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Name:titor special

Total Size: 956.11 MB

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Torrent added: 2008-07-20 21:34:52

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readme.txt (Size: 956.11 MB) (Files: 324)


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  A world war in 2015 killed nearly three billion people.doc.bz2

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713.96 KB


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124.53 KB


281.38 KB


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151.78 KB


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561.41 KB


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627.47 KB


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280.85 KB


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768.47 KB


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688.40 KB


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313.22 KB


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292.80 KB


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1.92 MB


105.01 KB


168.28 KB


1.91 MB


780.00 KB


69.64 KB


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124.18 KB


387.60 KB


158.63 KB


1.29 MB


772.22 KB


249.28 KB


461.36 KB


1.87 MB


817.82 KB


2.12 MB


946.42 KB


81.23 KB


1.23 MB


161.25 KB


213.63 KB


312.59 KB


279.10 KB


95.72 KB


1.90 MB


2.13 KB


472.84 KB


252.58 KB


618.96 KB


103.75 KB


492.64 KB


672.34 KB


90.45 KB


108.96 KB


1.91 MB



1.55 MB


12.53 MB


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2.30 MB


2.65 MB


   Emulate a SPARCstation 2 running NetBSD.mht

96.73 KB

   Emulate a Sun 2-120 running NetBSD.mht

100.46 KB

   Emulate a Sun 3-150 running NetBSD.mht

108.49 KB


19.60 KB


34.50 KB


106.00 KB

   SunOS Install Media.mht

20.14 KB


1.16 KB


1.16 KB

   The Machine Emulator.mht

11.11 KB


1.14 MB


31.43 MB




9.97 MB

  AT&T Unix

   AT&T UNIX System V Release 4 Version 2.rar

9.48 MB


10.42 MB


559.21 KB


13.85 MB


4.21 MB


5.99 MB


16.24 MB


11.87 MB




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512.41 KB


420.96 KB


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603.14 KB


1.16 KB


888.74 KB


19.13 MB


4.04 MB


146.00 KB


10.83 MB


   Dec Tru64 Osf1 Ultrix Vax Mips Licenses Campus Noexpire.zip

102.75 KB

   Digital.Equipment.Corporation.-.Ultrix.VAX.v4.2 Unix.Source.Code-DEC.tar.bz2

27.40 MB



18.26 MB


13.05 MB



43.01 MB

  John Lions Unix v6 Commentary, Typescript 1977.pdf

813.76 KB



84.10 MB


87.84 MB



62.21 MB



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2.28 KB


3.84 MB


0.54 KB


827.96 KB


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46.63 KB


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348.00 KB


541.00 KB


43.50 KB


43.50 KB



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70.01 KB


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82.89 KB


99.21 KB


61.17 KB


0.42 KB


2.95 KB


1.86 KB


8.45 KB


   Solaris 1.40.rar

19.70 MB

   Solaris 2.6 Source Code.tar.bz2

22.98 MB


4.94 MB


22.32 MB


9.95 MB


135.22 MB






0.61 KB


0.61 KB


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468.45 KB


280.52 KB


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710.55 KB


1.34 MB


0.99 MB


594.28 KB


179.68 KB


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1.28 MB


210.49 KB


1.42 MB


4.94 MB


2.06 MB


6.19 MB


735.71 KB


39.27 KB


6.25 KB


40.01 KB


161.71 KB


108.38 KB


390.47 KB


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410.53 KB


596.38 KB


1.03 MB


933.36 KB


165.50 KB


11.54 KB


773.00 KB


6.14 MB


115.65 KB


1.69 MB


1.74 KB


1.72 KB


2.09 KB


2.09 KB


2.15 KB


2.16 KB


14.14 KB


344.56 KB


1.48 MB


3.06 MB



1.62 MB


1.37 MB

   SCO Xenix 286 v2.1.3.zip

1.59 MB

   SCO Xenix 386 v2.2.2c.zip

3.66 MB

   SCO Xenix 386 v2.3.1 - 3.5 720k disks.zip

3.17 MB

   SCO Xenix 386 v2.3.4 - 3.5 1.44MB disks.zip

6.38 MB


5.08 KB

   Vs Cobol For Sco Xenix-Unix - 3.5 1.44mb Disks (With Rawrite).zip

1.07 MB

   Xenix 386 Mc.zip

7.46 MB

   Xenix 8086 Vers 2.1.3.zip

1.74 MB


4.57 MB


4.15 MB


2.59 MB


leech seeds

Torrent description

Ok, so I'm feeling a little paranoid. Things are not going so well in the USofA.. Hell we may as
well call it the AFE now, I mean, who are we kidding?

