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FICO SAP Config Pack

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FICO SAP Config Pack

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Name:FICO SAP Config Pack

Total Size: 688.68 MB

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1.Cost Center Accounting (Size: 688.68 MB) (Files: 453)

 1.Cost Center Accounting


   CO config.pdf

1.24 MB


   Cost Center Accounting

    Actual Postings

     KB11N Manual Reposting of Cost-

      r_KB11N Manual Reposting of Cost_CTR_ORD-.doc

361.00 KB

      r_KB11N Manual Reposting of Costs _CTR_CTR-.doc

361.00 KB

      ~$KB11N Manual Reposting of Costs _CTR_CTR.doc

0.16 KB

     KB14N Reverse Manual Repsotings of Primary Costs

      r_KB14N Reverse Manual Repostings of Costs-.doc

348.50 KB

     KB15N Manual Cost Allocation

      r_KB15N Manual Cost Allocation.doc

544.50 KB

     KB51 Enter Activities

      r_KB51 Enter Sender Activities on cost center-.doc

378.00 KB

     KB61 Line Item Repostings

      r_KB61 Cost Reposting_ Line Item (CCA)-.doc

539.50 KB

     KB64 Reverse Reposted Line Items

      r_KB64 Reversal Of Cost Reposted Line Item (CCA)-.doc

372.50 KB

     KB65 Enter Reposting of Indirect Activity Allocation

      r_KB65 Enter a reposting of IAA-.doc

1.89 MB

     KB66 Display Reposting Indirect Activity Allocation

      r_KB66 Display the reposting document of IAA-.doc

435.00 KB

     KB67 Reverse Reposting Indirect Activity Allocation

      r_KB67 Reverse a reposting of IAA-.doc

445.50 KB

    Cost Center Planning

     KP06 Primary Cost Planning on Cost Centers

      r_KP06 Primary Cost Planning-.doc

440.00 KB

     KP26 Plan Activity Output on Cost Center

      r_KP26 Plan Activity Output on Cost Center - Cycle 2.doc

467.50 KB

      r_KP26 Plan Activity Output on Cost Center.doc

386.50 KB

      ~$KP26 Plan Activity Output on Cost Center - Cycle 2.doc

0.16 KB

      ~$KP26 Plan Activity Output on Cost Center.doc

0.16 KB

     KP97 CCA Copy Plan to Plan

      r_KP97 CCA Copy Plan to Plan-.doc

355.00 KB

     KP98 CCA Copy Actual to Plan

      r_KP98 CCA Copy Atual to Plan.doc

340.00 KB

     KPHR Transfer from HR Personnel Cost Planning

      r_KPHR Transfer of HR planning costs from HR.doc

1.51 MB

     KPSI Plan Reconciliation of Internal Activities

      r_KPSI Plan Reconciliation of Internal Activities-.doc

488.50 KB

     KSBT Activity Type Price on Cost Center

      r_KSBT Activity Type Price on Cost Center.doc

979.00 KB

     KSCB Execute Plan Indirect Activity Allocation

      r_KSCB Execute Plan Indirect Activity Allocation.doc

605.00 KB

     KSPI Execute Plan Price Calculation

      r_KSPI Execute Planned price calculation for activity types.doc

290.00 KB

     KSPP Planned Activity Requirements from PP

      r_KSPP Planned Activity Requirements from PP.doc

464.00 KB

     KSPU Planning Revaluation

      r_KSPU Execute Planning Revaluation .doc

304.50 KB

     KSS4 Execute Plan Cost Splitting

      r_KSS4 Execute Plan Cost splitting.doc

433.00 KB

     KSUB Execute Plan Cost Assessment

      r_KSUB Execute Plan Cost Assessment.doc

239.50 KB

     KSVB Execute Plan Costs Distribution

      r_KSVB Execute Plan Costs Distribution.doc

366.00 KB

      ~$KSVB Execute Plan Costs Distribution.doc

0.16 KB

     OKP1 Change Period Lock

      r_OKP1 Period Lock - Unlock - Actuals.doc

238.50 KB

      ~$OKP1 Period Lock - Unlock - Actuals.doc

0.16 KB

     S_ALR_8709918 Primary Cost Planning Depreciation

      r_S_ALR_87099918 Cost Planning - Depreciation.doc

272.00 KB

    Master Data Activity Type

     KL01 Create Activity Type

      r_KL01 Create Activity Type.doc

391.00 KB

     KL02 Change Activity Type

      r_KL02 Change Activity Type.doc

290.50 KB

     KL03 Display Activity Type

      r_KL03 Display Activity Type.doc

210.00 KB

     KL04 Delete Activity Type

      r_KL04 Delete Activity Type.doc

378.50 KB

     KL05 Display Changes to Activity Type

      r_KL05 Display Changes to Activity Type.doc

473.50 KB

     KLH1 Create Activity Type Group

