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Mercedes Benz Truck Racing FLT

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Name:Mercedes Benz Truck Racing FLT

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Torrent description

Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing
Readme file
29th August 2000
Version 1.04

System requirements
Installing the game
Graphics card configuration
Opening screen/AutoStart
Starting Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing
Uninstalling Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing
DirectX 7
D3D support
Graphics card settings
Optimising your computer's performance
Game functions and options
Additions to the manual
Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing websites
Technical support and customer service


(c) THQ and Synetic. All rights reserved. Developed by Synetic. Published by THQ. "Mercedes-Benz" is a registered trademark of DaimlerChrysler AG.

All trademarks and trade names cited are the property of the respective owner.

Thank you for choosing Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.
This Readme file contains information that we were unable to include in the printed manual.


System requirements
Minimum configuration:
Pentium II 333 MHz
100% Microsoft Windows 95/98 compatible computer
(including compatible 32-bit driver)
Windows 95/98 operating system
100% DirectX 7.0a compatible AGP 3D graphics card with 16 MB RAM
100% DirectX 7.0a DirectSound compatible soundcard
DirectX 7.0a or higher (included in package)
6-speed CD-ROM drive
100% Windows-compatible keyboard and mouse
170 MB decompressed hard disk memory
plus approx. 100 MB for Windows swap file

Recommended configuration:
AMD Athlon or Intel Pentium III processor
128 MB RAM
3D accelerator with 32 MB VRAM
8-speed CD-ROM drive

Supports 100% Microsoft Windows 95/98 compatible joysticks, steering wheels, e.g. Thrustmaster Racing Wheels

TIP: You need an AGP D3D graphics card to run the game. You may need to update the drivers before you can start playing. Problems can occur if you are not using the latest drivers from the manufacturer of your AGP D3D accelerator card. These problems range from basic graphic distortion to full program crashes.


Installing the game
Installing Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing is very simple: insert the CD-ROM in your CD-ROM drive. After a few seconds, the installation program will begin automatically.

If the opening screen does not appear automatically when you insert the CD, please proceed as follows:

Double-click on the "MY COMPUTER" icon on the desktop and then on the icon representing your CD-ROM drive. Now double-click on the file entitled SETUP.EXE to begin the installation process.


Click on the START button in the taskbar and select "Run" from the menu that appears. Type e:\setup.exe in the input field (where e:\ represents your CD-ROM drive). Click on OK to begin the installation process.

First of all, a welcome message will appear. Click on "Next" to continue the installation process.

You can now enter the path or directory on your hard disk where you want the game to be installed. The default path is C:\TRUCKRACE.

After that, you can select the installation size that you require. For maximum game performance, we recommend that you copy the maximum installation of the game on to your hard disk. Alternatively, if you want to save hard disk space, you can select standard or minimum installation. Click on the option that you want to install.

Multiplayer installation is a special type of installation. Select this if you want to play Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing on a network. The multiplayer installation should be installed on all participating computers (clients). These computers then do not need to have the CD inserted for you to play on the network, although it also means that you can only ever play on the network! The race organiser (host) must perform one of the other three types of installation process anyway!

You can then select the program folder for the Start menu, from which you will call up Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing after installation.

Once all the selected files have been copied on to the hard disk, you will be asked if you want to create a short cut to Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing on the Windows desktop.

To complete the installation procedure, you can choose whether you want to display this file and install DirectX. If you are unsure whether you have DirectX 7.0a installed on your computer, you should install DirectX anyway.

If you are installing DirectX 7.0a, the DirectX 7 installation procedure will start once the game is fully installed. DirectX 7.0a must be installed for Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing to run properly. If you are unsure whether you already have DirectX 7.0a installed, you should install it anyway! Once DirectX 7 has been installed, you will have to restart your computer before you can play Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.


Graphics card configuration
If you are starting the game for the first time the MBTR setup screen will appear, so that you can configure the graphics card.

You will need a D3D graphics card to be able to play Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.

If you have problems running Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing, please update your graphics card drivers. Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing was tested using the latest graphics card drivers.

