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Dental Articles

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A case of mistaken identity_ periapical cemental dysplasia in an endodontically treated tooth.pdf (Size: 842.42 MB) (Files: 1346)

 A case of mistaken identity_ periapical cemental dysplasia in an endodontically treated tooth.pdf

4.26 MB

 A systematic approach to preventing intracanal breakage of endodontic files.pdf

3.09 MB

 A systematic review of in vivo retrograde obturation materials.pdf

141.34 KB

 A systematic review of the diagnostic classifications of traumatic dental injuries.pdf

106.47 KB

 Acute apical periodontitis_ incidence of post-operative pain using two different root canal dress.pdf

95.34 KB

 Aetiology of root canal treatment failure_ why well-treated teeth can fail.pdf

508.43 KB

 An overview of nickel–titanium alloys used in dentistry.pdf

1.04 MB

 Apexification_ a review.pdf

89.21 KB

 Apical Anatomy in Mesial and Mesiobuccal Roots.pdf

1.13 MB

 Apical limit of root canal instrumentation and obturation, part 1. Literature review.pdf

239.88 KB


80.35 KB

 Augmentation of the narrow traumatized anterior alveolar ridge to facilitate dental implant place.pdf

355.06 KB

 Australian Endodontic Journal

  Determination of root canal curvatures before and after canal preparation (part II.pdf

289.08 KB

  Effect of Waterlase laser retrograde root-end cavity preparation on the integrity of root apices .pdf

508.09 KB

  Endodontic therapy on a dentition exhibiting multiple periapical radiolucencies associated with d.pdf

83.85 KB

  Radiographic and rheological properties of a new endodontic sealer.pdf

98.92 KB

  The management of periapical lesions in endodontically treated teeth.pdf

811.93 KB

 Bio-microscopical observation of dystrophic calcification induced by calcium hydroxide.pdf

3.49 MB

 Calcium hydroxide pastes_ classification and clinical indications.pdf

241.96 KB

 Central adenoid cystic carcinoma of the mandible manifesting as an endodontic lesion.pdf

147.83 KB

 Chelating agents in root canal treatment_ mode of action and indications for their use.pdf

662.68 KB


435.74 KB

 Complications during root canal irrigation – literature review and case reports.pdf

560.58 KB

 Conservative management of a large maxillary cyst.pdf

1.87 MB

 Coronal leakage as a cause of failure in root-canal therapy_ a review.pdf

4.60 MB

 Dens invaginatus_ aetiology, classification, prevalence, diagnosis, and treatment considerations.pdf

326.74 KB

 Dental materials for posterior restorations.pdf

14.91 MB

 Dental Traumatology

  2007 april


526.66 KB


554.85 KB


460.72 KB


441.26 KB


461.36 KB


565.26 KB


688.75 KB


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1.02 MB


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414.79 KB


633.41 KB

  2007 feb


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614.61 KB


719.71 KB


501.89 KB


439.52 KB


698.23 KB


553.98 KB


461.86 KB


570.70 KB


730.36 KB


477.15 KB


597.22 KB


464.11 KB


419.39 KB

  2007 june


562.54 KB


793.64 KB


515.88 KB


698.23 KB


668.53 KB


613.82 KB


440.70 KB


561.47 KB


458.59 KB


508.85 KB


575.83 KB


423.76 KB


653.94 KB

  A systematic review of the diagnostic classifications of traumatic dental injuries.pdf

174.78 KB

  Analysis of 154 cases of teeth with cracks.pdf

72.80 KB

  Biomechanical effects of splint types on traumatized tooth.pdf

72.80 KB

  Comparison of different techniques for obturating experimental internal resorptive cavities.pdf

224.67 KB

  Conservative endodontic treatment of teeth fractured in the middle or apical part of the root.pdf

221.56 KB

  Conservative treatment for root fracture located very close to gingiva.pdf

232.61 KB

  Crown-root fracture of lower molar – restorative procedures.pdf

4.82 MB

  Dental Traumatology 2006

   2006 feb


74.63 KB


193.72 KB


199.53 KB


163.55 KB


250.66 KB


80.79 KB


56.39 KB


426.10 KB


32.49 KB


91.77 KB


116.12 KB


313.40 KB

   2006 June


174.78 KB


239.75 KB


66.58 KB


250.45 KB


244.66 KB


330.08 KB


72.80 KB


53.95 KB


598.57 KB


91.99 KB


86.62 KB

   2006 April


129.80 KB


67.39 KB


106.47 KB


240.84 KB


239.79 KB


367.19 KB


331.60 KB

   2006 August


407.25 KB


176.14 KB


92.94 KB


203.42 KB


182.12 KB


75.38 KB


847.86 KB


137.22 KB


199.00 KB


249.82 KB

   2006 december


155.04 KB


167.82 KB


114.67 KB


199.46 KB


396.17 KB


152.36 KB


59.80 KB


60.14 KB


64.30 KB


64.09 KB


178.07 KB


73.50 KB


193.25 KB


134.50 KB

   2006 October


602.19 KB


508.71 KB


564.28 KB


682.92 KB


465.33 KB


582.37 KB


457.81 KB


482.61 KB


451.88 KB

  Forced eruption after crown_root fracture with a simple and aesthetic method using the fractured .pdf

275.46 KB

  Healing and prognosis of teeth with intra-alveolar fractures involving the cervical part of the r.pdf

375.17 KB

  Healing of 208 intraalveolar root fractures in patients aged 7–17 years.pdf

287.20 KB

  Histological evaluation of a replanted tooth retained for 49 years.pdf

174.78 KB

  Horizontal root fractures.pdf

276.22 KB

  Intentional replantation with 180° rotation of a crown–root fracture.pdf

217.62 KB

  Knowledge of first-aid measures of avulsion and replantation of teeth _ an interview of 221 Kuwai.pdf

174.78 KB

  Periodontal healing after bonding treatment of vertical root fracture.pdf

189.27 KB

  Prognosis of permanent teeth with internal resorption_ a clinical review.pdf

11.85 MB

  Prognosis of root-fractured permanent incisors.pdf

6.91 MB

  Repair of untreated horizontal root fracture _ a case report.pdf

59.92 KB

  Replantation with intentional rotation of a complete vertically fractured root using adhesive res.pdf

70.50 KB

  Root fracture in immature anterior teeth followed for 15 years.pdf

294.27 KB

  Root fracture of immature permanent incisors.pdf

130.33 KB

  Root fractures_ a case of dental non-intervention.pdf

3.21 MB

  Root resorption — etiology, terminology and clinical manifestations.pdf

11.86 MB

  Traumatic intrusion of permanent teeth. Part 1. An epidemiological study of 216 intruded permanen.pdf

174.78 KB

  Traumatic intrusion of permanent teeth. Part 1.pdf

239.79 KB

  Traumatic intrusion of permanent teeth. Part 2..pdf

174.78 KB

  Traumatic intrusion of permanent teeth. Part 2.pdf

367.19 KB

  Traumatic intrusion of permanent teeth. Part 3.pdf

331.60 KB

  Treatment of root-fractured maxillary incisor with Thermafil obturator.pdf

1.20 MB

  Vertical root fracture and dentin deformation in curved roots_ the influence of spreader design.pdf

6.10 MB

 Dentine hypersensitivity_ a review.pdf

10.77 MB

 Dentists' views on cervical hypersensitivity and their knowledge of its treatment.pdf

607.21 KB

 Direct composite coronal reconstruction of two fractured incisors.pdf

325.16 KB

 Effect of a tight seal on survival of bacteria in saliva-contaminated cavities filled with compos.pdf

4.14 MB

 Effectiveness of single- versus multiple-visit endodontic treatment of teeth with apical periodon.pdf

107.89 KB

 Effects of intracanal medicaments on inflammatory resorption or occurrence of ankylosis in mature.pdf

5.90 MB

 Endodontic and periodontal treatments of a geminated mandibular first premolar.pdf

271.63 KB

 Endodontic complications after plastic restorations in general practice.pdf

87.38 KB

 Endodontic hand instruments_ cutting efficiency, instrumentation of curved canals, bending and to.pdf

10.08 MB

 Endodontic implications of the maxillary sinus_ a review.pdf

431.65 KB

 Endodontic management of a rare combination (intrusion and avulsion) of dental trauma.pdf

5.65 MB

 Endodontic retreatment of an autotransplanted lower first premolar_ a case report.pdf

147.47 KB

 Endodontic Topics


   July 2002 - Vol. 2 Issue 1 Page 1-112

    Dentin and pulp reactions to caries and operative treatment_ biological variables affecting treat.pdf

1.10 MB

    Endodontic epidemiology and treatment outcome_ general considerations.pdf

114.71 KB

    Prognosis of initial endodontic therapy.pdf

1.06 MB

    Rationale and efficacy of root canal medicaments and root filling materials with emphasis on trea.pdf

