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ADVENTURE MUSIC PACK VII : Schindler's list, Last of the Mohicans, The patriot, Star Wars, Willow

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Name:ADVENTURE MUSIC PACK VII : Schindler's list, Last of the Mohicans, The patriot, Star Wars, Willow

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X-Men (Size: 968.82 MB) (Files: 206)


  X-Men Suite.mp3

9.87 MB

  Logan and Rogue.mp3

8.19 MB

  Death Camp.mp3

4.29 MB


  Willow's Theme.MP3

3.62 MB

  Elora Danan.MP3

8.97 MB


  Various Artists - Wall-E OST.m3u

3.10 KB

  The Axiom.mp3

5.53 MB


3.94 MB

  Fixing Wall-E.mp3

4.89 MB


2.39 MB

  Directive A-113.mp3

4.81 MB

  Bubble Wrap.mp3

1.93 MB

  All That Love's About.mp3

1.42 MB

  2815 A.D..mp3

7.95 MB

 Time Machine

  Wish Me Luck.MP3

1.31 MB

  Where the Ghosts Are.MP3

1.49 MB

  Time Travel.MP3

4.20 MB

  The Time Machine.MP3

2.93 MB

  Stone Language.MP3

4.49 MB

  Professor Alexander Hartdegen.MP3

3.15 MB

  I Don't Belong Here.MP3

3.49 MB

  Good Night.MP3

3.74 MB


4.88 MB


2.39 MB


2.02 MB

  Bleeker Street.MP3

2.26 MB

 Thin Red Line, The

  The Village.mp3

243.15 KB

  The Coral Atoll.mp3

9.17 MB

  Stone in my Heart.mp3

243.15 KB


243.14 KB


243.14 KB

  Journey to the Line.mp3

10.72 MB


243.14 KB

 The Last Remnant

  The Warden and the Activator.mp3

1.19 MB

  Cherished Memories.mp3

1.37 MB

  All For Her.mp3

932.45 KB

 Star Wars VI

  The Emperor Arrives.mp3

2.93 MB

  The Death Of Yoda.mp3

8.38 MB

  Luke And Leia.mp3

6.57 MB

  Leia Breaks The News - Funeral Pyre For A Jedi.mp3

3.26 MB

  Darth Vader's Death.mp3

3.52 MB

 Star Wars V

  Yoda's Theme.mp3

4.75 MB

  The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme).mp3

4.16 MB

  Lando's Palace.mp3

5.33 MB

  Han Solo And The Princess.mp3

4.75 MB

  Finale - End Credits.mp3

8.66 MB

 Star Wars IV

  The Princess Appears.mp3

5.66 MB

 Star Wars III

  The Immolation Scene.mp3

3.49 MB

  The Birth Of The Twins And Padme's Destiny.mp3

4.49 MB

  Padme's Ruminations.mp3

4.48 MB

  Grievous Speaks To Lord Sidious.mp3

3.52 MB

  Enter Lord Vader.mp3

5.39 MB

  Anakin's Dream.mp3

6.09 MB

  Anakin's Betrayal.mp3

5.10 MB

  A New Hope And End Credits.mp3

16.89 MB

 Star Wars II

  Yoda And The Younglings.mp3

5.39 MB

  The Meadow Picnic.mp3

5.82 MB

  Return To Tatooine.mp3

9.52 MB

  Departing Coruscant.mp3

2.36 MB

  Confrontation With Count Dooku And Finale.mp3

14.70 MB

  Anakin And Padme.mp3

5.40 MB

  Across The Stars (Love Theme).mp3

7.63 MB

 Star Wars I

  Watto's Deal And Kids At Play.mp3

6.79 MB

  The High Council Meeting And Qui-Gon's Funeral.mp3

4.25 MB

  Star Wars Main Title And The Arrival At Naboo.mp3

4.00 MB

  Duel Of The Fates.mp3

5.80 MB

  Anakin's Theme.mp3

4.31 MB

 Schindler's List

  Theme from Schindler s List.mp3

5.85 MB

  Stolen Memories.mp3

5.95 MB

  Schindler's List Theme (violin solo by Itzhak Perlman).mp3

4.14 MB

  Schindler s Workforce.mp3

12.54 MB


5.95 MB

  Remembrances [With Itzhak Perlman].mp3

7.24 MB

  OYF N Pripetshok and Nacht Aktion.mp3

4.03 MB

  Making The List.mp3

7.11 MB

  I Could Have Done More.mp3

8.06 MB

  Give Me Your Names.mp3

6.74 MB

 Planescape Torment

  Transcendent One Theme.mp3

1.65 MB

  The Shadows Theme.mp3

913.88 KB

  Smoldering Corpse Bar.mp3

3.03 MB

  Smoldering Corpse Bar Alternate.mp3

1.62 MB

  Ravel Theme.mp3

1.63 MB

  Nameless One Theme.mp3

1.87 MB

  Morte Alternate Theme.mp3

1.87 MB

  Main Title.mp3

2.54 MB

  Fortress Of Regrets.mp3

2.51 MB

  Deionarra Theme.mp3

2.02 MB

  Civic Festhall.mp3

3.21 MB

  Bones of the Night.mp3

1.71 MB

  Bad Ending.mp3

2.14 MB

  Annah Theme.mp3

2.03 MB

 Patriot, The

  The Patriot.mp3

9.15 MB

  The Burning of the Plantation.mp3

6.77 MB

  Ann Recruits the Parishioners.mp3

4.33 MB

 Max Payne (Movie)