      r_KLH1 Create Activity Type Group.doc

260.50 KB

     KLH2 Change Activity Type Group

      r_KLH2 Change Activity Type Group.doc

465.50 KB

     KLH3 Display Activity Type Group

      r_KLH3 Display Activity Type Group.doc

203.00 KB

    Master Data Cost Center

     KS01 Create Cost Center

      r_KS01 Create Cost Center.doc

318.50 KB

     KS02 Change Cost Center

      r_KS02 Change Cost Center.doc

459.50 KB


0.94 KB


   Cost center.ppt

714.50 KB

 10.Resume Builder


203.77 KB

  Resume Builder.pdf

348.20 KB


56.00 KB


81.00 KB


67.50 KB


38.00 KB


1.20 MB

 11.Networking Audio

  Be the Next SAP Czar-Network with the Best.wav

312.49 MB

 2.Product Costing & Material Ledger


   CKM3 Material Price Analysis.doc

12.25 MB

   CKMLCP Actual costing run.doc

3.94 MB

   CKMM Change Material price determination.doc

387.00 KB

   S_ALR_87013180 Listing of Materials by Period Status.doc

313.50 KB

   S_ALR_87013181 Material Ledger Data Over Several Periods.doc

1.49 MB

   S_ALR_87013182 Transaction History for a Material.doc

801.50 KB

   S_P99_41000062 Mat. List Prices and Inventory.doc

506.50 KB


   C088 Settlement prod cost collector collective.doc

1.70 MB

   CK11N Create Material cost estimate.doc

693.00 KB

   CK13N Display Material Cost Estimate.doc

489.50 KB

   CK24 Mark Future Price.doc

272.00 KB

   CK24 Release Price Update.doc

260.50 KB

   CK40N Edit Costing Run.doc

2.55 MB

   CK44 Delete Costing run.doc

264.50 KB

   CKAPP01 Display materials to be costed.doc

195.50 KB

   CKAPP03 Display sales order to be costed.doc

98.00 KB

   CKR1 Reorganization of cost estimate.doc

274.50 KB

   CO03 Display PP Production order.doc

3.24 MB

   CO88 Settlement prodn order collective.doc

309.00 KB

   KK87 Settlement of Prod. Cost Coll - Individual.doc

410.00 KB

   KKAO Calculate WIP for PCC Coll.doc

2.95 MB

   KKAO Calculate WIP prodn order collective.doc

172.50 KB

   KKAQ Display WIP for CO Production Order Coll..doc

165.50 KB

   KKAS Calculate WIP for PCC - Individual.doc

2.44 MB

   KKAT Display WIP for Product Cost - Collective.doc

1.47 MB

   KKAX Calculate WIP Individually.doc

197.00 KB

   KKAY Display WIP for Prod. Order - Individual.doc

269.00 KB

   KKRV Data Collection for Product DrillDown.doc

1.14 MB

   KKS1 Variance Calculation Production Order - Collective.doc

1.57 MB

   KKS2 Variance calculation production order.doc

344.50 KB

   KKS5 Variance Calculation Product Cost Collectors - Collecti.doc

1.80 MB

   KKS6 Variance calculation product cost collector.doc

1.47 MB

   KO88 Actual Settlement Prod. Order Indiv..doc

317.50 KB

   KRMI Actual costs on order line items.doc

1.44 MB

   S_ALR_87013046 Material Cost Estimate vs Preliminary Order C.doc

1.50 MB

   S_ALR_87013099 Order Plan_Actual Comparison.doc

401.50 KB

   S_ALR_87013127 List of Orders.doc

654.50 KB

   S_ALR_87099931 Price versus Cost estimate.doc

419.50 KB


25.00 KB



548.92 KB


1.12 KB


   ProductCosting Material Ledger.ppt

6.11 MB

  Product Cost Material Ledger

   Period End Closing

    CKM3 Material Price Analysis

     r_CKM3 Material Price Analysis ML.doc

1.80 MB

    CKMLCP Edit Costing Run

     r_CKMLCP Actual Costing Run ML.doc

3.90 MB

    CKMM Change Mat Price Determination

     r_CKMM Change Material Price Determination ML.doc

543.50 KB

    S_ALR_87013180 Materials by Period Status

     r_S_ALR_87013180 Listing of Materials by Period Status.doc

460.50 KB

    S_ALR_87013181 ML Data Over Several Periods

     r_S_ALR_87013181 Material Ledger Data Over Several Periods.doc

374.00 KB

    S_ALR_87013182 Transaction History for a Materials

     r_S_ALR_87013182 Transaction History for a Material.doc

1.08 MB

    S_P99_41000062 Mat List & Prices & Inventory

     r_S_P99_41000062 Mat. List Prices and Inventory.doc

663.00 KB



2.48 MB


4.90 MB


   r_ CKAPP03_01 Display Sales Order Items to be Costed.doc

191.50 KB

   r_CK11N Create Material Cost Estimate.doc

999.50 KB

   r_CK13N Display Material Cost Estimate.doc

751.00 KB

   r_CK24 Mark Future Price.doc

