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The Happening2008DvDrip R5Eng faya

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Name:The Happening2008DvDrip R5Eng faya

Total Size: 693.78 MB

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The Happening (2008) R5


General #0
Format : AVI
Format/Info : Audio Video Interleave
Format/Family : RIFF
File size : 694 MiB
PlayTime : 1h 26mn
Bit rate : 1119 Kbps
StreamSize/String : 8.01 MiB
Writing library : VirtualDub build 0/release

Video #0
Codec : XviD
Codec/Family : MPEG-4V
Codec/Info : XviD project
Codec profile : Streaming Video Profile/Level 1
Codec settings, Packet bitst : No
Codec settings, BVOP : Yes
Codec settings, QPel : No
Codec settings, GMC : 0
Codec settings, Matrix : Default
PlayTime : 1h 26mn
Bit rate : 984 Kbps
Width : 608 pixels
Height : 336 pixels
Display Aspect ratio : 16/9
Frame rate : 25.000 fps
Resolution : 8 bits
Chroma : 4:2:0
Interlacement : Progressive
Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.193
StreamSize/String : 610 MiB
Writing library : XviD 1.1.2
Writing library/Date : UTC 2006-11-01

Audio #0
Codec : MPEG-1 Audio layer 3
PlayTime : 1h 26mn
Bit rate mode : VBR
Bit rate : 123 Kbps
Minimum bit rate : 134 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Resolution : 16 bits
StreamSize/String : 76.0 MiB
Writing library : LAME3.96r
Encoding settings : ABR


Director : M. Night Shyamalan
Writer (WGA) : M. Night Shyamalan (written by)

Release Date : Bahrain 11 June 2008
Belgium 11 June 2008
Egypt 11 June 2008
France 11 June 2008
Iceland 11 June 2008
Indonesia 11 June 2008
Sweden 11 June 2008
Australia 12 June 2008
Chile 12 June 2008
Czech Republic 12 June 2008
Germany 12 June 2008
Greece 12 June 2008
Hong Kong 12 June 2008
Israel 12 June 2008
Italy 12 June 2008
Kuwait 12 June 2008
Netherlands 12 June 2008
Philippines 12 June 2008
Portugal 12 June 2008
Russia 12 June 2008
Singapore 12 June 2008
Slovenia 12 June 2008
Thailand 12 June 2008
Brazil 13 June 2008
Colombia 13 June 2008
Denmark 13 June 2008
Estonia 13 June 2008
Finland 13 June 2008
Guatemala 13 June 2008
Mexico 13 June 2008
Norway 13 June 2008
Panama 13 June 2008
Poland 13 June 2008
South Korea 13 June 2008
Spain 13 June 2008
Turkey 13 June 2008
UK 13 June 2008
USA 13 June 2008
Venezuela 13 June 2008
Argentina 19 June 2008
Hungary 19 June 2008
Japan 17 July 2008 (Tokyo) (premiere)
Japan 26 July 2008

Genre : Drama | Mystery

Tagline : We've Sensed It. We've Seen The Signs. Now... It's Happening.

Plot : The film opens in New York. People start to get confused
in Central Park, repeating their words, standing still and sometimes walking backwards.We hear a few screams. A woman (Alison Folland) reading on a bench takes her silver chopstick-style hair pin out of her hair and stabs herself in the neck with it. Meanwhile on a building site, workers on the ground are chatting when all of a sudden a body falls. Panicked, thinking the worker just fell off the roof by mistake, they rush over to his broken body. While they looked over the body, another thud, another worker. They look at him confused; one is possible, two is unlikely, and when the third falls, it seems impossible. Then yet another and another, crashing to earth. When they look up they see many running off the edge, apparently by their own will, looking completely calm, and sure of their actions.

In the next shot, we see a science teacher named Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg), talking about the event science can not explain about thousands of disappearing bees, no bodies left, no trace. A student offers the opinion that this is a natural event that we will never fully understand. While speculating on the phenomenon that is the disappearing bees, Elliot is suddenly called out of class to a staff meeting warning about an apparent "terrorist attack" in New York in which terrorists have apparently released some kind of gas in Central Park, and advising that school is cancelled. As they leave, Elliot confesses to his friend Julian (John Leguizamo), a math teacher, that he and his wife are having some problems.

