MTCDC From Z to A 021 Md Loo (joshua13(h33t

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MTCDC From Z to A 021 Md Loo (joshua13(h33t

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Name:MTCDC From Z to A 021 Md Loo (joshua13(h33t

Total Size: 16.98 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 2

Leechers: 35

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2010-10-29 08:41:45 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-25 17:23:47

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 Looney Tunes (Dell

  Looney Tunes 167-246 After LT and MM 166 (1955-1958)

   Looney Tunes 167.cbr

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  Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies After LT and MM Comics 101-166 (1950-1955)

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 108 (1950).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 114 (1951).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 123 ctc (1952).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 151 ctc ( 1954).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 153 ctc (07-1954).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 154 (1954).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 155 (1954).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 157.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 159 ctc (01-1955).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 160 ctc (02-1955).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 162.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies 165.cbr

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  Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 001-101 (1941-1950)

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 001 (fiche).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 002.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 003.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 004.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 005.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 006.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 007.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 008.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 009.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 010.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 011 ctc (fiche).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 012 ctc (fiche).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 013 (fiche).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 014 (fiche).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 015 (fiche).cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 016.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 017.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 020.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 025.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 026.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 027.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 029.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 030.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 032.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 033.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 034.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 037.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 039.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 040.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 044.cbr

25.44 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 046.cbr

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   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 047.cbr

19.06 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 048.cbr

26.38 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 049 52p ctc (11-1945).cbr

23.30 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 051.cbr

28.48 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 054 (1946).cbr

38.52 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 055 (1946).cbr

29.69 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 056.cbr

30.07 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 057.cbr

24.54 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 058 ctc (1946).cbr

22.26 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 060.cbr

25.87 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 062.cbr

24.61 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 063.cbr

25.88 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 065.cbr

24.94 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 066.cbr

25.96 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 070.cbr

26.50 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 071.cbr

29.33 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 072.cbr

25.85 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 073.cbr

29.45 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 076.cbr

26.35 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 078.cbr

29.00 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 092.cbr

28.37 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 099 (1949).cbr

16.05 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 100 ctc (1950).cbr

46.67 MB

   Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 101.cbr

20.67 MB

 Looney Tunes Burger King 001 (2004).cbr

26.20 MB

 Looney Tunes Magazine-covers only

  Looney Tunes Magazine 001 (Missing).jpg

66.52 KB

  Looney Tunes Magazine 002 (Missing).jpg

56.42 KB

  Looney Tunes Magazine 003 (Missing).jpg

87.46 KB

  Looney Tunes Magazine 004 (Missing).jpg

78.44 KB

  Looney Tunes Magazine 005 (Missing).jpg

89.79 KB

  Looney Tunes Magazine 006 (Missing).jpg

86.21 KB

 Looney Tunes-Back in Action Movie Adaptation.cbr

43.30 MB

 Loose Cannon

  Loose Cannon 001.cbr

11.57 MB

  Loose Cannon 002.cbr

10.78 MB

  Loose Cannon 003.cbr

14.35 MB

  Loose Cannon 004.cbr

13.47 MB

 Lords of the Ultra-Realm

  Lords of the Ultra-Realm 001.cbr

16.16 MB

  Lords of the Ultra-Realm 002.cbr

12.44 MB

  Lords of the Ultra-Realm 003.cbr

12.31 MB

  Lords of the Ultra-Realm 004.cbr

12.31 MB

  Lords of the Ultra-Realm 005.cbr

12.29 MB

  Lords of the Ultra-Realm 006.cbr

15.14 MB

  Lords of the Ultra-Realm Special 001 (12-1987).cbr

21.43 MB

 Losers Special 001.cbr

13.33 MB

 Losers, The

  The Losers (omitted)

   Losers-Close Quarters TPB (Omitted).jpg

49.83 KB

   Losers-Endgame TPB (Omitted).jpg

49.86 KB

   The Losers-Ante Up TPB (Omitted).jpg

40.03 KB

   The Losers-Double Down TPB (Omitted).jpg

50.16 KB

   The Losers-Trifecta TPB (Omitted).jpg

48.59 KB

  The Losers 01-32 (2003-2006)

