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Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull

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Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull

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Name:Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull

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Total Size: 8.33 MB

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Torrent added: 2008-07-23 21:36:49

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[size=4][color=red]Macro Express 3 7 3 1 [h33t] [dinguskull][/color][/size]

Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 1" border="0" alt="Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 0"/>

Macro Express is the premier Windows macro utility. With Macro Express, you can record, edit and play back mouse and keyboard macros. Its powerful tools and robust features will make you more productive.

[size=3][color=yellow]WHAT IS A MACRO?[/color][/size]
A macro is a way to automate a task that you perform repeatedly or on a regular basis. It is a series of commands and actions that can be stored and run whenever you need to perform the task. You can record or build a macro, and then play the macro to automatically repeat the series of commands or actions.

[size=3][color=yellow]SAVE TIME![/color][/size]
Macro Express will pay for itself after just a few hours of increased productivity.

* Put your computer to work on those repetitive tasks so you can be more productive in the areas that interest you the most.
* Reduce wear and tear on your wrists and hands.


[size=3][color=yellow]Creating a Macro[/color][/size]
A macro is a script containing commands that automate computer tasks. Each command performs one step, such as moving the mouse, launching a program or entering keystrokes. Macro Express does not require that you know any programming language or have any programming skills.

Macro Express provides several ways to build a macro:

1. Over two dozen Quick Wizards guide you through a series of questions and build the macro for you.
2. To record a macro, you start the Capture, enter your keystrokes and mouse movements, and then stop the Capture process.
3. Utilize the easy to use Scripting Editor or Direct Editor to write more powerful macros.

[size=3][color=yellow]Playing back a Macro[/color][/size]
Macro Express offers several methods for executing macros. These include the use of Hot Keys, Shortkeys, Timed Macros, Window Activation, Mouse Clicks, Popup/Floating Menus and others.

1. A Hot Key is a set of keys on the keyboard that are pressed to initiate the macro. This could include pressing CTRL+ALT+R, F3, Shift+F12 or over 700 other combinations.
2. A Shortkey is a small string of characters, such as abc, tr, or zzz. When a matching combination is keyed in from the keyboard, it is erased and the assigned macro executes.
3. A Scheduled Macro executes on a given time schedule.
4. A Window Activated macro runs when a specific window gains focus (appears) on your computer.
5. A Control Activated macro runs when a specific window control gains focus or is on top. Controls refer to the identifiable parts of a specific application window. Controls may include such things as a button, an edit box, a toolbar, a window title bar or other items.
6. Click on a specific area of the screen with the left, right or middle Mouse button to trigger a macro.
7. A Popup Menu or Floating Menu is basically a list or menu of defined macros. Once the menu is displayed, click on the desired macro or press an associated number or letter to execute the macro.
8. A macro can be activated through a Batch File or Command Line.
9. Macros may also be activated through Windows API calls or Windows Explorer.
10. Run a macro from the Macro Explorer by using the Run Macro Now option.

[size=3][color=yellow]Restricting Playback[/color][/size]
You can restrict when a macro activation will begin playing a macro by setting the macro scope properties. You can assign macros to play back in all Windows programs (Global), in one specific window (Window Specific) or program (Program Specific), or in every program except the one you define (Global Except).

[size=3][color=yellow]Program Components[/color][/size]
Macro Express consists of two main components, the Macro Express Player and the Macro Express Editor. The Player executes the macros and must be running for macros to play back. The Editor is the tool used to create and modify macros. The program was written this way to conserve system resources. When not editing or building macros, close the Editor so that it will not be using system resources.

By default, the Macro Express Player shows up as an icon in the system tray. From this icon you can invoke the Macro Express Editor or shut down Macro Express. You can optionally set the Macro Express Player to be completely hidden so that no icon shows in the system tray.

[size=3][color=yellow]Macro Files[/color][/size]
Macro Express allows you to create multiple files of macros. When first installing the program, two macro files, samples.mex and macex.mex, are also installed. The samples.mex file contains a number of sample macros that you can look at or use for reference. The other file, macex.mex, is where you can save macros that you create. Or you can create a new macro file for this purpose.


* Built in scripting editor creates commands in plain English. No coding needed.

* Dozens of Wizards to step you through common macro creations.

* Hundreds of commands including Keystrokes, Mouse, Launching Programs, Sending E-mail, Window Positioning and Sizing, Variables, If then else logic, Input Boxes, Questions, Menus, ASCII Delimited and Text File Processing, Dial-up Networking, Network Connections, File Commands, Maximize & Minimize, Waits, Pauses, Loops and many more.

* More triggers including Hot Keys, ShortKeys™, Window Activation, Mouse Keys, Mouse Clicks, Popup Menus, Floating Menus, Timed Schedules or Waits, Command Line, File Association.

* Design macros to play back in all programs or specific applications or specific windows.

* Advanced capture capabilities to record your keystroke and mouse movements for later playback.
* Password protection options to keep your macro data private.

Anything that you do repetitively on the keyboard or even a sequence that requires just a few steps could be performed with a macro to save you time. The possibilities are limitless.

* Want to Insert Today's Date into any document? How about yesterday's or tomorrow's date? Not a problem. Assign a date (today's, a week ago, etc.) available in dozens of formats to a macro.

* Would you like to automate your email responses? Create macros for standard greetings, E-Mail taglines, price quotes, customer support and so much more!

* Do you like Contests on the Web? Easily create a macro to fill out the form of your favorite contest and then have it press the submit button for you! Use a wizard to help you.

