Game Remake Pack 2007 46in1 (+MUST HAVE+) [h33t][migel]

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Name:Game Remake Pack 2007 46in1 (+MUST HAVE+) [h33t][migel]

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Game Remake Pack 2007 -46in1- (+MUST HAVE+) [h33t][migel]

210MB Compress
215MB UnCompress
No Pass

Remember the good old days of the ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad, and Atari computers?

Heres a pack with a selection of some of the best game remakes ever made that'll reintroduce you to some of those old favorites.

Most games are faithful remakes with updated graphics, while some preserve the original special effects wizardry.

For all you younguns who have no idea what I'm going on about, check it out and see.

Pack includes...

(Developer - Title Version)

16x16-WhiningGirl2D - Counterclockwise - Knot In 3D V1.1 [Remake]

Adam Dawes - Highway Pursuit V1.1 [Remake]

Andreas Rover - Nebulous V1.1.2 [Remake]

Andy Noble - Manic Miner [Remake]

Armageddon Games - Zelda Classic V2.10w [Remake]

** Christian Pinder - Elite - The New Kind V1.0 [Remake] (Very Rare) **

Derbian - Quest For Tires PC V1.07 [Remake]

Devilish Games - Knight Lore [Remake]

Flash Jester Punk - Alien Breed - Obliteration [Remake]

John M Dow - Splat PC [Remake]

Mark Rosten - Bruce Lee V1.12 [Remake]

Mersey Remakes - BMX Racers V1.0 [Remake]

Minionsoft - Asteroids [Remake]

Minionsoft - Atic Atac V1.3 [Remake]

Minionsoft - Defender [Remake]

Minionsoft - Frogger [Remake]

Minionsoft - Galaxian [Remake]

Minionsoft - Missile Command [Remake]

Minionsoft - Moon Patrol [Remake]

Minionsoft - Pac Man [Remake]

Minionsoft - Repton [Remake]

Minionsoft - Scramble [Remake]

Minionsoft - Space Invaders [Remake]

OvineBy Design - Cholo V1.2 [Remake]

OvineBy Design - Sacred Armour Of Antiriad V1.01 [Remake]

OvineBy Design - Total Eclipse V1.0 [Remake]

PJ Crossley - Cookie [Remake]

Revills Games - Ghosts'N Goblins V0.4.BB [Remake]

Scottige Soft - Smila - Ghostbusters PC [Remake]

Simla - Bruce Lee 2 - Return Of The Wizard [Remake]

Smila - Aztec Challenge [Remake]

Smila - Cavelon [Remake]

Smila - Into The Eagles Nest [Remake]

Space Time Games - Manic Miner 2000 V1.0 [Remake]

Spoonbill Software - Apple Dung Beetles V1.0 [Remake]

Spoonbill Software - Apple Firebird V1.0 [Remake]

Spoonbill Software - Apple Frogger V1.0 [Remake]

Spoonbill Software - Apple Lode Runner V1.0f [Remake]

Spoonbill Software - Apple Serpentine V2.1 [Remake]

TCK Soft - N.O.M.A.D. V1.01 [Remake]

TDB Soft - Barbarian V1.00 [Remake]

TDB Soft - Gordian Tomb V1.00 [Remake]

Tero Heikkinen - Starion 2010 [Remake]

The Bitmap Brothers - Xenon 2000 - Project PCF [Remake]

Travis Baldree - Telengard V1.07 [Remake]]

WolRon - Pitfall 2 - Lost Caverns [Remake]


16x16-WhiningGirl2D - Counterclockwise - Knot In 3D V1.1 [Remake]

Counterclockwise is a freeware remake of the 1983 Spectrum game Knot in 3D. It was made for RetroRemakes 2006 game competition.

You can now upload scores to the internet score table.


Counterclockwise is a remake of 1983 Spectrum game "Knot in 3D". Your goal is to navigate a mass-trail propulsion craft through zero-G space and survive as long as you can. There are other crafts (chasers) around, trying to cut you off with their trails. Avoid crashing into trails and showoff some fancy flying and shooting skills for extra score.
The game arena is fairly small but it wraps around giving you illusion of seamless infinite space.


In Counterclockwise, game difficulty is closely related to speed. You can set prefered speed from the Main Menu.



AdamDawes - Highway Pursuit V1.1 [Remake]

Highway Pursuit is a modern game taking its inspiration from a number of classic arcade games.

It's an action-packed 3d blast along roads filled with enemy agents -- but also with innocent civilians that you should protect at all costs.

Featuring diverse landscapes and scenery, a variety of enemy vehicles, multiple weapons, weather effects, radio communications from your HQ, 3d sound effects, configurable support for keyboard, joysticks and steering wheels, Highway Pursuit is a road trip you shouldn't miss!

Highway Pursuit is produced in association with Retrospec.


Fast-paced action-packed arcade action
A variety of enemy vehicles with their own attack patterns
Multiple weapons: machine guns, oil slick, smoke screen, surface-to-air missiles
Radio communications from your HQ keep you informed of dangers ahead
Automatic highscore storage and internet upload feature
Can be controlled by keyboard, gamepad, joystick or steering wheel
Redefinable controls
Excellent music and 3d sound effects
A range of landscapes including forest, urban and desert
Highway Pursuit is freeware -- you may download and play it for free.



AndreasRover - Nebulous V1.1.2 [Remake]

A.K.A Tower Toppler

In this game you have to help a cute little green animal switch off some kind of "evil" mechanism. The "power off switch" is hidden somewhere in high towers. On your way to the target you need to avoid a lot of strange robots that guard the tower.

That sounds all like a normal jump and run game. What makes this game different is that you walk arond the tower which is revolving on the screen, so that you only see the 180° that are currently visible.

The game is a reimplementation of the old game known as Tower Toppler or Nebulus. It was available for PC, Atari, C64. The author was J.M.Phillips and was published by Hewson software.



