Arabic Language Learning Collection 4

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Arabic Language Learning Collection 4

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Name:Arabic Language Learning Collection 4

Total Size: 12.29 GB

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Torrent added: 2008-07-30 21:35:34

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Torrent Files List

Al Kitaab with DVDs Part 2 (Size: 12.29 GB) (Files: 559)

 Al Kitaab with DVDs Part 2

  Al Kitaab with DVDs Part 2.pdf

198.03 MB


3.41 GB


2.80 GB


2.72 GB

 Alif is for Asad.mpg

379.55 MB

 Arabic Language Learning Collection 4.doc

66.50 KB


  Al Kitaab with DVD Part 1 Answer Key.pdf

21.52 MB

  Answer Key To Alif Baa With DVDs.pdf

7.60 MB

  Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar 2E - Wightwick & Gaafar.pdf

41.88 MB

  Arabic Writing For Beginners Part 1.pdf

10.48 MB

  BBC Get By In Arabic


68.55 MB


68.55 MB


65.45 MB


65.10 MB

   BBC Get By In Arabic.pdf

23.63 MB

  Michel Thomas Method - Arabic


    Arabic Advanced Disc 1

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 01.mp3

6.24 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 02.mp3

5.51 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 03.mp3

5.82 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 04.mp3

6.43 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 05.mp3

4.58 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 06.mp3

5.67 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 07.mp3

3.56 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 08.mp3

5.29 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 09.mp3

6.53 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 10.mp3

5.20 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 11.mp3

2.88 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 12.mp3

3.32 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 13.mp3

5.04 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 1 - 14.mp3

4.01 MB

    Arabic Advanced Disc 2

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 01.mp3

5.75 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 02.mp3

6.61 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 03.mp3

5.96 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 04.mp3

3.10 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 05.mp3

6.63 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 06.mp3

4.42 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 07.mp3

2.53 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 08.mp3

6.00 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 09.mp3

2.44 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 10.mp3

2.72 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 11.mp3

5.51 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 12.mp3

5.17 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 13.mp3

3.92 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 14.mp3

5.33 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 2 - 15.mp3

4.81 MB

    Arabic Advanced Disc 3

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 01.mp3

4.38 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 02.mp3

5.32 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 03.mp3

1.88 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 04.mp3

4.61 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 05.mp3

3.46 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 06.mp3

5.25 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 07.mp3

2.80 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 08.mp3

4.23 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 09.mp3

5.73 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 10.mp3

6.01 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 11.mp3

4.05 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 12.mp3

5.58 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 13.mp3

7.44 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 14.mp3

4.57 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 15.mp3