1.32 MB

    Technical aspects of treatment in relation to treatment outcome.pdf

350.43 KB

    Treatment outcome of vital pulp treatment.pdf

270.84 KB

   March 2002 - Vol. 1 Issue 1 Page 1-106

    Considerations and concepts of case selection in the management of post-treatment endodontic dise.pdf

885.47 KB

    Local anesthetic failure in endodontics_ Mechanisms and Management.pdf

272.15 KB

    Microbiological basis for endodontic treatment_ can a maximal outcome be achieved in one visit.pdf

178.31 KB

    Radiological aspects of apical periodontitis.pdf

891.52 KB

    Root Resorption due to Dental Trauma.pdf

765.68 KB

   November 2002 - Vol. 3 Issue 1 Page 1-136

    Are antibiotics effective for endodontic pain.pdf

126.38 KB

    Building effective strategies for the management of endodontic pain.pdf

365.36 KB

    Clinical strategies for managing endodontic pain.pdf

362.69 KB

    Consideration of steroids for endodontic pain.pdf

115.33 KB

    COX-2 inhibitors for endodontic pain.pdf

214.01 KB

    Evaluation of NSAIDs for treating post-endodontic pain. A systematic review.pdf

351.25 KB

    Interappointment flare-ups_ incidence, related factors, prevention, and management.pdf

329.87 KB

    Local anesthesia for endodontic pain.pdf

217.63 KB


   July 2003 - Vol. 5 Issue 1 Page 1-79

    Pulp response to traumatic crown fractures.pdf

4.30 MB

    Pulpal diagnosis.pdf

3.29 MB

    Pulpal irritants.pdf

1.60 MB

    Pulpectomy – studies on outcome.pdf

745.40 KB

    The vital tooth – its importance in the study and practice of endodontics.pdf

27.95 KB

    Vital pulp therapy for the mature tooth – can it work.pdf

722.92 KB

   November 2003 - Vol. 6 Issue 1 Page 1-183

    Enterococcus faecalis– the root canal survivor and 'star' in post-treatment disease.pdf

316.61 KB

    Life as an endodontic pathogen. Ecological differences between the untreated and root-filled root.pdf

364.81 KB

    Non-microbial etiology_ foreign body reaction maintaining post-treatment apical periodontitis.pdf

1.88 MB

    Non-microbial etiology_ periapical cysts sustain post-treatment apical periodontitis.pdf

1.98 MB

    Periapical Actinomycosis and infection with Propionibacterium Propionicum.pdf

280.20 KB

    Persistent, recurrent, and acquired infection of the root canal system post-treatment.pdf

569.91 KB

    The evolving new understanding of endodontic infections.pdf

959.82 KB

    Treponemes and endodontic infections.pdf

254.76 KB

   September 2003 - Vol. 4 Issue 1 Page 1-102

    Antibiotic prophylaxis.pdf

127.99 KB

    Clinical laboratory tests.pdf

93.75 KB

    different approach to medical risk assessment.pdf

84.34 KB

    Drug interactions_ a review and update.pdf

1.31 MB

    Focal infection_ new age or ancient history.pdf

126.51 KB

    Oral and maxillofacial manifestations of systemic and generalized disease.pdf

9.80 MB

    Systemic complications due to endodontic manipulations.pdf

91.54 KB


   July 2004 - Vol. 8 Issue 1 Page 1-112

    Cell-to-cell interactions.pdf

2.18 MB

    Classification, diagnosis and clinical manifestations of apical periodontitis.pdf

2.53 MB

    Histologic features of apical periodontitis in human biopsies.pdf

21.27 MB

    Radiographic manifestations of periapical inflammatory lesions. How new radiological techniques m.pdf

2.44 MB

    The periapical inflammatory process – systemic and local manifestations_ introduction.pdf

32.89 KB

   March 2004 - Vol. 7 Issue 1 Page 1-121

    Advanced radiographic techniques for the detection of lesions in bone.pdf

4.81 MB

    Dental traumatology_ essential diagnosis and treatment planning.pdf

1.11 MB

    Interappointment pain_ mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment.pdf

1.91 MB

    Invasive cervical resorption.pdf

968.59 KB

    Microbiological and molecular analysis of endodontic infections.pdf

4.48 MB

    Technical equipment for assessment of dental pulp status.pdf

5.63 MB

   November 2004 - Vol. 9 Issue 1 Page 1-110

    Advances in the study of endodontic infections_ introduction.pdf

51.17 KB

    Bacterial plasmids in the oral and endodontic microflora.pdf

801.64 KB

    Biofilms in endodontic infections.pdf

2.36 MB

    Clinical aspects related to endodontic yeast infections.pdf

779.27 KB

    Gram-positive organisms in endodontic infections.pdf

2.13 MB

    Invasion of dentinal tubules by root canal bacteria.pdf

1.10 MB

    Salient virulence factors in anaerobic bacteria, with emphasis on their importance in endodontic .pdf

118.60 KB

    Significance of bacterial identification by molecular biology methods.pdf

118.94 KB


   July 2005 - Vol. 11 Issue 1 Page 1-282

    Considerations in the revision of previous surgical procedures.pdf

2.29 MB

    Hard tissue management_ osseous access, curettage, biopsy and root isolation.pdf

8.09 MB

    Magnification and illumination in apical surgery.pdf

13.69 MB

    Root-end filling materials_ rationale and tissue response.pdf

1.17 MB

    Root-end management_ resection, cavity preparation, and material placement.pdf

10.97 MB

    Soft tissue management_ flap design, incision, tissue elevation, and tissue retraction.pdf

7.12 MB

    Soft tissue management_ suturing and wound closure.pdf

10.75 MB

    Surgical endodontics quo vadis.pdf

54.29 KB

    Surgical endodontics_ post-surgical care.pdf

92.13 KB

    Surgical preparation anesthesia & hemostasis.pdf

252.49 KB

    Surgical repair of root and tooth perforations.pdf

4.91 MB

    The prognosis and expected outcome of apical surgery.pdf

10.58 MB

    Timeliness and effectiveness in the surgical management of persistent post-treatment periapical p.pdf

75.20 KB

    Treatment choices for negative outcomes with non-surgical root canal treatment.pdf

167.55 KB

   March 2005 - Vol. 10 Issue 1 Page 1-213

    Effects of mechanical and chemical procedures on root canal surfaces.pdf

2.60 MB

    Eradication of endodontic infection by instrumentation and irrigation solutions.pdf

217.06 KB

    FlexMaster_ a universal system.pdf

859.56 KB

    Hand instrumentation in root canal preparation.pdf

514.12 KB

    HEROShapers®_ the adapted pitch concept.pdf

1.21 MB

    Mechanical preparation of root canals_ shaping goals, techniques and means.pdf

5.24 MB

    ProSystem GT_ design, technique, and advantages.pdf

2.42 MB

    Reaction of periradicular tissues to root canal treatment_ benefits and drawbacks.pdf

4.51 MB

    Reamer with alternating cutting edges – concept and clinical application.pdf

152.03 KB

    Root canal instrumentation with ProFile instruments.pdf

326.12 KB

    Root canal morphology and its relationship to endodontic procedures.pdf

3.26 MB

    The K3 rotary nickel titanium instrument system.pdf

637.45 KB

    The LightSpeed root canal instrumentation system.pdf

304.09 KB

    The ProTaper technique.pdf

534.09 KB

   November 2005 - Vol. 12 Issue 1 Page 1-76

    Allergic reactions in endodontic practice.pdf

92.07 KB

    Materials used for root canal obturation.pdf

857.00 KB

    Methods of filling root canals.pdf

5.34 MB

    Mishaps and serious complications in endodontic obturation.pdf

2.35 MB

    Toxicity of endodontic filling materials.pdf

57.33 KB

 Endodontic Treatment of a Large Cyst-Like Periradicular.pdf

246.03 KB

 Endodontic-access adhesive bridges.pdf

4.31 MB

 Endodontology – epidemiologic considerations.pdf

8.73 MB

 Evaluation of periapical radiographs in the recognition of C-shaped mandibular second molars.pdf

204.26 KB

 External and occlusal trauma to dental implants and a case report.pdf

108.70 KB

 External inflammatory and replacement resorption of luxated, and avulsed replanted permanent inci.pdf

124.75 KB

 Extraoral Radiographic Technique.pdf

967.15 KB

 Fabrication Of Hard Coatings On NiTi Instruments.pdf

566.56 KB

 Foreign Body in the Periradicular Area.pdf

63.91 KB

 Formation of a hard tissue barrier after pulp cappings in humans. A systematic review.pdf

1.65 MB

 Gaining access through a calcified pulp chamber_ a clinical challenge.pdf

204.93 KB

 Guidelines for the evaluation and Management of traumatic dental injurie.pdf

170.82 KB

 Healing of periapical lesions of pulpless teeth after endodontic treatment with controlled asepsi.pdf

6.15 MB

 Hemisection and vital treatment of a fused tooth – literature review and case report.pdf

