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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Serial Activation

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Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Serial Activation

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Name:Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended Serial Activation

Infohash: 88C7FE97A844EA346B669E403C6FA9D4F9EC5918

Total Size: 101.32 MB

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Leechers: 0

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2008-07-24 06:38:56

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CSDATA (Size: 101.32 MB) (Files: 374)




    Adobe Photoshop CS3

     Adobe Photoshop CS3 Settings

      Actions Palette.psp

24.80 KB

      Adobe Photoshop CS3 Prefs.psp

153.09 KB

      Color Settings.csf

712.23 KB


0.01 KB


802.32 KB




3.09 KB


41.32 KB

       Image Effects.atn

23.22 KB


7.87 KB

       Text Effects.atn

40.11 KB


52.76 KB

       Video Actions.atn

39.04 KB

      Black and White

       Blue Filter.blw

0.29 KB

       Green Filter.blw

0.31 KB

       High Contrast Blue Filter.blw

0.29 KB

       High Contrast Red Filter.blw

0.29 KB


0.29 KB

       Maximum Black.blw

0.29 KB

       Maximum White.blw

0.29 KB

       Neutral Density.blw

0.29 KB

       Red Filter.blw

0.31 KB

       Yellow Filter.blw

0.30 KB


       Assorted Brushes.abr

19.93 KB

       Basic Brushes.abr

24.63 KB

       Calligraphic Brushes.abr

0.72 KB

       Drop Shadow Brushes.abr

13.27 KB

       Dry Media Brushes.abr

1.04 MB

       Faux Finish Brushes.abr

116.73 KB

       Natural Brushes 2.abr

75.52 KB

       Natural Brushes.abr

20.11 KB

       Special Effect Brushes.abr

2.52 MB

       Square Brushes.abr

2.27 KB

       Thick Heavy Brushes.abr

226.42 KB

       Wet Media Brushes.abr

1.01 MB

      Channel Mixer

       Black & White Infrared (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

       Black & White with Blue Filter (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

       Black & White with Green Filter (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

       Black & White with Red Filter (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

       Black & White with Yellow Filter (RGB).cha

0.04 KB

      Color Swatches


13.97 KB

       DIC Color

42.42 KB

       DIC Swatch ReadMe.txt

0.79 KB


35.67 KB

       HKS E

2.69 KB


2.74 KB

       HKS K

2.69 KB


2.74 KB

       HKS N

2.69 KB


2.68 KB

       HKS Z

2.69 KB


1.55 KB


2.50 KB

       PANTONE color bridge CMYK

48.24 KB

       PANTONE color bridge CMYK

49.45 KB

       PANTONE color bridge CMYK

48.22 KB

       PANTONE metallic

12.92 KB

       PANTONE pastel

6.71 KB

       PANTONE pastel

6.71 KB

       PANTONE process

151.02 KB

       PANTONE process

151.02 KB

       PANTONE solid

48.40 KB

       PANTONE solid

48.40 KB

       PANTONE solid to process

48.24 KB

       PANTONE solid to

48.24 KB

       PANTONE solid

48.40 KB

       Photo Filter

0.93 KB

       TOYO 94 COLOR

34.94 KB


35.14 KB


88.39 KB

       VisiBone ReadMe.txt

0.41 KB

3.29 KB

2.50 KB


2.11 KB

       Web Safe

2.11 KB


3.33 KB

2.50 KB



2.32 KB


       Color Negative (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Cross Process (RGB).acv

0.08 KB

       Darker (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Increase Contrast (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Lighter (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Linear Contrast (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Medium Contrast (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

       Negative (RGB).acv

0.05 KB

       Strong Contrast (RGB).acv

0.06 KB

      Custom Shapes


355.55 KB


9.03 KB


14.71 KB

       Banners and Awards.csh

9.68 KB


15.14 KB


7.16 KB


56.80 KB


74.74 KB


51.61 KB


24.57 KB


53.42 KB

       Talk Bubbles.csh

8.06 KB


14.22 KB


25.12 KB



        Gray-Black Duotones


0.51 KB


0.51 KB


0.51 KB

         424 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         424 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         424 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         424 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 7 bl 1.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 7 bl 2.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 7 bl 3.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 7 bl 4.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 9 bl 1.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 9 bl 2.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 9 bl 3.ADO

0.51 KB

         Cool Gray 9 bl 4.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 11 bl 1.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 11 bl 2.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 11 bl 3.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 11 bl 4.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 8 bl 1.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 8 bl 2.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 8 bl 3.ADO