2.11 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 3 - 16.mp3

4.84 MB

    Arabic Advanced Disc 4

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 01.mp3

3.33 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 02.mp3

5.65 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 03.mp3

2.48 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 04.mp3

4.78 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 05.mp3

3.21 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 06.mp3

3.21 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 07.mp3

3.80 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 08.mp3

9.93 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 09.mp3

5.58 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 10.mp3

4.28 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 11.mp3

2.36 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 12.mp3

4.63 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 13.mp3

8.44 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 14.mp3

2.93 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 15.mp3

4.01 MB

     Michel Thomas Arabic Advanced Disc 4 - 16.mp3

2.94 MB

    MT Arabic Advanced Course.pdf

497.91 KB


    Disc 1

     01 Track 1.mp3

4.28 MB

     02 Track 2.mp3

2.36 MB

     03 Track 3.mp3

2.79 MB

     04 Track 4.mp3

4.48 MB

     05 Track 5.mp3

4.97 MB

     06 Track 6.mp3

4.34 MB

     07 Track 7.mp3

3.89 MB

     08 Track 8.mp3

6.00 MB

     09 Track 9.mp3

4.03 MB

     10 Track 10.mp3

3.75 MB

     11 Track 11.mp3

5.75 MB

     12 Track 12.mp3

5.34 MB

     13 Track 13.mp3

3.26 MB

     14 Track 14.mp3

6.04 MB

     15 Track 15.mp3

4.97 MB

     16 Track 16.mp3

4.26 MB

    Disc 2

     01 Track 1.mp3

5.95 MB

     02 Track 2.mp3

3.96 MB

     03 Track 3.mp3

3.85 MB

     04 Track 4.mp3

3.60 MB

     05 Track 5.mp3

2.32 MB

     06 Track 6.mp3

4.48 MB

     07 Track 7.mp3

3.50 MB

     08 Track 8.mp3

6.19 MB

     09 Track 9.mp3

7.16 MB

     10 Track 10.mp3

5.06 MB

     11 Track 11.mp3

4.87 MB

     12 Track 12.mp3

2.78 MB

     13 Track 13.mp3

5.81 MB

     14 Track 14.mp3

4.15 MB

     15 Track 15.mp3

4.33 MB

    Disc 3

     01 Track 1.mp3

3.27 MB

     02 Track 2.mp3

6.45 MB

     03 Track 3.mp3

4.16 MB

     04 Track 4.mp3

2.41 MB

     05 Track 5.mp3

1.98 MB

     06 Track 6.mp3

3.50 MB

     07 Track 7.mp3

3.94 MB

     08 Track 8.mp3

2.82 MB

     09 Track 9.mp3

5.22 MB

     10 Track 10.mp3

6.00 MB

     11 Track 11.mp3

4.45 MB

     12 Track 12.mp3

5.31 MB

     13 Track 13.mp3

3.30 MB

     14 Track 14.mp3

1.86 MB

     15 Track 15.mp3

4.85 MB

     16 Track 16.mp3

2.72 MB

     17 Track 17.mp3

4.48 MB

    Disc 4

     01 Track 1.mp3

5.90 MB

     02 Track 2.mp3

3.72 MB

     03 Track 3.mp3

6.28 MB

     04 Track 4.mp3

4.48 MB

     05 Track 5.mp3

3.11 MB

     06 Track 6.mp3

5.60 MB

     07 Track 7.mp3

4.88 MB

     08 Track 8.mp3

3.76 MB

     09 Track 9.mp3

3.79 MB

     10 Track 10.mp3

4.60 MB

     11 Track 11.mp3

6.44 MB

     12 Track 12.mp3

2.85 MB

     13 Track 13.mp3

6.69 MB

     14 Track 14.mp3

5.27 MB

    Disc 5

     01 Track 1.mp3

4.74 MB

     02 Track 2.mp3

3.68 MB

     03 Track 3.mp3

4.12 MB

     04 Track 4.mp3

2.35 MB

     05 Track 5.mp3

6.74 MB

     06 Track 6.mp3

3.18 MB

     07 Track 7.mp3

5.30 MB

     08 Track 8.mp3

3.14 MB

     09 Track 9.mp3

7.64 MB

     10 Track 10.mp3

6.23 MB

     11 Track 11.mp3

4.08 MB

     12 Track 12.mp3

4.27 MB

     13 Track 13.mp3

3.58 MB

     14 Track 14.mp3

2.92 MB

     15 Track 15.mp3

3.91 MB

    Disc 6

     01 Track 1.mp3

3.66 MB

     02 Track 2.mp3

3.25 MB

     03 Track 3.mp3

4.62 MB

     04 Track 4.mp3

3.75 MB

     05 Track 5.mp3

5.84 MB

     06 Track 6.mp3

3.02 MB

     07 Track 7.mp3

6.18 MB

     08 Track 8.mp3

6.24 MB

     09 Track 9.mp3

6.67 MB

     10 Track 10.mp3

6.09 MB

     11 Track 11.mp3

2.87 MB

     12 Track 12.mp3

4.94 MB

     13 Track 13.mp3

3.98 MB

    Disc 7

     01 Track 1.mp3

4.65 MB

     02 Track 2.mp3

7.79 MB

     03 Track 3.mp3

2.67 MB

     04 Track 4.mp3

