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Spells of Gold---love from skully
English Beta-version
(ñ)2002 "Jonquil Software". (c) 2002 "Buka Entertainment" ( All rights reserved.

Please read this file before starting the game. The file contains the most up-to-date information about the game.

Table of Contents

-General Rules
-Key Combination in the Hotels
-Key Combination in the Temples


Spells of Gold is a trading game, first and foremost. Don't be too distracted by the combat elements - the meat of the game is in the buying and selling. It's about profit and loss, not blood and guts.

You start with a limited amount of money, but don't blow it all at once. Some trade goods go off quite fast - food stuffs for example - so the last thing you want to do is to buy goods that go off and can't be sold at a profit at the next town you go to. It's worth getting the hang of prices before committing all your cash.

Several characters in the game will give you money to perform tasks for them - to deliver letters, for example. This means you'll get paid to travel from town to town, and in doing so you'll have the chance to get an idea of prices in the various towns without having to risk your capital in trade until you are ready. It's a good idea to make a few journeys doing tasks for people before getting heavily into the trade.

Don't expect prices to remain static. Just because you can sell something in a town at a given price when you first visit, doesn't mean that the price will be the same when you come back. Spells of Gold features a complex economics simulator which underpins all of the shop prices and so-on: most obviously, if you sell goods in a town then they cease to be so rare and thus the price will fall - flood the market and the price will plummet - but prices also respond to factors beyond your control.

Should you wish to learn to cast magic go to the College of Magic: hit the Learn button to bring up the list of skills, and use the Tab button to toggle back and forth between skills and spells. You will only be able to learn those spells and skills for which you have enough Study Points.

There is a full manual on the disk, alongside this Hints file. It is manual.pdf, and like this file you can find it by selecting the Explore option for this CD, and opening the file. This is an Acrobat file. If your computer cannot read acrobat files, then you will need to download and install the Acrobat reader. You can find this at: If you do not have web access, then there is also a Word format version of the manual - manual.doc

To have a proper performance of "Spells of Gold" your computer must meet the following system requirements:
Processor Pentium 150
Memory 32 Mb
Free Hard Disk Space 300 Mb
Operating System Windows 98/ME/2000/ÕÐ
Video Card 2Mb memory
Sound Card Windows 98/ME/2000/XP compatible
Peripherals Mouse

In addition to the listed above requirements DirectX 7.0 or a later version should be installed on your computer.

To install your copy of "Spells of Gold" onto your hard drive insert the game CD into your CD-ROM Drive. Then follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. Windows 2000, Windows XP require local administrator access.

If "Spells of Gold" icon was put into "Start Menu" during the installation, then to remove the game from your hard drive you should left click on "Run..." from the Windows Start Menu, then "Programs", "Buka", "Spells of Gold" and select "Remove Spells of Gold". "Uninstall" program will be launched and remove an earlier installed game.
It is possible to remove the game manually selecting "Add or Remove Programs" in the "Control Panel" menu.
Besides, the game may be removed by selecting "Remove" in the game installation screen.

Thank you very much for purchasing our game. We hope it will become as dear to you as it is for us, the creators of "Spells of Gold". It was not easy to make this game but we tried to do our best. And now you have a complete version. We wanted to create a game with a nice cosy world which will attract the player and make him wish to return to it again and again. We hope we've achieved the aim. So be it. Let your Magic Sack of Monroke never be empty! Have a nice time plying our game :).


To start a game select "New Game" in the Main Menu or "Load Game" to restore a previuosly saved game.

