Sneaker Pimps Complete Discography 24 Albums 2007

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Name:Sneaker Pimps Complete Discography 24 Albums 2007

Total Size: 1.29 GB

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Track Listings.txt (Size: 1.29 GB) (Files: 223)

 Track Listings.txt

7.33 KB

 Sneaker Pimps-Unreleased Songs

  06-Sneaker Pimps-LOW 5 (hunch mix).mp3

5.75 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-LOW 5 (hammer of the godz mix).mp3

5.80 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-THINK HARDER (sibling mix).mp3

6.47 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-LOW 5 (ambulance chaser mix).mp3

5.69 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-LOW 5 (for lovers mix).mp3

5.82 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-The Chauffeur (Duran Duran Cover).mp3

5.97 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Splinter-1999


8.64 MB


6.55 MB


6.19 MB


4.48 MB


7.96 MB


6.13 MB


5.08 MB


6.11 MB


6.77 MB


5.75 MB


6.31 MB


6.72 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Splinter Instrumentals-1999


7.34 MB


8.50 MB


6.52 MB


6.73 MB


4.67 MB


5.24 MB


6.33 MB


5.92 MB


6.66 MB


8.23 MB


6.25 MB


6.92 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Sick Cd Single 2

  03-Sneaker Pimps-After Every Party I Die.mp3

9.38 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Sick (Gonzales 'Games' Remix).mp3

5.53 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Sick (Dom T Main Mix).mp3

5.54 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Sick Cd Single 1

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Sick (X-Men Vocal).mp3

8.37 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Sick (Album Version).mp3

5.84 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Rare & Remixes 2

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Ten To Twenty (Funk Force Intergalactic Dub).mp3

8.73 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Precious.mp3

5.93 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar (Armands Dark Garage Mix).mp3

12.48 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Velvet Divorce.mp3

5.87 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Reprazent Mix).mp3

9.73 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-In The Blue.mp3

5.39 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar (Phuludes Creeping Vine Mix).mp3

8.27 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Ten To Twenty (Eric Morillo & Jose Nuez & Richard Vox Mix).mp3

10.04 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Rare & Remixes 1

  10-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar (Farley & Hellers Fire Island Vocal Mix).mp3

12.28 MB

  09-Sneaker Pimps-Unattach.mp3

5.56 MB

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Walk The Rain.mp3

6.89 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Clean.mp3

7.29 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-6 Underground (Bluebottle Mix).mp3

11.87 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Flight From Nashville).mp3

4.79 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar (Armands Dark Club Mix).mp3

7.63 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Johnny.mp3

5.88 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Ten To Twenty (Hefner Mix).mp3

6.60 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Tesko Suicicde (Americruiser Mix).mp3

5.31 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Radio Interviews 01-02 & 10-07-02

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks.mp3

6.92 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 5.mp3

4.59 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 4.mp3

10.87 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 3.mp3

1.23 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Sick.mp3

6.17 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 2.mp3

3.22 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Small Town Witch.mp3

7.46 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 1.mp3

4.89 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze Cd Single

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Mongoloids In Weehawken Mix).mp3

10.67 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Sneaks A Pimp Mix).mp3

11.01 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Phunk Phorce Mix).mp3

11.78 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Salt City Orchestra Nightclub Mix).mp3

12.01 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Low Five Cd Single

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Dronez Dub.mp3

8.49 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Tee's Freeze [Instrumental Mix].mp3

9.12 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Tee's Freeze [Vocal Mix].mp3

9.10 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks Cd Single

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Miami Counting.mp3

6.19 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks (Acoustic).mp3

6.01 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-M'aidez (Acoustic).mp3

7.11 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Empathy Low (Acoustic).mp3

6.03 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks (Album Version).mp3

8.22 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Live 11-02-00 KCRW

  09-Sneaker Pimps-End.mp3

1.58 MB

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five.mp3

6.54 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks.mp3

8.52 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-Blue Movie.mp3

5.88 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 1.mp3

7.23 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Miami Counting.mp3

6.25 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Sick.mp3

6.18 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Kiro TV.mp3

5.65 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Intro.mp3

715.88 KB

 Sneaker Pimps-Live 10-16-02 Belgium

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks (In French).mp3

9.01 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Small Town Witch.mp3

8.02 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-Half Life.mp3

7.25 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Grazes.mp3

10.90 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-The Fuel.mp3

7.13 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Sick.mp3

6.33 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five.mp3

10.75 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-After Every Party I Die.mp3

3.08 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Live 04-06-01 Vienna Austria

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar.mp3

7.41 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks.mp3

8.75 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-6 Underground.mp3

7.98 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Flowers And Silence.mp3