Elliot and his wife Alma (Zooey Deschanel) flee Philadelphia on a train, with Julian, and his daughter Jess. On the train people start to get reports by cellphone that the attacks have been reported at their destination, and in many other places. Alma is getting repeated and insistant calls on her phone from someone called Joey, and she lies to Elliot about it.

The movie moves on to show Rittenhouse Park in Philadelphia, where a woman walks her dog and a breeze begins to blow. A traffic cop (Don Castro) walking through a traffic jam stops and comments to a taxi driver about the chilly weather. Suddenly everyone stops in their tracks, and the dog runs across the road after his leash drops to the ground, leading us back to the cop who is now standing still in front of the cab. A gunshot rings out and he drops to the ground. As blood spurts from a bullet wound on his forehead, the taxi driver gets out, walks over to the dead cop, picks up the gun from beside the body and shoots himself in the forehead as well. A woman in high heels steps off the sidewalk, picks up the gun again and we hear another gunshot.

The train ends up leaving them in a small rural town, as the conductors have lost radio contact with everyone else. At a diner they see a newscast that suggests the suicides are not caused by a terrorist attack, but by a natural phenomena. A reporter says that the toxin switches off the part of the brain that keeps us from harming ourselves.

Julian, who has lost contact with his wife, starts to panic as some lady shows Elliot a youtube type video she was sent on her iphone showing a man walk into a lion's den at a zoo, and taunting the lions with his hands to try to get them to attack him (there's a graphic shot of him staggering with both his arms eaten off). Julian leaves Jess with Elliot and Alma to go and look for his wife in Princeton, when he is offered a ride by people heading that way. When he gets there it is infected, and there are dozens of people hanging from trees over the road. The driver of the car crashes deliberately into a tree at high speed and Julian slashes his wrists with broken windscreen glass and dies (this is the one time you don't see anything graphic - the camera cuts away and we see less than the scene in the red band trailer; where you can see Julian bleeding from the wrists).

Elliot and Alma decide, along with everybody else, to flee for the state line, as the attacks seem only to be affecting the northeast US. A nice couple who run a plant nursery offer to take them in their car. The man suggests to Elliot and Alma that the toxin is produced by plants. He explains the way plants can communicate with other plants, and the way they can release chemicals to get rid of specific pests.

While trying to reach the state line they see bodies ahead in the road. Turning back they meet many other cars, all converging on a country road junction; all report bodies back the way they have come. Organised by an army private they abandon the cars and strike out on foot, heading for a small remote housing development one man (a realtor) knows about. It's new and small and not on any maps except local ones, so they hope it will be safe from the terrorists since it appears they are focusing on large cities and roads.

From the junction one group leaves immediately, but most take a minute to get things from their cars, so walking across the fields they are in two groups. The smaller group (10-12 people), with Elliot, Alma and Jess, is in front. The larger (20-25 people), including a soldier and the plant couple, is behind them by 3 or 4 minutes. This larger group gets infected, and the soldier become delusional (shouting something about how he is a soldier and his gun is his friend, and he will not leave it). Then Elliot's group hears the gunshots as one by one they (presumably) use the soldier's gun to kill themselves. Elliot starts to believe that it is indeed the plants, and that the toxin is triggered by large groups of people. He yells at everyone to split up into smaller groups, and the group peels off into three smaller groups, all running away in different directions.

Alma tells Elliot that if they are going to die, she wants to tell him something. One night when she told Elliot she was working late she went out for tiramisu with Joey from work, but that's all that happened.

After walking for a bit, Elliot counters with the fact that he finds the girl who works at the local pharmacy very attractive, and sometimes he buys cough syrup from her even when he doesn't have a cough: he later confesses he made this up.

Elliot, Alma, Jess and two teenagers find a showhome for the new development. There is some comic relief as Elliot talks to a plant he sees blowing inside, and introduces himself, saying he is giving good vibes so it won't harm him. It turns out the plant is plastic, but he keeps talking for a little just in case - feeling like an idiot. As they leave they look back, and see two small groups of people arrive at the showhome, forming one larger group (12-15 people approx). That many people trigger the toxin, and they stand around confused, except for one man who starts up a large commercial lawnmower, then lies in the grass in front of it as it rips him apart. (We assumed the camera would cut away, but it doesn't! As previously stated, this movie is extremely graphic!)

