Hacks Counter Strike v1 6 + WarCraft v3 [BEST] 21in1 (AIO) [h33t][migel]

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Name:Hacks Counter Strike v1 6 + WarCraft v3 [BEST] 21in1 (AIO) [h33t][migel]

Total Size: 21.08 MB

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Torrent added: 2009-08-26 11:55:04

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 Hacks - Counter Strike v1.6 + WarCraft v3 [BEST] -21in1- (AIO) [h33t][migel].md5

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 Hacks - Counter Strike v1.6 + WarCraft v3 [BEST] -21in1- (AIO) [h33t][migel].sfv

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 Hacks v1.0.rar

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 Virus Free (Report from KIS (txt).txt

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Screen Captures & Infos:

Hacks - Counter Strike v1.6 + WarCraft v3 [BEST] -21in1- (AIO) [h33t][migel]

16.7 MB Compress
37.0 MB UnCompress
No pass


Basic v2 cs 1.6
Fighter FX 7.2
mainzoHook 0.1.3
mainzoHook v. 0.1.3
map_hack_carnage <--------- HAVE TROJAN (I DELETED)
map_hack_carnage_1 <--------- HAVE TROJAN (I DELETED)
MDH Lite
Take no Prisoners v2.0
VisPal v1.2


This program is a simple hack for
Counter-Strike 1.6, Condition-Zero,
Day of Defeat and Half-Life. It may
work on other modifications, too,
but aimbot and esp won't work.

- Aimbot
- Aimdraw
- Aimheight
- Aimrange
- Aimkey
- TeamESP
- VisibleESP
- NameESP
- DistanceESP
- WeaponESP
- Wallhack
- Noflash
- Nightmode
- Whitewalls
- ColorSmoke
- Lambert
- Speedhack
- Speedvalue
- Speedkey
- Weaponglow
- Crosshair
- Thirdperson
- Advertisement
- CleanScreenshot

How to run:
- Open Settings.ini and set your settings
- Start FourSeasons.exe
- Start your prefered mod
- Press your menukey to enable menu

You can setup a string in the Misc
section of the ini. Therefore you
have to use the Advertisement
identifier. If you enable the
advertisement mode in the menu
the hack will send your string
as a text message every time
ResetHUD is called by engine.
If you do not want to have this
enabled then simply do not turn
it on and set '#0' as string
(without quotes) and the hack
will not send the string even
if you enable it in the menu.


|||VisPal v1.2|||

press INS to toggle the menu and
use arrow keys to navigate


Added: Boxesp
Added: Bunnyhop
Added: Localglow ("Glow/Sparks Color" is effecting the glow)
Added: Nameesp
Added: Wallmode 3 (Fullbright)
Fixed: NoSky

Added: Nigmode
Added: Wallmode 1 (Whitewalls)
Added: Wallmode 2 (Nightmode)
Fixed: Smoke Removal
Fixed: Wallhack (XQZ)
New NoSky method

Added: Crosshair
Added: Flash Removal
Added: Glow/Sparks Color
Added: Hud-Color
Added: Lambert
Added: NoSky
Added: Smoke Removal
Added: Thirdperson
Added: Wallhack (XQZ)
Added: Wallcolor

Flash Removal
Glow/Sparks Color
Smoke Removal
XQZ Wallhack
Wallmode 1 (Whitewalls)
Wallmode 2 (Nightmode)
Wallmode 3 (Fullbright)


DLL Name Change


CAL/CEVO/ESL/VAC/VAC2 Private Hacks Available Check or msg me on

Check Out - Affordable, Fast & Reliable Shell Hosting. BNC, Eggdrop's, etc.

No HL2 Support ATM - Comming Whenever
Private Builds Will Be Released Randomly @ #cs1.6 on, So Idle And Get Free Privates (To All Idlers)

How To Use
Extract Archive To Anywhere But CS/Steam Folder
Click Load
Run Any HL1 Game (Some People Can Run EXE & Load While Ingame)

Perfect Depthrange Style Walls
NoAds (Banners Above Scoreboard & Banners On Walls)
F8 (Toggle Crosshair)
F9 (Toggle Walls)
F10 (Toggle NoSky On/Off)
F11 (Toggle NoFlash On/Off)
F12 (Toggle Lambert On/Off)
Works In All Games On The HL1 Engine.