If you have problems with the graphics configuration, please refer to "Graphics card settings".


Opening screen/Autostart
When you insert the Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing CD-ROM after installation, the opening screen will appear. If you want to play Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing, click on the "Play" button to start the game.

The following options are available in the opening screen:

Play: Launches Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.
Setup (Graphics): Opens the Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing graphics card configuration
Install DirectX7: Installs DirectX 7.0a.
Uninstall game: Removes the game from your hard disk.
Install game: Re-installs the game.


Starting Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing
If you want to play Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing, first insert the Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive. After a few seconds, the opening screen will appear. Click on the "Play" button to launch the game.

If the AutoPlay function is not activated, click on the START button and then select "Synetic/MBTR" from the Programs menu. Click on "Play MBTR" in the submenu that appears.

TIP: You must have the CD in your CD-ROM drive to be able to play Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.
The only instance where this is not necessary is if you are taking part in a network game when the multiplayer installation procedure has been carried out.


Uninstalling Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing
If you decide to uninstall Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing, you have the following options:

Go into the CONTROL PANEL, and select "Add/Remove Programs". Click on Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing in the menu that appears and select "Add/Remove".


Use the START button to call up the Start menu, select "Synetic/MBTR" from the Programs menu and then "Uninstall MBTR".


Insert the Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing CD-ROM into your CD-ROM drive, wait until the opening screen appears and select the "Uninstall game" button.


DirectX 7
You must have DirectX 7.0a installed on your system to be able to play Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing. You also need DirectX 7.0a compatible sound and graphics drivers. Remember that you may need to update your sound and graphics drivers after you have installed DirectX 7.0a. We strongly recommend that you update your graphics drivers regularly. If you have problems with sound or graphics when you are running Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing, please update your drivers before contacting our customer service team.

You will find a list of major soundcard and graphics card manufacturers' websites in the section entitled "Websites". These pages will contain the latest drivers for your hardware.


D3D support
Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing ran satisfactorily with the following 3D chipsets in our tests:

Voodoo 3
Voodoo 5

Rage 128
Rage Fury
Rage Fury Maxx



Savage 4
Savage 2000

At the time of publication, the graphics card setup was pre-set to the optimum settings for the relevant graphics card! So please do not alter any of the individual settings for the graphics cards!!! Please just select your graphics card in "Configuration", provided that it is listed. You can then use the benchmark to check whether you can further increase the resolution or if you need to reduce it. Please view the benchmark as a worst-case scenario - in other words, as the worst view in the game itself. These situations will only occur very rarely in the game, so don't worry too much if the benchmark does not run completely smoothly.

3Dfx Voodoo 3
We do not advise running the game with the reflections switched on if you are using this graphics card.

Matrox G200
We do not advise running the game in 32-bit mode if you are using this graphics card.


Graphics card settings

What do the settings in the MBTR setup mean?


This is where you select your graphics card for Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.
The graphics cards are identified by their chip in the setup.
If the relevant chip is not listed, please select the generic Direct 3D. In most cases, no further configuration is necessary, as both the device and the setup resolution are pre-set. The other parameters are for adjusting any 3D cards to be used in the future.

This is where the relevant graphics card device is registered. In most cases, this tends to be the "Primary display driver" for modern 2D/3D cards. The setting "Secondary display driver" must generally be selected for add-on cards installed alongside the actual graphics card (e.g. Voodoo Graphics).

This is where you select the resolution for Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.
Tip: These values are just the standard values! There may be significant variations in the resolution depending on the graphics card used. It is best if you work towards the best resolution using the options in the drop-down list.

Display correction
Activate this checkbox if displays appear blurred in the game.

Triple buffering
Enables more free-flowing image structure. The graphics card "Sync to refresh" option must be activated for this.

Alpha adjust
Alters the format of textures using Alpha channel.

Activates visible reflections (painted effect) on the trucks.

Anisotropic filter
This option can improve the mip-mapping display quality.

Draws more distant textures using softer lines!

Bright mode
This option generates a bright image with plenty of contrast.

