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ADVENTURE MUSIC PACK X : Fantastic Four, Halo, Gun of the Patriot, Princess Monoke, Valkyrie, Sacred

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Name:ADVENTURE MUSIC PACK X : Fantastic Four, Halo, Gun of the Patriot, Princess Monoke, Valkyrie, Sacred

Total Size: 0.98 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 9

Leechers: 7

Stream: Watch Online @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2010-11-18 09:42:53 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-23 16:14:23

Torrent Files List

Valkyrie (Size: 993.23 MB) (Files: 244)


  They'll Remember You.mp3

3.97 MB

  Operation Valkyrie.mp3

4.74 MB

  Operation Terminated.mp3

1.16 MB

  Midnight Waltz.mp3

2.00 MB

  If I Were That Man - To The Bergh.mp3

2.16 MB

  I'm Sorry.mp3

2.81 MB


  W.A. Mozart - Adagio From Concerto In A.mp3

8.57 MB

  The Doors & Jaz Coleman - The Unknown Soldier.mp3

7.40 MB

  Terry Oldfield - The Long Way Home.mp3

7.46 MB

  Stephen Warbeck - Pelagia's Song.mp3

5.66 MB

  Sissel Ft. The Chieftains - An Raibh Tu Ag An Gcarraig.mp3

6.42 MB

  Rolf Lovland Ft. Secret Garden - Nocturne.mp3

4.21 MB

  Reynaldo Hahn - L'heure exquise.mp3

4.52 MB

  Myers - Cavatina (From The Deer Hunter).mp3

4.24 MB

  Jules Massenet - Meditation From Thais.mp3

7.76 MB

  John Tavener - Song For Athene.mp3

7.41 MB

  John Harle - Silencium.mp3

5.61 MB

  John Barry - John Dunbar Theme (From Dances With Wolves).mp3

3.52 MB

  James Horner - My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic).mp3

6.08 MB

  James Horner - Main Theme From Braveheart (From Braveheart).mp3

3.75 MB

  George Fenton - The Blue Planet (From The Blue Planet).mp3

3.80 MB

  Gabriel Faure - Pavane.mp3

8.69 MB

  Erik Satie - Gymnopedie No.1 (From My Dinner With André).mp3

4.78 MB

  Eric Calvi & Simon Cloquet - Pilgrimage.mp3

5.59 MB

  Craig Leon Ft. Izzy - Libera Me.mp3

7.01 MB

  Cavatina (From 'The Deer Hunter').MP3

3.18 MB

  Barrington Pheloung - Love Theme (From Nostradamus).mp3

5.63 MB

  Ariel Ramirez - Kyrie From Misa Criolla.mp3

4.91 MB

  Adagio for Strings (From Platoon).mp3

7.45 MB

 The Ultimate Classical

  Yared - The English Patient (The English Patient).MP3

3.73 MB

  Thomas Newman - Any Other Name (American Beauty).MP3

3.93 MB

  The Four Seasons- Autumn - Adagio Molto.MP3

2.51 MB

  Tavener - The Lamb.MP3

3.41 MB

  Tan Dun - The Eternal Vow (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon OST).MP3

4.66 MB

  Stephen Warbeck - Pelagia's Song (Captain Corelli's Mandolin).MP3

3.70 MB

  Shostakovich - Piano Concerto No. 2 In F. Andante.MP3

6.06 MB

  Sarabande (From The Levi's Advert).MP3

3.72 MB

  Richard Harvey - Kyrie For The Magdalene (The Da Vinci Code).MP3

3.50 MB

  Pachelbel - Canone.MP3

2.70 MB

  Mozart - Requiem, Lacrimosa Dies Illa (Amadeus).MP3

3.06 MB

  Mascagni - Cavelleria Rusticana (Godfather III and Raging Bull OST).MP3

3.34 MB

  John Barry - Out Of Africa (Out Of Africa).MP3

3.54 MB

  Howard Shire - The Lord Of The Rings (The Two Towers).MP3

7.72 MB

  Handel - Sarabande (Levis TV Ad).MP3

3.71 MB

  Grieg - Peer Gynt Suite No. 1- Morning.MP3

3.52 MB

  Gorecki - Symphony Of Sorrowful Songs Symphony No. 3.MP3

3.98 MB

  Faure - Sicilienne.MP3

3.35 MB

  Faure - Pavane (World Cup France 1998 Theme).MP3

7.04 MB

  Faure - In Paradisum (Requiem).MP3

3.00 MB

  Craig Armstrong - The Balcony Scene (William Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet).MP3