The game starts in the world of Vayon in the town of Zyre.
First of all look around if there is nothing dangerous for you, then take your time to get acquainted with the world of the game. You can see several buildings around you. You may enter any of them and perform different actions (have a couple of days' rest in a hotel, buy something in a shop etc.). It'd be a good idea to drop at the armorer's: your Hero might need weapons and armor while travelling (keep in mind all the goods at store change from time to time). With the growing of your Hero's experience you'll notice that armorers will start to offer you better pieces of weapon and armor (and more expensive, of course). Having bought a new piece of armor you can equip your Hero with it. Use the button "i" for this or left click on the Hero icon on the panel. As soon as you are through with the purchasing at the armorer's you'd better drop at the local authorities. Here you may pay taxes (pay attention to the fact that if there is authority in the town you'll have to pay entrance toll and profit tax for trade in a shop) or buy a patent (both entrance patent and trade patent). Patents are legal during several months (time depends on how much they cost) and allow you to enter a town without any toll and carry on trade with a local shop-keeper. The worldwide paten will make it possible for the Hero to enter any city in Vayon without any payment. Almost every city has an inn where you can have a rest and restore your health and mana. There is a wide choice of rooms in inns from a poor shabby barn to a luxurious comfortable appartment. Remember: the more comfort - the better and quicker rest is and, as a rule, more money to pay for the services. So, you've had some rest and got equipment, then it's time to start a travel to get profits. Are you ready? Fine! You've got to go to a shop for some goods. Don't be in a hurry, take your time and think what to buy! You should take only those goods which go well and you've no doubt that you'll sell them to your profit in another town. It'd be wiser to explore trade situation in other cities first and find out what goods go well and what goods cost much enough. Leave Zyre through the town gates. Take care! For anything from a bunch of robbers to hungry animals or even undeads may bar your way outside the city walls. Such meetings may become fatal. Well, if you are not in the mood for a little battle you can try to pay off. This may work with bandits sometimes, but with skeletons and animals no money will help... Supposing you are lucky and there are no enemies on the location, so go to the signpost on the edge of the suburban location. As soon as you reach the signpost, a worldmap will pop up (you can also bring up the map by pressing the button "M" but this works only in passive mode, that is you may look for some information about the towns but cannot travel). Now choose a city you'd like to go to and bon voyage! Keep in mind: travels take time and some goods can get spoiled. So if you have perishable goods with a short deterioration period (this information is given in the shop when you do purchasing) you should not travel to far away towns. Pay attention that the travel time as long as some useful town information is shown on the map. Look, here is something to cheer you up - learn the skill "Geography" and your travel speed will increase and you'll spend fewer days to get from one town to another.
The world of Vayon is only one world, a small part of Lokatrienn - the whole universe of the game. They are more than 25 there! And they will become available as long as the Hero advances and his experience grows.
Enough about the worlds, let's speak about gold (the game is called "Spells of Gold", isn't it?). There are plenty of ways for your Hero to earn some cash. In case you don't care much about trade there are other possibilities to get some gold to buy a new two-handed sword. Complete a quest for a city-dweller, for example. There is the button "Quest" in each building. Press it and the owner most probably will suggest a task to you. Besides, while completing tasks your Hero obtains better attitude of the NPC towards himself. This leads to being offered more profitable quests, discounts at stores etc. Otherwise if this way doesn't suit you, you may get money by destroying bandits and undead ones, collecting trophies and selling them to the nearest armorer.
Now let's say some words about what you may spend your gold on. Remember: here in the game money is just a means of acquiring something. Besides carrying on trade and having a rest in hotels you can spend your money on getting knowledge at schools. You may learn spells and other 23 skills. There are schools in Osgart and Toskerit in the wold of Vayon. Pay attention to the following if you want to get to a school:
1) you need some money (teachers are also people)
2) you need a certain number of student points (the maximal number depends on "Intellect" and the skill "Literacy" of your Hero). Student points may restore with the time (you'd better spend this time at an inn). You can see the current number of student points in the stats panel (press the button "I" and select "Abilities").
3) You may learn skills and spells one by one only (say, if you have level 2 of the skill "Iron Skin" you can learn level 3 of this skill only).

Another way to make a good use of the money is to buy better armor and weapon. Look for a good armorer. We are sure you'll not be disappointed with the choice he will offer.
To finish up the chapter we'd like to say the following: the world of the game is huge and there are lots of possibilities not mentioned here. There are Guilds, Temples and let alone the plot. We leave this to you to explore the world of the game and hope you'll enjoy it and will exercise the same feelings as we did while creating it for you.


-General rules:

Left Mouse Button performs the following actions depending on the situation
Left-Click on a spot on the ground makes the Hero move to the selected spot
Left-Click on a hostile NPC - to attack
Left-Click on a friendly NPC - to talk
Left-Click on an item - to pick up the item
Left-Click on the gates/door - to enter the gates/building

SHIFT+Left-Click - a "forced" attack
CTRL+Left-Click - attack a friendly NPC
Righ Mouse Button - cast a selected spell

NOTE: attack is possible only on out-of-town locations.

"arrows' - scrolling
"C" key - to centre the camera on the Hero

Esc - bring up the menu

F12 - take a screenshot

F2 - save game (optional command)
F3 - load game (optional command)

Alt+Q - Quit the game

s - Spell Book
t - select an active skill
p - Preyers Book

i - Inventory screen
q - Journal

m - the map
u - the map of the Universe

To remove an item from your Inventory click the Left Mouse Button on the item and holding it down click the Right Button.

-Keys combination in hotels:

If you select "Rest" at an inn you are to chosse the way you'd like to rest and the number of days to spend on it (to do this press "+").
Pressing Shift+Mouse Click on"+"/"-" means adding or reducing 10 days (if your Hero has enough money and if full restoring needs so many days).
pressing Ctrl+Mouse Click on"+" will add the days necessary for full restoring of the health and mana, if there is enough money, of course. Ctrl+ Mouse Click on "-" reduces the number of days to 0.

-Keys combination in temples
If you select "Donation" in a temple you are offered to choose the sum you'd like to donate. Use the buttons "+" or "-". With each clicking the sum increases or reduces by 1. Pressing Shift+Mouse Click on"+"/"-" or Ctrl+"+"/"-" will change the sum by 10 or 100 adequately.

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