435.50 KB

   r_CK24 Release Price Update.doc

434.00 KB

   r_CK33 Comparison of Itemizations.doc

391.50 KB

   r_CK40N Edit Costing Run.doc

2.76 MB

   r_CK44 Delete Costing Run.doc

366.00 KB

   r_CK80_99 Material - Cost Components.doc

1.72 MB

   r_CK84_99 Material by Cost Element and Itemization.doc

2.03 MB

   r_CK86_99 Costed Multilevel BOM .doc

375.00 KB

   r_CK91N Edit Procurement Alternatives.doc

0.99 MB

   r_CK94 Create Change Mixing Ratios.doc

328.00 KB

   r_CK95 Display Mixing Ratios.doc

266.00 KB

   r_CKAPP01 Display materials to be costed.doc

296.50 KB

   r_CKR1 Reorganization of Cost Estimates.doc

433.00 KB

   r_CO03_01 Display PP Production order.doc

737.50 KB

   r_CO88 Actual Settlement CO Production Order Coll..doc

633.00 KB

   r_CO88 Settlement of Product Cost Collectors - Collective .doc

840.50 KB

   r_COR2 Change Process Order.doc

594.00 KB

   r_KB21N Enter direct activity allocation.doc

439.50 KB

   r_KB23N Display a direct activity allocation document.doc

396.50 KB

   r_KB24N Reverse a direct activity allocation document.doc

472.00 KB

   r_KK87 Settlement of Prod. Cost Coll. - Individual.doc

795.00 KB

   r_KKAO Calculate WIP for CO Production Order Coll..doc

376.50 KB

   r_KKAO Calculate WIP for PCC Coll..doc

714.00 KB

   r_KKAQ Display WIP for PCC.doc

551.00 KB

   r_KKAQ Display WIP for CO Production Order Coll..doc

312.50 KB

   r_KKAS Calculate WIP for PCC - Individual.doc

552.50 KB

   r_KKAT Display WIP for Product Cost - Collective.doc

546.00 KB

   r_KKAX Calculate WIP for CO Order - Individual Processing.doc

511.50 KB

   r_KKAX_01 Calculate WIP Individually.doc

291.50 KB

   r_KKAY Display WIP for CO Prod. Order - Individual.doc

378.00 KB

   r_KKAY_01 Display WIP Individually.doc

236.50 KB

   r_KKBC_HOE Product Cost Analysis_Summarization Hierarchy.doc

885.50 KB

   r_KKBC_PKO Analyze Product Cost Collector.doc

497.50 KB

   r_KKF1 Create CO Production Order for Planning.doc

336.00 KB

   r_KKF1 Create CO Production Order.doc

547.50 KB

   r_KKF2 Change CO Production Order for Planning.doc

298.50 KB

   r_KKF2 Change _ Release CO Production Order.doc

387.50 KB

   r_KKF3 Display CO Production Order for Planning.doc

292.00 KB

   r_KKF3 Display CO Production Order.doc

546.00 KB

   r_KKF4 Create_Change CO Production Order Planning.doc

712.50 KB

   r_KKF5 Display CO Production Order Planning.doc

542.50 KB

   r_KKF6N Edit Product Cost Collector.doc

977.00 KB

   r_KKPAN Create Material Cost Estimate wo Qty Structure.doc

630.00 KB

   r_KKPBN Change Material Cost Estimate wo Qty Structure.doc

782.50 KB

   r_KKPCN Display Material Cost Estimate wo Qty Structure.doc

847.50 KB

   r_KKRC Data Collection for Summarization Hierarchy.doc

675.50 KB

   r_KKRV Data Collection for Product DrillDown.doc

498.50 KB

   r_KKS1 Variance Calculation CO Production Order - Collective.doc

545.00 KB

   r_KKS2 Variance Calculation CO Production Order - Individual.doc

509.00 KB

   r_KKS5 Variance Calculation Product Cost Collectors - Collective.doc

812.00 KB

   r_KKS6 Variance Calculation_ Product Cost Collector.doc

525.00 KB

   r_KO88 Actual Settlement CO Prod. Order Indiv..doc

655.50 KB

   r_KRMI Actual Costs on Orders - Line Items.doc

1.63 MB

   r_MB1A Enter Goods Issue - CO Production Order.doc

791.50 KB

   r_MB31 Goods receipts for CO Production Order.doc

795.00 KB

   r_S_ALR_87013046 Material Cost Estimate vs Preliminary Order Cost Estimate.doc

393.50 KB

   r_S_ALR_87013047 Comparison of Two Cost Estimates by Cost Components.doc

464.50 KB

   r_S_ALR_87013048 Comparison of Cost Estimates by Cost Elements.doc

457.50 KB

   r_S_ALR_87013099 Order Plan_Actual Comparison.doc

597.50 KB

   r_S_ALR_87013127 List of Orders.doc

846.00 KB

   r_S_ALR_87013180 Listing of Materials by Period Status.doc

472.50 KB

   r_S_ALR_87013181 Material Ledger Data Over Several Periods.doc

384.00 KB

   r_S_ALR_87013182 Transaction History for a Material.doc

1.09 MB

   r_S_ALR_87099931 Price versus Cost estimate.doc

523.00 KB

   r_S_P99_41000062 Mat. List Prices and Inventory.doc

