Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age

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Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age

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Name:Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age

Infohash: AEA5FA56E83D03E5A389FAD6F4287A9CFE0A24E2

Total Size: 764.12 MB

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Leechers: 0

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Torrent added: 2008-07-24 12:43:27

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Torrent Files List

Behind The Gardens (Size: 750.65 MB) (Files: 180)

 Behind The Gardens

  01 Behind The Gardens - Behind The Wall - Under The Tree.mp3

10.05 MB

  02 Pyramid - In the Woods - In the Bright Light.mp3

10.82 MB

  03 Micro - Macro.mp3

3.87 MB

  04 Skin And Skin.mp3

4.64 MB

  05 Moonlight, Wrapped Around Us.mp3

1.50 MB

  06 Lion And Sheep.mp3

3.95 MB

  07 Sunday.mp3

2.79 MB

  08 Afternoon.mp3

1.06 MB

  09 Hands And Clouds.mp3

3.29 MB

  Behind The Gardens.jpg

21.90 KB


8.00 KB

 Book Of Roses

  01 La Strega (Her Journey To The Grand Ball).mp3

1.42 MB

  02 The Grand Ball Of The Duljas.mp3

2.45 MB

  03 Morning At Boma Park.mp3

4.49 MB

  04 The Five Curtains.mp3

2.38 MB

  05 Book Of Roses.mp3

4.84 MB

  06 In Doga Gamee.mp3

6.43 MB

  07 Passage To Promise.mp3

3.43 MB

  08 In The Woods Of Kroandal.mp3

4.42 MB

  09 Jugglers In Osidian.mp3

4.80 MB

  10 Chanson De L'Heure Bleue.mp3

2.18 MB

  11 Czippa And The Ursanian Girl.mp3

4.40 MB

  12 The Birds Of Tilmun.mp3

2.99 MB

  13 Hirzel.mp3

7.35 MB

  14 Jours D'Amour.mp3

5.45 MB

  15 Manto's Arrow And The Sphinx.mp3

3.55 MB

  16 Letters To A Young Rose.mp3

7.06 MB

  Book Of Roses.jpg

12.59 KB


10.50 KB

 Caverna Magica

  01 Caverna Magica.mp3

5.33 MB

  02 Mandragora.mp3

4.38 MB

  03 Lunar Pond.mp3

2.99 MB

  04 Schajah Saretosh.mp3

4.47 MB

  05 Sena Stanjena.mp3

3.68 MB

  06 Belladonna.mp3

7.39 MB

  07 Angoh.mp3

3.72 MB

  08 Huiziopochtli.mp3

7.01 MB

  09 Con Chiglia, Geastrum Coronatum - La Paix Verde.mp3

6.90 MB

  Caverna Magica.jpg

18.66 KB


7.50 KB


  01 Morning Poem.mp3

1.68 MB

  02 Stella.mp3

7.30 MB

  03 Elle Chelle.mp3

4.42 MB

  04 Vals Del Sur.mp3

4.87 MB

  05 Hush, My Heart, Be Still....mp3

7.85 MB

  06 Petit Smile.mp3

2.62 MB

  07 Under One Moon.mp3

6.77 MB

  08 Ancient Pulse.mp3

5.53 MB

  09 Peachtree Valley.mp3

4.93 MB

  10 Bright Moon, Still Shining....mp3

1.52 MB

  11 At The Forest Fountain.mp3

8.43 MB

  12 Your Silver Key.mp3

2.64 MB

  13 Long Road To You.mp3

3.68 MB

  14 Capriccio.mp3

2.75 MB

  15 Will-O'-The-Wisp (Ignus Fatuus).mp3

5.43 MB

  16 Cor Do Amor.mp3

3.56 MB

  17 The Fishbirdtree - Little Snap.mp3

5.57 MB


11.08 KB


7.00 KB

 Dancing With The Lion

  01 Unto The Burning Circle.mp3

5.26 MB

  02 Dancing With The Lion.mp3

5.51 MB

  03 Hippolyte.mp3

1.62 MB

  04 Dance Of The Masks.mp3

8.03 MB

  06 Garden Of My Childhood.mp3

2.47 MB

  07 Still Life.mp3

2.50 MB

  08 And The Long Shadows.mp3

5.05 MB

  09 See, My Love.mp3

4.20 MB

  10 Silver Dew, Golden Grass.mp3

1.34 MB

  11 Ascent From The Circle.mp3

5.45 MB

  Dancing With The Lion.jpg

7.05 KB


5.50 KB

 Down To The Moon

  01 Down To The Moon.mp3

3.36 MB

  02 Moon Dance.mp3

5.74 MB

  03 Steam Forest.mp3

