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Super Smash Bros Brawl Music Vault official titles, lyrics, composers, art, etc [VGSB]

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Name:Super Smash Bros Brawl Music Vault official titles, lyrics, composers, art, etc [VGSB]

Total Size: 692.28 MB

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Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-23 16:26:59

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Torrent Files List

Z58 Stage & Game Mode Unlocked.mp3 (Size: 646.61 MB) (Files: 296)

 Z58 Stage & Game Mode Unlocked.mp3

245.03 KB

 Z56 Coins Obtained.mp3

153.11 KB

 Z57 Special Message.mp3

116.12 KB

 Z55 New Character.mp3

171.95 KB

 Z54 Trophy Obtained.mp3

161.89 KB

 Z50 Continue.mp3

212.19 KB

 Z51 Game Over.mp3

165.66 KB

 Z47 Victory (Sonic the Hedgehog).mp3

397.80 KB

 Z46 Victory (Metal Gear).mp3

202.74 KB

 Z35 Victory (R.O.B.).mp3

222.34 KB

 Z25 Victory (Pikmin).mp3

194.74 KB

 Z23 Victory (Kid Icarus).mp3

230.68 KB

 Z21 Victory (Wario).mp3

420.25 KB

 Z22 Victory (Meta Knight).mp3

249.07 KB

 Z18 Victory (Game & Watch).mp3

202.27 KB

 Z17 Victory (Fire Emblem).mp3

287.86 KB

 Z16 Victory (Ice Climber).mp3

351.57 KB

 Z11 Victory (Mother).mp3

243.75 KB

 Z10 Victory (F-Zero).mp3

190.21 KB

 Z08 Victory (Pokémon).mp3

318.90 KB

 Z07 Victory (Star Fox).mp3

256.70 KB

 Z05 Victory (Yoshi).mp3

289.46 KB

 Z06 Victory (Kirby).mp3

197.82 KB

 Z04 Victory (Metroid).mp3

304.71 KB

 Z03 Victory (The Legend of Zelda).mp3

364.41 KB

 Z02 Victory (Donkey Kong).mp3

285.28 KB

 Y17 Results Display Screen Ver.2.mp3

1.39 MB

 Y16 Ambient Sounds.mp3

864.43 KB

 Y15 Step - Subspace Ver.3.mp3

2.83 MB

 Y14 Step - Subspace Ver.2.mp3

2.45 MB

 Y13 Main Theme (Metroid) Subspace Emissary Ver..mp3

3.03 MB

 Y11 Menu (Metroid Prime) Subspace Emissary Ver..mp3

3.33 MB

 Y10 Airship Theme Subspace Ver..mp3

3.02 MB

 Y08 Save Point.mp3

1.32 MB

 Y09 Jungle Level (Subspace Emissary).mp3

2.78 MB

 Y07 Boss Battle Song 2.mp3

2.39 MB

 Y05 Boss Battle Song 1.mp3

2.59 MB

 Y04 Step - Subspace.mp3

2.24 MB

 Y03 Step - The Cave.mp3

2.69 MB

 Y01 Adventure Map.mp3

1.37 MB

 Y02 Step - The Plain.mp3

2.03 MB

 X27 Credits.mp3

3.22 MB

 X26 Target Smash!!.mp3

1.41 MB

 X23 Stage Builder.mp3

1.63 MB

 X25 Battlefield Ver. 2.mp3

2.01 MB

 X22 Classic - Clear.mp3

421.22 KB

 X21 Coin Launcher.mp3

1.54 MB

 X20 Sticker Album & Album & Chronicle.mp3

1.17 MB

 X19 Trophy Gallery.mp3

3.75 MB

 X18 Boss Battle.mp3

1.89 MB

 X17 Useless Hand.mp3

1.90 MB

 X16 Home-Run Contest.mp3

498.77 KB

