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 Metal Slug Series 2009 with MaME Installer-Jimmi4evr.exe

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The first game’s story involved the Peregrine Falcon (PF) Squad, a small but skilled team of soldiers serving under the Regular Army’s special operations division, who fight against the army of General Donald Morden in order to prevent a massive coup d’etat and the creation of a New World Order under General Morden. Later games featured characters from the Sparrows Unit, which is under the control of the Regular Army’s intelligence division. In the games following the first, the PF Squad also battles an alien threat to Earth (the Mars People), as well as several other supernatural threats including yetis, zombies, ambulatory Venus flytraps, giant crabs and mummies. Outlandish elements were removed from the fourth game to return to the feel of the original title, which resulted in poor critical and commercial reception. The fifth moved to the motif of modern guerrilla warfare, leaving only traces of the series signature quirky humour and paranormal enemies (except for the final boss). Metal Slug 6 returned to the plot of the first three installments, bringing back Morden’s Rebel Army and the Mars People.

Marco Rossi and Tarma Roving were the first playable characters, but each was reserved solely to the first and second player, respectively. In the second installment, Eri Kasamoto and Fiolina “Fio” Germi were added to the cast. These four are considered by fans to be the quintessential Metal Slug team. In the fourth game, Nadia Cassel and Trevor Spacey made their debut, replacing Eri and Tarma, respectively, but have not returned for later games. Eri and Tarma returned in the fifth game. The Game Boy Advance edition of the game features two new characters specific to that title: PF squad trainees Walter Ryan and Tyra Elson. King of Fighters/Ikari Warriors characters Ralf Jones and Clark Still appear in Metal Slug 6, released for the Atomiswave hardware in February 2006. They will also be playable characters in the upcoming installment, Metal Slug 7.

Marco Rossi

His full name is Marchrius Dennis Rossi. He is the main character and protagonist of the series, and has appeared in all the titles. He comes from the United States and has Italian ancestry. Born in Idaho, Marco is a computer expert who particularly enjoys writing computer viruses and programs; one virus he wrote managed to penetrate all of the US Military’s defenses and nearly caused the launch of nuclear missiles. Marco graduated from Military’s Special Technologies college and went on to serve in the Peregrine Falcon Special Forces Squad (PF Squad), starting in Metal Slug as First Lieutenant. As of Metal Slug 6, he is a Major. Marco is a gentle man but capable of falling into uncontrollable rages; the series’ villain General Morden (who is responsible for the deaths of dozens of Marco’s friends and colleagues in the PF Squad) will trigger these if he is even so much as mentioned.
Marco also appears in Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, being the first time he is seen in a fighting game. In the history of this game, Marco joins to Battle Coliseum tournament to stop once again General Morden, who’s now financed by WAREZ Corporation to make new plans to conquest the world.

Tarma Roving

His full name is Tarmicle Roving III. Born the son of a distinguished soldier in Hokkaid?, Japan, Tarma joined the army’s training college for special tactics and combat straight out of Junior High. When he was 20 he rescued the president and used this to get himself transferred to the Peregrine Falcon Squad (PF Squad) where he became best friends with Marco Rossi and upon learning Marco was to go and fight in the Great War (a fictional battle in the future) he volunteered and fought and survived the war alongside his friend leading to his promotion to Captain, the rank he still holds as of Metal Slug 6.
Tarma is an expert motorcycle engineer and builds custom bikes for fun in his spare time. He had intended to retire and set up a shop, but relented to his superiors’ pleas and stayed in the army.

Fiolina Germi

Fio is the only daughter of a wealthy Italian family. After she was born, her mother was unable to have any more children, making Fio the first heiress in the history of her family, as she had no older siblings. Throughout the generations, the Germi family has made a tradition of sending their eldest child into the military; Fio upholds this tradition willingly, though she has aspirations of becoming a doctor someday, having studied chiropractics, acupuncture, and moxibustion in college.[1] Fio is a Master Sergeant of the Intelligence Agency’s S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S, which serves as a special forces group for the government. As with her comrades in Metal Slug 2 and beyond, she had risen through the ranks for her service against General Morden. She has also appeared in the King of Fighters series, first as a Striker in The King of Fighters 2000, and then being playable for the first time in KOF: Maximum Impact 2.

Eri Kasamoto

Eri is an orphaned, abandoned on the steps of a church. Once she was mature enough, she fled the church and became a leader of street kids. The Intelligence Agency of the Government Forces noticed her combat skills and recruited her. She went on to receive special spy training for those with special talent and successfully completed a number of missions as a first rate agent. But Eri, weary from the series of missions involving assassinations and plots that took a hard toll on her conscience, requested to be transferred to the Special Ops Squad S.P.A.R.R.O.W.S. Her request, which normally would go ignored, was specially granted given her achievements and superior abilities. She exhibited her abilities perfectly in the suppression of Morden’s second coup d’etat to stop it in its tracks. For her efforts, she received a promotion to sergeant second-class.

