MTCDC From Z to A 012 Stz Star S (joshua13(h33t

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MTCDC From Z to A 012 Stz Star S (joshua13(h33t

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Name:MTCDC From Z to A 012 Stz Star S (joshua13(h33t

Total Size: 14.79 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 3

Leechers: 13

Stream: Watch Online @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2010-12-30 19:30:26 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-25 17:23:32

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Fills (Size: 14.55 GB) (Files: 1205)


  Superman-Airheads Out of Control (2007).cbr

6.38 MB

  Superman-Tim (08-1947).cbr

9.61 MB

 Lazy Researcher Fill

  Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt 001 (Charlton.cbr

9.55 MB

  Thunderbolt-Peter Cannon (Charlton

   Thunderbolt 051.cbr

16.50 MB

   Thunderbolt 052.cbr

15.87 MB

   Thunderbolt 053.cbr

14.18 MB

   Thunderbolt 054.cbr

14.30 MB

   Thunderbolt 055.cbr

9.23 MB

   Thunderbolt 056.cbr

14.54 MB

   Thunderbolt 057.cbr

6.86 MB

   Thunderbolt 059.cbr

13.98 MB

   Thunderbolt 060.cbr

11.15 MB

  Uncle Sam Quarterly (Quality

   Uncle Sam Quarterly 001 (Autumn 1941).cbr

33.35 MB

   Uncle Sam Quarterly 002 (Winter 1941).cbr

16.59 MB

   Uncle Sam Quarterly 004 (Autumn 1942).cbr

15.39 MB

 MTCDC from Z to A 012.rtf

25.07 KB

 Obligatory Torrent Files

  Torrent downloaded from

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0.02 KB

 Replacement Scans

  World's Finest Comics 122.cbr

18.34 MB

 Star Spangled Comics

  Star Spangled Comics

   Star Spangled Comics 001.cbr

46.87 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 002 (fiche).cbr

31.74 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 003.cbr

41.60 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 004 (fiche).cbr

33.02 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 005 (fiche).cbr

36.08 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 006.cbr

37.06 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 007 (fiche).cbr

38.56 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 008 (fiche).cbr

42.17 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 009.cbr

56.71 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 010.cbr

58.99 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 011 ctc (fiche)(1942).cbr

96.78 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 012 68p ctc (1942) Or.cbr

103.64 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 013.cbr

27.50 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 014(i)-Newsboy Legion only)(R).cbr

3.11 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 015.cbr

46.70 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 016 (Missing).jpg

43.01 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 017 (Missing).jpg

39.56 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 018.cbr

37.96 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 019 (Missing).jpg

51.23 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 020 (Missing).jpg

71.13 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 021(i)-Newsboy Legion only)(R).cbr

4.85 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 022.cbr

22.13 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 023 (Missing).jpg

44.25 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 024 (Missing).jpg

56.64 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 025 (Missing).jpg

45.62 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 026.cbr

31.90 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 027-m 2 pgs.cbr

18.50 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 028 (Missing).jpg

66.29 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 029 (Missing).jpg

56.11 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 030 (Missing).jpg

44.33 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 031 (Missing).jpg

45.11 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 032 (Missing).jpg

49.10 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 033.cbr

19.44 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 034 (Missing).jpg

37.64 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 035 (Missing).jpg

51.28 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 036 (Missing).jpg

51.16 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 037.cbr

54.76 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 038.cbr

29.93 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 039 (Missing).jpg

55.61 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 040 (Missing).jpg

36.82 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 041 (Missing).jpg

60.46 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 042.cbr

21.89 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 043 m bc (1945).cbr

64.74 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 044 (Missing).jpg

43.19 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 045.cbr

36.69 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 046 (Missing).jpg

46.31 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 047 (Missing).jpg

42.98 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 048 (Missing).jpg

39.22 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 049 (Missing).jpg

39.94 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 050-missing cf (1945).cbr

15.19 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 051 (Missing).jpg

41.68 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 052-paper ifc,ibc,bc from fiche.cbr

9.97 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 053 ctc (fiche(1946).cbr

68.97 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 054(i)-Star Spangled Kid only)(R).cbr

3.46 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 055(i)-Star Spangled Kid only)(R).cbr

2.69 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 056 (Missing).jpg

42.94 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 057 52p ctc (1946).cbr

65.29 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 058 (Missing).jpg

49.54 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 059 (Missing).jpg

43.17 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 060 (Missing).jpg

34.23 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 061 (Missing).jpg

45.95 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 062 (Missing).jpg

45.08 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 063 (Missing).jpg

72.70 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 064 (Missing).jpg

62.70 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 065 52p ctc (02-1947).cbr

37.20 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 066 52p ctc (03-1947).cbr

37.42 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 067 52p ctc (04-1947).cbr

38.92 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 068 52p ctc (03-1947) flattermann.cbr

42.47 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 069 52p ctc (06-1947).cbr

36.17 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 070 ctc (07- 1947).cbr

18.67 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 071 ctc (08-1947).cbr

19.67 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 072 ctc indica says 1948-recontructed (09-1947).cbr

15.25 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 073 52p ctc (10-1947).cbr

37.01 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 074 (1947).cbr

18.81 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 075 52p ctc (12-1947).cbr

38.15 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 076 ctc (1948).cbr

18.08 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 077 52p ctc (1948-02).cbr

50.14 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 078.cbr

17.86 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 079 ctc (1948).cbr

18.69 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 080 ctc (1948).cbr

43.71 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 081 ctc (1948).cbr

18.94 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 082 ctc (1948).cbr

13.64 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 083 ctc (1948).cbr

17.13 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 084.cbr

8.99 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 085 ctc (1948).cbr

15.14 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 086 ctc (1948).cbr

18.48 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 087 ctc (1948).cbr

25.39 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 088 ctc (1949).cbr

18.15 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 089 52p (1949).cbr

14.74 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 090 52p (1949).cbr

16.24 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 091 52p ctc (04-1949) flattermann.cbr

44.16 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 092 52p (1949).cbr

15.11 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 093 52p ctc (06-1949) flattermann.cbr

39.75 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 094 52p ctc (07-1949) flattermann).cbr

45.03 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 095 52p (1949).cbr

18.89 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 096 52p ctc.cbr

30.97 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 097 ctc (1949).cbr

17.89 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 098 52p ctc (11-1949).cbr

36.92 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 099 ctc (1949).cbr

18.99 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 100 52p ctc (needs better cover)(01-1950).cbr

14.95 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 101.cbr

6.37 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 102.cbr

19.17 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 103 ctc (1950).cbr

17.03 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 104 ctc (1950).cbr

12.29 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 105 ctc (1950).cbr

15.02 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 106 ctc (1950).cbr

15.68 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 107.cbr

29.98 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 108 52p ctc (09-1950).cbr

40.05 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 109 ctc (1950).cbr

20.88 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 110 52p.cbr

8.72 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 111 ctc (1950).cbr

17.62 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 112.cbr

15.40 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 113 ctc (1951).cbr

18.83 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 114 ctc (1951).cbr

18.63 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 115.cbr

20.27 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 116.cbr

14.71 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 117 ctc (1951).cbr

22.28 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 118.cbr

19.97 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 119.cbr

16.94 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 120.cbr

8.25 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 121 44p ctc (10-1951).cbr

15.67 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 122 ctc (1951).cbr

12.85 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 123 ctc (1951).cbr

16.02 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 124 36p ctc (01-1952).cbr

12.69 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 125 ctc (1952).cbr

12.25 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 126 ctc (1952).cbr

12.21 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 127 ctc (1952).cbr

11.50 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 128 ctc (1952).cbr

12.29 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 129 ctc (1952).cbr

12.62 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 130 ctc (1952).cbr

12.51 MB

  Star Spangled Comics reprints dups and alternates

   Star Spangled Comics 007-Newsboy Legion only (R).cbr

6.61 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 008-Newsboy Legion only (R).cbr

3.85 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 009-Newsboy Legion only (R).cbr

3.50 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 010-Newsboy Legion only (R).cbr

3.98 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 011-Newsboy Legion, Tarantula, Robotman only ((R).cbr

9.00 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 012(i)-Newsboy Legion only)(R).cbr

7.38 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 013-Newsboy Legion only (R).cbr

5.32 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 037-Liberty Belle only (R).cbr

3.71 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 042-Newsboy Legion Robotman only (R).cbr

