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Yu Gi Oh!All Seasons

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Name:Yu Gi Oh!All Seasons

Total Size: 33.15 GB

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Torrent added: 2009-08-25 16:50:17

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Torrent Files List

Yu-Gi-Oh! Season I (1-49) (Size: 32.97 GB) (Files: 225)

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season I (1-49)

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x01 - The Heart Of The Cards.avi

171.33 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x02 - The Gauntlet Is Thrown.avi

140.37 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x03 - Journey To The Duelist Kingdom.avi

151.12 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x04 - Into The Hornet's Nest.avi

173.17 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x05 - The Ultimate Great Moth.avi

175.99 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x06 - First Duel.avi

165.99 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x07 - Attack From The Deep.avi

167.10 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x08 - Everythings Relative.avi

164.84 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x09 - Duel With A Ghoul.avi

156.73 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x10 - Give Up The Ghost-dvd.avi

173.15 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x11 - The Dueling Monkey.avi

161.48 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x12 - Trial By Red Eyes.avi

154.04 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x13 - Evil Spirit Of The Ring.avi

173.93 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x14 - The Light At The End Of The Tunnel.avi

167.75 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x15 - Panik Attack.avi

175.53 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x16 - The Scars Of Defeat.avi

167.74 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x17 - Arena Of Lost Souls (Part 1).avi

172.07 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x18 - Arena Of Lost Souls (Part 2).avi

175.58 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x19 - Double Trouble Duel (Part 1).avi

183.35 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x20 - Double Trouble Duel (Part 2).avi

180.52 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x21 - Double Trouble Duel (Part 3).avi

181.69 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x22 - Face Off (Part 1).avi

62.84 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x23 - Face Off (Part 2).avi

67.29 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x24 - Face Off (Part 3).avi

112.89 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x25 - Shining Friendship.avi

154.90 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x26 - Champion vs. Creator (Part 1).avi

150.98 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x27 - Champion vs. Creator (Part 2).avi

175.25 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x28 - The Night Before.avi

156.36 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x29 - Duel Indentity (Part 1).avi

172.57 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x30 - Duel Indentity (Part 2).avi

175.30 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x31 - Keith's Machinations (Part 1).avi

165.77 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x32 - Keith's Machinations (part 2).avi

172.61 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x33 - Best Of Duels, Best Of Friends, (part 1).avi

162.04 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x34 - Best Of Duels, Best Of Friends, (Part 2).avi

174.97 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x35 - Yugi vs. Pegasus Match Of The Millennium (Part 1).avi

172.57 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x36 - Yugi vs. Pegasus Match Of The Millennium (Part 2).avi

175.20 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x37 - Yugi vs. Pegasus Match Of The Millennium (Part 3).avi

161.28 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x38 - Yugi vs. Pegasus Match Of The Millennium (Part 4).avi

174.95 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x39 - Yugi vs Pegasus - Match of the Millennium Part 5.avi

219.33 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x40 - King Of Duelists.avi

102.36 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x41 - The Wrath Of Rebecca Part1.avi

214.56 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x42 - The Wrath Of Rebecca Part2.avi

146.40 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x43 - Legendary Heroes (Part 1).avi

95.29 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x44 - LegendaryHeroes(2).rickw512.avi

143.70 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x45 - LegendaryHeroes(3).rickw512.avi

140.86 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x46 - DungeonDiceMonsters(1).rickw512.avi

143.07 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x47 - DungeonDiceMonsters(2).rickw512.avi

136.13 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x48 - DungeonDiceMonsters(3).rickw512.avi

158.84 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 1x49 - DungeonDiceMonsters(4).rickw512.avi

140.90 MB

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season II (50-97)

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x50 - Mystery Duelist (Part 1).avi

163.29 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x51 - Mystery Duelist (Part 2).avi

173.28 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x52 - The Past Is Prologue.avi

74.32 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x53 - Steppin' Out.avi

78.05 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x54 - Obelisk The Tormentor.avi

196.72 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x55 - Stalked by the Rare Hunters.avi

71.19 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x56 - Yugi Vs. The Rare Hunter (Part 1).avi

204.22 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x57 - Yugi Vs. The Rare Hunter (Part 2).avi

192.38 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x58 - Espa Roba - The ESP Duellist (Part 1).avi

199.08 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x59 - Espa Roba - The ESP Duellist (Part 2).avi

194.06 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x60 - The Master Of Magicians (Part 1).avi

197.59 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x61 - The Master Of Magicians (Part 2).avi

191.72 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x62 - The Master Of Magicians (Part 3).avi

191.26 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x63 - Playing With A Parasite (Part 1).avi

199.39 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x64 - Playing With A Parasite (Part 2).avi

78.03 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x65 - Mime Control (Part 1).avi

222.02 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x66 - Mime Control (Part 2).avi

215.22 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x67 - An Endless Defeat.avi

78.03 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x68 Legendary fisherman Joey vs Mako Part 1.avi

77.52 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x69 - Legendary Fisherman (Part 2).avi