AndyNoble - Manic Miner [Remake]

Probably the most influential platform game I've ever played.. it paved the way for the UK game software scene during the 80s and spawned several sequels (Jet Set Willy etc.)

THIS is the game that got me into making games ... Matthew Smith used to visit our local Tandy store in Liscard, Merseyside and write games on the TRS-80s for store customers to play. He did it for the love of games and as a creative outlet and after getting messed over by publishers, disappeared into obscurity. I have total respect for his style. The guy is a creative genius and I can only hope that one day he'll come back and write a new game. So kick back, load it up and enjoy the game that had so many ZX Spectrum owners locked up in their bedrooms night after night trying to jump over killer toilets!

For more info on this awesome game (and a little about Matthew Smith) ...

System Requirements
PC ... some memory ... stuff like that!



ArmageddonGames - Zelda Classic V2.10w [Remake]



HUGE nostalgia trip
Comes with old & new graphic
You can even make new games!


Tiny glitches can occur

When Nintendo released the game The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in 1986, little did they know that the little green-clad elf named Link would have such an impact on the world. Now, exactly 20 years after, Link has spawned numerous new adventures and has been one of the few Nintendo characters to have been included on every Nintendo system. With such a legacy, it was only a matter of time before some fan would make a remake of the old NES classic, and in April 1999 a programmer nicknamed Phantom Menace stepped up to answer the call.

And, again, Link turned this game into something much bigger than initially imagined. It seems that you can't make a game with Link in it and expect it to fail. The full replicated game stood complete in June 2000, and Phantom Menace left his creation behind, thinking it was complete. Never have anyone been more wrong.

The Legend of Zelda had been reborn in the shape of Zelda Classic, but Link wanted more. And so did his fans. New and more detailed 8-bit graphic was demanded, along with new quests and stories to complete, and much much more. The community desperately needed a new programmer to take over where Phantom Menace left, and to answer the pleading from the fans, and in 2001 their saviour arrived in the form of Dark Nation. He managed to completely redo the game in a matter of weeks, and included a lot of new features to the game. The results? Zelda Classic exploded and became one of the biggest freeware successes in history, gathering more than 3000 new members for the forum in a matter of a few months!

Later the team decided, in a moment of true brilliance, that "Hey. People continually demand new stories to complete for Link and new graphics. Why don't we let them make their own games?" And so ZQuest was born. ZQuest (The Zelda Classic Quest Creator) allows the gamer to make his own game from beginning to finish, and also lets him import graphics and sprites from other games or create his own. The limits are endless - as long as the graphic used is 8-bit. While this was originally imagined to be used only for Zelda games, the community decided otherwise, and have created completely new Super Mario games, Metroid games, and even Star Wars games using the ZQuest program. And the list of games doesn't stop there. At the moment of writing there are amazing 234 Quests in the official database, which doesn't include all the games created around the net without informing the Zelda Classic homepage.

But while the new quests are great in themselves, to me they can't really compare to the original remake Zelda Classic. The Legend of Zelda was the first game I owned myself, and came with the NES system my parents bought me when I was a kid. I loved every moment of it. The game was so much better than anything I had ever played at that time, and actually had a really advanced engine for its time. With a huge arsenal of swords, bombs, boomerangs, bows, shields and more, the game was truly one of the first in-depth RPGs ever made. You have lots of different monsters, some of which shoots stuff at you. This is where your shield comes in handy. You start out with a basic shield, which can protect you against only the weakest missiles, like arrows and furballs that some monsters spit at you. While the shimmering balls the water snake spits at you will pass straight through. And as you loose health, your attacks will also get weaker. When you have full health, you will be able to shoot a ghost sword towards your enenemies by attacking. Loose just half a heart and you'll loose that ability, and will have to run right up to the monster in order to hit it. This is where the other weapons that you will get/buy later on gets so incredibly useful. Using a bomb you can kill almost any enemy immediately, should they be stupid enough to be near the explosion. The boomerang will be highly effective against the jumping spiders, as everything you hit with it will be momentarily stunned and defenseless (with a few exceptions like the flying melon things).

The game also comes with a really huge map filled up to the brim with secrets, and finding them all without a walkthrough (the proper NES nostalgia way) will take a really long time. There's just so much to see and so much to do. Luckily the world is also filled up with friendly hermits, that will sell you useful equipment, but will also give you crucial information in order to find secret places or solve mazes.

While the country map in itself is huge, there are also dungeons spread all over the place. Each one with their own piece of the Triforce. Gather all the pieces, and you are off to fight Gannon, the prince of darkness, and ultimately save the whole of Hyrule from his evil tyranny.

Zelda Classic has managed to capture every essence of the original game, including the original music for every single scene. The true remake doesn't add anything new, and doesn't take away anything from the original game, and thus make for the ultimate trip down memory lane. I would definately recommend this game to anyone who loves old games, and with all the possibilities of ZQuest, everyone will be able to either find a game they love or make their own 8-bit game.

A definate download for anyone. The only flaw I could spot was that sometimes the screen would flicker when a new room was loaded, but this only happened when I played the game in windowed mode, and I think it was more a result of my extremelly low RAM than a fault with the game. In addition there are two versions of the game, either for Windows or DOS. While I was able to play the Windows version without any problems, I discovered that I could not manage to play the DOS version using DOSBox. So I assume that you will need pure DOS to play that version.

Enjoy the game that started the legend!




ChristianPinder - Elite - The New Kind V1.0 [Remake]

Elite was a highly successful space combat/trading game written by Ian Bell and David Braben. It was originally released in 1984 on the BBC Micro Computer. Between the years 1999 and 2002 I wrote a remake of Elite known as Elite - The New Kind (E-TNK). E-TNK became one of the most popular versions of the game, played by thousands of people world wide. The remake was done as a learning experience, to see how Elite was written and to experiment with reverse engineering techniques. E-TNK ran under MS Windows but as I had released all the source code to the game it was quickly ported by other people to a number of systems including GNU/Linux, GameBoy Advance, GP32, OpenBSD, Mac OS X, BE OS, Atari ST, PalmOS and the PocketPC. Unfortunately in 2003 David Braben, one of the original Elite copyright holders, asked me to stop distribution of E-TNK so it is now quite hard to get hold of.