Basic hack v2


- Smooth Vector Aimbot

- Full ESP ( Namen,Weapon,Distance,Visible,Far)

- polymorph,peb hiding to prevent VAC detection


- extract,start basic_hack.exe,start cs

- Fixed aimthru
- Improved visible check

===================================== fix (14.02.200
support & proofness:
=> tested for CS1.6 and DoD1.3
=> VAC2 & HLG Proof
=> for best experiences, first start the loader, second start CS/DoD
=> if that doesn't work for you, try it vice versa
=> FarESP
=> VisibleESP
=> BoxESP
=> NameESP
=> WeaponESP
=> DistanceESP
=> GaitSequenceESP (only CS)
=> EntityESP
=> Radar (only CS)
=> Aimbot (Aimkey, Aimheight, FOV)
changelog fix1:
=> fixed injection-error (I hope :p )
=> improved esp and aimbot functionality in DoD 1.3
=> aimbot now works in windowed mode too

Release 17 (01/16/0:

added support for Day of Defeat
added support for Condition Zero
added support for Team Fortress Classic
not every feature works for every mode


Take no Prisoners v2.0

.:: [Starting the hack]

1. Run TnP.exe
2. Start Counter-Strike 1.6 or Condition Zero
3. Join a game

.:: [Menu and console]

You can acess the menu with the insert key and the console with the delete key. Use the
mouse or arrow keys to navigate through the menu.

.:: [Feature list]

Autoaim - automatically aim at the target
Aimkey - select which mouse button will activate the aimbot, ranges from 1-3
Autoshoot - automatically shoot at a target
Autowall - aim through the walls at a target if you are capable of causing damage
Aimthru - aim through the walls even if you can't hit the target
Silent aim - aiming is not visible to your client
Fov - determines whether or not your aimbot will "do a 360" and aim at people behind you, ranges from 1-4
Hitbox - 1 = head / 2 = low head / 3 = chest / 4 = stomach (choose which hitbox to aim at)
Team - 1 = aim at enemies / 2 = aim at friends / 3 = aim at everyone
Lock - the aimbot locks on to a player and won't "jump around" as long as that player is a valid target
Draw aimspot - draw the spot where the aimbot will aim
Prediction - helps predict the target for slow computers
Predahead - prediction modifier
Predback - prediction modifier
Adjust height - adjust hitbox height
Adjust forward - forward hitbox adjustment
Adjust right - right hitbox adjustment

Name ESP - draws the player names
Weapon ESP - draws which weapon the player has
Box ESP - draws either a box proportional to the players size or a static box, ranges from 1-2
Entity ESP - draws weapon names and C4 on the ground
Wallhack - draws players through walls
Lambert - keeps the player models bright, even when the player is in a shadow
Fullbright - makes the whole level brightly lit
White walls - the textures are stripped from the walls, making them white
Outlined walls - the walls have an outlined effect
HUD color - colors your HUD a bluish color
Third person - changes your perspective to third person
Quake guns - the guns are repositioned to the center of your screen
Player lights - the players emit colored lights
Player glow - the player glows
Weapon glow - the weapon model glows a bluish color
Crosshair - extra crosshair, ranges from 1-2
Radar - shows the location of friends and enemies, 1 = normal / 2 = overview

Speed - sets a basic speed, ranges from 1-8
Speed key - sets a mouse button to activate speed, ranges from 1-3
Auto speed - sets a speed for when your shooting, ranges from 1-8
Knive speed - speed is activated when you attack with your knife
Reload speed - speed is activated whenever you reload

Nospread - helps to minimize bullet spread, 1 = always on / 2 = on only while aimbot is locked
Anti-recoil - helps to minimize gun recoil, ranges from 1-3
Autorecoil - automatically sets the recoil value depending on the gun
Anti-flash - removes the flashbang effect
Anti-smoke - removes the smoke grenade effect
Anti-scope - removes the sniper scope blackout
No sky - removes the sky

Kill stats - you announce who you killed, with what weapon, and if it was a headshot
Name copier - you steal the players name that your aimbot is locked on to
Bunny hop - this allows you to bunny hop if you hold the jump button
Auto pistol - this allows you to quickly fire a pistol by holding down the attack key, instead of hitting it many times
Buybot - this automatically buys your weapons for you




1.) Extract all files in the same directory.
2.) Run the hack.
3.) Run Counter-Strike.