205.77 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x70 - Double Duel (Part 1).avi

199.17 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x71 - Double Duel (Part 2) (LQ).avi

72.62 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x72 - Double Duel (Part 3).avi

73.66 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x73 - Double Duel (Part 4).avi

229.39 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x74 - The Rescue.avi

164.74 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x75 - Friends 'Til The End (Part 1).avi

77.14 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x76 - Friends 'Til The End (Part 2).avi

76.17 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x77 - Friends 'Til The End (Part 3).avi

76.28 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x78 - Friends 'Til The End (Part 4).avi

161.24 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 2x79 - Shadow of a duel.avi

66.30 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x089 - Awakening of Evil (Part 4).avi

163.69 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x090 - Mind Game (Part 1).avi

169.00 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x091 - Mind Game (Part 2).avi

161.49 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x092 - Mind Game (Part 3).avi

161.51 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x093 Yu-Gi-Oh! - A Duel With Destiny (Part 1).avi

162.96 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x094 Yu-Gi-Oh! - A Duel With Destiny (Part 2).avi

163.20 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x095 - The Tomb-Keeper's Secret.avi

161.32 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x096 - Showdown In The Shadows (Part 1).avi

162.04 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x097 - Showdown In The Shadows (Part 2).avi

162.27 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x80 - Lights, Camera, Duel!.avi

159.54 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x81 - Let the Finals Begin!.avi

159.37 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x82 - The Dark Secret Revealed (Part 1).avi

159.27 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x83 - The Dark Secret Revealed (Part 2).avi

158.03 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x84 - The Dark Secret Revealed (Part 3).avi

159.02 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x85 - Rage Of The Egyptian Gods.avi

169.00 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x86 - Awakening of Evil a.k.a Joey vs. Trap Deck (Part 1).avi

169.08 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x87 - Awakening of Evil (Part 2).avi

162.53 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x88 - Awakening of Evil (Part 3).avi

156.30 MB

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season III (98-144)

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x098 - A Virtual Nightmare.avi

184.93 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x099 - Isolated In Cyber Space (Part 1).avi

178.69 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x100 - Isolated In Cyber Space (Part 2).avi

176.89 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x101 - Isolated In Cyber Space (Part 3).avi

182.15 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x102 - Freeze Play (Part 1).avi

131.78 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x103 - Freeze play (Part 2).avi

173.38 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x104 - Courtroom Chaos (Part 1).avi

171.58 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x105 - Courtroom Chaos (Part 2).avi

147.27 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x106 - Mechanical Mayhem (Part 1).avi

145.97 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x107 - Mechanical Mayhem (Part 2).avi

148.60 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x108 - Settling The Score (Part 1).avi

119.58 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x109 - Settling The Score (Part 2).avi

182.14 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x110 - Noah's Secret.avi

137.58 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x111 - Merger Of The Big Five Part 1.avi

168.81 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x112 - Merger Of The Big Five Part 2.avi

166.20 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x113 - Merger Of The Big Five Part 3.avi

115.90 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x114 - Brothers In Arms Part 1.avi

175.61 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x115 - Brothers In Arms Part 2.avi

182.44 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x116 - Brothers In Arms Part 3.avi

182.15 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x117 - Noah's final threat Part 1.avi

87.72 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x118 - Noah's final threat Part 2.avi

77.94 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x119 - So Close Yet So Far.avi

175.59 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x120 - Burying the past Part 1.avi

159.91 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x121 - Burying the past Part 2.avi

180.00 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x122 - Back to Battle City Part 1 - Place of the finals.avi

178.85 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x123 - Back to Battle City Part 2 - Battle royal!.avi

178.77 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x124 - Back to Battle City Part 3 - Their respective opponents.avi

179.04 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x125 - The Darkness Returns Part 1.avi

179.12 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x126 - The Darkness Returns Part 2.avi

178.78 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x127 - The Darkness Returns Part 3 - Turning the Tide!.avi

178.84 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x128 - The Darkness Returns Part 4 - Joey's death.avi

179.07 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x129 - Clash in the Colosseum Part 1.avi

179.02 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x130 - Clash in the Colosseum Part 2.avi

179.03 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x131 - Clash in the Colosseum Part 3.avi

182.13 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x132 - Clash in the Colosseum Part 4.avi

178.70 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x133 - Clash in the Colosseum part 5.avi

178.90 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x134 - Clash in the Colosseum part 6.avi

178.82 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x135 - Battle For The Bronze Part 1.avi

179.04 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x136 - Battle For The Bronze Part 2.avi

178.63 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x137 - Battle For The Bronze Part 3.avi

179.09 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x138 - The Final Face Off Part 1.avi

233.81 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x139 - The Final Face Off Part 2.avi

158.60 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x140 - The Final Face Off Part 3.avi

172.02 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x141 - The Final Face Off Part 4.avi

180.46 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x142 - The Final Face Off Part 5.avi

158.29 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x143 - One for the road.avi

156.29 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh 3x144 -A sign.avi

168.29 MB

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season IV (145-184)