Our five people all end up on the front porch of a boarded-up house, asking for food, while Jess plays on a rope swing suspended from a tree branch (the swing and the tree seemed very chilling and climactic, but nothing actually happened). The inhabitants of the house refuse to offer food or shelter, and the two teenagers start to get very aggressive, kicking at the door and shouting at the people inside. The inhabitants shoot the two teenagers dead: one through the chest and the second through the head. Elliot is horrified.

Elliot, Alma and Jess move on till they find an old house with no power, which they think is abandoned. A spooky old lady lives there, who chooses to remain out of contact with the whole world. She doesn't want to know about the event in the outside world; however, she gives them supper and a bed for the night.

We see a newscast discussing the toxin (our protagonists don't, as the house has no TV). A scientist is suggesting that judging from the severity and number of the attacks, and assuming some similarities to other kinds of natural toxins like ocean algae, the attacks will peak at 9am the next day, and very quickly fall away to nothing following that (there's a graph that shows a drastic tail-off of toxin activity).

In the morning when Elliot wakes up the old lady tells him that he, Alma and Jess have to leave (she seems completely bonkers). She then goes outside into the garden, pauses, and starts walking backwards; the toxin has affected her. As Elliott cowers inside the house the old lady walks around the porch and headbutts the window, leaving glass splinters in her face and eye, and also letting in the wind (and the toxin).

Elliot runs through the house trying to find Alma and Jess. They are outside in a spring house (a remnant from the pre-Civil War Underground Railway), and he is stuck in the main house; however he can talk to them through a speaking tube. He explains that the toxin now seems to be set off by even one person alone.

Elliot decides that if he is going to die he doesn't want to die alone. They all leave their safe hiding places and walk into the middle of the garden and hold hands. The wind blows. Nothing happens. IT had ended.

Three months later and they are all living back in Philly (which looks business as usual; although the streets are fairly empty there are cars driving around, and people walking on the sidewalks). Jess is off to school by bus. Alma is doing a pregnancy test; it's positive, and Elliot hugs her and looks delighted. On the TV is a scientist warning that the event was like a red tide; the first sign that the planet is rejecting humans as pests. The host says that if that were true it would be happening in other places.

Cut to the gardens at the Palace of Versailles. Two guys are walking discussing plans for after work that evening. Cue distant scream; one guy starts to repeat his words about a bike, everyone stands still; other guy says (in French) "Oh my God".

IMDB rating : 5.4/10 (31,391 votes)
IMDB link : http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0949731/

Cast (in credits order)

Mark Wahlberg ... Elliot Moore
Zooey Deschanel ... Alma Moore
John Leguizamo ... Julian
Ashlyn Sanchez ... Jess
Betty Buckley ... Mrs. Jones
Spencer Breslin ... Josh
Robert Bailey Jr. ... Jared
Frank Collison ... Nursery Owner
Jeremy Strong ... Private Auster
Alan Ruck ... Principal
Victoria Clark ... Nursery Owner's Wife
M. Night Shyamalan ... Joey
Alison Folland ... Woman Reading on Bench with Hair Pin
Kristen Connolly ... Woman Reading on Bench
Cornell Womack ... Construction Foreman
Curtis McClarin ... Construction Crew Member (as Curtis McLarin)
Robert Lenzi ... Jake
Derege Harding ... Train Conductor
Kerry O'Malley ... Woman on Cell Phone
Shayna Levine ... Teenage Girl in Jeep
Stéphane Debac ... French Bicyclist
Cyrille Thouvenin ... French Bicyclist's Friend
Babita Hariani ... Medical Correspondent
Alicia Taylor ... U.S. Reporter
Edward James Hyland ... Professor Kendall Wallace
Armand Schultz ... Talk Show Host
Stephen Singer ... Dr. Ross
Sophie Burke ... Student Named Laura
Alex Van Kooy ... Boy in Class
Charlie Saxton ... Student Named Dylan
Kathy Lee Hart ... Vice Principal (as Kathy Hart)
Lisa Furst ... Teacher iIn Auditorium (as Lisa Gunn)
Rick Foster ... Railway Police Officer
Marc H. Glick ... P.A. System Conductor
Don Castro ... Philadelphia Police Officer
Bill Chemerka ... Taxi Driver
Jann Ellis ... Older Woman with Dog
Whitney Sugarman ... Passenger
Mary Ellen Driscoll ... Woman Passenger
Greg Wood ... Passenger at Counter
Peter Appel ... Diner Owner
Eoin O'Shea ... Passenger #1
Michael Quinlan ... Passenger #2
Lyman Chen ... Passenger #3
Brian O'Halloran ... Jeep Driver
Megan Mazaika ... Jeep Passenger #1
Rich Chew ... Jeep Passenger #2 (as Richard Chew)
Keith Bullard ... Man in Crowd at Crossroads (as Keith E. Bullard)
Joel de la Fuente ... Realtor
Ashley Brimfield ... Woman in Group
Mara Hobel ... Woman with Hands over Ears
James Breen ... Farmhouse Voice (voice)
Carmen Bitonti ... Mangled Construction Worker
Brian Anthony Wilson ... Arguing Man in Crowd
Greg Smith ... Zoo Employee (as Greg Smith Aldridge)
Ukee Washington ... Local News Anchor
John Ottavino ... Network News Anchor
Sid Doherty ... Radio News Anchor
Wes Heywood ... Radio Voice (voice)
Nancy Sokerka ... Radio Caller Fay
Julia Yorks ... Young Woman Voice on Phone (voice)
Bill Shusta ... Radio Newsman
Kirk Penberthy ... Radio Announcer
Alex Craft ... Truck Passenger Boy
Allie Habberstad ... Truck Passenger Girl