  Payneful Piano.mp3

5.23 MB

  No Respects For You.mp3

6.01 MB

  Heaven To The Max.mp3

4.15 MB

  Dark Heaven.mp3

6.12 MB

  BB's Maxim.mp3

6.43 MB

 Lauras Stern

  The Chase.mp3

3.69 MB

  Star Finds Sun And Moon Part 2 .mp3

2.79 MB

  Star Finds Sun And Moon Part 1.mp3

3.00 MB

  Opening Title.mp3

3.83 MB

  Lonely Laura.mp3

3.52 MB

  Flying In The Rain.mp3

2.65 MB

  Flying Bow.mp3

5.39 MB

  A Star Is Born Part 2.mp3

9.47 MB

 Last Of The Mohicans, The

  Top Of The World.mp3

6.33 MB

  The Kiss.mp3

6.46 MB

  The Glade Part II.mp3

5.89 MB

  The Courier.mp3

5.72 MB

  The British Arrival.mp3

4.70 MB

  River Walk And Discovery.mp3

12.66 MB


14.24 MB


8.76 MB

  Munro's Office,Stockade.mp3

5.78 MB

  Main Title.mp3

3.99 MB

  I Will Find You [Performed By Clannad].mp3

4.24 MB

  Fort Battle.mp3

9.99 MB

  Elk Hunt.mp3

4.16 MB


5.85 MB

 King Arthur

  Woad to Ruins.mp3

15.97 MB

  Tell Me Now.mp3

5.39 MB

  Hold the Ice.mp3

7.59 MB

  Another Brick in Hadrians Wall.mp3

9.83 MB

  All of Them.mp3

14.40 MB

 Kill Bill

  Il Tramonto.mp3

1.70 MB

  ''The Lonely Shepherd''.mp3

6.25 MB

 I Want To Be a Shellfish

  Toyomastus Theme.mp3

2.45 MB

  Strolling Down the Road.mp3

4.76 MB

  Shiomi Coast Beloved.mp3

9.64 MB

  Rendez-vous - Main Theme.mp3

8.94 MB


1.72 MB

  I Want To Be a Shellfish.mp3

4.80 MB

  Change Block.mp3

4.42 MB


2.15 MB

  13 Wine.mp3

4.44 MB

 Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban

  Secrets of Castle.mp3

4.32 MB


2.79 MB

  Hagrid The Professor.mp3

3.28 MB

  A Window to the Past.mp3

6.04 MB

 Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix

  The Sirus Deception.mp3

2.37 MB

  The Sacking of Trelawny.mp3

2.05 MB

  Another Story.mp3

2.42 MB

  A Journey to Hogwarts.mp3

2.65 MB

 Ghost in the Shell

  Rokki-wa doko .mp3

4.06 MB

  Piece by ten.mp3

2.60 MB


1.60 MB

 Far and Away

  The Reunion.mp3

9.35 MB

  The Fighting Donellys.mp3

5.75 MB

  Leaving Home.mp3

4.95 MB

  Joseph's Dream.mp3

7.72 MB

  Joseph And Shannon.mp3

8.05 MB

  Joe Sr.'s Passing_The Duel Scene.mp3

11.25 MB

  Inside The Mansion.mp3

10.59 MB

  End Credits (featuring The Chieftains).mp3

15.61 MB

  County Galway, June 1892.mp3

4.96 MB

  Am I Beautiful_.mp3

8.83 MB

 Everquest 2


2.02 MB


766.25 KB


537.68 KB

 Echoes of War

  The Hyperion Overture.mp3

9.41 MB

  Eternity's End.mp3

4.31 MB


  Prime Suicide.mp3

2.84 MB


6.94 MB


1.81 MB

 Devil's Advocate

  Devil's Advocate - Main Title.mp3

0.98 MB

 Devil May Cry 4

  Total Result (Total Result).mp3

2.03 MB