6.81 MB

  04 Water Moon.mp3

3.09 MB

  05 Night Fire Dance.mp3

6.84 MB

  06 Quiet Observer.mp3

3.77 MB

  07 Silver Wheel.mp3

5.45 MB

  08 Drown In Pale Light.mp3

3.07 MB

  09 The Secret, The Candle, And Love.mp3

5.15 MB

  10 Hush - Patience At Bamboo Forest.mp3

466.00 KB

  11 The Three Silver Ladies Dance.mp3

3.51 MB

  12 La Lune Et L'Enfant.mp3

2.85 MB

  Down To The Moon.jpg

12.05 KB


6.00 KB

 Eolian Minstrel

  01 Song Of Isolde.mp3

2.34 MB

  02 Across The Iron River (The Return).mp3

3.76 MB

  03 Reason Enough (All The King's Men).mp3

6.10 MB

  04 Eolian Minstrel.mp3

6.91 MB

  05 Jaden Maiden.mp3

5.61 MB

  06 The Secret Shrine Of Icarus.mp3

1.28 MB

  07 Harvest.mp3

7.37 MB

  08 The Years In The Forest.mp3

5.16 MB

  09 Desert Of Rain.mp3

6.13 MB

  10 Private Fires.mp3

86.17 KB

  11 The Five Sisters.mp3

6.60 MB

  12 Painter's Waltz.mp3

5.71 MB

  13 Leaves Of The Great Tree.mp3

5.03 MB


2.00 KB


7.53 KB


2.00 KB


0.36 KB

  Eolian Minstrel.jpg

14.53 KB


7.53 KB


7.00 KB


  01 Domus Cordis, Father's Tree - The Painted Gate.mp3

5.78 MB

  02 Morgana Palace.mp3

5.31 MB

  03 Hermes' Wedding.mp3

4.16 MB

  04 Under The Trees Of Hope.mp3

5.68 MB

  05 Passionata.mp3

8.09 MB

  06 Wanja The Wanderer (Concerto For Harp & Orchestra).mp3

9.22 MB

  07 Bhambororo.mp3

2.36 MB

  08 Forest Folks.mp3

7.02 MB

  09 Quendel And Rhomas.mp3

5.87 MB

  10 Trigon, East Of Time - Missa Obscura - South Of Time.mp3

9.79 MB

  11 May Green Be The Grass.mp3

8.64 MB


24.27 KB


7.50 KB



   01 Rilax.mp3

4.47 MB

   02 Vergeletto.mp3

5.69 MB

   03 Down To The Moon.mp3

3.40 MB

   04 Moonday.mp3

9.77 MB

   05 Cheng Lunar.mp3

2.65 MB

   06 Steam Forest.mp3

8.01 MB

   07 Water Moon.mp3

3.54 MB

   08 Micro - Macro.mp3

5.20 MB

   09 Night Fire Dance.mp3

6.51 MB

   10 Ouvertuere.mp3

4.62 MB

   11 First Piece.mp3

5.63 MB

   12 And The Long Shadows.mp3

4.22 MB

   13 Book Of Roses.mp3

4.48 MB

   15 Red Scarf.mp3

2.41 MB

   16 Angoh!.mp3

6.91 MB


5.50 KB


   01 Letters To A Young Rose.mp3

5.09 MB

   02 Dancing With The Lion.mp3

7.55 MB

   03 Movimenti.mp3

4.75 MB

   04 Flight Feet & Root Hands.mp3

8.77 MB

   05 Song Of Isolde.mp3

3.64 MB

   06 Sailor (Instrumental Version).mp3

6.62 MB

   07 Years In The Forest.mp3

5.45 MB

   08 Woman And The Stone.mp3

5.35 MB

   09 Jours D'Amour.mp3

4.65 MB

   10 Pace Verde.mp3

8.23 MB

   11 Arion.mp3

6.32 MB

   12 Desert Of Rain.mp3

3.65 MB

   13 Five Sisters.mp3

6.13 MB

   14 Pyramid - In The Wood - In The Bright Light.mp3

11.89 MB


5.50 KB


16.04 KB


12.00 KB

 Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt

0.05 KB


  01 Hey You, Yes... You! (At The Gate Of Sound).mp3

6.78 MB

  02 Wake Up And Dance! (All The Good Reasons...).mp3

5.89 MB

  03 Pilgrim (...And I Shall Not Be Sad).mp3

5.20 MB

  04 Seven Doors.mp3

4.09 MB

  05 Enchanted Rocks.mp3

5.22 MB

  06 These Hearts Of Gold.mp3

5.52 MB

  07 The King & The Fool.mp3

3.18 MB

  08 The Sons Of Sysiphos.mp3

5.66 MB

  09 Paper Walls.mp3

5.38 MB

  10 Innocent.mp3

5.73 MB

  11 Ripples In The Lake Of Time.mp3

6.07 MB

  12 Silver Moment (Come Down To The Moon).mp3

3.93 MB

  13 Kira's Waltz.mp3

5.21 MB

  14 What If It Wasn't A Dream.mp3

5.90 MB


7.50 KB


13.56 KB

 White Winds (Seeker's Journey)