Hires textures
Activates high-resolution textures (only recommended for cards >16 MB).

24bit textures
Activates textures with more intense colours (only recommended for computers with more than 128 MB RAM and graphics card >32 MB).

Alpha textures
Option for transparent textures, e.g. fences.

Sound configuration
Deactivate this parameter if your soundcard is not 100% compatible with DirectX. There will then be no sound output.

Force Feedback
Off = no force transferred even if FF devices are connected
Steering wheel = setting suitable for FF steering wheels
Joystick = setting suitable for FF joysticks

This is where you specify how many bundles are to be sent per second in a network game. The default setting is 15*, which should generally be adequate. If you are using connections that are slower than a 10Mbit connection (e.g. modem), a lower setting could be advantageous. This setting only ever needs to be configured on the host (race organiser's) computer!

Low bandwidth
Activate this checkbox if you are using connections that are slower than a 10Mbit connection (e.g. modem). This setting only ever needs to be configured on the host (race organiser's) computer!

Click on this button to save your settings and exit the setup screen.

Click on this button to exit the setup screen without saving your settings.

Click on this button to start Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing immediately.

Click on this button to test the settings for the graphics card and take a benchmark reading.


Optimising your computer's performance
The game performs much better with 128 MB RAM, although 64 MB RAM is adequate for playing Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.
Regardless of the amount of memory you have, you can maximise the allocated memory and make the game engine run at optimum performance, by:

Closing all Windows applications that are open.
Closing all other memory-resident programs.
Defragmenting your hard disk regularly.
Ensuring that you have enough available memory on your hard disk.
The game runs more smoothly if you install all the game components. If you subsequently find that you want to alter the installation type, uninstall Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing and then re-install the game.


Game functions and options

Controls/keyboard functions
The keys below have been pre-assigned and cannot be assigned/modified in the options or the game control section:

F1: Change camera/view
F2: Top view of track on/off
F3: Rear-view mirror on/off
F4: Names
F5: Select control device
F6: Automatic/manual
F7: Arrows on/off
F8: All displays on/off
F9: Automatic reverse on/off
F11: 3D shadows on/off
F12: Screenshot front-end
F: Display frames (fps)
TAB: toggle displays (top right) - position/condition/damage


Additions to the manual
3D cockpit view

Rear-view mirror
You can see what is happening behind you by looking in the rear-view mirror, provided, of course, that you have activated your rear-view mirror! If you look round the cockpit (see also Controls/key functions), you will find a mirror on the right-hand side too.

Instrument panel
This is easily the most important display in the cockpit view.
The black bar at the top left indicates how full your water tank is.
The number at the top right indicates which gear you are in.
Right below the steering wheel you will find 3 fields containing numbers.
The field on the right indicates the temperature of the cooling water.
The field in the middle indicates the speed in km/h or mph (depending which setting is activated).
The field on the left indicates how full your diesel tank is in litres.

Revolution counter
This round analogue device is your rev counter.

As well as the digital speed indicator on the instrument panel, you get this round analogue device to indicate your current speed. This speedometer is really just a relic from the old days, as a tacho disc used to be inserted into it and then analysed by the race officials. These days, however, these up-to-the-minute racing trucks use an electronic "black box", although the "nostalgic" speedo still remains.


Sound FX opponents' trucks
Under Options -> Music & sound FX, you will find an additional setting - "Sound FX opponents' trucks". If you activate this setting, all the computer-controlled trucks will also drive complete with truck sounds. This sounds great, but it uses up a lot of memory! Turn this feature off if this setting makes the game start to jump!


CD-ROM - Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing requires at least a 6-speed CD-ROM drive with 32-bit drivers for Windows 95/98.

The "Error -113" error message is displayed when I install Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.

This message generally appears if your computer is using 16-bit MS-DOS drivers instead of the 32-bit Windows 95 drivers for the CD-ROM drive. It is easy to check if this is the reason for the error message. Click on "Settings" in the Start menu and then on "Control Panel". In the Control Panel, select "System" and then the "Performance" tab. This contains a summary of your computer's specifications. Look for entries reading: "File system: 32-bit" and "Your system is configured for optimal performance". If the message "Drive X requires MS-DOS compatibility mode", contact the company that sold you your system to obtain 32-bit drivers for your CD-ROM drive.
If there is an exclamation mark or even a "red X" displayed next to a component in Device Manager, you should contact the component manufacturer or the company that sold you your system, as they should be able to rectify this problem.