5.16 MB

  Barber - Adagio For Strings (Platoon).MP3

7.11 MB

  Alex North - Unchained Melody (Ghost OST).MP3

3.33 MB

  Albinono - Adagio In G Minor For Organ And Strings (Rollerball OST).MP3

5.34 MB

 The Lord of the Rings - Mines of Moria

  Vale of Imladris.mp3

4.68 MB

  Things to Come.mp3

5.87 MB

  The Brigand's Tale.mp3

3.82 MB

  Stars and Glory.mp3

6.40 MB

  Silent Hope.mp3

2.69 MB

  Ruins of Old.mp3

3.83 MB

  Red Stones and Golden Leaves.mp3

2.82 MB

  Lament for Oakenshield.mp3

3.85 MB

  Hills of the Shire.mp3

1.76 MB

  Garth Agarwen.mp3

5.31 MB

  Fell Deeds Awake.mp3

6.12 MB

  Far Ahead the Road Has Gone.mp3

3.83 MB

  East of the Sea.mp3

1.51 MB

  All Other Lights.mp3

5.18 MB

 The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button

  The Hummingbird.mp3

5.98 MB

  Sunrise On Lake Pontchartrain.mp3

8.28 MB

  Stay Out Of My Life.mp3

4.08 MB

  Some Things You Never Forget.mp3

3.76 MB

  Nothing Lasts.mp3

6.77 MB

  Mr Gateau.mp3

7.04 MB

  It Was Nice To Have Met You.mp3

4.04 MB

  Alone At Night.mp3

5.96 MB

 The Chieftains


30.36 KB

  The Tip Of The Whistle.mp3

2.72 MB

  The Morning Dew.mp3

4.09 MB

  Raibh T Ag an Gcarraig.mp3

3.28 MB

  Mna na hEireann.mp3

4.90 MB

  Lord Mayo.mp3

2.52 MB

  Heuliadenn Tonioù Breizh-Izel.mp3

8.17 MB

  Donall Og.mp3

4.57 MB

  Dañs-Tro Fisel.mp3

4.84 MB

  Dans Mod Koh a Vaod.mp3

4.15 MB

  Comb Your Hair and Curl It - The Boys of Ballisodare.mp3

3.73 MB


2.58 MB

  Cailin Na Grunigne Doinne.mp3

3.27 MB

  Brian Boru's March.mp3

3.77 MB

  An Paistin Fionn; Mrs Crotty's.mp3

4.91 MB

  A Dhruimfhionn Donn Dilis .mp3

2.50 MB

  A Breton Carol_ Peh Trouz 'Zou ar.mp3

4.40 MB

 Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic

  Star Wars - 03.mp3

1.28 MB

  Star Wars - 02.mp3

1.50 MB

  Star Wars - 01.mp3

1.38 MB

 Spiderman 3


491.43 KB

  Happy Ending.mp3

1.02 MB

  Birth of Sandman.mp3

1.27 MB

  Aunt May's Ring.mp3

694.81 KB

 Secret Garden

  When Darkness Fall.mp3

7.54 MB

  The Promise.mp3

7.73 MB

  Theme From The Mermaid Chair.mp3

8.19 MB


8.02 MB

  Song From A Secret Garden.mp3

8.13 MB

  Sometimes When It Rains.mp3

6.42 MB

  Silence Speaks.mp3

6.39 MB

  Serenade To Spring.mp3

7.51 MB

  Searching For The Past.mp3

4.48 MB


4.49 MB


8.69 MB


6.33 MB

  In Our Tears.mp3

10.67 MB

  Hymn To Hope.mp3

9.94 MB


6.63 MB

  Fields Of Fortune.mp3

5.81 MB


9.11 MB


7.87 MB


6.72 MB

 Sacred 2 - Fallen Angel

  Humans Love Day.mp3

2.85 MB

  Humans Day Suite.mp3

9.20 MB

  Highelves Capital.mp3

4.43 MB

  Dryads Day Suite.mp3

8.96 MB

 Robin Hood