3.15 MB

     05 Track 5.mp3

5.46 MB

     06 Track 6.mp3

4.42 MB

     07 Track 7.mp3

1.85 MB

     08 Track 8.mp3

3.92 MB

     09 Track 9.mp3

5.41 MB

     10 Track 10.mp3

3.78 MB

     11 Track 11.mp3

4.31 MB

     12 Track 12.mp3

3.72 MB

     13 Track 13.mp3

4.62 MB

     14 Track 14.mp3

3.48 MB

     15 Track 15.mp3

3.61 MB

    Disc 8

     01 Track 1.mp3

3.91 MB

     02 Track 2.mp3

3.81 MB

     03 Track 3.mp3

6.16 MB

     04 Track 4.mp3

2.47 MB

     05 Track 5.mp3

3.44 MB

     06 Track 6.mp3

3.97 MB

     07 Track 7.mp3

2.59 MB

     08 Track 8.mp3

2.94 MB

     09 Track 9.mp3

3.58 MB

     10 Track 10.mp3

4.70 MB

     11 Track 11.mp3

4.98 MB

     12 Track 12.mp3

5.77 MB

     13 Track 13.mp3

1.83 MB

    MT Arabic Foundation Course.pdf

494.42 KB



228.40 KB


245.81 KB


321.21 KB


324.25 KB


371.56 KB


390.00 KB


358.57 KB


362.78 KB


342.39 KB


377.87 KB


288.55 KB


370.17 KB


328.66 KB


351.13 KB


353.54 KB


338.63 KB


352.31 KB


342.78 KB


339.78 KB


327.33 KB


350.66 KB


349.47 KB


323.60 KB


30.01 KB


358.05 KB


316.94 KB


282.60 KB


328.85 KB


308.66 KB


242.00 KB


351.06 KB


359.29 KB


379.99 KB


312.72 KB


337.88 KB


356.11 KB


345.34 KB


347.20 KB


339.78 KB


369.18 KB


382.10 KB


366.29 KB


365.56 KB


347.96 KB


351.20 KB


358.43 KB


356.66 KB


367.18 KB


358.39 KB


347.33 KB


356.83 KB


349.29 KB


361.44 KB


394.16 KB


384.05 KB


378.11 KB


370.55 KB


375.92 KB


376.76 KB


344.04 KB


387.44 KB


360.29 KB


345.77 KB


368.53 KB


382.92 KB


368.64 KB


407.99 KB


389.81 KB


397.72 KB


377.07 KB


368.83 KB


402.59 KB


403.25 KB


396.99 KB


488.80 KB


491.30 KB


337.62 KB


461.24 KB


480.97 KB


488.03 KB


464.85 KB


467.55 KB


480.99 KB


472.69 KB


473.24 KB


360.35 KB


524.49 KB


464.84 KB


381.45 KB


465.81 KB


470.22 KB


480.13 KB


415.10 KB


407.69 KB


486.34 KB


467.15 KB


449.11 KB


449.97 KB


451.83 KB


466.73 KB


380.88 KB


431.87 KB


408.84 KB


436.66 KB


426.27 KB


445.71 KB


437.25 KB


421.15 KB


433.23 KB


440.34 KB


437.75 KB


410.96 KB


439.21 KB


420.28 KB


422.36 KB


407.68 KB


415.28 KB


403.73 KB


429.96 KB


446.19 KB


408.99 KB


441.47 KB


427.92 KB


413.73 KB


396.37 KB


437.14 KB


395.67 KB


427.95 KB


458.62 KB


425.44 KB


426.61 KB


418.60 KB


471.86 KB


452.18 KB


468.17 KB


491.79 KB


493.46 KB


561.76 KB


528.43 KB


507.19 KB


496.78 KB


477.84 KB


495.27 KB


541.74 KB


492.42 KB


470.97 KB


513.36 KB


521.38 KB


492.96 KB


490.71 KB


511.11 KB


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524.61 KB


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362.43 KB


502.54 KB


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519.60 KB


518.58 KB


475.87 KB


494.92 KB


552.40 KB


509.11 KB


551.74 KB


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556.56 KB


552.73 KB


529.00 KB


537.40 KB


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555.02 KB


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521.50 KB


546.17 KB


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356.24 KB


257.28 KB

  Syrian Colloquial Arabic Audio Course


    - Introduction.mp3

8.29 MB


5.52 MB


5.43 MB


7.46 MB


5.49 MB


6.64 MB


7.59 MB


9.25 MB


9.62 MB

   Syrian Colloquial Arabic Textbook.zip

15.17 MB

   Syrian Colloquial Arabic Website.htm

9.68 KB

  The Arabic Alphabet, how to read and how to write it - Nicholas Awde.pdf

19.40 MB

 Collection 4.JPG

115.85 KB


  Learn Arabic Now Version 10

   Learn Arabic Now Version 10- Part I.iso

477.24 MB

   Learn Arabic Now Version 10- Part II.iso

215.81 MB

  Rosetta Stone V 2

   The Rosetta Stone - Arabic - Level I - Units 1-8.iso

373.07 MB

   The Rosetta Stone - Arabic - Level II - Units 9-19.iso

330.12 MB

  Typing Tutor

   Print Totur.rar

49.92 MB

 Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt

0.05 KB


leech seeds

Torrent description

[font=Verdana][color=Red]DO NOT UPLOAD ELSEWHERE, I AM DOING THIS. [/color] [/font]