 X15 All-Star Rest Area.mp3

1.21 MB

 X13 Classic - Results Screen.mp3

901.59 KB

 X11 Tournament Match End.mp3

1.25 MB

 X10 Tournament Grid.mp3

1.36 MB

 X09 Tournament Registration.mp3

1.18 MB

 X08 Results Display Screen.mp3

1.01 MB

 X07 Online Practice Stage.mp3

1.03 MB

 X06 Classic - Results Screen (Vs. Master Hand).mp3

1.33 MB

 X05 Final Destination.mp3

3.63 MB

 X03 Menu 2.mp3

1.82 MB

 X04 Battlefield.mp3

2.28 MB

 X02 Menu 1.mp3

2.53 MB

 X01 Super Smash Bros. Brawl Main Theme.mp3

2.83 MB

 W31 Giga Bowser (Melee).mp3

2.34 MB

 W30 Menu (Melee).mp3

1.54 MB

 W29 Mute City (Melee).mp3

2.20 MB

 W28 Venom (Melee).mp3

2.40 MB

 W27 Brinstar (Melee).mp3

3.58 MB

 W26 Kong Jungle (Melee).mp3

4.88 MB

 W25 Final Destination (Melee).mp3

2.32 MB

 W24 Temple (Melee).mp3

2.39 MB

 W23 Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee).mp3

2.42 MB

 W21 Battlefield (Melee).mp3

2.19 MB

 W19 Mother 2 (Melee).mp3

4.29 MB

 W18 Mach Rider (Melee).mp3

2.94 MB

 W17 Fire Emblem (Melee).mp3

2.76 MB

 W16 Battle Theme (Melee).mp3

2.54 MB

 W14 Flat Zone (Melee).mp3

3.03 MB

 W13 Icicle Mountain (Melee).mp3

2.72 MB

 W11 Big Blue (Melee).mp3

2.58 MB

 W12 Mother (Melee).mp3

2.96 MB

 W10 Poké Floats (Melee).mp3

3.26 MB

 W09 Pokémon Stadium (Melee).mp3

4.30 MB

 W08 Corneria (Melee).mp3

2.87 MB

 W07 Green Greens (Melee).mp3

2.14 MB

 W06 Fountain of Dreams (Melee).mp3

4.01 MB

 W05 Yoshi's Island (Melee).mp3

2.67 MB

 W04 Brinstar Depths (Melee).mp3

3.17 MB

 W03 Jungle Japes (Melee).mp3

4.21 MB

 W02 Rainbow Cruise (Melee).mp3

2.08 MB

 W01 Princess Peach's Castle (Melee).mp3

2.05 MB

 U13 Seven Rings In Hand.mp3

3.09 MB

 U12 HIS WORLD (Instrumental).mp3

2.87 MB

 U10 Sonic Heroes.mp3

2.65 MB

 U11 Right There, Ride On.mp3

3.14 MB

 U09 Live & Learn.mp3

2.74 MB

 U08 Open Your Heart.mp3

2.98 MB

 U06 Sonic Boom.mp3

2.15 MB

 U07 Super Sonic Racing.mp3

2.45 MB

 U04 Angel Island Zone.mp3

2.72 MB

 U03 Emerald Hill Zone.mp3

1.01 MB

 U02 Scrap Brain Zone.mp3

1.52 MB

 U01 Green Hill Zone.mp3

1.22 MB

 T05 Endpoint (Vs. Master Hand).mp3

3.71 MB

 T03 Opening (Super Smash Bros. Melee).mp3

2.36 MB

 T02 Menu (Super Smash Bros. Melee).mp3

2.58 MB

 T01 Credits (Super Smash Bros.).mp3

1.99 MB

 S11 Calling to the Night.mp3

4.12 MB

 S10 Theme of Solid Snake.mp3

3.27 MB

 S07 Cavern.mp3

3.01 MB

 S08 Battle in the Base.mp3

2.96 MB

 S06 MGS4 ~Theme of Love~ Smash Bros. Brawl Version.mp3

2.81 MB

 S05 Snake Eater (Instrumental).mp3

4.01 MB

 S04 Yell ''Dead Cell''.mp3

2.04 MB

 S03 Theme of Tara.mp3

2.01 MB

 S02 Encounter.mp3