6.67 MB

 Identification of Resected Root-end Dentinal.pdf

246.11 KB

 Implants in children_ a case report.pdf

1.36 MB

 Implications, prevention and management of subcutaneous emphysema during endodontic treatment.pdf

7.57 MB

 In vivo fractures of endodontically treated posterior teeth restored with amalgam.pdf

9.24 MB

 In vivo fractures of endodontically treated posterior teeth restored with enamel-bonded resin.pdf

9.63 MB

 Inflammation and dental pain in man.pdf

4.91 MB

 Influence of calcium hydroxide intracanal dressings on the prognosis of teeth with endodontically.pdf

121.36 KB

 Influence of Dentin on the Effectiveness.pdf

495.65 KB

 Intentional replantation of a mandibular second molar with long-term follow-up_ report of a case.pdf

109.77 KB

 Intentional replantation – a Last resort treatment or a conventional treatment procedure Nine cas.pdf

291.97 KB

 Intentional surgical repositioning of an ankylosed permanent maxillary incisor.pdf

637.49 KB

 International Endodontic Journal


   April 2002 - Vol. 35 Issue 4 Page 315-405

    A laboratory study of coronal microleakage using four temporary restorative materials.pdf

2.62 MB

    Direct amplification of rRNA gene sequences for identification of selected oral pathogens in root.pdf

1.44 MB

    Dynamic torque and apical forces of ProFile .04 rotary instruments during preparation of curved c.pdf

4.89 MB

    Effect of three root canal sealers on the retentive strength of endodontic posts luted with a res.pdf

2.39 MB

    External cervical resorption associated with localized gingival overgrowth.pdf

933.54 KB

    In vivo performance of the new non-instrumentation technology (NIT) for root canal obturation.pdf

7.35 MB

    Invasion of vascular cells in vitro by Porphyromonas endodontalis.pdf

2.05 MB

    Measurement of strain on tooth roots during post removal with the Eggler post remover.pdf

4.32 MB

    Prevalence of yeasts in saliva and root canals of teeth associated with apical periodontitis.pdf

1.95 MB

    Root-canal treatment of a trifid crown premolar.pdf

654.99 KB

    The perceived benefit of endodontic retreatment.pdf

298.38 KB

   February 2002 - Vol. 35 Issue 2 Page 127-215

    A new technique for the study of periapical bone lesions_ ultrasound real time imaging.pdf

281.45 KB

    A survey of methods used for post removal in specialist endodontic practice.pdf

512.39 KB

    Accuracy of a new apex locator_ an in vitro study.pdf

478.46 KB

    C-shaped root canal configuration in maxillary first molars.pdf

376.63 KB

    Cytotoxicity of resin-, zinc oxide–eugenol-, and calcium hydroxide-based root canal sealers on hu.pdf

457.11 KB

    Developmental changes and regional differences in histochemical localization of hyaluronan and ve.pdf

584.77 KB

    Endodontic and periodontal treatments of a geminated mandibular first premolar.pdf

271.63 KB

    Endodontic implications of the maxillary sinus_ a review.pdf

431.65 KB


236.99 KB

    Long-term reliability and observer comparisons in the radiographic diagnosis of periapical diseas.pdf

366.40 KB

    Relationship between number of proximal contacts and survival of root canal treated teeth.pdf

244.86 KB

    Vitality status of microorganisms in infected human root dentine.pdf

413.36 KB

   January 2002 - Vol. 35 Issue 1 Page 1-122

    A comparative study of root canal preparation using ProFile .04 and Lightspeed rotary Ni–Ti instr.pdf

327.42 KB

    A protocol for polymerase chain reaction detection of Enterococcus faecalis and Enterococcus faec.pdf

310.39 KB

    Effects of instrumentation, irrigation and dressing with calcium hydroxide on infection in pulple.pdf

423.65 KB

    Endodontic treatment of teeth associated with a large periapical lesion.pdf

247.65 KB

    In vitro cytotoxicity of a composite resin and compomer.pdf

643.74 KB

    Incidence of root fractures and methods used for post removal.pdf

201.18 KB

    Influence of rotational speed, torque and operator proficiency on failure of Greater Taper files.pdf

232.61 KB

    Non-surgical root canal treatment of dens invaginatus type 2 in a maxillary lateral incisor.pdf

252.20 KB

    Occlusal loading of EBA and MTA root-end fillings in a computer-controlled masticator.pdf

440.75 KB

    Quantitative analysis of substance P, neurokinin A and calcitonin gene-related peptide in pulp ti.pdf

327.23 KB

    Root and canal morphology of Thai mandibular molars.pdf

330.83 KB

   July 2002 - Vol. 35 Issue 7 Page 575-650

    A study on the thickness of radicular dentine and cementum in anterior and premolar teeth.pdf

1.50 MB

    Comparison between a conventional technique and two bone regeneration techniques in periradicular.pdf

564.99 KB

    Effects of rotary instruments and ultrasonic irrigation on debris and smear layer scores_ a scann.pdf

710.46 KB

    Image processing for enhanced observer agreement in the evaluation of periapical bone changes.pdf

935.64 KB

    In vivo determination of root canal length_ a preliminary report using the Tri Auto ZX apex-locat.pdf

73.48 KB

    Incomplete tooth fracture following root-canal treatment_ a case report.pdf

833.63 KB

    Influence of calcium hydroxide intracanal medication on apical seal.pdf

275.67 KB

    Pulpal anaesthesia for mandibular central incisor teeth_ a comparison of infiltration and intrali.pdf

271.98 KB

    Shaping ability of GTTM Rotary Files in simulated resin root canals.pdf

500.70 KB

    The ferrule effect_ a literature review.pdf

127.88 KB

   June 2002 - Vol. 35 Issue 6 Page 499-574

    A laboratory study of the effect of calcium hydroxide mixed with iodine or electrophoretically activa

124.66 KB

    C-shaped root canals in mandibular second molars in a Saudi Arabian population.pdf

4.76 MB

    Efficiency of rotary nickel–titanium FlexMaster instruments compared with stainless steel hand K-.pdf

511.08 KB


480.08 KB

    Failure of ProFile Ni–Ti instruments used by an inexperienced operator under access limitations.pdf

101.92 KB

    Hemisection for treatment of an advanced endodontic–periodontal lesion_ a case report.pdf

3.42 MB

    In vitro comparison of root-canal measurements with conventional and digital radiology.pdf

130.68 KB

    preliminary study of the percentage of gutta-percha-filled area in the apical canal filled with v.pdf

617.85 KB

    The effect of AH 26 and AH Plus on MCF-7 breast cancer cell proliferation in vitro.pdf

135.57 KB

   March 2002 - Vol. 35 Issue 3 Page 221-314

    A comparison of the shaping characteristics of two nickel–titanium endodontic hand instruments.pdf

392.13 KB

    An in vitro comparison of pH changes in root dentine following canal dressing with calcium hydrox.pdf

205.11 KB

    An in vitro comparison of the bactericidal efficacy of lethal photosensitization.pdf

224.17 KB

    Does the first file to bind correspond to the diameter of the canal in the apical region.pdf

229.18 KB

    Guided bone regeneration (GBR) using membranes and calcium sulphate after apicectomy_ a comparati.pdf

560.84 KB

    Localized alveolar bone necrosis following the use of an arsenical paste_ a case report.pdf

215.65 KB

    Monitoring pulp vitality after transplantation of teeth with mature roots_ a case report.pdf

184.17 KB

    Radiographic evaluation of the prevalence and technical quality of root canal treatment in a Fren.pdf

383.05 KB

    The dentinogenic effect of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) in short-term capping experiments.pdf

991.79 KB

    The long-term sealing ability of an epoxy resin root canal sealer used with five gutta percha obt.pdf

226.91 KB

   May 2002 - Vol. 35 Issue 5 Page 407-497

    A scanning electron microscopic study of debris and smear layer remaining following use of GT rot.pdf

421.27 KB

    A six-canal maxillary first molar_ case report.pdf

687.13 KB

    Bacterial and fungal microleakage of AH26 and AH Plus root canal sealers.pdf

98.21 KB

    Electronic determination of root canal length in primary teeth with and without root resorption.pdf

243.01 KB

    Evaluation of smear layer removal by EDTAC and sodium hypochlorite with ultrasonic agitation.pdf

75.79 KB

    In vitro comparison of different types of sodium perborate used for intracoronal bleaching of dis.pdf

74.31 KB

    Incompletely fractured teeth associated with diffuse longstanding orofacial pain_ diagnosis and t.pdf

109.58 KB

    Papilla base incision_ a new approach to recession-free healing of the interdental papilla after .pdf

156.39 KB

    Radiographic evaluation of cases referred for surgical endodontics.pdf

96.68 KB

    Reduction in intracanal bacteria during root canal preparation with and without apical enlargemen.pdf

154.23 KB

    Root and canal morphology of Thai maxillary molars.pdf

134.01 KB

    The induction of reparative dentine by enamel proteins.pdf

1.82 MB


   April 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 4 Page 237-312

    A preliminary in vitro study of the incidence and position of the root canal isthmus in maxillary.pdf