2.) Run Counter-Strike.
3.) Run the hack.
4.) 'F12' is activation/panic Key

Note: To reduce/remove flickers turn vsync on or play in window-mode
After you started Counter-Strike , the hack needs 10 seconds to start its work.
Do NOT rename the files.


simple Far-ESP

Note: This hack should be VAC proof for a VERY long time.
It does not modify the code and the process is hidden by a driver

Version Log:

13.02.2008 release


This program is created to make an effort at keeping your Warcraft III custom games (for example DotA) free of notorious leavers. Thereby it offers a local database (to which you can add people yourself) to alert you when a "leaver" joins your game or someone you've kept some information about.

The program can do this in various ways:

* Play a sound as soon as a leaver is detected, or banned

* Display a text in-game floating at the top of your screen

* Copy a text into the clipboard, so you can view the comment by pressing CTRL-V

Further features include:

* Synchronization with other people's banlists via the Buddy Banlist System

* Integration of clans' banlists / safelists

* Showing the country of or ping to joined players or the host

* A real-time chat interface for Warcraft III using built-in stylesheets to match the Warcraft III-look or another look to your liking

* An anti-download option which enables you to have people who try to download the map (when hosting) auto-kicked

* Automatic slot-reservation for your friends and clanmates

* Automatically copying the game name if your friend joins a game

System Requirements

* Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Server 2003 or Vista

* Warcraft III - Reign of Chaos (with or without Frozen Throne) by Blizzard Entertainment

* A network device compatible with WinPcap (Most USB devices will not work)


MDH Lite 2.0:
- Maphack
- Tiehack
- Win32 Api

* Copy MDH.exe in your Warcraft III directory.
* Start it and press Start Warcraft III.
* After go to MDH Menu and press the buttons start Maphack and start Tiehack.


Gattahack 2.1 Changes
* Added maphack options
* Added HP bar view
* Patched the -ah hack for DotA 6.50b

OK, first of all, let me start off by saying that this was not originally meant to be a maphack - A few weeks ago, I got word that Icefrog (DotA modder) planned on implementing a built-in anti-maphack system for DotA 6.50. There are several custom map anti-maphack systems out there nowadays; some are more stable than others, but they are all almost identical in their overall methodology - all use corrupt models or effects that will crash users who are not supposed to "see" them (maphack users). More recently, an even more creative method that makes use of a blank minimap icon was developed, and it prevented maphack users from viewing non-visible heroes on the minimap.

"-ah" command (Anti-maphack system for DotA 6.50)
While I applaud these people's creativity, it is absolutely ridiculous that they would honestly think they could prevent any dedicated hacker from bypassing these gimmicky systems in a matter of minutes. These modders need to accept the fact that they are simple-minded scripter’s writing in an extremely simple scripting language (JASS): very few of them have any real-world experience in lower-level programming languages or assembly. Frankly, I consider Icefrog an idiot for wasting his time on this worthless anti-maphack system which supposedly prolonged the release of 6.50 by several weeks.

The anti-maphack system is very simple: The host of the game (blue) types "-ah" in between the 15-60 second mark. He is then given two options: -mode1 or -mode2. Mode1 only generates of the blank Minimap overlay so maphack users cannot see non-visible heroes on the minimap; it will not cause a crash. -Mode2 also generates the overlay, but it also adds a corrupt unit model that will cause wc3 to crash for maphack users who are able to see units they shouldn't.

