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The Phantom (joso2001)

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Name:The Phantom (joso2001)

Infohash: FC0780B635A62BD283C2FB7D423BAA41416430E4

Total Size: 21.23 GB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-25 17:25:46

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!Foreign (Size: 19.69 GB) (Files: 1113)



   Diamond Comics

    Diamond Comics Digest-Phantom 083 (1998).cbr

17.95 MB

    Phantom & the Trouble Shooter (Diamond Comics).cbr

16.14 MB



     Devil's Story.cbr

12.71 MB

     The Phantom-Death In The Central Park.cbr

5.97 MB

    The Phantom 001-Hoogan's Revenge (07-2000).cbr

15.16 MB

    The Phantom 003-The Ghost Who Died Twice (08-2000).cbr

14.88 MB

    The Phantom 016-Messenger of Evil (11-2001).cbr

7.55 MB

    The Phantom 021-Halloween Gang (04-2002).cbr

5.68 MB

    The Phantom 017-Live Cargo (02-2000).cbr

5.48 MB

    The Phantom 010-The Test (04-2001).cbr

4.74 MB

    The Phantom Covers-Egmont (Ajay Misra).cbr

1.73 MB

    The Phantom-Egmont.doc

46.00 KB


    Indrajal Comics v1

     Indrajal Comics 390-Phantom-The Smuggler's Ring 01 ctc (HQ) (12-1981).cbr

61.24 MB

     Indrajal Comics 391-Phantom-The Smuggler's Ring 02 ctc (HQ) (12-1981).cbr

61.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 209-Mythology-Tulsidasa's Ramacharit Manas I.cbr

60.76 MB

     Indrajal Comics 383-Mike Nomad-The Devil's Domain.cbr

58.16 MB

     Indrajal Comics 435-Rip Kirby-The Desert Fox.cbr

52.23 MB

     Indrajal Comics 272-Mythology-Mahabharata 01.cbz

51.41 MB

     Indrajal Comics 278-Mythology-Mahabharata 02.cbz

50.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 103-Phantom-Villain's Paradise.cbr

44.66 MB

     Indrajal Comics 108-Flash Gordon-Plant Attack.cbr

41.68 MB

     Indrajal Comics 102-Flash Gordon-The Floating City.cbr

40.03 MB

     Indrajal Comics 393-Flash Gordon-The Magic Sword.cbr

38.30 MB

     Indrajal Comics 352-Bahadur-The Secret Assignment.cbz

37.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics 326-Bahadur-The Gang of Imposters.cbr

37.24 MB

     Indrajal Comics 354-Flash Gordon-The Tempest of Fury.cbr

36.08 MB

     Indrajal Comics 198-Phantom-The Outlaw's Herd (HQ).cbr

35.91 MB

     Indrajal Comics 249-Flash Gordon-Many Centuries Ahead.cbr

35.82 MB

     Indrajal Comics 232-Flash Gordon-Rescue Mission Mercury.cbr

34.66 MB

     Indrajal Comics 072-Flash Gordon-The Tournament of Death.cbr

34.63 MB

     Indrajal Comics 172-Flash Gordon-Plutonium Raiders (HQ).cbr

34.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics 224-Flash Gordon-Destination Venus (HQ).cbr

34.11 MB

     Indrajal Comics 214-Phantom-The Magic Drum 1974.cbr

34.07 MB

     Indrajal Comics 327-Phantom-The Tale of Devil 01 ctc (HQ) (06-1979).cbr

33.77 MB

     Indrajal Comics 215-War-The Curse of the Goddess.cbr

32.44 MB

     Indrajal Comics 199-War-The Bridge Busters.cbr

31.89 MB

     Indrajal Comics 212-On the Sands of Time (History) (HQ).cbr

31.51 MB

     Indrajal Comics 427-Phantom-The Dauntless Protector ctc (HQ) (09-1982).cbr

31.01 MB

     Indrajal Comics 437-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 02 ctc (HQ) (11-1982).cbr

30.97 MB

     Indrajal Comics 443-Flash Gordon-The Space Invaders.cbr

29.43 MB

     Indrajal Comics 438-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 03 (HQ).cbr

28.93 MB

     Indrajal Comics 436-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 01 (HQ).cbr

27.21 MB

     Indrajal Comics 228-Mythology-Tulsidasa's Ramacharit Manas-II (1975).cbr

27.11 MB

     Indrajal Comics 352-Bahadur-The Secret Assignment (alt).cbr

26.83 MB

     Indrajal Comics 111-Flash Gordon-Ming the Merciless.cbz

26.27 MB

     Indrajal Comics 031-Phantom-The Deadly Swamp (HQ).cbz

25.34 MB

     Indrajal Comics 039-Phantom-Wamba Falls Inn.cbr

25.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 122-Phantom-Walker's Table (11-1970).cbr

24.96 MB

     Indrajal Comics 118-Phantom-The Masked Ball (09-1970).cbr

24.62 MB

     Indrajal Comics 225-Phantom-The Little Princess (dailies version) (03-1975).cbr

23.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics 040-Walt Disney's Rob Roy.cbr

23.56 MB

     Indrajal Comics 347-Flash Gordon-The Curse of Loki.cbr

23.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics 330-The Black Mailer with additional pages.cbr

22.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 038-Walt Disney's Man In Space.cbr

22.39 MB

     Indrajal Comics 134-Phantom-The Crime School (05-1971).cbr

21.98 MB

     Indrajal Comics 346-Phantom-The Skorpia Gang 02 (03-1980).cbr

20.41 MB

     Indrajal Comics 100-Phantom-The Phantom's Death.cbr

20.29 MB

     Indrajal Comics 156-Phantom-Golden Ransom (Remix Version).cbz

20.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics 245-Phantom-The Phantom & the Beast (b&w version) (01-1976).cbr

19.87 MB

     Indrajal Comics 056-Phantom-Delilah (Remix Version).cbz

19.01 MB

     Indrajal Comics 139-Phantom-The Hunter's Prey.cbr

18.64 MB

     Indrajal Comics 368-Mythology-Bharat Bahubali.cbz

18.63 MB

     Indrajal Comics 129-Phantom-The Sacred Idol (Remix Version).cbz

17.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 125-Phantom-The False Mark (Remix Version).cbz

17.84 MB

     Indrajal Comics 259-Flash Gordon-Apollo's Chariot.cbz

17.75 MB

     Indrajal Comics 208-Phantom-The Cruel Contessa.cbz

17.64 MB

     Indrajal Comics 252-Phantom-Monster of the Cave (HQ) (04-1976).cbr

17.53 MB

     Indrajal Comics 424-Flash Gordon-The Robot Invaders.cbz

17.43 MB

     Indrajal Comics 188-Phantom-Head Hunters of Tirangi (HQ) (08-1973).cbr

17.31 MB

     Indrajal Comics 162-Phantom-The Diamond Mountain (07-1972).cbz

16.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics 198-Phantom-The Outlaw's Herd (Remix Version).cbz

16.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 377-Buz Sawyer-The Monster Boys.cbr

16.60 MB

     Indrajal Comics 010-Phantom-The Phantom's Ring.cbr

16.37 MB

     Indrajal Comics 336-Phantom-The Blood-Thirsty Bandits 02.cbr

16.30 MB

     Indrajal Comics 438-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 03 (11-1982).cbr

16.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics 140-Phantom-The Captive Herd (Remix Version).cbz

16.11 MB

     Indrajal Comics 225-Phantom-The Little Princess ctc (03-1975).cbr

15.98 MB

     Indrajal Comics 369-Phantom-The Desperados.cbr

15.87 MB

     Indrajal Comics 437-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 02 (11-1982).cbr

15.60 MB

     Indrajal Comics 186-Phantom-Gold or Death (07-1973).cbz

15.56 MB

     Indrajal Comics 177-Flash Gordon-The Robot Family.cbz

15.50 MB

     Indrajal Comics 442-Phantom-The Haunt of the Ghost.cbr

15.33 MB

     Indrajal Comics 214-Phantom-The Magic Drum (Remix Version).cbz

15.30 MB

     Indrajal Comics 076-Phantom-The Phantom's Jungle Patrol.cbr

15.16 MB

     Indrajal Comics 401-Phantom-Abode of the Ghosts 02.cbr

15.08 MB

     Indrajal Comics 295-Phantom-The Crucial Moment (02-1978).cbr

14.99 MB

     Indrajal Comics 311-Phantom-The Ghost Who Walks (10-1978).cbr

14.71 MB

     Indrajal Comics 178-Phantom-Death Speaks (Remix Version).cbz

14.67 MB

     Indrajal Comics 168-Phantom-Where Is Diana (Remix Version).cbz

14.64 MB

     Indrajal Comics 016-Phantom-The Diamond Cup (digital camera version)(06-1965).cbr

14.52 MB

     Indrajal Comics 210-Phantom-The Shark Island (Remix Version).cbz

14.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics 440-Buz Sawyer-The Haunted Lodge.cbz

14.29 MB

     Indrajal Comics 222-Phantom-The Forbidden Jungle (Remix Version).cbz

14.08 MB

     Indrajal Comics 429-Garth-The Tormenting Spectre.cbz

14.06 MB

     Indrajal Comics 316-Bahadur-Bahadur and the Child Lifters.cbz

13.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 407-Buz Sawyer-The Fugitive.cbr

13.32 MB

     Indrajal Comics 194-Phantom-Night on the Mesa (watermark removed).cbr

13.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics 313-Phantom-The Protector (11-1978).cbr

13.16 MB

     Indrajal Comics 237-Phantom-An Oath of Vengeance (Remix Version).cbz

13.12 MB

     Indrajal Comics 269-Phantom-Terror in Denkali.cbr

13.04 MB

     Indrajal Comics 217-Flash Gordon-Phantom-The Escape & Master of Evil.cbz

13.03 MB

     Indrajal Comics 018-Phantom-The Golden Princess.cbr

13.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics 248-Phantom-A Strange World.cbr

12.97 MB

     Indrajal Comics 427-Phantom-The Dauntless Protector ctc (09-1982).cbr

12.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 400-Phantom-Abode of the Ghosts 01.cbr

12.89 MB

     Indrajal Comics 425-Rip Kirby-The City of Harmony.cbz

12.85 MB

     Indrajal Comics 437-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 02 ctc (11-1982).cbr

12.79 MB

     Indrajal Comics 141-Phantom-The Gangsters Gravyard.cbr

12.74 MB

     Indrajal Comics 385-Phantom-Embers of Fury 01 (11-1981).cbr

12.72 MB

     Indrajal Comics 160-Phantom-The Skull Cave (Remix Version).cbz

12.57 MB

     Indrajal Comics 433-Bahadur-Treacherous Vandals.cbr

12.42 MB

     Indrajal Comics 406-Phantom-The Legend of Valour 02 (04-1982).cbr

12.39 MB

     Indrajal Comics 245-Phantom-The Phantom & the Beast.cbr

12.38 MB

     Indrajal Comics 184-Phantom-The 'Brain' Seller (06-1973).cbr

12.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 151-Phantom-The Gladiator.cbr

12.35 MB

     Indrajal Comics 416-Rip Kirby-The Night on the Forsaken Island.cbz

12.29 MB

     Indrajal Comics 327-Phantom-The Tale of Devil 01 ctc (06-1979).cbr

12.16 MB

     Indrajal Comics 248-Phantom-A Strange World (b&w version) (02-1976).cbr

12.14 MB

     Indrajal Comics 184-Phantom-The 'Brain' Seller.cbz

12.11 MB

     Indrajal Comics 421-Buz Sawyer-The Race for Power.cbr

12.09 MB

     Indrajal Comics 438-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 03 (alt) (11-1982).cbr

12.03 MB

     Indrajal Comics 221-Mythology-The King of Kaushambi.cbr

11.99 MB

     Indrajal Comics 408-Mike Nomad-The Gold Hunt.cbz

11.98 MB

     Indrajal Comics 426-Mike Nomad-The Arson Ring.cbr

11.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 409-Phantom-The Dreaded Deep Woods.cbr