3.24 MB

 R17 Charge! (Wii Play).mp3

844.09 KB

 R16 Opening Theme (Wii Sports).mp3

2.44 MB

 R15 Brain Age - Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day.mp3

3.63 MB

 R14 Excite Truck.mp3

2.01 MB

 R13 Shaberu! DS Cooking Navi.mp3

2.29 MB

 R12 Battle Scene & Final Boss (Golden Sun).mp3

3.77 MB

 R11 Wii Shop Channel.mp3

1.73 MB

 R10 Mii Channel.mp3

2.27 MB

 R09 Golden Forest (1080°Snowboarding).mp3

1.85 MB

 R08 Title (Big Brain Academy).mp3

2.18 MB

 R06 Lip's Theme (Panel de Pon).mp3

2.55 MB

 R04 Flat Zone 2.mp3

2.68 MB

 R03 Electroplankton - Hanenbow Ambience.mp3

3.97 MB

 R02 PictoChat.mp3

1.66 MB

 Q13 Power-Up Music.mp3

1.05 MB

 Q14 Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasamejo).mp3

748.10 KB

 Q12 Tunnel Scene (X).mp3

2.21 MB

 Q11 Tetris - Type B.mp3

3.20 MB

 Q10 Tetris - Type A.mp3

2.85 MB

 Q09 Title (3D Hot Rally).mp3

2.65 MB

 Q08 Shin Onigashima.mp3

3.77 MB

 Q07 Ice Climber.mp3

2.37 MB

 Q06 Balloon Trip.mp3

2.47 MB

 Q05 Clu Clu Land.mp3

2.51 MB

 Q02 Gyromite.mp3

2.32 MB

 Q01 Famicom Medley.mp3

2.02 MB

 P04 Kid Icarus Original Medley.mp3

1.95 MB

 P03 Skyworld.mp3

2.38 MB

 P02 Title (Kid Icarus).mp3

1.98 MB

 P01 Underworld.mp3

2.60 MB

 N12 K.K. Condor.mp3

2.08 MB

 N11 DJ K.K.mp3

2.73 MB

 N10 Rockin' K.K..mp3

2.22 MB

 N09 K.K. Gumbo.mp3

2.70 MB

 N08 K.K. Western.mp3

2.56 MB

 N07 K.K. Cruisin'.mp3

2.87 MB

 N06 Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store.mp3

2.45 MB

 N05 The Roost.mp3

2.52 MB

 N03 2-00 a.m..mp3

2.97 MB

 N02 Go K.K. Rider!.mp3

2.43 MB

 N01 Title (Animal Crossing).mp3

1.72 MB

 M18 Jimmy T. (Microgame).mp3

206.40 KB

 M17 The Maze That Pays (Microgame).mp3

137.39 KB

 M16 Lose Your Marble (Microgame).mp3

196.71 KB

 M15 Blowin' Up (Microgame).mp3

229.57 KB

 M13 Crack Down (Microgame).mp3

179.20 KB

 M12 Kitty Cover (Microgame).mp3

178.57 KB

 M11 Arrow Space (Microgame).mp3

147.14 KB

 M10 Sole Man (Microgame).mp3

159.27 KB

 M09 Crazy Cars (Microgame).mp3

224.67 KB

 M08 Ashley's Song.mp3

2.68 MB

 M07 Ashley's Song (JP).mp3

2.62 MB

 M06 Mike's Song.mp3

2.99 MB

 M05 Mike's Song (JP).mp3

3.19 MB

 M04 Mona Pizza's Song.mp3

2.70 MB

 M03 Mona Pizza's Song (JP).mp3

2.93 MB

 M02 WarioWare, Inc. Medley.mp3

3.51 MB

 M01 WarioWare, Inc..mp3

2.43 MB

 L08 Ai no Uta (French Version).mp3

1.07 MB

 L07 Stage Clear & Title (Pikmin).mp3

2.45 MB

 L06 Main Theme (Pikmin).mp3

1.69 MB

 L04 Ai no Uta.mp3

3.30 MB

 L05 Tane no Uta.mp3

2.66 MB

 L03 Environmental Noises.mp3

2.77 MB

 L02 Forest of Hope.mp3

4.35 MB

 L01 World Map (Pikmin 2).mp3