8.67 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-The Fuel.mp3

7.34 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Sick.mp3

6.34 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Lightning Fields.mp3

5.90 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Kiro TV.mp3

6.18 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-ICA Home Taping-2004

  06-Sneaker Pimps-Superstition (Stevie Wonder Cover).mp3

6.71 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover).mp3

7.76 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Reward (Teardrop Explodes Cover).mp3

4.95 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Venus As A Boy (Bjork Cover).mp3

7.41 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Golden Brown (The Stranglers Cover).mp3

6.66 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-The Chauffer (Duran Duran Cover).mp3

7.72 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Boxed Set Live Performance-2000

  14-Sneaker Pimps-Spin_Spin_Sugar.mp3

6.99 MB

  13-Sneaker Pimps-Interview_4.mp3

981.55 KB

  12-Sneaker Pimps-Ten_To_Twenty.mp3

6.83 MB

  11-Sneaker Pimps-Interview_3.mp3

1.17 MB

  10-Sneaker Pimps-6_Underground.mp3

7.85 MB

  09-Sneaker Pimps-Low_Place_Like_Home.mp3

6.01 MB

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Low_Five.mp3

6.56 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Interview_2.mp3

960.13 KB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-Flowers_And_Silence.mp3

8.20 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Superbug.mp3

7.08 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Interview_1.mp3

2.05 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Destroying_Angel.mp3

6.32 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Lightning_Field.mp3

5.86 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Intro.mp3

688.29 KB

 Sneaker Pimps-Bloodsport-2002


8.64 MB


5.97 MB


6.81 MB


7.80 MB


8.36 MB


7.07 MB


8.35 MB


4.59 MB


6.78 MB


5.17 MB


5.33 MB


1.71 KB


4.80 KB


0.40 KB

 Sneaker Pimps-Becoming X-1996


5.36 MB


6.96 MB


6.23 MB


6.17 MB


6.16 MB


5.77 MB


7.16 MB


6.00 MB


5.85 MB


5.64 MB


5.22 MB


6.37 MB


1.63 KB


4.08 KB


0.97 KB

 Sneaker Pimps-Becoming Remixed-1998

  10-Sneaker Pimps-Post-Modern Sleaze [Flight from Nashville].mp3

4.00 MB

  09-Sneaker Pimps-6 Underground [The Umbrellas of Ladywell Mix #2].mp3

4.73 MB

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Roll On [Fold Mix].mp3

5.69 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Tesko Suicide [Americruiser Mix].mp3

4.47 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-6 Underground [Perfecto Mix].mp3

7.00 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Post-Modern Sleaze [Reprazent Mix].mp3

8.12 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar [Armand's Bonus Dub].mp3

6.35 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Post-Modern Sleaze [The Salt City Orchestra Nightclub Mix].mp3

9.97 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-Walking Zero [Tuff & Jam Unda-Vybe Vocal].mp3

7.64 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar [Armand's Dark Garage Mix].mp3

10.42 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Album 5 Demos-2006

  07-Sneaker Pimps-girl in a bar.mp3

3.93 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-elias.mp3

2.43 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-satelite.mp3

3.55 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-the shutdown.mp3

3.39 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-rush.mp3

3.10 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-sun ate the moon.mp3

4.63 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-samaritan.mp3

3.19 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Album 4 Songs Live 05-17-2003

