PlaygrounD M u g e N (1000 chars) by VettaCossX iso

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Name:PlaygrounD M u g e N (1000 chars) by VettaCossX iso

Total Size: 2.25 GB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-26 20:25:52

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PlaygrounD M.u.g.e.N (1000 chars) by VettaCossX.iso (Size: 2.25 GB) (Files: 1)

 PlaygrounD M.u.g.e.N (1000 chars) by VettaCossX.iso

2.25 GB

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Torrent description

have you ever wondered what it would be like to play a game with all the mortal kombat guys and all the street fighter guys? well take that... add a few top choice 2d fighting game guys and you have my first night with MUGEN! PlayGround style so i thought id share the sheer JOY and RAPTURE of this my first mod of this PC game with the masses after a long few months of progression.

FINALLY IT IS HERE PLAYGROUND MUGEN! 1.2 gigs worth of every 2d fighting game you have ever played in one compilation for your conveniance the playground takes the mugen scene to you!
This is quite litterally the best hacked 2d fighting game EVER assembled with the most characters in a fighting game I HAVE EVER SAW! it takes a whole 4 min. for the gfame to even finish loading up it has so many chars to load in for winmugen :o...for more about WINMUGEN or the MUGEN SCENE i suggest using YOUTUBE VIDEO to answer your questions but google would just as easily inform you of the mugen homebrew gaming scene :) THIS GAME IS FREE AND FREE TO DISTRIBUTE AS FANBREW...

this game took alot of time to assemble and the characters were created by litterally hundreds of user submissions all credit goes to the respected devs for all the hard work that made mugen what it is in 2007 the best 2d fighter ever made since marvel vs capcom 2! (witch is TINY in comparison with LESS speacial moves i might add :P)

if your thinking "hey asshole! not all of us know what mugen is?!"

then go to youtube and search for this ---> M.U.G.E.N

Playground mugen was compiled by vettacossx as a greatest of mugen compilation of the sites members fav mugen stages and chars so we hope you have as much fun playing as we did the months it took to make the game stable and run as well as it does under most operating systems with few bugs and MANY charachters (wich was what prooved to be :) the biggest challange btw) but we are proud to say that after many late nights fixing text entries the game is running stabble on most any system big personal thanks goes to Master Chaffed and Mr. shizzy AKA PSPPHD for there testing and solid advice as well as encouragment to finish the project.

DO THEY STILL DO FAATALITY and SUPER FINISHERS like in mortal kombat or street fighter when i use the same guys in MUGEN?
YES THEY DO! the characters listed will function as they did in any other game you have played with them same speacial moves ect...


