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All seasons of Pokemon! Part 3 (season 5 and 6)

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Name:All seasons of Pokemon! Part 3 (season 5 and 6)

Total Size: 16.42 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 8

Leechers: 5

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2015-09-03 23:48:52 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-24 03:42:46

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Torrent Files List

Pokémon Season 6 - Advanced (Size: 16.42 GB) (Files: 105)

 Pokémon Season 6 - Advanced

  Pokémon SE6 EP316 - Watt's With Wattson.avi

136.97 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP315 - A Poke-BLOCK Party.avi

143.09 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP314 - A Different Kind of Misty.avi

124.19 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP313 - Jump for Joy.avi

145.33 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP312 - The Spheal of Approval.avi

113.53 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP311 - Win Lose or Drew.avi

145.41 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP310 - Having a Wailord of a Time.avi

116.81 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP309 - Now That's Flower Power.avi

133.80 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP308 - Abandon Ship.avi

127.75 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP307 - Just One of the Geysers.avi

133.45 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP306 - A Meditite Fight.avi

147.80 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP305 - Ready Willing and Sableye.avi

110.29 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP304 - Seeing Is Believing.avi

133.74 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP303 - A Three Team Scheme.avi

108.02 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP302 - Turning Over a Nuzleaf.avi

129.97 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP301 - A Mudkip Mission.avi

133.32 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP300 - A Corphish Out of Water.avi

137.98 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP299 - Gone Corphishin.avi

119.73 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP298 - A Hole Lotta Trouble.avi

123.42 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP297 - Which Wurmple's Which.avi

125.02 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP296 - Brave The Wave.avi

146.94 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP295 - Sharpedo Attack.avi

137.07 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP294 - On a Wingull and a Prayer.avi

132.42 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP293 - Stairway To Devon.avi

122.15 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP292 - The Winner By A Nosepass.avi

129.95 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP291 - Gonna Rule The School.avi

135.54 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP290 - All In A Day's Wurmple.avi

153.51 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP289 - All Things Bright and Beautifly.avi

139.52 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP288 - The Lotad Lowdown.avi

125.00 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP287 - A Bite To Remember.avi

124.30 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP286 - You Said A Mouthful.avi

128.82 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP285 - Taming of the Shroomish.avi

131.41 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP284 - A Tail With A Twist.avi

153.33 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP283 - Tree's A Crowd.avi

130.33 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP282 - A Poached Ego.avi

136.12 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP281 - In The Knicker of Time.avi

133.74 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP280 - You Never Can Taillow.avi

153.17 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP279 - There's No Place Like Hoenn.avi

129.05 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP278 - A Ruin With A View.avi

114.55 MB

  Pokémon SE6 EP277 - Get The Show On The Road.avi

133.21 MB

 Pokémon Season 5 - Master Quest

  Pokémon SE5 EP276 - Hoenn Alone...!.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP275 - Gotta Catch Ya Later!.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP274 - Johto Photo Finish.avi

175.04 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP273 - Playing With Fire.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP272 - Can`t Beat The Heat.avi

175.05 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP271 - The Ties That Bind.avi

175.04 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP270 - Meganium vs. Bulbasaur! Spirit of the Grass Types!.avi

175.08 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP269 - League Priliminaries! Battle of the Quilava Flame!.avi

175.05 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP268 - The Silver Tournament! The Return of Gary.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP267 - Sneasel and Sacred Fire!.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP266 - Tyranitar and Larvitar.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP265 - The Unown of the Wondrous Country.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP264 - Try your Best Larvitar.avi

175.01 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP263 - Here's lookin at you alekid!.avi

175.07 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP262 - Slowking! King`s Rock!.avi

175.09 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP261 - Entei and the Friends of the Hot Springs.avi

175.12 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP260 - Protect the Egg! A Life was Hidden Inside of the S.avi

175.04 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP259 - The Song of Lapras.avi

175.08 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP258 - Ryuuguu Gym! Battle in the Middle of Water.avi

175.13 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP257 - Wynaut! Wobbuffet and the Gym Badges!!.avi

175.13 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP256 - Blackthorn Gym! The Final Badge!!.avi

175.06 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP255 - Dragonite! Invoke the Imperial Wrath!!.avi

175.08 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP254 - Blackthorn City Gym`s Dragon Fang.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP253 - Clair`s Dratini.avi

175.05 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP252 - The Ice Cave (JAP dub, ENG subs).avi

334.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP251 - Politoed and Cheerleading!.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP250 - Battle Park! vs. Blastoise, Charizard and Venusaur.avi

175.11 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP249 - The Evolution of Poliwhirl!.avi

175.11 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP248 - Cleffa, Clefairy and the Shooting Star.avi

175.04 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP247 - Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up .avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP246 - Slowpoke`s Knowledge! Ash`s Knowledge.avi

175.04 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP245 - Igglybuff Twins vs. Jigglypuff! Singing Pokemon Co.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP244 - Zapdos and the Crystal! Secret of the Lake!.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP243 - A Great Change in Pokemon Magic! .avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP242 - Magcargo! Catch in the Hot Spirit!!.avi

175.01 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP241 - Bellossom vs Vileplume! Peace of the Grassy Meadow.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP240 - Mahogany Town Gym! Ice Battle!!.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP239 - Piloswine and Pryce of the Winter!.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP238 - Rage of the Red Gyarados.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP237 - Lance And the Red Gyarados.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP236 - The Great Prediction of Xatu.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP235 - Tyrogue and Karate King Nobuhiko.avi

175.01 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP234 - Just Waiting On A Friend.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP233 - Team Rocket and Delibird!.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP232 - The Egg...Hatches!.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP231 - The Great Police Detective! Mystery of the Egg tha.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP230 - Ride the Swiftly Running Pokemon.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP229 - For Ho-oh the Bells Toll.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP228 - Espeon Not Included!.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP227 - Goodbye Bulbasaur! Adventure at Oak`s Residence.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP226 - Olivine Gym! vs. Steelix!!.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP225 - Fly Proud Hoothoot! Aim For Olivine!!.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP224 - Agreement with Lugia.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP223 - Captive Lugia.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP222 - Mystery Pokemon X.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP221 - Legend of the Silver Feather! Battle of Silver Roc.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP220 - Protect Diglett Village! Great Pitfall Strategy! .avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP219 - The Perfect Match.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP218 - Dueling Heroes.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP217 - Octillery The Outcast!.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP216 - Mantine Overboard!.avi

174.75 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP215 - The Corsola Caper.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP214 - Takin' It On The Chinchou!.avi

175.02 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP213 - Fly Me To The Moon.avi

175.03 MB

  Pokémon SE5 EP212 - Around the Whirlpool.avi

175.02 MB


leech seeds

Torrent description

All seasons of pokemon! PART 3 out of 5.
This one includes season 5 and 6, with banned episodes.

Language: English dubbed.
Size: 16.1GiB/total, ~160MiB/episode
Files: 101
playtime: ~1 day and 10 hours.
Res: Mostly 640x480, it can vary
Quality: Very good for the filesize.
Note: I have spend many time on this torrents, i have renamed and renumbered them all. I collected the best of the best. You won't find better torrents.
Please seed atleast 1:1 or more.

You can play the vids with vlc-mediaplayer (
Please seed if you like it, even if you have a slow connection!
Have fun with this torrent, Ray076NL.

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