4.74 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 052-Robotman Star Spangled Kid only (R).cbr

12.70 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 065-Robin only (R).cbr

5.10 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 066 44p (R-remix).cbr

11.51 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 066-Robin only (R).cbr

5.12 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 067-Robin only (R).cbr

5.16 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 068-Robin only (R).cbr

5.10 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 069 ctc (alt).cbr

15.06 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 069-Robin only (R).cbr

4.93 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 070-Robin only (R).cbr

5.10 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 071-Robin only (R).cbr

5.16 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 072-Robin only (R).cbr

5.60 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 073-Robin only (R).cbr

5.55 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 074-Robin only (R).cbr

4.94 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 075-Robin only (R).cbr

5.14 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 076-Robin only (R).cbr

5.11 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 077-Robin and Robotman only (R).cbr

7.22 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 078-Robin only (R).cbr

5.14 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 079-Robin only (R).cbr

5.05 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 080-Robin only (R).cbr

5.07 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 081-Robin only (R).cbr

4.81 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 082-Robin only (R).cbr

5.48 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 083-Robin only (R).cbr

5.02 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 085-Robin only (R).cbr

5.48 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 090-Merry, the Girl of a 1000 Gimmicks only (R).cbr

1.81 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 111-Robin only (R).cbr

5.18 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 120-Robin only (R).cbr

4.59 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 122-Dr. Thirteen only (R).cbr

3.74 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 123-Robin only (R).cbr

1.27 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 124-Robin only (R).cbr

962.07 KB

   Star Spangled Comics 125-Robin only (R).cbr

2.50 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 126-Robin only (R).cbr

2.98 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 127-Robin only (R).cbr

3.09 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 128-Robin only (R).cbr

2.34 MB

   Star Spangled Comics 130 (alt).cbr

21.30 MB

  Star Spangled Comics v2 001 (1999).cbr

6.88 MB

 Star Spangled War Stories

  Star Spangled War Stories 001 aka 131 (Missing).jpg

38.16 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 002 aka 132 36p ctc (09-1952).cbr

29.62 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 003 (Missing).jpg

88.59 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 004 (Missing).jpg

95.37 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 005 (Missing).jpg

57.89 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 006 (Missing).jpg

85.41 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 007 (Missing).jpg

61.73 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 008 (Missing).jpg

45.79 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 009 (Missing).jpg

35.72 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 010 (Missing).jpg

49.07 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 011 (Missing).jpg

94.97 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 012 (Missing).jpg

35.57 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 013 (Missing).jpg

86.12 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 014 (Missing).jpg

79.60 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 015 (Missing).jpg

76.70 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 016 (Missing).jpg

61.17 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 017 (Missing).jpg

73.34 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 018(i) Warrior Shepherd only.cbr

1.40 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 019 (Missing).jpg

78.32 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 020 (Missing).jpg

50.55 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 021 (Missing).jpg

58.80 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 022 (Missing).jpg

117.37 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 023 (Missing).jpg

127.70 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 024 (Missing).jpg

78.51 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 025 (Missing).jpg

98.32 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 026.cbr

10.80 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 027 (Missing).jpg

83.34 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 028 (Missing).jpg

81.46 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 029 (Missing).jpg

98.86 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 030 (Missing).jpg

67.09 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 031 ctc (1955).cbr

31.32 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 032 ctc.cbr

19.36 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 033 (Missing).jpg

88.68 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 034 (Missing).jpg

76.33 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 035 (Missing).jpg

92.47 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 036.cbr

18.87 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 037 (Missing).jpg

78.11 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 038 (Missing).jpg

84.79 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 039.cbr

24.45 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 040 (Missing).jpg

85.05 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 041 (Missing).jpg

87.06 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 042.cbr

18.00 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 043.cbr

13.90 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 044 (Missing).jpg

68.16 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 045 (Missing).jpg

92.32 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 046.cbr

16.07 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 047 (Missing).jpg

80.75 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 048 (Missing).jpg

81.44 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 049.cbr

22.82 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 050.cbr

24.54 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 051 (Missing).jpg

119.71 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 052.cbr

23.55 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 053 (Missing).jpg

71.88 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 054.cbr

24.13 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 055.cbr

24.60 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 056 (Missing).jpg

91.95 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 057.cbr

25.01 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 058 (Missing).jpg

61.92 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 059 (Missing).jpg

66.78 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 060 (Missing).jpg

83.65 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 061 (Missing).jpg

84.49 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 062 (Missing).jpg

81.36 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 063 ctc (1957).cbr

15.87 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 064 ctc.cbr

16.31 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 065 (Missing).jpg

93.93 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 066.cbr

14.95 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 067 ctc.cbr

20.04 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 068.cbr

24.17 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 069.cbr

24.56 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 070.cbr

15.39 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 071 (Missing).jpg

73.47 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 072.cbr

13.32 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 073-no back cover.cbr

10.48 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 074 (Missing).jpg

59.12 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 075 (Missing).jpg

66.69 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 076 (Missing).jpg

67.61 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 077 ctc (1959).cbr

23.71 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 078 ctc (1959).cbr

18.82 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 079 (Missing).jpg

74.88 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 080 (Missing).jpg

70.34 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 081.cbr

11.25 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 082.cbr

10.65 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 083 (Missing).jpg

79.48 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 084.cbr

12.32 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 085 (Missing).jpg

82.52 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 086 (Missing).jpg

84.19 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 087 (Missing).jpg

77.45 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 088.cbr

10.99 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 089 (Missing).jpg

92.87 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 090 (Missing).jpg

75.30 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 091.cbr

11.14 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 092.cbr

37.27 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 093 (Missing).jpg

43.30 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 094.cbr

22.57 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 095.cbr

7.72 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 096 (Missing).jpg

74.78 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 097.cbr

16.60 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 098.cbr

21.62 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 099 (Missing).jpg

84.98 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 100 (Missing).jpg

67.39 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 101 (Missing).jpg

80.79 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 102 36p ctc (05-1962).cbr

28.74 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 103 (Missing).jpg

80.51 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 104.cbr

20.56 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 105 (Missing).jpg

76.85 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 106.cbr

15.55 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 107.cbr

13.70 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 108 (Missing).jpg

64.33 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 109.cbr

31.27 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 110 (Missing).jpg

78.36 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 111.cbr

7.17 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 112 (Missing).jpg

66.93 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 113.cbr

10.39 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 114.cbr

8.34 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 115 36p ctc.cbr

36.38 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 116.cbr

11.31 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 117.cbr

25.46 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 118.cbr

21.48 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 119 ctc.cbr

25.99 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 120 (Missing).jpg

90.95 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 121.cbr

9.51 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 122.cbr

24.80 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 123.cbr

21.37 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 124.cbr

8.72 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 125.cbr

13.89 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 126.cbr

15.54 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 127(i) 2nd story m p2 (1966).cbr

13.92 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 128.cbr

14.52 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 129.cbr

24.54 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 130.cbr

22.12 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 131.cbr

11.92 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 132 36p ctc (04-05 1967).cbr

20.94 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 133 ctc (06-07 1967).cbr

24.04 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 134 36p ctc.cbr

14.07 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 135.cbr

10.64 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 136.cbr

7.02 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 137 33p.cbr

8.59 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 138 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

21.33 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 139 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

21.22 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 140 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

21.94 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 141 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

21.20 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 142 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

19.73 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 143 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

22.04 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 144 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

21.17 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 145 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

19.29 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 146 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

21.10 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 147 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

20.07 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 148 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

18.99 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 149 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

20.91 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 150 36p ctc flattermann.cbr

20.84 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 151.cbr

17.98 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 152 29p.cbr

8.51 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 153 (Missing).jpg

75.25 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 154.cbr

17.92 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 155 ctc (1971).cbr

16.54 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 156-2nd story missing pg 1.cbr

10.78 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 157.cbr

6.69 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 158.cbr

28.47 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 159.cbr

13.36 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 160.cbr

27.48 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 161.cbr

24.79 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 162.cbr

12.82 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 163(i)-m p5,6 2nd story.cbr