11.86 MB

     Indrajal Comics 364-Bahadur-Web Of Hatred.cbr

11.84 MB

     Indrajal Comics 005-Phantom-The Phantom's Isle of Eden (07-1964).cbr

11.80 MB

     Indrajal Comics 233-Phantom-The Golden Woods.cbr

11.78 MB

     Indrajal Comics 026-Phantom-The Jungle Patrol 70p (most double(04-1966).cbr

11.68 MB

     Indrajal Comics 271-Phantom-The Wonder Jewel.cbz

11.65 MB

     Indrajal Comics 394-Phantom-The Call of The Jungle.cbr

11.64 MB

     Indrajal Comics 363-Phantom-The Jungle Gold.cbr

11.62 MB

     Indrajal Comics 328-Phantom-The Tale of Devil 02 ctc (06-1979).cbr

11.62 MB

     Indrajal Comics 001-Phantom-The Phantom's Belt ctc (03-1964).cbr

11.61 MB

     Indrajal Comics 386-Phantom-Embers of Fury 02.cbr

11.57 MB

     Indrajal Comics 434-Flash Gordon-The Trial on Mars.cbr

11.55 MB

     Indrajal Comics 262-Phantom-Merchants of Death I.cbz

11.54 MB

     Indrajal Comics 418-Phantom-The Jailbreak.cbr

11.51 MB

     Indrajal Comics 436-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 01 (alt) (11-1982).cbr

11.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics 167-Flash Gordon-The Killer Planet.cbr

11.46 MB

     Indrajal Comics 391-Phantom-The Smuggler's Ring 02 ctc (12-1981).cbr

11.45 MB

     Indrajal Comics 016-Phantom-The Diamond Cup (06-1965).cbr

11.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 396-Buz Sawyer-The Broken Strings.cbr

11.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 329-Phantom-The Superhuman.cbr

11.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 420-Garth-The Fiendish Mission.cbz

11.27 MB

     Indrajal Comics 390-Phantom-The Smuggler's Ring 01 ctc (12-1981).cbr

11.26 MB

     Indrajal Comics 345-Phantom-The Scorpia Gang 01.cbr

11.20 MB

     Indrajal Comics 039-Phantom-Wamba Falls Inn (03-1967).cbr

11.09 MB

     Indrajal Comics 439-Bahadur-The Maze of Treachery.cbr

11.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 358-Bahadur-The Desert Smugglers.cbr

11.04 MB

     Indrajal Comics 372-Flash Gordon-The Ring of Fear.cbr

10.96 MB

     Indrajal Comics 436-Phantom-The Reign of Justice 01 (11-1982).cbr

10.96 MB

     Indrajal Comics 384-Flash Gordon-The Flames of Vengeance.cbr

10.93 MB

     Indrajal Comics 148-Phantom-Conspirators of Tulana (watermark).cbz

10.91 MB

     Indrajal Comics 062-Phantom-The Lost City of Yiango (Remix Version).cbr

10.86 MB

     Indrajal Comics 402-Rip Kirby-The Scary Whisper.cbz

10.75 MB

     Indrajal Comics 289-Phantom-The Monster From Mars.cbr

10.73 MB

     Indrajal Comics 283-Phantom-The Crime Wave In Mawitaan (Hindi cover+scanlated english).cbr

10.67 MB

     Indrajal Comics 181-Phantom-The Phantom in Flames (03-1973).cbr

10.60 MB

     Indrajal Comics 323-Phantom-The Crucial Combat.cbr

10.59 MB

     Indrajal Comics 305-Phantom-The Phantom Meets the Space-Demons.cbr

10.42 MB

     Indrajal Comics 239-Flash Gordon+Phantom-The Solar Power Station.cbr

10.39 MB

     Indrajal Comics 149-Phantom-The Evil Spell.cbr

10.13 MB

     Indrajal Comics 118-Phantom-The Masked Ball.cbr

10.10 MB

     Indrajal Comics 101-Phantom-The Satchel.cbr

10.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 263-Phantom-Merchants of Death 02.cbz

10.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 381-Phantom-The Demons of Koqania.cbz

9.84 MB

     Indrajal Comics 049-Phantom-The Secrets of the Phantom.cbr

9.81 MB

     Indrajal Comics 306-Bahadur-Bahadur in the Double Trap.cbr

9.72 MB

     Indrajal Comics 314-Flash Gordon-The Undersea Humans.cbr

9.67 MB

     Indrajal Comics 291-Phantom-Tremors of Fear.cbr

9.64 MB

     Indrajal Comics 293-Phantom-The Taste of Poison (01-1978).cbz

9.59 MB

     Indrajal Comics 145-Phantom-The Secret Mission (watermarked cover replaced).cbr

9.28 MB

     Indrajal Comics 219-Kunhali Marakkar (History).cbr

9.27 MB

     Indrajal Comics 002-Phantom-Prince Orq (04-1964).cbr

9.15 MB

     Indrajal Comics 242-Mythology-Bahubali.cbr

9.06 MB

     Indrajal Comics 341-Phantom-The Secret of Vacul Castle 01 (01-1980).cbz

9.03 MB

     Indrajal Comics 121-The Witches.cbr

9.02 MB

     Indrajal Comics 166-Phantom-The Amazing Island (watermark).cbr

8.91 MB

     Indrajal Comics 212-On the Sands of Time (History).cbr

8.69 MB

     Indrajal Comics 007-Phantom-The Man-Eating Plant.cbr

8.69 MB

     Indrajal Comics 235-Flash Gordon-Many Faces of Death.cbr

8.57 MB

     Indrajal Comics 261-Mythology-Ten Days.cbr

8.56 MB

     Indrajal Comics 308-Flash Gordon-The Doomed Planet.cbr

8.55 MB

     Indrajal Comics 223-Komagata Maru (History).cbr

8.50 MB

     Indrajal Comics 275-Phantom-The Masked Assassin.cbr

8.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics 367-Phantom-The Diamond Robbers (02-1981).cbr

8.10 MB

     Indrajal Comics 300-Bahadur-The Fire-Birds.cbr

8.06 MB

     Indrajal Comics 335-Phantom-The Blood-Thirsty Bandits 01.cbr

8.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 037-Walt Disney's Zorro (alt).cbr

8.03 MB

     Indrajal Comics 244-Phantom-Skull Cave Attacked.cbr

8.01 MB

     Indrajal Comics 065-Phantom-The Jade Palace.cbr

8.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics 351-Phantom-The Revenge of the Ghost 03.cbr

7.96 MB

     Indrajal Comics 346-Phantom-The Skorpia Gang 02.cbr

7.88 MB

     Indrajal Comics 173-Phantom-Return of the Golden Comet (Hindi cover + scanlated english cover).cbr

7.86 MB

     Indrajal Comics 224-Flash Gordon-Destination Venus.cbz

7.84 MB

     Indrajal Comics 130-Phantom-The Night of the Theft.cbr

7.81 MB

     Indrajal Comics 136-Phantom-The Cruel Conspiracy (06-1971).cbr

7.81 MB

     Indrajal Comics 041-Phantom-The Mystery of the Veiled Lady.cbr

7.74 MB

     Indrajal Comics 191-Phantom-The Kaluga Giant.cbr

7.74 MB

     Indrajal Comics 225-Phantom-The Little Princess.cbz

7.69 MB

     Indrajal Comics 420-Garth-The Fiendish Mission (alt).cbr

7.63 MB

     Indrajal Comics 234-Phantom-The Two Headed Bull.cbz

7.58 MB

     Indrajal Comics 247-The Indian Robin-Hood Sultana (Misc).cbz

7.57 MB

     Indrajal Comics 212-On The Sands of Time (History) (alt).cbz

7.53 MB

     Indrajal Comics 249-Flash Gordon-Many Centuries Ahead.cbz

7.50 MB

     Indrajal Comics 370-Bahadur-The Mystery of the Headless Ghost.cbr

7.49 MB

     Indrajal Comics 395-Bahadur-The Dragons.cbr

7.47 MB

     Indrajal Comics 282-Flash Gordon-The Savages of Arboria.cbr

7.45 MB

     Indrajal Comics 399-Rip Kirby-The Wax Trap.cbr

7.45 MB

     Indrajal Comics 179-Phantom-The Third Phantom.cbr

7.44 MB

     Indrajal Comics 006-Phantom-The Lunar Cult (08-1964).cbr

7.40 MB

     Indrajal Comics 359-Phantom-The 22nd Phantom 01.cbr

7.33 MB

     Indrajal Comics 197-War-To Each His Own.cbr

7.30 MB

     Indrajal Comics 319-Phantom-Demons from the Dark 01 (alt).cbr

7.22 MB

     Indrajal Comics 394-Phantom-The Call of the Jungle (01-1982).cbr

7.22 MB

     Indrajal Comics 405-Phantom-The Legend of Valour 01 (04-1982).cbr

7.13 MB

     Indrajal Comics 131-Phantom-The Deadly Trap (04-1971).cbr

7.12 MB

     Indrajal Comics 392-Buzz Sawyer-The Horror Dungeons.cbr

7.11 MB

     Indrajal Comics 320-Phantom-Demons from the Dark 02.cbr

7.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 333-Phantom-The Valley of No Return.cbr

7.03 MB

     Indrajal Comics 404-Bahadur-The Vengeful Outlaws.cbr

6.96 MB

     Indrajal Comics 097-Phantom-The Tiger Girl.cbr

6.94 MB

     Indrajal Comics 094-Phantom-The Enchanted Land.cbr

6.93 MB

     Indrajal Comics 084-Phantom-The Money Mad Maniac.cbr

6.92 MB

     Indrajal Comics 266-Phantom-The Strange Hunt (alt).cbr

6.89 MB

     Indrajal Comics 171-The Phantom and the Vultures.cbr

6.87 MB

     Indrajal Comics 220-Phantom-The Vandal Looters.cbr

6.84 MB

     Indrajal Comics 008-Phantom-The Playmate.cbr

6.78 MB

     Indrajal Comics 078-Phantom-The Kidnappers.cbr

6.76 MB

     Indrajal Comics 391-Phantom-The Smuggler's Ring 02.cbr

6.72 MB

     Indrajal Comics 172-Flash Gordon-Plutonium Raiders.cbz

6.70 MB

     Indrajal Comics 011-Phantom-The Phantom's Treasure.cbr

6.65 MB

     Indrajal Comics 320-Phantom-Demons from the Dark 02 (alt).cbr

6.63 MB

     Indrajal Comics 154-Phantom-The Hijackers (03-1972).cbr

6.56 MB

     Indrajal Comics 115-Phantom-The Phantom's New Faith.cbr

6.55 MB

     Indrajal Comics 231-Phantom-Stranger in Desert (alt).cbz

6.52 MB

     Indrajal Comics 107-Phantom-The Giant Ape.cbr

6.51 MB

     Indrajal Comics 109-Phantom-The River of Death.cbr

6.50 MB

     Indrajal Comics 299-Phantom-The Enchanting Island.cbr

6.49 MB

     Indrajal Comics 114-Phantom-The Fiftieth Wife.cbz

6.45 MB

     Indrajal Comics 157-Phantom-The Black Gold Pirates.cbr

6.43 MB

     Indrajal Comics 345-Phantom-The Skorpia Gang 01 (03-1980).cbr

6.42 MB

     Indrajal Comics 147-Phantom-The Secret of the Misty Mountains.cbz

6.40 MB

     Indrajal Comics 339-Phantom-The Return of the Beast.cbr

6.40 MB

     Indrajal Comics 045-Phantom-The Phantom and the Deadly Web.cbr

6.31 MB

     Indrajal Comics 182-Phantom-The Golden People.cbz

6.29 MB

     Indrajal Comics 412-Phantom-The Missing Prince 01.cbz

6.29 MB

     Indrajal Comics 044-Mickey Mouse-The Time Clock.cbr

6.27 MB

     Indrajal Comics 135-Phantom-The Mystery of the Golden Sand (06-1971).cbr

6.25 MB

     Indrajal Comics 413-Phantom-The Missing Prince 02.cbz

6.22 MB

     Indrajal Comics 332-Flash Gordon-The Hulking Horror.cbr

6.22 MB

     Indrajal Comics 365-Phantom-The Slave Market of Mucar 01.cbz

6.21 MB

     Indrajal Comics 296-Bahadur-Bahadur and the Bandit Chief.cbz

6.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics 322-Bahadur-Bahadur & the Invisible Saviour.cbz

6.14 MB

     Indrajal Comics 087-Phantom-The Legend of Durugu.cbr

6.14 MB

     Indrajal Comics 112-Phantom-Royal Wedding.cbr

6.13 MB

     Indrajal Comics 193-Flash Gordon-Trapped on Mars (watermark removed).cbr

6.12 MB

     Indrajal Comics 227-Phantom-The Devil's Trap.cbr

6.12 MB

     Indrajal Comics 188-Phantom-Head Hunters of Tirangi (08-1973).cbr

6.10 MB

     Indrajal Comics 126-Phantom-The Jungle Home.cbr

6.09 MB

     Indrajal Comics 201-Phantom-The Swamp of Death.cbr

6.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 262-Phantom-Merchants of Death (alt).cbr

6.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics 031-Phantom-The Deadly Swamp.cbr

6.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics 017-Phantom-The Mysterious Passenger (07-1965).cbr

