the settings!
-Put Galaga in Games to complete namco collection
-got rid of almost all the help files
-updated the GETMMSvideo dll file for the camera to work better with the newer version of ArcSoft MMS

NOTES:: from this revision
MMS really does *NOT* want to be an OEM package, this im sure of. Instead of building a proper OEM, I built one that is missing the .rgu Registry file, and instead offloaded all the registry changes that are made to a CAB file that needs to be installed after you bootup. (will need to soft reset). This is not a compromise I wanted to make, but it works now 100% of the time, it eliminates the conflicts that were arising with the threading SMS application I use, and it correctly builds the outlook-mms inbox. I am hoping now, with a little help, to get a working OEM package that includes and .rgu file but well see... im pretty sick of flashing my phone right now. I estimate that unless there are HUGE issues, r9.4 will be once the new kitchen is posted up. I had two responses of a lockup, one guy found that the caching is what is eating the program memory, and he lowered it and it resolved the problem. I have not had that problem with my device, so if you do, you may want to turn the caching down just a hair. Also if your device is slowing down, run the "ReclaimRAM" program as it really helps clear up unused memory. I want to thank those of you responding here in the thread, and helping me out with issues, and making good suggestions on things we can do to make this a better ROM.

-rebuild r9.4 once the new kitchen is released
-find a way to fully integrate MMS as an oem without the need for a cab to make registry entries and build the outlook-mms inbox

++++++++++++++++++++REVISION 9.2++++++++++++++
removed r9.1 and uploaded revision 9.2 Here are the changes

-MS Voice Command *FINALLY* fully functional, now routes through BT headsets just fine! (thanks Slypher)
-Added in BTAudio so you can route all audio (music etc.) to your BT Headset
-Added in screenshot application (ScreenCAP)
-Fixed DeviceLock REG setting (thanks Slypher)
-Added "Alarm6.wav" for a big wakeyourassup for the alarmclock program
-MMS *STILL* an issue on SPRINT, (researching)

NOTES:: from this revision

The MS Voicecommand fix.... Slypher pointed me to the registry entry that was screwing the whole thing up. The funny thing is.... that reg entry is CORRECT in the OEM .rgu registry file... what I did not realize, is that the OS entry for cyberon VC is placed *AFTER* the OEM folders are all built to ROM, so the old cyberon entry was being written into the entry where MSVC needed to be. You see since cyberon is built into the original AKU, the OS builds itself to have its registry entries. The file/folder you delete is the file that captures the cberon VC audio and routes it, since MSVC uses a different route, the DLL cant handle the request and fubars. SOOOOOOO....... in your kitchen....(and yes ill upload a new MSVC OEM)... delete the \btagext.dll\ folder from \OEM\Serial_BTUR.dll\ once that is deleted, make a copy of vcbthag.dll from the MSVC directory and name it btagext.dll thats it, now your MSVC dll file named btagext.dll will get written in where the cyberon one was, and will now route audio properly through MSVC!!!! Have fun all you kitchen builders! and enjoy yet another update to this schweeet ROM

[x]-resample the custom audio in higher quality (got the originals back, yay)
[x]-find a way to cascade the start menu w/out Wisbar (trouble finding just that)
-Get an actual working stupid MMS package for SPRINT users
[x]-get ahold of an MMS OEM for Verizon users and if track down someone who can make a VerizonEXTROM OEM like we have for sprint
-pray there are no more showstopping issues, thanks guys for beating my rom to helll, weve just about squeezed all the big showstopping issues at this point and can work on fine-tuning and stability from here out!
[x]-update coreplayer to 081 w/ additional plugins to support more formats
[x]-add wm6rdp (no problem there)
[x]-add LIVE Search
[x]-debate adding flashlight program (dangerous... most likely not) (done but removed ALWAYS ON shortcut)
[x]-remove IA_Zip program as winrar is superior
[x]-added SoftKey control panel applet (change your left & right softkeys via a gui in the settings!
[x]-Put Galaga in Games to complete namco collection
[x]-enabled carrierlogo.gif reg entry to allow you to customize your dialpad!