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x145 -A New Evil (1).avi

171.01 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x146-A New Evil (2).avi

174.75 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x147-Legend of the Dragons.avi

177.14 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x148 -The Creator Returns.avi

96.95 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x149 -Deja Duel! (1).avi

93.01 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x150-Deja Duel! (2).avi

160.80 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x151 -An Unexpected Enemy.avi

187.30 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x152 -My Freaky Valentine (1).avi

184.07 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x153 -My Freaky Valentine (2).avi

182.23 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x154 -My Freaky Valentine (3).avi

100.09 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x155 -The Challenge.avi

100.32 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x156 -Fate of the Pharaoh (1).avi

152.58 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x157 -Fate of the Pharaoh (2).avi

100.37 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x158 -Fate of the Pharaoh (3).avi

177.03 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x159 -Trial by Stone.avi

146.94 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x160 -On the Wrong Track (1).avi

100.29 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x161 -On the Wrong Track (2).avi

100.26 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x162 -On the Wrong Track (3).avi

100.23 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x164 -Reliving the Past.avi

100.43 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x165 - Deck of Armor.avi

160.69 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x166 -Flight of Fear (1).avi

128.30 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x167 -Flight of Fear (2).avi

129.89 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x168 -Paradise Found.avi

99.58 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x169 -Fighting for a Friend (1).avi

122.85 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x170 -Fighting for a Friend (2).avi

176.22 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x171 -Fighting for a Friend (3).avi

166.30 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x172 -Fighting for a Friend (4).avi

178.74 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x173 -Fighting for a Friend (5).avi

178.67 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x174 -Grappling with a Guardian (1).avi

99.51 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x175 -Grappling with a Guardian (2).avi

177.48 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x176 -Grappling with a Guardian (3).avi

181.57 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x177 -A Duel with Dartz (1).avi

99.96 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x178 -A Duel with Dartz (2).avi

165.13 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x179 -A Duel with Dartz (3).avi

100.30 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x180 -A Duel with Dartz (4).avi

100.00 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x181 -A Duel with Dartz (5).avi

100.31 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x182 -A Duel with Dartz (6).avi

100.38 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x183 -Rise of the Great Beast (1).avi

96.17 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 4x184 -Rise of the Great Beast (2).avi

100.28 MB

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Season V (185-224)

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x185 -Unwanted Guest (1).avi

97.45 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x186 -Unwanted Guest (2).avi

100.26 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x187-Let the Games Begin! (1).avi

96.43 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x188-Let the Games Begin! (2).avi

99.91 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x189-Child's Play.avi

99.86 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x190 -Down in Flames (1).avi

100.21 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x191 -Down in Flames (2).avi

100.11 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x192 -A Brawl in a Small Town (1).avi

98.95 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x193 -A Brawl in a Small Town (2).avi

99.51 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x194 -One Step Ahead (1).avi

172.22 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x195 -One Step Ahead (2).avi

95.24 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x196 -Sinister Secrets (1).avi

173.40 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x197 -Sinister Secrets (2).avi

173.75 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x198 -Sinister Secrets (3).avi

100.03 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x199 -Tomb of the Nameless Pharaoh.avi

97.87 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x200 -Spiritual Awakening.avi

95.33 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x201 -Memoirs of a Pharaoh.avi

100.17 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x202 -The Intruder (1).avi

99.93 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x203 -The Intruder (2).avi

99.61 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x204 -Makings of a Magician.avi

99.79 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x205 -Birth of the Blue-Eyes.avi

99.98 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x206 -Village of Lost Souls (1).avi

100.17 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x207 -A Reversal of Fortune (2).avi

99.93 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x208 -In Search of a King.avi

99.88 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x209 -Village of Vengeance (1).avi

216.44 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x210 -Village of Vengeance (2).avi

208.57 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x211 -Village of Vengeance (3).avi

100.54 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x212 -Village of Vengeance (4).avi

162.74 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x213 -Village of Vengeance (5).avi

211.18 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x214 -Name of the Game.avi

211.09 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x215 -The Dark One Cometh (1).avi

218.47 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x216 -The Dark One Cometh (2).avi

218.28 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x217 -The Dark One Cometh (3).avi

198.31 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x218 -The Dark One Cometh (4).avi

179.18 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x219 -In the Name of the Pharaoh.avi

176.90 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x220 -The Final Journey.avi

151.73 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x221 -The Final Duel (1).avi

176.02 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x222 -The Final Duel (2).avi

179.53 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x223 -The Final Duel (3).avi

178.18 MB

  Yu-Gi-Oh! 5x224 -The Final Duel (4).avi

177.48 MB

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A young boy named Yugi Moto defeats the world Champion, Seto Kaiba, in a duel with the help of the mysterious Millenium puzzle,the support of the friends and the heart of the cards. Yugi then becomes famous around the world. Yugi and his friend Joey participate in Duels to help save family members. All the way Yugi and the spirit within the puzzle try to understand each other more. Seto Kaiba tries to regain the title he once had. Many characters pop in and out, many are duelists and it makes for some interesting battles

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