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Metal Torrent With Some Ska

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Name:Metal Torrent With Some Ska

Total Size: 3.61 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 1

Leechers: 2

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2010-07-16 21:40:55 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-24 10:34:32

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Torrent downloaded from (Size: 3.51 GB) (Files: 584)

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0.05 KB

 Threat Signal

  Under Reprisal

   Seeing Red.MP3

6.74 MB

   When All Is Said And Done.MP3

10.48 MB

   One Last Breath.MP3

6.97 MB

   Rational Eyes.MP3

6.63 MB


6.13 MB


11.28 MB


6.15 MB


5.89 MB


10.35 MB

   A New Beginning.MP3

8.14 MB

 The Human Abstract


   Vela, Together We Await The Storm.mp3

8.29 MB

   Sotto Voce.mp3

2.27 MB


7.34 MB

   Self Portraits Of The Instincts.mp3

6.26 MB

   Movement From Discord.mp3

7.49 MB


6.27 MB

   Mea Culpa.mp3

6.14 MB


7.66 MB


6.24 MB

   Echelons To Molotovs.mp3

4.58 MB

   Crossing The Rubicon.mp3

8.98 MB

   Channel Detritus.mp3

8.73 MB

 The Holly Springs Disaster

  Motion Sickness Love

   Up In Smoke.mp3

7.35 MB

   Nice Night For A Neck Injury (Suck B.mp3

8.98 MB


10.22 MB

   My Pet Monster.mp3

6.84 MB

   I Feel Like I'm Taking Crazy Pills.mp3

7.11 MB

   I Am....mp3

1.51 MB

   I D.A.R.E. David Bowie To Drive Drun.mp3

8.30 MB

   Absolut Balderdash.mp3

7.32 MB

 The Haunted

  The Haunted Made Me Do It

   Victim Iced.mp3

5.38 MB


6.74 MB

   Under The Surface.mp3

7.73 MB


5.63 MB

   The World Burns.mp3

7.65 MB


8.54 MB


2.91 MB

   Hollow Ground.mp3

7.64 MB

   Human Debris.mp3

5.54 MB

   Dark Intentions.mp3

2.76 MB

   Bury Your Dead.mp3

5.72 MB

  The Haunted


3.52 MB


5.49 MB

   Three Times.mp3

4.48 MB

   In Vein.mp3

5.45 MB

   Now You Know.mp3

5.59 MB


6.49 MB

   Hate Song.mp3

4.99 MB


5.26 MB

   Choke Hold.mp3

6.21 MB

   Blood Rust.mp3

5.95 MB

   Bullet Hole.mp3

7.14 MB

  The Dead Eye

   The Stain.mp3

7.05 MB

   The Reflection.mp3

6.33 MB

   The Shifter.mp3

4.98 MB

   The Prosecution.mp3

6.71 MB

   The Medusa.mp3

7.44 MB

   The Premonition.mp3

1.64 MB

   The Medication.mp3

5.44 MB

   The Guilt Trap.mp3

13.64 MB

   The Flood.mp3