2.15 MB

 K10 You Call This a Utopia!.mp3

2.07 MB

 K09 Unfounded Revenge & Smashing Song of Praise.mp3

2.80 MB

 K08 Mother 3 Love Theme.mp3

2.66 MB

 K07 Porky's Theme.mp3

2.44 MB

 K05 Humoresque of a Little Dog.mp3

2.28 MB

 K01 Snowman.mp3

3.01 MB

 J13 Ike's Theme.mp3

3.23 MB

 J12 Victory Is Near.mp3

1.74 MB

 J11 Power-Hungry Fool.mp3

2.58 MB

 J10 Crimean Army Sortie.mp3

4.63 MB

 J09 Against the Dark Knight.mp3

1.49 MB

 J08 Attack.mp3

2.67 MB

 J07 Winning Road - Roy's Hope.mp3

2.67 MB

 J06 Preparing to Advance.mp3

3.11 MB

 J04 With Mila's Divine Protection (Celica Map 1).mp3

2.94 MB

 J03 Shadow Dragon Medley.mp3

3.20 MB

 J02 Fire Emblem Theme.mp3

3.85 MB

 I10 Planet Colors.mp3

2.73 MB

 I09 Shotgun Kiss.mp3

2.97 MB

 I08 Brain Cleaner.mp3

2.16 MB

 I07 Climb Up! And Get The Last Chance!.mp3

1.44 MB

 I06 Devil's Call in Your Heart.mp3

1.24 MB

 I05 Dream Chaser.mp3

1.68 MB

 I04 Car Select.mp3

748.97 KB

 I03 Fire Field.mp3

1.75 MB

 I02 White Land.mp3

2.95 MB

 I01 Mute City.mp3

2.63 MB

 H10 Route 209.mp3

2.29 MB

 H09 Team Galactic Battle!.mp3

1.87 MB

 H08 Dialga & Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar!.mp3

4.36 MB

 H06 Victory Road.mp3

2.78 MB

 H05 Wild Pokémon Battle! (Ruby & Sapphire).mp3

2.40 MB

 H04 Pokémon Gym & Evolution.mp3

2.90 MB

 H03 Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town & Pewter City).mp3

2.41 MB

 H02 Pokémon Center.mp3

2.48 MB

 H01 Pokémon Main Theme.mp3

2.58 MB

 G11 Area 6 Ver. 2.mp3

2.32 MB

 G10 Space Armada.mp3

2.23 MB

 G09 Star Wolf (Star Fox - Assault).mp3

2.53 MB

 G08 Break Through the Ice.mp3

1.80 MB

 G07 Space Battleground.mp3

1.87 MB

 G05 Star Wolf.mp3

2.08 MB

 G04 Area 6.mp3

1.76 MB

 G03 Main Theme (Star Fox 64).mp3

1.94 MB

 G02 Corneria.mp3

2.03 MB

 G01 Main Theme (Star Fox).mp3

2.87 MB

 F12 Squeak Squad Theme.mp3

2.37 MB

 F11 Frozen Hillside.mp3

2.05 MB

 F10 Checker Knights.mp3

2.74 MB

 F09 Forest & Nature Area.mp3

1.38 MB

 F08 0² Battle.mp3

2.61 MB

 F07 Vs. Marx.mp3

2.60 MB

 F06 Meta Knight's Revenge.mp3

2.88 MB

 F05 Gourmet Race.mp3

2.44 MB

 F04 Butter Building.mp3

2.16 MB

 F03 Boss Theme Medley.mp3

2.51 MB

 F02 King Dedede's Theme.mp3

2.40 MB

 F01 The Legendary Air Ride Machine.mp3

2.35 MB

 E07 Obstacle Course Ver.2.mp3

1.64 MB

 E06 Wildlands.mp3

2.24 MB

 E05 Flower Field.mp3

1.80 MB

 E03 Yoshi's Island.mp3

3.13 MB

 E02 Obstacle Course.mp3

1.90 MB

 E01 Ending (Yoshi's Story).mp3

3.72 MB

 D10 Multiplayer (Metroid Prime 2).mp3

3.49 MB

 D09 Vs. Meta Ridley.mp3

1.67 MB