++++++++++++++++++++REVISION 9.1++++++++++++++
removed r9 and uploaded revision 9.1 Here are the changes

*Hopefully* resolved MMS Picturemail issues (i sent two, they both worked)
Fixed shortcut placement in programs (added wmodem & wisbar)
Fixed dialpad skin to not have graphic covered by talk time when you have a picture ID set to that number
Fixed pegcard.dll file (had incorrect solitaire graphic dll module in my kitchen ><)
Updated alarm 1-5 to more suit the theme (1-4 are mario 5 is CTU)
Updated default ringer to be more clear (increased wav from 11000 to 16000 from the original sample)
Cleaned up & removed most help files and duplicate shortcuts in /windows/

NOTES:: from this revision

found that CREATEOS chokes on initflashfiles after a certain amount, to resolve, I built ONE HUGE initflashfiles.txt and put it in the OEM folder under Z_Reg_Tweaks (the one i use to write all the registry changes after all the OEM packages are built to avoid reg conflicts) By doing this, I have had zero issues with shortcuts randomly not showing up on different builds of the ROM. And... for those of you following how to build a kitchen... make sure your initflashfiles & rgu files all have a HARD RETURN at the bottom (a blank line after your last line of txt) or it wont compile properly everytime in CREATEOS. I have also decided to build a version of this ROM that is not customized out of the box for SPRINT as our community here is not exclusive to SPRINT. I do NOT have access to a verizon phone however, so I will need you VZ people to give me feedback to ensure the same stability and functionality as the SPRINT one. Im glad to see this evolve into something that a large majority of you enjoy. Thanks!

++++++++++++++++++++REVISION 9+++++++++++++++
removed r8 and uploaded revision 9.. here are the changes

removed star power sound on volume control
removed dominoes game to make room for microsoft voice cmd
updated phone dialpad skin to suit the mario theme
added microsoft voice command w/ working BT & button #5
removed .NET1 as much as i could and used kitchen netcf2 after doing research on .NET1

This is revision 9 of my üb3r AKU 3.5 ROM ++++ NOW WITH 100% MORE MUSHROOM ++++

It is based on kitchen pre-release 2 (the latest as of this time)

This is my MARIO revision, The phone has been fully themed to super mario brothers. If you have *ANY* issues with it please post here and I will resolve them as quickly as I can.

Included in this ROM

-LIVEsearch (great mobile alternative for movie times, traffic, etc.)
-softkey control panel applet (allows you to mod your right & left softkeys w/ a gui interface... find under settings)
-smallmenu (allows cascading menus, its task manager sux)
-WM6 RDP client
-VJCandela "flashlight" program
-Galaga from namco arcade classics
-ScreenCapture Program (screencap from wideawake)
-BTaudio (allows you to route ALL phone audio through your BT headset, music etc.)
-Microsoft Voice Command (cyberon is just..... lacking)
-Full .NET2 (I know its controversial but youll never need to worry)
-Calendar+ (awesome hook for the calendar that allows massive calendar configuration)
-Updated Clear TEMP w/ both shortcuts (has a quickclear shortcut that is awesome)
-Core Pocket Player TCPMP 72rc1 (best media player, i cant get the retail one to play streaming asx so...)
-Cribbage Game (old school card game, retail)
-Updated Devicelock feature (configure under settings)
-DigDug Game (namco arcade classics, retail)
-Dominoes Game (realdice dominoes game, retail) **REMOVED in r9**
-Flash7 (direct from adobeflash for pocketpc)
-Frogger Game (actually frog, 6 zero's to activate, freeware)
-GSalarmClock (best alarmclock I've used, free)
-Tetris Game (actually kevtris, freeware)
-LVM Time (one line time/date on today screen)
-Memmaid (great manager, the reclaimRAM option is dope, retail)
-MMS (pre-configured for SPRINT)
-MsPacMan (namco arcade classics, retail)
-Resco File Explorer (best file explorer in life, includes reg & ftp plugins)
-ExtendedROM unlock (unlocks the extendedROM on boot, awesome!)
-Texas Holdem (Realdice texas holdem, fun poker game, retail)
-Winrar (Pocket WinRAR, dont leave home without it)
-Wisbarlite (included for others, i personally think its garbage)
-Batti (since I dont use wisbar, gots to have the batti)
-Handyswitcher (Wisbar... eat your heart out, this task manager rox the sox)
-WM5Storage (uh, cool)
-XCPUScalar (Great/stable overclocking tool)
-Yhatzee (kills time, fun, retail)
-Updated Solitaire Graphics (noice)
-Added a few more themes (just for fun, people like choices)
-Mix of crossbow, my own, & older aku sounds (changed some alarm sounds & others)
-Default windows ring (Mario...)
-Sprint Extended ROM (fully working SPRINT customization, iota blah blah)


