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MIRC v6 33 FiSH Patch REPACK iND

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MIRC v6 33 FiSH Patch REPACK iND

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Name:MIRC v6 33 FiSH Patch REPACK iND

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FiSH v1.30 for mIRC

This is an encryption addon for mIRC, it is based on blowfish and is
compatible to original 'blowcrypt/bloW' script as well as Mircryption.
It supports private chat, channel, topic encryption and comes with a
secure key-exchange system. Please read the whole document, especially
the 'Installation' section, before installing it!

Supported mIRC versions: v5.91, v6.14, v6.15, v6.16, v6.17, v6.20,
v6.3, v6.31

* How it works *

The main blowfish encryption and decryption is being done in a DLL
file (FiSH.DLL). The appropriate functions are being called just
before send() and after recv() - Yes, I am replacing the recv/send
buffers with decrypted/encrypted text. That way it is fully INVISIBLE
to you and will NOT affect any mIRC script or function!

Unfortunately it is not possible to do this by only using a mIRC script,
because it is not powerful enough for this job. Why? Well, the main
problem is that you are not able to REPLACE the original mIRC buffer
holding the (cipher) text with the encrypted/decrypted message, so that
you are required to 'halt' the original event (send/receive), encrypt
or decrypt the message and finally send/display the new (cipher/plain)
text. The result is incompatibilty within other mIRC scripts and mIRC
features, such as:

- displaying both (plain and ciphered) message lines in mIRC, workaround
using halt command, which leads again to problems
- screwing formatted charts and ASCII pictures (simply everything that
is using space characters as delimiters) - no workaround known
- performance loss, the mIRC DLL handling is not very fast
- and more ...

So either you request a real plug-in API in next mIRC version from the
author, or you live with the patching, which solves all these problems!

The key-handling is still located in a mIRC script (FiSH.mrc). You
can set/remove/show keys via popup menues as you are used from
original blowcrypt. You will find some configuration items there too.

P.S.: Your psyBNC/sBNC private logs will get decrypted aswell :)

* Security Info *

Make sure you NEVER exchange keys plain-text over IRC/ftp/email! If
you ever do that, or someone else who owns that key, you might aswell
just keep talking plain-text.
Use the new Diffie-Hellman (1080 bit) keyXchange function!

You might think this is crazy, but keep in mind: You are using IRC
encryption because you think someone might be able to read your
conversations. Such a person may not only have enough skills for
that, but also for defeating your weak encryption mechanism, including
passwords sent in plain-text and even using DH-128.

Furthermore, you are advised to use or similar,
to protect sensitive data (IRC, Email, FTP, SSH, etc.) on your system.

Since you are using FiSH to protect information from others, you should
also connect to IRC, psyBNC, Email and FTP using SSL/TLS, if possible.
Ask your service provider or administrator to install support for secure
connections to those services.

What happened to DH1024 key-exchange you may ask. To make it short: An
implementation flaw in the code has been found and a new key-exchange
using Diffie-Hellman 1080 bit has been introduced. The implementation
flaw is NOT about a remote vulnerability, it is rather about maths :)

The analysis of a friend has come to the conclusion: The old DH1024
key-exchange was probably still as secure as 991 bit. We cannot say
for sure. The characteristic of the implementation flaw makes it hard
to analyze, as not much material about this subject is available.

I was very angry when this problem was discovered, but I can't change
what happened now. Such a stupid mistake, unnoticed almost a year.
Well, everyone learns from mistakes ...

While rewriting the Diffie-Hellman key-exchange, it was discovered
that the used 128bit numbers in DH.dll (written by sinner?) are not
nearly secure enough for key-exchange!

It would take just approx. 3 hours to calculate someones private key
by having only the transmitted public key, on a 1.7 GHz machine with
256 MB RAM!

Now half of the time is used for pre-computation, which needs to be
done only once. And from that point you can calculate any private key
generated with the DH.dll in only 1.5 hours!

This applies to *all* DH key-exchange plug-ins using 128bit keys! It
is suggested to use at least 512bit for Diffie-Hellman.

Therefore keyXchange with Diffie-Hellman in this addon was upgraded
to 1080bit. It is not compatible to the old DH keyXchange with 128bit!

The DH routines are now located in FiSH.DLL and have been completly
rewritten using MIRACL. (Thanx to mac for discovering the weakness of
DH128 and helping me!)

* Installation *

- If you upgrade from a prior FiSH version, you need to replace
FiSH.DLL and FiSH.mrc ONLY (no need to apply the patch again)!

- Unload ALL old blowcrypt/Mircryption files in mIRC:
(ALT+R: blow.mrc, blowcrypt.mrc, mircryption.mrc, etc.)