rest of cast listed alphabetically:

Michael Biscardi ... Jogger in the park
Chelsea Connell ... High school student
Michael Den Dekker ... Construction Worker
Tony Devon ... Simon
Robert Fazio ... Young Businessman
Mark Jacobson ... Conductor
Steven J. Klaszky ... Train Conductor #2
Chris McMullin ... School Maintainance Man
Susan Moses ... Sally
Mauricio Ovalle ... Construction crew
Eugene Smith ... Business Man
Robert Bizik ... Train Passenger (uncredited)
Anthony C. Brown ... College Student (uncredited)
Lee Burkett ... Urban Refugee (uncredited)
Richard Graves ... College Student (uncredited)
Thomas M. Hagen ... Nervous Traveler (uncredited)
Michael J. Kraycik ... Businessman (uncredited)
Roberto Lombardi ... Father in Elliot's Group (uncredited)
Art Lyle ... Businessman (uncredited)
Charles Pendelton ... Restroom Patron (uncredited)
Mark Pricskett ... Diner Local (uncredited)
Vincent Riviezzo ... Traveler (uncredited)
Sam Rocco ... Passenger (uncredited)
Christina Sampson ... Train Passenger (uncredited)
Chuck Schanamann ... Businessman (uncredited)
Jennifer Wiener ... Screaming Mother (uncredited)

Produced by
Barry Mendel .... producer
Sam Mercer .... producer
Jose L. Rodriguez .... co-producer
John Rusk .... associate producer
M. Night Shyamalan .... producer

Original Music by
James Newton Howard

Cinematography by
Tak Fujimoto (director of photography)

Film Editing by
Conrad Buff IV (as Conrad Buff)

Casting by
Douglas Aibel
Stephanie Holbrook

Production Design by
Jeannine Claudia Oppewall (as Jeannine Oppewall)

Art Direction by
Anthony Dunne

Set Decoration by
Jay Hart

Costume Design by
Betsy Heimann

Makeup Department
Ozzy Alvarez .... special makeup effects artist: Quantum Creation FX
Qodi Armstrong .... hair stylist
Christian Beckman .... special makeup effects producer: Quantum Creation FX
Roland Blancaflor .... prosthetic department supervisor: Spectral Motion Inc.
Sophia Coronado .... special makeup effects technician: Quantum Creation FX
Tom Denier Jr. .... special makeup effects artist
Robert Kato DeStefan .... special makeup effects artist: Quantum Creation FX
Diane Dixon .... hair stylist
Mike Elizalde .... makeup designer
Megan Flagg .... special makeup effects artist: Quantum Creation FX
Diane Heller .... key makeup artist
Steve Koch .... prosthetic designer and sculptor: Quantum Creations FX
Craig Lyman .... makeup artist
Clayton Martinez .... special makeup effects artist
Donald Mowat .... makeup artist: Mark Wahlberg
Danielle Noe .... special makeup effects artist: Quantum Creation FX
Justin Raleigh .... special makeup effects supervisor: Quantum Creation FX
Hiroshi Yada .... special makeup effects crew: Spectral Motion