14.63 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 164.cbr

16.81 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 165.cbr

23.78 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 166.cbr

15.72 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 167.cbr

17.73 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 168 (Missing).jpg

74.14 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 169.cbr

18.36 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 170 (Missing).jpg

69.36 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 171 (Missing).jpg

66.06 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 172.cbr

6.95 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 173.cbr

11.70 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 174.cbr

24.86 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 175.cbr

7.00 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 176.cbr

17.99 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 177 (Missing).jpg

70.21 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 178 (Missing).jpg

75.69 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 179.cbr

23.28 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 180.cbr

11.17 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 181.cbr

21.14 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 182.cbr

23.66 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 183.cbr

24.71 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 184 (Missing).jpg

83.92 KB

  Star Spangled War Stories 185.cbr

12.56 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 186.cbr

10.65 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 187.cbr

9.84 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 188.cbr

9.75 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 189.cbr

9.66 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 190.cbr

21.08 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 191.cbr

9.88 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 192.cbr

9.27 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 193.cbr

8.94 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 194.cbr

23.16 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 195.cbr

14.64 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 197.cbr

8.65 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 198.cbr

20.33 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 199.cbr

16.01 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 200 36p ctc.cbr

18.57 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 201.cbr

24.77 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 202.cbr

25.01 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 203 36p ctc.cbr

19.26 MB

  Star Spangled War Stories 204.cbr

24.81 MB

  Star spangled War Stories 196.cbr

14.73 MB

 Star Trek

  Deep Space Nine-Star Trek the Next Generation (DC,Malibu

   01 Star Trek the Next Generation-Star Trek Deep Space Nine 001 (12-1994).cbr

7.31 MB

   02 Star Trek Deep Space Nine-Star Trek the Next Generation 001 (10-1994).cbr

6.27 MB

   03 Star Trek Deep Space Nine-Star Trek the Next Generation 002 (11-1994).cbr

6.71 MB

   04 Star Trek the Next Generation-Star Trek Deep Space Nine 002 (01-1995).cbr

6.57 MB


0.00 KB

  Star Trek (TOS)

   Star Trek Omitted

    Star Trek Who Killed Captain Kirk TPB (Omitted).jpg

45.33 KB

    Star Trek-Debt of Honor HC (Missing).jpg

26.05 KB

    Star Trek-Mirror Universe Saga TPB (Omitted).jpg

67.79 KB

    Star Trek-Revisitations TPB (Omitted).jpg

47.79 KB

    Star Trek-Tests of Courage TPB (Omitted).jpg

47.05 KB

   Star Trek Special v1-TOS

    Star Trek Special v1 001-TOS (Spring 1994).cbr

13.13 MB

    Star Trek Special v1 002-TOS (Winter 1994).cbr

12.24 MB

    Star Trek Special v1 003-TOS (Winter 1995).cbr

12.54 MB

   Star Trek v2 Annual (1985-1988)

    Star Trek v2 Annual-TOS 001-The First Mission (1985).cbr

8.89 MB

    Star Trek v2 Annual-TOS 002-The Final Voyage (1986).cbr

5.63 MB

    Star Trek v2 Annual-TOS 003-Retrospect (1988).cbr

4.09 MB

   Star Trek v2-TOS (1984-1988)

    Star Trek v2-TOS 001.cbr

4.00 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 002.cbr

4.78 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 003.cbr

2.66 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 004.cbr

3.06 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 005.cbr

2.77 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 006.cbr

2.78 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 007.cbr

2.70 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 008.cbr

2.74 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 009.cbr

2.80 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 010.cbr

2.92 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 011.cbr

2.59 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 012.cbr

3.00 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 013.cbr

2.88 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 014.cbr

5.42 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 015.cbr

6.02 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 016.cbr

4.46 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 017.cbr

2.87 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 018.cbr

6.34 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 019.cbr

3.98 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 020.cbr

5.57 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 021.cbr

4.48 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 022.cbr

4.07 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 023.cbr

4.81 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 024.cbr

3.73 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 025.cbr

5.40 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 026.cbr

5.18 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 027.cbr

5.14 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 028.cbr

2.38 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 029.cbr

2.32 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 030.cbr

2.32 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 031.cbr

2.44 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 032.cbr

2.81 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 033.cbr

6.78 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 034.cbr

2.44 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 035.cbr

2.32 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 036.cbr

5.18 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 037.cbr

2.29 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 038.cbr

2.39 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 039.cbr

2.18 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 040.cbr

5.19 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 041.cbr

2.41 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 042.cbr

2.40 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 043-The Return of the Serpent.cbr

11.95 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 044.cbr

2.51 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 045.cbr

2.71 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 046.cbr

2.54 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 047.cbr

2.45 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 048.cbr

2.42 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 049.cbr

2.31 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 050.cbr

5.49 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 051.cbr

2.18 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 052.cbr

2.35 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 053.cbr

2.22 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 054.cbr

2.28 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 055.cbr

4.59 MB

    Star Trek v2-TOS 056-A Small Matter of Faith.cbr

4.69 MB

   Star Trek v3 Annual (1990-1995)

    Star Trek v3 Annual-TOS 001 68p ctc (1990).cbr

15.95 MB

    Star Trek v3 Annual-TOS 002 (1991).cbr

12.36 MB

    Star Trek v3 Annual-TOS 003 (1992).cbr

13.51 MB

    Star Trek v3 Annual-TOS 004-To Walk The Night (1993).cbr

18.42 MB

    Star Trek v3 Annual-TOS 005-The Dreamwalkers (1994).cbr

12.97 MB

    Star Trek v3 Annual-TOS+TNG 006-Convergence (1995).cbr

10.73 MB

   Star Trek v3-TOS (1989-1996)

    Star Trek v3-TOS 001-The Return.cbr

3.62 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 002-The Sentence.cbr

3.66 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 003-Death Before Dishonor.cbr

3.61 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 004-Repercussions.cbr

6.72 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 005-Fast Friends.cbr

6.77 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 006.cbr

4.59 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 007.cbr

4.75 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 008.cbr

4.60 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 009.cbr

6.25 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 010-The Trial of James T.Kirk.cbr

6.51 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 011-The Trial of James T.Kirk.cbr

6.07 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 012-The Trial of James T.Kirk.cbr

6.95 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 013-Danger,Danger.cbr

6.55 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 014-The Worthy.cbr

6.27 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 015-End of the Worthy.cbr

6.38 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 016-Worldsinger.cbr

6.86 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 017.cbr

6.14 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 018.cbr

4.96 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 019-Once a Hero.cbr

6.62 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 020-A World Gone Mad.cbr

7.15 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 021-The last stand.cbr

6.74 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 022.cbr

4.83 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 023.cbr

4.64 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 024.cbr

17.15 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 025.cbr

6.45 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 026.cbr

6.63 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 027-Secrets.cbr

6.73 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 028.cbr

7.54 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 029-Endangered Species.cbr

5.33 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 030-What They See May Mean Their Death.cbr

7.72 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 031.cbr

4.92 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 032.cbr

6.35 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 033.cbr

4.78 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 034.cbr

4.84 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 035.cbr

6.54 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 036.cbr

4.78 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 037.cbr

5.13 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 038.cbr

5.07 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 039.cbr

5.07 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 040.cbr

4.63 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 041.cbr

4.85 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 042.cbr

4.84 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 043.cbr

6.62 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 044.cbr

5.22 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 045.cbr

7.02 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 046.cbr

7.31 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 047.cbr

6.46 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 048.cbr

4.87 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 049.cbr

6.76 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 050-The Peacekeeper Part 002.cbr

11.47 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 051.cbr

4.70 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 052.cbr

5.40 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 053.cbr

6.57 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 054.cbr

5.39 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 055.cbr

5.51 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 056.cbr

5.15 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 057-Time's up.cbr

7.89 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 058.cbr

4.99 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 059.cbr

4.98 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 060.cbr

5.21 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 061.cbr

5.14 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 062.cbr

5.30 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 063.cbr

7.75 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 064.cbr

7.92 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 065.cbr

6.06 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 066.cbr

6.60 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 067.cbr

6.64 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 068.cbr

4.81 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 069.cbr

5.82 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 070-Fire and Furies.cbr

6.99 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 071-The Klingon Gambit.cbr

7.15 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 072.cbr

5.99 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 073.cbr

5.11 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 074.cbr

5.04 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 075.cbr

10.77 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 076-No mercy-No justice-No escape.cbr

7.44 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 078-The Hunted.cbr

6.68 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 079-Situation Critical.cbr