670.50 KB

   r_S_P99_41000111 Analyze & Compare Material Cost Estimates.doc

441.50 KB

 3.SAP Profitability Analysis

  CO PA PowerPoint.ppt

2.86 MB

  COPA Configuration.pdf

2.82 MB

  Master Data

   S_ALR_87005722 Maintain Plan Version.doc

1.97 MB


0.77 KB

  Period End Closing

   KEND Maintain Realignments.doc

2.19 MB


   KE13N Upload of COPA Offline Planning.doc

376.00 KB

   KE1E Transfer Planned Quantity from PA to SOP.doc

338.00 KB

   KE1V Transfer Plan Data from PA to PCA.doc

401.00 KB

   KE28 Top-Down Distribution.doc

2.03 MB

   KEPM Manual Sales Planning

    KEPM Copy Sales Plan.doc

4.83 MB

    KEPM Execution of Valuation Planning Method for Line Items.doc

549.50 KB

    KEPM Maintain Planning Level-Package-Set-Personalization.doc

5.14 MB

    KEPM Manual Profit Planning.doc

9.09 MB


   KE21S Simulate Valuation.doc

488.00 KB

   KE24 Line Item Display - Actual Data CO-PA.doc

1.40 MB

   KE25 Line Item Display - Plan Data CO-PA.doc

307.00 KB

   KE30 Execute profitability report.doc

1.03 MB

 4.SAP Profit Center


   PCA configuration.pdf

919.51 KB



    1KE4 List of Assigned PM, Production, Process Orders and Pro.doc

1.22 MB

   Master data

    KCH1 Create Profit Center Group.doc

152.50 KB

    KCH2 Change profit center group.doc

356.00 KB

    KCH3 Display Profit Center Group.doc

358.50 KB

    KCH5N Maintain Profit Center Hierarchy.doc

218.00 KB

    KCH6N Display Profit Center Hierarchy.doc

717.50 KB

    KE51 Create Profit Center.doc

311.00 KB

    KE53 Display Profit Center.doc

615.50 KB

   Period end closing

    1KEK Transferring Payables_Receivables to PCA.doc

317.00 KB

    2KES PCA Balance Carry Forward.doc

832.50 KB

    3KE5 Execute Actual Assessment PCA.doc

922.00 KB

    9KE0 Document Entry in PCA.doc

199.00 KB

    KE5Z Profit Center_ Actual Line Items.doc

370.50 KB


    3KEB Execute Plan Assessment PCA.doc

999.50 KB

    7KE1 Manual Profit Center Planning.doc

159.50 KB

    7KEV Copy Actual Costs to Plan.doc

787.50 KB

    7KEV Copy Plan From Previous Year.doc

784.50 KB

    7KEX Upload Plan From Excel.doc

140.00 KB

    KE5Y Profit Center_ Plan Line Items.doc

252.00 KB


0.51 KB



4.36 MB




1.34 MB


   Account Analysis

    FBL3N Account Line Item Analysis.doc

2.84 MB

   Account Clearing

    F-03 GL Manual Account Clearing.doc

473.00 KB

    F-04 GL Account clearing.doc

3.38 MB

    F.13 GL Account Automatic Clearing.doc

163.50 KB

    FBRA GL Reset Cleared Items.doc

1.46 MB

   Closing operations

    F.05 - Foreign Currency Valuation.doc

2.59 MB

    F.07 Carry Forward Receivables_Payables.doc

186.00 KB

    F.16 Balance carry forward of GL Accounts.doc

331.50 KB

    F.19 - GR_IR Regrouping.doc

1.78 MB

    KALC CO Reconciliation with FI.doc

4.82 MB

    MR11 GRIR Clearing Account Maintenance.doc

4.02 MB

    S_ALR_87003642 - Open and Close Posting Periods.doc

77.00 KB


    FB02 GL Document Change.doc

2.38 MB

    FB03 - GL Document Display.doc

515.00 KB

    FB08 Individual Document Reversal.doc

329.50 KB

    FB50 Posting GL Document.doc

1.46 MB

   Reference documents

    FBR2 Posting with Reference Document.doc

2.95 MB


    S_ALR_87012284 - Financial Statements & Trial Balance.doc

1.51 MB

    S_ALR_87012289 Compact Document Journal.doc

1.50 MB


0.66 KB



1.21 MB

 6.SAP AR & AP


   AP AR config.pdf

1.23 MB


   Accounts Payable

    Account Clearing

     F-42 Internal Transfer without Clearing

      r_F-42_Internal Transfer Posting without Clearing.doc

288.50 KB

     F-44 Manual Clearing

      r_F-44_Manual Clearing.doc

640.00 KB

      ~$F-44_Manual Clearing.doc

0.16 KB

     F-51 Internal Transfer with Clearing

      r_F-51_Internal Transfer Posting With Clearing.doc

290.50 KB

     F.13 Automatic Account Clearing

      r_F.13_Vendor Automatic Account Clearing.doc

357.00 KB

      ~$F.13_Vendor Automatic Account Clearing.doc

0.16 KB

    Bill of Exchange

     F-40 Bill of Exchange Payable

      r_F-40 Bill of Exchange - Payable .doc

741.00 KB

    Invoice Posting

     FB60 Post Invoice Receipt