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 0

Previous Collections
Collection 1
Collection 2
Collection 3

If you are unable to download these direct from the Demonoid website, then I always put these onto Mininova also, using the same title.

You will find all materials different from those in my previous three collections.

Please [font=Verdana][color=Red]DO NOT[/color][/font] send me PMs asking for other languages, different software or requests of things you want. Please do not also harass me looking for Collection 5, it will be here when I am ready and able to upload it and not beforehand, no matter how desperately you and your million other classmates are looking forward to it.

[color=Purple]If you want to know whether they are in colloquial or standard Arabic then please use common-sense and Google and look for yourself [/color]

Please be patient, you are getting this for free and I do not appreciate whining about seed speed or the amount of time it is taking to receive.

I am on a 1MB connection, and will seed until there are other seeders, so please, no PMs. If the seed disappears then my connection has not restarted itself.

I upload at a max of 30-35kbs.

The seed will be slow always between 6-11pm GMT as my ISP limit my speed during that time.

You may also see my uploading bellydance rips/DVDs at the same time as this, do not worry, I always complete my seeds. (also if you like bellydance, check out my uploads)


This collection is a mix of things I have bought, ripped, scanned, etc mixed with some that other people have released on other sites. Thank you to the other people whose files I have included in this collection, I don’t know you by name/username, sorry.

This collection was collated with size in mind; otherwise I would have included a lot more of my own personal rips etc.

Books are scanned to PDF (I’m sorry but when I scan, if the page is smaller than A4 there is always that annoying extra white bit included, even though I only scan the actual exact page size, there’s no way I can change this). There is one book scanned to jpg by someone else.

Software is in ISO format, you will need to use a program such as PowerISO, MagicIso etc to mount or burn these.

DVDs in this collection are in a different format, due to their size. To save on space they have been ripped in a compressed format. DVDs are in .daa format which can be opened, burnt or decompressed using PowerISO only (as far as I know). The DVDs are NTSC region free and should work fine in any drive. DVDs require standard DVD5 size discs.

I am not technical support for any files, I have provided the details here of what programs to use, so any comments will be ignored asking what to use etc. I am assuming you have read the full description.

Torrent is organised into folders for ease of finding things.

[color=Blue]Torrent contents & description. [/color]

1. Al Kitaab with DVDs Part 2

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 1

Al kitaab with DVDs part 1 can be found in collection 3.

3 DVDs in .daa format (use PowerISO to burn or mount) and the book scanned to PDF, 452 pages.
This relies very heavily on you having used Part 1 (see collection 3) and Alif Baa with DVDs (see collection 2) and knowledge of script.

This new edition includes three DVDs bound into the book that feature contextualized vocabulary, cultural background and illustrations, and new listening comprehension materials with each lesson. Newly recorded colloquial audio and video materials also accompany each lesson and continue the story of Maha and Khalid and their travels to Cairo with brief explanatory vocabulary and notes provided in the text. The appendices include grammatical reference charts, an Arabic-English glossary, and a grammar index. The materials cover approximately 150 contact hours of instruction, and students who complete Part Two should reach advanced proficiency. Each lesson in Part Two centers on a text that deals with a social, historical, literary, or cultural issue. In addition to the main reading text, students will also find additional authentic texts for reading and listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar exercises, close listening and speaking activities, and cultural background for the reading.