Anyone who is old enough to have been playing computer games in the 1980s will remember one game above all others - Elite. And now here is your chance to play the game which we all remember, but this time using a brand new version written for Windows.

With all the details from the original but with a cleaner interface and sounds you will be plunged straight back into the game as if you never stopped playing the original. And with all the playability of the game from the Eighties you'll be playing for hours.

You can play by making an honest living by transporting cargo and passengers across the universe or even mining valuable deposits in far away planets. But then again you might want to survive by attacking passing ships ready to steal their cargo and living with the intergalatic police always on the search for you. Either way the size of this game will keep you entertained for years.

If you played the original then download this game now, else I strongly recommend downloading it anyway because you'll still love this game.

Requirements: Windows95+, DirectX6.0+


Derbian - Quest For Tires PC V1.07 [Remake]

Author - Derbian
Last Updated - March 9th, 2007

A Remake of the Commodore 64 classic BC's Quest for tires (1983, Sierra On-Line). You control Thor the caveman who is traveling through the lands on a stone unicycle, trying to rescue a helpless lady, Cute Chick, from an evil dinosaur. On the journey you will encounter many kinds of dangers, such as logs, lakes, rolling stones, and of course Thor's arch-enemy, Fat Broad.

Two players can play simultaneously using a split screen mode, racing to rescue Cute Chick before the other player does.


One or Two Players
Two Player Split Screen Mode
Enhanced or Classic Modes
Three different Time Modes: Day, Evening or Night
Cheat Mode(read the readme.doc for more info)


Video Card: 32 Mb
CPU: 300 MHz
RAM: 128 Mb
OS: Win98/ME/2000/XP



DevilishGames - Knight Lore [Remake]

COMPANY: Ultimate Play The Game (1984)


FlashJesterPunk - Alien Breed - Obliteration [Remake]

Alien Breed Obliteration is a remake based on the Amiga classic 'Alien Breed 92', rewritten from scratch with subtle improvements and featuring 15 completely new levels!

Alien Breed is a top-down sci-fi shoot'em-up game, with aspects similar to the film Aliens. Your mission is to blast your way to the heart of the alien invasion picking up ammo, keys, health, money and weapons along the way. Your ultimate goal of course is to find a means to terminate these nasty monsters for good.


Cheats are enabled for the latest version.
For release 09/09/05 add the config.txt file to your Alien Breed folder.

Whilst in game press the following keys:
L for an extra life
K for an extra key
A for an extra ammo clip
C for 1000 more credits

Some help for those stuck on level 4 (maze), the file level04map.gif is a Map with the correct route marked



JohnMDow - Splat PC [Remake]

Avoid being squashed by walls and running into stingy things. Features John's patented "Random Scrolly Wotsit" which is reason enough to download.

It's a maze; but not as we know it



MarkRosten - Bruce Lee V1.12

This is my remake of Bruce Lee using Blitz Basic for the PC. My version is based upon the original Commodore 64 version, even so far as to use the original's graphics and sounds.

Visit the project website for more information and screenshots.
Revision History (Current Rev: 1.12)
v1.12 bug fix release.
- Changed control options to allow Joypad port zero to be selected.
- Added joystick/pad sensitivity setting to control options. Select 1-9. 4 is default (the higher the number, the less sensitive the game is to joystick/pad movement changes).
- Fixed swords and spikes on screen 7. They didn't kill you They now do
- Fixed screen changes between screens 11 -> 12, and 19 -> 18
- Added extra error trapping to the load of images, sounds, and data. The files must exist within the proper subdirectory! Extended error details are displayed for these errors.
- (new self extracting zip executable)

v1.1 Final release.
- All original levels now included.
- Setting to change the Joystick port number used.
- Many tweaks and minor enhancements.

Bruce Lee for C64- remade for PC by Nigel Clarkston

This review will probably be the nostalgia trip of a lifetime for those of you who (like myself) happened to own a Commodore 64 back in the 80s. For anyone who needs reminding, the C64 was the brown(ish) chunky looking computer that followed hot on the heals of other legendary mean machines like the old Atari and the Colecovision.
One of the good things about the C64 was the fact that there was a MASSIVE supply of games available for the thing. We're talking games of every genre you could possibly think of! And if you happened to be a martial arts fan AND the proud owner of a C64, you were made! There were more martial arts games available for the C64 than there are available for today's Xbox, Gamecube and Playstation COMBINED!!!

"Bruce Lee" was one of the more early releases for the C64 and is fondly remembered by many as being one of the original and best platform games of all time. One of my happiest childhood memories is staying off school with a flu and playing Bruce Lee all day long! Now, (at last!!!) a computer guru by the name of Mark Rosten has produced a virtually identical remake of the classic game that can be played on a modern PC.

In the game your goal, as Bruce Lee, is simply to collect as many lanterns as you possibly can and therefore progress through the various scenes as you do so. In order to collect the lanterns you must leap across platforms, avoid deadly spikes, steer clear of electrical impulses (which travel across the floor), climb up errrr… things, dodge strange flying lobsters(?!) and generally run around like a madman! But just in case you think that sounds easy, THANK AGAIN- for in this game lurks 2 immortal bad guys, both of whom are intent on chasing and generally harassing you everywhere you go!

.Platform: .Windows9x/Me/XP
.Developer: Mark Rosten
.Size: 644 KB



MerseyRemakes - BMX Racers V1.0 [Remake]

OS: Win9X
Author - Mersey Remakes
Last Updated - July 5th, 2006

This is a great remake of a classic Mastertronic game originally released for the Commodore 64 and other popular 8-bit computers. Use your arrow keys to control your BMX racer to avoid crazy riders, lunatic grannies, and other enemies and hazards. Use the ramps to jump over them and gain points.