      r_FB60 Zakat Retention One Way Matching.doc

1.17 MB

      ~$FB60 Zakat Retention One Way Matching.doc

0.16 KB

     FBV0 Post Parked Document

      r_FBV0_Post Parked Document.doc

247.00 KB

     FBV4 Change Parked Document

      r_FBV4_Change Vendor Parked Document.doc

495.50 KB

      ~$FBV4_Change Vendor Parked Document.doc

0.16 KB

     FBV5 Display Changes Parked Docs

      r_FBV5_Display changes of Vendor Parked Documents.doc

551.00 KB

     FV60 Park Incoming Invoices

      r_FV60_Park Incoming Invoice.doc

283.00 KB

      ~$FV60_Park Incoming Invoice.doc

0.16 KB

     FV65 Park Incoming Credit Memo

      r_FB65_Post Credit Memo.doc

285.00 KB

      r_FV65_Park Incoming Credit Memo.doc

477.00 KB

    Logistics Invoice Verification

     MIR4 Process Invoice Docs

      r_MIR4_Processing Invoice Documents.doc

574.50 KB

      ~$MIR4_Processing Invoice Documents.doc

0.16 KB

     MIR6 Invoice Overview

      r_MIR6_Invoice Overview.doc

1.03 MB

      ~$MIR6_Invoice Overview.doc

0.16 KB

     MIR7 Park an Invoice

      r_MIR7_Park an Invoice.doc

1.07 MB

      ~$MIR7_Park an Invoice.doc

0.16 KB

     MIRO Enter Vendor Invoice

      r_MIRO Credit Memo.doc

310.50 KB

      r_MIRO Planned Delivery Costs.doc

323.00 KB

      r_MIRO Subsequent Credit.doc

314.50 KB

      r_MIRO Subsequent Debit - LIV.doc

375.00 KB

      r_MIRO Subsequent Debit and Credit.doc

416.00 KB

      r_MIRO Unplanned Delivery Costs.doc

418.50 KB

      r_MIRO Zakat With Three Way Matching.doc

882.50 KB

      r_MIRO_Enter Vendor Invoice.doc

762.00 KB

      r_Two Way Matching Invoice Verification.doc

414.50 KB

     MR8M Cancel Invoice Document

      r_MR8M_Cancel Invoice Document.doc

305.50 KB

      ~$MR8M_Cancel Invoice Document.doc

0.16 KB

     MRBR Block and Release Invoice

      r_MRBR_Blockin and Releasing Vendor Invoice.doc

434.50 KB

      ~$MRBR_Blockin and Releasing Vendor Invoice.doc

0.16 KB

     MRKO Consignment and Pipeline Settlement

      r_MRKO Pipeline Settlement.doc

318.50 KB

      ~$MRKO Pipeline Settlement.doc

0.16 KB

     MRRL ERS with LIV

      r_MRRL Evaluated Receipt Settlement.doc

742.50 KB

    Master Data

     FK04 Display Vendor Master Changes

      r_FK04_Display Vendor Master Changes.doc

389.00 KB

     XK01 Create Vendor master

      r_XK01_Create Vendor Master.doc

486.50 KB

      ~$XK01_Create Vendor Master.doc

0.16 KB

     XK02 Change Vendor Master

      r_XK02_Change Vendor Master.doc

429.00 KB

     XK03 Display Vendor Centrally

      r_XK03_Display vendor centrally.doc

466.50 KB

     XK05 Block Vendor Master

      r_XK05_Block Vendor Master.doc

315.50 KB

      ~$XK05_Block Vendor Master.doc

0.16 KB

     XK06 Mark Vendor for Deletion

      r_XK06_Mark Vendor for Deletion.doc

319.00 KB

      ~$XK06_Mark Vendor for Deletion.doc

0.16 KB

     r_FK04_Display Vendor Master Changes.doc

389.00 KB

    Outgoing Payment

     F-47 Vendor Downpayment Request

      r_F-47_Vendor Down Payment Request.doc

416.50 KB

      ~$F-47_Vendor Down Payment Request.doc

0.16 KB

     F-48 Post Vendor Downpayment

      r_F-48_Vendor Down Payment.doc

420.00 KB

      ~$F-48_Vendor Down Payment.doc

0.16 KB

     F-53 Manual Outgoing Payment

      r_F-53_Manual Outgoing Payment.doc

566.00 KB

      ~$F-53_Manual Outgoing Payment.doc

0.16 KB

     F-54 Clear Vendor Downpayment

      r_F-54_Vendor Down Payment Clearing.doc

555.50 KB

      ~$F-54_Vendor Down Payment Clearing.doc

0.16 KB

     F-59 Outgoing Payment Request

      r_F-59_Outgoing Payment Request.doc

568.50 KB

     F110 Automatic In _Out Payment

      r_F110_Automatic Outgoing Payment.doc

901.50 KB

      ~$F110_Automatic Outgoing Payment.doc

0.16 KB

     FB60 Hold Vendor Document

      r_FB60_Hold Vendor Document.doc

366.00 KB

      r_FB60_Post Invoice Receipt.doc

224.50 KB

     FBL1N Release for Payment

      r_FBL1N_Release for payment.doc

773.50 KB

      r_FBL1N_Vendor Line Items.doc

631.00 KB


     F.40 Vendor Master Accounts List

      r_F.40_Vendor Master Accounts List.doc

448.50 KB