Production Management
Sam Mercer .... unit production manager
Gerald Scaife .... production supervisor
Lauren Scott .... post-production supervisor

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director
Matthieu Charter .... assistant director
Ali Cherkaoui .... first assistant director: France
Chris DeAngelis .... second second assistant director
Jeff Habberstad .... second unit director
Tudor Jones .... second assistant director
William Lebeda .... second unit director
Jeremy Marks .... dga trainee
Marjorie Marramaque .... assistant director
Sébastien Marziniak .... additional assistant director: Paris
Matthew Mason .... additional second assistant director
Lisa Meier .... second second assistant director (day player)
Christophe Perie .... additional assistant director
Paviel Raymont .... assistant director: France
Brad Robinson .... additional second assistant director
Celine Rossi .... trainee assistant director
John Rusk .... first assistant director
Christian Vendetti .... additional second assistant director

Art Department
John DeMeo .... art director: Los Angeles (as John Demeo)
Edward R. Geller .... construction grip
Karyn Gerred .... scenic artist
Daniel J. Gillooly .... greens coordinator
Claire Kirk .... art department coordinator
Thomas D. Krausz .... set dresser
Mitchell Landsman .... scenic artist
Joanna Leavens .... art department production assistant
Lori Marks .... camera scenic artist
James Mazzola .... property master
Randy L. Parisian .... scenic foreman
Sharon Potts .... props
Jolie Scherberger .... set dresser
Clarissa Shanahan .... scenic artist
Erica Vanstone .... construction office coordinator
Christine Wick .... assistant set decorator
Paul Williams .... construction coordinator

Sound Department
Rick Chefalas .... first assistant sound editor
Marko A. Costanzo .... foley artist
Lee Dichter .... sound re-recording mixer
George A. Lara .... foley mixer
Tod A. Maitland .... sound mixer
Paloma Mele .... apprentice sound editor
Jac Rubenstein .... dialogue editor
Michael Scott .... boom operator
Wyatt Sprague .... sound effects editor
Steven Visscher .... supervising foley editor
Jerry Yuen .... cableman

Special Effects by
Suma Abuzaineh .... seaming and patching department: Quantum Creation FX
Brent Baker .... mold department and life-casting supervisor: Spectral Motion
David Blitstein .... special effects foreman
Steve Cremin .... special effects coordinator
Christian Eubank .... special effects technician
Michael Frechette .... special effects foreman
Anh Le Hoang .... special effects technician
Philippe Hubin .... special effects
Nick Karas .... special effects technician
William D. Lee .... special effects foreman
Jean-Christophe Magnaud .... special effects technician
Jean-Christophe Magnaud .... special effects
Jacqueline Makkee .... special effects makeup: Quantum Creation FX
Bob Mano .... mechanical department: Quantum Creations Inc.
Lee McConnell .... special effects foreman
Brandon K. McLaughlin .... special effects technician
Jill Warner .... special effects production assistant
Patrick Edward White .... special effects technician
Chris Wolters .... mechanical designer: Quantum Creation Effects
Kurt Wunder .... special effects technician

Visual Effects by
Akemi Abe .... digital compositor
Danny Braet .... digital compositor
Gene Crucean .... visual effects generalist
Rif Dagher .... effects lead
Beth D'Amato .... digital paint and roto supervisor
Ante Dekovic .... digital compositor
Pallavi Devabhaktuni .... digital compositor: CafeFX
Amit Dhawal .... visual effects supervisor
David Ebner .... visual effects supervisor
Katherine Farrar .... visual effects coordinator
Jordan Freda .... roto artist: CafeFX
Rachel Galbraith .... visual effects production assistant
Vicki Galloway-Weimer .... visual effects executive producer: Cafe FX (as Vicki Galloway Weimer)
Jeff Goldman .... compositing supervisor: CafeFX
Bryant Terrell Griffin .... visual effects
Edward Hirsh .... visual effects supervisor: ILM
David Hochstadter .... digital compositor: CafeFX
Michael Honrada .... digital effects artist
Grzegorz Jonkajtys .... visual effects
Shant Jordan .... compositing supervisor
Apirak Kamjan .... matchmover: CafeFX
Richard Ivan Mann .... visual effects producer: CafeFX
Ryan Martin .... technical assistant: ILM
Tory Mercer .... digital compositor
Desi Ortiz .... visual effects managing editor: CafeFX
Craig Peck .... visual effects production assistant
Richard R. Reed .... digital compositor
Parimal Sandhwar .... visual effects production manager
Ben Schwartz .... digital imaging technician
Daniel Sunwoo .... compositor
Danny Torres .... systems admistrator
David Weinstein .... pre-visualization
O.D. Welch .... production executive: CafeFX
Justine Whitehead .... visual effects producer
Jason Michael Zimmerman .... digital compositor
Marios Kourasis .... visual effects (uncredited)
Daniel Lahr .... assistant visual effects editor: CafeFX (uncredited)
Greg Tse .... matchmove artist: CafeFX (uncredited)