The newly revised and repackaged Part Two has been restructured to reflect pedagogical developments over the last eight years, updated with new authentic reading and listening texts, and expanded with new video materials. In addition to the speaking, listening, and writing skills emphasized throughout each lesson, more time and emphasis is placed on activating vocabulary and structure with new activities for inside and outside the classroom. Features include: provides basic texts of printed media to help students connect the written and aural/oral aspects of Arabic; features intensive reading that is focused on grammar and pronunciation-not just comprehension; contains substantial amounts of drills and exercises to help students memorize and gain active control of an expanded vocabulary; explores the root and pattern system of Arabic grammar and complex sentence structure using vocabulary, complex texts, and translation exercises; develops writing skills at the paragraph level to encourage synthesis of vocabulary and grammar.

Features also include: provides explicit instructions to students and instructors on drills and activities, including recommendations on appropriate exercises for inside and outside the classroom; new interactive DVDs contain reading comprehension texts with new material and new listening comprehension material; DVDs present cultural background with illustrations and continues the story of Maha and Khalid using both Egyptian Colloquial Arabic and Modern Standard Arabic.

2. Alif is for Asad

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 2
Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 3
Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 4
Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 5

This file was uploaded to another tracker by someone else, Thank you!
It is a VHS rip to mpg, but picture and sound quality are good.
27 minutes in length.

Video has been aimed at helping children learn the letters of the alphabet, and words which begin with that letter, but I think it is just as useful for an adult learner.

3. Books

Al kitaab with DVDs part 1 Answer Key

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 6

The answer key to Al Kitaab with DVDs part 1 (can be found in collection 3).
PDF, 57 pages.

Answers all in Arabic script.

Answer Key to Alif Baa with DVDs

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 7

Alif Baa with DVDs can be found in collection 2.

PDF, 26 pages.

Arabic Writing for beginners Part 1

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 8

By Z. H. Qureski. Bacically a workbook of sheets for each of the Arabic letters, basically a trace then copy exercise book. Repetition is good so they actually go into your brain (I at least found using it sometimes to remind myself of letters, useful).

PDF, 31 pages.

The Arabic Alphabet: How to Read and Write It

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 9

Basically the title says it all. PDF, 89 pages.

This guide to Arabic proceeds step by step through all the letters of the Arabic alphabet, showing the sounds they stand for and how they are combined into words.

Arabic Verbs & Essentials of Grammar, 2E

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 10

By Wightwick & Gaafar.

Second edition, 2008.

PDF, 157 pages. Useful book if you are just beginning to look at verbs, knowledge of script required to read the verb tables as they do not transliterate everything.

The all-in-one Arabic-language resource to sharpen your verb and grammar skills.
In addition to providing essential concepts regarding Arabic verbs and grammar, this book includes an index of the 300 most popular verbs, which can be cross-referenced with the numerous verb tables appearing throughout the book. This comprehensive Arabic tutorial contains plenty of examples using contemporary language to give you a taste of real-life situations. Each unit focuses on a single verbal or grammatical concept, providing concise yet comprehensive explanations.

BBC Get By in Arabic

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 11

Useful set which teaches Colloquial Egyptian for use by tourists or businesspersons (limited though). Set out clearly, with vocabulary lists and exercises to complete.
Recordings are of native speakers.
2 cassettes have been ripped to 192 kbs mp3 and are labelled 1a, 1b etc. Quality is quite clear and easy to follow.

Book ripped to PDF, 49 pages.

Using Arabic Synonyms

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 12

By Dilworth Parkinson.

Scanned by someone else to jpg. Clear and readable.
344 jpg files.

Designed for those who have already developed a basic competence in Arabic, this comprehensive synonyms guide aims to broaden and improve the learner s vocabulary by helping them find the right word for the right context. Presenting words of related meaning together, it provides a range of options which will help avoid repetition and improve style, enabling students to develop a deeper awareness of the subtle differences in meaning and usage of different words. Each entry is illustrated with authentic examples of the synonyms in use, showing their unique meanings and grammatical properties, and enabling students to quickly recognize them in real-life contexts. The book is complete with two clear indexes, in English and Arabic, enabling the reader to instantly and easily locate any word. An essential reference for college and undergraduate students, their teachers, and other language professionals seeking a clear, user-friendly guide to Arabic vocabulary and its usage.

Syrian Colloquial Arabic Course

Uploaded by another, and available free from the website.
Book in PDF, and audio as mp3.

Syrian Colloquial Arabic, a Functional Course is a 400-page illustrated and fully indexed textbook, accompanied by 180 minutes of authentic recorded conversations. It deals with modern colloquial Arabic as it is spoken in Syria, Lebanon and Jordan, with an emphasis on practical, everyday language useful to the foreign resident.