Allen O’Neil

Allen O’Neil is a sub-boss, who appears in all of the games except Metal Slug 5, and in Metal Slug 6 he appears as A in the 2nd level. He has been fighting the Regular Army High Command since the first game. He taunts the player with the phrases “C’mon, boy”, “Go home to mommy”, and “you’re mincemeat” (or minced meat), as well as maniacal laughter. Upon defeat he always utters “See you in Hell!” He uses an M60 machine gun, a knife, and blue grenades that erupt in an angry red flame upon detonation. Despite the fact that Allen clearly meets his end at the conclusion of every encounter, usually in a gruesome manner, the game makers have humorously brought him back in each new iteration of the series. An interview with the game-makers, which is unlockable in Metal Slug Anthology, reveals that the only thing that keeps Allen alive besides his muscles and guts is his devotion and will to return home to his wife and son after a hard day of fighting.
Allen aids the player aboard the Mothership in MS3 (unless the Metal Slug employed earlier is still surviving and in current use), laughing all the while. It should be noted that despite how strong he is against the player(s) in MS3 and before, his strength is much less on the Mothership than usual. One burst shot from his M60 cannot kill a clone by itself. He also has less “Life”, and stands still against the hordes of clones. Thus, it does not take much for the clones to finish Allen, even by melee attacks. Because of this vulnerability, it can be assumed he’s more of a decoy while the player assaults the clones.
Allen appears for the final time in MS4, as a boss in Mission Two and during the Final Mission, where it is revealed that this Allen is in fact a Terminator-like android possibly built by the rogue scientist who is the main villain in MS4. It should be noted, however, that using a similar process, the same scientist was successful in creating a mass produced Robot Morden Army that led people to believe Morden was behind the Amadeus Syndicate. Possibly to frame him for the scientist’s crimes. Unfortunately these mechanical incarnations were even weaker than their flesh & blood counterpart, having the weakness of falling after a few well placed shots from a simple handgun.

Mars People

The Mars People are aliens from space that are in a plot to take over Earth in the Metal Slug universe. They are similar to squids, using their tentacles as a form of movement, and a strange fighting style which involves gas and a laser pistol. In Metal Slug 2, they appeared as enemies near the climax of the game, but they were defeated by the alliance consisting of the Peregrine Falcon Strike Force and General Morden’s army. They tried again in Metal Slug 3, abducting Morden and one of the members of the Peregrine Falcons, only for the Peregrine Falcons and Morden’s army to take the fight to their mothership and defeat them. In Metal Slug 6, the Mars People, Morden, as well as his rebel army and the Ikari Warriors, join forces with the Peregrine Falcons to fight a new alien invader who, ironically, feed on the Mars People. In the game, after Stage 2, the Mars People become the players’ allies; some are even hostages.

General Morden

General Donald Morden is the main antagonist (villiain) of the Metal Slug franchise. He is described as “…the Antichrist…” by the Regular Army High Command. He is depicted as a bumbling madman wearing a beret, eyepatch, and bomber jacket, and carrying a bazooka, not to mention bearing a resemblance to Saddam Hussein. He is only not shown in Metal Slug 5. He apparently mends his ways by the end of Metal Slug 6, as he rescues the player(s) after s/he is knocked off a wall by an explosion caused by the huge enormous alien end boss. His army is the main force of opposition in the Metal Slug games, with the exception of Metal Slug 5 and 6. He commands the ever loyal Rebellion, and in Metal Slug 4 he was thought to be behind the Amadeus Terror Syndicate.
* Neo-Geo MVS and AES
o Metal Slug
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o Metal Slug X
o Metal Slug 3
o Metal Slug 4
o Metal Slug 5
* Atomiswave
o Metal Slug 6
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* Xbox 360
o Metal Slug 3 (From Xbox live arcade)
* Mobile platforms
o Metal Slug
o Metal Slug Mobile
o Metal Slug Mobile: Impact
o Metal Slug STG
o Metal Slug: Allen’s Battle Chronicles (Part 1)
o Metal Slug: Allen’s Battle Chronicles (Part 2)
o Metal Slug Survivors
o Metal Slug Soldiers
o Metal Slug Warriors
o Metal Slug Mars Panic
* PC
o Metal Slug
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o Metal Slug 3
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o Metal Slug 5
o Metal Slug Zero
* Nintendo DS
o Metal Slug 7

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