   The Losers 001-Dead Man's Hand (08-2003).cbr

10.19 MB

   The Losers 002-Goliath 001.cbr

7.90 MB

   The Losers 003-Goliath 002.cbr

6.54 MB

   The Losers 004-Goliath 003.cbr

6.67 MB

   The Losers 005-Goliath 004.cbr

7.31 MB

   The Losers 006-Goliath 005.cbr

7.55 MB

   The Losers 007-Downtime 001.cbr

8.53 MB

   The Losers 008-Downtime 002.cbr

8.11 MB

   The Losers 009-Island Life 001.cbr

6.81 MB

   The Losers 010-Island Life 002.cbr

8.51 MB

   The Losers 011-Island Life 003.cbr

7.83 MB

   The Losers 012-Island Life 004.cbr

8.00 MB

   The Losers 013-Sheikdown 001.cbr

8.97 MB

   The Losers 014-Sheikdown 002.cbr

6.96 MB

   The Losers 015-Blowback.cbr

7.37 MB

   The Losers 016-The Pass 001.cbr

9.37 MB

   The Losers 017-The Pass 002.cbr

7.95 MB

   The Losers 018-The Pass 003.cbr

8.74 MB

   The Losers 019-The Pass 004.cbr

8.20 MB

   The Losers 020-London Calling 001.cbr

9.39 MB

   The Losers 021-London Calling 002.cbr

7.72 MB

   The Losers 022-London Calling 003.cbr

7.72 MB

   The Losers 023-The Anti-Heist 001.cbr

6.87 MB

   The Losers 024.cbr

5.69 MB

   The Losers 025.cbr

6.77 MB

   The Losers 026.cbr

9.80 MB

   The Losers 027.cbr

9.75 MB

   The Losers 028.cbr

13.81 MB

   The Losers 029.cbr

7.29 MB

   The Losers 030.cbr

9.07 MB

   The Losers 031.cbr

8.47 MB

   The Losers 032 (03-2006).cbr

6.23 MB

 Love Stories

  Love Stories 147 (Missing).jpg

72.42 KB

  Love Stories 148 (Missing).jpg

69.24 KB

  Love Stories 149 (Missing).jpg

80.98 KB

  Love Stories 150 (Missing).jpg

85.12 KB

  Love Stories 151 (Missing).jpg

75.54 KB

  Love Stories 152.cbr

19.11 MB

 MTCDC from Z to A 021.rtf

9.23 KB

 MTCDC from Z to A-What's that.rtf

17.71 KB

 Mad Batman Spectacular.cbr

21.42 MB

 Madame Xanadu v1 001 (1981).cbr

17.22 MB

 Madame Xanadu v2 (Vertigo

  Madame Xanadu v2 001 (2008).cbr

14.99 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 002 (2008).cbr

18.38 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 003 (2008).cbr

17.59 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 004 (2008).cbr

16.79 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 005 (2008).cbr

17.82 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 006 (2009).cbr

16.57 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 007 (2009).cbr

17.98 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 008 (2009).cbr

16.86 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 009 (2009).cbr

16.66 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 010 (2009).cbr

18.75 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 011 (2009).cbr

42.24 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 012 (2009).cbr

16.51 MB

  Madame Xanadu v2 013 (2009).cbr

22.36 MB

 Magazineland USA DC Marvel Giveaway.cbr

37.16 MB

 Magnetic Men, The Featuring Magneto.cbr

8.64 MB

 Magneto and the Magnetic Men.cbr

8.09 MB

 Majestic (DC,Wildstorm

  Majestic v1 (DC

   Majestic v1 001.cbr

9.89 MB

   Majestic v1 002.cbr

11.88 MB

   Majestic v1 003.cbr

13.36 MB

   Majestic v1 004.cbr

13.23 MB

  Majestic v2 (Wildstorm

   Majestic v2 001-2 covers ctc 2005).cbr

17.48 MB

   Majestic v2 002.cbr

7.99 MB

   Majestic v2 003 (2005).cbr

10.92 MB

   Majestic v2 004.cbr

12.20 MB

   Majestic v2 005.cbr

10.73 MB

   Majestic v2 006.cbr

8.97 MB

   Majestic v2 007.cbr

12.05 MB

   Majestic v2 008.cbr

13.47 MB

   Majestic v2 009.cbr

14.09 MB

   Majestic v2 010.cbr

17.15 MB

   Majestic v2 011.cbr

9.00 MB

   Majestic v2 012.cbr

12.32 MB

   Majestic v2 013.cbr

9.08 MB

   Majestic v2 014.cbr

11.04 MB

   Majestic v2 015.cbr

9.55 MB

   Majestic v2 016.cbr

12.44 MB

   Majestic v2 017.cbr

11.15 MB

  Majestic-Final Cut TPB (Omitted).jpg

69.27 KB

  Majestic-Meanwhile, Back on Earth... TPB (Omitted).jpg

67.88 KB

  Majestic-Strange New Visitor TPB (Omitted).jpg

74.52 KB

  Majestic-While You Were Out TPB (Omitted).jpg

69.91 KB

  Mr. Majestic

   Mr Majestic TPB (Omitted).jpg

98.53 KB

   Mr. Majestic v1 (Wildstorm

    Mr Majestic 001-Variant.jpg

45.89 KB

    Mr Majestic 001.cbr

15.25 MB

    Mr Majestic 002.cbr

10.95 MB

    Mr Majestic 003.cbr

11.57 MB

    Mr Majestic 004.cbr

16.30 MB

    Mr Majestic 005.cbr

17.66 MB

    Mr Majestic 006.cbr

9.10 MB

    Mr Majestic 007.cbr

7.86 MB

    Mr Majestic 008.cbr

10.85 MB

    Mr Majestic 009.cbr

9.18 MB

   Wildstorm Spotlight 001-Majestic.cbr

14.40 MB

 Major Bummer

  Major Bummer 001.cbr

9.65 MB

  Major Bummer 002.cbr

9.22 MB

  Major Bummer 003.cbr

10.70 MB

  Major Bummer 004.cbr

9.41 MB

  Major Bummer 005.cbr

10.08 MB

  Major Bummer 006.cbr

9.97 MB

  Major Bummer 007.cbr

9.31 MB

  Major Bummer 008.cbr

9.68 MB

  Major Bummer 009.cbr

10.05 MB

  Major Bummer 010.cbr

9.33 MB

  Major Bummer 011.cbr

9.62 MB

  Major Bummer 012.cbr

9.80 MB

  Major Bummer 013.cbr

9.41 MB

  Major Bummer 014.cbr

9.39 MB

  Major Bummer 015.cbr

9.94 MB

 Man Called A-X, The (Malibu,DC

  Man Called A-X v1 Ashcan ctc (1994).cbr

7.77 MB

  The Man Called A-X v1-Bravura (Malibu

   Man Called A-X v1 000.cbr

13.94 MB

   Man Called A-X v1 001.cbr

9.61 MB

   Man Called A-X v1 002.cbr

13.83 MB

   Man Called A-X v1 003.cbr

10.53 MB

   Man Called A-X v1 004.cbr

13.06 MB

   Man Called A-X v1 005.cbr

12.93 MB

  The Man Called A-X v2 (DC

   The Man Called A-X v2 001.cbr

9.91 MB

   The Man Called A-X v2 002 (Missing).jpg

113.76 KB

   The Man Called A-X v2 003 (Missing).jpg

112.64 KB

   The Man Called A-X v2 004 (Missing).jpg

34.11 KB

   The Man Called A-X v2 005 (Missing).jpg

119.74 KB

   The Man Called A-X v2 006 (Missing).jpg

29.89 KB

   The Man Called A-X v2 007 (Missing).jpg

66.29 KB

   The Man Called A-X v2 008 (Missing).jpg

125.83 KB

 Man of Steel (1986)

  Superman-The Man of Steel v1 TPB alternate cover.jpg

393.93 KB

  Superman-The Man of Steel v1 TPB new material only (1987).cbr

3.82 MB

  Superman-The Man of Steel v1 TPB.cbr

89.58 MB

  The Man of Steel 001 (1986).cbr

21.34 MB

  The Man of Steel 001-collector's edition cover.jpg

249.79 KB

  The Man of Steel 002.cbr

7.66 MB

  The Man of Steel 003.cbr

7.27 MB

  The Man of Steel 004.cbr

6.99 MB

  The Man of Steel 005.cbr

7.23 MB

  The Man of Steel 006.cbr

7.24 MB


  Man-Bat (1970-2006)

357.11 KB

  Man-Bat v1 (1975)

   Man-Bat v1 001 36p ctc (01-1976) flattermann.cbr

30.03 MB

   Man-Bat v1 002 36p ctc (03-1976) flattermann.cbr

27.90 MB

  Man-Bat v2 001 (1984).cbr

23.27 MB

  Man-Bat v3 (1996)

   Batman Man-Bat v3 001.cbr

16.33 MB

   Batman Man-Bat v3 002.cbr

16.50 MB

   Batman Man-Bat v3 003.cbr

18.08 MB

  Man-Bat v4 (2006)

   Man-Bat v4 001.cbr

10.13 MB

   Man-Bat v4 002.cbr

8.93 MB

   Man-Bat v4 003.cbr

9.65 MB

   Man-Bat v4 004.cbr

9.09 MB

   Man-Bat v4 005.cbr

7.83 MB

  Unpublished Man-Bat Read me.txt

0.93 KB

  Unpublished Man-Bat story art.cbr

4.79 MB


  Manhunter (Omitted)

   Manhunter-Origins TPB (Omitted).jpg

67.37 KB

   Manhunter-Street Justice TPB (Omitted).jpg

70.62 KB

   Manhunter-Trial By Fire TPB (Omitted).jpg

58.65 KB

   Manhunter-Unleashed TPB (Omitted).jpg

90.47 KB

  Manhunter v1 001 (1984).cbr

104.01 MB

  Manhunter v2 (1988-1990)

   Manhunter v2 001 (07-1988).cbr

11.59 MB

   Manhunter v2 002 (08-1988).cbr

8.92 MB

   Manhunter v2 003 (09-1988).cbr

8.21 MB

   Manhunter v2 004 (10-1988).cbr

8.60 MB

   Manhunter v2 005 (11-1988).cbr

8.38 MB

   Manhunter v2 006 (12-1988).cbr

8.69 MB

   Manhunter v2 007 (Winter 1988).cbr

8.49 MB

   Manhunter v2 008 (Holiday 1988).cbr

8.30 MB

   Manhunter v2 009 (01-1989).cbr

8.05 MB

   Manhunter v2 010 (02-1989).cbr

7.97 MB

   Manhunter v2 011 (03-1989).cbr

8.25 MB

   Manhunter v2 012 (04-1989).cbr

8.81 MB

   Manhunter v2 013 (05-1989).cbr

8.30 MB

   Manhunter v2 014 (06-1989).cbr

8.05 MB

   Manhunter v2 015 (07-1989).cbr

8.69 MB

   Manhunter v2 016 (08-1989).cbr

9.23 MB

   Manhunter v2 017 (09-1989).cbr

8.39 MB

   Manhunter v2 018 (10-1989).cbr

7.66 MB

   Manhunter v2 019 (11-1989).cbr

8.04 MB

   Manhunter v2 020 (12-1989).cbr

7.95 MB

   Manhunter v2 021 (01-1990).cbr

8.29 MB

   Manhunter v2 022 (02-1990).cbr

8.62 MB

   Manhunter v2 023 (03-1990).cbr

8.74 MB

   Manhunter v2 024 (04-1990).cbr

9.04 MB

  Manhunter v3 (1994-1995)

   Manhunter v3 000 (10-1994).cbr

10.62 MB

   Manhunter v3 001.cbr

13.91 MB

   Manhunter v3 002.cbr

12.96 MB

   Manhunter v3 003.cbr

14.24 MB

   Manhunter v3 004.cbr

18.26 MB

   Manhunter v3 005.cbr

11.38 MB

   Manhunter v3 006.cbr

12.39 MB

   Manhunter v3 007.cbr

20.68 MB

   Manhunter v3 008.cbr

11.08 MB

   Manhunter v3 009.cbr

13.70 MB

   Manhunter v3 010.cbr

14.25 MB

   Manhunter v3 011.cbr

8.52 MB

   Manhunter v3 012 ctc.cbr

20.86 MB

  Manhunter v4 (2004-2009)