- You can delete the old unneeded files: DH.dll blowfish.dll bloW.dll

- Keep your old blow.ini

- Place FiSH.DLL, FiSH.mrc into same directory as mIRC.exe
(as well as your old blow.ini, or use blow.ini-EXAMPLE)

- load FiSH.mrc into mIRC: //load -rs1 $shortfn($nofile($mircexe) $+ FiSH.mrc)

- close mIRC

- apply the appropriate patch (mIRC.vX.X.FISH-Addon.v1.0B.exe)

- Blow.ini options explained:
process_incoming=1 --> decrypt incoming messages?
process_outgoing=1 --> encrypt outgoing messages?
mark_encrypted=" ·" --> see below
mark_position=1 --> 1=append mark at the end
2=prefix crypt-mark
0=disable crypt-mark
plain_prefix="+p " --> messages starting with +p will be
sent plain-text

- If you want to mark INCOMING encrypted messages, add mark_encrypted
to blow.ini, in [FiSH] section.
Suffix Examples:
mark_encrypted=" *" --> ...end of message *
mark_encrypted=" ·" --> ...end of message ·
mark_encrypted=" 12·" --> ...end of message ·[blue+bold]
mark_encrypted= --> disabled

Prefix Examples:
mark_encrypted="· " --> · start of message...
mark_encrypted="12> " --> [blue+bold]> start of message...
mark_encrypted="12· " --> [blue+bold]· start of message...

- Set mark_encrypted=0 for #yourchan (in blow.ini) if you don't want
the crypt-mark to be shown there

- if you want to see whether your own text is sent encrypted or plain,
you can try the 'mark outgoing' feature. You can change the look by
editing FiSH.mrc; search for %own_encrypted_text

*** For maximum compatibility I recommend you to DISABLE this feature
*** (or even delete the whole section from FiSH.mrc)

- If you want to perform DH1080 keyXchange each time a new query window
opens, enable 'Auto-KeyXchange' in the context menu.

This will work for 'known' people, those you already had a key set
for, but also if the opening query starts with "+OK" (encrypted, but
no key set or nick changed).

- If you want to set encrypted topics, you have to enable it in the
context menu for EACH channel! You'll be able to READ ciphered topics
regardless of this setting.

- The 'Set Local IP' feature is meant to update the IP address in mIRC's
'Local Info' with your actual internet IP, which should solve the
widely known DCC problems. You can make this feature trigger right
after connecting to an IRC server.

You can change the used service in blow.ini (MyIP_service).

- 'NickTracker' allows seamless conversations in the case your chat
partner suddenly changes his nick. If enabled this feature will simply
copy the old key to use with his new nick. It affects nick changes for
running queries only!

- If you want to send some lines of plaintext without utilizing the
plain-prefix, disable 'Encrypt outgoing' under 'Misc config' temporary.

- While using the mIRC commands '/ame' or '/amsg' no encryption of ANY
affected channel/person will take place! FiSH ignores *ALL* messages
sent via '/ame' or '/amsg'

* Standalone DH1080 keyXchange script *

Since some of you might not want to use this addon and stay with the
blowcrypt script by sinner (or any other), it is still recommended to
use the new Diffie-Hellman 1080bit keyXchange feature! Which is now
available as a standalone mIRC script.

If you are using a very old blowcrypt script, which stores the keys
plain-text in the blow.ini use DH1080-P.mrc, else use DH1080.mrc ...

- Place FiSH.DLL and DH1080.mrc into same directory as mIRC.exe
(Your blow.ini should be located in same directory and not something
like mIRC/addons!)
- You DON'T have to patch anything!
- Load DH1080.mrc into mIRC (ALT+R, File->Load->Script)

- Make sure you have only ONE script (DH1080.mrc or DH1080-P.mrc) loaded!

- If you want to perform DH1080 keyXchange each time a new query window
opens, enable 'Auto-KeyXchange' in the context menu.

This will work for 'known' people, those you already had a key set
for, but also if the opening query starts with "+OK" (encrypted, but
no key set or nick changed).

* Technical notes *

For Diffie-Hellman key-exchange a 1080bit germain prime is used, the
generator g=2 renders a field Fp from 1 to p-1. Therefore breaking it
means to solve a discrete logarithm problem with no less than 1080bit.

Base64 format is used to send the public keys over IRC.

The calculated secret key is hashed with SHA-256, the result is converted
to base64 for final use with blowfish.

Some words about the used pseudo random number generator: Since FiSH v1.28
the Microsoft Cryptography API is used (CryptGenRandom) to generate random
numbers, instead of the private PRNG. There are no security problems known
with the private PRNG used in old versions. The reason for the change was
simply transparency.

* TODO List *

- custom password to encrypt keys in blow.ini
(temporary solution: hexedit FiSH.DLL)
- option for wrapping long messages (bad idea)
- if there is demand for old mIRC versions, let me know
- write proper documentation
- add a new cipher with CBC/CFB support
- change key-container format to a fully encrypted file
(instead of the partially encrypted blow.ini)

Comments and suggestions are welcome!

15. September 2007


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