* Do you find yourself typing the same thing over and over? Create macros for your most commonly used text--names, addresses, web sites, letterhead, boilerplate for legal, medical, real estate and more.

* Launch Web Sites or initiate FTP transfers with the touch of a key! Download the latest version of a file.

* Launch a program with a macro. Or have the macro launch 4 programs at once. Or launch a program and start issuing commands directly to the program.

* AutoCad users will fall in love with Macro Express! Use 2 lettered ShortKeys to execute all your macros!

* Want to copy and paste multiple times between 2 programs? Macro Express can handle the job.

* Set up hot keys or functions keys to perform common functions in your programs

* Want to place symbols and special characters such as ® £ ‰ ¢ ™ in your documents with ease? Assign them to a macro.

* Want to place international characters and punctuation such as á ü ñ Ö ¿ into your documents with ease? Assign them to a macro.

* Would you like to do an email run, a backup or run any other program unattended? Schedule a macro to run your programs when you want them run.

* Would you like to shut down a given program (or sets of programs) with just one key? Macro Express can shut down programs or close a given window.

* Want to minimize or maximize the top most Window? Do so with just the press of a key. Or setup a macro to minimize or maximize any specific window.

* Need an easy way to clean up unwanted files? Macro Express macros can delete, copy and rename files.

* Do you need to repeat a process and save out a file with a different name each time? Program a macro to repeat your process as many times as you like. Include a "repeat counter" which can be used to create a unique file name.

* Do you have a need to resize or reposition windows on your computer? With a touch of a key, any number of Windows can be resized and positioned on the screen.

* Would you like to connect to a network drive by hitting a key? You can disconnect or toggle between connection and disconnection too. Avoid the Network Neighborhood.

* Would you like to select a default printer with a keystroke? Switch between color and non color printers or maintain printer preferences among multiple users.

* Would you like to change the display resolution with one key? Maintain multiple settings for laptop and desktop or check out your HTML in all resolutions.

* Hang up or dial-up your network connection by pressing a key.

* Adjust volume or mute the volume of your speakers when a phone call comes in. Do it with the touch of a key! Change balance, treble, bass and more.

* Pause your Audio CD to answer the phone. Tell your Audio CD to play, replay a favorite song, etc.

* Cascade, Tile or Minimize the Desktop with one key.

* Undock your computer from a docking station by pressing a hot key.

* Do you need to go directly to your startup folder? How about the Desktop, Fonts, My Computer, Network Neighborhood, Printers, User Documents or many other folders? A hot key can take you right there!

* Do you like to maintain multiple wallpapers? Use a hot key to place your favorite images as the wallpaper. Stretch, tile or position the image.

* Would you like to reboot or logoff with the touch of a key?

* Create macros as reminders to popup messages at the time intervals you desire.

* While browsing the web, copy something to the clipboard and with the press of a hot key send it via e-mail to a friend or a whole group of associates.

* Would you like to process the entire or partial contents of an ASCII Delimited Text File?

* Would you like to launch Control Panel Applets with the touch of a key? And also have control panel selections made for you?

[size=4][color=purple]Screen Shots[/color][/size]
[size=3][color=yellow]Macro Explorer[/color][/size]
Macro Explorer lists all of the macros in your macro file:

Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 1" border="0" alt="Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 0"/>

Use almost 700 different Hot Keys or virtually an unlimited number of ShortKeys or schedule macros to play at given time intervals. Use popup menus, floating menus or macros assigned to mouse clicks or window activation. Assign Hot Keys / ShortKeys to specific windows, specific programs or make them global.

[size=3][color=yellow]Scripting Editor[/color][/size]
The Scripting Editor allows you to create macros using the extensive library of Macro Express script commands:

Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 2

Build a macro script of all the commands you want your macro to perform. Choose from dozens of commands or invoke the Command Wizard to help you along. Easily manipulate your script by editing script items, copying them, deleting them or rearranging their order. Simply choose your command and fill in the elements associated with the command. No syntax or programming to learn!

[size=3][color=yellow]Direct Editor[/color][/size]
The Direct Editor allows you to see the text representation of the macro commands. When you view the macros in their text form, you are able to see specific details about each macro command.

Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 3

Using the macro Capture utility you can quickly and easily create a macro by recording your keystrokes, mouse movements and mouse clicks.

Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 4

[size=3][color=yellow]Quick Wizards[/color][/size]
Quick Wizards allow you to create macros that can later be customized to your specific requirements.

Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 5

Use over 2 dozen "Quick Wizards" that are available to guide you every step of the way to create a macro. The wizards allow you to create macros to perform specific tasks such as typing text, symbols or keystrokes into programs. Or paste text or graphics into programs, launch programs or web sites, type out the date or time, connect network drives, dial-up Internet connections, reboot, logoff, create reminders, enter sweepstake contests on the web, set default printers, set screen display resolutions, adjust sound volume, treble and bass, play audio CDs, move and resize windows, copy and rename files, open explorer folders and more. Other wizards let you capture your keyboard and mouse activity as a macro, build macros by combining other macros, and build popup menus containing macros.

[size=3][color=yellow]Macro Recycle Bin[/color][/size]
You can restore deleted macros from the Macro Recycle Bin.

Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 6

[size=3][color=blue]To install[/color][/size]
Run setup then run the prog
Go to the help tab and click License Macro Express
Register with serial inside readme
Thats it

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Macro Express 3 7 3 1 h33t dinguskull preview 7

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