-MSN (seriously... thank god!)
-Cyberon (Microsoft Voice Command is uber)
-clearstorage (learn how to hard reset your phone like a man!)
-IA_Zip (winrar handles zip much better)


-Stopped LED from flashing
-Increase & enable all file caching on the system
-Glyphcache to 16384
-FatFS to 4096
-Removed all icons from the tray
-Put the clock in the top bar
-Set Cleartype quality to 2
-Disabled menu animation
-Disabled Window animation
-Set KeyLock to 1
-Changed Battery "poll" to 1388
-Set word prediction to 0
-Increase Max Vision connections to 30
-Set phone to auto-sync time from the network
-Disabled Flight Mode
-Disabled volume up/down sounds
-Pocket IE set to "MakeFit" to stop sidescrolling
-Set MS VC attenuation to 1 and initvol to 3
-Set Camera framerate to value 13
-Disabled builtin date/time in favor of loading lvmtime
-Put in custom revision # for AKU setting

My Comments
-I have absolutely no problems with this setup. Myself & others are struggling to include MS VOICE & PHONEALARM, so once we figure these out expect another release. I also plan on finishing my custom phone dialpad to suit my mario theme so stay tuned for that as well. Unfortunately I cant take requests, this rom was built for my fellow Sprint employees and all of my friends. We have tested now 8 revisions of this rom and find it to suite all of our needs. I know the spb suite things are fairly popular, but to be honest, everyone I know has 3-4 things only on their today screen and hate "junk" if you will. (BT audio route, phonealarm, lvmtime, calendar+) So we opted to not even include the OEM packages. I will be documenting my OEM packages on the FTP sometime in the next few weeks, now that things have settled down, and we have a stable kitchen.

I have had an exceedingly difficult time with the instructions available on the forums, and tearing through countless hours of thread reading.... it has been decided that once the final kitchen is released I will be writing a step by step guide, with fully illustrated pictures on how to build your own ROM from the kitchen. I will also include my HUGE list of spit not to do... seriously, this is going to be important... like adding more ringtones, or overwriting the existing ones with your own.... will get you a white screen on boot... stupid spit like that. My struggles with getting the registry to do what I wanted, why some programs just plain wont work as OEM (like the i will also be including shortcuts you can use to ensure that when a new kitchen comes out, all you need to do is open a .bat file and ALL your changes will carry over to the new kitchen.

I wondered so much why other ROM authors dont include a lot of these things, and after spending (no spit like 3 weeks) building up a stable, working, ROM... i completely understand why... it takes SOOOOOOO MUCH TIME!!! and when you are in the groove and getting your ROM up and running, you dont take time to note the changes you made, and the steps you took, and especially documenting the mistakes you made along the way. I cant thank enough people for the support Ive gotten from the community to see this through, to finally have a phone the way **I** want it. And now.... now that my kitchen is baking ROMs the way I want, to be able to customize each and every single persons ROM that I come across that wants it, fully suited to their needs in the case of a hard reset. PPCGeeks is the best support community I have ever seen, and if there is anything more that I can contribute, believe me I will.

Please enjoy my release, I hope it to be of the same calibur as the others that have posted completed ROM projects.
-Thank YOU!

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