7.38 MB

    Star Trek v3-TOS 080-Illusion of guilt.cbr

6.18 MB

   Star Trek-All of Me-TOS (WS(2000).cbr

9.86 MB

   Star Trek-Debt of Honor-TOS TPB (1992).cbr

34.46 MB

   Star Trek-Enter The Wolves-TOS (WS(2001).cbr

21.68 MB

   Star Trek-The Ashes of Eden-TOS TPB (1995).cbr

23.65 MB

   Star Trek-The Modala Imperative-TOS (1991)

    Star Trek-The Modala Imperative-TOS 001 (1991).cbr

6.01 MB

    Star Trek-The Modala Imperative-TOS 002 (1991).cbr

5.26 MB

    Star Trek-The Modala Imperative-TOS 003 (1991).cbr

5.71 MB

    Star Trek-The Modala Imperative-TOS 004 (1991).cbr

5.58 MB

  Star Trek Movie Adaptations

   Star Trek Generations-Standard Edition Cover.jpg

46.66 KB

   Star Trek Generations-Star Trek VII (1994).cbr

24.87 MB

   Star Trek Movie Special v1 001-Star Trek III The Search For Spock (1984).cbr

18.69 MB

   Star Trek Movie Special v1 002-Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (1987).cbr

14.19 MB

   Star Trek Movie Special v2 001-Star Trek V The Final Frontier (1989).cbr

9.60 MB

   Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country (Deluxe Edition Cover).jpg

24.67 KB

   Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country.cbr

11.09 MB

  Star Trek Omitted-multiple series

   Best of Star Trek TPB (Omitted).jpg

19.59 KB

   Star Trek-Modala Imperative TPB (Omitted).jpg

46.29 KB

   Star Trek-Other Realities TPB (Omitted).jpg

23.32 KB

  Star Trek Special v2 001 (WS(2001).cbr

34.61 MB

  Star Trek-Deep Space Nine-N Vector (Wildstorm

   Star Trek Deep Space Nine-N-Vector 001.cbr

9.91 MB

   Star Trek Deep Space Nine-N-Vector 002.cbr

10.91 MB

   Star Trek Deep Space Nine-N-Vector 003.cbr

10.72 MB

   Star Trek Deep Space Nine-N-Vector 004.cbr

10.30 MB

  Star Trek-Divided We Fall-TNG+DS9 (Wildstorm

   Star Trek-Divided We Fall 001.cbr

2.98 MB

   Star Trek-Divided We Fall 002.cbr

2.52 MB

   Star Trek-Divided We Fall 003.cbr

2.73 MB

   Star Trek-Divided We Fall 004.cbr

2.44 MB

  Star Trek-New Frontier-Double Time (Hi-Res(WS(2000).cbr

132.41 MB

  Star Trek-New Frontier-Double Time (WS(2000).cbr

12.06 MB

  Star Trek-The Next Generation

   Star Trek the Next Generation Omitted

    Best of Star Trek the Next Generation TPB (Omitted).jpg

58.57 KB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-Beginnings TPB (Omitted).jpg

17.52 KB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-Enemy Unseen TPB (Omitted).jpg

43.39 KB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Star Lost TPB (Omitted).jpg

20.01 KB

   Star Trek the Next Generation Specials (1993-1995)

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Special 001 (1993).cbr

15.49 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Special 002 (Summer 1994).cbr

12.80 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Special 003 (Winter 1995).cbr

16.79 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation v1 (1988)

    Star Trek the Next Generation v1 001.cbr

10.84 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v1 002.cbr

8.20 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v1 003.cbr

8.61 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v1 004.cbr

7.65 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v1 005.cbr

9.16 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v1 006.cbr

9.26 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation v2 (1989-1996)

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 001-Return to Raimon (1989).cbr

6.20 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 002-Murder Most Foul (1989).cbr

6.68 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 003-The Derelict (1989).cbr

6.89 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 004-The Hero Factor (1990).cbr

9.03 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 005-Serafin's Survivors (1990).cbr

7.96 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 006-Shadows in the Garden (1990).cbr

7.12 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 007-The Pilot (1990).cbr

6.23 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 008-The Battle Within (1990).cbr

6.42 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 009-The Pay Off (1990).cbr

6.57 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 010-The Noise Of Justice (1990).cbr

6.59 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 011-The Impostor (1990).cbr

6.62 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 012-Whoever Fight Monsters (1990).cbr

6.43 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 013-The Hand Of the Assassin (1990).cbr

6.57 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 014-Holiday On Ice (1990).cbr

6.57 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 015-Prisoners Of The Ferengi (1991).cbr

6.70 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 016-I Have Heard The Mermaids Singing (1991).cbr

6.48 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 017-The Weapon (1991).cbr

6.53 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 018-Forbidden Fruit (1991).cbr

6.29 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 019-The Lesson (1991).cbr

5.68 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 020-The Flight of the Albert Einstein (1991).cbr

6.41 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 021-Mourning Star (1991).cbr

6.43 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 022-Trapped (1991).cbr

6.83 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 023-The Barrier (1991).cbr

7.00 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 024-Homecoming 005 (1991).cbr

10.67 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 025-Wayward Son (1991).cbr

6.24 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 027-The Final Battle (1992).cbr

6.88 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 028-The Remembered One (1992).cbr

6.92 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 029-Honour Bound (1992).cbr

6.31 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 030-The Rift (1992).cbr

6.68 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 031-Kingdom of the Damned (1992).cbr

6.62 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 032-Wet Behind the Ears (1992).cbr

6.64 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 033-The Way of the Warrior (1992).cbr

6.48 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 034-Devil's Brew (1992).cbr

6.59 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 035-The Dogs of War (1992).cbr

6.37 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 036-Shore Leave in Shanzibar (1992).cbr

6.53 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 037-Consorting with the Devil (1992).cbr

6.63 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 038-Dirty Work (1992).cbr

6.30 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 039-Bridges (1992).cbr

6.20 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 040-Bone of Contention (1992).cbr

8.81 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 041-Separation Anxiety (1992).cbr

9.14 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 042-Second Chances (1993).cbr

8.46 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 043-Strange Bedfellowes 005 (1993).cbr

6.10 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 044-Restoration 006 (1993).cbr

6.51 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 045-Childish Things (1993).cbr

6.78 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 046-The Maze (1993).cbr

7.16 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 047-The Worst of Both Worlds (1993).cbr

6.70 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 048-The Belly of the Beast (1993).cbr

6.52 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 049-The Armies of the Night (1993).cbr

6.75 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 050-Death Shall Have No Dominion (1993).cbr

13.74 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 051-Life Signs (1993).cbr

6.40 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 052-The Rich & The Dead (1993).cbr

6.15 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 053-Reductions & Deductions (1993).cbr

6.66 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 054-Secret of the Circus of Death.cbr

6.47 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 055-The Good of the Many (1993).cbr

5.95 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 056-Companionship (1994).cbr

7.88 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 057-Of Two Minds (1994).cbr

8.45 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 058-Bodies of Evidence (1994).cbr

9.39 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 059-Children of Chaos (1994).cbr

8.52 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 060-Mother of Madness (1994).cbr

8.57 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 061-Brothers in Darkness (1994).cbr

10.36 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 062-The Victim (1994).cbr

16.41 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 063-A Matter of Conscience (1994).cbr

6.36 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 064-The Deceivers (1994).cbr

14.58 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 065-The Truth Elusive (1994).cbr

5.78 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 066-Just Desserts (1994).cbr

6.63 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 068-The Bajoran & The Beast (1995).cbr

11.25 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 069-Dreams Die (1995).cbr

9.87 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 070-The Last Verse (1995).cbr

8.58 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 071-War & Madness 01-The First Casualty (1995).cbr

10.21 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 072-War & Madness 02-A Handful of Dust (1995).cbr

10.55 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 073-War & Madness 03-The Dying of the Light (1995).cbr

11.17 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 074-War & Madness 04-Ceremony of Innocence (1995).cbr

10.54 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 075-War & Madness 05 (1995).cbr

17.52 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 076-Suspect (1995).cbr

11.28 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 077-Gateway (1995).cbr

10.80 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 078-The Unconquered (1995).cbr

10.81 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 079-Artificiality (1996).cbr

11.99 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 080-The Abandoned (1996).cbr

15.33 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Annual

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Annual 001 (1990).cbr

12.76 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Annual 002 (1991).cbr

16.56 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Annual 003 (1992).cbr

12.10 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Annual 004 (1993).cbr

16.18 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Annual 005 (1994).cbr

15.64 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Annual 006 (1995).cbr

13.51 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-Embrace the Wolf 52p ctc (WS.cbr