I had already written a program devised to bypass the existing anti-maphack systems before 6.50 was released, but I never bothered releasing because so few people actually bothered playing with the AHMS modded DotA versions. Now that the official 6.50 has the system built-in, I've decided to release it. Coincidentally, 6.50 was released the same day the 1.21b patch was released, and, as everyone has probably noticed, there aren't any maphacks out that work with the new patch. So I added a maphack which simply uses the Shadowfrench offsets that I updated for the new patch. I take NO CREDIT for the maphack functionality - its all Shadowfrenchs work. I just wanted to release something quick, stable and easy and most people will agree that the Shadowfrench maphack was the best and most stable maphack out there for DotA. There have also been several indications that Shadowfrench may never return to release an updated version of his maphack for the new patch.

How to use
Maphack: Click "Activate Hack" at any point when Warcraft is open.
-ah Hack: You must click "Kill -ah" or hit F4 each new DotA game once the game starts. It must be done BEFORE the host types -ah (you have 15 seconds). If it works, Gattahack will play the default windows "tada" sound and you will be immune from the anti-maphack system.

You may also just use the -ah Hack by itself for immunity and then use another hack of your choice.

How the -ah Hack works
The -ah hack works by null-terminating the model and texture file paths used by the anti-maphack system. Warcraft III custom maps are basically just file archives with dozens of files and descriptors. Every file has a path within the archive for the main script to reference when it needs to. By null-terminating a file path, the triggers will not be able to make use of the file. In DotA 6.50's case, the two files it uses are "AH\modelcrash.mdx" (corrupt model) and "war3mapimported\MiniMap-Blank.blp" (texture overlay)

I'd like to encourage more hackers to expand on this hack as I simply don't have the time to put a whole lot of time into it, and having to activate it each new game can be a little annoying. I've only spent total of 2-3 hours on it, and I know for a fact there are more efficient, practical ways to achieve the same result.

Gattahack is not detected by GGC, and is, of course immune to 6.50's -ah command. It is detected by Warden (ladder) and the popular anti-hack "DotA Client".
Unfortunately, I have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to bypass DotA Client to no avail - it is particularly frustrating because it does not immediately tell you when you are banned and it bans by CD-key. It is also near impossible to decrypt information sent to its central servers, or the program itself. Fortunately, DotA Client is only used in league environments.


v. 0.1.3
Simple pure OpenGL hack
by mainzr

You can share and upload hack free as long as you dont modify it or take credit of it!



XQz2 Walls
ASUS Walls
Wireframe mode
Simple antirecoil

Press "Delete" for hack menu where you can toggle features on / off!




1. Start Blank Loader named mainzohook(.exe)
2. Press Load when simple button pops up
3. Start CS
4. Toggle hack menu on / off with DELETE


# Version 0.1.3
Proof against newest VAC2 update

# Version 0.1.2
VAC2 proofed
Menu doesnt drop fps no longer
New feature: Removals (NoFlash and NoSmoke)

# Version 0.1.1
New VAC2 proofing added!
Hack menu added!
New feature: Lambert & 2 bugfixes

# Version 0.1.0
First public release of mainzoHook


- Youll have to change norecoil off when you are clicking on menus
- Hack menu flashes your screen while its on



* Features:
* 100% Undetected offsets (works after the Blizzard banning on 06-16-07)
* View Units Main Map
* View Units Minimap
* Clickable Units
* Remove Main Map Fog
* Remove Mini Map Fog
* View Units HP + Enemy HP + Ally HP


Just place your carNage.exe in the same directory as war3.exe


Open warcraft, run the hack


Warcraft Cheat Codes

WarCraft 3: Reign of Chaos

Cheat mode:
Press [ENTER] while playing to bring up the message dialog box.
Type the following codes in the box, then press [ENTER] again to
activate. If successful, the message "CHEAT ENABLED" will appear
on the screen

.............................. More infos inside the pack

I extract this AIO because i found 2 trojans
map_hack_carnage <--------- HAVE TROJAN (I DELETED)
map_hack_carnage_1 <--------- HAVE TROJAN (I DELETED)
Now this pack is clean 100%

AIO Created by Fakoykas

=/////////////////////////All packs is CLEAN 100%\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\=
=All have ScreenShoot and FULL Report from KasperSky Internet Security=
=If you find something with other AV prog I DONT ANSWER in any comment=

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