   Manhunter v4 001 (10-2004).cbr

10.80 MB

   Manhunter v4 002.cbr

11.87 MB

   Manhunter v4 003.cbr

8.54 MB

   Manhunter v4 004.cbr

10.53 MB

   Manhunter v4 005.cbr

11.21 MB

   Manhunter v4 006.cbr

11.17 MB

   Manhunter v4 007.cbr

11.10 MB

   Manhunter v4 008.cbr

10.21 MB

   Manhunter v4 009.cbr

8.73 MB

   Manhunter v4 010.cbr

10.41 MB

   Manhunter v4 011.cbr

14.32 MB

   Manhunter v4 012.cbr

14.32 MB

   Manhunter v4 013.cbr

15.32 MB

   Manhunter v4 014.cbr

16.34 MB

   Manhunter v4 015.cbr

16.02 MB

   Manhunter v4 016.cbr

12.90 MB

   Manhunter v4 017.cbr

13.25 MB

   Manhunter v4 018.cbr

14.68 MB

   Manhunter v4 019.cbr

12.33 MB

   Manhunter v4 020.cbr

12.54 MB

   Manhunter v4 021.cbr

13.45 MB

   Manhunter v4 022.cbr

15.37 MB

   Manhunter v4 023.cbr

10.68 MB

   Manhunter v4 024.cbr

7.91 MB

   Manhunter v4 025.cbr

7.36 MB

   Manhunter v4 026.cbr

14.01 MB

   Manhunter v4 027.cbr

12.95 MB

   Manhunter v4 028.cbr

10.69 MB

   Manhunter v4 029.cbr

9.64 MB

   Manhunter v4 030.cbr

10.77 MB

   Manhunter v4 031 ctc (2008).cbr

21.04 MB

   Manhunter v4 032 (2008).cbr

14.82 MB

   Manhunter v4 033 (2008).cbr

15.74 MB

   Manhunter v4 034 (2008).cbr

13.99 MB

   Manhunter v4 035 (2008).cbr

16.54 MB

   Manhunter v4 036 (2008).cbr

16.60 MB

   Manhunter v4 037 (2009).cbr

12.91 MB

   Manhunter v4 038 (2009).cbr

18.46 MB

  Manhunter v4 026-Variant cover.jpg

83.83 KB

  Manhunter-The Special Edition (1999).cbr

64.00 MB

 Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 001 ctc (1960).cbr

10.31 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 002.cbr

18.80 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 003.cbr

11.03 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 004.cbr

11.73 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 005.cbr

21.08 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 006.cbr

11.23 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 007.cbr

23.25 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 008.cbr

19.34 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 009.cbr

12.17 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 010.cbr

4.66 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 011.cbr

15.70 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 012.cbr

20.43 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 013.cbr

11.47 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 014.cbr

11.72 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 015.cbr

15.11 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 016.cbr

20.45 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 017.cbr

24.46 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 018.cbr

25.73 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 019.cbr

19.25 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 020.cbr

16.52 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 021.cbr

20.47 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 022.cbr

21.60 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 023.cbr

15.34 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 024.cbr

24.14 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 025.cbr

25.89 MB

  The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis 026.cbr

21.08 MB

 Martian Manhunter

  Martian Manhunter Special 001 (1996).cbr

13.22 MB

  Martian Manhunter v1 (1988)

   Martian Manhunter v1 001.cbr

7.33 MB

   Martian Manhunter v1 002.cbr

7.17 MB

   Martian Manhunter v1 003.cbr

7.70 MB

   Martian Manhunter v1 004.cbr

7.22 MB

  Martian Manhunter v2 (1998-2001)

   Martian Manhunter v2 000.cbr

7.01 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 001.cbr

5.85 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 002.cbr

5.58 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 003.cbr

5.06 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 004.cbr

5.37 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 005.cbr

4.82 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 006.cbr

5.32 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 007.cbr

5.64 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 008.cbr

5.32 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 009.cbr

5.73 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 010.cbr

6.47 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 011.cbr

5.79 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 012.cbr

5.29 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 013.cbr

7.22 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 014.cbr

7.53 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 015.cbr

7.67 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 016.cbr

7.80 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 017.cbr

7.28 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 018.cbr

5.82 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 019.cbr

5.48 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 020.cbr

5.35 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 021.cbr

5.66 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 022.cbr

4.88 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 023.cbr

5.07 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 024.cbr

5.23 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 025.cbr

4.89 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 026.cbr

5.21 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 027.cbr

5.53 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 028.cbr

5.14 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 029.cbr

4.25 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 030.cbr

5.22 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 031.cbr

6.58 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 032.cbr

4.66 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 033.cbr

4.93 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 034.cbr

6.16 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 035.cbr

5.82 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 036.cbr

7.04 MB

  Martian Manhunter v2 1,000,000 (1998).cbr

8.95 MB

  Martian Manhunter v2 Annual 01-02

   Martian Manhunter v2 Annual 001-Ghosts (1998).cbr

8.89 MB

   Martian Manhunter v2 Annual 002-JLApe (1999).cbr

8.38 MB

  Martian Manhunter v3 01-08 (2006-2007)

   Martian Manhunter v3 001.cbr

9.34 MB

   Martian Manhunter v3 002.cbr

8.52 MB

   Martian Manhunter v3 003.cbr

9.72 MB

   Martian Manhunter v3 004 44p ctc.cbr

17.89 MB

   Martian Manhunter v3 005 37p ctc.cbr

13.94 MB

   Martian Manhunter v3 006.cbr

12.79 MB

   Martian Manhunter v3 007.cbr

13.91 MB

   Martian Manhunter v3 008.cbr

12.08 MB

  Martian Manhunter-American Secrets (1992)

   Martian Manhunter-American Secrets 001.cbr

22.59 MB

   Martian Manhunter-American Secrets 002.cbr

16.95 MB

   Martian Manhunter-American Secrets 003.cbr

19.81 MB

  Martian Manhunter-The Others Among Us TPB (Omitted).jpg

65.19 KB

 Marvel Family (1945-1954)