0.51 KB

         Warm Gray 8 bl 4.ADO

0.51 KB

        PANTONE(R) Duotones

         327 aqua (50%) bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         327 aqua (50%) bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         327 aqua (50%) bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         327 aqua (50%) bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         478 brown (100%) bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         478 brown (100%) bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         478 brown (100%) bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         478 brown (100%) bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         506 burgundy (75%) bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         506 burgundy (75%) bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         506 burgundy (75%) bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         506 burgundy (75%) bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         527 purple (100%) bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         527 purple (100%) bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         527 purple (100%) bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         527 purple (100%) bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 072 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 072 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 072 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 072 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 286 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 286 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 286 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         blue 286 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         brown 464 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         brown 464 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         brown 464 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         brown 464 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         green 3405 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         green 3405 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         green 3405 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         green 3405 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         green 349 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         green 349 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         green 349 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         green 349 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         mauve 4655 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         mauve 4655 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         mauve 4655 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         mauve 4655 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         red 485 bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         red 485 bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         red 485 bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         red 485 bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

        Process Duotones

         cyan bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         cyan bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         cyan bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         cyan bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         magenta bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         magenta bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         magenta bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         magenta bl 4.ado

0.51 KB

         yellow bl 1.ado

0.51 KB

         yellow bl 2.ado

0.51 KB

         yellow bl 3.ado

0.51 KB

         yellow bl 4.ado

0.51 KB


        Gray Quadtones

         Bl CG10 CG4 WmG3.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl CG10 WmG3 CG1.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl CG10 WmG4 CG3.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl WmG9 CG6 CG3.ado

0.51 KB

        PANTONE(R) Quadtones

         Bl 430 493 557.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 431 492 556.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 541 513 5773.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 75% 50% 25%.ado

0.51 KB

        Process Quadtones

         CMYK blue.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK brown.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK cool.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK ext wm.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK neutral.ado

0.51 KB

         CMYK wm.ado

0.51 KB


        Gray Tritones

         Bl 404 WmGray 401 WmGray.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 409 WmGray 407 WmGray.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl Cool Gray 10 WmGray 1.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl WmGray 7 WmGray 2.ado

0.51 KB


0.51 KB


0.51 KB


0.51 KB


0.51 KB

        PANTONE(R) Tritones

         Bl 313 aqua 127 gold.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 334 green 437 mauve.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 340 green 423 gray.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 437 burgundy 127 gold.ado

0.51 KB

         Bl 50% 25%.ado

0.51 KB

        Process Tritones

         BCY green 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BCY green 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BCY green 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BCY green 4.ado

0.51 KB

         BMC blue 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BMC blue 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BMC blue 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BMC blue 4.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY brown 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY brown 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY brown 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY brown 4.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY red 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY red 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY red 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY red 4.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY sepia 1.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY sepia 2.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY sepia 3.ado

0.51 KB

         BMY sepia 4.ado

0.51 KB


       Color Harmonies 1.grd

16.35 KB

       Color Harmonies 2.grd

21.43 KB


0.64 KB

       Noise Samples.grd

3.59 KB


10.48 KB


10.11 KB

       Special Effects.grd

1.26 KB


5.96 KB

      Keyboard Shortcuts

       Working with Type.kys

2.89 KB

      Menu Customization


2.96 KB


2.59 KB

       Color and Tonal Correction.mnu

4.27 KB

       Image Analysis.mnu

10.43 KB

       Painting and Retouching.mnu

11.84 KB

       Printing and Proofing.mnu

3.17 KB

       Video and Film.mnu

3.11 KB

       Web Design.mnu

1.73 KB

       What's New - CS3.mnu

4.41 KB

       Working with Type.mnu

2.18 KB


       Artist Surfaces.pat

443.02 KB

       Color Paper.pat

1.47 MB

       Grayscale Paper.pat

271.07 KB

       Nature Patterns.pat

1.02 MB

       Patterns 2.pat

242.34 KB


298.35 KB

       PostScript Patterns


5.98 KB

8.50 KB

11.61 KB

5.83 KB

3.34 KB

4.20 KB


7.66 KB


18.83 KB


46.98 KB

13.90 KB


2.57 KB


12.47 KB

2.29 KB


28.68 KB

4.92 KB


14.35 KB


8.43 KB


8.36 KB

46.12 KB


3.90 KB


11.05 KB


75.92 KB


74.52 KB

5.12 KB

4.87 KB

160.34 KB

        Random V'