  Training - Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves.mp3

4.81 MB

  The Sheriff And His Witch.mp3

5.55 MB

  Sir Guy Of Gisborne And The Escape To Sherwood.mp3

6.83 MB

  Marian At The Waterfall.mp3

5.11 MB

  Maid Marian.mp3

2.71 MB

  Little John And The Band In The Forest.mp3

4.46 MB

 Princess Mononoke

  The Young Man From the.mp3

1.30 MB

  The Legend of Ashitaka.mp3

1.51 MB

  The Legend of Ashitaka full.mp3

4.58 MB

  The Journey to the West.mp3

2.33 MB

  The Forest of the Gods.mp3

598.08 KB

  The Encounter.mp3

758.08 KB

  San and Ashitaka in the.mp3

1.52 MB


2.16 MB

  Requiem III.mp3

820.53 KB

  Requiem II.mp3

2.00 MB

  Princess Mononoke Theme.mp3

1.96 MB

  Princes Mononoke Theme.mp3

3.20 MB

  Lady Eboshi.mp3

2.57 MB

  Evening at the Ironworks.mp3

612.78 KB

  Ashitaka and San.mp3

2.88 MB


992.37 KB

  Adagio of Life and Death.mp3

1.94 MB

 Pirates of te Caribbean - At World Ends

  What Shall We Die For.mp3

2.74 MB

  Up Is Down.mp3

3.82 MB

  One Day.mp3

5.40 MB

  I See Dead People In Boats.mp3

9.40 MB

 Pan's Labyrinth

  Three Trails.mp3

1.94 MB

  The River.mp3

2.60 MB

  The Refuge.mp3

1.42 MB

  The Moribund Tree and the Toad.mp3

6.60 MB

  The Labyrinth.mp3

3.77 MB

  The Funeral.mp3

2.53 MB

  The Fairy and The Labyrinth.mp3

3.31 MB

  Rose, Dragon.mp3

3.31 MB

  Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby.mp3

1.64 MB


2.14 MB

  Mercedes Lullaby.mp3

1.52 MB

  Long Long Time Ago.mp3

2.06 MB


1.94 MB

  A Tale.mp3

1.76 MB

  A Princess.mp3

3.73 MB

 Neverwinter Nights

  Main Theme.mp3

1.40 MB

 Myth 3


3.06 MB


2.60 MB


3.26 MB


2.57 MB


2.81 MB


3.00 MB


2.73 MB


1.29 MB


2.32 MB

  Connacht Gentle.mp3

4.68 MB

 Mummy Returns, The

  The Mushy Part.mp3

6.23 MB

  The Family O'Connell.mp3

2.19 MB

  Sand Castles.mp3

7.86 MB

  Medjai Commanders.mp3

2.89 MB

  Just An Oasis.mp3

3.38 MB

  First Kiss Of The Day.mp3

2.23 MB

  End Credits.mp3

5.70 MB

  Come Back Evy.mp3

8.00 MB

  A Flying Boat.mp3

2.13 MB

 Metal Gear Solid 4 Guns of the Patriots

  Violent Ceasefire.mp3

3.42 MB


5.98 MB

  Father & Son.mp3

3.90 MB

  Everything Begins.mp3

6.70 MB


7.35 MB

 John Tavener

  The Protecting Veil.MP3

7.19 MB

  The Protecting Veil VIII.MP3

2.50 MB

  The Nativity of the Mother of God.MP3

4.62 MB

  The Last Sleep of the Virgin.MP3

20.44 MB

  The Dormition of the Mother of God.MP3

4.62 MB

  Lament of the Mother of God at the Cross.MP3

7.60 MB

 Heroes of Might and Magic 2

  Town Sorceress.MP3

3.82 MB

  Town Necromancer.MP3

2.32 MB

  Town Necromancer 2.MP3