6.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics 284-Bahadur-The White Ghost's Den.cbr

5.99 MB

     Indrajal Comics 414-Phantom-The Missing Prince 03.cbz

5.98 MB

     Indrajal Comics 292-Bahadur-Bahadur and the Challenge of the Witch.cbr

5.97 MB

     Indrajal Comics 337-Phantom-The Corba Diamonds.cbr

5.96 MB

     Indrajal Comics 270-Bahadur-The Blood Sucker.cbz

5.96 MB

     Indrajal Comics 428-Buz Sawyer-The Eagle's Lair.cbr

5.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics 349-Phantom-The Revenge of the Ghost 01.cbr

5.94 MB

     Indrajal Comics 137-Phantom-The Rain Stopper.cbr

5.94 MB

     Indrajal Comics 403-Flash Gordon-The Angry Shark Boy.cbz

5.93 MB

     Indrajal Comics 366-Phantom-The Slave Market of Mucar 02.cbz

5.93 MB

     Indrajal Comics 208-Phantom-The Cruel Contessa (06-1974).cbr

5.91 MB

     Indrajal Comics 110-Phantom-Trial By Fire.cbz

5.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 104-The Ghost Tribe.cbr

5.88 MB

     Indrajal Comics 342-Phantom-The Secret of Vacul Castle 02.cbr

5.86 MB

     Indrajal Comics 325-Phantom-The Swamp Dragon.cbr

5.81 MB

     Indrajal Comics 080-Phantom-Masked Marvel.cbz

5.77 MB

     Indrajal Comics 319-Phantom-Demons from the Dark 01.cbr

5.76 MB

     Indrajal Comics 096-Phantom-Mysterious Guide.cbz

5.75 MB

     Indrajal Comics 238-Phantom-The Jewel Deal.cbr

5.74 MB

     Indrajal Comics 057-Phantom-The Terror Tiger.cbr

5.73 MB

     Indrajal Comics 059-Phantom-The Phantom and the Sleeping Giant.cbr

5.68 MB

     Indrajal Comics 201-Phantom-The Swamp of Death.cbz

5.68 MB

     Indrajal Comics 098-Phantom-The Phantom and the Bad Ones.cbr

5.67 MB

     Indrajal Comics 343-Flash Gordon-Black Stinger.cbz

5.65 MB

     Indrajal Comics 058-Phantom-The Sixth Man (NC).cbr

5.64 MB

     Indrajal Comics 288-Flash Gordon-Brukka the Ruthless.cbz

5.64 MB

     Indrajal Comics 255-Phantom-The Shining City.cbr

5.59 MB

     Indrajal Comics 120-Phantom-The Killers.cbz

5.59 MB

     Indrajal Comics 035-Walt Disney's Robin Hood.cbr

5.58 MB

     Indrajal Comics 374-Bahadur-The Golden Tower.cbr

5.58 MB

     Indrajal Comics 276-Bahadur-The Murderous Trio.cbr

5.57 MB

     Indrajal Comics 206-War-Operation JIG-3.cbr

5.54 MB

     Indrajal Comics 360-Phantom-The 22nd Phantom 02.cbr

5.53 MB

     Indrajal Comics 254-Phantom-The Phantom's Noble Lineage.cbr

5.52 MB

     Indrajal Comics 093-Phantom-Mysteries of the Pharaoh.cbr

5.51 MB

     Indrajal Comics 285-Phantom-The Slave Traders.cbr

5.51 MB

     Indrajal Comics 309-Phantom-The Law of the Jungle.cbr

5.51 MB

     Indrajal Comics 240-Phantom-Duel with Death.cbz

5.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics 005-Phantom-The Phantom's Isle of Eden (07-1964).cbz

5.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics 034-Phantom-The Phantom Meets the Super Apes.cbr

5.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics 357-Phantom-The Star of Dangalla.cbr

5.46 MB

     Indrajal Comics 117-Phantom-The Iron Monster.cbr

5.46 MB

     Indrajal Comics 159-Phantom-The Secret Cave of Kings.cbr

5.45 MB

     Indrajal Comics 316-Bahadur-Bahadur and the Child Lifters (NC)).cbz

5.45 MB

     Indrajal Comics 006-Phantom-The Lunar Cult.cbr

5.44 MB

     Indrajal Comics 032-Phantom-Oogooru, The Deity of Murder.cbr

5.44 MB

     Indrajal Comics 355-Phantom-The Infuriated Ghost.cbr

5.43 MB

     Indrajal Comics 280-Phantom-The River of Fire 02.cbr

5.43 MB

     Indrajal Comics 027-Phantom-The Mystery of Gandor.cbr

5.43 MB

     Indrajal Comics 287-Phantom-The Dare-Devils.cbz

5.40 MB

     Indrajal Comics 297-Phantom-The Spy Web.cbz

5.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 113-Phantom-The Grand Prize.cbz

5.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 106-Phantom-The Mysterious Toy.cbz

5.35 MB

     Indrajal Comics 279-Phantom-The River of Fire 01.cbr

5.34 MB

     Indrajal Comics 091-Phantom-The Dilemma.cbz

5.31 MB

     Indrajal Comics 143-Phantom-The Missing Daddy.cbr

5.31 MB

     Indrajal Comics 231-Phantom-Stranger in Desert.cbr

5.30 MB

     Indrajal Comics 341-Phantom-The Secret of Vacul Castle 01 (alt).cbr

5.30 MB

     Indrajal Comics 095-Phantom-Night in Denkali.cbz

5.28 MB

     Indrajal Comics 373-Phantom-The Legendary Foe (NC).cbr

5.26 MB

     Indrajal Comics 033-Walt Disney's Treasure Island.cbr

5.24 MB

     Indrajal Comics 152-Phantom-Jumba the Giant Elephant.cbr

5.23 MB

     Indrajal Comics 104-Phantom-The Ghost Tribe.cbz

5.20 MB

     Indrajal Comics 211-Phantom-The Vampires.cbr

5.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics 036-Phantom-The Phantom Is Blinded.cbz

5.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics 350-Phantom-The Revenge of the Ghost 02.cbr

5.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics 204-Phantom-The Mystery of Zokko.cbr

5.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics 105-Phantom-The Drummer of Timpenni.cbz

5.16 MB

     Indrajal Comics 175-Phantom-Flying Snakes.cbr

5.14 MB

     Indrajal Comics 119-Phantom-The Spy Pilot.cbz

5.14 MB

     Indrajal Comics 116-Phantom-Gangster's Dive.cbr

5.10 MB

     Indrajal Comics 353-Phantom-The Mystery of the Sunken Treasure.cbr

5.09 MB

     Indrajal Comics 082-Phantom-The Missing Bridegroom.cbr

5.02 MB

     Indrajal Comics 069-Phantom-The Hunters.cbz

5.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics 089-Phantom-The Gray Gang.cbz

4.99 MB

     Indrajal Comics 312-Bahadur-Bahadur & the Kung-Fu Kings.cbz

4.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics 047-Phantom-The Adventures of the Girl Phantom.cbr

4.92 MB

     Indrajal Comics 024-Phantom-The Human Beast.cbr

4.91 MB

     Indrajal Comics 028-Phantom-The Trembling Jungle.cbr

4.91 MB

     Indrajal Comics 086-Phantom-The Blue Gang.cbr

4.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics 315-Phantom-The Tyrant of Tarakimo.cbr

4.87 MB

     Indrajal Comics 301-Phantom-The Monster of the Green Valley 01.cbr

4.87 MB

     Indrajal Comics 258-Phantom-Hoogan the Witchman.cbr

4.84 MB

     Indrajal Comics 061-Phantom-Story of Hero.cbz

4.84 MB

     Indrajal Comics 170-Phantom-Deadly Trio (NC).cbr

4.82 MB

     Indrajal Comics 025-Phantom-Around the Moon.cbr

4.80 MB

     Indrajal Comics 067-Phantom-The Phantom and the Sea God.cbr

4.78 MB

     Indrajal Comics 026-Phantom-The Jungle Patrol 19p.cbr

4.78 MB

     Indrajal Comics 012-Phantom-The Phantom Is Chained (NC).cbr

4.77 MB

     Indrajal Comics 378-Phantom-The Rough Neck Mob (NC).cbz

4.76 MB

     Indrajal Comics 030-Phantom-The Phantom and the Girls.cbr

4.71 MB

     Indrajal Comics 023-Phantom-The Scarlet Sorceress.cbr

4.70 MB

     Indrajal Comics 243-Phantom-The Clutches of Destiny.cbr

4.70 MB

     Indrajal Comics 014-Phantom-The Mystery of the Rattle.cbr

4.70 MB

     Indrajal Comics 079-Flash Gordon-Death Trap.cbz

4.66 MB

     Indrajal Comics 133-Phantom-The Death House of Hydra.cbr

4.65 MB

     Indrajal Comics 387-Buzz Sawyer-The Hidden Vipers.cbz

4.63 MB

     Indrajal Comics 064-Phantom-Diana's Deadly Tour 24p.cbr

4.61 MB

     Indrajal Comics 074-Phantom-The Curse of Lago.cbr

4.54 MB

     Indrajal Comics 073-Phantom-The Hairy Monsters.cbr

4.50 MB

     Indrajal Comics 390-Phantom-The Smuggler's Ring 01 (alt).cbr

4.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics 371-Phantom-The Royal Prisoner.cbz

4.41 MB

     Indrajal Comics 048-Phantom-The Magic Mountain.cbr

4.38 MB

     Indrajal Comics 229-Phantom-The Phantom's Promise.cbr

4.38 MB

     Indrajal Comics 051-Phantom-The Phantom and the River Pirates.cbz

4.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 419-Bahadur-The Highway Gang.cbr

4.34 MB

     Indrajal Comics 060-Phantom-The Phantom and the Cold Fire Worshippers.cbz

4.33 MB

     Indrajal Comics 085-Flash Gordon-Sheng the Savage.cbr

4.32 MB

     Indrajal Comics 210-Phantom-The Shark Island.cbz

4.29 MB

     Indrajal Comics 029-Phantom-The Secret of Nacabre's Castle.cbr

4.28 MB

     Indrajal Comics 196-Phantom-The Village of Ghosts.cbr

4.27 MB

     Indrajal Comics 165-Phantom-The Fabulous Trophy.cbr

4.25 MB

     Indrajal Comics 277-Phantom-The First Phantom.cbr

4.24 MB

     Indrajal Comics 267-Bahadur-The Red Bricks House.cbz

4.24 MB

     Indrajal Comics 250-Phantom-Goldbeard's Strike Force.cbr

4.22 MB

     Indrajal Comics 061-Phantom-The Story of Hero (03-1968).cbr

4.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics 013-Phantom-The Phantom and Samaris.cbr

4.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics 417-Buz Sawyer-The Lost Island.cbz

4.15 MB

     Indrajal Comics 252-Phantom-Monster of the Cave (04-1976).cbr

4.14 MB

     Indrajal Comics 205-Phantom-The Little People.cbr

4.09 MB

     Indrajal Comics 007-Phantom-The Man-Eating Plant (alt).cbr

4.06 MB

     Indrajal Comics 307-Phantom-The Forsaken Cave.cbz

4.05 MB

     Indrajal Comics 273-Phantom-The Professional Killer.cbr

4.01 MB

     Indrajal Comics 260-Phantom-The Killer Gang.cbr

4.01 MB

     Indrajal Comics 054-Phantom-The Great Riddle.cbr

4.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics 019-Phantom-Moogoo's Dolls.cbr

3.99 MB

     Indrajal Comics 042-Mickey Mouse-The Missing Aircraft Carrier.cbr

3.97 MB

     Indrajal Comics 203-War-Treasure From No Man's Land.cbr

3.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics 171-Phantom-The Phantom and the Vultures.cbz

3.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics 202-War-The Tank Battle At Sukha Nallah.cbr