Johnny Becker .... precision driving coordinator
Surly Bernard .... stunts
Jake Brake .... utility stunts
Chris Cenatiempo .... stunts
Alex Chansky .... stunts
Jennifer Cobb .... utility stunts
Brycen Counts .... stunt performer
Kevin Derr .... stunts
Jayson Dumenigo .... stunt performer
Julia Dumenigo .... assistant to stunt coordinator
Katie Eischen .... utility stunts
Peter Epstein .... stunts
Tina Fuchs .... stunts
Shane Geraghty .... stunts
Jessica Harbeck .... stunts
Toby Holguin .... stunts
Keone Kim .... utility stunts
Mandy Kowalski .... stunt double: Megan Mazaika
Tina Mckissick .... stunts
Kimberly Shannon Murphy .... stunt performer
George Pellegrino .... stunt performer
Christopher Place .... stunts
Kevin Rogers .... utility stunts
Tracey Ruggiero .... stunt performer
Myke Schwartz .... stunt coordinator: second unit
Joanna Shelmidine .... stunt performer
Anthony Vincent .... stunts
Mark Aaron Wagner .... stunt double
Greg Wattkis .... stunt performer

Camera and Electrical Department
Angela Bellisio .... second assistant camera
David Brandon .... rigging electrician
Kevin L. Bright .... dolly grip: "b" camera
Mark Catania .... dolly grip
Daniel C. Cook .... second assistant camera
Glenn Davis .... generator operator: base camp
Thomas Devine .... house electrician
Hugues Espinasse .... focus puller
Jonathan Hagen .... camera production assistant
Brian Jordan .... video assistant utility
Nicholas Kay .... digital imaging technician: second unit
Michael Asa Leonard .... first assistant camera: "c" camera
Michael 'Flash' McDonald .... electrician
Paul C. McKenna .... technician: Technocrane
Joe Mellon .... grip
Markus Mentzer .... second assistant camera: "a" camera
Christopher Murphy .... digital video assist operator
Francine Natale .... best boy electric
Ed Nessen .... first assistant camera: "b" camera
Phil Pastuhov .... aerial director of photography
Colin J. Peters .... grip
Lawrence Price .... electrician
Brian Raby .... set electrician
Scott H. Ramsey .... gaffer
Kyle Rudolph .... camera operator
Leon Sanginiti .... second assistant camera
Lowell Schulman .... best boy rigging gaffer
Ben Schwartz .... digital imaging technician
Jon Sibert .... best boy grip
Roger Simonsz .... camera operator: Paris
Baird Steptoe .... first assistant camera
Vincent Tulasne .... video assist operator: Paris
James B. Walsh .... best boy grip

Casting Department
Deborah Maxwell Dion .... casting associate: Los Angeles
Deanna Gallucio .... extras casting associate: New York
Diane Heery .... casting
Franck Jouard .... extras casting
Jason Loftus .... casting associate: Philadelphia

Costume and Wardrobe Department
Honora Jackson .... costumer
Rachel Leek .... costume supervisor
Kara Morasco .... tailor
David Paulin .... costume textile artist
Nick Scarano .... wardrobe supervisor
Ric Spencer .... set costumer
Hayley Stuppel .... set costumer

Editorial Department
Daniel Boccoli .... second assistant editor
Gary Burritt .... negative cutter
Luke Franco Ciarrocchi .... editorial production assistant
Marisa Clayton .... digital intermediate producer: Moden VideoFilm
Chris Gennarelli .... colorist: high definition dailies
Sharon Smith Holley .... assistant editor
Carole A. Kenneally .... first assistant editor
Skip Kimball .... digital intermediate colorist
Jim Passon .... color timer