   The Marvel Family 001 36p (alt)(12-1945).cbr

20.73 MB

   The Marvel Family 002 (06-1946).cbr

14.59 MB

   The Marvel Family 006 (fiche(11-1946).cbr

14.46 MB

   The Marvel Family 021 (fiche(03-1948).cbr

14.55 MB

   The Marvel Family 021 ctc (fiche(1948).cbr

13.24 MB

   The Marvel Family 026 UK 064 B&W (08-1948).cbr

7.93 MB

   The Marvel Family 064-lead story is from MF 026 B&W UK (R).cbr

7.98 MB

   The Marvel Family 074-UK Edition (B&W)(R).cbr

7.55 MB

  The Marvel Family 001 41p (1945).cbr

29.25 MB

  The Marvel Family 002 36p ctc (1946).cbr

24.76 MB

  The Marvel Family 003 (1946).cbr

27.38 MB

  The Marvel Family 004 ctc (fiche(09-1946).cbr

11.77 MB

  The Marvel Family 005 (10-1946).cbr

19.82 MB

  The Marvel Family 006 ctc (1946).cbr

13.05 MB

  The Marvel Family 007 ctc (12-1946).cbr

4.82 MB

  The Marvel Family 008 ctc (fiche(1947).cbr

15.08 MB

  The Marvel Family 009 (03-1947).cbr

16.48 MB

  The Marvel Family 010 (Fawcett(04-1947).cbr

18.23 MB

  The Marvel Family 011 ctc (05-1947).cbr

28.86 MB

  The Marvel Family 012 ctc (fiche(1947).cbr

13.95 MB

  The Marvel Family 013 (fiche(07-1947).cbr

16.73 MB

  The Marvel Family 014 ctc (08-1947).cbr

18.08 MB

  The Marvel Family 015 (fiche(09-1947).cbr

14.30 MB

  The Marvel Family 016 (10-1947).cbr

32.02 MB

  The Marvel Family 017 ctc (11-1947).cbr

17.90 MB

  The Marvel Family 018 ctc (fiche(12-1947).cbr

13.62 MB

  The Marvel Family 019 ctc (01-1948).cbr

31.08 MB

  The Marvel Family 020 ctc (02-1948).cbr

17.74 MB

  The Marvel Family 021 ctc (1948).cbr

14.25 MB

  The Marvel Family 022 (1948).cbr

22.39 MB

  The Marvel Family 023 (fiche(05-1948).cbr

14.99 MB

  The Marvel Family 024 (06-1948).cbr

16.72 MB

  The Marvel Family 025 ctc (07-1948).cbr

28.58 MB

  The Marvel Family 026 52p ctc (08-1948).cbr

30.21 MB

  The Marvel Family 027 (09-1948).cbr

5.13 MB

  The Marvel Family 028 ctc (fiche1948).cbr

13.35 MB

  The Marvel Family 029 52p (11-1948).cbr

7.98 MB

  The Marvel Family 030 ctc (fiche1948).cbr

13.99 MB

  The Marvel Family 031 ctc (fiche1949).cbr

13.79 MB

  The Marvel Family 032 ctc (fiche(1949).cbr

14.40 MB

  The Marvel Family 033 (03-1949).cbr

29.43 MB

  The Marvel Family 034 (04-1949).cbr

18.13 MB

  The Marvel Family 035 (05-1949).cbr

18.46 MB

  The Marvel Family 036 (05-1949).cbr

11.05 MB

  The Marvel Family 037 (07-1949).cbr

23.34 MB

  The Marvel Family 038 (08-1949).cbr

22.20 MB

  The Marvel Family 039 ctc (fiche(1949).cbr

14.17 MB

  The Marvel Family 040 ctc (fiche(10-1949).cbr

3.41 MB

  The Marvel Family 041 (11-1949).cbr

5.31 MB

  The Marvel Family 042 ctc (fiche(1949).cbr

16.30 MB

  The Marvel Family 043 ctc (01-1950).cbr

30.11 MB

  The Marvel Family 044 (02-1950).cbr

3.61 MB

  The Marvel Family 045 ctc (03-1950).cbr

23.02 MB

  The Marvel Family 046 ctc (04-1950).cbr

50.14 MB

  The Marvel Family 047 (05-1950).cbr

28.43 MB

  The Marvel Family 048 (06-1950).cbr

13.07 MB

  The Marvel Family 048-Canadian edition (06-1950).cbr

15.52 MB

  The Marvel Family 049 ctc (fiche(1950).cbr

14.34 MB

  The Marvel Family 050 ctc (08-1950).cbr

23.42 MB

  The Marvel Family 051 (09-1950).cbr

20.79 MB

  The Marvel Family 052 (10-1950).cbr

11.42 MB

  The Marvel Family 053 ctc (fiche(1950).cbr

10.59 MB

  The Marvel Family 054 ctc (fiche(12-1950).cbr

51.61 MB

  The Marvel Family 055 ctc (fiche(01-1951).cbr

52.73 MB

  The Marvel Family 056 36p (part fiche(02-1951).cbr

25.87 MB

  The Marvel Family 057 (03-1951).cbr

5.39 MB

  The Marvel Family 059 ctc (fiche(1951).cbr

9.71 MB

  The Marvel Family 060 ctc (fiche(1951).cbr

14.30 MB

  The Marvel Family 061 ctc (07-1951).cbr

31.47 MB

  The Marvel Family 062 ctc (08-1951).cbr

16.21 MB

  The Marvel Family 063 ctc (fiche(09-1951).cbr

32.28 MB

  The Marvel Family 064 ctc (fiche(editing needed(10-1951).cbr

32.40 MB

  The Marvel Family 065 ctc (11-1951).cbr

12.39 MB

  The Marvel Family 066 (12-1951).cbr

22.63 MB

  The Marvel Family 067 ctc (fiche(1952).cbr

9.95 MB

  The Marvel Family 068 (02-1952).cbr

12.61 MB

  The Marvel Family 069 (03-1952).cbr

3.77 MB

  The Marvel Family 070 ctc (fiche(04-1952).cbr

34.05 MB

  The Marvel Family 071 ctc (05-1952).cbr

15.85 MB

  The Marvel Family 072 ctc (1952).cbr

25.86 MB

  The Marvel Family 072 ctc (part fiche(1952).cbr

34.52 MB

  The Marvel Family 073 ctc (1952).cbr

25.29 MB

  The Marvel Family 074 ctc (08-1952).cbr

16.28 MB

  The Marvel Family 075 (09-1952).cbr

10.22 MB

  The Marvel Family 076 ctc (10-1952).cbr

15.82 MB

  The Marvel Family 077 ctc (11-1952).cbr

16.20 MB

  The Marvel Family 078 ctc (part fiche(1952).cbr

22.54 MB

  The Marvel Family 079 (01-1953).cbr

42.82 MB

  The Marvel Family 080 ctc (fiche(1953).cbr

9.93 MB

  The Marvel Family 081 ctc (03-1953).cbr

15.57 MB

  The Marvel Family 082 (04-1953).cbr

15.76 MB

  The Marvel Family 083 ctc (fiche(1953).cbr

9.61 MB

  The Marvel Family 084 ctc (Fiche(1953) B.cbr

10.34 MB

  The Marvel Family 085 ctc (fiche(1953).cbr

9.90 MB

  The Marvel Family 086 ctc (08-1953).cbr

16.24 MB

  The Marvel Family 087 ctc (09-1953).cbr

15.85 MB

  The Marvel Family 088 ctc (1953).cbr

16.13 MB

  The Marvel Family 089 (01-1954).cbr

13.93 MB

 Marvel Treasury Edition 028-Featuring-Superman and Spiderman (1981).cbr

48.18 MB

 Marvel and DC Present-The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans (07-1982).cbr

27.10 MB

 Mary Marvel 01-28 (1945-1948)

  Mary Marvel 001 36p ctc (12-1945).cbr

4.65 MB

  Mary Marvel 002 (06-1946).cbr

14.99 MB

  Mary Marvel 003 36p ctc (07-1946).cbr

5.02 MB

  Mary Marvel 004 (08-1946).cbr

21.72 MB

  Mary Marvel 005 52p ctc (09-1946).cbr

36.88 MB

  Mary Marvel 006 52p ctc (10-1946).cbr

43.33 MB

  Mary Marvel 007 36p ctc (11-1946).cbr

26.48 MB

  Mary Marvel 008 52p ctc (12-1946).cbr

43.20 MB

  Mary Marvel 009 52p ctc (02-1947).cbr

43.06 MB

  Mary Marvel 010 52p ctc (03-1947).cbr

44.90 MB

  Mary Marvel 011 36p ctc (04-1947).cbr

30.59 MB

  Mary Marvel 012.placeholder

0.00 KB

  Mary Marvel 013.placeholder

0.00 KB

  Mary Marvel 014.placeholder

0.00 KB

  Mary Marvel 015 (08-1947).cbr

14.21 MB

  Mary Marvel 016 (09-1947).cbr

25.81 MB

  Mary Marvel 017.placeholder

0.00 KB

  Mary Marvel 018 ctc (fiche(1947).cbr

9.40 MB

  Mary Marvel 019.placeholder

0.00 KB

  Mary Marvel 020.placeholder

0.00 KB

  Mary Marvel 021 (1948).cbr

43.56 MB

  Mary Marvel 022 (1948-03).cbr

12.86 MB

  Mary Marvel 023 (04-1948).cbr

13.42 MB

  Mary Marvel 024 (1948).cbr

45.45 MB

  Mary Marvel 025 ctc (fiche(1948).cbr

9.55 MB

  Mary Marvel 026 ctc (fiche(1948).cbr

8.83 MB

  Mary Marvel 027.placeholder

0.00 KB

  Mary Marvel 028 (1948-09).cbr

28.29 MB


  Mask v1 (1985)