7.07 MB

   The Fallout.mp3

7.09 MB

   The Failure.mp3

8.59 MB

   The Cynic.mp3

6.43 MB

   The Drowning.mp3

7.55 MB


   Who Will Decide.mp3

6.85 MB


5.00 MB

   Sweet Relief.mp3

6.58 MB

   Nothing Right.mp3

7.07 MB

   My Shadow.mp3

11.62 MB

   No Compromise.mp3

6.98 MB

   Liquid Burns.mp3

8.88 MB

   All Against All.mp3

8.59 MB

   Burnt To A Shell.mp3

6.98 MB


7.68 MB


8.34 MB

  One Kill Wonder

   Urban Predator.mp3

4.46 MB

   Shadow World.mp3

5.05 MB


5.34 MB

   Privation Of Faith Inc..mp3

2.56 MB

   One Kill Wonder.mp3

4.11 MB


4.32 MB


2.75 MB

   Demon Eyes.mp3

6.39 MB

   Downward Spiral.mp3

5.99 MB


5.69 MB


6.01 MB

 The Devil Wears Prada


   You Can't Spell Crap Without _C_.mp3

5.65 MB

   This Song Is Called.mp3

6.87 MB

   The Scorpion Deathlock.mp3

6.05 MB

   Reptar, King of the Ozone.mp3

5.40 MB

   Number Three, Never Forget.mp3

6.69 MB

   Nickels Is Money Too.mp3

6.66 MB

   HTML Rulez D00d.mp3

6.16 MB

   Don't Dink and Drance.mp3

5.17 MB

   Hey John, What's Your Name Again_.mp3

6.04 MB

  Dear Love_ A Beautiful Discord

   The Ascent.mp3

1.79 MB

   Who Speaks Spanish, Colon Quesadilla.mp3

6.69 MB

   Texas Is South.mp3

9.99 MB


5.85 MB

   Swords, Dragons & Diet Coke.mp3

6.69 MB


1.30 MB

   Rosemary Had An Accident.mp3

8.76 MB

   Modeify The Pronunciation.mp3

7.65 MB

   Gauntlet Of Solitude.mp3

4.54 MB

   And The Sentence Trails Off.mp3

6.93 MB

   Dogs Can Grow Beards All Over.mp3

5.86 MB


  The Chainheart Machine

   Spirits of the Future Sun.mp3

8.24 MB

   The Chainheart Machine.mp3

5.33 MB

   Possessing the Angels.mp3

5.27 MB

   Room No. 99.mp3

7.97 MB

   Million Flame.mp3

5.79 MB

   Neon Rebels.mp3

3.99 MB

   Machine Gun Majesty.mp3

6.69 MB

   Generation Speedkill (Nice Day for P.mp3

5.86 MB


6.11 MB

  Steel Bath Suicide

   Wings of Domain.mp3

4.25 MB

   The Aardvark Trail.mp3

5.76 MB

   Skin After Skin.mp3

4.44 MB

   Steelbath Suicide.mp3

3.81 MB

   Sadistic Lullabye.mp3

3.74 MB

   Roazor Lives.mp3

5.59 MB

   Sadistic Lullabye [Live].mp3

4.28 MB

   My Need.mp3

4.86 MB

   In a Close Encounter.mp3

4.12 MB

   Demon in the Veins.mp3

4.75 MB

   Entering the Angel Diabolique.mp3

3.39 MB

   Centro de Predominio.mp3

2.85 MB

   Burn (Deep Purple Cover).mp3

6.71 MB

  Stabbing the Drama [Bonus Track]