18.85 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-Forgiveness (WS(2001).cbr

22.15 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-Ill Wind

    Star Trek the Next Generation-Ill Wind 001.cbr

13.00 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-Ill Wind 002.cbr

14.31 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-Ill Wind 003.cbr

12.96 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-Ill Wind 004.cbr

14.70 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-Perchance to Dream (Wildstorm

    Star Trek the Next Generation Perchance-to Dream 001 36p ctc.cbr

16.35 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation Perchance-to Dream 002.cbr

8.87 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation Perchance-to Dream 003.cbr

8.71 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation Perchance-to Dream 004.cbr

8.25 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-Shadowheart

    Star Trek The Next Generation-Shadowheart 001.cbr

9.69 MB

    Star Trek The Next Generation-Shadowheart 002.cbr

10.33 MB

    Star Trek The Next Generation-Shadowheart 003.cbr

10.96 MB

    Star Trek The Next Generation-Shadowheart 004.cbr

9.96 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-The Gorn Crisis HC.cbr

14.07 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-The Killing Shadows (Wildstorm

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Killing Shadows 36p ctc 001.cbr

16.44 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Killing Shadows 36p ctc 002.cbr

15.33 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Killing Shadows 36p ctc 003.cbr

16.35 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Killing Shadows 36p ctc 004.cbr

16.30 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-The Modala Imperative

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Modala Imperative 001.cbr

4.60 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Modala Imperative 002.cbr

4.78 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Modala Imperative 003.cbr

5.08 MB

    Star Trek the Next Generation-The Modala Imperative 004.cbr

5.13 MB

   Star Trek the Next Generation-The Series Finale.cbr

33.44 MB

  Star Trek-Voyager

   Star Trek Voyager-Avalon Rising (WS(2000).cbr

18.26 MB

   Star Trek Voyager-Elite Force (WS(2000).cbr

18.62 MB

   Star Trek Voyager-Encounters With the Unknown TPB (Omitted).jpg

94.58 KB

   Star Trek Voyager-False Colors (Photo Cover).jpg

45.52 KB

   Star Trek Voyager-False Colors (WS(1999).cbr

10.32 MB

   Star Trek Voyager-Planet Killer (Wildstorm

    Star Trek Voyager-Planet Killer 001.cbr

7.57 MB

    Star Trek Voyager-Planet Killer 002.cbr

8.52 MB

    Star Trek Voyager-Planet Killer 003.cbr

8.35 MB


  Starfire 001.cbr

17.37 MB

  Starfire 002.cbr

6.76 MB

  Starfire 003.cbr

11.35 MB

  Starfire 004.cbr

19.90 MB

  Starfire 005.cbr

13.87 MB

  Starfire 006.cbr

14.90 MB

  Starfire 007.cbr

10.63 MB

  Starfire 008.cbr

15.47 MB


  Starman Omitted

   Starman Omnibus v1 HC (Omitted).jpg

99.82 KB

   Starman v0-Times Past TPB (Omitted).jpg

57.98 KB

   Starman v1-Sins of the Father TPB (Omitted).jpg

49.75 KB

   Starman v2-Night and Day TPB (Omitted).jpg

74.50 KB

   Starman v3-A Wicked Inclination TPB (Omitted).jpg

52.01 KB

   Starman v4-Infernal Devices TPB (Omitted).jpg

72.37 KB

   Starman v5-To Reach the Stars TPB (Omitted).jpg

68.13 KB

   Starman v6-A Starry Knight TPB (Omitted).jpg

80.08 KB

   Starman v7-Stars My Destination TPB (Omitted).jpg

92.51 KB

   Starman v8-Grand Guignol TPB (Omitted).jpg

74.30 KB

   Starman v9-Sons of the Father TPB (Omitted).jpg

70.52 KB

  Starman Secret Files & Origins (1998).cbr

21.72 MB

  Starman v1 1988-1992)

   Starman v1 001 26p ctc.cbr

24.81 MB

   Starman v1 002.cbr

8.13 MB

   Starman v1 003.cbr

8.01 MB

   Starman v1 004.cbr

7.99 MB

   Starman v1 005.cbr

7.97 MB

   Starman v1 006.cbr

8.13 MB

   Starman v1 007.cbr

8.48 MB

   Starman v1 008.cbr

8.43 MB

   Starman v1 009.cbr

8.05 MB

   Starman v1 010.cbr

8.47 MB

   Starman v1 011.cbr

8.44 MB

   Starman v1 012.cbr

9.10 MB

   Starman v1 013.cbr

8.91 MB

   Starman v1 014-Superman.cbr

8.71 MB

   Starman v1 015.cbr

8.94 MB

   Starman v1 016.cbr

8.67 MB

   Starman v1 017.cbr

8.60 MB

   Starman v1 018.cbr

8.46 MB

   Starman v1 019.cbr

8.51 MB

   Starman v1 020.cbr

8.51 MB

   Starman v1 021.cbr

8.66 MB

   Starman v1 022.cbr

8.39 MB

   Starman v1 023.cbr

8.83 MB

   Starman v1 024.cbr

8.44 MB

   Starman v1 025.cbr

8.66 MB

   Starman v1 026.cbr

9.13 MB

   Starman v1 027.cbr

9.09 MB

   Starman v1 028-Krisis of the Krymson Kryptonite.cbr

7.92 MB

   Starman v1 029.cbr

8.49 MB

   Starman v1 030.cbr

7.97 MB

   Starman v1 031.cbr

8.08 MB

   Starman v1 032.cbr

7.86 MB

   Starman v1 033.cbr

7.54 MB

   Starman v1 034.cbr

7.30 MB

   Starman v1 035.cbr

7.11 MB

   Starman v1 036.cbr

8.00 MB

   Starman v1 037.cbr

8.50 MB

   Starman v1 038-War of the Gods.cbr

8.78 MB

   Starman v1 039.cbr

7.64 MB

   Starman v1 040.cbr

7.39 MB

   Starman v1 041.cbr

8.22 MB

   Starman v1 042-Eclipso.cbr

7.86 MB

   Starman v1 043-Eclipso.cbr

6.76 MB

   Starman v1 044-Eclipso.cbr

8.32 MB

   Starman v1 045-Eclipso (Last Issue).cbr

7.35 MB

  Starman v2 (1994-2001)