133.92 KB

    Apoptosis_ an introduction for the endodontist.pdf

222.11 KB

    Chemical and X-ray analyses of five brands of dental gutta-percha cone.pdf

158.59 KB

    Effectiveness of 2% chlorhexidine gel and calcium hydroxide against Enterococcus faecalis in bovi.pdf

243.78 KB

    Factors influencing the fracture of nickel-titanium rotary instruments.pdf

114.79 KB

    Healing of apical periodontitis after endodontic treatment_ a comparison between a silicone-based.pdf

142.73 KB

    Progressive versus constant tapered shaft design using NiTi rotary instruments.pdf

173.91 KB

    Reactions of connective tissue to compomers, composite and amalgam root-end filling materials.pdf

227.14 KB

    Root canal shaping with manual stainless steel files and rotary Ni–Ti files performed by students.pdf

230.40 KB

    Tissue reaction initiated by different sealers.pdf

182.18 KB

   August 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 8 Page 515-575

    A prospective clinical study of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and IRM when used as root-end filling .pdf

145.31 KB

    An evaluation of the usefulness of two endodontic case assessment forms by general dentists.pdf

509.63 KB

    Fluid movement along the coronal two-thirds of root fillings placed by three different gutta-perc.pdf

175.20 KB

    Incidence of patent furcal accessory canals in permanent molars of a Turkish population.pdf

149.22 KB

    Osteoblasts and MG-63 osteosarcoma cells behave differently when in contact with ProRoot™ MTA and.pdf

268.84 KB

    Rheological properties and biocompatibility of endodontic sealers.pdf

337.37 KB

    The location of the cementodentinal junction in single-rooted mandibular first premolars from Egy.pdf

133.80 KB

    Ultrasound real-time imaging in the differential diagnosis of periapical lesions.pdf

277.05 KB

   December 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 12 Page 809-ix

    Bilateral buccal radicular groove in maxillary incisors_ case report.pdf

181.63 KB

    Biocompatibility of resin-based materials used as pulp-capping agents.pdf

264.72 KB

    Chelating agents in root canal treatment_ mode of action and indications for their use.pdf

662.68 KB

    Comparative in vivo analysis of the sealing ability of three endodontic sealers in post-prepared .pdf

187.03 KB

    Comparison of MicroSeal and System B_Obtura II obturation techniques.pdf

144.57 KB

    Comparison of neurotoxicity of root canal sealers on spontaneous bioelectrical activity in identi.pdf

186.42 KB

    Diagnosis and root canal treatment of a mandibular second premolar with three root canals.pdf

124.93 KB

    Effect of nitric oxide synthase inhibitor (L-NAME) on substance P-induced vasodilatation in the d.pdf

229.68 KB

    Focal cemento-osseous dysplasia involving a mandibular lateral incisor.pdf

134.66 KB

    Incidence of rotary ProFile instrument fracture and the potential for bypassing in vivo.pdf

83.14 KB

    Lymphangiogenesis in human dental pulp.pdf

111.39 KB

    Root canal preparation with FlexMaster_ asessment of torque and force in relation to canal anatom.pdf

189.02 KB

    The influence of organic load on the antimicrobial activity of different concentrations of NaOCl .pdf

98.51 KB

    The relationship of intracanal medicaments to postoperative pain in endodontics.pdf

132.90 KB

   February 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 2 Page 75-146

    Biocompatibility of dental materials used in contemporary endodontic therapy_ a review. Part 1. I.pdf

178.41 KB

    Chemical and antimicrobial properties of calcium hydroxide mixed with irrigating solutions.pdf

138.44 KB

    Endodontic and orthodontic treatment of a cross-bite fused maxillary lateral incisor.pdf

190.04 KB

    Factors influencing referral for specialist endodontic treatment amongst a group of Dutch general.pdf

101.51 KB

    Histomorphometric analysis of odontoblast-like cell numbers and dentine bridge secretory activity.pdf

316.56 KB

    ProTaper rotary root canal preparation_ assessment of torque and force in relation to canal anato.pdf

179.42 KB

    ProTaper rotary root canal preparation_ effects of canal anatomy on final shape analysed by micro.pdf

192.73 KB

   July 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 7 Page 453-513

    Bacteria recovered from teeth with apical periodontitis after antimicrobial endodontic treatment.pdf

187.02 KB

    Effect of Er_YAG laser and EDTAC on the adhesiveness to dentine of different sealers containing c.pdf

108.62 KB

    Inflammatory infiltrate of chronic periradicular lesions.pdf

285.70 KB

    Investigation of the marginal adaptation of root-end filling materials in root-end cavities prepa.pdf

266.84 KB

    Microbial causes of endodontic flare-ups.pdf

298.03 KB

    Preparation of curved root canals with rotary FlexMaster instruments compared to Lightspeed instr.pdf

193.09 KB

   June 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 6 Page 391-452

    Age-related changes in blood capillary endothelium of human dental pulp_ an ultrastructural study.pdf

578.80 KB

    Comparison of antibacterial and toxic effects of various root canal irrigants.pdf

329.82 KB

    Immunolocalization of bone extracellular matrix proteins (type I collagen, osteonectin and bone sialo

262.23 KB

    Interactions of ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid with sodium hypochlorite in aqueous solutions.pdf

117.97 KB

    Orascopic visualization technique for conventional and surgical endodontics.pdf

135.57 KB

    Preliminary in vitro evaluation of Carisolv™ as a root canal irrigant.pdf

252.54 KB

    Scanning electron microscopic study of the cleaning ability of chlorhexidine as a root-canal irri.pdf

191.56 KB

    Technical quality of root canal treatment in Taiwan.pdf

127.83 KB

   March 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 3 Page 147-235

    Biocompatibility of dental materials used in contemporary endodontic therapy_ a review. Part 2. R.pdf

222.05 KB

    Campylobacter gracilis and Campylobacter rectus in primary endodontic infections.pdf

138.43 KB

    Efficiency of rotary nickel–titanium K3 instruments compared with stainless steel hand K-Flexofil.pdf

312.75 KB

    Influence of operator experience on canal preparation time when using the rotary Ni-Ti ProFile sy.pdf

145.59 KB

    Mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA) and calcium hydroxide as pulp-capping agents in human teeth.pdf

227.37 KB

    Periapical endodontic surgery_ a 3-year follow-up study.pdf

150.94 KB

    Root canal treatment performed by Flemish dentists. Part 1. Cleaning and shaping.pdf

148.20 KB

    The capability of two hand instrumentation techniques to remove the inner layer of dentine in ova.pdf

181.41 KB

   May 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 5 Page 313-390

    comparative study of root canal preparation using FlexMaster and HERO 642 rotary Ni–Ti instrument.pdf

167.44 KB

    Endodontic and surgical treatment of a geminated maxillary incisor.pdf

154.50 KB

    Endodontic treatment of developmental anomalies in posterior teeth_ treatment of geminated_fused .pdf

152.43 KB

    Endodontic treatment performed by Flemish dentists. Part 2. Canal filling and decision making for.pdf

130.33 KB

    Examination of cytotoxicity and mutagenicity of AH26 and AH Plus sealers.pdf

160.23 KB

    In vitro evaluation of apical microleakage following canal filling with a coated carrier system c.pdf

145.76 KB

    Induction of interleukin-6 gene expression by pro-inflammatory cytokines and black-pigmented Bact.pdf

176.32 KB

    Light and scanning electron microscopic evaluation of Glyde™ File Prep in smear layer removal.pdf

196.10 KB

    Review of the current status of tooth whitening with the walking bleach technique.pdf

258.41 KB

   November 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 11 Page 715-806

    An in vitro study of the torsional properties of new and used K3 instruments.pdf

133.11 KB

    Bacterial status in root-filled teeth exposed to the oral environment by loss of restoration and .pdf

557.16 KB

    Comparative study of root-canal preparation using Lightspeed and Quantec SC rotary NiTi instrumen.pdf

142.59 KB

    Coronal pulp size in molars_ a study of bitewing radiographs.pdf

133.21 KB

    Effect of different irrigation solutions and calcium hydroxide on bacterial LPS.pdf

277.99 KB

    Induction of interleukin-8 gene expression by black-pigmented Bacteroides in human pulp fibroblas.pdf

178.26 KB

    Orthograde retreatment and apexification after unsuccessful endodontic treatment, retreatment and.pdf

144.68 KB

    Root-canal preparation with FlexMaster_ canal shapes analysed by micro-computed tomography.pdf

199.26 KB

    Root-canal shaping with manual and rotary Ni-Ti files performed by students.pdf

160.76 KB

    The effect of cleaning procedures on fracture properties and corrosion of NiTi files.pdf

310.30 KB

   October 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 10 Page 653-714

    combined radiographic and computerized scanning method to evaluate remaining dentine thickness in.pdf

109.44 KB

    Comparison of papilla healing following sulcular full-thickness flap and papilla base flap in end.pdf

