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Kyou Kara Maou S1+S2 Episode 1 78 rar

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Kyou Kara Maou S1+S2 Episode 1 78 rar

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Name:Kyou Kara Maou S1+S2 Episode 1 78 rar

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Kyou Kara Maou S1+S2 Episode 1-78.rar (Size: 11.82 GB) (Files: 1)

 Kyou Kara Maou S1+S2 Episode 1-78.rar

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Season one
Episodes 1-39. The first season of Kyo Kara Maoh! begins when Yuri intervenes upon finding his former classmate, Ken Murata (?? ?, Murata Ken?), being bullied, and intervenes allowing Murata to run away, but getting his head dunked in a toilet by the bullies instead. When his head enters the water, he is sucked into the toilet, and ends up in another world. Waking on dry land, he initially assumes that he is at a theme park, because of the medieval-style clothes the inhabitants wear.

He encounters Adelbert von Grantz, who uses some form of magic to unlock the local language hidden in Yuri's spirit. Adelbert tries to capture him recognizing the double black hair and eyes to use for his own agenda. Conrart Weller and Günter von Christ then rescue Yuri and take him to Covenant Castle, where he is informed that he is the new heir to the throne of the Great Demon Kingdom.

While spending his first night at the castle, Yuri encounters Wolfram von Bielefeld, who immediately marks Yuri as an unworthy heir to the throne, and claims that Yuri's mother was of poor breeding, as well as being human. Yuri ignorantly reacts to the insult by slapping Wolfram across the left cheek, which is the traditional way to propose marriage among the nobles of the Great Demon Kingdom. Though Yuri insists that he is not interested in men, Wolfram takes the proposal very seriously, becoming a jealous, critical fiancé, constantly complaining about how Yuri is a wimp of a fiancée, to great comic effect. Though initially hesitant to claim the throne of a nation he has never heard of at age 15, he has a change of heart upon learning that the humans of the world are at odds with the Demon Tribe, and that the kingdom is on the brink of war with the humans. Yuri feels the bitterness of war firsthand when visiting a town that was burned by enemies, and he feels compelled to bring peace to the land. Just as Yuri is beginning to accept his responsibility as Demon King, another being within his soul manifests itself. This other being is known as "the Demon King" proper, and has longer hair, and more adult features as well as a deeper voice. He is extremely powerful with magic. He is brought forth when Yuri is angered, hurt, or otherwise distressed. The Demon King is always eloquent and direct when he appears, always promoting the idea of justice; in fact, whenever he punishes wrongdoers, he always creates an image of the kanji meaning "justice" (??, seigi?) somewhere within the scene. The Demon King often appears at crucial moments to help out and to ensure justice prevails. Yuri slowly becomes the champion of peace and justice, and becomes iconic of a new era of understanding as he rules with a strict policy of peace and negotiation. He even encounters Prince Heathcrife of Cavalcade on a ship, and inadvertently forms an alliance for the Great Demon Kingdom by helping out who he believes is just a stranger in need. On one instance, Ken Murata tries to save Yuri from drowning as he is "flushed" to the other world, and is accidentally brought along. After some initial awkward caution between the friends, Murata reveals to Yuri that he is the reincarnated soul of the Great Wise Man (???, daikenja?), the close friend and adviser of the original Demon King, known as the Great One (??, shin'??, True King). The Great Wise Man always remembers his past lives. After this encounter, Murata usually travels with Yuri to and from the kingdom, and the boys become closer in both worlds. Later in the season, Yuri learns that in ancient times, the Great One sealed up his greatest enemy, the Originator (??, s?shu?), in four wooden boxes named "End of the Wind", "End of the Earth", "Hell's Fire on Frozen Tundra" and "Mirror at the Bottom of the Sea", collectively known as the "Four Forbidden Boxes". According to Murata, peace cannot prevail until all four boxes, which can be used as powerful weapons of destruction, are brought back into the control of the Demon Tribe. Yuri begins searching for the boxes, and subsequently clashes with King Belar of Big Cimaron, who is also seeking the boxes to use as weapons against his human enemies, as well as the Demon Tribe.

