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12 Oz Mouse Seasons 1 3 + Extras (Complete)

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12 Oz Mouse Seasons 1 3 + Extras (Complete)

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Name:12 Oz Mouse Seasons 1 3 + Extras (Complete)

Total Size: 2.56 GB

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Torrent added: 2009-08-23 16:24:23

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Libertarian Socialist Revolution, The.txt (Size: 2.56 GB) (Files: 42)

 Libertarian Socialist Revolution, The.txt

147.88 KB

 12 Oz. Mouse (Seasons 1-3) - Episode Guide.txt

24.18 KB

 12 Oz. Mouse - Season 3

  12 Oz. Mouse - S3E01 - Enter the Sandmouse [BloodLogic].avi

101.73 MB

 12 Oz. Mouse - Season 2

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E13 - Prolegomenon [Demon].avi

128.57 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E12 - Farewell [Demon].avi

126.33 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E11 - Pre-reckoning [Demon].avi

123.35 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E10 - Eighteen [Demon].avi

118.14 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E09 - Corndog Chronicles [Demon].avi

118.40 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E08 - Meaty Dreamy [Demon].avi

117.50 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E07 - Meat Warrior [Demon].avi

118.12 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E06 - Auraphull [Demon].avi

118.12 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E05 - Enjoy The Arm [Demon].avi

118.19 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E04 - Star Wars VII [Demon].avi

118.21 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E03 - Booger Haze [Demon].avi

119.70 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E02 - Surgery Circus [Demon].avi

121.30 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S2E01 - Bowtime [Demon].avi

121.11 MB

 12 Oz. Mouse - Season 1

  12 Oz. Mouse - S1E07 - Adventure Mouse [Moonsong].avi

100.40 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S1E06 - Spharktasm [Moonsong].avi

100.51 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S1E05 - Rememorized [Moonsong].avi

100.49 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S1E04 - Spider [IcyFlamez].avi

132.01 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S1E04 - Spider (Alternate Version) [Moonsong].avi

100.38 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S1E03 - Rooster [Moonsong].avi

100.40 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S1E02 - Signals [Moonsong].avi

100.58 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - S1E01 - Hired [Geophage].avi

113.51 MB

 12 Oz. Mouse - Extras

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Those Flowers Are For Nobody [IcyFlamez].avi

4.18 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Surfing [IcyFlamez].avi

5.50 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Street Zombies [IcyFlamez].avi

6.28 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Russian Adultswim Preview.avi

6.92 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Opera Singing [IcyFlamez].avi

3.61 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - My Head! [IcyFlamez].avi

7.77 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Mouse Guitar Solo [IcyFlamez].avi

7.33 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Metal Mantage [IcyFlamez].avi

2.81 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - I Am Such A Dick.avi

5.85 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Gunfight Shootout [IcyFlamez].avi

6.56 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Great American Literature.avi

3.08 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Good Show [IcyFlamez].avi

4.22 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Give It To Me [IcyFlamez].avi

4.11 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Dancing Eyeball [IcyFlamez].avi

5.99 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Corn Dogs [IcyFlamez].avi

7.77 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Baked Officer Standup Comedy #2 [IcyFlamez].avi

6.02 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Promo - Baked Officer Standup Comedy #1 [IcyFlamez].avi

2.83 MB

  12 Oz. Mouse - Extras - Full Credits [IcyFlamez].avi

10.11 MB

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Torrent description

12 Oz. Mouse - Seasons 1-3 + Extras (Complete)
(2005-2007) (AdultSwim ~ Adult Swim ~ Williams Street ~ Cartoon Network)
[Comedy / Humor ~ Animated / Animation ~ Beer / Drunk ~ Absurdism / Surrealism]
{AKA: 12 Ouns Mouce, Oz. Mo}

Seasons 1-3 + Extras (Complete)
Seasons 1 Ripped by MoonSong, Geophage of MySpleen.Net, and IcyFlamez of MySpleen.Net
Season 2 Ripped by Demon of MySpleen.Net
Season 3 Ripped by BloodLogic
Extras Ripped By IcyFlamez
Some Extras Acquired by BloodLogic
Delivered to the Public by BloodLogic

Shark and Square driving around...
Shark: You know, this town really pisses me off.
Square: I know, this town pisses me off, too.
Shark: There is not one person who will race me. And that is sure to piss off a guy who owns the fastest car in the west... or the east. Doesn't matter.
Square: Honestly? Nobody really cares about your poor, little car. It's also so boring.
Shark: Well... [he presses a button -- a building in the background explodes] ... They better start caring, [he presses it more] because I care about it a lot, ya dig?
Square: Oh, I dig. And I know that you dig what you dig. I hope he digs what you dig. He is watching, you know.


Shark and Square driving around...
Square: I don't know if you know, but there's this thing, called a clutch. It's down there.
Shark: Yeah, I know what it is, and I'm pressing it with my fin, but I could easily press it with your face. [he slams on the gas in first gear] There we go. See? I'm on this.
Square: Wow. I've never been more impressed. You must be a scientist.
Shark: .... I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen, to you and everyone else, but mainly you.
Square: We'll talk to the clock about that.
Shark: I'll talk to the clock. You stay in the car.
Square: Yes, I will, because I want to stay in the car... it was my idea. I thought of it before you said it.
Shark: Yeah, yeah, everybody cares what you say, so long as you say it last, which you always barely do. It's really appealing.
Square: Yes, it sure is. Always. Always and always.
Shark: ... Whoops. [he presses a button ejecting Square from the car] Now I'll have the last words, won't I? Yes I will. I'm having them right now.