3.85 MB

     Indrajal Comics 317-Phantom-The Phantom Weds.cbr

3.79 MB

     Indrajal Comics 004-Phantom-The Phantom and the Imposter (NC) (06-1964).cbz

3.65 MB

     Indrajal Comics 406-Phantom-The Legend of Valour 02.cbr

3.61 MB

     Indrajal Comics 183-Phantom-Sky-High Piracy.cbr

3.61 MB

     Indrajal Comics 405-Phantom-The Legend of Valour 01.cbr

3.58 MB

     Indrajal Comics 303-Phantom-The Sacred Pledge.cbr

3.56 MB

     Indrajal Comics 324-Flash Gordon-The Death Chant on Klet.cbr

3.56 MB

     Indrajal Comics 020-Phantom-The Mysterious Bank Robbery (NC).cbr

3.53 MB

     Indrajal Comics 264-Phantom-A Dead Man's Promise.cbr

3.49 MB

     Indrajal Comics 302-Phantom-The Monster of the Green Valley 02.cbr

3.46 MB

     Indrajal Comics 382-Bahadur-The Spectre of Crime.cbr

3.40 MB

     Indrajal Comics 003-The Challenge of Cannibals.cbr

3.37 MB

     Indrajal Comics 053-Thugs in the City Park.cbr

3.27 MB

     Indrajal Comics 266-Phantom-The Strange Hunt.cbz

3.20 MB

     Indrajal Comics 174-Phantom-Romantic Witch.cbz

3.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics 009-Phantom-Thugs in Denkali (NC).cbr

3.07 MB

     Indrajal Comics 021-Phantom-King Pepe's Bride.cbr

2.84 MB

     Indrajal Comics 328-The Tale of Devil 02 (06-1979).cbr

2.76 MB

     Indrajal Comics 321-Phantom-The Benevolent Ghost.cbr

2.65 MB

     Indrajal Comics 071-Phantom-The Phantom and the Mysterious Ruins.cbz

2.60 MB

     Indrajal Comics 015-Phantom-The Unknown Commander.cbr

2.58 MB

     Indrajal Comics 052-Phantom-The White Goddess.cbr

2.50 MB

     Indrajal Comics 185-Flash Gordon-The Ring of Saturn.cbr

2.42 MB

     Indrajal Comics 361-Phantom-The Phantom's Wrath.cbz

2.38 MB

     Indrajal Comics 256-Phantom-The Goggle Eye Pirates.cbz

2.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 162-Phantom-The Diamond Mountain-Soundless Voices only (NC) (07-1972).cbr

2.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics 189-Flash Gordon-The Skragg Mission.cbr

1.85 MB

    Indrajal Comics v2 (v 20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27)

     Indrajal Comics v22 031-Phantom-The Gold Fetters 02 (HQ) (1985).cbz

81.76 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 016-Phantom-The Doomed Captives ctc (HQ) (04-1984).cbr

63.38 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 047-Phantom-The Forbidden Land of Karapura 02.cbr

62.94 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 037-Phantom-The Greedy Tyrant 01.cbr

61.34 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 040-Phantom-The Trail of the Golden Flower.cbr

60.68 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 048-Phantom-The Forbidden Land of Karapura 03.cbr

60.36 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 025-Phantom-The Dreadful Land of Kula Ku 01.cbr

59.54 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 046-Phantom-The Ghost's Fury (watermark).cbz

55.71 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 046-Phantom-The Forbidden Land of Karapura 01.cbr

55.34 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 038-Phantom-Massacre in the Jungle.cbr

53.53 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 027-Phantom-The Dreadful Land of Kula Ku 03.cbr

53.04 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 037-Phantom-The Fearless Avenger (HQ) ctc (10-1989).cbr

51.11 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 043-Phantom-The Vain Prince.cbr

50.96 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 019-Phantom-The Vigil of the Ghost 02.cbr

50.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 043-Phantom-The Dodging Villain (HQ) (reprint of 313) (10-1987).cbr

49.94 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 018-Phantom-The Vigil of the Ghost 01.cbr

49.13 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 038-Phantom-The Greedy Tyrant 02.cbr

48.10 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 026-Phantom-The Dreadful Land of Kula Ku 02.cbr

47.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 020-Phantom-The Vigil of the Ghost 03.cbr

46.10 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 006-Phantom-The Alien Conquerors (HQ) (reprint of 305) (02-1988).cbr

46.07 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 030-Phantom-The Gold Fetters 01 (HQ) (1985).cbz

38.42 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 036-Phantom-Forbidden Beach.cbz

37.67 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 039-Phantom-The Greedy Tyrant 03.cbr

34.83 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 025-Phantom-The Chivalrous Protector ctc (HQ) (06-1989).cbr

34.18 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 032-Phantom-The Heroic Dynasty (reprint of 277) (08-1987).cbr

34.15 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 052-Phantom-Monarchs of the Jungle 01.cbr

32.75 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 043-Phantom-Giant Noog The Tyrant 01 (HQ) (10-1986).cbr

32.60 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 013-Phantom-Escapade in the Jungle (03-1988).cbr

32.35 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 038-Phantom-The Phantom's Adored Gem 01.cbz

32.17 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 024-Phantom-The Satanic Grip (HQ) ctc (06-1989).cbr

31.50 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 020-Phantom-The Gigantic Beast.cbz

30.35 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 052-Phantom-The Test of Fire (12-1988).cbr

30.06 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 006-Phantom-The Witch of the Misty Mountains.cbr

28.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 025-Phantom-The Missing Treasury of Tega.cbr

27.55 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 006-Phantom-Sting of the Viper 02 (HQ) (02-1989).cbr

24.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 043-Phantom-The Magnificient Emblem 02.cbr

22.23 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 033-Phantom-Mystery of the Black Box (08-1989).cbr

21.98 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 017-Phantom-The Third Phantom's Bride 01 (HQ) (04-1986).cbr

20.57 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 042-Phantom-The Magnificient Emblem 01.cbr

19.97 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 034-Phantom-The Strange Contest.cbz

19.24 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 012-Phantom-The Indomitable Saviour (307 reprint) (03-1988).cbr

17.61 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 008-Phantom-The Fearless Commander 01 ctc (02-1986).cbr

17.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 043-Phantom-Curse of the Kimberly Diamonds 01.cbr

16.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 005-Phantom-Sting of the Viper 01 (01-1989).cbr

15.90 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 018-Phantom-Raiders of Amaland 01 ctc (05-1988).cbr

15.47 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 019-Phantom-Raiders of Amaland 02 ctc (05-1988).cbr

15.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 022-Phantom-The Consipiring Witchmen (258 reprint) (06-1988).cbr

15.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 039-Phantom-The Ghost's Verdict 02 (09-1988).cbr

14.73 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 038-Phantom-The Ghost's Verdict 01 (09-1988).cbr

14.68 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 011-Phantom-The Giant Raptor 02 ctc (03-1989).cbr

14.64 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 020-Phantom-The Alluring Beach (reprint of 135) (05-1986).cbr

14.58 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 001-Phantom-Journey of the Emerald Island 01 (1988).cbr

14.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 010-Phantom-The Giant Raptor 01 ctc (03-1989).cbr

14.14 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 029-Phantom-The Ancient Cave of Splendour 01.cbr

14.12 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 030-Phantom-The Ancient Cave of Splendour 02.cbr

14.11 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 002-Phantom-Journey of the Emerald Island 02 (1988).cbr

14.10 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 040-Phantom-Beyond the River of Fire (225 reprint) (10-1987).cbr

14.06 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 024-Phantom-Secret of the Whispering Grove 02 (06-1986).cbr

14.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 010-Phantom-The Sacred Talisman (reprint of 009) (03-1987).cbr

13.99 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 023-Phantom-Secret of the Whispering Grove 01 (06-1986).cbr

13.55 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 012-Phantom-The Den of Crime (134 reprint) ctc (03-1986).cbr

13.37 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 040-Phantom-The Ghost's Verdict 03 (10-1988).cbr

13.32 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 001-Phantom-The Captive Princess (205 reprint) (01-1987).cbr

13.28 MB

     Indrajal Comics v27 002-Phantom-The Hired Assassin ctc (01-1990).cbr

12.98 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 006-Phantom-The Ghost's Rancour (reprint of (194)) (02-1986).cbr

12.93 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 044-Phantom-Curse of the Kimberly Diamonds 02.cbr

12.80 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 049-Phantom-The Valley of the Living Dead.cbz

12.77 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 020-Phantom-The Vicious Intruders (233 reprint) (05-1987).cbr

12.76 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 051-Phantom-Return of the Dead Geniuses ctc (12-1987).cbr

12.65 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 027-Phantom-The Shrouded Mystery (reprint of 141) (07-1986).cbr

12.60 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 023-Phantom-Mystery of the Haunted Castle (211 reprint) (06-1987).cbr

12.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 009-Phantom-The Fearless Commander 02 ctc (03-1986).cbr

12.47 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 006-Phantom-Challenge of the Hijackers ctc (186 reprint) (02-1987).cbr

12.46 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 053-Phantom-The Phantom's Verdict 01.cbr

12.35 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 019-Phantom_Flash Gordon-The Phantom's Valiant Son 01.cbr

12.27 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 017-Phantom-The Saviour's Wrath (04-1989).cbr

12.12 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 009-Phantom-The Star of the East 02.cbr

12.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 020-Phantom_Flash Gordon-The Phantom's Valiant Son 02.cbr

11.99 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 023-Phantom-The Victims of Tyranny ctc (06-1988).cbr

11.85 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 001-Phantom-The Phantom's Verdict 02.cbr

11.81 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 003-Phantom-The Snares of Fortune (220 reprint) (01-1987).cbr

11.81 MB

     Indrajal Comics v26 041-Phantom-The Deadly Formula.cbz

11.73 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 035-Phantom-The Mystery Raiders (reprint of 311) ctc (08-1988).cbr

11.70 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 008-Phantom-The Star of the East 01.cbr

11.55 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 018-Phantom-The Third Phantom's Bride 02 (05-1986).cbr

11.47 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 003-Phantom-The Vindictive Ghost (reprint of 122) (01-1986).cbr

11.46 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 048-Phantom-The Missing Link.cbr

10.94 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 010-Phantom-The Star of the East 03.cbr

10.91 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 008-Phantom-The Legend of the Massau Deity ctc (007 reprint) (02-1987).cbr

10.65 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 020-Phantom-Prisoner in the Tower ctc (05-1988).cbr

10.46 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 047-Phantom-The Planned Accident 02 (11-1987).cbr

10.44 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 046-Phantom-The Planned Accident 01 (11-1986).cbr

10.09 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 024-Phantom-Treachery at Sea.cbr

10.02 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 038-Phantom-The Hostile Giant ctc (289 reprint) (09-1987).cbr

9.60 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 016-Phantom-The Cult of Assassins (04-1988).cbr

9.23 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 048-Phantom-Legend of the Flying Horse 02 (11-1988).cbr

8.92 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 049-Phantom-Curse of the Sacred Image.cbr

8.85 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 037-Phantom-Beyond the Boiling River.cbr

8.83 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 047-Phantom-Legend of the Flying Horse 01 (11-1981).cbr

8.71 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 049-Phantom-Legend of the Flying Horse 03 (12-1988).cbr

8.40 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 039-Phantom-The Phantom's Adored Gem 02.cbz

7.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 001-Phantom-Monarchs of the Jungle 02 ctc (01-1986).cbr

7.87 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 026-Phantom-Mysterious Lady of the Lake 02 ctc (06-1987).cbr

7.26 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 025-Phantom-Mysterious Lady of the Lake 01 ctc (06-1987).cbr

7.22 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 010-Phantom-The Web of Deceit.cbr

7.19 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 027-Phantom-Mysterious Lady of the Lake 03 ctc (07-1987).cbr

7.14 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 027-Phantom-The Snake Goddess 01 (07-1988).cbr

7.07 MB

     Indrajal Comics v22 005-Phantom-In the Demon's Clutches.cbr

6.80 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 001-Phantom-The Iron Willed Savior 01.cbz

6.10 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 003-Phantom-The Iron Willed Savior 03.cbz

6.02 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 002-Phantom-The Iron Willed Savior 02.cbz

6.00 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 019-Phantom-The Doomed Dictator (watermark).cbr

5.95 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 014-Phantom-The Legendary Heroes.cbr

5.57 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 033-Phantom-Tryst With Destiny.cbr

5.39 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 004-Phantom-The Phantom's Paradise.cbr

5.29 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 010-Phantom-The Masked Avenger 03.cbr

5.11 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 036-Phantom-The Game of Treachery.cbr

5.02 MB

     Indrajal Comics v27 006-Phantom-The Devil Cult (03-1990).cbr

5.02 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 050-Phantom-The Ill-Fated Voyage 01.cbr

4.94 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 008-Phantom-The Masked Avenger 01.cbr

4.74 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 009-Phantom-The Masked Avenger 02.cbr

4.62 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 051-Phantom-The Emperor's Dream.cbr

4.48 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 018-Phantom-Revenge of the Headhunters (05-1987).cbr

4.42 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 028-Phantom-The Snake Goddess 02 (07-1988).cbr

4.39 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 024-Phantom-The Invincible Ghost.cbr

4.28 MB

     Indrajal Comics v24 044-Phantom-The Cursed City.cbr

4.26 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 014-Phantom-The Missing Trophy.cbr