   Wherever Thorns May Grow.mp3

6.18 MB

   Weapon of Vanity.mp3

5.34 MB

   The Crestfallen.mp3

4.98 MB

   Stabbing the Drama.mp3

6.01 MB


4.46 MB

   One With the Flies.mp3

5.32 MB


4.92 MB

   Observation Slave.mp3

5.63 MB

   If Possible.mp3

6.20 MB

   Fate in Motion.mp3

4.46 MB

   Blind Eye Halo.mp3

3.06 MB


5.90 MB

  Natural Born Chaos

   The Flameout.mp3

6.68 MB

   Soilwork's Song of the Damned.mp3

6.07 MB

   The Bringer.mp3

7.17 MB

   No More Angels.mp3

5.23 MB

   Natural Born Chaos.mp3

5.57 MB


5.21 MB

   Mercury Shadow.mp3

5.61 MB

   Follow the Hollow.mp3

6.06 MB

   As We Speak.mp3

4.56 MB

   Black Star Deceiver.mp3

7.02 MB

  Figure Number Five Disc 1


5.12 MB

   The Mindmaker.mp3

4.80 MB


5.05 MB

   Rejection Role.mp3

4.84 MB

   Light the Torch.mp3

4.76 MB

   Downfall 24.mp3

5.34 MB

   Figure Number Five.mp3

4.29 MB

   Distortion Sleep.mp3

5.08 MB

   Cranking the Sirens.mp3

4.64 MB

   Departure Plan.mp3

5.97 MB


5.04 MB

  A Predator's Portrait

   Structure Divine.mp3

6.43 MB

   The Analyst.mp3

7.33 MB


7.25 MB


6.24 MB

   Neurotica Rampage.mp3

7.46 MB

   Like the Average Stalker.mp3

7.05 MB

   Grand Failure Anthem.mp3

8.30 MB

   Final Fatal Force.mp3

8.01 MB

   Bastard Chain.mp3

6.29 MB

   A Predator's Portrait.mp3

6.25 MB

   Asylum Dance.mp3

5.89 MB

 Protest The Hero

  Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB


   Turn Soonest To The Sea.mp3

14.75 MB

   The Divine Suicide Of K..mp3

12.03 MB

   No Stars Over Bethlehem.mp3

8.90 MB

   She Who Mars The Skin Of Gods.mp3

9.03 MB


6.97 MB

   Divinity Within.mp3

10.58 MB

   Heretics & Killers.mp3

7.42 MB

   Bury The Hatchet.mp3

7.97 MB

   A Plateful Of Our Dead.mp3

10.40 MB

   Blindfolds Aside.mp3

13.89 MB


   The Dissentience.mp3

7.60 MB


7.36 MB

   Sequoia Throne.mp3

5.77 MB


6.47 MB

   Palms Reads.mp3

9.03 MB

   Goddess Gagged.mp3

5.57 MB

   Limb From Limb.mp3

7.75 MB


14.77 KB

   Goddess Bound.mp3

6.00 MB


6.95 MB

   Bone Marrow.mp3

9.26 MB

  A Calculated Use of Sound

0.05 KB

   These Colours Don't Run.mp3

5.41 MB

   Soft Targets Make Softer Graves.mp3

6.16 MB

   Red Stars Over The Battle of the Cow.mp3

4.64 MB

   Protest The Hero - 02 - An Apathetic New World.mp3

5.31 MB

   Led Astray.mp3

7.47 MB

   Fear And Loathing in Laramie.mp3

5.53 MB

   I Am Dmitri Karamazov and the World.mp3

5.96 MB

 Norma Jean


   The longest last statement.mp3

3.25 MB

   Songs sound much sadder.mp3

3.78 MB

   The end of all things will be televi.mp3

5.99 MB

   No passenger_ No parasite.mp3

5.73 MB

   Like swimming circles.mp3

3.56 MB

   Cemetery like stage.mp3

4.98 MB

   Amnesty please.mp3

4.91 MB

   Blue prints for future homes.mp3

3.27 MB

   A tempermental widower.mp3

3.22 MB

   A small spark vs a great forest.mp3

5.73 MB

   A grand scene for color film.mp3

3.93 MB

  O' God The Aftermath


10.86 MB


5.16 MB


6.91 MB


3.18 MB


6.88 MB


16.80 MB


3.56 MB


7.32 MB


5.43 MB


7.00 MB


5.03 MB

  Bless The Martyr & Kiss The Child

   The Shotgun Message.mp3

1.97 MB

   The Entire World Is Counting On Me A.mp3

3.74 MB

   The Human Face, Divine.mp3

6.61 MB

   Sometimes It's Our Mistakes That Mak.mp3

3.83 MB

   Organized Beyond Recognition.mp3

8.62 MB

   Pretty Soon, I Don't Know What, But.mp3

18.22 MB

   It Was As If The Dead Man Stood Upon.mp3

1.83 MB

   Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste.mp3

5.75 MB

   I Used To Hate Cell Phones But Now I.mp3

5.87 MB