The book leads you through a variety of real-life situations, and the language necessary to deal with them — directing a taxi, negotiating for a hotel room, haggling with the greengrocer, speaking on the telephone, and so on. While written Arabic is generally Modern Standard Arabic, an ability to read road and shop signs, Arabic numbers, restaurant menus and bills, and to write your name and telephone number is a valuable skill for the Arabic speaker. The book is fully transliterated and can be used without learning to read Arabic, but we do recommend making the extra effort as this will help you if you go on to study Modern Standard Arabic. With comprehensive vocabulary lists and full index, Syrian Colloquial Arabic is designed to be a handy reference even after you have finished the course!

Michel Thomas Method: Arabic Foundation Course

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 13

Course uploaded by someone else (I was going to buy it, but kept getting outbid on Ebay), but included here as so useful.

8 CDs, with tracks ripped to 128kbs mp2. Course guide in PDF imcluded.

An eight-hour, 100% audio method for learning Arabic. Join teacher Jane Wightwick and native speaker Mahmoud Gaafar and two students in a live lesson and within the first hour you will be able to construct simple phrases. You will learn the language with the students, hearing both their successes and their mistakes to keep you motivated and involved throughout the course. By the end, you will have the confidence to understand and speak Arabic.

Michel Thomas Method: Arabic Advanced Course

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 14

Course uploaded by someone else, but included here because so useful.

I can’t say how advanced this is as I’m most definitely not an advanced student.

4CDs at 128kbs plus PDF course guide.

A five-hour, 100% audio method for taking your Arabic to an advanced level. Join teacher Jane Wightwick and native speaker Mahmoud Gaafar and two students in a live lesson and within five hours you will be speaking advanced Arabic proficiently and easily. You will rapidly improve your Arabic with the students, hearing both their successes and their mistakes to keep you motivated and involved throughout the course.

4. Software

Arabic typing tutor

I have not tested this out yet as the instructions and readme are completely in Arabic (plus I have yet to set my keyboard up to do Arabic, or bought key stickers). Appears to be a proper program with directories etc.

Learn Arabic Now! V10

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 15

Not my rip. I previously released version 9, but this one includes MP3 audio.

Learn Arabic Now! is an immersion program that enables learners take basic vocabulary and quickly progress to more advanced comprehension and use. Grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening, pronunciation skills, and more are emphasized through the use of native language texts, videos, and stories that immerse the user in the Arabic language and provide opportunities for language investigation, skill-building and role play.

Engaged in this rich multimedia experience, you may never feel like you\'re studying, and the fact that you are actually using another language becomes transparent.

What do you get with Learn Arabic Now! ?
Over 15,000 Words
Hundreds of Useful Phrases
Full Motion \"Big Picture\" Video
Full Native Speaker Pronunciation
SlowSound to Hear Every Nuance
Advanced Pronunciation Practice
Record, Playback and Compare
Alphabet Reference & Grammar Tutorial
Conversation Practice

Rosetta Stone Arabic V2 Level 1&2

Arabic Language Learning Collection 4 preview 16

Thought I better release V2 here before I then release V3 in collection 5.
Contains Level 1 and 2 as ISOs. You will need to find the install CD yourself, which is easily done.

Learn a new language with the award-winning method used by the U.S. State Department to train diplomats. Proven effective by NASA astronauts, Peace Corps volunteers, and millions of students worldwide, the Rosetta Stone Language Library teaches new languages faster and easier than ever before.

We all learn our childhood language by associating new words and phrases with the world around us. The Rosetta Stone method replicates this process by presenting vivid, real-life images to convey the meaning of each new phrase. Instead of translating, memorizing, and studying rules of grammar, you actually learn to think in the new language. Vocabulary and grammar are integrated systematically, leading to everyday proficiency.

This comprehensive program provides up to 550 hours of mastery instruction in listening comprehension, reading, writing, and speaking. Systematic structure teaches vocabulary and grammar naturally, without lists or drills. Previews, exercises, and tests accompany every lesson, and there are automated tutorials throughout the program. Graphical speech recognition displays your voiceprint and compares it with the native speaker to help improve your pronunciation. (Ages 6 and older)

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