SuperMario, stages/Yoshi's Island 4.def, order=1
wario1, stages/Super Mario 64.def
poc-mario, stages/subcon.def
luigi, stages/subcon.def
kamek, stages/float.def
mrgw, stages/subcon.def
KT, stages/Yoshi's Island 4.def
fish, stages/subcon.def
dedede, stages/mtdedede.def
knuckle, stages/mtdedede.def
biospark, stages/float.def
Lakitu, stages/subcon.def
chomp, stages/wtmw.def
dk, stages/donkey.def
diddy, stages/donkey.def
LargeSamus, stages/skybatl.def
metroid, stages/skybatl.def, order=3
MastrHnd, stages/Super Mario 64.def, order=3
docock, stages/GreenHillzone.def
peter, stages/levelate.def
leela, stages/FF7-shinraoffice.def
homero0, stages/homer.def
krusty, stages/GeeseTower.def
butt-head, stages/storefront.def
DragonClaw, stages/LionPal.def
Apoc, stages/FF7-junoncanon.def, order=3
Kraken, stages/AengmoreSkies.def, order=3
kwhale, stages/AengmoreSkies.def
z-akuma, stages/PGen.def
abyss, stages/FF7-skybatl.def, order=3
juggy, stages/FF7-shinraoffice.def
mole, stages/storefront.def
Hulk_mvc, stages/bmdam.def
WarMachine, stages/PGen.def
Colossus_MVC2, stages/PGen.def
drdoom, stages/JenovaConfinement.def
wolverine, stages/hospital.def
carnage, stages/web.def
spiderman, stages/web.def
black_heart, stages/InnerHeart.def
shuma, stages/Yoshi's Island 4.def
shadow, stages/GreenHillzone.def
metalix, stages/GreenHillzone.def
hirezsonic, stages/GreenHillzone.def
20X6, stages/Abaraya2.def
evilryu, stages/GeeseTower.def
Ryu, stages/GeeseTower.def
evilken, stages/JenovaConfinement.def
C01KEN, stages/earth.def
ShinGouki, stages/Gokuentou.def
mbison, stages/SecretPoint1B.def
Vega, stages/SecretPoint1B.def
balrog, stages/GeeseTower.def
guile, stages/hangar.def
Mz, stages/GeeseTower.def
sagatZ, stages/GeeseTower.def
Sakura, stages/SF3Sean.def
sf3chunli, stages/flames.def
blanka, stages/donkey.def
HONDA, stages/SF3Sean.def
GALACTUS, stages/InfinityMoon.def
Cyberbots_Tarantula, stages/PGen.def
Cyberbots_Blodia, stages/PGen.def
sasquatch, stages/hnk-fountain-hi.def
ScorpionMO, stages/scorp_lair.def
SubZeroMO, stages/frozen01.def
ReptileMO, stages/gstage.def
ErmacMO, stages/gstage.def
RainMO, stages/gstage.def
SmokeMO, stages/gstage.def
NoobMO, stages/MKT_pit.def
DAdder, stages/wadamoya.def
RazorClaws, stages/SecretPoint1B.def
QUEEN, stages/SecretPoint1B.def, order=3
predator_W, stages/hospital.def
shar-makai, stages/prision.def
kingg, stages/city.def
ah, stages/bmdam.def, order=7
Diablo, stages/earth.def
megamanx, stages/FutureHighwayRemix.def
0Popeye_99_DDR, stages/AengmoreSkies.def
iori, stages/hospital.def
bola, stages/stage0.def
mouser, stages/mouser-hr.def, order=5
ff5_omega, stages/PGen.def
Q-BEE, stages/InfinityMoon.def
erradicator, stages/earth.def
Shigen, stages/flames.def
shaq, stages/storefront.def
spawn, stages/flames.def
Marco-AirPlane, stages/hnk-helipad-hi.def
hauzer, stages/wadamoya.def
EVA, stages/frozen01.def
Baraka, random
Cage, random
Csubzero, random
CYRAX, random
Ermac, random
GORO, random
human_smoke, random
hydro, random
jade, random
jax, random
kabal, random
kano, random
KINTARO, random
kitana, random
kung_lao, random
liu_kang, random
mileena, random
MOTARO, random
nightwolf, random
noob_saibot, random
raiden, random
rain, random
reptile, random
Scorpion, random
sektor, random
shang_tsung, random
SHAO, random
sheeva, random
sindel, random
smoke, random
sonya, random
stryker, random
Subzero, random
AlphaC, random
Bison, random
Blanka, random
Broli, random
cammy, random
cellhd, random
dhalsim, random
feilong, random
freezahd, random
gogeta-ssj4, random
Goku-n-hd, random
Goku-SSJ2, random
Goku-SSJ4, random
Guile, random
ken, random
Kengang, random
Krilin, random
m-gohan, random
mrboohd, random
piccolo, random
sagat, random
son-gohan, random
trunks, random
vega, random
vegetahd, random
Vegeta-SSJ4, random
Vegetto, random
zangief, random
warmachine, random
wolverine, random
apocalypse, random
bart, random
sonic, random
batman, random
gambit, random
butt-head, random
Cap-am0, random
cyclops, random
gold_oozaru, random
Don, random
mike, random
leo, random
raph, random
lisa, random
Majin Vegeta SSJ6, random
ssj4goten, random
Super, random
Vegetto, random
omegagoku, random
super13, random
superc-17hd, random
ooz, random
oozaru, random
panchan, random
pika, random
pikachu, random
psylocke, random
khameleon, random
chameleon, random
Janemba beta1, random
brollyssj5, random
Dodoria, random
li-shenglong, random
gohan-zeta, random
dabura, random
GotenGT, random
satangt, random
Gotenks SSJ4 HD, random
garlic, random
tapion, random
great, random
gogetaub22, random
buuv594, random
turles, random
gohanssj5, random
Bender, random
homero0, random
ken-X, random
krusty2, random
leela0, random
link, random
Necro, random
Peter-Griffin, random
Poke-Akuma, random
ryu-X, random
SSBMKirby, random
Steven_SeagalSnes, random
wario1, random
ACCloud, random
Akuma, random
SuperLuigi, random
SuperMario, random
blackheart, random
hiryu, random
iceman, random
juggernaut, random
saberzero, random
bardock, random
bojack, random
ab1, random
ab2, random
ab3, random
amingo, random
anita, random
blaze, random
cable, random
cammy, random
capamerica, random
capcom, random
chunli, random
dark, random
dhalsim, random
drdoom, random
ken, random
magneto, random
marrow, random
mb, random
mechgouki, random
morrigan, random
omega, random
phoenix, random
psylocke, random
rogue, random
roll, random
ruby, random
ryu, random
sabre, random
sakura, random
sean, random
sentinel, random
sevil, random
sonic, random
sonson, random
spiderman, random
storm, random
tbonne, random
thawk, random
venom, random
warmachine, random
felicia, random
hayato, random
hien, random
hiryu, random
hulk, random
iceman, random
ihiryu, random
ironman, random
jill, random
jin, random
juggernaut, random
wolverine, random
alex3s, random
axl3s, random
chunli3s, random
dudley3s, random
elena3s, random
gill3s, random
hugo3s, random
ibuki3s, random
ken3s, random
ken343s, random
ky3s, random
makoto3s, random
necro3s, random
oro3s, random
q3s, random
remy3s, random
ryu3s, random
ryudg3s, random
sean3s, random
shinakuma3s, random
sol3s, random
targets3s, random
twelve3s, random
urien3s, random
yang3s, random
yun3s, random
noobieta, random
Haruno Sakura, random
usasuke, random
kakashi, random
Chibi Naruto, random
kiba_chibi, random
nezi, random
rlee, random
sabaku no gaara, random
kimimaro, random
orochimaru, random
zaku_chibi, random
Uchiha Itachi, random
Yondaime, random
anbu, random
cshikamaru, random
SF3ShinAkuma, random
evilken, random
Evil-Ryu, random
cyber, random
dark lee
vken, random

of course there are more as well ;)

all the Street Fighter
,Mortal Kombat Marvel,
and many many more
Random Cartoon( transformers,battlecats ect ect homer simpson peter griffin, leela,bart,lisa,bender ect...),DragonBall Z/GT the following is directly from mySELECT.def FILE: my mugen now contains the following 297 characters in a STABLE build with room for 1000 character slots using the EVE pack
a video to proove that contrary to popular post evil ryu and evil ken are FAR from the strongest chars. i can think of two other Street fighters who would whoop they asses no less what some of the marvel vs capcom 2 chars like iceman and cable can do to them in MUGEN match ups


and for more info just come see vetta @ our site in the UK :D

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