   Creating Something Out Of Nothing, O.mp3

7.39 MB

   Face_ Face.mp3

4.13 MB

  03 - Redeemer

   Album Art.gif

127.15 KB

 Murder At The Cathedral

  Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB

  Carefully Scrutinizing The Affairs Of Th

   When Life and Death Collide.mp3

4.80 MB

   My Misery Loves Company.mp3

5.20 MB

   I Have A Question For You, Why Are Y.mp3

6.86 MB


6.22 MB


4.15 MB

   Dying Will Get You Nowhere.mp3

6.65 MB

 Memphis May Fire

  Memphis May Fire

   Therapy Caravan of the Fair Room.mp3

7.18 MB

   Neutron Cameras Vs. Smuggled Nuclear.mp3

6.83 MB

   History of Merica.mp3

7.14 MB

   Conjunctions, Conjunctions, Everybod.mp3

5.52 MB

   Cowbell's Makin' a Comeback.mp3

8.40 MB

 Less Than Jake

  hello rockview

   theme song for h street.mp3

2.98 MB

   scott farcas takes it on the chin.mp3

2.85 MB

   richard allen george no its just che.mp3

2.17 MB


3.41 MB

   nervous in the alley.mp3

3.13 MB

   last one out of liberty city.mp3

2.38 MB

   history of a boring town.mp3

3.52 MB

   help save the youth of america from.mp3

3.12 MB

   five state drive.mp3

3.05 MB

   great american sharpshooter.mp3

1.93 MB

   big crash.mp3

2.97 MB

   danny says.mp3

3.09 MB

   all my best friends are metalheads.mp3

3.65 MB

   als war.mp3

3.24 MB

  b is for b sides

   sobriety is a serious business and b.mp3

1.38 MB

   showbiz science who cares.mp3

2.81 MB

   sleep it off.mp3

2.87 MB

   robots one humans zero.mp3

3.14 MB

   nine one one to anyone.mp3

2.83 MB

   portrait of a cigarette smoker at 19.mp3

3.65 MB

   national anthem.mp3

2.69 MB

   jay frenzal.mp3

1.82 MB

   last rites to sleepless nights.mp3

2.77 MB

   bridge and tunnel authority.mp3

3.84 MB

   goodbye to gasoline.mp3

2.99 MB

   a s a o k.mp3

2.62 MB


   welcome to the new south.mp3

3.26 MB

   the science of selling yourself shor.mp3

3.58 MB

   the upwards war and the down turned.mp3

3.46 MB

   the brightest bulb has burned out sc.mp3

5.20 MB

   the ghosts of me and you.mp3

3.79 MB


4.10 MB

   thats why they call it a union.mp3

3.52 MB

   short fuse burning.mp3

2.85 MB

   plastic cup politics.mp3

2.82 MB

   shes gonna break soon.mp3

3.69 MB

   motown never sounded so good.mp3

3.14 MB

   look what happened.mp3

3.55 MB

   escape from the a bomb house.mp3

3.95 MB

   best wishes to your black lung.mp3

3.38 MB

 Lamb Of God


   Walk With Me In Hell.mp3

9.00 MB


7.14 MB


8.05 MB


6.42 MB

   Forgotten (Lost Angels).mp3

5.36 MB

   More Time To Kill.mp3

5.96 MB


6.00 MB

   Foot To The Throat.mp3

5.84 MB

   Beating On Death's Door.mp3

8.88 MB

   Blacken The Cursed Sun.mp3

9.62 MB

   Again We Rise.mp3

8.08 MB

  New American Gospel

   The Black Dahlia.mp3

4.59 MB

   The Subtle Arts Of Murder And.mp3

5.73 MB

   Terror And Hubris In The House.mp3

7.74 MB


7.24 MB


6.07 MB

   Letter To The Unborn.mp3

4.05 MB

   Nippon (Japanese Release Track.mp3

5.40 MB


5.54 MB

   In The Absence Of The Sacred.mp3

6.35 MB

   A Warning.mp3

3.30 MB

   Black Label.mp3

6.70 MB


   What I've Become.mp3

10.05 MB


11.49 MB

   The Faded Line.mp3

10.74 MB

   The Subtle Arts Of Murder And Persua.mp3

10.68 MB

   Terror And Hubris In The House Of Fr.mp3

15.03 MB


11.99 MB


9.07 MB


11.02 MB

   Laid To Rest.mp3

8.79 MB

   Now You've Got Something To Die For.mp3

8.36 MB


8.72 MB


4.63 MB


5.26 MB

   Black Label.mp3

11.35 MB

   11th Hour.mp3

8.66 MB

   As The Palaces Burn.mp3

7.97 MB

  Burn The Priest