   Mask v1 001.cbr

13.04 MB

   Mask v1 002.cbr

17.71 MB

   Mask v1 003.cbr

11.19 MB

   Mask v1 004.cbr

11.16 MB

  Mask v2 (1987)

   Mask v2 001.cbr

12.28 MB

   Mask v2 002.cbr

10.89 MB

   Mask v2 003.cbr

12.17 MB

   Mask v2 004.cbr

11.92 MB

   Mask v2 005.cbr

12.16 MB

   Mask v2 006.cbr

11.53 MB

   Mask v2 007.cbr

12.77 MB

   Mask v2 008.cbr

10.98 MB

   Mask v2 009.cbr

12.23 MB

 Master Comics

  57 Alternates (lightened and shrunk

   Master Comics 002 ctc (fiche(1940).cbr

13.04 MB

   Master Comics 004 ctc (fiche(1940).cbr

13.94 MB

   Master Comics 007 ctc (fiche(1940).cbr

17.12 MB

   Master Comics 008 ctc (fiche(1940).cbr

18.75 MB

   Master Comics 009 ctc (fiche(1940).cbr

17.95 MB

   Master Comics 010 ctc (fiche(1941).cbr

18.12 MB

   Master Comics 011 ctc (fiche(1941).cbr

18.22 MB

   Master Comics 013 ctc (fiche(1941).cbr

16.68 MB

   Master Comics 015 ctc (fiche(1941).cbr

18.00 MB

   Master Comics 017 ctc (fiche(1941).cbr

13.45 MB

   Master Comics 018 ctc (fiche(1941).cbr

16.19 MB

   Master Comics 019 ctc (fiche(1941).cbr

18.05 MB

   Master Comics 020 ctc (fiche(1941).cbr

17.84 MB

   Master Comics 021 ctc (part fiche(1941).cbr

17.52 MB

   Master Comics 022 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

12.71 MB

   Master Comics 023 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

16.86 MB

   Master Comics 026 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

18.88 MB

   Master Comics 027 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

16.22 MB

   Master Comics 028 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

15.68 MB

   Master Comics 029 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

13.75 MB

   Master Comics 030 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

16.27 MB

   Master Comics 031 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

17.68 MB

   Master Comics 032 ctc (fiche(1942).cbr

18.63 MB

   Master Comics 033 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

17.23 MB

   Master Comics 034 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

15.23 MB

   Master Comics 035 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

17.06 MB

   Master Comics 036 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

18.00 MB

   Master Comics 037 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

18.52 MB

   Master Comics 039 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

18.72 MB

   Master Comics 040 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

18.75 MB

   Master Comics 041 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

18.34 MB

   Master Comics 042 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

18.91 MB

   Master Comics 043 ctc (fiche(1943).cbr

19.83 MB

   Master Comics 048 ctc (fiche(1944).cbr

13.26 MB

   Master Comics 050 ctc (fiche(1944).cbr

13.60 MB

   Master Comics 065 ctc (fiche(1946).cbr

9.78 MB

   Master Comics 066 ctc (fiche(1946).cbr

9.10 MB

   Master Comics 068 ctc (fiche(1946).cbr

14.93 MB

   Master Comics 073 52p ctc (fiche(1947).cbr

14.19 MB

   Master Comics 076 ctc (fiche(1947).cbr

14.02 MB

   Master Comics 080 ctc (fiche(1947).cbr

14.84 MB

   Master Comics 082 ctc (fiche(1947).cbr

14.04 MB

   Master Comics 083 ctc (fiche(1947).cbr

17.91 MB

   Master Comics 090 ctc (fiche(1948).cbr

13.59 MB

   Master Comics 092 ctc (fiche(1948).cbr

13.56 MB

   Master Comics 093 ctc (fiche(1948).cbr

14.09 MB

   Master Comics 097 ctc (fiche(1948).cbr

15.02 MB

   Master Comics 102 ctc (fiche(1949).cbr

14.64 MB

   Master Comics 112 ctc (fiche(1950).cbr

11.41 MB

   Master Comics 113 ctc (fiche(1950).cbr

17.33 MB

   Master Comics 114 ctc (fiche(04-1950).cbr

48.62 MB

   Master Comics 119 ctc (fiche(1950).cbr

15.05 MB

   Master Comics 120 ctc (fiche(1951).cbr

14.69 MB

   Master Comics 127 ctc (fiche(1952).cbr

10.98 MB

   Master Comics 129 ctc (fiche(08-1952).cbr

35.46 MB

   Master Comics 132 ctc (fiche(1953).cbr

9.57 MB

   Master Comics 133 ctc (fiche(1953).cbr

9.67 MB

  Master Comics 001 (fiche(03-1940).cbr

28.92 MB

  Master Comics 002 ctc (fiche(04-1940).cbr

49.18 MB

  Master Comics 004 ctc (fiche(07-1940).cbr

44.58 MB

  Master Comics 007 ctc (fiche(10-1940).cbr

57.19 MB

  Master Comics 008 ctc (fiche(11-1940).cbr

61.77 MB

  Master Comics 009 ctc (fiche(12-1940).cbr

59.02 MB

  Master Comics 010 ctc (fiche(01-1941).cbr

60.55 MB

  Master Comics 011 ctc (fiche(02-1941).cbr

51.40 MB

  Master Comics 012 ctc (1941).cbr

35.36 MB

  Master Comics 013 ctc (fiche(04-1941).cbr

42.33 MB

  Master Comics 014 ctc (1941).cbr

38.13 MB

  Master Comics 015 ctc (fiche(06-1941).cbr

50.50 MB

  Master Comics 016 (07-1941).cbr

50.81 MB

  Master Comics 017 ctc (fiche(08-1941).cbr

42.98 MB

  Master Comics 018 ctc (fiche(09-1941).cbr

58.97 MB

  Master Comics 018-Devil's Dagger & Buck Jones only.cbr

1.99 MB

  Master Comics 019 ctc (fiche(10-1941).cbr

55.94 MB

  Master Comics 020 (fiche(11-1941).cbr

50.06 MB

  Master Comics 021 ctc (part fiche(12-1941).cbr

46.42 MB

  Master Comics 021(i)-Bulletman only (12-1941).cbr

12.94 MB

  Master Comics 022 (fiche(01-1942).cbr

33.06 MB

  Master Comics 023 (fiche(02-1942).cbr

47.98 MB

  Master Comics 024 (03-1942).cbr

25.98 MB

  Master Comics 025 ctc (04-1942).cbr

31.64 MB

  Master Comics 026 (fiche(05-1942).cbr

62.50 MB

  Master Comics 027 (fiche(06-1942).cbr

46.46 MB

  Master Comics 028 (fiche(07-1942).cbr

44.81 MB

  Master Comics 029 (fiche(08-1942).cbr

40.49 MB

  Master Comics 030 (fiche(09-1942).cbr

51.88 MB

  Master Comics 031 (fiche(10-1942).cbr

56.92 MB

  Master Comics 032 (fiche(11-1942).cbr

63.48 MB

  Master Comics 033 (fiche(12-1942).cbr

50.25 MB

  Master Comics 034 (fiche(12-1942).cbr

45.82 MB

  Master Comics 035 ctc (fiche(01-1943).cbr

57.03 MB

  Master Comics 036 ctc (fiche(02-1943).cbr

61.68 MB

  Master Comics 037 ctc (fiche(04-1943).cbr

62.19 MB

  Master Comics 038 (05-1943).cbr

17.37 MB

  Master Comics 039 ctc (fiche(06-1943).cbr

61.48 MB

  Master Comics 040 ctc (fiche(07-1943).cbr

62.21 MB

  Master Comics 041 ctc (fiche(08-1943).cbr

60.38 MB

  Master Comics 042 ctc (fiche(09-1943).cbr

62.13 MB

  Master Comics 043 ctc (fiche(10-1943).cbr

65.22 MB

  Master Comics 048 ctc (fiche(03-1944).cbr

42.11 MB

  Master Comics 050 ctc (fiche(05-1944).cbr

42.65 MB

  Master Comics 051 44p ctc (06-1944).cbr

34.36 MB

  Master Comics 052 44p ctc (07-1944).cbr

6.57 MB

  Master Comics 053 ctc (a few pages fiche(1943).cbr

18.60 MB

  Master Comics 054 (09-1944).cbr