4.17 MB

     Indrajal Comics v25 024-Phantom-The Cave of Evil (06-1988).cbr

4.08 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 013-Phantom-The Conspirator's Web 02.cbr

3.53 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 037-Phantom-The Sparks of Betrayal 03.cbr

3.40 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 036-Phantom-The Sparks of Betrayal 02.cbr

3.37 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 035-Phantom-The Sparks of Betrayal 01.cbr

3.27 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 012-Phantom-The Conspirator's Web 01.cbr

3.06 MB

     Indrajal Comics v20 047-Phantom-The Stalking Fury.cbr

2.98 MB

     Indrajal Comics v23 051-Phantom-The Ill-Fated Voyage 02 (Phantom only) (12-1986).cbz

2.58 MB

     Indrajal Comics v21 001-Phantom-The Legendary Benefactor.cbr

1.63 MB

  Norwegian Edition (scanlated-English)

   Fantomet 09-Giovanna (2003).cbr

21.47 MB

   Fantomet 17 Ar 1 (Phantom Year 1 1) -The 21st Phantom.cbr

21.30 MB

   Fantomet 18 Ar 1 (Phantom Year 1 2) -Molok.cbr

19.32 MB

   Fantomet 20 Ar 1 (Phantom Year 1 4) -Johnny Hotwire.cbr

18.03 MB

   Fantomet 19 Ar 1 (Phantom Year 1 3) -The Courier.cbr

17.11 MB

  Forien Phantom.rtf

2.64 KB


  Newspaper Dailies

   The Phantom D001-The Singh Brotherhood 2-17-36 to 11-7-36.cbr

167.51 MB

   The Phantom D014-Diana Aviatrix Lost 12-16-40 to 7-12-41.cbr

157.62 MB

   The Phantom D016-The Phantom Goes To War.cbr

84.40 MB

   The Phantom D160-The Tarashima Terrorists 7-7-86 to 4-11-87.cbr

73.24 MB

   The Phantom D002-The Sky Band 11-9-36 to 4-10-37.cbr

72.45 MB

   The Phantom D030-Romance and the Vesta Pirates.cbr

59.56 MB

   The Phantom D031-The Devil Road.cbr

55.69 MB

   The Phantom D022-The Maharajah's Daughter.cbr

54.95 MB

   The Phantom D036-The Thugees.cbr

53.83 MB

   The Phantom D019-The Governer and Suzie.cbr

53.75 MB

   The Phantom D010-The Mysterious Girl 5-8-39 to 9-2-39.cbr

53.62 MB

   The Phantom D015-The Phantom's Treasure 7-14-41 to 1-31-42.cbr

52.86 MB

   The Phantom D149-Tale of Rex 1-18-82 to 9-11-82.cbr

51.12 MB

   The Phantom D086-The Mystery of the Island of Dogs 6-3-63 to 12-14-63.cbr

48.78 MB

   The Phantom D156-The Presidents 12-24-84 to 6-1-85.cbr

48.66 MB

   The Phantom D003-The Diamond Hunters 4-12-37 to 9-18-37.cbr

45.52 MB

   The Phantom D032-The Lady Luck.cbr

45.46 MB

   The Phantom D182-The Phantom Cowboy 6-6-94 to 12-17-94.cbr

44.76 MB

   The Phantom D085-The Mysterious Ambassador 10-15-62 to 6-1-63.cbr

43.91 MB

   The Phantom D089-The Adventures of Lucy Cary 6-29-64 to 12-12-64.cbr

43.59 MB

   The Phantom D029-Mister Hog.cbr

43.31 MB

   The Phantom D191-Joomkar's Crown.cbr

43.07 MB

   The Phantom D192-The Crater.cbr

42.74 MB

   The Phantom D177-The Attilan Mystery 7-20-92 to 2-6-93.cbr

42.52 MB

   The Phantom D206-The Crusader's Treasure.cbr

42.34 MB

   The Phantom D012-The Seahorse 1-22-40 to 7-27-40.cbr

42.06 MB

   The Phantom D187-Drama on Eden 5-20-96 to 11-30-96.cbr

41.54 MB

   The Phantom D093-Bullets' Town 1-3-66 to 5-28-66.cbr

41.37 MB

   The Phantom D140-The Hiers 12-18-78 to 5-19-79(i_).cbr

41.27 MB

   The Phantom D009-The Slave Traders 1-30-39 to 5-6-39.cbr

40.98 MB

   The Phantom D166-Rex, Prince of Baronkhan 2-6-89 to 8-5-89.cbr

40.97 MB

   The Phantom D204-The Animal Collector.cbr

39.85 MB

   The Phantom D082-The Slave Market of Mucar 8-21-61 to 2-10-62.cbr

39.38 MB

   The Phantom D205-The Immortal Man.cbr

38.38 MB

   The Phantom D153-The Necklace of Solomon 11-28-83 to 5-26-84.cbr

38.08 MB

   The Phantom D038-The Movie Stars.cbr

37.39 MB

   The Phantom D090-The Bad Ones 12-14-64 to 4-17-65.cbr

36.87 MB

   The Phantom D049-The Lady from Nowhere.cbr

36.41 MB

   The Phantom D048-The Toad Men.cbr

36.15 MB

   The Phantom D052-Ragon's Game.cbr

35.40 MB

   The Phantom D004-Little Tommy 9-20-37 to 2-5-38.cbr

35.34 MB

   The Phantom D051-The Super Apes.cbr

35.16 MB

   The Phantom D011-The Golden Circle 9-4-39 to 1-20-40.cbr

34.85 MB

   The Phantom D203-The Ghost Pirates.cbr

34.82 MB

   The Phantom D201-Valley of the Gorillaman.cbr

34.63 MB

   The Phantom D005-The Prisoner of the Himalayas 2-7-38 to 6-18-38.cbr

34.48 MB

   The Phantom D092-Prince Hali and the White Stalion.cbr

34.46 MB

   The Phantom D127-T 4-21-75 to 9-13-75.cbr

34.30 MB

   The Phantom D110-Prince Bular of Tulana 7-27-70 to 12-5-70.cbr

34.17 MB

   The Phantom D027-Princess Valerie.cbr

34.15 MB

   The Phantom D202-Ghost Quest.cbr

33.92 MB

   The Phantom D035-The Flirtatious Princess.cbr

33.81 MB

   The Phantom D079-The 50th Wife.cbr

33.66 MB

   The Phantom D161-The Snake Godess 4-13-87 to 9-12-87.cbr

33.45 MB

   The Phantom D138-Return to Tarakimo 4-17-78 to 9-9-78.cbr

33.28 MB

   The Phantom D158-The Lake Lady 9-9-85 to 3-1-86.cbr

33.04 MB

   The Phantom D195-Terror at the Opera.cbr

32.77 MB

   The Phantom D072-The Underwater Diamond Thieves.cbr

32.24 MB

   The Phantom D013-The Game of Alvar 7-29-40 to 12-14-40.cbr

32.04 MB

   The Phantom D069-The Scorpia.cbr

31.67 MB

   The Phantom D173-The Jungle Patrol vs The Drug Cartel 6-10-91 to 11-2-91.cbr

31.64 MB

   The Phantom D198-The Treasure Hunters.cbr

31.63 MB

   The Phantom D145-Gooroo's Jungle Muggers 11-3-80 to 4-4-81.cbr

31.60 MB

   The Phantom D077-The Monkey Mail.cbr

31.45 MB

   The Phantom D033-The Masked Marvel.cbr

31.32 MB

   The Phantom D094-The Killer 5-30-66 to 9-10-66.cbr

31.25 MB

   The Phantom D062-The Grove of the Sleeping Giant.cbr

30.81 MB

   The Phantom D162-Zabadabah 9-14-87 to 1-16-88.cbr

30.74 MB

   The Phantom D152-Visit to Baronkhan 7-4-83 to 11-26-83.cbr

30.73 MB

   The Phantom D099-The Rogue Elephant 10-2-67 to 1-20-68.cbr

30.59 MB

   The Phantom D054-The Wrestling Tourney.cbr

30.39 MB

   The Phantom D155-The Embassy Siege 9-10-84 to 12-22-84.cbr

30.23 MB

   The Phantom D183-Buried Treasure.cbr

30.18 MB

   The Phantom D165-Chasamba 9-5-88 to 2-4-89.cbr

30.10 MB

   The Phantom D178-The Moxley Awards 2-8-93 to 6-19-93.cbr

29.95 MB

   The Phantom D179-Nukes 6-21-93 to 11-13-93.cbr

29.86 MB

   The Phantom D050-The Matchmaker.cbr

29.53 MB

   The Phantom D095-The Sea God 9-12-66 to 12-24-66.cbr

29.39 MB

   The Phantom D134-Guardian of the Eastern Dark 4-4-77 to 8-13-77.cbr

29.23 MB

   The Phantom D143-The Tree House 2-18-80 to 7-19-80.cbr

29.19 MB

   The Phantom D151-Ughland 2-14-83 to 7-2-83.cbr

29.17 MB

   The Phantom D184-The Beasts of Phantom Head Peak.cbr

29.14 MB

   The Phantom D185-Raiders of the Eastern Dark.cbr

29.09 MB

   The Phantom D097-The Crime School 3-20-67 to 6-24-67.cbr

29.05 MB

   The Phantom D017-Bent Beak Broder.cbr

28.85 MB

   The Phantom D083-The Epidemic 2-12-62 to 6-16-62.cbr

28.82 MB

   The Phantom D084-The Wharf Rats 6-18-62 to 10-13-62.cbr

28.71 MB

   The Phantom D044-The Professor.cbr

28.70 MB

   The Phantom D190-The Shaman.cbr

28.60 MB

   The Phantom D066-The White Princess.cbr

28.54 MB

   The Phantom D091-The Hanta Witch.cbr

28.46 MB

   The Phantom D200-The Secret City.cbr

28.21 MB

   The Phantom D130-Mystery of Kula-Ku 3-8-76 to 7-31-76.cbr

28.18 MB

   The Phantom D186-Mr. Big 1-8-96 to 5-18-96.cbr

28.13 MB