Screenshots (for extras):
12 Oz  Mouse   Seasons 1 3 + Extras (Complete) preview 0
Screenshots (for season 1):
12 Oz  Mouse   Seasons 1 3 + Extras (Complete) preview 1
Screenshots (for season 2):
12 Oz  Mouse   Seasons 1 3 + Extras (Complete) preview 2
Screenshots (for season 3):
12 Oz  Mouse   Seasons 1 3 + Extras (Complete) preview 3

A summary of the pilot episode: Mouse goes into an interview drunk, where he gets a job to pick up a businessman at the airport. Instead, he kidnaps him and takes him to a pornset, where he tries to make a porn film with him and a doll. Frustrated by his non-cooperation, he blows him up with the set, and robs a bank with his pal, Skillet. Then he flies to the bar where he orders one hundred beers (oh, I mentioned he travels by jet, right?). Mouse gropes a woman, and she repels him by turning into a man. He does some opera singing when a police officer comes in and asks him, "Is that your jet outside...? The one with the bullet holes in it, and the bags of money in the backseat?"

Description: 12 oz. Mouse is an animated television series on the American channel Cartoon Network as part of the Adult Swim late night programming block. The show centers on the antisocial actions of an alcoholic mouse known as "Mouse Fitzgerald", "Fitz," "Butch," or simply "Mouse". The show was created by Matt Maiellaro, co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and produced by Williams Street for Adult Swim.

The series is animated in the style of crude drawings with limited motion. The usage of firearms, alcohol consumption, and indifferent homicidal acts are common activities of the sociopathic lead character Mouse Fitzgerald.

The plot revolves around a bizarre conspiracy which is constantly building on itself and taking seemingly nonsensical twists and turns. At times the narrative becomes obfuscated or nonlinear, but it simultaneously reveals connections that hint at an objective story. The dialogue is cryptic. Clues and secret messages are hidden throughout each episode, including the credits. Creator Matt Maiellaro has indicated that the development of 12 oz. Mouse was influenced in part by the Theatre of the Absurd, and surrealistic films such as those by director David Lynch. Written in serial format, each episode picks up where the previous one left off.

The series concluded its initial run on Adult Swim on December 18, 2006 with its twentieth episode, leaving the plot unresolved. In February 2007, production began on additional episodes for internet distribution on Adult Swim Video. The first online episode premiered May 16, 2007.


Creator: Matt Maiellaro (co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force).
Writers: Matt Maiellaro, Matt Harrigan (writer of Assy McGee, Tom Goes to the Mayor, Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job, and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law).
Director: Matt Maiellaro.
Starring: Adam Reed, Nick Weidenfeld, Bonnie Rosmarin, Kurt Soccolich, Dave Willis, Matt Harrigan, Nick Ingkatanuwat, Vishal Roney, Scott Luallen, Melissa Warrenburg, Matt Thompson.

VLC Player Compatible (version # 0.9.9): {Tested and Confirmed}

Season 1...

S1E01 - Hired [Geophage].avi
S1E02 - Signals [Moonsong].avi
S1E03 - Rooster [Moonsong].avi
S1E04 - Spider (Alternate Version) [Moonsong].avi
S1E04 - Spider [IcyFlamez].avi
S1E05 - Rememorized [Moonsong].avi
S1E06 - Spharktasm [Moonsong].avi
S1E07 - Adventure Mouse [Moonsong].avi

Season 2...

S2E01 - Bowtime [Demon].avi
S2E02 - Surgery Circus [Demon].avi
S2E03 - Booger Haze [Demon].avi
S2E04 - Star Wars VII [Demon].avi
S2E05 - Enjoy The Arm [Demon].avi
S2E06 - Auraphull [Demon].avi
S2E07 - Meat Warrior [Demon].avi
S2E08 - Meaty Dreamy [Demon].avi
S2E09 - Corndog Chronicles [Demon].avi
S2E10 - Eighteen [Demon].avi
S2E11 - Pre-reckoning [Demon].avi
S2E12 - Farewell [Demon].avi
S2E13 - Prolegomenon [Demon].avi

Season 3...

S3E01 - Enter the Sandmouse [BloodLogic].avi


Extras - Full Credits [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Baked Officer Standup Comedy #1 [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Baked Officer Standup Comedy #2 [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Corn Dogs [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Dancing Eyeball [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Give It To Me [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Good Show [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Great American Literature.avi
Promo - Gunfight Shootout [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - I Am Such A Dick.avi
Promo - Metal Mantage [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Mouse Guitar Solo [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - My Head! [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Opera Singing [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Russian Adultswim Preview.avi
Promo - Skillet Drum Solo [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Street Zombies [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Surfing [IcyFlamez].avi
Promo - Those Flowers Are For Nobody [IcyFlamez].avi

[Episode Guide Included.]

[BLX Note: During Operation: Massive Information Leak, Wave One, I released a similar torrent to this. It was 12 Oz. Mouse, Seasons 1-2, Complete, so I just combined that with the new season, plus some other extras that I was able to find. Now it's an even more complete collection. I deleted the old torrent to make room for this one. Enjoy!]

This torrent is a part of Operation: Massive Information Leak, Wave Three.

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