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CCM 02 80s Ogg5 01

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Name:CCM 02 80s Ogg5 01

Total Size: 606.70 MB

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David and the Giants (Size: 606.70 MB) (Files: 144)

 David and the Giants

  1983 - Riders in the Sky

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-10) - Glory Hallelujah.ogg

4.14 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-09) - I'm a Fanatic.ogg

4.07 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-08) - Look at the People.ogg

4.17 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-07) - I Belong to You.ogg

4.19 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-06) - Step by Step.ogg

4.62 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-05) - King of the Jews.ogg

5.98 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-04) - Riders in the Sky.ogg

4.13 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-03) - Please Don't Give Up on Me.ogg

4.36 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-02) - Humanistic Wisdom.ogg

3.86 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky-01) - Jesus in Only Superstar.ogg

4.09 MB

   David and the Giants (1983-Riders in the Sky) - front.jpg

7.70 KB

  1982 - David and the Giants

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-10) - Highway to Heaven.ogg

4.83 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-09) - Rock 'n Roll Blues.ogg

3.40 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-08) - Thunder and Lightning.ogg

3.67 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-07) - Who in the World.ogg

3.87 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-06) - The Well (Will Never Run Dry).ogg

4.71 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-05) - Noah.ogg

4.62 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-04) - I'm Gonna Go Fly Away.ogg

3.72 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-03) - America (In God You Used to Trust).ogg

3.59 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-02) - God is Love.ogg

5.39 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants-01) - One Less Stone.ogg

4.77 MB

   David and the Giants (1982-David and the Giants) - front.jpg

23.43 KB

  1984 - Inhabitants of the Rock

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-10) - You're Gonna be Somebody.ogg

4.68 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-09) - I've Been Drinking.ogg

3.28 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-08) - Holy Rain.ogg

5.43 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-07) - I am Persuaded.ogg

4.00 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-06) - Fire.ogg

4.80 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-05) - To Know Him is to Love Him.ogg

5.14 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-04) - Moving on Up.ogg

4.70 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-03) - I Can Depend on You.ogg

3.80 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-02) - Higher.ogg

4.66 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock-01) - Are you Ready.ogg

4.37 MB

   David and the Giants (1984-Inhabitants of the Rock) - front.jpg

52.10 KB

 Randy Stonehill

  1980 - The Sky is Falling

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-10) - Trouble Coming.ogg

5.44 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-09) - Emily.ogg

6.31 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-08) - Bad Fruit.ogg

6.06 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-07) - Jamey's got the Blues.ogg

4.58 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-06) - Counterfeit King.ogg

6.27 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-05) - Venezuela.ogg

8.19 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-04) - The Great American Cure.ogg

4.84 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-03) - Teen King.ogg

5.13 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-02) - Through the Glass Darkly.ogg

6.73 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling-01) - One True Love.ogg

5.06 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1980-The Sky is Falling) - front.jpg

66.07 KB

  1983 - Equator

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-10) - World without Pain.ogg

4.24 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-09) - Hide them in Your Love.ogg

3.96 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-08) - Turning THirty.ogg

4.22 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-07) - Cosmetic Fixation.ogg

4.58 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-06) - China.ogg

6.20 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-05) - American Fast Food.ogg

3.72 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-04) - The Best of Friends.ogg

5.20 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-03) - Shut De Do.ogg

3.35 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-02) - Big Ideas (In the Shrinking World).ogg

5.28 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator-01) - Light of the Wold.ogg

4.22 MB

   Randy Stonehill (1983-Equator) - front.jpg

61.54 KB

 Matthew Ward

  1968 - Armed and Dangerous

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous-08) - Love.ogg

5.40 MB

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous-07) - Put on the Armour.ogg

4.67 MB

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous-06) - Moment by Moment.ogg

4.51 MB

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous-05) - Glory to God.ogg

4.17 MB

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous-04) - Armed and Dangerous.ogg

4.76 MB

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous-03) - By Your Side.ogg

5.29 MB

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous-02) - Trust in You.ogg

4.95 MB

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous-01) - Red and Yellow, Black and White.ogg

4.28 MB

   Matthew Ward (1986-Armed and Dangerous) - front.jpg

16.39 KB

 Joe English

  1983 - Press On

   Joe English (1983-Press On-10) - To Know the Heart of Jesus.ogg

3.64 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-09) - Roll of Life.ogg

4.01 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-08) - Let me Praise You Again.ogg

4.53 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-07) - All my Heart.ogg

4.08 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-06) - Power of Prayer.ogg

4.58 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-05) - Press On.ogg

4.46 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-04) - The Harvest.ogg

4.45 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-03) - Royal Priesthood.ogg

4.36 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-02) - Echoes of the Spirit.ogg

3.72 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On-01) - Stop.ogg

4.32 MB

   Joe English (1983-Press On) - front.jpg

19.32 KB

  1982 - Held Accountable

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-10) - The Best is Yet to Come.ogg