   The Phantom D163-The Man-Thing 1-18-88 to 5-21-88.cbr

28.10 MB

   The Phantom D172-Zima, The Rogue Elephant 2-4-91 to 6-8-91.cbr

28.09 MB

   The Phantom D189-The Silks of Emira 3-31-97 to 7-26-97.cbr

27.99 MB

   The Phantom D070-The Carlyle's Good Mark.cbr

27.96 MB

   The Phantom D040-The Gray Gang.cbr

27.72 MB

   The Phantom D124-The Curse of the Sacred Image 4-1-74 to 8-24-74.cbr

27.44 MB

   The Phantom D193-The Dakk Pirates.cbr

27.21 MB

   The Phantom D098-Deadman's Point 6-26-67 to 9-30-67.cbr

27.19 MB

   The Phantom D196-The Ghost Wall.cbr

27.02 MB

   The Phantom D168-The Deadly Threat 11-13-89 to 3-24-90.cbr

26.80 MB

   The Phantom D119-The Giant of Kaluga Pass 10-16-72 to 1-27-73.cbr

26.77 MB

   The Phantom D159-Ruler of Baronkhan 3-3-86 to 7-5-86.cbr

26.72 MB

   The Phantom D188-Prince Rex-Kidnapped 12-2-96 to 3-29-97.cbr

26.65 MB

   The Phantom D141-Jungle Gold 5-21-79 to 9-8-79.cbr

26.65 MB

   The Phantom D007-The Shark's Nest 7-25-38 to 11-5-38.cbr

26.49 MB

   The Phantom D174-King Bongong 11-4-91 to 2-1-92.cbr

26.47 MB

   The Phantom D042-The Tiger Girl.cbr

26.34 MB

   The Phantom D026-The Mermaids of Melo Straits.cbr

26.05 MB

   The Phantom D114-The Vultures 7-26-71 to 11-6-71.cbr

25.97 MB

   The Phantom D154-The Kimberly Diamonds 5-28-84 to 9-8-84.cbr

25.85 MB

   The Phantom D053-The Mob.cbr

25.71 MB

   The Phantom D181-The Plotters 2-14-94 to 6-4-94.cbr

25.67 MB

   The Phantom D075-Oogooru and the Watchmen.cbr

25.52 MB

   The Phantom D100-Rex and the Trophy Thieves.cbr

25.35 MB

   The Phantom D121-Vampires of Koqania 5-7-73 to 8-18-73.cbr

25.16 MB

   The Phantom D039-The White Monkey.cbr

25.07 MB

   The Phantom D117-The Tanker Jackers 4-10-72 to 7-15-72.cbr

24.93 MB

   The Phantom D199-The Strange Robber.cbr

24.90 MB

   The Phantom D170-Attack of the Witchmen 6-18-90 to 10-13-90.cbr

24.89 MB

   The Phantom D197-The Halloween Kidnappers.cbr

24.78 MB

   The Phantom D074-The Swamp Rats.cbr

24.66 MB

   The Phantom D175-Prince Rex and Princess Alicia 2-3-92 to 4-25-92.cbr

24.62 MB

   The Phantom D122-The Vandal Looters 8-20-73 to 11-24-73.cbr

24.47 MB

   The Phantom D113-The Mysterious Passenger 5-10-71 to 7-24-71.cbr

24.35 MB

   The Phantom D148-The Return of Gooroo's Mob 9-14-81 to 1-16-82.cbr

24.25 MB

   The Phantom D087-The Drummer of Timpenni 12-16-63 to3-21-64.cbr

23.98 MB

   The Phantom D047-The Grat Ajax.cbr

23.90 MB

   The Phantom D123-The Pampered Princess 11-26-73 to 3-30-74.cbr

23.90 MB

   The Phantom D112-The Fence 2-15-71 to 5-8-71.cbr

23.85 MB

   The Phantom D164-Great Raptor of Rhua 5-23-88 to 9-3-88.cbr

23.53 MB

   The Phantom D080-The Iron Dragon.cbr

23.51 MB

   The Phantom D126-The Cavelands 12-30-74 to 4-19-75.cbr

23.48 MB

   The Phantom D045-The Jungle Patrol.cbr

23.20 MB

   The Phantom D120-The Trial of Patrolman Zokko 1-29-73 to 5-5-73.cbr

23.07 MB

   The Phantom D088-The Reef 3-23-64 to 6-27-64.cbr

22.77 MB

   The Phantom D061-U-Town.cbr

22.59 MB

   The Phantom D116-The Witchman 1-10-72 to 4-8-72.cbr

22.57 MB

   The Phantom D068-The Crown Jewels of Corba.cbr

22.56 MB

   The Phantom D041-Whirlpool Channel.cbr

22.55 MB

   The Phantom D096-The Satchel 12-26-66 to 3-18-67.cbr

22.50 MB

   The Phantom D063-The Shoplifters.cbr

22.48 MB

   The Phantom D055-Aboard the SS Gay.cbr

22.46 MB

   The Phantom D081-The Werewolf.cbr

22.26 MB

   The Phantom D171-The Valley of the Elephants 10-15-90 to 2-2-91.cbr

22.23 MB

   The Phantom D132-Return of the Terrorists 11-1-76 to 2-19-77.cbr

22.15 MB

   The Phantom D118-The Keeper of the Peace 7-17-72 to 10-14-72.cbr

22.13 MB

   The Phantom D125-The Normal Life 8-26-74 to 12-28-74.cbr

21.95 MB

   The Phantom D073-The Betrothal.cbr

21.50 MB

   The Phantom D107-The Gladiator 10-6-69 to 1-17-70.cbr

21.39 MB

   The Phantom D103-The Art Thieves 10-14-68 to 2-8-69.cbr

21.29 MB

   The Phantom D102-The Hydra 7-8-68 to 10-12-68.cbr

21.04 MB

   The Phantom D139-Jungle City 9-11-78 to 12-16-78.cbr

20.99 MB

   The Phantom D021-The Crooner.cbr

20.96 MB

   The Phantom D025-The Wild Girl 8-13-45 to 11-10-45.cbr

20.82 MB

   The Phantom D157-Drug Busters 6-3-85 to 9-7-85.cbr

20.79 MB

   The Phantom D109-Luaga's Undercover Tour 4-20-70 to 7-25-70.cbr

20.55 MB

   The Phantom D106-Rex, The Missing Heir 6-23-69 to 10-4-69.cbr

20.48 MB

   The Phantom D144-The Poachers 7-21-80 to 11-1-80.cbr

20.43 MB

   The Phantom D067-The Valley of No Return.cbr

20.33 MB

   The Phantom D043-The Governer's Family.cbr

20.09 MB

   The Phantom D065-Wambo the Gambler.cbr

19.76 MB

   The Phantom D056-The Slimming of Prince Tagon.cbr

19.75 MB

   The Phantom D167-Massacre at Walker's Table 8-7-89 to 11-11-89.cbr

19.69 MB

   The Phantom D176-Blackie 4-27-92 to 7-18-92.cbr

19.31 MB

   The Phantom D058-Dr Axel and the Witchmen.cbr

19.10 MB

   The Phantom D146-The Hostages 4-6-81 to 7-4-81.cbr

19.08 MB

   The Phantom D129-Star of Bangalla 12-1-75 to 3-6-76.cbr

19.08 MB

   The Phantom D057-Captain Kidder's Treasure.cbr

19.00 MB

   The Phantom D071-The Crybaby.cbr

18.88 MB

   The Phantom D078-The Gurk Twins.cbr

18.85 MB

   The Phantom D037-The Ape Idol of the Durugu.cbr

18.60 MB

   The Phantom D180-Dinosaur 11-15-93 to 2-12-94.cbr

18.43 MB

   The Phantom D137-The Three Bandits 2-6-78 to 4-15-78.cbr

18.33 MB

   The Phantom D105-The Jungle Home 3-24-69 to 6-21-69.cbr

18.11 MB

   The Phantom D108-The Missing Daddy 1-19-70 to 4-18-70.cbr

18.07 MB

   The Phantom D136-The Wedding of the Phantom 10-31-77 to 2-4-78.cbr

17.92 MB

   The Phantom D135-The Tyrant of Tarakimo 8-15-77 to 10-29-77.cbr

17.79 MB

   The Phantom D115-The Lost City of Pheenix 11-8-71 to 1-8-72.cbr

17.74 MB

   The Phantom D194-The Albee.cbr

17.42 MB

   The Phantom D024-Lago the Lake God.cbr

17.24 MB

   The Phantom D131-S.S. Blitz 8-2-76 to 10-30-76.cbr

17.18 MB

   The Phantom D169-The Master of Eden 3-26-90 to 6-16-90.cbr

17.03 MB

   The Phantom D064-The Heavyweight Champion.cbr

16.92 MB

   The Phantom D020-The Spy Gang.cbr

16.84 MB

   The Phantom D111-Yes.cbr

16.67 MB

   The Phantom D076-The Reporter.cbr

16.37 MB

   The Phantom D034-Fathers and Sons.cbr

15.92 MB

   The Phantom D128-Hzzz 9-15-75 to 11-29-75.cbr

15.67 MB

   The Phantom D023-The Blue Gang.cbr

15.04 MB

   The Phantom D018-The Phantom's Engagement.cbr

14.96 MB

   The Phantom D142-The Return of General Bababu 9-10-79 to 2-16-80.cbr

14.74 MB

   The Phantom D147-The Phantom's Vacation 7-6-81 to 9-12-81.cbr

14.61 MB

   The Phantom D133-The Proposal 2-21-77 to 4-2-77.cbr

12.72 MB

   The Phantom D046-Bobo the Toy Dog.cbr

12.58 MB

   The Phantom D101-The Frame Up-5-6-68 to 7-6-68.cbr

12.45 MB

   The Phantom D060-The Wisdom of Solomon.cbr

9.79 MB

   The Phantom D006-Adventure in Algiers 6-20-38 to 7-23-38.cbr

9.30 MB

   The Phantom D104-The Masked Ball 2-10-69 to 3-22-69.cbr

7.99 MB

   The Phantom D213-Chamber of the Gods, part 1(fixed).cbr

5.74 MB

   The Phantom D214-Chamber of the Gods, part 2 5-16-05 to 9.27.05.cbr

5.35 MB

   The Phantom D215.cbr

2.44 MB

   The Phantom D000-For Those Who Came In Late.cbr

79.89 KB

  Newspaper Sundays (c)(1939)