  Stage I (Opera House Front).mp3

2.64 MB

  Sparda's Dying Wish ~ Kyrie's Rescue.mp3

2.59 MB

  Out of Darkness (Prologue).mp3

4.91 MB

  God is Activated ~ A Proud Death.mp3

4.79 MB

  Confrontation with the Pope 1.mp3

2.64 MB

 Chopin's Dream

  Where we end up.mp3

5.49 MB

  Trembling homefront.mp3

5.82 MB

  Pyroxene of the heart.mp3

6.65 MB

  Endure and resist.mp3

3.93 MB

  Can you recite the dream.mp3

3.98 MB

  A buffer for quiet.mp3

4.70 MB

 Body of Lies


2.73 MB

  NSA Speech.mp3

3.57 MB

  My Fault.mp3

2.47 MB

  I Shutter to Think.mp3

3.23 MB

  Dead Sea.mp3

1.55 MB

  Burning Safehouse.mp3

2.27 MB


  Valiant Actions.mp3

1.99 MB

  Triumphant Outcome.mp3

364.13 KB

  The War Reaches an End.mp3

3.49 MB

  Temporary Tranquility.mp3

1.67 MB

  Spoils of War.mp3

2.68 MB

  Rejoicing in Victory.mp3

1.83 MB

  Reaching a Milestone.mp3

3.60 MB

  Hope for Joan of Arc.mp3

2.93 MB

  Glory to the Black Prince.mp3

2.68 MB

  England and France.mp3

2.56 MB

  Daytime in the Tavern.mp3

2.30 MB

  Beautiful Setting.mp3

1.67 MB

  An Average Outcome.mp3

405.80 KB

 Battlefield 2142

  Lose Round.mp3

1.12 MB

  Camp Gibraltar.mp3

4.51 MB


9.99 MB

 An American Tail

  The Great Fire.MP3

2.71 MB


4.38 MB


2.03 MB

  Headin' Out West.MP3

2.39 MB

  Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor.MP3

2.57 MB

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Torrent description

Joueurs et r?veurs, cette collection est pour vous !

Je suis un grand fan des jeux de rôle et de stratégie (spéciale dédicace à Morrowind) mais on se rend compte qu'après avoir entendu 50 fois les même musiques, elles perdent de leur magie. C'est pourquoi j'ai commencé à rassembler des musiques épiques composées par les plus Grands (Hans Zimmer, Jeremy Soule, Danny Elfman) pour accompagner mes heures de jeux.

Je me souviens du mal que j'ai eu à trouver de telles compilations, c'est ce qui m'a poussé à diffuser ma propre sélection en espérant qu'elle fera le bonheur des autres joueurs.

Adventure Music Pack VII :

An American Tail
Battlefield 2142
Body of Lies
Chopin's Dream
Devil May Cry 4
Devil's Advocate
Doom's Day
Echoes of War
Everquest 2
Far and Away
Ghost in the Shell
Harry Potter - Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban
I want to be a Shellfish
Kill Bill
King Arthur
The Last of the Mohicans
Lauras Stern
Max Payne (the movie)
The Patriot
Planetscape Torment
Poison pink
Schindler's List
Star Wars I - VI
Terminator I - III
The Last Remnant
The Thin red Line
Time Machine
[email protected]

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