160.41 KB

    Diagnostic accuracy of endoscopy in periradicular surgery – a comparison with scanning electron m.pdf

303.76 KB

    Facilitation of iontophoretic drug delivery through intact and caries-affected dentine.pdf

233.63 KB

    Factors influencing the removal of posts.pdf

80.47 KB

    Measurement of periapical pressure created by occlusal loading.pdf

141.90 KB

    Removal of gutta-percha from root canals using an Nd_YAG laser.pdf

91.35 KB

    Root canal treatment of three-rooted maxillary first and second premolars – a case report.pdf

126.39 KB

    Solubility of root-canal sealers in water and artificial saliva.pdf

430.24 KB

   September 2003 - Vol. 36 Issue 9 Page 577-652

    A comparative study of selected physical properties of five root-canal sealers.pdf

143.77 KB

    A comparison of the minimum canal wall thickness remaining following preparation using two nickel.pdf

111.48 KB

    A systematic review of in vivo retrograde obturation materials.pdf

141.34 KB

    Acidity of conventional luting cements and their diffusion through bovine dentine.pdf

197.58 KB

    Effect of apical root-end filling materials on gingival fibroblasts.pdf

168.21 KB

    Evaluation of root-end cavity preparation using ultrasonic retrotips.pdf

162.31 KB

    Evaluation of time required for recontamination of coronally sealed canals medicated with calcium.pdf

128.64 KB

    Examination on Candida spp. in refractory periapical granulomas.pdf

120.53 KB

    Percentage of filled canal area in mandibular molars after conventional root-canal instrumentatio.pdf

224.46 KB

    The antimicrobial efficacy of 'MGP' gutta-percha in vitro.pdf

139.53 KB


   April 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 4 Page 229-289

    A comparison of instrument-centering ability within the root canal for three contemporary instrum.pdf

138.14 KB

    A standard for radiopacity of root-end (retrograde) filling materials is urgently needed.pdf

107.58 KB

    Comparative investigation of two rotary nickel–titanium instruments_ ProTaper versus RaCe. Part 1.pdf

221.68 KB

    Comparative investigation of two rotary nickel–titanium instruments_ ProTaper versus RaCe. Part 2.pdf

267.07 KB

    Questionnaire survey on the use of rotary nickel–titanium endodontic instruments by Australian de.pdf

170.61 KB

    Toxicity of concentrated sodium hypochlorite used as an endodontic irrigant.pdf

159.32 KB

   August 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 8 Page 519-578

    A clinical report of 85 fractured metallic post-retained crowns.pdf

214.49 KB

    Cultivable microbial flora associated with persistent periapical disease and coronal leakage afte.pdf

101.23 KB

    Cytomegalovirus infection in symptomatic periapical pathosis.pdf

87.56 KB

    Increased width of the apical periodontal membrane space in endodontically treated teeth may repr.pdf

239.36 KB

    Periapical status and quality of root fillings and coronal restorations in an adult Spanish popul.pdf

82.31 KB

    The efficacy of pain control following nonsurgical root canal treatment using ibuprofen or a comb.pdf

245.37 KB

   December 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 12 Page -881

    A Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope investigation of different dental adhesives bonded to root c.pdf

244.28 KB

    An analysis of endodontic treatment with three nickel-titanium rotary root canal preparation tech.pdf

133.60 KB

    Assessment of a contrast medium as an adjunct to endodontic radiography.pdf

116.39 KB

    Investigation of the effect of the coronal restoration quality on the composition of the root can.pdf

125.40 KB

    Reduction of connexin 43 expression in aged human dental pulp.pdf

86.97 KB

    SEM evaluation of canal wall dentine following use of Mtwo and ProTaper NiTi rotary instruments.pdf

456.51 KB

    The effect of two different calcium hydroxide combinations on root dentine microhardness.pdf

65.40 KB

   February 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 2 Page 91-166

    C-shaped root canals of mandibular second molars in a Korean population_ clinical observation and.pdf

223.93 KB

    Cytotoxicity of composite resins polymerized with different curing methods.pdf

203.11 KB

    Endodontic treatment of primary teeth using a combination of antibacterial drugs.pdf

164.44 KB

    Gingival necrosis following the use of a paraformaldehyde-containing paste_ a case report.pdf

105.13 KB

    In vitro antimicrobial effect of chlorhexidine-impregnated gutta percha points on Enterococcus fa.pdf

157.11 KB

    In vitro penetration of bleaching agents into the pulp chamber.pdf

103.18 KB

    Proliferation of dental pulp fibroblasts in response to thrombin involves mitogen-activated prote.pdf

175.75 KB

    The accuracy of electronic working length determination.pdf

236.66 KB

    The use of glass ionomer cements in both conventional and surgical endodontics.pdf

222.39 KB

   January 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 1 Page 1-89

    Cleaning of rotary nickel–titanium endodontic instruments.pdf

219.74 KB

    Determination of pH and calcium ion release provided by pure and calcium hydroxide-containing AHP.pdf

86.82 KB

    Dissolution of pulp tissue by aqueous solution of chlorhexidine digluconate and chlorhexidine dig.pdf

102.97 KB

    Expression of transforming growth factor-beta 1 (TGF-beta 1) in odontogenic cysts.pdf

178.09 KB

    Nonsurgically retreated root filled teeth – radiographic findings after 20–27 years.pdf

192.82 KB

    Prevalence of and factors affecting postpreparation pain in patients undergoing two-visit root ca.pdf

129.67 KB

   July 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 7 Page 425-517

    An in vitro comparison of the bleaching efficacy of 35% carbamide peroxide with established intra.pdf

79.29 KB

    Antimicrobial activity of varying concentrations of sodium hypochlorite on the endodontic microor.pdf

110.82 KB

    Detection of acid diffusion through bovine dentine after adhesive application.pdf

213.08 KB

    Effect of root-end resection and root-end filling on apical leakage in the presence of core-carri.pdf

110.64 KB

    Efficacy, cleaning ability and safety of different rotary NiTi instruments in root canal retreatm.pdf

147.59 KB

    Electronic apex locators.pdf

163.10 KB

    Extraradicular diffusion of hydrogen peroxide and pH changes associated with intracoronal bleaching o

106.47 KB

    FT-Raman spectroscopy of calcium hydroxide medicament in root canals.pdf

124.61 KB

    Investigation of the root canal configurations of mandibular permanent teeth in the Turkish popul.pdf

135.58 KB

    Laser Doppler flow measurements of pulpal blood flow and severity of dental injury.pdf

75.23 KB

    Ultrasonic condensation of gutta-percha_ the effect of power setting and activation time on tempe.pdf

184.03 KB

    Use of a molar clamp to isolate two adjacent single-rooted teeth_ a clinical aid.pdf

207.79 KB

   June 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 6 Page 353-

    Accuracy of the DTC torque control motor for nickel-titanium rotary instruments.pdf

80.97 KB

    An evaluation of the use of tooth temperature to assess human pulp vitality.pdf

176.66 KB

    Comparison of apical transportation between ProFile™ and ProTaper™ NiTi rotary instruments.pdf

125.31 KB

    Decalcification of root canal dentine by citric acid, EDTA and sodium citrate.pdf

79.83 KB

    Morphometric analysis of shank-to-flute ratio in rotary nickel–titanium files.pdf

123.55 KB

    Percentage of canals filled in apical cross sections – an in vitro study of seven obturation tech.pdf

149.09 KB

    Prevalence of and factors affecting post-obturation pain in patients undergoing root canal treatm.pdf

111.62 KB

    Prognosis of large cyst-like periapical lesions following nonsurgical root canal treatment.pdf

156.46 KB

    The influence of root-end resection and root-end cavity preparation on microleakage of root fille.pdf

78.61 KB

    Torsional fatigue and endurance limit of a size 30 .06 ProFile rotary instrument.pdf

72.21 KB

   March 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 3 Page 167-227

    Accuracy of the Justy II Apex locator in determining working length in simulated horizontal and v.pdf

117.94 KB

    Clinical response to a vacant post space.pdf

146.66 KB

    Effects of calcium hydroxide on physical and sealing properties of canal sealers.pdf

207.91 KB

    Endodontic treatment of dens invaginatus type III with three root canals and open apical foramen.pdf

141.34 KB

    Fraudulent management of digital endodontic images.pdf

158.77 KB

    Prevalence of apical periodontitis and frequency of root-filled teeth in an adult Spanish populat.pdf

120.96 KB

    Role of substance P and calcitonin gene-related peptide in the regulation of interleukin-8 and mo.pdf

158.28 KB

    Survival of Enterococcus faecalis in infected dentinal tubules after root canal filling with diff.pdf

182.05 KB

   May 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 5 Page 291

    A comparison between clearing and radiographic techniques in the study of the root-canal anatomy .pdf

114.79 KB

    An in vitro comparison of adhesive systems to seal pulp chamber walls.pdf

367.94 KB

    In vitro evaluation of the effectiveness of irrigants and intracanal medicaments on microorganism.pdf