Minionsoft - Asteroids [Remake]

Based on the ATARI classic arcade game "ASTEROIDS".

This version sees the classic game using coloured sprites insted of the originals 2 colour vector graphics.



Minionsoft - Atic Atac V1.3 [Remake]

Platforms: PC
Start Date: 12 November, 2004
Finish Date: 18 May, 2006

I never did believe in Ghosts or Monsters. . .

Not until now, not until the Main doors of the Castle closed and locked themselves behind me. . .

There`s no key here!!!

I`m trapped!!!

HELP!!!. . .


I can see strange shapes materialising on the other side of the room. . .
Evil eyes glaring at me. . .
Footsteps. . .
Somethings coming down the corridor. . .
Something large. . .
Something cold. . .
I must run quickly. . .

I must escape before it`s too late!!!!


Now that you have been trapped in the evil haunted Castle,
your object is to find the hidden Golden Key of A.C.G. and
escape via your only exit, the Main Doors.

The Castle consists of 5 floors, including the `Atic` and the caverns,
which contain countless rooms. Within the many rooms you may find
furniture, food, drinks, objects, Ghosts, Ghouls and monsters.
Eat and drink sparingly so that you do not deplete your food supply.
Collect and utilise any objects you find to your advantage, be wary
of slamming doors and working trapdoors which will try to trap you
and avoid contact with all Ghosts and Monsters, as each of these will
use their best edeavours to hamper your search.


Each of the characters, Knight, Surf and Wizard, are armed with their
own specific weapons, individual movement type and use of one set of
secret passages, unbeknown to the others.


O.K. Enough of the advertising gumf . . . .

In 1984 ULTIMATE-PLAY THE GAME (Now known as RARE) gave us an incredible graphic adventure in the form of Atic Atac.

By Richard Jordan

From Atic dark to Cellar dank, in Caverns deep and swampland rank. The garden green spawms hideous life, the outhouse treasure leads to strife Awake...awake...and find the key! For only then wilt thou be free!

This is a brand new Atic Atac remake written from scratch following the demise of JMD's version. Gameplay wise, it's very close to the original, but with a few extra bells, whistles and that sort of thing. Graphics, sound and music have been enhanced in true remakes fashion.

From Atic dark to Cellar dank, in Caverns deep and swampland rank. The garden green spawms hideous life, the outhouse treasure leads to strife Awake...awake...and find the key! For only then wilt thou be free!

About Original

Jasper by Adam Davidson & Andrew Pollard

I never did believe in Ghosts or Monsters... Not until now, not until the Main doors of the Castle closed and locked themselves behind me... There's no key here!!! I'm trapped!!! HELP!!!... HEELLLPPPP!!!!... No-one can hear me... I'm alone... Why do the doors open and slam shut??!!... Is anybody there??...
HHEELLLLPPPP!!!!... I can see strange shapes materialising on the other side of the room... Evil eyes glaring at me... Footsteps... Somethings coming down the corridor... Something large... Something cold... I must run quickly... QUICKLY... HHEELLLLPPPP!!!!... I must escape before it's too late!!!!!

Now that you have been trapped in the evil haunted Castle, your object is to find the hidden Golden Key of A.C.G. and escape via your only exit, the Main Doors.

The Castle consists of 5 floors, including the 'Atic' and the caverns, which contain countless rooms. Within the many rooms you may find furniture, food, drink, objects, Ghosts, Ghouls and Monsters. Eat and drink sparingly so that you do not deplete your food supply. Collect and utilise any objects you find
to your best advantage, be wary of slamming doors and working trapdoors which will try to trap you and avoid contact with all the Ghouls and Monsters, as each of these will use their best endeavours to hamper your search.

Each of the characters, Knight, Surf and Wizard, are armed with their own specific weapons, individual movement type and use of one set of secret passages, unbeknown to the others.

Minimum System Requirements

The game requires DirectX 7a and a 233 Mghz processor with a reasonable 3D graphics card !

Joypad with 2 buttons or keyboard for control.



Minionsoft - Defender [Remake]

Based on the WILLIAMS classic arcade game "DEFENDER".

This version sees all the original baddies and levels and gameplay, but now in 2 graphical flavours... Classic and Enhanced.



Minionsoft - Frogger [Remake]

Based on the SEGA/GREMLIN classic arcade game "FROGGER".

This version sees all the original gameplay.



Minionsoft - Galaxian [Remake]

Based on the MIDWAY classic arcade game "GALAXIAN".

This version sees all the original baddies and levels and gameplay.



Minionsoft - Missile Command [Remake]

Based on the ATARI classic arcade game "MISSILE COMMAND".

This version has been improved by putting the whole game in a 3D scenario.



Minionsoft - Moon Patrol [Remake]

Based on the IREM classic arcade game "MOON PATROL".

This version sees all the original baddies and levels and gameplay.



Minionsoft - Pac Man [Remake]

Based on the NAMCO classic arcade game "PAC MAN".

Slightly modified graphics, but still with all the regulars.



Minionsoft - Repton [Remake]

REPTON first appeared in on the Acorn BBC micro back in 1984 and was an instant success. Its basically a "Collect-the-diamonds-and-push-the-blocks" puzzle game.The game was origanly written by Tim Tylers for Superior Software. The basic game idea is to guide REPTON (the main charater, a green reptile ) around a series of mazes (maps) and collect Diamonds (and in later games other objects) while avoiding the hazzards of falling bopulders and roaming monsters (and again in later games other such obsticles such as skulls (stattic boulders ?!?, spirits - which, when guided correctly open cages to reveal more diamonds, and fungus) The game did so well, a sequel followed. The game was no longer a series of maps but one giant map, which you negotiated via teleports. Although a massive and enjoyable game, it was way too big, and in my opinion, way to hard to play in one sitting. REPTON 2 did however have some new features that the original didn`t, skulls and spirits and telepots, all of which where made it over to the next sequel ...

