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Adventure Music Pack VIII : Desperado, Green Mile, Hancock, Outlaws, Pacte des Loups, Jurassic Park

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Name:Adventure Music Pack VIII : Desperado, Green Mile, Hancock, Outlaws, Pacte des Loups, Jurassic Park

Total Size: 1.03 GB

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Torrent added: 2009-08-23 16:14:22

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Whole Wide World, The (Size: 1.03 GB) (Files: 200)

 Whole Wide World, The

  The Whole Wide World.mp3

6.11 MB

 Wanderings II

  The Meaning of Grief.mp3

1.43 MB

  Teardrop Crystal.mp3

7.02 MB

 Transporter 3

  Please to Meet You.mp3

3.69 MB

  One More Time.mp3

2.29 MB


7.40 MB


6.83 MB

 Time Machine (1960)


2.09 MB

  Time Traveler.mp3

2.92 MB

  London 1900 (Filby's Theme).mp3

3.18 MB

  End Titles (Reprise).mp3

1.59 MB

  End Title.mp3

3.05 MB


  One Family.mp3

8.71 MB

  A Wondrous Place.mp3

12.16 MB


  The Surface Of The Sun.mp3

9.15 MB

  Sunshine (Adagio In D Minor).mp3

10.28 MB

  Kanada's Death, Pt. 2 (Adagio In D Minor).mp3

6.87 MB

  Capa Meets the Sun (To Heal).mp3

5.36 MB

 Soulcalibur IV

  Seize Your Destiny.mp3

5.23 MB

  Path of Destiny.mp3

11.69 MB

  Destiny Will Tell.mp3

5.03 MB


5.16 MB

 Saving Private Ryan

  The Last Battle.mp3

18.19 MB

  Saving Private Ryan Theme.mp3

5.64 MB

  Revisiting Normandy.mp3

9.37 MB

  Omaha Beach.mp3

21.18 MB

  Hymn to the Fallen.mp3

14.12 MB

  Hymn to the Fallen (Reprise).mp3

14.12 MB

  High School Teacher.mp3

25.28 MB

  Finding Private Ryan.mp3

10.58 MB

  Approaching the Enemy.mp3

10.32 MB

 Pacte des Loups, Le

  La dame des neiges.mp3

1.50 MB


2.90 MB


  Outlaws Soundtrack.mp3

2.98 MB

 Out of Africa


3.77 MB

  Main Title [I Had a farm in Africa].mp3

4.43 MB

  If I Know a Song of Africa [Karen s Theme III].mp3

3.06 MB

  I m Better at Hello [Karen s Theme I].mp3

1.81 MB

  I Had a Compass from Denys [Karen s Theme II].mp3

3.50 MB

  Have You Got a Story for Me.mp3

1.75 MB

  Flying over Africa.mp3

4.75 MB

  End Title [You are Karen].mp3

5.36 MB

  Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra in A [K-622].mp3

3.93 MB

  Alone on the Farm.mp3

2.73 MB

 Meet Joe Black

  Whisper Of A Thrill.mp3

5.25 MB


1.75 MB

  That Next Place.mp3

9.33 MB

  Sorry For Nothing.mp3

758.90 KB

  Someone Else.mp3

4.90 MB

  Served Its Purpose.mp3

1.30 MB

  Mr Bad News.mp3

1.49 MB

  Meet Joe Black.mp3

1.60 MB

  Frequent Thing.mp3

874.82 KB

  Death & Taxes.mp3

1.19 MB

  Cold Lamb Sandwich.mp3

1.60 MB

 Lord Of The Rings, The - The Two Towers

  Where Is The Horse And The Rider.mp3

14.33 MB

  Theoden King (The Funeral Of Theodred) (feat. Miranda Otto).mp3

14.21 MB

  The White Rider.mp3

5.76 MB

  The Uruk-Hai.MP3

2.72 MB

  The Story Foretold.mp3

8.34 MB

  The Leave Taking.mp3

8.55 MB

  The Last March Of The Ents.mp3