   Starman v2 001.cbr

10.32 MB

   Starman v2 002.cbr

10.89 MB

   Starman v2 003.cbr

11.32 MB

   Starman v2 004.cbr

10.55 MB

   Starman v2 005.cbr

8.95 MB

   Starman v2 006.cbr

7.16 MB

   Starman v2 007.cbr

9.11 MB

   Starman v2 008.cbr

8.34 MB

   Starman v2 009.cbr

7.69 MB

   Starman v2 010.cbr

8.61 MB

   Starman v2 011.cbr

6.84 MB

   Starman v2 012.cbr

7.17 MB

   Starman v2 013.cbr

7.10 MB

   Starman v2 014.cbr

7.29 MB

   Starman v2 015.cbr

7.20 MB

   Starman v2 016.cbr

7.13 MB

   Starman v2 017.cbr

7.94 MB

   Starman v2 018.cbr

6.89 MB

   Starman v2 019.cbr

7.06 MB

   Starman v2 020.cbr

11.62 MB

   Starman v2 021.cbr

13.11 MB

   Starman v2 022.cbr

8.00 MB

   Starman v2 023.cbr

7.82 MB

   Starman v2 024.cbr

10.27 MB

   Starman v2 025.cbr

11.31 MB

   Starman v2 026.cbr

9.89 MB

   Starman v2 027.cbr

5.89 MB

   Starman v2 028.cbr

10.55 MB

   Starman v2 029.cbr

12.05 MB

   Starman v2 030-Infernal Devices 01.cbr

6.94 MB

   Starman v2 031-Infernal Devices 02.cbr

7.78 MB

   Starman v2 032-Infernal Devices 03.cbr

7.99 MB

   Starman v2 033-Infernal Devices 04.cbr

8.83 MB

   Starman v2 034.cbr

7.66 MB

   Starman v2 035.cbr

6.80 MB

   Starman v2 036 ctc (11-1997 B.cbr

38.84 MB

   Starman v2 037.cbr

11.34 MB

   Starman v2 038.cbr

6.45 MB

   Starman v2 039-Lightning and Stars 01.cbr

5.94 MB

   Starman v2 040-Lightning and Stars 03.cbr

6.19 MB

   Starman v2 041.cbr

6.91 MB

   Starman v2 042-Times Past-Science and Sorcery 1944.cbr

6.90 MB

   Starman v2 043.cbr

8.78 MB

   Starman v2 044.cbr

8.23 MB

   Starman v2 045.cbr

7.70 MB

   Starman v2 046-Times Past-Good Men and Bad 1952.cbr

12.05 MB

   Starman v2 047.cbr

8.84 MB

   Starman v2 048.cbr

7.87 MB

   Starman v2 049.cbr

8.61 MB

   Starman v2 050.cbr

7.12 MB

   Starman v2 051.cbr

10.44 MB

   Starman v2 052.cbr

11.67 MB

   Starman v2 053-The Stars My Destination.cbr

4.35 MB

   Starman v2 054.cbr

9.71 MB

   Starman v2 055-The Stars My Destination.cbr

5.22 MB

   Starman v2 056.cbr

9.68 MB

   Starman v2 057.cbr

8.95 MB

   Starman v2 058.cbr

7.70 MB

   Starman v2 059-The Stars My Destination.cbr

4.76 MB

   Starman v2 060.cbr

6.50 MB

   Starman v2 061-Grand Guignol 00.cbr

6.35 MB

   Starman v2 062-Grand Guignol 01.cbr

6.30 MB

   Starman v2 063-Grand Guignol 02.cbr

6.22 MB

   Starman v2 064-Grand Guignol 03.cbr

6.02 MB

   Starman v2 065-Grand Guignol 04.cbr

8.68 MB

   Starman v2 066-Grand Guignol 05.cbr

8.08 MB

   Starman v2 067-Grand Guignol 06.cbr

9.17 MB

   Starman v2 068-Grand Guignol 07.cbr

4.09 MB

   Starman v2 069-Grand Guignol 08.cbr

8.87 MB

   Starman v2 070-Grand Guignol 09.cbr

4.54 MB

   Starman v2 071-Grand Guignol 10.cbr

10.23 MB

   Starman v2 072-Grand Guignol 11.cbr

8.86 MB

   Starman v2 073-Grand Guignol-Epologue.cbr

4.44 MB

   Starman v2 074-Times Past.cbr

9.29 MB

   Starman v2 075.cbr

9.09 MB

   Starman v2 076.cbr

9.02 MB

   Starman v2 077.cbr

9.34 MB

   Starman v2 078.cbr

8.77 MB

   Starman v2 079.cbr

9.24 MB

   Starman v2 080.cbr

14.03 MB

  Starman v2 1,000,000 (1998).cbr

4.49 MB

  Starman v2 80 Page Giant (1999).cbr

26.07 MB

  Starman v2 Annual (1996-1997)

   Starman v2 Annual 001 (1996).cbr

12.94 MB

   Starman v2 Annual 002 (1997).cbr

17.00 MB

  Starman v2 Zero (10-1994).cbr

8.13 MB

  Starman-The Mist-Girlfrency (Starman 43a(1998).cbr

6.80 MB

 Stars And S.T.R.I.P.E (1999-2000)

  Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 000 (07-1999).cbr

9.64 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 001.cbr

7.04 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 002.cbr

6.79 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 003.cbr

6.95 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 004.cbr

5.84 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 005.cbr

6.75 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 006.cbr

5.35 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 007.cbr

5.00 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 008.cbr

5.23 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 009.cbr

5.78 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 010.cbr

5.79 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 011.cbr

5.85 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 012.cbr

7.09 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 013.cbr

5.45 MB

   Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. 014.cbr

5.09 MB

  Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. v1 TPB extras.cbr

13.13 MB

  Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. v2 TPB extras.cbr

13.07 MB


  Steel (1994-1998)

   Steel 001.cbr

5.78 MB

   Steel 002.cbr

6.28 MB

   Steel 003-Bad Company.cbr

6.79 MB

   Steel 004-Bad Times.cbr

6.97 MB

   Steel 005-Retaliation.cbr

6.77 MB

   Steel 006-Worlds Collide 005.cbr

9.25 MB

   Steel 007-Worlds Collide.cbr

9.41 MB

   Steel 008-The Challenge-Zero Hour.cbr

9.08 MB

   Steel 009-Bad News.cbr

10.35 MB

   Steel 010-Blood Guilt.cbr

7.95 MB

   Steel 011-Maximum Orbit-Fire Power.cbr

9.48 MB

   Steel 012-Maximum Orbit-Showdown.cbr

8.18 MB

   Steel 013-Maximum Orbit-The Great Escape.cbr

7.85 MB

   Steel 014-Spirit and Flame.cbr

13.38 MB

   Steel 015-Double Trouble.cbr

7.35 MB

   Steel 016-Rabbit Run!.cbr

7.77 MB

   Steel 017-The Seeking Spirit.cbr

8.16 MB

   Steel 018-Wasted Flowers.cbr

8.01 MB

   Steel 019-Black Ops...Over and Out!.cbr

9.23 MB

   Steel 020-Lethal 0Tendancies.cbr

6.86 MB

   Steel 021.cbr

8.16 MB

   Steel 022-Deliverance-Superman.cbr

10.33 MB

   Steel 023-Wired.cbr

10.02 MB

   Steel 024-Countdown to Destiny.cbr

8.46 MB

   Steel 025-Family Feud-Deadly Weapons.cbr

7.74 MB

   Steel 026-Buried Treasures.cbr

8.16 MB

   Steel 027.cbr

11.35 MB

   Steel 028.cbr

11.09 MB

   Steel 029.cbr

12.02 MB

   Steel 030.cbr

10.59 MB

   Steel 031.cbr

10.91 MB

   Steel 032.cbr

10.89 MB

   Steel 033.cbr

10.12 MB

   Steel 034.cbr

11.03 MB

   Steel 035.cbr

10.89 MB

   Steel 036.cbr

10.51 MB

   Steel 037.cbr

13.81 MB

   Steel 038.cbr

7.54 MB

   Steel 039.cbr

9.83 MB

   Steel 040.cbr

9.86 MB

   Steel 041.cbr

9.60 MB

   Steel 042.cbr

12.64 MB

   Steel 043-Superman.cbr

10.94 MB

   Steel 044.cbr

10.74 MB

   Steel 045.cbr

9.50 MB

   Steel 046.cbr

11.69 MB

   Steel 047.cbr

8.63 MB

   Steel 048.cbr

11.33 MB

   Steel 049.cbr

11.62 MB

   Steel 050-Superman.cbr

14.64 MB

   Steel 051.cbr

9.47 MB

   Steel 052.cbr

7.18 MB

  Steel Annual (1994-1995)

   Steel Annual 001-Elseworlds (1994).cbr

17.70 MB

   Steel Annual 002-Year One (1995).cbr

24.31 MB

  Steel Zero (10-1994).cbr

10.01 MB

  Steel-Forging of a Hero TPB (Omitted).jpg

65.44 KB

 Steel-Official Comic Adaptation of the Movie (1997).cbr

37.41 MB

 Strange Adventures

  Strange Adventures v1

   Strange Adventures v1 001 ctc (09-1950).cbr

30.73 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 002 ctc (11-1950).cbr

38.77 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 003 ctc (1950).cbr

17.63 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 004 ctc.cbr

18.15 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 005 ctc.cbr

15.09 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 006 ctc.cbr

18.61 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 007 ctc.cbr

50.50 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 008 ctc.cbr

18.82 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 009 ctc (07-1951).cbr

19.71 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 010 ctc.cbr

20.33 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 011 ctc (1951).cbr

15.22 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 012.cbr

18.58 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 013 ctc.cbr

16.58 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 014 ctc.cbr

11.69 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 015.cbr

22.95 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 016 ctc (01-1952).cbr

18.24 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 017 36p ctc.cbr

18.97 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 018 ctc.cbr

18.61 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 019 ctc.cbr

27.28 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 020.cbr

20.65 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 021.cbr

18.77 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 022.cbr

18.42 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 023.cbr

24.31 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 024.cbr

24.04 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 025 ctc.cbr

13.11 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 026.cbr

11.34 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 027.cbr

11.26 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 028.cbr

14.20 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 029.cbr

13.64 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 030.cbr

20.86 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 031 ctc (1953).cbr

10.42 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 032 ctc.cbr

12.90 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 033.cbr

24.35 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 034 ctc.cbr

13.57 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 035 ctc.cbr

11.25 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 036-Captain Comet 36p ctc.cbr