  11 - Kiss and Swallow.mp3

5.44 MB

  10 - First and Careless Rapture.mp3

3.55 MB

  07 - Missile.mp3

4.39 MB

  06 - Ma Fille Concret.mp3

4.59 MB

  03 - One Method.mp3

4.54 MB

  02 - Lolita.mp3

4.88 MB

  01 - This Will Make You Love Again.mp3

4.39 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-Album 4 Demos-2007

  15-Sneaker Pimps-Missile.mp3

5.42 MB

  14-Sneaker Pimps-Naked But Safe.mp3

5.36 MB

  13-Sneaker Pimps-Polaroids.mp3

2.84 MB

  12-Sneaker Pimps-Subway.mp3

6.40 MB

  10-Sneaker Pimps-Tigers.mp3

5.44 MB

  09-Sneaker Pimps-Sailor.mp3

4.48 MB

  08-Sneaker Pimps-Kiss & Swallow.mp3

5.58 MB

  07-Sneaker Pimps-Deviate.mp3

3.02 MB

  06-Sneaker Pimps-Ma Fille Concrete.mp3

4.43 MB

  05-Sneaker Pimps-Lolita.mp3

4.84 MB

  04-Sneaker Pimps-1 Method.mp3

4.19 MB

  03-Sneaker Pimps-Song Of Imaginary Beings.mp3

4.80 MB

  02-Sneaker Pimps-This Will Make You Love Again.mp3

3.93 MB

  01-Sneaker Pimps-First & Careless Rapture.mp3

3.67 MB

 Sneaker Pimps-10 To 20 Fan Sneaker Pimps Covers


4.72 MB


3.40 MB


2.97 MB


3.10 MB


3.96 MB


4.64 MB


5.05 MB


5.49 MB


4.21 MB


4.10 MB


6.35 MB


6.08 MB


4.86 MB


6.68 MB


6.26 MB


5.36 MB


7.69 MB


6.17 MB


9.47 MB


5.63 MB


7.99 MB


5.51 MB


6.06 MB


6.17 MB

 Sneaker Pimps (Chris Corner)-Les Chevaliers Du Ciel Soundtrack

  13-Chris Corner-YOU'RE THE CONVERSATION (I'm the game) original version.mp3

4.17 MB

  12-Chris Corner-HEAVEN IS INSIDE YOU.mp3

5.38 MB

  11-Chris Corner-14TH OF JULY.mp3

2.47 MB

  10-Chris Corner-THE CLASH.mp3

5.20 MB

  09-Chris Corner-THE CRAWL.mp3

4.09 MB

  08-Chris Corner-YOU'RE THE CONVERSATION (I'm the game).mp3

5.39 MB

  07-Chris Corner-COCKPIT INFERNO.mp3

5.28 MB

  06-Chris Corner-GIRL TALK.mp3

2.93 MB

  05-Chris Corner-SUGAR JUKEBOX.mp3

2.99 MB

  04-Chris Corner-GONNA WANNA.mp3

3.95 MB

  03-Chris Corner-INTO THE FIRE.mp3

4.96 MB

  02-Chris Corner-WE RISE.mp3

4.36 MB

  01-Chris Corner-ATTACK 61.mp3

3.92 MB

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_______Full Retail Releases_______
Sneaker Pimps-Becoming X-1996
Sneaker Pimps-Becoming Remixed-1998
Sneaker Pimps-Splinter-1999
Sneaker Pimps-Bloodsport-2002

Sneaker Pimps-Album 4 Demos-2007 (Studio Recordings)
01-Sneaker Pimps-First & Careless Rapture
02-Sneaker Pimps-This Will Make You Love Again
03-Sneaker Pimps-Song Of Imaginary Beings
04-Sneaker Pimps-1 Method
05-Sneaker Pimps-Lolita
06-Sneaker Pimps-Ma Fille Concrete
07-Sneaker Pimps-Deviate
08-Sneaker Pimps-Kiss & Swallow
09-Sneaker Pimps-Sailor
10-Sneaker Pimps-Tigers
12-Sneaker Pimps-Subway
13-Sneaker Pimps-Polaroids
14-Sneaker Pimps-Naked But Safe
15-Sneaker Pimps-Missile

Sneaker Pimps-Album 5 Demos-2006(Studio Recordings)
01-Sneaker Pimps-samaritan
02-Sneaker Pimps-sun ate the moon
03-Sneaker Pimps-rush
04-Sneaker Pimps-the shutdown
05-Sneaker Pimps-satelite
06-Sneaker Pimps-elias
07-Sneaker Pimps-girl in a bar

Sneaker Pimps-Unreleased Songs
01-Sneaker Pimps-The Chauffeur (Duran Duran Cover)
02-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five (for lovers mix)
03-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five (ambulance chaser mix)
04-Sneaker Pimps-Think Harder (sibling mix)
05-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five (hammer of the godz mix)
06-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five (hunch mix)

_______Rare Recordings_______
Sneaker Pimps-Splinter Instrumentals-1999

Sneaker Pimps-Rare & Remixes 1
01-Sneaker Pimps-Tesko Suicicde (Americruiser Mix)
02-Sneaker Pimps-Ten To Twenty (Hefner Mix)
03-Sneaker Pimps-Johnny
04-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar (Armands Dark Club Mix)
05-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Flight From Nashville)
06-Sneaker Pimps-6 Underground (Bluebottle Mix)
07-Sneaker Pimps-Clean
08-Sneaker Pimps-Walk The Rain
09-Sneaker Pimps-Unattach
10-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar (Farley & Hellers Fire Island Vocal Mix)

Sneaker Pimps-Rare & Remixes 2
01-Sneaker Pimps-Ten To Twenty (Eric Morillo & Jose Nuez & Richard Vox Mix)
02-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar (Phuludes Creeping Vine Mix)
03-Sneaker Pimps-In The Blue
04-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Reprazent Mix)
05-Sneaker Pimps-Velvet Divorce
06-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar (Armands Dark Garage Mix)
07-Sneaker Pimps-Precious
08-Sneaker Pimps-Ten To Twenty (Funk Force Intergalactic Dub)