5.78 MB

  The King's Decision.mp3

4.88 MB

  The King Of The Golden Hall.mp3

8.85 MB

  The Host Of The Eldar.mp3

6.51 MB

  The Hornburg.mp3

10.66 MB

  The Forbidden Pool.mp3

12.59 MB

  The Entmoot Decides.mp3

4.83 MB

  The Dreams Of Trees.mp3

4.39 MB

  The Banishment Of Eomer.mp3

8.97 MB

  Sons Of The Steward.mp3

13.83 MB

  Samwise The Brave.mp3

8.72 MB

  Refuge At Helms Deep.mp3

9.15 MB

  One Of The Dunedain (Evenstar) .mp3

16.53 MB

  Master Peregrin's Plan.mp3

5.79 MB

  Faramir's Good Council.mp3

5.37 MB


7.56 MB

  Elven Rope.mp3

5.31 MB


10.47 MB

  Breath Of Life.mp3

11.84 MB

  Arwen's Fate (The Grace Of The Valar).mp3

9.11 MB

  Aragorn's Return.mp3

5.04 MB

 Jurassic Park

  Welcome to Jurassic Park.mp3

10.87 MB

  Theme From Jurassic Park.mp3

4.75 MB

  Remembering Peticoast Lane.mp3

3.85 MB

  My Friend the Brachiosaurus.mp3

5.87 MB

  Main Theme.mp3

5.08 MB

  Jurassic Park Theme.mp3

4.66 MB

  Journey to the Island.mp3

12.20 MB

  Hatching Baby Raptor.mp3

4.59 MB

  End Credits.mp3

4.77 MB

  A Tree For My Bed.mp3

3.02 MB

 Icewind Dale

  Yxunomei's Lair.mp3

792.33 KB

  Vale of Shadows.mp3

1.91 MB

  Umber Hulk Labyrinth.mp3

2.06 MB

  The Wyrm's Tooth Entrance.mp3

1.04 MB

  The Mage Tower.mp3

1.30 MB

  The Lost Caravan.mp3

1.72 MB

  The Heartstone Gem.mp3

1.54 MB

  The Dragon's Eye.mp3

2.10 MB

  Temple of the Forgotten God Interior.mp3

1.15 MB

  Temple of the Forgotten God Entrace.mp3

1.21 MB

  Temple of Tempus.mp3

2.48 MB

  Svirfneblin Refugee Camp.mp3

1.57 MB

  Return to Easthaven.mp3

1.79 MB

  Marketh's Palace.mp3

1.42 MB

  Lerrel's Daughter.mp3

464.17 KB

  Lerrel's Astrolab.mp3

919.68 KB

  Kuldahar Theme.mp3

1.86 MB

  Kresselack's Tomb.mp3

1.59 MB

  Kresselack's Lair.mp3

1.11 MB

  Hrothgar's Home.mp3

1.35 MB

  Heartstone Shrine.mp3

503.35 KB

  Easthaven in Pieces.mp3

1.35 MB

  Easthaven in Peace.mp3

1.70 MB

  Bonus Track 10.mp3

1.74 MB

  Bonus Track 05.mp3

780.09 KB

  Bonus Track 03.mp3

2.81 MB

  Bonus Track 01.mp3

2.41 MB

  Arundel's Home.mp3

1.48 MB

  Artisan's District.mp3

1.11 MB

 Hunt For The Red October

  Two wifes.mp3

3.80 MB

  Red Route 1.mp3

4.91 MB

  Hymn to the Red October.mp3

7.11 MB

  Ancestral Aid.mp3

3.23 MB



7.30 MB

  To Every Captive Soul.mp3

11.52 MB


  Upon Us All.mp3

3.03 MB

  The Trailer.mp3

4.63 MB

  Superhero Comix.mp3

1.66 MB

  Standing Ovation.mp3

2.53 MB


12.49 MB

  Mary Brings Meatballs.mp3

3.65 MB

  John, Meet Ray.mp3

4.76 MB


59.06 KB

  Getting Therapy.mp3

5.28 MB


  Welcoming Commitee.mp3

5.67 MB

  Vengeance In Empire.mp3

2.61 MB

  Unused Track.mp3

3.06 MB

  The road to Empire.mp3

5.53 MB

  The Pony Express.mp3

2.88 MB

  Taming The Rustbelt.mp3

3.27 MB

  Prarie Solitude.mp3

1.55 MB

  Indian Reprise.mp3

3.25 MB

  Hunting With Ned And Prelude To The Steamboat.mp3

3.44 MB

  Gun Theme.mp3

3.27 MB