  01 The White Winds.mp3

2.52 MB

  02 Hall Of The Stairs.mp3

6.98 MB

  03 The Glass Hall.mp3

10.45 MB

  04 The Woman And The Stone.mp3

6.18 MB

  05 The Stone (Close Up).mp3

4.17 MB

  06 Phases Of The Three Moons.mp3

3.77 MB

  07 Flight Feet And Root Hands.mp3

5.03 MB

  08 Brothership.mp3

4.73 MB

  09 Sisterseed.mp3

1.88 MB

  10 Trilogy (At The White Magic Gardens).mp3

4.80 MB


6.00 KB

  White Winds.jpg

11.18 KB


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Torrent description

Andreas Vollenweider 11 Albums [Harp Music][New Age][192kb]


Albums in this release...

Behind The Gardens
Book Of Roses
Caverna Magica
Dancing With The Lion
Down To The Moon
Eolian Minstrel
White Winds (Seeker's Journey)


Other Albums...

Andreas Vollenweider - The Storyteller [2006] [New Age

Andreas Vollenweider - Magic Harp [Harp Music][New Age](2005)

Andreas Vollenweider - Midnight Clear [Harp Music][New Age](2006


Andreas Vollenweider - Magic Harp [Harp Music][New Age](2005)

Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age preview 3" border="0" alt="Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age preview 0"/>

What do customers ultimately buy after viewing this item?
50% buy the item featured on this page:Magic Harp ~ Andreas Vollenweider $18.98
19% buy Magical Journeys of Andreas Vollenweider DVD ~ Andreas Vollenweider $17.99
10% buy Vox ~ Andreas Vollenweider $18.98
10% buy Down to the Moon ~ Andreas Vollenweider $10.99
10% buy Magical Journeys of Andreas Vollenweider ~ Andreas Vollenweider $18.98

Customers who bought this item also bought
Vox ~ Andreas Vollenweider
Magical Journeys of Andreas Vollenweider DVD ~ Andreas Vollenweider
Down to the Moon ~ Andreas Vollenweider
Caverna Magica ~ Andreas Vollenweider
Behind the Gardens-Behind the Wall-Under the Tree ~ Andreas Vollenweider
Magical Journeys of Andreas Vollenweider ~ Andreas Vollenweider
Midnight Clear ~ Andreas Vollenweider
Book of Roses ~ Andreas Vollenweider

Product Details
List Price: $18.98
Audio CD (June 14, 2005)
Original Release Date: June 14, 2005
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Original recording remastered
Label: Kin Kou

Andreas Vollenweider - Magic Harp

01. Moon Dance
02. See My Love
03. Dancing with the Lion
04. Behind the Gardens
05. Belladonna
06. Angoh
07. Night Fire Dance
08. Pyramid
09. Flight Feet & Root Hands
10. Pearls & Tears
11. Cor Do Amor
12. Stella
13. Hey You! Yes You... (edit excerpt)
14. Moonday - Live in Tokyo (Special: unpublished song)


Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age preview 1

Andreas Vollenweider - Book of Roses [Harp Music][New Age]

Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age preview 2

Product Details
List Price: $9.98
Audio CD (February 11, 1992)
Original Release Date: February 11, 1992
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Sony
ASIN: B00000283B

01. La Strega (Her Journey To The Grand Ball)
02. The Grand Ball Of The Duljas
03. Morning At Boma Park
04. Five Curtains
05. Book Of Roses
06. In Doga Gamee
07. Passage To Promise
08. In The Woods Of Kroandal
09. Jugglers In Obsidian
10. Chanson De L'heure Bleue
11. Czippa And The Ursanian Girl
12. The Birds Of Tilmun
13. Hirzel
14. Jours D'amour
15. Manto's Arrow And The Sphinx
16. Letters To A Young Rose

Chockablock stylistic collisions include virtuoso classical piano, medieval folk, blues-rock, the chant of Ladysmith Black Mambazo, pastoral orchestration and flamenco-frenzy, and that's merely within tracks 6-8. Not to damn it with faint praise, but this shapes up as a "Tubular Bells? for the '90s. --Jeff Bateman