REPTON 3 was basically REPTON (single map exploration) but with the new features of 2 thrown in. This was the bees knees, and I`m still struggeling through these levels. Not only did u get an all new game tho, u also got an editor and character desinger. Now you could create your own REPTON worlds. So popular was REPTON 3 that 3 other games using the same engine where released :- The Life of Repton, Around the World in 40 Screens and Repton Thru Time.

Now, 15 years later you can play all the games again ....well, almost all. REPTON 2 is not included because it would require a major re-write of the engine, but all the others are (hopefully) faithfully recreated as best as i can. And too boost, I`ve also added an enhanced graphics set. See the screen shots page to see the comparisons.



Minionsoft - Scramble [Remake]

Based on the STERN classic arcade game "SCRAMBLE".

This version sees all the original baddies and levels and gameplay, but rendered in 3D.



Minionsoft - Space Invaders [Remake]

Based on the the TAITO classic game "SPACE INVADERS".

Gone are thelittle green aliens, and in there place are new bigger, chunkier, multi coloured aliens ! Apart from that its still the same game. Not one of my best pieces of work, but then again 1 days work is all it got.



OvineByDesign - Cholo V1.2 [Remake]

Cholo is a freeware computer game for Microsoft Windows.


This type of Cholo is a 3D computer game for Microsoft Windows. It is a mix of an adventure game and first person shooter, presented with a stylised 'computer generated' look.
What's the goal?

Using the droids in the city, your only means of contact to the surface, free the citizens of Cholo from their bunker where they have taken refuge for hundreds of years.
I want a copy

From the main Cholo website, click the Download Rampak button. You will find the game plus other things to download there.
Minimum requirements

Requires DirectX 7 or better and a relatively decent 3D accelerated graphics card would be an advantage. P-III or better.

Get hints, tips & history from the Cholo Archives and Bunker Schematics sections.

About the original

Cholo was released on various 8-bit home computer formats between 1986-7.
What 8-bits?

Versions created for BBC Micro, Commodore 64, Spectrum and Amstrad CPC464.

All were identical in gameplay, but had slightly different looks which was probably more to do with the attributes of the hardware.
A remake?

This version of the game is a remake. Everything has been built from the ground up with new graphics, new map and new rampaks. However it maintains the original game design that makes Cholo what it is. Thank's to [SI] for allowing us to remake such a classic game.



OvineByDesign - Sacred Armour Of Antiriad V1.01 [Remake]

One of our entries for first Retro Remakes games competition. An epic game from the classic Commodore 64.

This is V1.01 (13-8-2003)
Some small bug fixes - thanks for your feedback.

Antiriad gets 83% at Acid Play.
Download details
Platform: Windows
Rating: Universal

This is V1.01 (13-8-2003)
Some small bug fixes - thanks for your feedback.


You are Tal, the last hope for mankind's successors in a post-apocalyptic world which has been destroyed by the invasion of a hostile alien race. The legendary sacred armour of Antiriad, an advanced anti-radiation suit, is the only weapon available to overthrow them. You have to find the suit and its components that are strewn about the landscape and then to use it to free your people.

This is a popular game from the 8-bit computers, and we feel we have done a faithful remake. However, it is not an easy game and exploration and learning is essential. If you are stuck, do a search on Google for Antiriad and you will find plenty of maps and solutions. If you are really stuck, try our getting started video 2Mb (Windows Media file)

Remake Details

So many rave reviews about this one - we just had to attempt a remake of it. The main code has taken a little over a week to complete. The graphics elements of the game will be recreated in a hybrid style of spectrum/c64 and Amstrad - all in glorious 32 bit colour.

Each 8 bit version has its own merrits - each of which will be recreated into an "easier" game than its original.

Now completed I can also tell you that we improved the gameplay slightly by allowing TAL (when not in his suit) to throw his little rock with a varying throwing arc. This is accomplished by pressing up/down whilst holding the fire button.

We sprused up the sfx by having the suit announce its status rather than just having it scroll across the status bar.

Game Background

Original game publisher : Palace Software (UK) 1986


OvineByDesign - Total Eclipse V1.0 [Remake]

OS: Win9X
Author - Ovine by Design
Last Updated - March 13th, 2007

Total Eclipse is a remake of a extremely popular game you may have played on systems like the Commodore 64, Spectrum, or Amiga. Games like this opened a new era for gaming as they were very fun to play, challenging, and now had fantastic 3D graphics(for the time). The very idea that 3D was possible on a 64k computer back then was extraordinary in itself.

In this game, you're quest is to explore the great pyramid and solve the puzzles that will help you find clues to the ultimate mystery... How to destroy the shrine of the Sun-God: RE. If you are unable to do this in two hours or less, the Moon will explode during the Total Eclipse, and the Earth will be rained upon by millions of meteors. Simple as that...

You have just landed your bi-plane next to the great pyramid. You have a wrist watch, a compass, some water, and a pistol with an ample supply of bullets. You are in the desert, so you will need to keep your water relinquished. There are places where you can re-fill your water bottle. You will also need to rest on occasion. If you see your heart rate going up, you will need to rest for a little while.

You are not only in this to save the world. Collect vast amounts of treasure while you are on your adventure. Beware that at times, greed can lead you to some traps. Also, you will find ankhs. You will need some of these in order to get through some passages. Be thrifty with them, as you will need five of them at the end of the game. There are sometimes other ways to get to areas instead of using your ankhs.

Examine every part of every room, and shoot stuff. You will encounter some pretty extraordinary things on your quest. You will hopefully reach some save points in the game. Once you have done this, you can quick load the game by hitting F2. Good'll need it.