    Vendor Account Analysis

     F.45 Create Vendor Evaluation

      r_F.45 Vendor Evaluations - Create Evaluation.doc

417.50 KB

     F.46 Display Vendor Evaluation

      r_F.46 Vendor Evaluations - Display Evaluation.doc

332.50 KB

     FBL1N Vendor Line Items

      r_FBL1N Display all vendors having Zakat Retention Balances.doc

329.00 KB

     FK10N Vendor Account Balance

      r_FK10N_Vendor Account Balance.doc

665.00 KB

     OBAK Select Vendor Evaluation

      r_OBAK Vendor Evaluations - Select Evaluation.doc

241.50 KB

     OBAO Specify Data Volume for Vendor Evaluation

      r_OBAO Vendor Evaluations - Specify Data Volume.doc

520.50 KB

    Vendor Correspondence

     F.18 Vendor Balance Confirmation

      r_F.18_Vendor Balance Confirmation.doc

814.50 KB

      ~$F.18_Vendor Balance Confirmation.doc

0.16 KB

     F.61 Print Correspondence

      r_F.61_Print Vendor Correspondence Per Request.doc

667.00 KB

     F.63 Delete Requests

      r_F.63_Vendor Correspondence-Delete Requests.doc

375.00 KB

     F.64 Maintain Request

      r_F.64_Vendor Maintain Correspondence Request.doc

567.50 KB

     FB12 Vendor Correspondence Request

      r_FB12_Vendor Correspondence Request.doc

293.00 KB

   Accounts Receivable

    Account Clearing

     F-21 Internal Transfer without Clearing

      r_F-21_Internal Transfer Posting without Clearing.doc

515.00 KB

     F-22 Enter Customer Invoice

      r_F-22_Enter Customer Invoice_General Transaction.doc

591.00 KB

     F-32 Manual Clearing

      r_F-32_Manual Clearing.doc

519.50 KB

     F-39 Clear Customer Down payment

      r_F-39_Customer Down Payment Clearing.doc

557.00 KB

     F.13 Automatic Account Clearing

      r_F.13_Automatic Account Clearing.doc

450.00 KB

    Credit Management

     F.31 Credit Management Overview

      r_F.31 Credit Management Overview.doc

1.12 MB

     F.33 Brief Credit Overview

      r_F.33 Brief Credit Overview.doc

276.50 KB

     FCV3 Early Warning List

      r_FCV3 Early Warning List_x.doc

797.50 KB

     FD32 Credit Limit Maintenance

      r_FD32 Credit Limit Maintenance.doc

706.50 KB

     S_ALR_ 87012218 Credit Limit Maintenance

      r_S_ALR_87012218 Credit Master Sheet.doc

748.50 KB

     VF05 View Billing Document

      r_VF05 Billing Document View.doc

719.50 KB

     VKM1 Blocked Billing Document

      r_VKM1 Billing Document Blocked.doc

516.00 KB

    Customer Account Analysis

     FD10N Account Balance Display

      r_FD10N_Customer Account Balance Display.doc

572.50 KB

     FD11 Account Analysis

      r_FD11_Customer Account Analysis.doc

522.50 KB

    Customer Correspondence

     F.61 Print Correspondence

      r_F.61_Print Customer Correspondence Per Request.doc

672.50 KB

     F.63 Delete Requests

      r_F.63_Customer Correspondence-Delete Requests.doc

454.00 KB

     F.64 Maintain Request

      r_F.64_Customer-Maintain Correspondence Request.doc

648.50 KB

     F150 Dunning


1.16 MB

     FB12 Customer Correspondence Request

      r_FB12_Customer Correspondence Request.doc

369.50 KB

    Incoming Payment

     F-28 Manual Payment

      r_F-28_Manual Incoming Payment.doc

323.00 KB

      ~$F-28_Manual Incoming Payment.doc

0.16 KB

     F-29 Customer Down Payment

      r_F-29_Customer Down Payment.doc

468.00 KB

     F-30 Internal Transfer Posting without Clearing

      r_F-30_Internal Transfer Posting with Clearing.doc

843.00 KB

     F-36 Bill of Exchange Receivable

      r_F-36 Bill of Exchange - Receivable_x.doc

750.50 KB

     F-37 Customer Down Payment Request

      r_F-37_Customer Down Payment Request.doc

465.00 KB

     F-52 Post Incoming Payment

      r_F-52_Post Customer Incoming Payment.doc

472.00 KB

     FBE1 Incoming Payment Advice

      r_FBE1_Incoming Payment Advice.doc

592.50 KB

     FBL5N Line Item Display

      r_FBL5N_Customer Line Items Display.doc

725.50 KB

      r_FBL5N_Release for Payment.doc

784.50 KB

    Invoice Processing

     FB70 Enter Customer Invoice

      r_FB70_Enter Customer Invoice.doc

819.50 KB

      r_FB70_Held and Parked Customer Documents.doc