277.95 KB

    Marginal adaptation of mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA).pdf

346.68 KB

    Periapical radiolucency mimicking an odontogenic cyst.pdf

174.59 KB

    Prevalence of dens invaginatus in Jordanian adults.pdf

77.30 KB

   November 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 11 Page 729-804

    A comparative histological evaluation of the biocompatibility of materials used in apical surgery.pdf

921.23 KB

    A scanning electron microscope study of plaque accumulation on silk and PVDF suture materials in .pdf

371.11 KB

    Antimicrobial susceptibility of Enterococcus faecalis isolated from canals of root filled teeth w.pdf

96.30 KB

    In vitro immunoexpression of extracellular matrix proteins in dental pulpal and gingival human fi.pdf

244.02 KB

    Internal apical resorption and its correlation with the type of apical lesion.pdf

201.33 KB

    The annual frequency of root fillings, tooth extractions and pulp-related procedures in Danish ad.pdf

123.54 KB

    The radix entomolaris in mandibular first molars_ an endodontic challenge.pdf

218.38 KB

   October 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 10 Page 653-728

    A one step procedure for luting glass fibre posts_ an SEM evaluation.pdf

329.58 KB

    An in-vitro investigation of the antibacterial effect of nisin in root canals and canal wall radi.pdf

95.99 KB

    Biocompatibility of two commercial forms of mineral trioxide aggregate.pdf

207.65 KB

    Central adenoid cystic carcinoma of the mandible manifesting as an endodontic lesion.pdf

147.83 KB

    Comparison of long-term papilla healing following sulcular full thickness flap and papilla base f.pdf

275.50 KB

    Effect of obturation technique on sealer cement thickness and dentinal tubule penetration.pdf

250.15 KB

    Endodontic treatment of an invaginated maxillary lateral incisor with a periradicular lesion and .pdf

149.62 KB

    Root canal obturation by ultrasonic condensation of gutta-percha. Part II_ an in vitro investigat.pdf

70.42 KB

    Susceptibility to localized corrosion of stainless steel and NiTi endodontic instruments in irrig.pdf

154.92 KB

    The effectiveness of syringe irrigation and ultrasonics to remove debris from simulated irregular.pdf

112.68 KB

   September 2004 - Vol. 37 Issue 9 Page 579-651

    Effectiveness of electrochemically activated water as an irrigant in an infected tooth model.pdf

121.83 KB

    Gram-positive rods prevailing in teeth with apical periodontitis undergoing root canal treatment.pdf

141.89 KB

    Induction of vascular endothelial growth factor expression in human pulp fibroblasts stimulated w.pdf

137.39 KB

    Periosteal grafts as barriers in periradicular surgery_ report of two cases.pdf

408.41 KB

    Pulpal necrosis with sickle cell anaemia.pdf

90.83 KB

    Shaping ability of ProFile and K3 rotary Ni-Ti instruments when used in a variable tip sequence i.pdf

223.95 KB

    Shaping ability of ProTaper nickel-titanium files in simulated resin root canals.pdf

357.06 KB

    The efficacy of ultrasonic irrigation to remove artificially placed dentine debris from different.pdf

101.95 KB


   April 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 4 Page 203-275


145.72 KB


455.60 KB

    Effect of bleaching agents on bonding to pulp chamber dentine.pdf

187.18 KB

    Effect of liquid and paste-type lubricants on torque values during simulated rotary root canal in.pdf

155.48 KB


280.01 KB

    Intracanal temperature rise evaluation during the usage of the System B_ replication of intracana.pdf

105.63 KB

    Prevalence of apical periodontitis and the quality of endodontic treatment in an adult Belarusian.pdf

88.75 KB

   August 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 8 Page 499-592

    A study of the rheological properties of endodontic sealers.pdf

94.76 KB


78.91 KB

    Anatomic Endodontic Technology (AET) – a crown-down root canal preparation technique_ basic conce.pdf

569.04 KB

    Cytotoxicity of substances leached or dissolved from pulp capping materials.pdf

105.50 KB

    Defects in ProTaper S1 instruments after clinical use_ longitudinal examination.pdf

307.63 KB

    Fate of vital pulps beneath a metal-ceramic crown or a bridge retainer.pdf

118.32 KB

    High prevalence of apical periodontitis amongst type 2 diabetic patients.pdf

98.83 KB

    In vitro antimicrobial activity of Fill Canal, Sealapex, Mineral Trioxide Aggregate, Portland cem.pdf

71.93 KB

    In vitro peroxide penetration into the pulp chamber from newer bleaching products.pdf

86.46 KB

    Microhardness changes in dentine after neonatal capsaicin application.pdf

181.27 KB

    Reduction of excessive electrical stimulus during electric pulp testing.pdf

208.63 KB

    The effect of high-frequency electrical pulses on organic tissue in root canals.pdf

251.04 KB

   December 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 12 Page 855-975

    Apical extrusion of intracanal bacteria following use of two engine-driven instrumentation techni.pdf

110.65 KB

    Calcium hydroxide dressings using different preparation and application modes.pdf

135.16 KB

    Effect of mineral trioxide aggregate on cytokine production by peritoneal macrophages.pdf

350.37 KB

    Ex vivo comparison of two electronic apex locators with different scales and frequencies.pdf

209.92 KB

    Ex vivo study of the adhesion of an epoxy-based sealer to human dentine submitted to irradiation .pdf

90.28 KB

    Examination of the signal transduction pathways leading to upregulation of tissue type plasminoge.pdf

204.88 KB

    Heat shock induces the synthesis of the inflammatory mediator leukotriene B4 in human pulp cells.pdf

115.88 KB

    The role of preoperative prophylactic antibiotic administration in periapical endodontic surgery.pdf

67.63 KB

   February 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 2 Page 73-147

    An evaluation of .06 tapered gutta-percha cones for filling of .06 taper prepared curved root can.pdf

297.34 KB

    Detection of the second mesiobuccal canal in mesiobuccal roots of maxillary molar teeth ex vivo.pdf

96.11 KB

    Effect of ProRoot® MTA mixed with chlorhexidine on apoptosis and cell cycle of fibroblasts and ma.pdf

239.02 KB

    Frequency and distribution of root filled teeth and apical periodontitis in a Greek population.pdf

147.38 KB

    Influence of irrigant needle depth in removing bioluminescent bacteria inoculated into instrument.pdf

235.89 KB

    Longitudinal study on microleakage of three root-end filling materials by the fluid transport met.pdf

119.16 KB

    Periapical status and quality of endodontic treatment in an adult Irish population.pdf

69.28 KB

    Probability of removing fractured instruments from root canals.pdf

1.43 MB

   January 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 1 Page 1-72

    A comparison between two electronic apex locators_ an in vivo investigation.pdf

101.59 KB

    An in vitro evaluation of the ability of ozone to kill a strain of Enterococcus faecalis.pdf

104.84 KB

    Analysis of forces developed during mechanical preparation of extracted teeth using RaCe rotary i.pdf

119.98 KB

    Comparison of root canal preparation using RaCe and ProTaper rotary Ni-Ti instruments.pdf

96.38 KB

    Effectiveness of different techniques for removing gutta-percha during retreatment.pdf

201.69 KB

    Penetration of bonding resins into fibre-reinforced composite posts_ a confocal microscopic study.pdf

180.82 KB

    Perforation repair with mineral trioxide aggregate_ a modified matrix concept.pdf

512.71 KB

    Reporting of clinical trials in the IEJ - the CONSORT guidelines.pdf

23.22 KB

    The adoption of new endodontic technology amongst Danish general dental practitioners.pdf

105.37 KB

    The effect of capsaicin on substance P expression in pulp tissue inflammation.pdf

107.04 KB

    The unit of analysis, and measurement of effect size.pdf

84.55 KB

   July 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 7 Page 425-498

    An assessment of endodontic re-treatment decision-making in an educational setting.pdf

126.73 KB

    Apoptosis in epithelial cells of apical radicular cysts.pdf

205.30 KB

    CarisolvTM_ an alternative to NaOCl in immature root canals.pdf

385.46 KB

    Continued root formation of a pulpless permanent incisor following root canal treatment.pdf

107.93 KB

    Effects of 2% chlorhexidine and 5.25% sodium hypochlorite on gutta-percha cones studied by atomic.pdf

149.51 KB

    Influence of cervical preflaring on apical file size determination.pdf

233.03 KB

    Methods of experimental induction of periapical inflammation. Microbiological and radiographic ev.pdf

162.69 KB

    Physico-chemical properties of MTA and a novel experimental cement.pdf

126.28 KB

    Root canal preparation with Endo-Eze AET_ changes in root canal shape assessed by micro-computed .pdf

271.24 KB

    Short-term antibacterial activity of root canal sealers towards Enterococcus faecalis.pdf

162.41 KB

    The effect of the renewal of calcium hydroxide paste on the apexification and periapical healing .pdf