Music Department
Pete Anthony .... conductor
Pete Anthony .... orchestrator
Jeff Atmajian .... orchestrator
Chris P. Bacon .... score synth programmer
Brad Dechter .... orchestrator
Kevin Globerman .... digital score recordist
Dave Holden .... score synth programmer
Jon Kull .... orchestrator
Alan Meyerson .... music scoring mixer
Michael John Mollo .... orchestration assistant
Julia Newmann .... music co-coordinator
Peter Rotter .... orchestra contractor
Patrick Russ .... orchestrator
Pamela J. Sollie .... score coordinator
Stuart Michael Thomas .... score synth programmer
Matthew J. Ward .... score synth programmer
Jim Weidman .... supervising music editor
Mel Wesson .... composer: additional music

Transportation Department
Fabiano Gary .... transportation
Corbin Kelly .... transportation
Kirk Kelly .... transportation
Michael Kelly .... transportation
Adam Schoon .... transportation secretary
Charles Spillane .... transportation captain
John J. Sullivan .... transportation coordinator

Other crew
Keith Adams .... location manager: New York
Alex Apple .... assistant location manager
Emilie Barbault .... script supervisor: Paris
Adam Bernard .... production assistant
Geoffrey Booth .... unit location assistant: New York
Kristen Boulé .... additional set production assistant
Justin Carville .... first assistant accountant: second unit
Sean Carville .... second assistant accountant
Tracy L. Connors .... set production assistant
Amy Cutler .... assistant to producers
Angela Cutrone .... additional production assistant
Nekia Daste .... production assistant
Bianca D'Carpio .... production assistant (reshoots)
Anthony DeFrancesco .... set production assistant
Adrienne Dine .... production assistant
Sean Donnelly .... production assistant
Tim Downs .... location scout
Erin Engman .... assistant production coordinator
Courtney Esposito .... assistant to director
Monica Estrada .... production assistant
Tessa Ferreyros .... clearance coordinator
Fabien Gourmelen .... production assistant
Richard Graves .... stand-in
Vanessa Gutin .... production secretary
Staci Hagenbaugh .... assistant location manager
Aaron Hammersley .... production assistant
Josette Hammerstone .... location coordinator
Lauren Harrison .... office production assistant
April Harshaw .... assistant: director
Bill Horton .... location projectionist
Blair Howley .... production assistant
Steve Jacks .... office production assistant
Arnaud Kaiser .... assistant location manager: preparation
Madeleine Karpel .... assistant: director
Kirk Kelly .... auto mechanic
Michael Kelly .... auto mechanic
Bobby Kennedy .... additional production assistant
Nick Klinger .... office production assistant
Harry Lapham .... production assistant
Mark Mayer .... production accountant
Shaun M. McGovern .... first assistant accountant
Jim McNutt .... production assistant
Brian Mignone .... additional production assistant
Marisa Murphy .... accounting clerk
Sean Oliver .... adr loop group
Lyn Pinezich .... production supervisor: New York
Sharon Pinkenson .... film commissioner
Douglas Poland .... office production assistant
Edward Poveda .... payroll accountant
Claire Raskind .... unit publicist (as Claire Raskind Cooper)
David Raynor .... production coordinator
Travis Rehwaldt .... additional set production assistant
Matt Rusk .... office production assistant
Marlena Schaefer .... additional production assistant
Dee Schuka .... post-production accountant
Brian Michael Scully .... production assistant
Greg Smith .... animal trainer
Will Swan .... production assistant
Lucie Terranova .... production assistant
Nancy A. Terriberry .... assistant accountant
Andrew L. Ullman .... location manager
Mariellen Ward .... production assistant
Wendy Wilhite .... studio teacher
Julia Yorks .... voice actor

Also Known As (AKA)
Fin de los tiempos, El Argentina / Venezuela
Acontecimento, O Portugal
E venne il giorno Italy
Fim dos Tempos Brazil
Green Planet USA (working title)
Incidente, El Spain
Mistik olay Turkey (Turkish title)
Phénomènes France
Symvan, To Greece
The Green Effect USA (working title)
The Happening Germany
Zdarzenie Poland

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