  Hoodoo's Deception And The Showdown.mp3

3.04 MB

  Gun Suite.mp3

1.76 MB


3.12 MB

  Going to Dodge City.mp3

3.47 MB

  Dusk Falls.mp3

3.02 MB

  Drifter On The Plains.mp3

3.04 MB

  Dodge City.mp3

2.55 MB

  Apache Theme.mp3

3.36 MB

  Apache Attack And Quick Killer.mp3

5.38 MB

  A Lawless Town.mp3

2.89 MB

 Green Mile, The

  The Green Mile.mp3

3.34 MB

  The Green Mile Theme.mp3

3.33 MB


1.71 MB

  No Exceptions.mp3

904.70 KB

  Night Journey.mp3

2.02 MB


1.68 MB

  Danger Of Hell.mp3

2.26 MB

  Coffey On The Mile.mp3

4.77 MB

  Cigar Box.mp3

1.69 MB

  Boy's Eye.mp3

865.51 KB

  An Offense To The Heart.mp3

1.05 MB

 Granado Espada

  Old Speckled Reel.mp3

4.98 MB

  Agujero inmundo.mp3

7.70 MB

 Gone with the Wind

  Tara's Theme.mp3

4.26 MB

 Fountain, The


12.31 MB

  Together We Will Live Forever.mp3

11.51 MB

  The Last Man.mp3

14.09 MB

  Stay With Me.mp3

8.26 MB

  First Snow.mp3

7.19 MB

  Death is the Road to Awe.mp3

19.29 MB

  Death is a Disease.mp3

5.89 MB



6.93 MB

 Chronicles Of Narnia 2, The

  The Door In The Air.mp3

18.08 MB

  Return of the Lion.mp3

9.83 MB

  Journey To The How.mp3

10.93 MB

  Arrival At Aslan's How.mp3

6.82 MB


  What is Happening.mp3

2.32 MB

  Sanford Digs.mp3

3.69 MB

  Room 18.mp3

1.23 MB

  Moms on Call.mp3

2.17 MB

  Looking for Walter.mp3

2.12 MB

  I Want to Go Home.mp3

1.31 MB

  I Want My Son Back.mp3

2.43 MB

  End Title.mp3

8.36 MB

  Arrive at the Ranch.mp3

2.81 MB


  The Lighthouse - Casper And Kat.mp3

4.55 MB

  One Last Wish.mp3

3.97 MB

  Fond Memories.mp3

3.36 MB

  Casper's Lullaby.mp3

5.20 MB

 Black Dahlia, The

  The Dahlia.mp3

4.33 MB

  Dwight and Kay.mp3

4.54 MB

 Apollo 13

  The Darkside Of The Moon.mp3

6.62 MB

  Main Title.mp3

3.43 MB

  All Systems Go - The Launch.mp3

13.82 MB

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Torrent description

Joueurs et rêveurs, cette collection est pour vous !

Je suis un grand fan des jeux de rôle et de stratégie (spéciale dédicace à Morrowind) mais on se rend compte qu'après avoir entendu 50 fois les même musiques, elles perdent de leur magie. C'est pourquoi j'ai commencé à rassembler des musiques épiques composées par les plus Grands (Hans Zimmer, Jeremy Soule, Danny Elfman) pour accompagner mes heures de jeux.

Je me souviens du mal que j'ai eu à trouver de telles compilations, c'est ce qui m'a poussé à diffuser ma propre sélection en espérant qu'elle fera le bonheur des autres joueurs.

Adventure Music Pack VIII :

Apollo 13
The Black Dahlia
Chronicles of Narnia : Prince Caspian
The Fountain
Gone with the Wind
Granado Espada
The Green Mile
Hunt for the Red October
Icewind Dale
Jurassic Park
Lord of the Rings : the two towers
Meet Joe Black
Out of Arica
Le Pacte des Loups
Saving Private Ryan
Soulcalibur IV
Time Machine (1969)
Transporter 3
Wanderings II
The Whole Wide World
[email protected]

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