1.08 MB

      r_FB70_Post Invoice_Credit Memo for One-Time Customer.doc

545.50 KB

     FB75 Post Credit Memo

      r_FB75_Post Credit Memo.doc

522.50 KB

      ~$FB75_Post Credit Memo.doc

0.16 KB

     FBV0 Post Parked Document

      r_FBV0_Post Parked Customer Document.doc

586.00 KB

     FBV2 Change Parked Document

      r_FBV2_Change Parked Document.doc

468.50 KB

     FV70 Park Customer Invoice

      r_FV70_Park Customer Invoice.doc

322.50 KB

     FV75 Park Customer Credit Memo

      r_FV75_Park Customer Credit Memo.doc

312.00 KB


     F.29 Create Customer Evaluations

      r_F-29_Customer Down Payment.doc

468.00 KB

     OBAJ Select Customer Evaluations

      r_OBAJ_Customer Evaluation - Select Evaluations.doc

221.50 KB

     OBAN Customer Eval. Specify Data Volume

      r_OBAN_Customer Evaluation - Specify Data Volume.doc

772.00 KB

     S_ALR_87012167 Customer Evaluations

      r_S_ALR_87012167_Customer Evaluations.doc

700.00 KB

     S_ALR_87012168 Due Date Analysis

      r_S_ALR)87012168_Due Date Analysis.doc

482.00 KB


0.76 KB



3.18 MB


3.51 MB

 7. SAP Bank Accounting


   BanK config.pdf

772.75 KB


   Bank Accounting

    Cash Journal

     FBCJ Cash Journal Posting.doc

9.05 MB

    Check Processing

     FCH1 Display Check Information.doc

3.85 MB

     FCH2 Display For Payment Document.doc

1.71 MB

     FCH3 Void Checks.doc

2.69 MB

     FCH5 Create Manual Checks.doc

1.62 MB

     FCH7 Reprint Check.doc

1.40 MB

     FCH8 Reverse Check Payment.doc

1.35 MB

     FCHN Check Register.doc

1.38 MB

     FCHT Assignment to Payment.doc

1.17 MB

    Incoming Payment

     FF68 Manual Check Deposit.doc

5.17 MB

     FF_5 Import Electronic Bank Statement.doc

2.94 MB

    Master Data

     FI01 Bank Master Record.doc

127.00 KB

     FI03 Bank Master Data - Display Bank.doc

208.50 KB

    Outgoing Payment

     F110 Automatic Payments - Create SWIFT file MT100 format.doc

7.73 MB

     F110 Payment run _check_.doc

2.41 MB


0.76 KB



1.04 MB

 8.SAP Asset Accounting

  Asset Accounting


    ABGF Credit Memo in Next Year

     r_ABGF Asset Acquisition - Credit Memo Next Year.doc

452.00 KB

    ABGL Credit Memo in Current Year

     r_ABGL Asset Acquisition-Credit Memo in Current Year.doc

452.50 KB

    ABZON Acquisition with Automatic Offsetting Entry

     r_ABZON Acquisition with automatic offsetting entry.doc

732.00 KB

    F-47 Down Payment Request

     r_F-47 Down Payment Request for Assets.doc

470.00 KB

    F-48 Create Down Payment

     r_F-48 Create Downpayment for Assets.doc

486.00 KB

    F-90 Acquisition with Vendor

     r_F-90 Asset Acquisition with Vendor.doc

561.50 KB

     r_F-90 External Acquisition with vendor.doc

565.00 KB

    F-91 Clearing Offsetting Entry

     r_F-91 Asset Acqusition Clearing Offsetting Entry.doc

606.50 KB

    F.14 Post Recurring Entries

     r_F.14 Post Recurring Entries.doc

752.50 KB

    FBD1 Enter Recurring Entry

     r_FBD1 Create Recurring Document for operating Lease.doc

748.50 KB

   Master data

    AR31 Edit Worklist

     r_AR01 AR31 Mass Change Asset Master Records.doc

742.00 KB

    AS01 Create Asset

     r_AS01 Create Asset master Record.doc

976.00 KB

     r_AS01 Create Capital Lease.doc

886.00 KB

     r_AS01 Create Operating Lease asset.doc

995.00 KB

    AS02 Change Asset

     r_AS02_03 Change Asset for Asset Shutdown.doc

325.50 KB

     r_AS02_04 Change of asset - adding scrap value.doc

241.50 KB

     r_AS02_1 Change Asset master Record.doc

590.00 KB

     r_AS02_2 Assign Asset Master record to Group Asset master record.doc

536.50 KB

    AS03 Display Asset

     r_AS03_1 Display Asset Master.doc

762.50 KB

     r_AS03_2 Opening posting for Capital lease.doc

674.00 KB

    AS05 Lock

     r_AS05 Lock Asset Master Record.doc

366.00 KB

    AS06 Delete

     r_AS06 Delete Asset Master Record.doc

374.50 KB

    AS11 Create Sub Number

     r_AS11 Create Asset Sub-Number.doc

514.50 KB

    AS21 Create Group Asset

     r_AS21 Create Group Asset Master Record.doc

451.50 KB