1.90 MB

  Town Mage.MP3

2.65 MB

  Town Barbarian.MP3

2.36 MB

  Terrain 06.MP3

1.68 MB

  Terrain 04.MP3

1.94 MB

  Castle Sorceress.mp3

3.85 MB

  Castle Mage.mp3

1.93 MB

  Castle Barbarian.mp3

1.92 MB

 Halo 2


2.01 MB


1.76 MB


2.39 MB


3.87 MB

  In Amber Clad.mp3

2.52 MB

  Heavy Price Paid.mp3

3.30 MB

  Ghosts of Reach.mp3

3.36 MB


2.93 MB


3.50 MB

 Fantastic Four - Rise of the Silver Surfer

  Silver Savior.mp3

7.91 MB

  Noreen Radd.mp3

1.08 MB

  Gunshot Wedding.mp3

1.71 MB

 Enemy at the Gates


2.42 MB

  Sacha's Risk.mp3

7.72 MB

  Enemy At The Gates OST.m3u

1.22 KB

  A Sniper's War.mp3

4.71 MB


  They're All Gone.mp3

1.91 MB

  The Cave.mp3

3.33 MB

  Inner Sanctum-TheNesting.mp3

2.67 MB


2.50 MB

  Aladar Et Neera.mp3

3.15 MB

 Day The Earth Stood Still, The

  See My Son.mp3

2.71 MB

  Orb Rising.mp3

3.44 MB

  Mountain Climber.mp3

3.38 MB

  He's Leaving.mp3

2.37 MB

  Do You Feel That.mp3

2.42 MB


3.76 MB

  Came to Save The Earth.mp3

941.13 KB


  Vianne Gazes at the River.mp3

1.02 MB

  Vianne Confronts the Comte.mp3

1.26 MB

  Three Women.mp3

978.78 KB

  The Story of Grand-mere.mp3

3.81 MB

  Taste of Chocolate.mp3

2.89 MB

  Other Possibilities.mp3

1.46 MB

  Mayan Bowl Breaks.mp3

2.07 MB

  Main Titles.mp3

2.87 MB

  Guillaume's Confession.mp3

1.38 MB


2.41 MB

  Boycott Immorality.mp3

4.27 MB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

Joueurs et rêveurs, cette collection est pour vous !

Je suis un grand fan des jeux de rôle et de stratégie (spéciale dédicace à Morrowind) mais on se rend compte qu'après avoir entendu 50 fois les même musiques, elles perdent de leur magie. C'est pourquoi j'ai commencé à rassembler des musiques épiques composées par les plus Grands (Hans Zimmer, Jeremy Soule, Danny Elfman) pour accompagner mes heures de jeux.

Je me souviens du mal que j'ai eu à trouver de telles compilations, c'est ce qui m'a poussé à diffuser ma propre sélection en espérant qu'elle fera le bonheur des autres joueurs.

Adventure Music Pack X

Day the earth Stood Still
Enemy at the Gates
Fantastic Four : Rise of the Silver Surfer
Halo 2
Heroes of Might and Magic
John Tavener
Metal Gear : Gun of the Patriots
The Mummy Returns
Myth 3
Neverwinter Nights
Pan’s Labyrinth
Pirates of the Caribbean : At World Ends
Princess Mononoke
Robin Hood
Sacred 2 : Fallen Angel
Secret Garden
Spiderman 3
Star Wars : Knights of the Old Republic
The Chieftains
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Lord of the Rings : Mines if Moria
The Utlimate Classical Chillout

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