34.03 MB

  Master Comics 055 (10-1944).cbr

20.96 MB

  Master Comics 056 (11-1944).cbr

28.69 MB

  Master Comics 057 (01-1945).cbr

28.54 MB

  Master Comics 058 (02-1945).cbr

28.90 MB

  Master Comics 059 (03-1945).cbr

15.73 MB

  Master Comics 060 (04-1945).cbr

25.18 MB

  Master Comics 061-Bulletman, Nyoka.cbr

5.70 MB

  Master Comics 062 ctc (1945).cbr

17.77 MB

  Master Comics 063 ctc (part fiche(09-1945).cbr

13.07 MB

  Master Comics 064 (11-1945).cbr

14.78 MB

  Master Comics 065 ctc (fiche(01-1946).cbr

31.96 MB

  Master Comics 066 ctc (fiche(03-1946).cbr

30.24 MB

  Master Comics 067 35p m 1p (1946).cbr

30.69 MB

  Master Comics 068 ctc (fiche(05-1946).cbr

47.35 MB

  Master Comics 069 ctc (fiche(06-1946).cbr

45.95 MB

  Master Comics 069-m 2p (1946).cbr

19.34 MB

  Master Comics 070 48p (fiche(07-1946).cbr

37.67 MB

  Master Comics 070 52p m cf (fiche(1946).cbr

11.57 MB

  Master Comics 071 (08-1946).cbr

20.11 MB

  Master Comics 072 (09-1946).cbr

13.66 MB

  Master Comics 073 52p ctc (fiche(10-1946).cbr

47.12 MB

  Master Comics 073-Bulletman Only (R)(10-1946).cbr

777.39 KB

  Master Comics 075 52p ctc (1946).cbr

20.01 MB

  Master Comics 076 ctc (fiche(02-1947).cbr

47.75 MB

  Master Comics 077 48p m cf (1947).cbr

26.48 MB

  Master Comics 080 ctc (fiche(06-1947).cbr

45.98 MB

  Master Comics 081 40p (07-1947).cbr

13.44 MB

  Master Comics 081 52p ctc (part fiche)(1947).cbr

19.14 MB

  Master Comics 082 ctc (fiche(08-1947).cbr

42.31 MB

  Master Comics 083 ctc (fiche(09-1947).cbr

60.85 MB

  Master Comics 084 ctc (fiche(10-1947).cbr

34.66 MB

  Master Comics 085 52p ctc.cbr

19.71 MB

  Master Comics 086 52p (1947).cbr

28.43 MB

  Master Comics 087 (01-1948).cbr

27.60 MB

  Master Comics 088 (02-1948).cbr

19.88 MB

  Master Comics 090 ctc (fiche(04-1948).cbr

35.92 MB

  Master Comics 091-Nyoka & Hopalong Cassidy Only (05-1948).cbr

2.10 MB

  Master Comics 092 ctc (fiche(06-1948).cbr

35.77 MB

  Master Comics 093 ctc (fiche(07-1948).cbr

36.48 MB

  Master Comics 094 (1948(.cbr

21.14 MB

  Master Comics 094 17p (1948).cbr

5.96 MB

  Master Comics 095 (09-1948).cbr

18.40 MB

  Master Comics 096 (10-1948).cbr

21.14 MB

  Master Comics 097 ctc (fiche(11-1948).cbr

49.00 MB

  Master Comics 098 (12-1948).cbr

4.82 MB

  Master Comics 099 (01-1949).cbr

15.69 MB

  Master Comics 100-Bulletman, Nyoka, Tom Mix.cbr

15.59 MB

  Master Comics 101 44p needs inside covers (03-1949).cbr

14.81 MB

  Master Comics 102 ctc (fiche(04-1949).cbr

45.89 MB

  Master Comics 103 (05-1949).cbr

22.52 MB

  Master Comics 105 ctc (fiche(1949).cbr

15.02 MB

  Master Comics 106 (08-1949).cbr

20.84 MB

  Master Comics 108 (10-1949).cbr

25.42 MB

  Master Comics 110 52p (fiche(1949).cbr

14.61 MB

  Master Comics 112 ctc (fiche(02-1950).cbr

38.44 MB

  Master Comics 113 ctc (fiche(03-1950).cbr

58.71 MB

  Master Comics 114 ctc (fiche(1950).cbr

14.69 MB

  Master Comics 118 ctc (fiche(10-1950).cbr

56.88 MB

  Master Comics 119 ctc (fiche(12-1950).cbr

52.11 MB

  Master Comics 120 ctc (fiche(02-1951).cbr

48.20 MB

  Master Comics 121 ctc (04-1951).cbr

20.95 MB

  Master Comics 123 ctc (08-1951).cbr

16.89 MB

  Master Comics 125 ctc (1951).cbr

16.40 MB

  Master Comics 127 ctc (fiche(04-1952).cbr

36.62 MB

  Master Comics 128 (06-1952).cbr

14.65 MB

  Master Comics 129 ctc (fiche(1952).cbr

10.40 MB

  Master Comics 130 36p ctc (10-1952).cbr

16.26 MB

  Master Comics 131 36p ctc (1952).cbr

19.84 MB

  Master Comics 132 ctc (fiche(02-1953).cbr

39.12 MB

  Master Comics 133 (fiche(04-1953).cbr

36.36 MB

 Masters of the Universe (DC

  Masters of the Universe 001-To Tempt the Gods.cbr

4.18 MB

  Masters of the Universe 002-The Key To Castle Grayskull.cbr

4.30 MB

  Masters of the Universe 003-Within These Walls... Armageddon!.cbr

3.92 MB

  Masters of the Universe Preview-Superman and He-Man 2nd Encounter.cbr

4.87 MB

 Masters of the Universe (Not DC

  He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Collectible Card Series (2007).cbr

3.06 MB

  He-Man mini comics

   Masters of the Universe-Battle In the Clouds.cbr

1.67 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Between a Rock and a Hard Place.cbr

1.49 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Double Edged Sword.cbr

985.53 KB

   Masters of the Universe-Dragon's Gift.cbr

1.29 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Energy Zoids.cbr

1.00 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Enter Buzz-Saw Hordak.cbr

832.23 KB

   Masters of the Universe-Escape From the Slime Pit.cbr

1.28 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Eye of the Storm.cbr

2.74 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Grizzlor-The Legend Comes Alive.cbr

5.63 MB

   Masters of the Universe-He-Man Meets Ram-Man.cbr

1.22 MB

   Masters of the Universe-He-Man and the Insect People.cbr

5.82 MB

   Masters of the Universe-He-Man and the Power Sword.cbr

9.96 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Hordak-The Ruthless Leader's Revenge.cbr

5.25 MB

   Masters of the Universe-It's He-Man Versus Geldor For the Secret Liquid Life.cbr

898.73 KB

   Masters of the Universe-King of Castle Grayskull.cbr

8.16 MB

   Masters of the Universe-King of the Snake Men.cbr

6.14 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Leech-The Master of Power Suction Unleashed.cbr

5.58 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde.cbr

5.56 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Masks of Power.cbr

996.21 KB

   Masters of the Universe-Revenge of the Snake Men.cbr

929.13 KB

   Masters of the Universe-Rock People to the Rescue.cbr

5.68 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Skeletor's Dragon.cbr

1.55 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Slave City.cbr

923.85 KB

   Masters of the Universe-Snake Attack.cbr

1.50 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Spikor Strikes.cbr

1.51 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Battle Roboto.cbr

5.35 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Clash of Arms.cbr

871.22 KB

   Masters of the Universe-The Cosmic Key.cbr

586.30 KB

   Masters of the Universe-The Fastest Draw In the Universe.cbr

1.04 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Flying Fists of Power.cbr

5.36 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Hordes of Hordak.cbr

1.16 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Magic Stealer.cbr

1.20 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Menace of Multi-Bot.cbr