    AS24 Create Group Asset Sub Number

     r_AS24 Create Group Asset Sub-Number.doc

389.00 KB

    AW01N Asset Explorer

     r_AW01N Asset Explorer.doc

676.50 KB

   Period End Closing

    ABAA Unplanned Depreciation

     r_ABAA Unplanned Depreciation.doc

605.00 KB

    AFAB Depreciation Run Execution

     r_AFAB Depreciation Run Execution.doc

882.50 KB

    AFAR Recalculation of Depreciation

     r_AFAR Recalculation of Depreciation.doc

792.00 KB


    S_ALR_87011964 Asset Balances

     r_S_ALR_87011994 Asset Balances Report.doc

500.00 KB

    S_ALR_87011979 Physical Inventory List

     r_S_ALR_8701979 Physical Inventory List.doc

411.00 KB

    S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet

     r_S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet.doc

321.50 KB

    S_ALR_87012004 Total Depreciation

     r_S_ALR_87012004 Total Depreciation Report.doc

218.50 KB

    S_ALR_87012039 Asset Transactions

     r_S_ALR_8702039 Asset Transactions.doc

317.00 KB

    S_ALR_87012050 Asset Acquisition List

     r_S_ALR_87012050 Asset Aquisitions List.doc

324.00 KB

    S_ALR_87012052 Asset Retirements

     r_S_ALR_87012052 Asset Retirements .doc

319.50 KB

    S_ALR_87012936 Depreciation Simulation Forecast

     r_S_ALR_87012936 Depreciation Simulation _ Forecast.doc

384.00 KB

    S_ALR_87099918 Primary Cost Planning

     r_S_ALR_87099918 Primary Cost Planning.doc

334.00 KB


    ABAVN Retirement by Scrapping

     r_ABAVN Asset Retirement By Scrapping.doc

355.00 KB

    AR31 Mass Retirement

     r_AR31 Mass Asset Retirement.doc

646.50 KB

    F-92 Retirement with Customer

     r_ F-92 Asset Retirement With Customer.doc

599.00 KB


    AB02 Change Asset Document

     r_AB02 Change Asset Document.doc

885.50 KB

    AB08 Reverse Asset Document

     r_AB08 Reverse Asset Document.doc

557.50 KB

    ABAON Sale without Customer

     r_ABAON Asset Sale Without Customer _Manual Value_.doc

328.00 KB

     r_ABAON Asset Sale Without Customer _Net-book Value_.doc

347.50 KB

    ABSO Miscellaneous

     r_ABSO Miscellaneous Transactions.doc

481.50 KB

    ABUMN Transfer within Company Code

     r_ABUMN Asset Transfer Within Company Code.doc

613.50 KB

    ABZU Create Write Up

     r_ABZU Create Write-Up.doc

546.00 KB

    AIAB AUC Settlement with Line Items

     r_AIAB AUC Settlement with line items.doc

584.50 KB

    AIBU AUC Settlement

     r_AIBU AUC Settlement.doc

286.50 KB

    AIST Reverse Settlement of of AUC

     r_AIST Reverse Settlement of AUC.doc

437.50 KB

   Year End Closing

    ABST2 Preparation

     r_ABST2 Preperation for Year-End Closing - Account Reconcilation.doc

874.50 KB

    AJAB Asset Year End Closing

     r_AJAB Asset Year- End Closing.doc

730.00 KB

    AJRW Asset Fiscal Year Change

     r_AJRW Asset Fiscal Year Change.doc

805.00 KB


   FI Asset config.pdf

1.19 MB


   Asset Accounting


     F-90 Asset Acquisition with Vendor.doc

1.58 MB

    Master data

     AS01 Create Asset master Record.doc

692.00 KB

     AS02 Change Asset master Record.doc

363.50 KB

     AS03 Display Asset Master.doc

3.16 MB

     AS11 Create Asset Sub-Number.doc

366.50 KB

    Period End Closing

     AFAB Depreciation Run Execution.doc

670.00 KB


     S_ALR_87011990 Asset History Sheet.doc

172.00 KB

     S_ALR_87011994 Asset Balances Report.doc

349.50 KB

     S_ALR_87012050 Asset Aquisitions List.doc

166.00 KB

     S_ALR_87012052 Asset Retirements.doc

167.50 KB


     ABAVN Asset Retirement By Scrapping.doc

1.42 MB

     F-92 Asset Retirement With Customer.doc

4.21 MB


     ABAON Asset Sale Without Customer Manual Value.doc

1.43 MB

     AIAB AUC Settlement with line items.doc

401.00 KB

     AIBU AUC Settlement.doc

164.00 KB

     AIST Reverse Settlement of AUC.doc

256.00 KB

    Year End Closing

     ABST2 Preperation for Year-End Closing - Account Reconcilati.doc

639.50 KB

     AJAB Asset Year- End Closing.doc

538.00 KB

     AJRW Asset Fiscal Year Change.doc

639.50 KB


0.73 KB


   Fixed Assets.ppt

1.66 MB

 9.FI CO Q&A


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