4.36 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-09) - Thief in the Night.ogg

5.50 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-08) - Where you Gonna Run.ogg

4.30 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-07) - Learn to Celebrate.ogg

3.18 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-06) - Wake Up.ogg

4.78 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-05) - Voice of Triumph.ogg

4.43 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-04) - First Love.ogg

4.67 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-03) - My Strength is in The Lord.ogg

5.67 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-02) - We Live when we Die.ogg

3.92 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable-01) - Best Things.ogg

3.75 MB

   Joe English (1982-Held Accountable) - front.jpg

20.11 KB

 White Heart

  1986 - Don't Wait for the Movie

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-11) - How Many Times (Seventy Times Seven).ogg

5.11 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-10) - Dr Jekyl and Mr Christian.ogg

5.35 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-09) - Maybe Today.ogg

5.19 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-08) - No Apology.ogg

5.11 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-07) - King George.ogg

5.09 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-06) - Let the Children Play.ogg

1.84 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-05) - Convertibles.ogg

4.40 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-04) - Fly Eagle Fly.ogg

5.25 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-03) - Beat of a Different Drum.ogg

4.95 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-02) - Holy Ground.ogg

5.46 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie-01) - Read the Book (Don't Wait for the Movie).ogg

5.85 MB

   White Heart (1986-Don't Wait for the Movie) - front.jpg

4.71 KB

 Morgan Cryar

  1986 - Fuel on the Fire

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-10) - Hideaway.ogg

3.20 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-09) - Strength of the Weak.ogg

4.52 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-08) - Under the Rug.ogg

3.47 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-07) - Sibling Rivalry.ogg

4.57 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-06) - Break the Chain.ogg

4.86 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-05) - I Need the Rock.ogg

3.38 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-04) - I Gotta Know.ogg

2.88 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-03) - Underneath Your Feet.ogg

3.43 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-02) - I'm not Alone.ogg

5.33 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire-01) - Pray in the USA.ogg

4.16 MB

   Morgan Cryar (1986-Fuel on the Fire) - front.jpg

10.68 KB

 Michael W Smith

  1984 - 2

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-10) - Hosanna.ogg

2.96 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-09) - Wings of the Wind.ogg

5.34 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-08) - All I Need to Say.ogg

4.93 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-07) - Restless Heart.ogg

5.95 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-06) - Musical Instruments.ogg

1.41 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-05) - Glorious Grace.ogg

3.82 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-04) - I'm Up.ogg

3.88 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-03) - End of the Book.ogg

4.93 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-02) - I Am Sure.ogg

5.69 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2-01) - A Way.ogg

4.73 MB

   Michael W Smith (1984-2) - front.jpg

21.84 KB

  1986 - The Big Picture

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-11) - (untitled).ogg

649.15 KB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-10) - You're Alright.ogg

5.55 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-09) - Tearin' Down the Wall.ogg

4.50 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-08) - Goin' Thru the Motions.ogg

6.11 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-07) - The Last Letter.ogg

5.82 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-06) - Voices.ogg

7.29 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-05) - Rocketown.ogg

5.30 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-04) - Pursuit of the Dream.ogg

6.49 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-03) - Old Enough to Know.ogg

5.99 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-02) - Wired for Sound.ogg

7.43 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture-01) - Lamu - Michael W. Smith, Grant, Amy.ogg

7.28 MB

   Michael W Smith (1986-The Big Picture) - front.jpg

46.00 KB

  1983 - Michael W Smith Project

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-11) - Alpha Overture.ogg

4.37 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-10) - Great Is the Lord.ogg

3.35 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-09) - Friends.ogg

4.81 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-08) - Love in the Light.ogg

6.60 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-07) - The Race Is On.ogg

4.44 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-06) - Looking Up.ogg

3.86 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-05) - Be Strong and Courageous.ogg

4.47 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-04) - Too Many Times.ogg

4.90 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-03) - Could He Be the Messiah.ogg

5.13 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-02) - You Need a Savior.ogg

4.20 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project-01) - Sonata in D Major.ogg

1.43 MB

   Michael W Smith (1983-Michael W Smith Project) - front.jpg

35.03 KB


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Torrent description

Ripped from vinyl, depopped, Ogg5

Michael W Smith\\1983 - Michael W Smith Project
Michael W Smith\\1986 - The Big Picture
Michael W Smith\\1984 - 2
Morgan Cryar\\1986 - Fuel on the Fire
White Heart\\1986 - Don\'t Wait for the Movie
Joe English\\1982 - Held Accountable
Joe English\\1983 - Press On
Matthew Ward\\1968 - Armed and Dangerous
Randy Stonehill\\1983 - Equator
Randy Stonehill\\1980 - The Sky is Falling
David and the Giants\\1984 - Inhabitants of the Rock
David and the Giants\\1982 - David and the Giants
David and the Giants\\1983 - Riders in the Sky

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