   Suffering Bastard.mp3

4.88 MB


5.06 MB


4.91 MB

   Preaching To The Converted.mp3

5.82 MB

   Resurrection #9.mp3

12.02 MB

   Lies Of Autumn.mp3

10.96 MB


5.47 MB


4.25 MB


5.64 MB


5.26 MB

   Departure Hymn.mp3

6.08 MB


9.07 MB

   Chronic Auditory Hallucination.mp3

8.93 MB


4.47 MB

  Ashes Of The Wake

   The Faded Line.mp3

10.58 MB

   What I've Become.mp3

7.97 MB

   One Gun.mp3

9.13 MB

   Remorse Is For The Dead.mp3

12.97 MB

   Now You've Got Something To Die For.mp3

8.39 MB


10.91 MB

   Laid To Rest.mp3

8.79 MB

   Break You.mp3

8.24 MB


9.17 MB

   Blood Of The Scribe.mp3

10.06 MB

   Ashes Of The Wake.mp3

13.17 MB

  As The Palaces Burn


8.94 MB


10.80 MB


7.27 MB

   In Defense Of Our Good Name.mp3

9.57 MB

   For Your Malice.mp3

8.53 MB

   Boot Scraper.mp3

10.49 MB

   As The Palaces Burn.mp3

5.53 MB

   Blood Junkie.mp3

10.06 MB

   A Devil In God's Country.mp3

7.43 MB

   11th Hour.mp3

8.55 MB

 Job For A Cowboy


   The Divine Falsehood.mp3

10.13 MB


5.95 MB

   Strings Of Hypocrisy.mp3

5.58 MB

   Reduced To Mere Filth.mp3

6.87 MB

   Martyrdom Unsealed.mp3

6.01 MB


8.29 MB

   Coalescing Prophecy.mp3

7.84 MB


3.93 MB

   Bearing The Serpents Lamb.mp3

6.52 MB

   Altered From Catechization.mp3

9.78 MB

 Hostage Life

  Walking Papers

   When I Get Cancer.mp3

7.61 MB

   We Will Make You Crawl.mp3

2.40 MB

   This Song Was Written by a Committee.mp3

5.81 MB

   The Quietest Mutiny.mp3

6.59 MB

   The Last Superman.mp3

3.97 MB

   Sons of Hostage Life.mp3

5.25 MB

   Securing My Seat.mp3

11.35 MB

   Hostage Life's Legally Distinct Cola.mp3

2.05 MB

   How to Die with a Smile.mp3

7.47 MB

   Hostage Life Are Fucking Alive and W.mp3

6.19 MB

   Hell Awaits Hostage Life.mp3

12.38 MB

   Carbon Heart Radio.mp3

7.23 MB

   Fuck, I Hope You're Not Pregnant.mp3

6.22 MB

 Devil Sold His Soul

  A Fragile Hope

   The Starting.mp3

15.16 MB

   Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB

   Sirens Chant.mp3

9.88 MB


10.46 MB

   In the Absence of Light.mp3

5.59 MB

   Dawn Of The First Day.mp3

16.42 MB

   Between Two Words.mp3

18.04 MB


10.54 MB

   Awaiting The Flood.mp3

10.33 MB

   At The End Of The Tunnel.mp3

10.16 MB

   As the Storm Unfolds.mp3

14.31 MB

 Despised Icon

  The Ills Of Modern Man

   The ills of modern man.mp3

6.72 MB

   Tears of the blameless.mp3

7.41 MB

   Sheltered reminiscence.mp3

5.84 MB

   Oval shaped incisions.mp3

7.25 MB


7.26 MB


5.43 MB

   Furtive monologue.mp3

5.97 MB

   In the arms of perdition.mp3

7.85 MB

   Fainted blue ornaments.mp3

8.63 MB

   A fractured hand.mp3

8.10 MB

  The Healing Process

   Warm Blooded.mp3

8.14 MB

   The Sunset Will Never Charm Us.mp3

7.02 MB

   Silver Plated Advocate.mp3

9.13 MB


9.12 MB


3.85 KB


10.61 MB

   Harvesting the Deceased.mp3

6.29 MB

   End This Day.mp3

8.13 MB

   As Bridges Burn.mp3

7.46 MB

   Bulletproof Scales.mp3

7.64 MB

 Dead and Divine

  The Fanciful

   Act IV the Goddess_ To the Moon and.mp3

7.78 MB

   Act IV the Goddess_ The Bronze Godde.mp3

6.34 MB

   Act IV the Goddess_ Professional Cin.mp3

4.95 MB

   Act III the Charmer_ You Ain't Nothi.mp3

7.53 MB

   Act III the Charmer_ Something I've.mp3

7.58 MB

   Act II the Serpent_ San Dimas.mp3

5.62 MB

   Act II the Serpent_ Like Wolves.mp3

8.57 MB

   Act II the Serpent_ Get Down with Yo.mp3

5.86 MB

   Act I the Machine_ There Are Good Gu.mp3

6.04 MB

   Act I the Machine_ Nothing Is Fair i.mp3

6.16 MB

   Act I the Machine_ Honest to God.mp3