PJCrossley - Cookie [Remake]

Cookie is a remake of a ZX Spectrum video game by Ultimate Play The Game. Cookie was originally released in 1983. In the game Charlie the Chef has to bake a cake, but the ingredients (Mixed Peel, Chunky Chocolate, Crafty Cheese, Sneaky Sugar and Colonel Custard) are reluctant.



RevillsGames - Ghosts'N Goblins V0.4.BB [Remake]

Remake of the 1985 Capcom platform game. Coded in BlitzBasic.



Scottigesoft-Smila - Ghostbusters PC [Remake]

Ghostbusters is a remake of the movie tie available on the 8bit systems in the 80's.

The object of the game is to earn money by catching ghosts.
This is done by moving to a flashing haunted building on the map where the game shifts to a ghost catching scene.
Successfully catch the ghost and you get paid $400.
Fail, you get slimed and loose a man.

While this is happening, the keymaster and gate keeper are slowly moving toward's Zuul's building in the centre of the map.

Once they meet, you are called to the building where, assuming you have made more money than you started with, you must get passed the Marshmallow man for the final battle.


.Updated Graphics by Smila Storey
.Two soundtracks kindly provided by Metal band Xentrix and Geekay from Us vs Them.
.Enhanced driving section
.Extra section
.New Cut Scenes
.Hidden car ( 2.21 jigawats anyone ? )
Platform(s): Windows

System Requirements
Average PC.
I'd say 1.5 Ghz, 256 Meg Ram, 64 meg GFX card to be safe



Simla - Bruce Lee 2 - Return Of The Wizard [Remake]

Trevor Smila Storeys tribute to the Data East classic see's Bruce Lee return once more to take on the evil wizard, the cunningly disguised Ninja and The Green Yamo.

Although we're still not entirely sure what a Yamo is and why it should be green.

Smila goes kung fu fighting.

Bruce Lee makes a comeback in this luscious homage to the classic multiformat game of yesteryear.

Over 20 years later, and I still don't know what a Green Yamo is. I do know a fine retro remake when I see one though. Enjoy.



Smila - Aztec Challenge [Remake]

Smila's remake of Cosmi's 1984 C64 Game

Guide your player through various challenges to reach the treasure. Duck, jump and dodge your way through the levels. A Retro Remake that contains a muscular man running.

7 challenges await the brave warrior in Smila's remake of the Cosmi classic.

Dodge spears, rocks, spikes and other things that will chafe your poor player and make your way to safety and freedom.

Duck, jump and dodge your way through the levels. A Retro Remake that contains a muscular man running.



Smila - Cavelon Remake

Cavelon The Noo!

Trevor Smila Storeys tribute to the little known Jettsoft arcade classic Cavelon see's you cast in the role of a noble knight attempting to rescue the love of his life from her prison on the top floor of a castle.

Use all your cunning to negotiate the floors of the castle and reach the top to get your rumpy pumpy reward. (Last bit may not be even remotely true).
Platform(s): Windows
Publisher: Indie



Smila - Into The Eagles Nest Remake

Smila takes us into the heart of the war.

Get your helmets at the ready, make sure they're polished - because you're going to need to shoot your way out of this predicament and you'll need all the protection you can get.

Smila's remake of the classic Gauntlet-esque maze shooter should keep you occupied for a fair while.
Platform(s): Windows


You were briefed at eleven.

They told you - you are the best.

You handle the worst jobs, the delicate jobs - the messy jobs no-one else will risk taking. That's why you are here.

Your mission -

# to infiltrate and destroy the stronghold of a top enemy commander which serves as temporary barracks and armoury for the divisions under him
# to steal back as many antiquities as possible from the commanders private collection.

So you're the best. Prove it



SpaceTimeGames - Manic Miner 2000 V1.0 [Remake]

Original Game: Manic Miner

Author(s): Matthew Smith

Publisher: Bug Byte Software

Year: 1983

Guide Miner Willy through 20 Caverns of this Speccy-Enhanced rip-off of a classic Speccy Original



SpoonbillSoftware - Apple Dung Beetles V1.0 [Remake]

This game is a remake of the old Apple II game called Dung Beetles by Bob Bishop. For Apple aficionados it has the original La Cucuracha theme at the beginning of the game and the "We gotcha!" when one of the beetles gets you. It also has the roaming magnifier which follows the player around the maze. This can be switched off in Easy mode, or switched on in Hard mode. There are two ways to play the game - Original and Modified.

Original - Hard plays exactly like the original game on the Apple II. Original - Easy is the original game without the magnifier. You get 8 beetles per level. Scoring remains the same for each level.

Modified - Hard starts off with two beetles on the first level with an additional two beetles on each subsequent level. Point scores are increased with each successive level. Modified - Easy is the same game without the magnifier.

For those of you who have never played Dung Beetles before, here are the very simple rules.
Travel through the maze, eating the food pellets while avoiding the killer beetles.
Use the arrow keys to guide your player around the maze.
Eat all the food pellets to complete the level.
As you move around the maze, you leave a "poop" trail which the beetles will follow in preference, eating up the trail as they go. Try to leave false trails as you go, in an attempt to divert the beetles away from you. The game ends as soon as a beetle finds and kills you.



SpoonbillSoftware - Apple Firebird V1.0 [Remake]

This game is a remake of the old Apple II game called Firebird by Nasir, released in 1981. This is another simple yet addictive game from the days of the Apple II in the early 1980s. In this game, the Firebird continually drops fire bombs onto the apartment blocks, setting them on fire. You are the fireman who must try to put out the fires before they destroy the blocks. If you do not put out the fire in time, the block is destroyed and a little man jumps to his death. Unless you can save him from falling and transport him to the top of the ladder. A man on the top of the ladder will be rescued by the helicopter which will take him off-screen to safety. For each man rescued, the helicopter will drop a new block onto the lowest column. As time passes the game gets more and more frantic as the Firebird drops fire bombs at a faster and faster pace. The game ends when two columns of blocks are empty. This remake contains many of the original sounds to make it as authentic as possible.