7.00 KB


17.05 KB

15.17 KB

4.04 KB


9.39 KB

3.93 KB


11.93 KB


14.61 KB

        Undulating lines

2.30 KB


4.27 KB

45.34 KB


18.56 KB

4.54 KB

8.65 KB

21.20 KB

       Rock Patterns.pat

1.04 MB

       Texture Fill 2.pat

646.58 KB

       Texture Fill.pat

820.13 KB


       Abstract Styles.asl

2.16 MB


177.58 KB

       Dotted Strokes.asl

39.35 KB

       Glass Buttons.asl

48.62 KB

       Image Effects.asl

178.29 KB

       Photographic Effects.asl

253.50 KB

       Text Effects 2.asl

884.51 KB

       Text Effects.asl

219.93 KB


853.27 KB

       Web Styles.asl

320.34 KB


       Art History.tpl

703.51 KB


342.82 KB

       Crop and Marquee.tpl

3.30 KB


114.51 KB



0.54 KB


0.24 KB


0.25 KB


0.72 KB

  %Common AppData%



0.35 KB

15.50 KB

  %Local AppData%




4.31 KB


0.59 KB


66.85 KB


   Local Settings


     Photoshop Temp3574091788

27.97 MB


2.42 KB


7.55 KB



    Adobe Photoshop CS3



       1-Basic Workspaces


86.56 KB


83.46 KB

        What's New in CS3

4.44 KB

       2-Task-based Workspaces


86.05 KB

        Color and Tonal Correction

87.02 KB

        Image Analysis

93.72 KB

        Painting and Retouching

94.61 KB

        Printing and Proofing

85.78 KB

        Video and Film

85.68 KB

        Web Design

84.93 KB

        Working with Type

88.54 KB



1.27 MB


17.00 KB


144.00 KB

      Default Actions.atn

19.63 KB

      Default Brushes.abr

640.71 KB

      Default Contours.shc

0.86 KB

      Default Custom Shapes.csh

33.66 KB

      Default Filter

0.93 KB

      Default Gradients.grd

15.15 KB

      Default Keyboard Shortcuts.kys

2.86 KB

      Default Menus.mnu

0.04 KB

      Default New Doc Sizes.txt

20.50 KB

      Default Patterns.pat

150.92 KB

      Default Styles.asl

125.42 KB


6.18 KB

      Default Tool Presets.tpl

55.23 KB

      Droplet Template

9.52 KB

      Droplet Template.exe

321.50 KB


153.81 KB


26.18 KB

      OS Shortcuts.txt

0.09 KB


68.00 KB


7.19 KB



525.00 KB


168.00 KB


68.50 KB


728.00 KB


166.00 KB


15.00 KB


1.75 MB

   Common Files


     Adobe PCD



11.00 KB


25.00 KB



25.00 KB



25.00 KB



8.50 KB



8.50 KB



8.50 KB



8.50 KB

0.04 KB

228.00 KB


228.00 KB


43.48 MB

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Torrent description

Render and incorporate 3D images into your 2D composites using Adobe Photoshop cs3 Extended

Ideal for:
· Film, video, and multimedia professionals
· Graphic and web designers using 3D and motion
· Manufacturing professionals
· Medical professionals
· Architects and engineers (AEC)
· Scientific researchers

Key features:
Edit 3D and motion-based images
Unique to Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended: Perform 3D-model visualization and texture editing, and paint and clone over multiple video frames.

· 3D image editing
3D compositing and texture editing
Easily render and incorporate rich 3D content into your 2D composites — even edit existing textures on 3D models directly within Photoshop Extended and immediately see the results. Photoshop Extended supports common 3D interchange formats, including 3DS, OBJ, U3D, KMZ, and COLLADA, so you can import, view, and interact with most 3D models.

Integration with Adobe Acrobat 8 software
Create, modify, and collaborate on 3D content more easily through tight integration between Photoshop CS3 Extended and Acrobat® 3D software. Convert myriad 3D CAD formats to the robust U3D interchange format, enhance models and create composites with Photoshop Extended, and easily embed 3D models created in Photoshop Extended into PDF files to distribute for review.

Enhanced Vanishing Point with 3D support
Edit in perspective on multiple surfaces — even those connected at angles other than 90 degrees — with the enhanced Vanishing Point, which also lets you measure in perspective; wrap graphics, images, and text around multiple planes; and output 2D planes as 3D models.

· Video and animation design
Movie Paint
Enhance video directly within Photoshop Extended. Now you can paint, add text, and clone over multiple frames of an imported video sequence.