Fairy-tale harpist, June 22, 2001
Reviewer: Gavin Wilson
Andreas Vollenweider has a canny sense of where the music market is going. In 1991, Narada issued the wonderful CD, 'A Childhood Remembered', in which the labels leading artists were asked to write music to accompany a story that important to them as a child. That same year, electro-harpist Andreas Vollenweider released this four-chapter epic fairy tale, where he merged his progressive, new-age leanings with the burgeoning world music scene. With the brothers Grimm and north/central Europe as the source for so many childrens' stories, it seemed appropriate for the Swiss composer to create this.
Despite Vollenweider's acute sense of the direction of the market, I feel that his record company has little or no idea how to market him. Sometimes he's classified as 'New Age', sometimes he's in the Classical section. Rarely do his albums get much advertising and promotion -- well, not here in the UK anyway.

But this is a good album that deserves to be much better known here. Goodness knows what the story is behind the titles of each piece: 'Manto's Arrow', 'Czippa' and 'Kroandal' mean nothing to me. Maybe another Amazon reviewer recognises these names from children's fiction. But the music underlying the titles is always good, and at times great.

I'm never sure when reviewing new age CDs whether one should pinpoint stand-out tracks, as many listeners prefer just to take in the whole recording and maybe even go to sleep to it. But track #13, 'Hirzel', is where Vollenweider and his band really rock. Besides the usual personnel -- Keiser, Fessler and Stiefel, for instance -- there is the marvellous percussionist Marilyn Mazur, who has subsequently appeared on Jan Garbarek albums such as the magnificent 'Rites'.

A Musical Bed of Roses, January 9, 2002
Reviewer: Russell J. Grasso (Massachusetts, USA)
Buy this CD. I have listened to the majority of Vollenweider's work since the '80s (thanks to my friends) and I am very familiar with his music.. Yet, I am not one to run out and buy his releases, nor do I believe his work has universal appeal, but this Book of Roses CD is a stunning album, both for its beauty and diversity. I dare say it has the proverbial universal appeal. The breath of musical diversity is astounding - that it all could be by one artist and placed on one CD is as mysterious as the book itself pictured on the cover. The cuts with recognizable muscial styles are remarkable compositions within thier own intent. Otherwise, Vollenweider has trailblazed fusing some new style combinations with absolute success. Vollenweider's arsenal of melodies, timbres, sound effects, and the fluidity of his transitions is beyond reproach. We are talking one large canvas here, folks. Make no mistake, this is not the white cloud-hopping or cave-dwelling harp hiding behind gardens, under trees or on the moon - this is a galaxy of music. If you don't buy this album and it goes out of print, you will never forgive yourself (And then I'll say "I told you so").

castle music, July 22, 2006
Reviewer: Flight Risk (The Gypsy Moth) "Exiled Yankee" (usa)
From the very first sounds - perhaps a child running through hallways - to the moment at the beginning when the runner pushes open a window, mental pictures start up. I imagine the window looking out over a deep, lushly forested gorge on a bright shining day. Really what I see in my mind, throughout the entire CD, is a variation of a Maxfield Parrish painting, in a land where it only rains at night.

I've had fairly heated arguments with other Vollenweider fans about this CD - my favourite, with everything it brings to mind; as the title says, I can easily see castles with this music, and scholarly people tucked away in odd corners working on esoteric problems. Some of the backdrop stuff is great, too; when the dog runs up to the recording equipment, I always turn it way up so I can hear doggy laughter. Ladysmith Black Mambazo - a class act their own selves - adds an accent to the first half of the CD and the world feels brighter from their voices.

The first time I became aware of Andreas Vollenweider was from an appearance on the Tonight Show - when Johnny Carson was running things. I couldn't even guess at a year - but I have been a fan ever since. This CD trips off a little from the beaten path - as someone else said, you may want to try one of his more mainstream works first - but for folks familiar with his work, this shouldn't be that much of a surprise, and it is so peaceful.

Andreas is Amazing!, May 13, 2004
Reviewer: Julie Davidson (Chicago, IL United States)
I have been a fan of Andreas since I was 15 years old (now 27) and this is probably one of his most unique and diverse works. The variety of instruments and the haunting image it creates in my mind is beyond comprehension. Andreas is probably the most talented musician I have ever heard. It is true that this album does depart from his normal sound but it is such a unique and capturing sound that one can't help but be pulled into his work. If you aren"t a hard core Andreas Vollenweider fan (like me!), i would be hesitant to recommend it to you as your first Vollenweider album as I think "Down to the Moon" and "Dancing with the Lion" are better, but after hearing his earlier works, you'll be hooked! Andreas is simply awesome.

Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age preview 3" border="0" alt="Andreas Vollenweider 11 CD 192kbps Harp MusicNew Age preview 0"/>

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