Sneaker Pimps-ICA Home Taping-2004
01-Sneaker Pimps-The Chauffer (Duran Duran Cover)
02-Sneaker Pimps-Golden Brown (The Stranglers Cover)
03-Sneaker Pimps-Venus As A Boy (Bjork Cover)
04-Sneaker Pimps-Reward (Teardrop Explodes Cover)
05-Sneaker Pimps-Ashes To Ashes (David Bowie Cover)
06-Sneaker Pimps-Superstition (Stevie Wonder Cover)

Sneaker Pimps-Boxed Set Live Performance-2000
01-Sneaker Pimps-Intro
02-Sneaker Pimps-Lightning_Field
03-Sneaker Pimps-Destroying_Angel
04-Sneaker Pimps-Interview_1
05-Sneaker Pimps-Superbug
06-Sneaker Pimps-Flowers_And_Silence
07-Sneaker Pimps-Interview_2
08-Sneaker Pimps-Low_Five
09-Sneaker Pimps-Low_Place_Like_Home
10-Sneaker Pimps-6_Underground
11-Sneaker Pimps-Interview_3
12-Sneaker Pimps-Ten_To_Twenty
13-Sneaker Pimps-Interview_4
14-Sneaker Pimps-Spin_Spin_Sugar

Sneaker Pimps-Album 4 Songs Live 05-17-2003
01-Sneaker Pimps-This Will Make You Love Again
02-Sneaker Pimps-Lolita
03-Sneaker Pimps-One Method
06-Sneaker Pimps-Ma Fille Concret
07-Sneaker Pimps-Missile
10-Sneaker Pimps-First and Careless Rapture
11-Sneaker Pimps-Kiss and Swallow

Sneaker Pimps-Radio Interviews 01-02 & 10-07-02
01-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 1
02-Sneaker Pimps-Small Town Witch
03-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 2
04-Sneaker Pimps-Sick
05-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 3
06-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 4
07-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 5
08-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks

Sneaker Pimps-Live 04-06-01 Vienna Austria
01-Sneaker Pimps-Kiro TV
02-Sneaker Pimps-Lightning Fields
03-Sneaker Pimps-Sick
04-Sneaker Pimps-The Fuel
05-Sneaker Pimps-Flowers And Silence
06-Sneaker Pimps-6 Underground
07-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks
08-Sneaker Pimps-Spin Spin Sugar

Sneaker Pimps-Live 10-16-02 Belgium
01-Sneaker Pimps-After Every Party I Die
02-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five
03-Sneaker Pimps-Sick
04-Sneaker Pimps-The Fuel
05-Sneaker Pimps-Grazes
06-Sneaker Pimps-Half Life
07-Sneaker Pimps-Small Town Witch
08-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks (In French)

Sneaker Pimps-Live 11-02-00 KCRW
01-Sneaker Pimps-Intro
02-Sneaker Pimps-Kiro TV
03-Sneaker Pimps-Sick
04-Sneaker Pimps-Miami Counting
05-Sneaker Pimps-Interview 1
06-Sneaker Pimps-Blue Movie
07-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks
08-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five
09-Sneaker Pimps-End

_______Cd Singles_______
Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze Cd Single
01-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Salt City Orchestra Nightclub Mix)
02-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Phunk Phorce Mix)
03-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Sneaks A Pimp Mix)
04-Sneaker Pimps-Post Modern Sleaze (Mongoloids In Weehawken Mix)

Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks Cd Single
01-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks (Album Version)
02-Sneaker Pimps-Empathy Low (Acoustic)
03-Sneaker Pimps-M'aidez (Acoustic)
04-Sneaker Pimps-Loretta Young Silks (Acoustic)
05-Sneaker Pimps-Miami Counting

Sneaker Pimps-Low Five Cd Single
01-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five Tee's Freeze [Vocal Mix]
02-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five Tee's Freeze [Instrumental Mix]
03-Sneaker Pimps-Low Five Dronez Dub

Sneaker Pimps (Chris Corner)-Les Chevaliers Du Ciel Soundtrack
01-Chris Corner-ATTACK 61
02-Chris Corner-WE RISE
03-Chris Corner-INTO THE FIRE
04-Chris Corner-GONNA WANNA
05-Chris Corner-SUGAR JUKEBOX
06-Chris Corner-GIRL TALK
08-Chris Corner-YOU'RE THE CONVERSATION (I'm the game)
09-Chris Corner-THE CRAWL
10-Chris Corner-THE CLASH
11-Chris Corner-14TH OF JULY
13-Chris Corner-YOU'RE THE CONVERSATION (I'm the game) original version

Sneaker Pimps-10 To 20 Fan Sneaker Pimps Covers AKA Uncover The Fans Project

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