Season two
Episodes 1-39. The second season begins with Yuri and his companions in Fransia with the box named "End of the Wind" in their possession. While traveling back to Shin Makoku, however, they are confronted by a group of soldiers led by Conrad. He openly declares his new allegiance to Big Cimaron, and takes the group and the box into custody. When King Belal orders Conrad to execute Yuri,he reveals that he has always remained faithful to Yuri, and that he had been attempting to gain access to the boxes controlled by Big Cimaron. The companions escape when the armies of Cavalcade and of a newly-allied Fransia arrive and order Belal out of Fransia, but not before Conrad is pierced by two arrows protecting Yuri. End of the Wind is successfully secured, but Yuri and Murata get pulled back to Japan before reaching Shin Makoku. Through a series of side stories, it becomes clear that Yuri's brother, Shori Shibuya (?? ??, Shibuya Sh?ri?)is being trained to take over the role of Maou for the small population of Mazoku living in secret on earth. Throughout the progression of the early second season, viewers are presented with a slow accumulation of information about Suzanna Julia von Wincott. Conrad was very close to Julia, even though she was engaged to Adelbert. As the season continues, it is eventually revealed that Suzanna Julia volunteered to give her life to Shinou, and was subsequently reincarnated as Yuri. Julia was chosen to become the next Maou because she was a gentle, caring soul, and she abhorred war in every sense. Like Yuri, she did not understand what she felt was the needless sacrifice of war. It is also later revealed that the soul of the Great Sage was deliberately brought to Earth along with Yuri's, so that Ken Murata could be raised with the future Maou. It is difficult to draw a broad line across the plot progressions of the beginning of the second season, as most many episodes present isolated side-stories including chasing a baby around Blood Pledge Castle, a villain attempting to take Yuri hostage but giving up when he tastes soup similar to a recipe made by his mother, and Yuri traveling to the past to encounter Suzanna Julia. Meanwhile, the fourth box, the Mirror at the Bottom of the Sea, becomes increasingly elusive, until the Shinou informs Ulrike that the box was hidden away on Earth in ancient times. Yuri, Gwendal, Conrad, Wolfram, and Murata travel to Earth and meet Yuri's parents, then begin searching for the Maou of Earth, Bob. Bob turns away the Mazoku, telling them to return home, and setting various obstacles in their way, which the companions overcome to finally meet with Bob in Switzerland. Bob and Yuri battle with magic, and Bob is eventually defeated, yielding the box to Yuri, and also explaining that his ancestors had made an oath never to allow the box to return to the Shin Makoku. The obstacles had been a test of Yuri's strength and worthiness. Upon returning the Mirror at the Bottom of the Sea to Shin Makoku, and thus collecting all four boxes, strange things begin to happen, such as the Fly-Bone Tribe becoming uneasy and flocking en masse to Blood Pledge Castle, and travel between worlds becoming more difficult and less predictable. Finally, Conrad and Shori discover that Soushu is beginning to leak out of the boxes as the seals weaken. Yuri comes forward to help reseal the boxes, but Wolfram, possessed by the spirit of Soushu, leaps forward and distracts Yuri, who releases his hold on Soushu. Suddenly, the spirit of Shinou appears and takes Gwendals's left eye, Conrad's left arm and Wolfram's heart, three of the four keys to the boxes, and releases the trapped parts of Soushu in those three boxes, but later gives back the original body parts. Murata reveals that, before his death, Shinou had accidentally absorbed part of Soushu, and that his spirit had now combined with Soushu's. Shinou takes over Yuri's body, and Murata sits aside to see who will win out. Günter and Dakaskos take Morgif back to the island where he was found, and throw him into the volcano to renew his power. Shinou tries to use Yuri's blood as the key to the fourth box, but Julia's pendant reacts to the act and transmits a vision of Julia into Yuri's soul, where she tells him that he is strong and can save everyone. Just then, Günter, Dakaskos and Morgif arrive, and Morgif rips Shinou out of Yuri's body. In the crucial moment, Murata reveals Shinou's final plan to use his soul as a vessel in which to ultimately destroy Soushu. Yuri was chosen to be the only Demon King stronger than the Great One. Yuri finally defeated the Originator. Murata told Yuri that they can't travel again to Shin Makoku because Shinou had disappeared.Shinou opened one last portal. Yuri was left with an ultimatum: stay and live in Shin Makoku or return to his family on Earth. Yuri, Murata, and Shori decided to go back to Earth. Wolfram told him that he must go back, because his family was waiting for him. Wolfram cried, and since Yuri was gone, Shin Makoku didn't have spirit. On Earth, Yuri worries about everyone at Shin Makoku. When he took his necklace close to the lake, it shone. So Murata pushed him into the lake and they suddenly ended up arriving in Shin Makoku. Conrard, Wolfram, Gwendal and Günter were all surprised and the final episode ended with Yuri being attacked by Wolfram for being a wimp who didn't come to Shin Makoku.

Synopsis taken from wikipedia please stop distribution after Kyou Kara Maou! is liscened.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kyou Kara Maou! in any way please show your support by buying the DVDs.

79 files are contained in the Rar. The first 78 files are Kyou Kara Maou episodes 1 through 78. The last file is a read me text that acts as disclaimer.

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