19.13 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 037.cbr

19.11 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 038 ctc.cbr

12.29 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 039 ctc.cbr

12.87 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 040 ctc.cbr

15.91 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 041 ctc.cbr

12.75 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 042.cbr

12.27 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 043.cbr

12.86 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 044.cbr

13.36 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 045 ctc.cbr

13.13 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 046.cbr

12.44 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 047.cbr

12.97 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 048.cbr

13.92 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 049.cbr

13.37 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 050 ctc.cbr

12.69 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 051 ctc.cbr

12.94 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 052.cbr

12.03 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 053 ctc.cbr

13.96 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 054.cbr

12.05 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 055.cbr

12.29 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 056.cbr

10.36 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 057.cbr

11.80 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 058.cbr

24.61 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 059.cbr

25.38 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 060.cbr

35.72 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 061.cbr

9.74 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 062.cbr

11.80 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 063.cbr

11.49 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 064.cbr

13.80 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 065.cbr

11.48 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 066-Darwin Jones.cbr

32.62 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 067.cbr

10.08 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 068.cbr

14.31 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 069.cbr

10.83 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 070.cbr

23.80 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 071.cbr

23.71 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 072.cbr

9.74 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 073.cbr

10.77 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 074.cbr

10.57 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 075.cbr

26.05 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 076.cbr

11.19 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 077.cbr

11.38 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 078.cbr

21.53 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 079.cbr

25.25 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 080.cbr

36.00 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 081.cbr

12.96 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 082.cbr

18.71 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 083.cbr

14.75 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 084-Darwin Jones.cbr

31.66 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 085.cbr

12.57 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 086.cbr

12.71 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 087.cbr

24.81 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 088.cbr

21.53 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 089.cbr

13.05 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 090 ctc.cbr

27.94 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 091.cbr

12.92 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 092.cbr

13.36 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 093.cbr

36.15 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 094.cbr

18.88 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 095.cbr

13.27 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 096.cbr

25.23 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 097.cbr

11.52 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 098.cbr

21.47 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 099.cbr

17.64 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 100.cbr

14.08 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 101.cbr

11.65 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 102.cbr

14.18 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 103.cbr

16.88 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 104.cbr

25.93 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 105.cbr

37.46 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 106.cbr

8.72 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 107.cbr

17.42 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 108.cbr

87.33 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 109.cbr

13.88 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 110.cbr

15.21 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 111.cbr

24.51 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 113.cbr

17.61 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 114.cbr

17.53 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 115.cbr

9.27 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 116.cbr

9.05 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 117.cbr

18.78 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 118.cbr

14.69 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 119.cbr

12.06 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 120.cbr

9.62 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 121.cbr

11.29 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 122 (11-1960).cbr

24.40 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 123.cbr

9.00 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 125-Star Hawkins.cbr

26.20 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 126.cbr

14.98 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 127.cbr

17.58 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 128.cbr

24.56 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 129.cbr

9.41 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 131.cbr

12.54 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 132-Atomic Knights.cbr

25.44 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 133 ctc (1961).cbr

15.22 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 134.cbr

21.29 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 135.cbr

14.89 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 136.cbr

11.25 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 137.cbr

16.32 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 138.cbr

15.07 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 140.cbr

21.79 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 141.cbr

11.02 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 142.cbr

11.94 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 143.cbr

21.62 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 144-Atomic Knights.cbr

25.28 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 145 ctc (1962).cbr

26.93 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 146.cbr

11.65 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 147-Atomic Knights.cbr

25.90 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 148.cbr

20.52 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 149 (02-1963).cbr

30.57 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 150.cbr

24.10 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 151 ctc (1963).cbr

27.65 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 152.cbr

26.33 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 153.cbr

16.11 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 154.cbr

22.48 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 155.cbr

22.39 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 156 ctc 36p.cbr

15.26 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 157.cbr

33.58 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 158.cbr

22.12 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 159.cbr

22.98 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 160.cbr

10.19 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 161.cbr

16.23 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 162.cbr

10.82 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 163.cbr

14.73 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 164.cbr

16.04 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 165.cbr

11.41 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 166.cbr

21.42 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 167.cbr

6.83 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 168.cbr

7.09 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 169.cbr

21.36 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 170.cbr

12.26 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 171.cbr

27.72 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 172.cbr

12.05 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 173.cbr

8.99 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 174.cbr

16.36 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 175.cbr

8.75 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 176.cbr

9.45 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 177.cbr

9.00 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 178.cbr

19.25 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 179.cbr

8.57 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 180.cbr

9.32 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 181.cbr

16.42 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 182.cbr

17.44 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 183.cbr

17.01 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 184.cbr

13.13 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 185.cbr

21.04 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 186 ctc 36p.cbr

9.56 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 187.cbr

7.40 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 188.cbr

17.05 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 189.cbr

16.89 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 190.cbr

16.99 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 191.cbr

21.76 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 192.cbr

18.88 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 193.cbr

16.96 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 194.cbr

17.09 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 195-Animal Man.cbr

29.04 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 196.cbr

16.72 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 197.cbr

9.63 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 198.cbr

12.89 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 199.cbr

9.39 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 200.cbr

27.02 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 201.cbr

13.08 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 202.cbr

10.38 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 203.cbr

11.94 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 204.cbr

5.71 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 205 ctc flattermann.cbr

21.51 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 206.cbr

12.28 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 207.cbr

14.96 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 208 ctc flattermann.cbr

21.04 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 209.cbr

9.28 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 210 (03-1968).cbr

23.88 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 211 (04-1968).cbr

24.07 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 212 (06-1968).cbr

26.41 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 213.cbr

18.17 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 214 ctc flattermann.cbr

22.30 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 215.cbr

11.16 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 216.cbr

29.79 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 217-Adam Strange.cbr

29.80 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 218.cbr

29.55 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 219.cbr

16.24 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 220.cbr

17.21 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 221.cbr

28.66 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 222.cbr

19.59 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 223.cbr

16.81 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 224.cbr

17.37 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 225.cbr

17.92 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 226.cbr

32.11 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 227.cbr

36.49 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 228.cbr

32.35 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 229.cbr

55.82 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 230.cbr

32.15 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 231.cbr

28.62 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 232.cbr

23.31 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 233.cbr

42.77 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 234.cbr

23.71 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 235.cbr

13.31 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 236.cbr

41.07 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 237.cbr

29.12 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 238.cbr

11.46 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 239.cbr

17.44 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 240.cbr

28.60 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 241.cbr

29.04 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 242.cbr

18.21 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 243.cbr

28.08 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 244.cbr

28.68 MB

  Strange Adventures v2 (Vertigo

   Strange Adventures 001.cbr

21.86 MB

   Strange Adventures 002.cbr

5.86 MB

   Strange Adventures 003.cbr

8.32 MB

   Strange Adventures 004.cbr

6.49 MB

  Strange Adventures v3

   Strange Adventures v3 001.cbr

17.74 MB

   Strange Adventures v3 002 ctc (2009).cbr

32.36 MB

  reprint and other alternates

   Strange Adventures v1 031-Captain Comet (Only).cbr

1.92 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 036-Captain Comet 36p ctc (alt).cbr

27.75 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 086 (alt).cbr

25.38 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 156 27p (alt).cbr

23.99 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 179 (alt).cbr

21.88 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 186 (alt).cbr

24.23 MB

   Strange Adventures v1 201 (alt).cbr

23.15 MB

 Strange Sports Stories

  Strange Sports Stories 001.cbr

11.16 MB

  Strange Sports Stories 002.cbr

9.90 MB

  Strange Sports Stories 003.cbr

10.31 MB

  Strange Sports Stories 004.cbr

14.40 MB

  Strange Sports Stories 005.cbr

18.08 MB

  Strange Sports Stories 006.cbr

11.32 MB

 Strange Suspense Stories v1 Captain Atom (Charlton

  Strange Suspense Stories 075-Captain Atom.cbr

16.70 MB

  Strange Suspense Stories 076-Captain Atom.cbr

21.88 MB

  Strange Suspense Stories 077-Captain Atom.cbr

10.57 MB

 Street Fighter-Battle for Shadaloo.cbr

56.86 MB


  Streets 001.cbr

44.48 MB

  Streets 002.cbr

39.19 MB

  Streets 003.cbr

48.26 MB

 The Lists


184.53 KB

  What's Left to Scan (& Scanned) in the DC Universe (May 1,2009).zip

1.39 MB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

The More than Complete DC in Omegapsical Order

Omegapsical order: a term I may have invented meaning reverse alphabetical order. For the classics challenged alpha & beta are the first two letters of the ancient greek alphabet =>Alphabetical. Taking the last two, going backwards => omega psi => omegapsical. I just like to be different.