   The Phantom S108-The Heirs 11-12-78 to 05-20-79 (color).cbr

175.01 MB

   The Phantom S109-Jungle Olympics 05-27-79 to 09-02-79-colorized.cbr

88.42 MB

   The Phantom S110-colorized.cbr

84.50 MB

   The Phantom S136-Return of the Thuggees 05-20-90 to 08-11-91.cbr

71.29 MB

   The Phantom S107-The Star of Bangalla 07-30-78 to 11-05-78(i).cbr

59.83 MB

   The Phantom S010-Hamid the Terrible 07-11-43 to 06-25-44.cbr

47.48 MB

   The Phantom S137-The Fourth Son 08-18-91 to 05-17-92.cbr

42.18 MB

   The Phantom S068-Rex King 05-15-66 to 12-11-66.cbr

41.72 MB

   The Phantom S088-The Bike Gang-colorized.cbr

40.80 MB

   The Phantom S006-The Return of the Sky Band 03-02-41 to 02-22-42.cbr

40.23 MB

   The Phantom S143-Battle of the Jungle Boys 12-11-94 to 09-17-95.cbr

35.74 MB

   The Phantom S139-How the Phantom Saved the Earth 12-13-92 to 07-18-93.cbr

33.69 MB

   The Phantom S124-The Forest Giants 06-16-85 to 01-05-86.cbr

33.30 MB

   The Phantom S132-Exodus of the Little People 07-24-88 to 02-26-89.cbr

32.93 MB

   The Phantom S064-The Founding of the Jungle Patrol 07-05-64 to 01-24-65.cbr

32.86 MB

   The Phantom S146-Dig 12-01-96 to 08-24-97.cbr

32.68 MB

   The Phantom S094-Tale of Joomba 06-16-74 to 12-29-74.cbr

32.53 MB

   The Phantom S122-Alexander's Diamond Cup 08-26-84 to 02-17-85.cbr

32.31 MB

   The Phantom S119-The Eastern Dark 08-07-83 to 01-29-84.cbr

31.78 MB

   The Phantom S138-Tiger, Tiger! 05-24-92 to 012-06-92.cbr

31.64 MB

   The Phantom S063-The Giant Bird of Gandor 12-22-63 to 06-28-64.cbr

30.94 MB

   The Phantom S062-Old Baldy 05-19-63 to 12-15-63.cbr

30.70 MB

   The Phantom S067-The Veiled Lady 10-31-65 to 05-08-66.cbr

29.92 MB

   The Phantom S147-Waterman 08-31-97 to 04-19-98.cbr

29.59 MB

   The Phantom S118-Mysterious Karapura 01-23-83 to 07-31-83.cbr

29.05 MB

   The Phantom S028-The Phantom's Ring 010-29-50 to 06-10-51.cbr

28.51 MB

   The Phantom S112-The Uninvited Visitors 06-08-80 to 11-16-80.cbr

27.58 MB

   The Phantom S050-The Monster of Green Valley 12-29-57 to 07-27-58.cbr

27.21 MB

   The Phantom S007-The Imposter 03-01-42 to 10-11-42.cbr

27.20 MB

   The Phantom S152-The Shipwreckers 01-02-00 to 07-30-00.cbr

26.51 MB

   The Phantom S140-The Jungle Olympics 07-25-93 to 01-16-94.cbr

26.31 MB

   The Phantom S111-The Vault of Missing Men 12-16-79 to 06-01-80.cbr

26.25 MB

   The Phantom S113-Crook's Haven 11-23-80 to 05-24-81.cbr

26.25 MB

   The Phantom S093-Phantom Treasure 12-30-73 to 06-09-74.cbr

26.20 MB

   The Phantom S114-Crazy Louie's Story 05-31-81 to 11-08-81.cbr

26.15 MB

   The Phantom S141-The Isle of Death 01-23-94 to 07-03-94.cbr

26.11 MB

   The Phantom S017-The 012 Tasks 12-29-46 to 06-29-47.cbr

25.06 MB

   The Phantom S023-The Flirtatious Princess 05-01-49 to 08-21-49.cbr

24.57 MB

   The Phantom S116-The Terrorists 04-18-82 to 09-05-82.cbr

24.27 MB

   The Phantom S056-The Goggle Eye Pirates 10-30-60 to 03-26-61.cbr

23.99 MB

   The Phantom S133-Death From the Sky 03-05-89 to 07-31-89.cbr

23.77 MB

   The Phantom S024-The Thuggees 08-28-49 to 02-19-50.cbr

23.57 MB

   The Phantom S057-Fluffy 04-02-61 to 08-13-61.cbr

23.26 MB

   The Phantom S142-Phantom World 07-10-94 to 012-04-94.cbr

22.60 MB

   The Phantom S052-Conley's Good Mark 12-19-58 to 06-14-59.cbr

22.01 MB

   The Phantom S150-The Kidnappers 02-21-99 to 08-15-99.cbr

21.93 MB

   The Phantom S117-The Missing Link Family 09-12-82 to 01-16-83.cbr

21.88 MB

   The Phantom S019-The Marshall Sisters 11-23-47 to 05-16-48.cbr

21.87 MB

   The Phantom S011-The Young Phantom 07-02-44 to 01-07-45.cbr

21.71 MB

   The Phantom S135-The Eastern Dark at Janorra 01-14-90 to 05-13-90.cbr

21.65 MB

   The Phantom S081-Alexander's Diamond Cup 09-20-70 to 02-07-71.cbr

21.35 MB

   The Phantom S051-The Plant God of Massau 08-03-58 to 12-12-58.cbr

21.28 MB

   The Phantom S104-The Wedding of the Phantom 10-30-77 to 02-05-78.cbr

21.03 MB

   The Phantom S008-Castle in the Clouds 10-18-42 to 04-18-43.cbr

20.95 MB

   The Phantom S055-The Honeymooners 05-29-60 to 10-23-60.cbr

20.76 MB

   The Phantom S073-The Little Ones 03-31-68 to 08-11-68.cbr

20.13 MB

   The Phantom S145-The Lookout 06-02-96 to 011-24-96.cbr

20.00 MB

   The Phantom S099-Joonkar and the Slavers 04-18-76 to 08-29-76.cbr

19.97 MB

   The Phantom S148-The Vanished Village 04-26-98 to 09-27-98.cbr

19.96 MB

   The Phantom S095-Little Girl 01-05-75 to 05-11-74.cbr

19.55 MB

   The Phantom S074-The Black Gold Pirates 08-18-68 to 12-29-68.cbr

19.47 MB

   The Phantom S012-The Golden Princess 01-14-45 to 06-24-45.cbr

19.44 MB

   The Phantom S102-The Hunters 04-24-77 to 08-07-77.cbr

19.26 MB

   The Phantom S129-The Fighting Twins 07-05-87 to 09-27-87.cbr

19.25 MB

   The Phantom S100-The Stolen Ring 09-05-76 to 12-19-76.cbr

19.20 MB

   The Phantom S070-The Lions of Kukhan 04-09-67 to 08-06-67.cbr

19.10 MB

   The Phantom S004-The Beachcomber 07-28-40 to 12-29-40.cbr

18.80 MB

   The Phantom S101-The Swamp Dragon 12-26-76 to 04-17-77.cbr

18.78 MB

   The Phantom S115-Kit and the Little People 11-15-81 to 04-11-82.cbr

18.63 MB

   The Phantom S065-The Weird Webs of Spidera 01-31-65 to 06-27-65.cbr

18.59 MB

   The Phantom S029-The Rope People 06-17-51 to 11-04-51.cbr

18.53 MB

   The Phantom S013-The Strange Fisherman 07-01-45 to 12-02-45.cbr

18.49 MB

   The Phantom S151-The Wharf Rats 08-22-99 to 012-26-99.cbr

18.46 MB

   The Phantom S078-The Golden People 12-14-69 to 03-29-70.cbr

18.34 MB

   The Phantom S077-The Missing Link 08-10-69 to 12-07-69.cbr

18.12 MB

   The Phantom S123-The Whispering Grove 02-24-85 to 06-09-85.cbr

18.05 MB

   The Phantom S048-A Lesson for Prince Orq 04-14-57 to 08-18-57.cbr

18.01 MB

   The Phantom S066-Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn 07-04-65 to 10-24-65.cbr

17.90 MB

   The Phantom S125-Phantom Head Peak 01-12-86 to 04-27-86.cbr

17.89 MB

   The Phantom S046-The Rattle 08-26-56 to 01-13-57.cbr

17.80 MB

   The Phantom S069-The Golden Sands of Keela Wee 12-18-66 to 04-02-67.cbr

17.61 MB

   The Phantom S098-The Blue Giant 12-28-75 to 04-11-76.cbr

17.57 MB

   The Phantom S091-Rex and the Little People 06-03-73 to 09-16-73.cbr

17.36 MB

   The Phantom S126-Sunken Treasure 05-04-86 to 08-31-86.cbr

17.36 MB

   The Phantom S002-The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn 10-22-39 to 03-10-40.cbr

17.16 MB

   The Phantom S075-Walker's Table 01-05-69 to 04-20-69.cbr

17.12 MB

   The Phantom S039-The Stolen Cup 10-17-54 to 02-27-55.cbr

16.71 MB

   The Phantom S127-The Escaped Convicts 09-07-86 to 12-21-86.cbr

16.68 MB

   The Phantom S034-The Chain 02-08-53 to 05-24-53.cbr

16.61 MB

   The Phantom S001-The League of Lost Men 05-28-39 to 10-15-39.cbr

16.59 MB

   The Phantom S106-Hzz And Hrz 16-04-1978-23-07-1978 B&W.cbr

16.48 MB

   The Phantom S131-The Bride of Xali 04-17-88 to 07-17-88.cbr

16.33 MB

   The Phantom S149-The Floradon Mystery 10-04-98 to 02-14-99.cbr

16.29 MB

   The Phantom S049-The Frameup 08-25-57 to 12-22-57.cbr

16.17 MB

   The Phantom S120-Golden Beach of Keela Wee 02-05-84 to 05-06-84.cbr

16.06 MB

   The Phantom S018-The Dragon God 07-06-47 to 11-16-47.cbr

16.02 MB

   The Phantom S037-The Belt 02-07-54 to 06-06-54.cbr

15.99 MB

   The Phantom S121-The Deadliest Animals in the Jungle 05-13-84 to 08-19-84.cbr

15.91 MB

   The Phantom S085-The Good Mark of the Phantom 11-07-71 to 02-06-72.cbr

15.63 MB

   The Phantom S097-The Golden Beach 08-17-75 to 12-21-75.cbr

15.57 MB

   The Phantom S021-The Haunted Castle 09-12-48 to 02-13-49.cbr

15.48 MB

   The Phantom S041-The Crescent Cult 04-10-55 to 08-07-55.cbr

15.03 MB

   The Phantom S076-The Hijackers 04-27-69 to 08-03-69.cbr

15.00 MB

   The Phantom S038-The Master Spy 06-13-54 to 10-10-54.cbr

14.70 MB

   The Phantom S092-The Golden Wood 09-23-73 to 12-23-73.cbr

14.69 MB

   The Phantom S030-Tale of the Devil 11-11-51 to 03-23-52.cbr

14.06 MB

   The Phantom S016-The Scarlet Sorceress 08-11-46 to 12-22-46.cbr

13.80 MB

   The Phantom S044-The Jungle Tourneys 02-19-56 to 05-20-56.cbr

13.65 MB

   The Phantom S096-The First Phantom 05-18-74 to 08-10-75.cbr

13.53 MB

   The Phantom S033-Diana and the Bank Robbers 10-19-52 to 02-01-53.cbr

13.52 MB

   The Phantom S015-King of Beasts 03-24-46 to 08-04-46.cbr

13.44 MB

   The Phantom S036-The Imaginary Playmate 10-25-53 to 01-31-54.cbr

13.44 MB

   The Phantom S090-The Sky Divers 02-18-73 to 05-27-73.cbr

13.37 MB

   The Phantom S031-The Copter Pirates 03-30-52 to 07-13-52.cbr

13.31 MB

   The Phantom S084-The Wig 08-08-71 to 10-31-71.cbr

13.29 MB

   The Phantom S082-Tale of the Gooley-Gooley Witch 02-14-71 to 05-09-71.cbr

12.81 MB

   The Phantom S071-The Super Jet Pirates 08-13-67 to 11-26-67.cbr

12.45 MB

   The Phantom S083-The Trophy Bearer 05-16-71 to 08-01-71.cbr

12.45 MB

   The Phantom S020-The Phantom Trophy 05-23-48 to 09-05-48.cbr

12.41 MB

   The Phantom S105-The Three Bandits 02-12-78 to 04-16-78.cbr

11.60 MB

   The Phantom S032-The Female Phantom 07-20-52 to 10-12-52.cbr

11.58 MB

   The Phantom S042-The Horned Star Demons 08-14-55 to 11-06-55.cbr

11.40 MB

   The Phantom S027-Jungle King 06-23-50 to 10-22-50.cbr

11.37 MB

   The Phantom S058-The Limper 08-20-61 to 10-29-61.cbr

11.33 MB

   The Phantom S045-Pirate Day 05-27-56 to 08-19-56.cbr

11.26 MB

   The Phantom S130-The Irrondi and the Great Ones 10-04-87 to 04-10-88.cbr

11.23 MB

   The Phantom S103-The Delta Pirates 08-14-77 to 10-23-77.cbr

10.86 MB

   The Phantom S060-Treasure of the Skull Cave 05-20-62 to 10-28-62.cbr

10.85 MB

   The Phantom S043-A Proper Husband 11-13-55 to 02-12-56.cbr

10.57 MB

   The Phantom S009-The Ismani Cannibals 04-25-43 to 07-04-43.cbr

10.49 MB

   The Phantom S025-The Ape Idol of the Durugu 02-26-50 to 05-07-50.cbr

10.44 MB

   The Phantom S089-The Hawk Master 11-12-72 to 02-11-73.cbr

9.91 MB

   The Phantom S047-Danglor, International Bank Thief 01-20-57 to 04-07-57.cbr

9.51 MB

   The Phantom S026-The Mysterious Passenger 05-14-50 to 06-16-50.cbr

8.27 MB

   The Phantom S088-The Bike Gang 09-03-72 to 11-05-72.cbr

7.74 MB

   The Phantom S022-Fathers and Sons 02-20-49 to 04-24-49.cbr

7.34 MB

   The Phantom S005-The Saboteurs 01-05-41 to 02-23-41.cbr

6.12 MB

   The Phantom S053-The Childhood of the Phantom 06-21-59 to 01-03-60.cbr

6.02 MB

   The Phantom S003 - The Fire Goddess 3-17-40 to 7-21-40 (color).cbr

5.97 MB

   The Phantom S061-The Astronaut and the Pirates 11-04-62 to 05-12-63.cbr

5.96 MB

   The Phantom S064-colorized.cbr

5.84 MB

   The Phantom S055-The Honeymooners 5-29-60 to 10-23-60 (Colorized).cbr

4.36 MB

   The Phantom S110-The Name 09-09-79 to 12-09-79.cbr

4.35 MB

   The Phantom S040-The Gibs Brothers 03-06-55 to 04-03-55.cbr

4.03 MB

   The Phantom S054-The River Gang 01-10-60 to 05-22-60.cbr

3.87 MB

   The phantom S079-The Dolphins 04-05-70 to 06-14-70.cbr

3.70 MB

   The Phantom S162-Conspiracy to Restore the Old Ways 04-03-2005 to 25-09-2005.cbr

3.41 MB

   The Phantom S161-The Iron Python 10-03-2004 to 03-27-2005.cbr

3.40 MB

   The Phantom S160-The Viking Fortress Mystery 04-04-2004 to 09-26-2004.cbr

3.05 MB

   The Phantom S153-Woduro's Secret 08-06-00 to 03-04-01.cbr

2.80 MB

   The Phantom S159-The Sinbad Stone 10-05-03 to 03-28-04.cbr

2.63 MB

   The Phantom S158-Terror in Mawitaan 06-04-03 to 28-09-03.cbr

2.52 MB

   The Phantom S154-The Lion's Head Tamarine 03-11-01 to 010-07-01.cbr

2.48 MB

   The Phantom S157-The Snake Godess's Island 10-06-02 to 30-03-03.cbr

2.28 MB

   The Phantom S080-The Gold Prospectors 06-21-70 to 09-13-70.cbr

2.14 MB

   The Phantom S155-The War Mongers 010-14-01 to 04-07-02.cbr

2.07 MB

   The Phantom S156-The Briefcase 04-14-02 to 009-29-02.cbr

2.07 MB

   The Phantom S087-The Massacre 05-21-72 to 08-27-72.cbr

1.64 MB

   The Phantom S086-The Flying Drug Smugglers 02-13-72 to 05-14-72.cbr

1.54 MB

   The Phantom Sunday-new story.cbr

907.66 KB


3.98 MB

  Phantom-The Jungle Patrol.cbr

3.65 MB

  The Sunday Strip.doc

251.00 KB

 !One Shots

  2007 Moonstone's Holiday Super Spectacular (MS).cbr

35.17 MB

  2006 The Phantom-Legacy (MS).cbr

23.15 MB

  2003 The Phantom-Valley of the Golden Men (MS).cbr

16.75 MB

  2002 The Phantom-The Treasures of Bagalia (MS) .cbr

15.82 MB

  2003 The Phantom-The Hunt (MS).cbr

15.79 MB

  The Murders from Moscow.cbr

15.34 MB

  2009 The Phantom-Generations (MS) ctc.cbr

12.22 MB


  1936 (P1941) King Comics 1-159 (P 61-159)