 D07 Opening & Menu (Metroid Prime).mp3

3.90 MB

 D06 Sector 1.mp3

2.51 MB

 D05 Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior.mp3

2.76 MB

 D04 Vs. Ridley.mp3

1.72 MB

 D02 Norfair.mp3

2.94 MB

 D03 Ending (Metroid).mp3

3.14 MB

 D01 Main Theme (Metroid).mp3

4.52 MB

 C19 Midna's Lament.mp3

2.51 MB

 C18 The Hidden Village.mp3

1.86 MB

 C16 The Great Sea.mp3

3.63 MB

 C17 Main Theme (Twilight Princess).mp3

2.50 MB

 C15 Dragon Roost Island.mp3

2.67 MB

 C13 Gerudo Valley.mp3

2.60 MB

 C14 Termina Field.mp3

2.29 MB

 C12 Village of the Blue Maiden.mp3

1.63 MB

 C10 Song of Storms.mp3

2.91 MB

 C11 Molgera Battle.mp3

3.10 MB

 C09 Ocarina of Time Medley.mp3

2.72 MB

 C07 Tal Tal Heights.mp3

1.90 MB

 C08 Hyrule Field Theme.mp3

2.85 MB

 C05 Hidden Mountain & Forest.mp3

1.90 MB

 C03 Great Temple & Temple.mp3

2.00 MB

 C04 The Dark World.mp3

1.81 MB

 C02 Main Theme (The Legend of Zelda).mp3

3.16 MB

 C01 Title (The Legend of Zelda).mp3

2.67 MB

 B10 DK Jungle 1 Theme (Barrel Blast).mp3

1.48 MB

 B08 Jungle Level.mp3

4.77 MB

 B09 25m BGM.mp3

588.17 KB

 B07 Battle for Storm Hill.mp3

2.46 MB

 B06 Bramble Blast.mp3

2.67 MB

 B04 Donkey Kong.mp3

2.25 MB

 B05 King K.Rool & Ship Deck 2.mp3

2.94 MB

 B03 Opening (Donkey Kong).mp3

1.98 MB

 B02 The Map Page & Bonus Level.mp3

2.56 MB

 B01 Jungle Level Ver.2.mp3

2.71 MB

 A23 Rainbow Road.mp3

2.18 MB

 A22 Waluigi Pinball.mp3

2.11 MB

 A21 Luigi Circuit.mp3

2.47 MB

 A13 Delfino Plaza.mp3

3.89 MB

 A14 Ricco Harbor.mp3

5.54 MB

 A10 Gritzy Desert.mp3

2.43 MB

 A09 Luigi's Mansion Theme.mp3

2.34 MB


1.09 KB


596.25 KB


124.14 KB

 _More music at VideoGameScrapBook.URL

0.20 KB


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Torrent description

Unlike the other rips available online, this uses vgmstream, the successor to the in_cube plugin. That means you WON'T get small pops at some of the loop points (such as Luigi's Mansion at 1:30). Besides a direct disc to vbr mp3 conversion, this also features a super extensive assortment of tags:

-The titles are exactly as they appear in the game, accompanied by official OST titles in the comments (especially handy for the medleys)
-In the Grouping tag is the game from which the song comes from.
-The composers for nearly every song have been identified through extensive research
-If you sort by year, you can see which songs were arranged for Brawl.
-The vocal songs feature lyrics along with line by line translations.
-Every track has different album art, a relevant screenshot from the official website.


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