537.45 KB

   June 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 6 Page 347-423

    An ex vivo comparison of conventional and digital radiography for perceived image quality of root.pdf

71.88 KB


309.21 KB

    Canal preparation with Hero 642 rotary Ni–Ti instruments compared with stainless steel hand K-fil.pdf

113.68 KB

    Comparison of cold lateral compaction and continuous wave of obturation techniques following manu.pdf

297.71 KB

    Effect of cryogenic treatment on nickel-titanium endodontic instruments.pdf

150.10 KB

    Effect of endodontic procedures on enterococci, enteric bacteria and yeasts in primary endodontic.pdf

141.86 KB

    Effectiveness of single- versus multiple-visit endodontic treatment of teeth with apical periodon.pdf

107.89 KB


309.21 KB

    Endodontic complications after plastic restorations in general practice.pdf

87.38 KB

    Growth at high pH increases Enterococcus faecalis adhesion to collagen.pdf

237.30 KB

   March 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 3 Page 149-202

    Dental pulp capping_ effect of Emdogain Gel on experimentally exposed human pulps.pdf

280.07 KB

    Difference in root canal length between Asians and Caucasians.pdf

48.84 KB

    Influence of the pulpal components on human dentine permeability in vitro.pdf

415.96 KB

    Outcome of root canal treatment using Thermafil and cold lateral condensation filling techniques.pdf

82.10 KB

    Prevalence of persistent pain after endodontic treatment and factors affecting its occurrence in .pdf

102.64 KB

   May 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 5 Page 277-346

    Collagenase-3 (MMP-13) is expressed in periapical lesions_ an immunohistochemical study.pdf

215.90 KB

    Periapical resurgery versus periapical surgery_ a 5-year longitudinal comparison.pdf

238.64 KB

    Pressures generated in vitro during Stabident intraosseous injections.pdf

121.61 KB

    SEM analysis of the integrity of resected root apices of cadaver and extracted teeth after ultras.pdf

308.93 KB

    The effect of application time of EDTA and NaOCl on intracanal smear layer removal_ an SEM analys.pdf

267.12 KB

    The sealing ability of an epoxy resin root canal sealer after Nd_YAG laser irradiation of the roo.pdf

205.37 KB

    Unicystic ameloblastoma_ a possible pitfall in periapical diagnosis.pdf

194.42 KB

    Upregulation of tissue-type plasminogen activator in inflamed human dental pulps.pdf

336.09 KB

   November 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 11 Page 775-854

    Assessment of a gel-type chelating preparation containing 1-hydroxyethylidene-1, 1-bisphosphonate.pdf

189.50 KB

    Defects in ProTaper S1 instruments after clinical use.pdf

247.27 KB

    Determining the apical terminus of root-end resected teeth using three modern apex locators_ a co.pdf

186.90 KB

    Microscopic observation of bacteria.pdf

282.81 KB

    Neurological complications following extrusion of sodium hypochlorite solution during root canal .pdf

318.15 KB

    Physical and mechanical characterization.pdf

259.23 KB

    Reduction of osteocalcin expression in aged human dental pulp.pdf

123.90 KB

    Root morphology of mandibular premolars in 40 patients with Turner syndrome.pdf

113.48 KB

    The chemical constitution and biocompatibility of accelerated Portland cement for endodontic use.pdf

351.63 KB

    The use of an intra-oral injection of ketorolac in the treatment of irreversible pulpitis.pdf

63.33 KB

   October 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 10 Page 683-773

    Calcium release and pH-characteristics of calcium hydroxide plus points.pdf

246.96 KB

    Comparative study of six rotary nickel–titanium systems and hand instrumentation for root canal p.pdf

154.63 KB

    Ex vivo evaluation of the capacity of the Tri Auto ZX to locate the apical foramen during root ca.pdf

238.94 KB

    Presence of pores and vacuoles in set endodontic sealers.pdf

328.42 KB

    Recovery of Enterococcus faecalis after single- or multiple-visit root canal treatments carried o.pdf

295.53 KB

    Shear bond strength of Resilon to a methacrylate-based root canal sealer.pdf

694.67 KB

    Survival of Enterococcus faecalis in root canals ex vivo.pdf

168.04 KB

    Technical quality of root canal treatment and detection of iatrogenic errors in an undergraduate .pdf

102.77 KB

    Temperature rise of the post and on the root surface during ultrasonic post removal.pdf

176.27 KB


79.90 KB

   September 2005 - Vol. 38 Issue 9 Page 593-682

    A comparative study of Endoflare–Hero Shaper and Mtwo NiTi instruments in the preparation of curv.pdf

159.83 KB

    A laboratory comparison of three imaging systems for image quality and radiation exposure charact.pdf

141.82 KB

    A temporary filling material may cause cusp deflection, infractions and fractures in endodontical.pdf

147.30 KB


73.18 KB

    Cytotoxicity of MTA and Portland cement on human ECV 304 endothelial cells.pdf

196.86 KB

    Effect of customization of master gutta-percha cone on apical control of root filling using diffe.pdf

97.14 KB


209.98 KB

    Influence of different types of automated devices on the shaping ability of rotary nickel-titaniu.pdf

125.09 KB

    Periapical biomechanics and the role of cyclic biting force in apical retrograde fluid movement.pdf

363.12 KB

    Shaping ability of two rotary instruments in simulated canals_ stainless steel ENDOflash and nick.pdf

226.35 KB

    The imaging of root canal obturation using micro-CT.pdf

357.15 KB


   April 2006 - Vol. 39 Issue 4 Page 249-341

    Biological effects of flowable resin composite on erythrocytes and lymphocytes using an in vitro .pdf

158.19 KB

    Ex vivo comparison of digital images with conventional radiographs for detection of simulated voi.pdf

76.80 KB

    MTA versus Portland cement as repair material for furcal perforations_ a laboratory study using a.pdf

141.52 KB

    On the causes of persistent apical periodontitis_ a review.pdf

4.30 MB

    Orthodontic movement of two root fractured teeth_ a case report.pdf

146.15 KB

    The influence of root canal shape on the sealing ability of two root canal sealers.pdf

129.66 KB

    The relation between apical periodontitis and root-filled teeth in patients with periodontal trea.pdf

132.50 KB

   February 2006 - Vol. 39 Issue 2 Page 93-170

    A simple mounting model for consistent determination of the accuracy and repeatability of apex lo.pdf

150.12 KB

    An ex vivo evaluation of a new root canal irrigation technique with intracanal aspiration.pdf

240.08 KB

    Assessment of different gutta-percha brands during the filling of simulated lateral canals.pdf

150.29 KB

    C-shaped root canal in a maxillary first molar_ a case report.pdf

145.24 KB


83.06 KB

    Evaluation of the accuracy of three electronic apex locators using glass tubules.pdf

147.43 KB

    Influence of phase transformation on the torsional and bending properties of nickel–titanium rota.pdf

209.33 KB

    Longitudinal study of periapical and endodontic status in a Danish population.pdf

137.86 KB

    Palatal mucosa necrosis because of accidental sodium hypochlorite injection instead of anaestheti.pdf

131.22 KB

    Reinforcement effect of polyethylene fibre in root-filled teeth_ comparison of two restoration te.pdf

137.01 KB

    The effect of pre-soaking and time in the ultrasonic cleaner on the cleanliness of sterilized end.pdf

125.76 KB

   January 2006 - Vol. 39 Issue 1 Page 1-91

    A comparative study of root canal preparation with NiTi-TEE and K3 rotary Ni-Ti instruments.pdf

103.23 KB

    Cemental tear_ a case report.pdf

253.92 KB

    Cytotoxicity of materials used in perforation repair tested using the V79 fibroblast cell line an.pdf

293.22 KB

    Efficacy of various concentrations of NaOCl and instrumentation techniques in reducing Enterococc.pdf

184.05 KB

    Ex vivo biocompatibility tests of regular and white forms of mineral trioxide aggregate.pdf

111.77 KB

    Ex vivo study of the efficacy of H-files and rotary Ni–Ti instruments to remove gutta-percha and .pdf

230.94 KB

    Incidence and antimicrobial susceptibility of Porphyromonas gingivalis isolated from mixed endodo.pdf

151.32 KB

    Removal efficacy of various calcium hydroxide_chlorhexidine medicaments from the root canal.pdf

167.72 KB

    The adhesion between fibre posts and composite resin cores.pdf

380.35 KB

    The effect of mineral trioxide aggregate on the apexification and periapical healing of teeth wit.pdf

400.63 KB

    Tubular sclerosis rather than the smear layer impedes dye penetration into the dentine of endodon.pdf

448.82 KB

   March 2006 - Vol. 39 Issue 3 Page 171-248

    A comparative study of selected properties of ProRoot mineral trioxide aggregate and two Portland.pdf

89.27 KB

    Co-production of vascular endothelial cadherin and inducible nitric oxide synthase by endothelial.pdf