Smooth animation workflow
Easily create animations from a series of still images or video frames with a new Animation palette that enables onion skinning.

Broad video format support, including QuickTime
Import QuickTime movies and most AVI and MPEG files, and output video and animations to MOV, AVI, MPEG-4, FLV, 3G, FLC, H.264 (iPod), and DV Stream.

Video layers
Create and edit images for video with maximum quality and a broader range of color models. Edit and enhance grayscale, RGB, CMYK, and LAB models at 8-, 16-, and 32-bit depths with color management.

Analyze images with precision
Unique to Photoshop CS3 Extended: Take advantage of new measurement and counting tools and support for DICOM images and MATLAB processing routines.

· Measurement, counting, and edit-tracking tools
2D and 3D measurement tools
Extract quantitative information from images with new measurement tools. Easily calibrate or set the scale of an image, and then use any of the Photoshop Extended selection tools to define and calculate distance, perimeter, area, and other measurements. Record data points in a measurement log and export data, including histogram data, to a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Scale Marker
Show scale in images destined for presentation or publication using the Scale Marker, which lets you easily add a scale graphic to any image.

Count tool
Easily and accurately count objects or features in scientific images with the Count tool, which eliminates the need to perform manual calculations or rely on visual assessments of changes from image to image.

History palette and Edit History log
Undo and redo any set of editing steps in an open image with the History palette, and automatically track all editing steps within your files with the Edit History log. Export steps to a text file or save them as part of image metadata for easier documentation of your work, file audits, and more.

· Support for manufacturing, medical, and scientific workflows
Image Stacks
Quickly combine a series of related images and render them into a single view using a wide variety of rendering options, such as median and maximum. Photoshop Extended automatically analyzes and combines the images while preserving the originals. Image Stacks are extensible, so third parties can write their own render modes.

DICOM support
Use the comprehensive Photoshop Extended toolset to import, correct, annotate, analyze, and create animations from DICOM images. Even automatically remove patient information from DICOM metadata and batch
save JPEG files for presentation purposes.

MATLAB support
Pass image data directly between Photoshop Extended and MATLAB with the ability to call Photoshop Extended directly from the MATLAB command line. Visualize results of MATLAB algorithms in the software, and combine MATLAB processing with Photoshop Extended image editing to render, test, and refine algorithms for image processing, analysis, and more.

Work more productively
Get more done in less time with a streamlined interface and improvements to raw-image processing and asset management workflows.

· Efficient and flexible work environment
Streamlined interface and palette management
Maximize screen space for editing while keeping essential tools accessible. Palettes are now arranged in convenient, self-adjusting docks that can be widened to full size or narrowed to icons or even a thin, self-revealing strip at the edge of your monitor.

Faster, more flexible asset management with Adobe Bridge CS3
Organize and manage images more efficiently with next-generation Adobe Bridge CS3, which now delivers improved performance, a Filter panel for easier searching, the ability to group multiple images under a single thumbnail, the Loupe tool, offline image browsing, and more.

Custom menus, shortcuts, and workspaces
Set up and save custom menus, keyboard shortcuts, and workspaces for quick access to what you need.

· Streamlined workflow
Better raw-image processing
Process raw images with increased speed and superior conversion quality using the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in, which now adds support for JPEG and TIFF formats; new tools including Fill Light and Dust Busting; compatibility with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom™ software; and support for over 150 camera models.

Enhanced PDF support
Work more easily with Adobe PDF-based content. Precisely control the size of PDF pages opened in Photoshop Extended; add security controls and metadata, such as copyright and exposure details, to images within PDF presentations; and create a richer image display in PDF presentations and documents.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Jump from Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software to Photoshop CS3 Extended in one click for advanced editing of your digital images. Lightroom (sold separately) offers an efficient, powerful way to import, manage, and present large volumes of digital images.

Improved printing experience
Experience better control over print quality with color management, a larger print preview window, and more controls in one place so you can print in fewer steps. Improved printing controls, co-developed by Adobe and HP, make printing easier and more predictable and streamline setup options via integration with select printers from HP, Epson, and Canon.

Make sophisticated color adjustments automatically with one-click presets in Curves, the Channel Mixer, and the new Black and White conversion dialog box.

Peak performance
Experience native performance on Intel and PowerPC based Macs and Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista systems.

Automated production
Automate common production tasks in a variety of ways. Set up event-based scripts, record a series of steps as an Action for efficient batch processing, and design repetitive graphics faster with Variables.