SpoonbillSoftware - Apple Frogger V1.0 [Remake]

Apple Frogger - The Remake is a remake of the original Apple II version of Frogger which was written by Olaf Lubeck and released in 1983. Some of the original Apple II sounds have been included to increase the nostalgia element, other sounds which weren't in the original Apple version have been used to add to the "atmosphere" of the play.

Help Frogger cross the busy highway and cross the dangerous river to the safe havens on the other side. To complete a level you must occupy all 5 safe havens. Each level is more difficult than the previous one. There are more vehicles on the highway and less logs and turtles in the river. On level 3 and higher, there are the added dangers of a croc in the river, a seal in the river and a poisonous snake either on the median strip between highway and river, or on a log in the river.

Each crossing, from Frogger's start position at the bottom, to a safe haven at the top must be completed within the allotted time limit. If the time runs out, you lose a life. You start out with 5 lives.



SpoonbillSoftware - Apple Lode Runner V1.0f [Remake]

NOSTALGIA PLUS! For all you Lode Runner fans from the early 1980s. Looks and plays like the original, but runs under Windows.

Apple Lode Runner - The Remake was suggested by Fred Pence who in his younger days back in the early 1980s was an avid fan of the original Apple II game by Doug Smith. Here's the Spoonbill Software version. For those of you who are not familiar with this game, it is an action / puzzle game combining quick reactions with logical reasoning. You progress from level to level by collecting the treasure chests and avoiding the guards. Your only defence, apart from your quick wits, is a laser pistol which you can use to dig holes to temporarily trap the guards. When you have collected all the treasure chests on a level, you must climb to the top of the level before proceeding to the next level. Some levels are more action than puzzle, whilst others are more puzzle than action. The 150 levels which came with the original Apple game are here, plus the 50 levels from the later Championship Lode Runner and a bonus set of 150 levels by the Lode Runner master, Fred Pence himself.

In addition, you can save a game and resume the game later, record your achievements in the High Scores table, design your own levels, and organize levels which you have created by rearranging them or deleting unwanted ones. There are lots more goodies.

Minor version 1.0a includes 4 new level map sets, Quickies, Hyper LR, CWG Contest and LR Pics - 441 new levels to challenge you!

Minor version 1.0b (June 2005) includes a further 4 new level map sets, French Screens, LR Fan Book, Big Red Apple, Fujionkyo LR - 385 new levels. That's a total of 1,176 levels to challenge your ingenuity. These additional screens have been assembled by Fred Pence from various sources around the world.

Minor version 1.0c (November 2005) includes 3 new level map sets, Apuroman-Korea, Australian and Scavenger. That's 280 more levels for you to solve. Again Fred Pence has been instrumental in gathering these levels from various sources on the Internet and converting them for use in Apple Lode Runner - The Remake. He has also tested all of the levels to ensure that they are all possible to solve.

Minor version 1.0d (April 2006) includes 9 new level map sets, Bug News, English Screens, Freds Screens, Hozanban, LR OnLine, MAC LR, Miner (Pre-LR), NEC Lode and Yamamoto. That's an amazing additional 930 levels! This should be enough to keep you happy for quite some time. All these additional levels have, as usual, been tested by Fred Pence to ensure that they are all possible. An interesting inclusion in this release is the level map set entitled "Miner (Pre-LR)". This contains the 20 level maps from the forerunner to Lode Runner which was also written by Doug Smith and called Miner.

Minor version 1.0e (September 2006) includes 7 new level map sets, Asimov-net, Big Red Apple 2, Chic, Hodge Podge, LR Maniac, Student Screens, and Vogel-Mullen, and one modified level map set, NewFL (a modified Freds Lode).

Minor version 1.0f (January 2007) includes 7 new level map sets, C64 levels, Checkmate, Gold Runner, Gold Sprinter, Super LR, Web Screens and Marcs LR. With the addition of these new level maps, it brings the total levels included in Apple Lode Runner - The Remake to an amazing 4300 levels!!!



SpoonbillSoftware - Apple Serpentine V2.1 [Remake]

This is a major upgrade to Serpentine 1.0. It introduces a new ORIGINAL game mode which plays as closely as possible to the original Serpentine as implemented on the Apple computer. The screenshot on the left is from Apple Serpentine - The Remake and the screenshot on the right is from the original Apple version of Serpentine.

The release of Apple Serpentine - The Remake has provided the opportunity of fully integrating the rather fragmented offering in Serpentine 1.0.

Apple Serpentine - The Remake now contains:
A fully integrated Level Organizer.
A fully integrated Full Screen / Windowed option.
MIDI music files to provide background music.
New ORIGINAL mode of play which follows as closely as possible the rules and scoring of the original 1982 Broderbund game.
All the original Level maps by David Snider.
The algorithm which computes the snake return path at the end of the level has been completely re-written and optimized. The snake now always returns to its home by the SHORTEST path in JUNIOR, EASY and HARD game modes only. The original non-direct algorithm is retained for ORIGINAL mode in keeping with the behaviour in original Apple game.
A choice of several different wall designs for the mazes, one of which, Magenta, is most like the original Apple ][ walls.
A choice of several different colors for your Player snake and the Enemy snakes including the original look snakes from the Apple version of the game (see the screenshot above).
A slider to set the Snake speed and PLUS and MINUS keystrokes to change the snake speed during a game.
Comprehensive, completely integrated on-line Help.
Level Map Sets. Now you can have more than one set of Level maps. Any Level map set can be associated with each of the four game modes. By default, the release version associates the ORIGINAL Level Map Set with the ORIGINAL game mode and the MAGNOLIA Level Map Set with the other three game modes.

You'll also find many other things have been tidied up.

I think you'll like the new look Serpentine!