869.06 KB

   Masters of the Universe-The Menace of Trap-Jaw.cbr

1.23 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Obelisk.cbr

4.99 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Ordeal of Man-E-Faces.cbr

1.16 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Power of Point Dread.cbr

1.25 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Powers of Grayskull-The Legend Begins (Parts 2 & 3 DNE).cbr

0.99 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Search for Keldor.cbr

1.21 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Siege of Avion.cbr

1.05 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Stench of Evil.cbr

1.22 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Tale of Teela.cbr

1.82 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Temple of Darkness.cbr

1.17 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Terror Claws Strike.cbr

1.05 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Terror of Tri-Klops.cbr

1.15 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Treachery of Modulok.cbr

5.14 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Ultimate Battleground.cbr

1.00 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Vengeance of Skeletor.cbr

1.83 MB

   Masters of the Universe-The Warrior Machine.cbr

2.00 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Vengeance of Skeletor.cbr

9.29 MB

  Masters of the Universe (Cross Gen

   Masters of the Universe Limited Edition Collectors Book.cbr

1.24 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Encyclopedia Season One.cbr

18.37 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Power of Fear.cbr

11.54 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Rise of the Snake Men

    Masters of the Universe-Rise of the Snake Men 001.cbr

9.78 MB

    Masters of the Universe-Rise of the Snake Men 002.cbr

12.72 MB

    Masters of the Universe-Rise of the Snake Men 003.cbr

12.21 MB

  Masters of the Universe (Image

   Masters of the Universe Promo (Image.cbr

5.41 MB

   Masters of the Universe v1 (Image(2002)

    Masters of the Universe v1 001 (11-2002).cbr

10.77 MB

    Masters of the Universe v1 002 (12-2002).cbr

14.91 MB

    Masters of the Universe v1 003 (02-2003).cbr

14.19 MB

    Masters of the Universe v1 004 (03-2003).cbr

14.68 MB

   Masters of the Universe v2 (Image(2003)

    Masters of the Universe v2 001 (03-2003).cbr

18.26 MB

    Masters of the Universe v2 002 (04-2003).cbr

6.52 MB

    Masters of the Universe v2 003 (05-2003).cbr

5.82 MB

    Masters of the Universe v2 004 (06-2003).cbr

13.84 MB

    Masters of the Universe v2 005 (07-2003).cbr

13.74 MB

    Masters of the Universe v2 006 (08-2003).cbr

13.54 MB

   Masters of the Universe v3 (MVC-Image(2004)

    Masters of the Universe v3 001 (04-2004).cbr

12.61 MB

    Masters of the Universe v3 002 (05-2004).cbr

12.69 MB

    Masters of the Universe v3 003 (06-2004).cbr

14.07 MB

    Masters of the Universe v3 004 (07-2004).cbr

18.20 MB

    Masters of the Universe v3 005 (07-2004).cbr

9.14 MB

    Masters of the Universe v3 006 (08-2004).cbr

13.69 MB

    Masters of the Universe v5 007 (11-2004).cbr

6.69 MB

    Masters of the Universe v5 008 (12-2004).cbr

11.82 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Icons of Evil

    Masters of the Universe, Icons of Evil-BeastMan (2003).cbr

20.45 MB

    Masters of the Universe-Icons of Evil-Mer-Man (2003).cbr

17.67 MB

    Masters of the Universe-Icons of Evil-Trapjaw (2003).cbr

17.69 MB

   Masters of the Universe-Special Preview Edition (Image.cbr

1.00 MB

  Masters of the Universe (Marvel Star

   Masters of The Universe-The Motion Picture.cbr

9.59 MB

   Masters of the Universe 001.cbr

8.75 MB

   Masters of the Universe 002.cbr

6.50 MB

   Masters of the Universe 003.cbr

6.18 MB

   Masters of the Universe 004.cbr

6.29 MB

   Masters of the Universe 005.cbr

5.55 MB

   Masters of the Universe 006.cbr

4.81 MB

   Masters of the Universe 007.cbr

6.44 MB

   Masters of the Universe 008.cbr

5.78 MB

   Masters of the Universe 009.cbr

6.21 MB

   Masters of the Universe 010.cbr

5.07 MB

   Masters of the Universe 011.cbr

5.77 MB

   Masters of the Universe 012-Life Time 001.cbr

5.85 MB

   Masters of the Universe 013-Life Time 002.cbr

6.33 MB

  Masters of the Universe Magazine (Edgemont

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 006 ctc (1986).cbr

24.59 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 007 ctc (1986).cbr

25.52 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 008 ctc (1986).cbr

25.70 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 009 ctc (1986).cbr

25.39 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 010 ctc (1986).cbr

24.54 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 011 ctc (1986).cbr

26.43 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 015 ctc (1986).cbr

25.36 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 016 ctc (1986).cbr

25.94 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 017 ctc (1986).cbr

25.95 MB

   Masters of the Universe Magazine 019 ctc (1986).cbr

27.08 MB

 Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists (1983)

  Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists 001-Frank Frazetta 36p (Spring 1983).cbr

10.85 MB

  Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists 002-Frank Frazetta 31p (07-1983).cbr

13.21 MB

  Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists 003-Berni Wrightson 36p (10-1983).cbr

16.91 MB

 Mazing Man

  'Mazing Man

   'Mazing Man 001 (01-1986).cbr

13.54 MB

   'Mazing Man 002 (02-1986).cbr

13.32 MB

   'Mazing Man 003 (03-1986).cbr

16.26 MB

   'Mazing Man 004 (04-1986).cbr

14.02 MB

   'Mazing Man 005 (05-1986).cbr

13.79 MB

   'Mazing Man 006 (06-1986).cbr

14.29 MB

   'Mazing Man 007 (07-1986).cbr

13.92 MB

   'Mazing Man 008 (08-1986).cbr

13.69 MB

   'Mazing Man 009 (09-1986).cbr

14.21 MB

   'Mazing Man 010 (10-1986).cbr

13.82 MB

   'Mazing Man 011 (11-1986).cbr

14.02 MB

   'Mazing Man 012 (12-1986).cbr

12.90 MB

  'Mazing Man Special

   'Mazing Man Special 001 (1987).cbr

20.49 MB

   'Mazing Man Special 002 (1988).cbr

25.35 MB

   'Mazing Man Special 003 (1990).cbr

22.95 MB

 Oops I goofed fill

  Meet Angel v1 007 (11-12 1969).cbr

12.62 MB

 Out of order Bonus

  Angel and the Ape v1 (1968)

   Angel and the Ape v1 001.cbr

16.48 MB

   Angel and the Ape v1 002.cbr

16.04 MB

   Angel and the Ape v1 003.cbr

12.53 MB

   Angel and the Ape v1 004-Meet Angel AtA (04-06 1969).cbr

12.24 MB

   Angel and the Ape v1 005-Meet Angel AtA (07-08 1969).cbr

12.12 MB

   Angel and the Ape v1 006-Meet Angel AtA (09-10 1969).cbr

13.11 MB



190.73 KB

  What's Left to Scan (& Scanned) in the DC Universe (Jul 1,2009).zip

1.38 MB

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Announce URL:

Torrent description

The More than Complete DC in Omegapsical Order

Omegapsical order: A term I thought I might have invented meaning reverse alphabetical order. Turns out it has seen occasional use by others but I get the most hits for it on Google! For the classics challenged alpha & beta are the first two letters of the ancient greek alphabet =>Alphabetical. Taking the last two, going backwards => omega psi => omegapsical. I just like to be different.

Yes I know it's been just 2 days since the last one but don't worry it will be seeded as long as you need to get it.! Also although when I began this series I said I could not re-seed due to constant changes in my collection and the inability to store the original otrrents, I have since aquired more drive space and now have the complete series so far in seedable form should it be needed.