9.09 MB


  The Best Way To Ruin Your Life

   Vacation To Hell.mp3

4.15 MB

   Roger's And Holland's Feelings.mp3

3.69 MB

   Quantum Mechanics.mp3

4.92 MB

   Rainclouds For Eyeballs.mp3

3.85 MB

   Lindsay Quit Lollygagging.mp3

4.11 MB

   Hathaway Lane.mp3

3.80 MB


435.82 KB

   Deserving An Explanation.mp3

5.72 MB

  Bone Palace Ballet

   The Undertaker's Thirst For Revenge.mp3

10.93 MB

   Life Is A Perception Of Your Own Rea.mp3

8.73 MB

   Teeth The Size Of Piano Keys.mp3

7.88 MB

   Lexington (Joey Pea-Pot With A Monke.mp3

12.40 MB

   Is It Progression If A Cannibal Uses.mp3

7.98 MB

   Intensity In Ten Cities.mp3

10.56 MB

   If I Cut My Hair, Hawaii Will Sink.mp3

5.57 MB

   I Didn't Say I Was Powerful, I Said.mp3

9.64 MB

   Bulls Make Money, Bears Make Money,.mp3

8.08 MB

   A Letter From Janelle.mp3

7.59 MB

 Burden Of A Day

  Pilots & Paper Planes

   Sound Of Solace.Mp3

6.69 MB

   _Oh The Humanity_.Mp3

5.90 MB

   No Blood No Foul.Mp3

6.63 MB

   Lost In The Shuffle.Mp3

4.01 MB

   Hello, My Name Is Euphoria.Mp3

5.04 MB

   High Noon.Mp3

5.00 MB

   Escapism As An Art Form.Mp3

4.92 MB

   For Tomorrow We Die.Mp3

6.40 MB

   Bite The Bullet.Mp3

5.24 MB

   Cupid Missed His Mark.Mp3

5.53 MB

   Anatomy Of A Scene.Mp3

5.31 MB

   Ashes To Ashes.Mp3

5.45 MB

 Bring Me The Horizon

  Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB

  This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was Made For


168.80 KB

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  This Is What The Edge Of Your Seat Was M

   Who Wants Flowers When Your Dead_ No.mp3

5.72 MB

   Traitors Never Play Hangman.mp3

4.24 MB


4.95 MB

   Re_ They Have No Reflections.mp3

6.63 MB

   Dragon Slaying (Live).mp3

2.33 MB

  Memphis May Fire

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  Lil Wayne


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  Kerrang - Higher Voltage


7.06 MB

  Dead and Divine

   The Fanciful

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  Count Your Blessings

   Tell Slater Not To Wash His Dick.mp3

8.13 MB

   Slow Dance.mp3

3.02 MB

   Off The Heezay.mp3

13.04 MB

   Pray For Plagues.mp3

10.09 MB

   Fifteen Fathoms, Counting.mp3

4.56 MB

   Liquor & Love Lost.mp3

6.19 MB


10.39 MB

   A Lot Like Vegas.mp3

5.06 MB

   Black And Blue.mp3

10.54 MB

   (I Used To Make Out With) Medusa.mp3

13.04 MB

 Break The Silence

  Near Life Experience

   The Likes Of Me.mp3

5.19 MB

   Slaughter Of The Soul.mp3

5.43 MB

   Oceans Away.mp3

5.23 MB

   Six Foot Revolver.mp3

4.45 MB


5.51 MB

   Moving Day.mp3

4.73 MB


2.21 MB

   Load & Clear.mp3

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   Forgiven, Not Forgotten.mp3

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4.57 MB

   Break The Silence.mp3

5.74 MB

   Close My Eyes.mp3

4.67 MB

   At War With Instinct.mp3

5.37 MB

   A Piece Of Mind.mp3

5.74 MB

 August Burns Red

  Thrill Seeker

   Your Little Suburbia Is In Ruins.mp3

7.12 MB

   Too Late For Roses.mp3

6.00 MB

   The Reflective Property.mp3

7.03 MB

   The Seventh Trumpet.mp3

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   Eve Of The End.mp3

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   Speech Impediment.mp3

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7.56 MB


5.72 MB


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   A Shot Below The Belt.mp3

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   A Wish Full Of Dreams.mp3