TCKSoft - N.O.M.A.D. V1.01

Platform(s): Windows
Publisher: STompy - Highscore code; Smila - gfx and models; caffeinekid - Coding

The Game

Out in the vastness of space lies the heart of an Intergalactic Criminal Network, TALOS, a man-made asteroid slowly spinning through the void, spreading its evil through the Universe. At the head of this seemingly unstoppable force sits one man, the unspeakably vile Cyrus T. Gross.

A name spoken only in whispered voices, Gross is the embodiment of all that is criminal. Avoiding any attempt to curtail his ever spreading empire, he has crushed all opposition and seems invincible, ruling his depraved Zealots with a fist of iron and a heart of ice.

In a last ditch attempt, the rulers of the Free Worlds have called in the Nemesis organisation, a hardened cadre of humanoid and robotic freebooters who have assigned N.O.M.A.D. 471 (Nemesis Organisation Mobile Attack Droid) to penetrate Gross's heavily armed home world and destroy this vile despot once and for all.

Your mission is to guide N.O.M.A.D. through the four sections of Capital City towards Gross's inner sanctum.

You arrive at the spaceport and must then progress through the slums, into the city centre and penetrate the HQ; "Dun Dentin', before you reach his personal quarters for the final deadly confrontation.

Many dangers await you in all sections of Capital City. In true cowardly style, Gross has installed magnetrons, heat-seeking missiles,
and an infinity of equally deadly obstacles, all of which must be confronted and conquered.

N.O.M.A.D. 471 Specifications

Autonomous war-droid with high-intelligence, Infra-red visual receptors and high-frequency audio-receivers.
Fitted with anti-gravity pods and twin thrusters functional in both forward and backward directions and capable of great speeds with a high degree of manoeuvrability.


Titanium body shell ... Not totally impregnable. Two magnum 57 calibre blasters. The N.O.M.A.D. 471 series is as yet untested. This is his first and possibly deadliest mission. The chances of survival are slim ...

The freedom of the Universe is in your hands.



TDBSoft - Barbarian V1.00 [Remake]

Barbarian is a remake of the classic game on various 8 and 16 bit systems (C64/Amiga/ST/etc). You can play the original game on an emulator.

The evil sorcerer Drax desires Princess Mariana and has sworn to wreak an unspeakable doom on the people of the Jewelled City unless she is delivered to him.

However, he has agreed that if a champion can be found who is able to defeat his demonic guardians, the princess will be allowed to go free. All seems lost as champion after champion is defeated.

Then, from the forgotten wastelands of the North, comes an unknown barbarian, a mighty warrior, wielding his broadsword with deadly skill. Can he vanquish the forces of Darkness and free the Princess? Only you can say...

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium 120
1MB RAM video card capable of 640x480 resolution, 16-bit color
DirectX 6.1
7MB hard disk space



TDBSoft - Gordian Tomb V1.00 [Remake]

title: Gordian Tomb
platform(s): Windows
type: game
language: English
started: 3/5/2005
version: 1.00
status: released

Gordian Tomb is a remake of a cool game on C64 and Amiga. It uses the original Amiga graphics (for now), but does contain a remix of the original soundtrack.

The goal of Gordian Tomb is to find the secret treasure room. This room is located somewhere in the tomb, where many dangers await you. Navigate through these dangers to collect the ultimate prize!

Known Issues

Game runs slow on certain PCs with a S3/VIA integrated video card. This issue is due to a driver problem, and cannot be resolved by TDB Soft.

System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 7
Pentium 100 (Lowest test machine)
1MB RAM video card capable of 640x480 resolution, 256 colors
7MB free hard drive space


TeroHeikkinen - Starion 2010 [Remake]

31.12. 2006 : A new version is available.

The several glitches and the couple downright bugs that plagued the game have been hunted down. I have also added stuff that was still missing from that old version. I hope this will not be the final word, though... there is certainly room for improvements.

Author: Tero Heikkinen. Based on an original by David Webb.



TheBitmapBrothers - Xenon 2000 - Project PCF [Remake]

OS: Win9X
Author - The Bitmap Brothers
Last Updated - May 4th, 2004

The Bitmap Brothers, famous for such games as Xenon, Gods, Speedball, and Chaos Engine, and Cadaver, have released this updated edition of Xenon for the PC. Be prepared to encounter razor sharp graphics, fantastic gameplay, and a beautiful musical score.

Xenon 2000: Project PCF is a remake of a very popular game that first appeared back in the 80s. Fans of this game will be very impressed by this excellent remake. Amiga Fans Rejoice...Xenon is back, and better than ever.



TravisBaldree - Telengard V1.07 [Remake]

A remake of the classic C64 game
by Travis Baldree

If you are a fan of the Commodore 64, Apple II or Atari Computers, then you might remember a great RPG called Telengard from Avalon Hill. This is a great remake of the game, written by Travis Baldree. In the tradition of DND type games, you create a character which is defined by its strength, intuition, wisdom, dexterity, etc.. Then you bring this character into the dungeon, and build it up by fighting all kinds of exotic monsters, find treasure and other mysterious things. You can store your treasure, and rest at the inn...If you can find it.

This game is very addictive, and is not easy. You will die a lot in the beginning. I suggest that you map your steps in the beginning, so that you can find your way to the inn. Also, save your character frequently in order to build it up.

- UPDATE! 10/20/05 -
Another update
v1.07 is released - some text was showing up as numbers when casting a few spells



WolRon - Pitfall 2 - Lost Caverns [Remake]

This game is a pixel-for-pixel remake of Activisions 1983 Atari 2600 game.

It also includes additional caverns to explore if you successfully complete the original caverns.

Win95 or higher
320x200 resolution (or run windowed)
DirectX 7 or higher



More infos, inside the pack - lol

All credits to astalavista

All packs is CLEAN 100%
All have ScreenShoot and FULL Report from KasperSky Internet Security (KIS).
If you find something with other AV prog I DONT ANSWER in any comments.


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