Wide range of supported formats
Import and export an even greater range of file formats, including PSD, BMP, DICOM, Cineon, JPEG, JPEG2000, OpenEXR, PNG, Targa, and TIFF.

Adobe Device Central CS3
Create compelling mobile content, such as wallpapers and screensavers, and then visually preview how it will render on mobile devices using the built-in Adobe Device Central CS3. Tune your designs for mobile screen sizes and lighting conditions.

Zoomify export for high-resolution web display
Take advantage of Adobe Flash and Zoomify technology to export high-resolution images to the web for viewing through Adobe Flash Player software. Flash Player displays your images quickly and efficiently, letting viewers zoom in on details with minimal delay.

Improved integration with other Adobe tools
Enjoy better support for Photoshop files in your other Adobe software applications (sold separately). Copy and paste Photoshop files directly into Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 software projects, import them into Flash CS3 Professional software with high fidelity, and preserve layer effects and video layers when you import them into Adobe After Effects CS3 Professional software.

Third-party solutions and resources
Take advantage of a wealth of additional resources — including software plug-ins, books, and training — from the longstanding community of expert Photoshop developers, authors, and trainers.

Composite and edit with unrivaled power
Experience unmatched creative freedom with nondestructive filters, more precise color correction, and breakthrough compositing capabilities.

· Nondestructive editing
Smart Filters
Add, adjust, and remove filters from an image without having to resave the image or start over to preserve quality. Nondestructive Smart Filters allow you to visualize changes without altering original pixel data.

Smart Objects
Perform nondestructive scaling, rotating, and warping of raster and vector graphics with Smart Objects. Even preserve the editability of vector data from Adobe Illustrator software.

· Professional color and tone control
Color-correction enhancements
Take advantage of precision color correction made faster and easier. Brightness/Contrast now provides better results from the same intuitive interface, and enhanced Curves controls let you make automatic adjustments with included presets or those you create; convert to black-and-white with point sliders; and use a histogram, color channel lines, and a clipping preview.

Black-and-white conversion
Easily convert color images to rich black-and-white and adjust tonal values and tints with a new tool. Experiment with the included black-and-white presets, or create and save your own custom presets to achieve the best results.

Improved Channel Mixer
Take advantage of new functionality and a host of presets that make the Channel Mixer easier to use for black-and-white conversion.

Enhanced 32-bit high dynamic range (HDR) support
Create and edit 32-bit images and combine multiple exposures into a single 32-bit image that preserves the full range of a scene — from the deepest shadows to the brightest highlights. New image-processing and alignment algorithms deliver superior results. And with Photoshop CS3 Extended, you can even edit 32-bit images using brushes, filters, blending modes, transformations, selections, tools, aspect ratios, and more.

· Intelligent image editing and enhancement
More powerful cloning and healing tools
Experience greater control when retouching images with cloning tools and the Healing Brush. Clone images over time; see source pixels under your tool or brush for more precise positioning; preview changes to source content live; and set multiple source points, scale, and rotate in the new Clone Source palette.

Rich painting and drawing toolset
Create or modify images with a wide assortment of professional, fully customizable paint settings, artistic brushes, and drawing tools.

· Easy compositing and selecting
Advanced compositing
Create more accurate composites by automatically aligning multiple Photoshop layers or images based on similar content. The Auto-align Layers command quickly analyzes details and moves, rotates, or warps layers to align them perfectly, and the Auto-blend Layers command blends the color and shading to create a smooth, editable result.

Improved Photomerge technology
Take advantage of refined Photomerge technology, which uses new layer-alignment and layer-blending capabilities to let you automatically stitch horizontal or vertical photos into seamless panoramas.

Quick Selection and Refine Edge tools
Make selections in a snap. Loosely draw on an image area, and the Quick Selection tool automatically completes the selection for you. Then preview and fine-tune your selections with the Refine Edge tool.

Flexible layers
Composite images, text, and effects on hundreds of layers for extraordinarily sophisticated results. Organize layers with up to five levels of nesting, and save them in different combinations as layer comps.

· Intel Pentium 4, Intel Centrino, Intel Xeon, or Intel Core Duo (or compatible) processor
· 512MB of RAM
· 64MB of video RAM
· 1GB of available hard-disk space (additional free space required during installation)
· 1,024×768 monitor resolution with 16-bit video card
· DVD-ROM drive
· QuickTime 7 software required for multimedia features
· Internet or phone connection required for product activation
· Broadband Internet connection required for Adobe Stock Photos* and other services

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