255.13 KB

    Comparative study on the shaping ability and cleaning efficiency of rotary Mtwo instruments. Par2.pdf

269.40 KB

    Comparative study on the shaping ability and cleaning efficiency of rotary Mtwo instruments. Part.pdf

112.88 KB

    Failure mechanism of ProTaper Ni–Ti rotary instruments during clinical use_ fractographic analysi.pdf

420.83 KB

    How does canal taper affect root stresses.pdf

354.28 KB

    Mitogen-activated protein kinase.pdf

142.77 KB

    Sealing capacity of a photochromatic flowable composite as protective base in nonvital dental ble.pdf

65.00 KB

    The effect of German chamomile.pdf

239.30 KB

    X-ray diffraction analysis of mineral trioxide aggregate and Portland cement.pdf

125.30 KB

   May 2006 - Vol. 39 Issue 5 Page 343-427

    A laboratory analysis of gutta-percha-filled area obtained using Thermafil, System B and lateral .pdf

295.70 KB

    Consequences of and strategies to deal with residual post-treatment root canal infection.pdf

129.42 KB

    Effect of mineral trioxide aggregate on proliferation of cultured human dental pulp cells.pdf

615.27 KB

    Evaluation of the effect of EDTA, EDTAC and citric acid on the microhardness of root dentine.pdf

219.72 KB

    Ex vivo accuracy of three electronic apex locators_ Root ZX, Elements Diagnostic Unit and Apex Lo.pdf

84.84 KB


390.34 KB

    Mechanisms of cytotoxicity of eugenol in human osteoblastic cells in vitro.pdf

103.94 KB

    Microleakage along Glassix glass fibre posts cemented with three different materials assessed usi.pdf

104.69 KB

    Prostaglandin E2 production and viability of cells cultured in contact with freshly mixed endodon.pdf

139.65 KB

    Quantification of neuropeptides.pdf

93.45 KB

    Reducing fear of pain associated with endodontic therapy.pdf

72.94 KB

 International Journal of Prosthodontics



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    ijp_15_2_Della Bona8.pdf

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65.57 KB

   Issue 4


74.47 KB


68.63 KB


105.18 KB


107.89 KB


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    ijp_16_4_Le Bell12.pdf

72.01 KB


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75.43 KB


123.76 KB


71.85 KB


149.26 KB


64.33 KB


85.88 KB


53.22 KB


83.51 KB


90.91 KB

   Issue 5


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86.40 KB


62.54 KB


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38.30 KB


44.22 KB


150.80 KB


84.86 KB


101.76 KB


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81.54 KB


104.22 KB


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66.93 KB


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100.81 KB


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   Issue 6


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63.34 KB


90.92 KB

   Issue 7


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148.17 KB


   Issue 1


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64.69 KB


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73.54 KB

   Issue 3


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79.53 KB


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83.57 KB


32.89 KB


147.89 KB


53.32 KB


57.09 KB


40.28 KB


64.38 KB

    ijp_17_3_van Dalen_4.pdf

41.66 KB


83.19 KB


85.41 KB

   Issue 4


67.31 KB


74.57 KB


39.45 KB


80.51 KB


62.54 KB


64.54 KB


71.46 KB


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68.65 KB


75.41 KB


95.67 KB


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94.12 KB

   Issue 5


36.46 KB


101.58 KB


134.16 KB


285.01 KB


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   Issue 6


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242.36 KB


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   Issue 1


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   Issue 2


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79.85 KB

   Issue 3


103.16 KB


115.52 KB


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   Issue 4


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68.63 KB


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238.61 KB


363.98 KB


797.24 KB


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1.02 MB


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   Issue 4

    ijp_19_4_ Holst_3.pdf

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   Issue 2

    ijp_20_2_Al Fadda_5.pdf

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12.80 KB

 Is pulpitis painful.pdf

79.86 KB

 Lasers in endodontics_ a review.pdf

486.06 KB

 Leukotrienes_ their possible role in pulpal and periapical diseases.pdf

13.34 MB

 Long-term retention of a paper point in the periapical tissues_ a case report.pdf

1.92 MB

 Macrophages in periapical lesions.pdf

209.91 KB

 Management of dens evaginatus_ evaluation of two prophylactic treatment methods.pdf

3.12 MB

 Management of intrusive luxation injuries.pdf

6.72 MB

 Mechanisms of antimicrobial activity of calcium hydroxide_ a critical review.pdf

106.24 KB

 Medication of the dental pulp_ a review and proposals.pdf

2.83 MB

 Methods for removing metal obstructions from the root canal.pdf

8.28 MB

 Microbial causes of endodontic flare-ups.pdf

298.03 KB

 Microbial microleakage and pulpal inflammation_ A review.pdf

6.54 MB

 Microbiota of Periapical Lesions Refractory to.pdf

1.67 MB

 Microsurgical instruments for root-end cavity preparation following apicoectomy_ a literature rev.pdf

142.81 KB

 Multiple dental fractures following tongue barbell placement_ a case report.pdf

193.72 KB

 On the causes of persistent apical periodontitis_ a review.pdf

4.30 MB

 Orthograde retreatment and apexification after unsuccessful endodontic treatment, retreatment and.pdf

144.68 KB

 Paget's disease of the mandible — a review and report of a case.pdf

3.99 MB

 Periapical actinomycosis_ report of a case and review of the literature.pdf

3.41 MB

 Periapical central giant cell granuloma misdiagnosed as odontogenic cyst.pdf

195.53 KB

 Periapical radiolucencies as evaluated by bisecting-angle and paralleling radiographic techniques.pdf

268.73 KB

 Periapical radiolucency mimicking an odontogenic cyst.pdf

174.59 KB

 Periodontal ligament anesthesia — A clinical evaluation.pdf

2.37 MB

 Post-traumatic use of dental implants to rehabilitate anterior maxillary teeth.pdf

59.93 KB

 Prevalence of persistent pain after endodontic treatment and factors affecting its occurrence in .pdf

102.64 KB

 Prognosis of luxated permanent teeth — the development of pulp necrosis.pdf

10.68 MB

 Prognosis of permanent teeth with internal resorption_ a clinical review.pdf

11.85 MB

 Pulp capping with adhesive resin-based composite vs. calcium hydroxide_ a review.pdf

153.83 KB

 Radiographic evaluation of cases referred for surgical endodontics.pdf

96.68 KB

 radiographic study of the effect of various retrograde fillings on periapical healing after repla.pdf

3.15 MB

 Reasons for apicectomies. A retrospective study.pdf

5.88 MB

 Retrograde approaches in endodontic therapy.pdf

15.63 MB

 Review of the current status of tooth whitening with the walking bleach technique.pdf

258.41 KB

 Root canal instruments for manual use_ a review.pdf

21.74 MB

 Root end filling materials_ a review.pdf

17.99 MB

 Similarities in the microfloras of root canals and deep periodontal pockets.pdf

5.68 MB

 Surgical extrusion of crown-root-fractured teeth_ a clinical review.pdf

230.68 KB

 Talon cusp causing occlusal trauma and acute apical periodontitis.pdf

178.33 KB

 Temperature rise of the post and on the root surface during ultrasonic post removal.pdf

176.27 KB

 Temporization for endodontics.pdf

226.48 KB

 The effect of apical foramen patency on condensation stresses.pdf

3.36 MB

 The Effect of Chlorhexidine Gluconate as an.pdf

201.76 KB

 The ferrule effect_ a literature review.pdf

127.88 KB

 The Impact of Instrument Fracture on Outcome of.pdf

150.77 KB

 The Influence of Different Factors on the Survival of Root.pdf

571.49 KB

 The outcome of endodontic resurgery_ a systematic review.pdf

254.11 KB

 The Prosthodontic Management of Endodontically Treated Teeth_ A Literature Review. Part I. Succes.pdf

669.99 KB

 The Prosthodontic Management of Endodontically Treated Teeth_ A Literature Review. Part II. Maint.pdf

207.64 KB

 The Prosthodontic Management of Endodontically Treated Teeth_ A Literature Review. Part III. Toot.pdf

584.56 KB

 The role of endodontics in the treatment of luxated permanent teeth.pdf

814.30 KB

 The role of immune cytokines in the pathogenesis of periapical lesions.pdf

11.78 MB

 The use of glass ionomer cements in both conventional and surgical endodontics.pdf

222.39 KB

 Thermal trauma to teeth.pdf

5.74 MB

 Tongue piercing and associated oral and dental complications.pdf

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 Tooth avulsion and replantation — A review.pdf

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 Tooth splinting_ a review of the literature and consideration of the versatility of a wire-compos.pdf

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 Trauma of treatment failure_ a case report.pdf

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 Traumatic bone cyst_ case report.pdf

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 Treatment of extraoral sinus tracts from traumatized teeth with apical periodontitis.pdf

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 Unicystic ameloblastoma_ a possible pitfall in periapical diagnosis.pdf

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 Utilization of gutta-percha for retrograde root fillings.pdf

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 Zebra XX, Part 2.pdf

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