This Twenty-first installment is: Md-Loo

Remembering this is just DC, not DC plus DC imprints like the DC chronology project, this is all that's scanned of DC titles in this range according to the Phantom Stranger's DC scanned list of July 1 (August update unavailable so far). Thus we are complete. We are more than complete because we have assorted non-DC version of things DC also published- Masters of the Universe, A Man called A-X, Looney Tunes. We have the Pre-DC adventures of the Marvel Family, Mary Marvel,and Captain Marvel Junior. These comics are titled Marvel Family, Mary Marvel, and Master Comics. Captain Marvel is Shazam! today due to DC neglecting to preserve the rights to the name along the way. While he was in unpublished limbo after DC sued his publishers into comics oblivion, Marvel Comics created their Captain Marvel and stole the name. We have the Vertigo take on the WWII group "The Losers" and Madame Xanadu. We have the Wildstorm adventures of Majestic.

Today's offering:
Out of order bonus
Angel and the Ape v1 01-06 (1968)
Oops I goofed fill - and the reason for the bonus above! Should have been in previous torrent.
Meet Angel v1 007 (11-12 1969).cbr

'Mazing Man Special 003 (1990).cbr
'Mazing Man Special 002 (1988).cbr
'Mazing Man Special 001 (1987).cbr
'Mazing Man 01-12
Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists 003-Berni Wrightson 36p (10-1983).cbr
Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists 002-Frank Frazetta 31p (07-1983).cbr
Masterworks Series of Great Comic Book Artists 001-Frank Frazetta 36p (Spring 1983).cbr
Masters of the Universe (Not DC
Masters of the Universe Magazine 06-19 (Edgemont
Masters of the Universe (Marvel Star
Masters of the Universe 01-13
Masters of The Universe-The Motion Picture.cbr
Masters of the Universe (Image
Masters of the Universe-Special Preview Edition (Image.cbr
Masters of the Universe-Icons of Evil-Trapjaw (2003).cbr
Masters of the Universe-Icons of Evil-Mer-Man (2003).cbr
Masters of the Universe, Icons of Evil-BeastMan (2003).cbr
Masters of the Universe v3 01-08 (MVC-Image(2004)
Masters of the Universe v2 01-06 (Image(2003)
Masters of the Universe v1 01-04 (Image(2002)
Masters of the Universe Promo (Image.cbr
Masters of the Universe (Cross Gen
Masters of the Universe-Rise of the Snake Men 01-03
Masters of the Universe-Power of Fear.cbr
Masters of the Universe-Encyclopedia Season One.cbr
Masters of the Universe Limited Edition Collectors Book.cbr
He-Man mini comics 50 issues
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Collectible Card Series (2007).cbr
Masters of the Universe 01-04 DC
Masters of the Universe Preview-Superman and He-Man 2nd Encounter.cbr
Master Comics 001-133 (Fawcett) 113 issues - with the adventures of Captain Marvel Junior among others
one incomplete scan of #117 could not be found in time
57 Master comics alternates scans (lightened and shrunk)- This was a lot of work for someone and obviously he thought it was an improvement but I think they were over-lightened. You be the judge.
Mask v2 01-09 (1987) Yes the Jim Carey movie character in DC comics, later seen in Dark Horse Comics (not included in this torrent)
Mask v1 01-04 (1985)
Mary Marvel 01-28 (1945-1948) 21 issues (all that's scanned)
Marvel and DC Present-The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans (07-1982).cbr
Marvel Treasury Edition 028-Featuring-Superman and Spiderman (1981).cbr
Marvel Family 01-89 (1945-1954) 90 issues
8 Alternate scans
Martian Manhunter
Martian Manhunter-The Others Among Us TPB (Omitted).jpg
Martian Manhunter-American Secrets 01-03 (1992)
Martian Manhunter v3 01-08 (2006-2007)
Martian Manhunter v2 Annual 01-02
Martian Manhunter v2 1,000,000 (1998).cbr
Martian Manhunter v2 01-36 (1998-2001)
Martian Manhunter v1 01-04 (1988)
Martian Manhunter Special 001 (1996).cbr
Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, The 01-26
Manhunter-The Special Edition (1999).cbr
Manhunter v4 026-Variant cover.jpg
Manhunter v4 01-38 (2004-2009)
Manhunter v3 01-13 (1994-1995)
Manhunter v2 01-24 (1988-1990)
Manhunter v1 001 (1984).cbr
Manhunter-Unleashed TPB (Omitted).jpg
Manhunter-Trial By Fire TPB (Omitted).jpg
Manhunter-Street Justice TPB (Omitted).jpg
Manhunter-Origins TPB (Omitted).jpg
Man-Bat (Batman-Man-Bat - an Elseworld's story will be in the Bs)
Unpublished Man-Bat story art.cbr
Unpublished Man-Bat Read me.txt
Man-Bat v4 01-04 (2006)
Man-Bat v3 01-03 (1996)
Man-Bat v2 001 (1984).cbr
Man-Bat v1 01-02 (1975)
Man-Bat (1970-2006)
Man of Steel 01-06 (1986)
Man of Steel 001-collector's edition cover.jpg
Superman-The Man of Steel v1 TPB.cbr
Superman-The Man of Steel v1 TPB new material only (1987).cbr
Superman-The Man of Steel v1 TPB alternate cover.jpg
The Man Called A-X v2 02-08 (unscanned-covers only) A relative rarity in something only 12 years old to be un-scanned
The Man Called A-X v2 001.cbr
The Man Called A-X v1 00-05 (Bravura-Malibu
The Man Called A-X v1 Ashcan ctc (1994).cbr
Major Bummer 01-15
Majestic (DC,Wildstorm
Mr. Majestic v1 01-09 (out of order but since it's Wildstorm it is "off list" and I felt it more important to keep the character together despite slight omegapsical discrepancy)
Mr Majestic 001-Variant.jpg
Mr Majestic TPB (Omitted).jpg
Wildstorm Spotlight 001-Majestic.cbr
Majestic-While You Were Out TPB (Omitted).jpg
Majestic-Strange New Visitor TPB (Omitted).jpg
Majestic-Meanwhile, Back on Earth... TPB (Omitted).jpg
Majestic-Final Cut TPB (Omitted).jpg
Majestic v2 01-17 (Wildstorm
Majestic v1 01-04 (DC
Magneto and the Magnetic Men.cbr
Magnetic Men, The Featuring Magneto.cbr
Magazineland USA DC Marvel Giveaway.cbr
Madame Xanadu v2 01-13 (Vertigo (uggh :-) ) but is a continuation of a DC character by vertigo which always counts for inclusion
Madame Xanadu v1 001 (1981).cbr
Mad Batman Spectacular.cbr
Love Stories 152.cbr
Love Stories 147-151 (unscanned - covers only)
Losers Special 001.cbr (the WW army "losers" only vaguely similar to the vertigo version below)
The Losers 01-32 (2003-2006) (Vertigo - uggh)
The Losers-Trifecta TPB (Omitted).jpg
The Losers-Double Down TPB (Omitted).jpg
The Losers-Ante Up TPB (Omitted).jpg
Losers-Endgame TPB (Omitted).jpg
Losers-Close Quarters TPB (Omitted).jpg
Lords of the Ultra-Realm 01-06
Lords of the Ultra-Realm Special 001 (12-1987).cbr
Loose Cannon 01-04
Looney Tunes-Back in Action Movie Adaptation.cbr

Looney Tunes Magazine 01-06 -covers only
Looney Tunes Burger King 001 (2004).cbr

Looney Tunes (Dell
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Comics 001-101 (i) (1941-1950)
Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies After LT and MM Comics 101-166 (i) (1950-1955)
Looney Tunes 167-246 (i) After LT and MM 166 (1955-1958)
Looney Tunes 001-176 (DC many are not yet scanned

Better Scans Fills
Superman v1 270 36p ctc (12-1973).cbr
Superman v1 269 36p ctc (11-1973).cbr
Superman v1 259 36p ctc (12-1972).cbr
Superman v1 258 36p ctc (11-1972).cbr
Superman v1 257 36p ctc (10-1972).cbr

Feel free to cross post this other places if you know how and are so inclined


You can see my other torrents Demonoid HERE or h33t HERE. The lists aren't the same. h33t has the most.

Thanks to Scanners, Original Uploaders and Seeders - We need you all!
But thanks most of all to the seeders-the thankless anonymous
chore that make the work of the scanners and uploaders multiply!
See Yah!

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