This Twelfth installment is: Stz-Star S

Remembering this is just DC, not DC plus DC imprints like the chronology, this all that's scanned of DC titles in this range according to the Phantom Stranger's DC scanned list of May 1. This is more than complete by adding in some Quality Comics Issues (actually a late fill) with characters destined to be DC and 3 issues of Charlton's Strange Suspense Stories v1 with Captain Atom who later became DC

This torrent contains the DC Star Trek run. I've cited that as an example of something published before DC that would not have the pre DC issues included as the characters did not become DC characters in the larger DCU sense, and DC did not purchase the characters or titles of another publisher in this case. However, being an absurd completist I have made a separate torrent for all the non DC Trek I could find. This way you can have it too, but I don't have to add over 6gb of extraneous stuff to this torrent.

Today's offering:
Street Fighter-Battle for Shadaloo.cbr
Strange Suspense Stories v1 Captain Atom (Charlton
Strange Sports Stories
Strange Adventures
Strange Adventures v3
Strange Adventures v2 (Vertigo
Strange Adventures v1
Steel-The Indestructable Man (1978)
Steel-Official Comic Adaptation of the Movie (1997).cbr <===THIS IS VERY RARE. Not in DC CHRONOLOGY, quite hard to find.
Steel-Forging of a Hero TPB (Omitted).jpg
Steel Zero (10-1994).cbr
Steel Annual (1994-1995)
Steel v1 (1994-1998)

Stars And S.T.R.I.P.E (1999-2000)

Starman-The Mist-Girlfrency (Starman 43a(1998).cbr
Starman v2 Zero (10-1994).cbr
Starman v2 Annual (1996-1997)
Starman v2 80 Page Giant (1999).cbr
Starman v2 1,000,000 (1998).cbr
Starman v2 (1994-2001)
Starman v1 1988-1992)
Starman Secret Files & Origins (1998).cbr
Starman Omitted
Starman v9-Sons of the Father TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v8-Grand Guignol TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v7-Stars My Destination TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v6-A Starry Knight TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v5-To Reach the Stars TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v4-Infernal Devices TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v3-A Wicked Inclination TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v2-Night and Day TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v1-Sins of the Father TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman v0-Times Past TPB (Omitted).jpg
Starman Omnibus v1 HC (Omitted).jpg
Starfire v1
Star Trek (The Wildstorm Star Trek issues included here as being "kinda sorta" DC)
Star Trek-Voyager
Star Trek Voyager-Planet Killer (Wildstorm
Star Trek Voyager-False Colors (WS(1999).cbr
Star Trek Voyager-False Colors (Photo Cover).jpg
Star Trek Voyager-Encounters With the Unknown TPB (Omitted).jpg
Star Trek Voyager-Elite Force (WS(2000).cbr
Star Trek Voyager-Avalon Rising (WS(2000).cbr

Star Trek-The Next Generation
Star Trek the Next Generation-The Series Finale.cbr
Star Trek the Next Generation-The Modala Imperative
Star Trek the Next Generation-The Killing Shadows (Wildstorm
Star Trek the Next Generation-The Gorn Crisis HC.cbr
Star Trek the Next Generation-Shadowheart
Star Trek the Next Generation-Perchance to Dream (Wildstorm
Star Trek the Next Generation-Ill Wind
Star Trek the Next Generation-Forgiveness (WS(2001).cbr
Star Trek the Next Generation-Embrace the Wolf 52p ctc (WS.cbr
Star Trek the Next Generation v2 Annual
Star Trek the Next Generation v2 (1989-1996)
Star Trek the Next Generation v1 (1988)
Star Trek the Next Generation Specials (1993-1995)
Star Trek the Next Generation Omitted
Star Trek the Next Generation-The Star Lost TPB (Omitted).jpg
Star Trek the Next Generation-Enemy Unseen TPB (Omitted).jpg
Star Trek the Next Generation-Beginnings TPB (Omitted).jpg
Best of Star Trek the Next Generation TPB (Omitted).jpg

Star Trek-New Frontier-Double Time (WS(2000).cbr
Star Trek-New Frontier-Double Time (Hi-Res(WS(2000).cbr
Star Trek-Divided We Fall-TNG+DS9 (Wildstorm
Star Trek-Deep Space Nine-N Vector ( (Wildstorm
Star Trek Special v2 001 (WS(2001).cbr
Star Trek-Other Realities TPB (Omitted).jpg
Star Trek-Modala Imperative TPB (Omitted).jpg
Best of Star Trek TPB (Omitted).jpg
Star Trek Movie Adaptations
Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country.cbr
Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country (Deluxe Edition Cover).jpg
Star Trek Movie Special v2 001-Star Trek V The Final Frontier (1989).cbr
Star Trek Movie Special v1 002-Star Trek IV The Voyage Home (1987).cbr
Star Trek Movie Special v1 001-Star Trek III The Search For Spock (1984).cbr
Star Trek Generations-Star Trek VII (1994).cbr
Star Trek Generations-Standard Edition Cover.jpg
Star Trek/Star Trek (TOS):
Star Trek-The Modala Imperative-TOS (1991)
Star Trek-The Ashes of Eden-TOS TPB (1995).cbr
Star Trek-Enter The Wolves-TOS (WS(2001).cbr
Star Trek-Debt of Honor-TOS TPB (1992).cbr
Star Trek-All of Me-TOS (WS(2000).cbr
Star Trek v3-TOS (1989-1996)
Star Trek v3 Annual (1990-1995)
Star Trek v2-TOS (1984-1988)
Star Trek v2 Annual (1985-1988)
Star Trek Special v1-TOS
Star Trek Omitted
Star Trek/Star Trek (TOS)/Star Trek Omitted:
Star Trek-Tests of Courage TPB (Omitted).jpg
Star Trek-Revisitations TPB (Omitted).jpg
Star Trek-Mirror Universe Saga TPB (Omitted).jpg
Star Trek-Debt of Honor HC (Missing).jpg
Star Trek Who Killed Captain Kirk TPB (Omitted).jpg
Deep Space Nine-Star Trek the Next Generation (DC,Malibu A joint limited series with Malibu
Star Spangled War Stories
Star Spangled Comics v2 001 (1999).cbr
Star Spangled Comics v1

Replacement Scan
World's Finest Comics 122.cbr-there was a bad page

Lazy Researcher Fill - I put off the research needed to do in order to to know I needed these Quality Comics titles for the characters they contain-Uncle Sam of Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters and Thunderbolt. So here they are late. Thanks to DIESMURFDIE for helping track these down.
Uncle Sam Quarterly (Quality
Thunderbolt (Peter Cannon) (Charlton
Peter Cannon, Thunderbolt 001 (Charlton.cbr

Superman-Tim (08-1947).cbr
Superman-Airheads Out of Control (2007).cbr

Minor notes
Titles that are split by name changes (in some torrents) will have the rest appear or did appear under the other title. I follow the Phantom Stranger in this.
Some comics indica may not have the volume numbers I use. The word of the Stranger is taken without question in such matters. Don't make talk about volume numbers. You wouldn't like me when I talk about volume numbers...
I ran a scan for all the following to ensure windows compatibility ([<,>,",/,\,|,?,*,^,], trailing blanks, leading blanks, and double periods before the extensions. ( ":" is illegal on Macs too so check not needed)
I have most alternate covers, but many are included right in the cbr with the issue. I've made no attempt to label those, but preserve the info if it came in the name of my copy. Whatever alternate covers I have that are loose are always included.

Feel free to cross post this other places if you know how and are so inclined


You can see my other torrents Demonoid HERE or h33t HERE. The lists aren't the same. h33t has the most.

Thanks to Scanners, Original Uploaders and Seeders - We need you all!
But thanks most of all to the seeders-the thankless anonymous
chore that make the work of the scanners and uploaders multiply!
See Yah!

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