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   Up Against The Ropes.mp3

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   Vital Signs.mp3

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   The Eleventh Hour.mp3

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   The Truth Of A Liar.mp3

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   The Balance.mp3

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   The Blinding Light.mp3

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   Black Sheep.mp3

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   An American Dream.mp3

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   Back Burner.mp3

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  Looks Fragile After All

   You Should Be Taking Flight.mp3

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   Missing This Opportunity.mp3

7.70 MB

   Glory Thrives.mp3

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   Background Music To Her Awaken.mp3

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   Accidental Shot Heard 'Round T.mp3

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  August Burns Red EP


7.38 MB

   Your Thoughts On What's Right.mp3

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   The Crack From Which Gold Pour.mp3

5.26 MB

   Silhouette Of Wings.mp3

3.83 MB

   Show Me How To Give In.mp3

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 Arsonists Get All The Girls

  Hits From The Bow

   Zombies Ate My Neighbors.m4a

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4.16 MB

0.05 KB

   Scobra VS Cupcake_ Battle Of The Bul.m4a

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   Shat Shark Tart.m4a

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   Next Time You Are Going To Get It Di.m4a

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   Red Meat & Big Trucks.m4a

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3.21 MB

   City Of Angels Cakewalk.m4a

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   Jazzy Geoffery.m4a

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   Canadian Unigod.m4a

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  On Frail Wings Of Vanity And Wax

   This Conversation Is Over.mp3

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   Tilting The Hourglass.mp3

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   The Last Three Letters.mp3

5.44 MB

   The Third Temptation Of Paris.mp3

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   Pathetic, Ordinary.mp3

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1.33 MB

   Nero's Decay.mp3

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   Daggers Speak Louder Than Words.mp3

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   Congratulations, I Hate You.mp3

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4.76 MB

   Alchemy Sounded Good At The Time.mp3

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   A Siren's Soliloquy.mp3

6.18 MB

 A Static Lullaby

  _..And Don't Forget to Breathe

   We Go to Eleven.mp3

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5.52 MB

   The Shooting Star That Destroyed Us.mp3

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   Nightmares Win 6-0.mp3

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   Lipgloss and Letdown.mp3

5.83 MB

   Love to Hate, Hate to Me.mp3

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   Charred Fields of Snow.mp3

6.68 MB

   Annunciate While You Masticate.mp3

3.98 MB

   A Song for a Broken Heart.mp3

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   A Sip of Wine Chased with Cyanide.mp3

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  Faso Latido

   The Jesus Haircut.mp3

4.94 MB

   Stand Up.mp3

3.52 MB


4.36 MB

   Smooth Modulator.mp3

3.34 MB

   Modern Day Fire.mp3

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   Radio Flyer's Last Journey.mp3

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   Half Man, Half Shark_ Equals One Com.mp3

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   Faso Latido.mp3

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   Godbless You (God Dammit).mp3

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   Cash Cowbell.mp3

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   Calmer Than You Are.mp3

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  A Static Lullaby

   Trigger Happy Tarantula.mp3

5.73 MB

   The Art Of Sharing Lovers.mp3

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   The Collision.mp3

5.73 MB

   Static Slumber Party.mp3

5.01 MB

   Mechanical Heart.mp3

7.78 MB

   Stare At The Air.mp3

4.08 MB

   Hang 'Em High.mp3

5.29 MB


5.38 MB

   Eager Cannibals.mp3

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   Annexation Of Puerto Rico.mp3

5.20 MB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

I made this torrent for a friend, but everyone is more than welcome to download it. Most of the bands have at least one album, some have all of them( I tihnk ). I'd say the average bit rate is around 192Kbps, some is a tad bit lower, some is as high as 320Kbps.

Bands in this torrent include:
A Static Lullaby
Arsonists Get All The Girls
August Burns Red
Break The Silence
Bring Me The Horizon
Burden Of A Day
Dead And Divine
Despised Icon
Devil Sold His Soul
The Devil Wears Prada
The Haunted
The Holly Springs Disaster
Hostage Life
The Human Abstract
Job For A Cowboy
Lamb of God
Less Than Jake
Memphis May Fire
Murder At The Cathedral
Norma Jean
Protest The Hero
Threat Signal

Thanks for download and PLEASE SEED!!

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