   King Comics 127 (1946).cbr

21.52 MB

   King Comics 129 (01-1947).cbr

19.44 MB

  1937 (P1939) Ace Comics 1-151 (P11-151)

   Ace Comics 067 ctc (10-1942).cbr

58.85 MB

   Ace Comics 022 ctc (1939).cbr

53.04 MB

   Ace Comics 023 (1939).cbr

50.65 MB

   Ace Comics 070 ctc (06-1943).cbr

48.73 MB

   Ace Comics 125 (08-1947).cbr

27.73 MB

   Ace Comics 122 (05-1947).cbr

25.48 MB

   Ace Comics 116 (11-1946).cbr

25.35 MB

   Ace Comics 118 (01-1947).cbr

24.88 MB

   Ace Comics 106 (01-1946).cbr

23.44 MB

   Ace Comics 149(i) 32p (1949).cbr

16.36 MB

   Ace Comics 001.jpg

218.70 KB


0.29 KB

 1951 Harvey Comics Hits (Harvey) 51 & 56 C

  Harvey Comics Hits 051-Phantom ctc (1951).cbr

14.60 MB

  Harvey Comics Hits 056-Phantom ctc (1952).cbr

13.63 MB

  All Phanton issues of Harvey Comics Hits.rtf

0.53 KB

 1957 Harvey Hits 1x8 C

  Harvey Hits 012-Phantom-The Mystery of the Scarlet Sorceress (S016) ctc 36p.cbr

32.82 MB

  Harvey Hits 001-The Phantom (1957).cbr

25.86 MB

  Harvey Hits 026-Phantom-Wild Girl (11-1959).cbr

25.59 MB

  Harvey Hits 006-The Phantom.cbr

24.83 MB

  Harvey Hits 036-Phantom-The Secret of the Lost Treasure City (D057).cbr

23.63 MB

  Harvey Hits 044-The Phantom.cbr

23.51 MB

  Harvey Hits 048-The Phantom.cbr

18.35 MB

  Harvey Hits 015-Phantom ctc (1958).cbr

13.52 MB

  All Phantom Harvey Hits issues here.rtf

1.48 KB

 1962 The Phantom (GK) 1-17 C

  The Phantom 07 36p ctc (05-1964).cbr

25.31 MB

  The Phantom 15 36p ctc (12-1965).cbr

25.22 MB

  The Phantom 05 36p ctc (11-1963).cbr

24.56 MB

  The Phantom 11 36p ctc (04-1965).cbr

24.53 MB

  The Phantom 04 36p ctc (08-1963).cbr

24.49 MB

  The Phantom 12 36p ctc (06-1965).cbr

24.47 MB

  The Phantom 08 36p ctc (08-1964).cbr

24.42 MB

  The Phantom 13 36p ctc (08-1965).cbr

24.40 MB

  The Phantom 06 36p ctc (02-1964).cbr

24.37 MB

  The Phantom 09 36p ctc (11-1964).cbr

24.33 MB

  The Phantom 14 36p ctc (10-1965).cbr

24.31 MB

  The Phantom 10 36p ctc (02-1965).cbr

24.28 MB

  The Phantom 17 36p ctc (07-1966).cbr

24.15 MB

  The Phantom 16 36p ctc (04-1966).cbr

23.81 MB

  The Phantom 01 36p ctc (11-1962).cbr

22.79 MB

  The Phantom 02 36p ctc (02-1963).cbr

8.09 MB

  The Phantom 03 36p ctc (05-1963).cbr

7.80 MB

  Note on Numbering.rtf

0.44 KB

 1966 The Phantom (King) 18-28 C

  The Phantom 022 36p ctc (1967).cbr

24.53 MB

  The Phantom 021 36p ctc (1967).cbr

24.49 MB

  The Phantom 019 36p ctc (11-1966).cbr

24.40 MB

  The Phantom 018 36p ctc (King36p ctc (09-1966).cbr

24.25 MB

  The Phantom 024 36p ctc (1967).cbr

24.03 MB

  The Phantom 023 36p ctc (1967).cbr

24.02 MB

  The Phantom 028 36p ctc (1967).cbr

23.60 MB

  The Phantom 020 36p ctc (1967).cbr

23.11 MB

  The Phantom 026 36p ctc (1967).cbr

22.92 MB

  The Phantom 027 36p ctc (1967).cbr

22.89 MB

  The Phantom 025 36p ctc (1967).cbr

22.62 MB

  Note on Numbering.rtf

0.59 KB

 1969 The Phantom (Charlton) 30-74 C

  The Phantom 033 36p ctc.cbr

27.85 MB

  The Phantom 036 36p ctc.cbr

27.44 MB

  The Phantom 034 36p ctc.cbr

27.40 MB

  The Phantom 037 36p ctc.cbr

27.38 MB

  The Phantom 031 (04-1969).cbr

26.57 MB

  The Phantom 039 36p ctc.cbr

26.48 MB

  The Phantom 044 36p ctc.cbr

26.35 MB

  The Phantom 030 36p ctc (02-1969).cbr

26.32 MB

  The Phantom 041 36p ctc.cbr

26.14 MB

  The Phantom 032 (06-1969).cbr

26.00 MB

  The Phantom 035 36p ctc.cbr

25.61 MB

  The Phantom 038 36p ctc.cbr

25.50 MB

  The Phantom 043 36p ctc.cbr

25.42 MB

  The Phantom 042 36p ctc.cbr

25.36 MB

  The Phantom 040 36p ctc.cbr

25.08 MB

  The Phantom 055 36p ctc.cbr

22.99 MB

  The Phantom 051 36p ctc.cbr

22.64 MB

  The Phantom 056 36p ctc.cbr

22.59 MB

  The Phantom 069 36p ctc.cbr

22.49 MB

  The Phantom 045 36p ctc.cbr

22.39 MB

  The Phantom 052 36p ctc.cbr

22.29 MB

  The Phantom 067 36p ctc (1975).cbr

22.24 MB

  The Phantom 057 36p ctc.cbr

21.89 MB

  The Phantom 065 36p ctc (1975).cbr

21.84 MB

  The Phantom 064 36p ctc (1975).cbr

21.59 MB

  The Phantom 050 36p ctc.cbr

21.59 MB

  The Phantom 046 36p ctc.cbr

21.53 MB

  The Phantom 048 36p ctc.cbr

21.32 MB

  The Phantom 053 36p ctc.cbr

21.22 MB

  The Phantom 066 36p ctc (1975).cbr

21.19 MB

  The Phantom 047 36p ctc.cbr

21.13 MB

  The Phantom 058 36p ctc.cbr

21.08 MB

  The Phantom 068 36p ctc (1975).cbr

21.06 MB

  The Phantom 073 36p ctc (1976).cbr

21.05 MB

  The Phantom 070 36p ctc (1976).cbr

21.04 MB

  The Phantom 072 36p ctc.cbr

20.99 MB

  The Phantom 049 36p ctc.cbr

20.94 MB

  The Phantom 074 36p ctc (1977).cbr

20.83 MB

  The Phantom 059 36p ctc.cbr

20.81 MB

  The Phantom 071 36p ctc (1976).cbr

20.69 MB

  The Phantom 054 36p ctc.cbr

20.63 MB

  The Phantom 060 36p ctc.cbr

20.59 MB

  The Phantom 063 36p ctc.cbr

20.06 MB

  The Phantom 062 36p ctc.cbr

20.05 MB

  The Phantom 061 36p ctc.cbr

19.73 MB

  Note on Numbering.rtf

0.67 KB

 1987 Defenders Of The Earth (M) 1-4 C

  Defenders of the Earth 003.cbr

16.84 MB

  Defenders of the Earth 004.cbr

16.72 MB

  Defenders of the Earth 002.cbr

16.36 MB

  Defenders of the Earth 001.cbr

16.28 MB

 1988 The Phantom (DC) 1-4 C

  The Phantom v1 004 (08-1988).cbr

13.56 MB

  The Phantom v1 003 ctc (07-1988).cbr

13.25 MB

  The Phantom v1 001 ctc.cbr

13.15 MB

  The Phantom v1 002 ctc.cbr

12.72 MB

 1989 The Phantom (DC) 1-13 C

  The Phantom v2 002 (04-1989).cbr

12.72 MB

  The Phantom v2 013.cbr

12.72 MB

  The Phantom v2 004 (06-1989).cbr

12.24 MB

  The Phantom v2 001 (03-1989).cbr

12.23 MB

  The Phantom v2 003 (05-1989).cbr

12.07 MB

  The Phantom v2 006.cbr

12.07 MB

  The Phantom v2 007.cbr

11.86 MB

  The Phantom v2 009 (11-1989).cbr

11.80 MB

  The Phantom v2 005.cbr

11.70 MB

  The Phantom v2 008.cbr

11.14 MB

  The Phantom v2 012.cbr

11.12 MB

  The Phantom v2 010.cbr

11.10 MB

  The Phantom v2 011.cbr

11.05 MB

 1992 The Phantom (Wolf [UK]) 1-8+S C

  The Phantom 001.cbr

55.84 MB

  The Phantom 004.cbr

28.33 MB

  The Phantom 008.cbr

27.58 MB

  The Phantom 006.cbr

27.03 MB

  The Phantom 005.cbr

26.51 MB

  The Phantom 002.cbr

24.85 MB

  The Phantom 003.cbr

21.80 MB

  The Phantom Limited Edition Subscribers Issue.cbr

10.22 MB

  The Phantom 007.cbr

9.84 MB

 1995 Phantom 2040 (M) 1-4 C

  Phantom 2040 001.cbr

12.44 MB

  Phantom 2040 004.cbr

12.06 MB

  Phantom 2040 003.cbr

11.86 MB

  Phantom 2040 002.cbr

10.22 MB

 1995 The Phantom -The Ghost Who Walks (M) 1-3 C

  The Phantom-The Ghost Who Walks 003 (04-1995).cbr

22.46 MB

  The Phantom-The Ghost Who Walks 002 (03-1995).cbr

19.16 MB

  The Phantom-The Ghost Who Walks 001 (02-1995).cbr

15.95 MB

 2003 The Phantom (MS)

  The Phantom Annual

   The Phantom Annual 001 (2007).cbr

36.55 MB

   The Phantom Annual 002 ctc (2008).cbr

21.78 MB

  The Phantom 012.cbr

28.68 MB

  The Phantom 025 (2008) ctc.cbr

24.43 MB

  The Phantom 018 2cvs ctc.cbr

23.88 MB

  The Phantom 011 ctc.cbr

15.00 MB

  The Phantom 015.cbr

14.36 MB

  The Phantom 006 (2005).cbr

14.19 MB

  The Phantom 010 (2006).cbr

14.16 MB

  The Phantom 019 2cvs c.cbr

13.43 MB

  The Phantom 017 2cvs c.cbr

13.39 MB

  The Phantom 013.cbr

13.05 MB

  The Phantom 005 (2005).cbr

13.02 MB

  The Phantom 026 (2008).cbr

13.01 MB

  The Phantom 020.cbr

12.81 MB

  The Phantom 009 (2006).cbr

12.38 MB

  The Phantom 007 (2005).cbr

12.20 MB

  The Phantom 008 (2005).cbr

12.04 MB

  The Phantom 022 (2008).cbr

11.98 MB

  The Phantom 023 (2008).cbr

11.82 MB

  The Phantom 021.cbr

11.77 MB

  The Phantom 024 (2008).cbr

11.15 MB

  The Phantom 004 (2004).cbr

11.14 MB

  The Phantom 014.cbr

11.09 MB

  The Phantom 003 (2004).cbr

10.92 MB

  The Phantom 002 (2004).cbr

10.77 MB

  The Phantom 001 (2003).cbr

9.73 MB

  The Phantom 016.cbr

8.70 MB

 2009 The Phantom-Ghost Who Walks (MS) 0-

  The Phantom-Ghost Who Walks 002 ctc (2009).cbr

13.96 MB

  The Phantom-Ghost Who Walks 003 ctc (2009).cbr

13.78 MB

  The Phantom-Ghost Who Walks 001 2cvs c.cbr

12.31 MB

  The Phantom-Ghost Who Walks 000 ctc (2009).cbr

8.61 MB

 Known Missing issues and other Notes.rtf

3.53 KB


0.02 KB

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Torrent description

A huge collection of Phantom comics.
In broad strokes this contains;
All American published Phantom since 1951
All daily and Sunday supplement Newspaper strips from
start to 2005
A sampling of earlier American Phantom comics
A Significant number(hundreds) of foreign, english
language, non-reprint Phantom books.

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