The installation procedure stops once it has installed a certain amount of the game, so I can't install Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.

There are three possible reasons for this problem:
1) You don't have enough available memory on your hard disk. Please remove any unnecessary programs to make additional memory available. Then install Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing again. Insufficient hard disk memory is also diagnosed if you obtained the "Error -115" error message during installation!
2) Some files may have been copied to areas on your hard disk containing errors. If this is the case, start ScanDisk and carry out a thorough check. Once you have received a message stating that all errors on your hard disk have been eliminated, install the game again.
3) Another possible reason for this error message is finger-marks or dirt on the CD. Examine the bottom of the CD. If you find any soiling, clean the surface with a soft, clean cloth, wiping it from the middle towards the edge.

Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing won't start and I get the error message: "Error starting program: file Truckrace.exe is linked to missing Export-DDRAW.DLL: Direct Draw Create Ex."
and/or "<path>\TruckRace.exe: A device connected to the system is not responding."

There could be different reasons for this. Here is a list of possible solutions for this problem:

Make sure that DirectX 7 has been installed properly. If in doubt, re-install DirectX 7.
Make sure that the game was installed properly. If in doubt, uninstall the game and then re-install it.
Make sure that the CD-ROM is clean (look for scratches or soiling on the CD's surface).
Make sure that you are using the latest Windows 95/98 drivers for your graphics card. These must be compatible with DirectX 7.0.
Make sure that you are using the latest Windows 95/98 drivers for your soundcard. These must be compatible with DirectX 7.0.
Make sure that the virtual memory is activated on your system. We recommend that you let Windows control this automatically rather than setting it at a certain amount.

Why doesn't AutoPlay start when I insert the Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing CD into the CD-ROM drive?

You have probably deactivated the AutoStart function on your CD-ROM drive. You can reactivate it as follows:

Click on the START button in the taskbar and select SETTINGS and then CONTROL PANEL.
Double-click on SYSTEM in the CONTROL PANEL to activate your system properties.
Click on the DEVICE MANAGER tab. Look for "CD-ROM" in the hardware overview and click on the plus sign ("+").
Now double-click on your CD-ROM drive to call up the "Properties" menu for the CD-ROM drive.
Select the "Settings" tab.
Under "Options" there are a number of checkboxes. At the bottom of this window, you will see a checkbox for "Auto insert notification".
Activate this checkbox and click on OK to confirm and exit.

Crackling and stuttering when track sounds are playing

This effect can only occur with a frame-rate of below 12 fps and is unavoidable. Please check your frame-rate by pressing "F" during the race. If you are above the limit of 12 fps but the sound is still distorted, please check your soundcard drivers.


Sometimes, after you confirm the TCP/IP address when you are registering for a network game, you will see 2 mouse arrows! This is not an error! It is just that the game's mouse arrow has linked to the Windows mouse arrow. You must have noticed that there is always some text at the bottom right at the same time. This happens while the IP address is being polled and the system locks up temporarily!


Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing websites
You will find updates and further information on Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing on the Synetic and THQ UK websites.

Official Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing website


THQ Germany

3D graphics card suppliers
ATI Technologies
Creative Labs
Diamond Multimedia

Soundcard suppliers
Cirrus Logic
Creative Labs
Turtle Beach


Technical support and customer service

THQ International, Dukes Court, Dukes Street, Woking, Surrey GU21 5BH

Tel: 01483 767 656
Fax: 01483 770727
E-mail: [email protected]


On behalf of Synetic and THQ UK, we would once again like to thank you for buying Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing.

If you have any further questions, requests or opinions relating to Mercedes-Benz Truck Racing, we would be delighted to welcome you to the MBTR forum.

Keep on truckin'

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