I've enclosed here all the UNIX source code I have come across. As you may know in 2038 all UNIX
systems will cease to function. The problem is quite simple to fix, as the date is stored as a
signed 32bit integer.. The integer represents the number of seconds since Jan 1 1969.

It's trivial to change it from an 'int', to an 'unsigned int'. However you will need to rebuild
ALL of libc, and everything it touches. Yes, that means a LOT of work will be involved.

Titor constantly mentions a 5100 (it can run APL/COBOL/FORTRAN from a 370) and the unix issue. I'm
no mainframe head, so I don't have a copy of AIX or the Unix v7 that was ported to the 370.. I have
heard too many horror stories about the "portable" 370 that is inside of ICBM's, and other fun
filled things. If titor is right, and with any luck someone will later read this and know what
I'm talking about.

In the mean time, spread this out, give it away. The information inside can be VERY usefull down
the road.

Here is a tree, and I'll try to explain what is where and why:

¦ +---bin-win32
¦ +---bzip
¦ +---gnustuff
¦ +---qemu
¦ +---tme
+---AT&T Unix
¦ +---4.2
¦ +---4.3
¦ ¦ +---dist
¦ +---4.3RENO
¦ +---dist
¦ +---32v
¦ +---3bsd
¦ +---4.0bsd
¦ +---www.sun3zoo.de
¦ +---sun3arc
¦ +---BootTapes
¦ +---Sun3

+---titor-dox This is a rather incomplete but what I have right now of any/all of the titor posts.
I'm sure there are some overlaps, misleading ones, and outright fabrications, along with the
'al deal'. I've tried to keep this straight, but this is one fun filled rabbit hole.


Various tools you'll need to manipulate the unix software included.

¦ +---bin-win32

A set of cli tools to deal with the following fiels... Seeing that Windows is EVERYWHERE I'm assuming
that access to some kind of Windows pc won't be an issue. I could be wrong here, but who's to know.

¦ +---bzip

The source code to the bzip program. It's better than gzip but I have no idea about it's widespread
availability. I'd suspect it's not that widespread so here is the uncompressed and expanded source
code. It was trivial for me to build, so I suspect it will be easy for you as well.

¦ +---gnustuff

I've included all the 'relevant' source for some GNU programs... This is from the failed GNU-O.2
project.. Also the gzip program source is NOT compressed so any tar program ought to extract it.

¦ +---qemu

Qemu is an i386 (and other) system emulator. I'm including it for the heck of it I guess.

2,775,593 simhv38-0.zip This is SIMH, which will let you run various OLD unix OS's.. Including v1-7
for the PDP-11, interdata & the 32v/BSD/SYSVr4 for the VAX.

32,952,488 VCToolkitSetup.exe This is a CLI C/C++ compiler for Windows.. It's the Microsoft one from
VisualC 2003. It may prove usefull if access to a i386/win32 compiler is complicated. It should run
from win64 as well.

gxemul- This like simh/qemu does more system emulations. I know it's unique for doing

¦ +---tme
99,056 Emulate a SPARCstation 2 running NetBSD.mht
102,872 Emulate a Sun 2-120 running NetBSD.mht
111,091 Emulate a Sun 3-150 running NetBSD.mht Various docs on setting up TME
20,627 SunOS Install Media.mht
11,380 The Machine Emulator.mht

19,438 sun2-multi-rev-R.bin.gz ROM for a SUN2 (m68k)
34,933 sun3-carrera-rev-3.0.bin.gz ROM for a SUN3 (m68k)
107,990 sun4-75-rev-2.9.bin.gz ROM for a SUN4 (SPARC)
1,106 SUNW,501-1415.bin.gz periphials for the sun4
1,116 SUNW,501-1561.bin.gz

1,700,273 tme-0.6.tar.gz This is TME, or The machine emulator. It can emulate some old SUN 2/3 & sparc
equipment allowing you to run SunOS & early Solaris.

+---UNIX-Source-Code going down the rabbit hole:


14,028,338 aux-0.7-bin.tar.gz
A/UX is a SYSV for the Apple m68k systems. I don't know how popular this ever became, but
I'll include it anyways. I think the source that is included is mostly the kernel.

+---AT&T Unix
9,938,434 AT&T UNIX System V Release 4 Version 2.rar These two are floppy installs for the i386
10,924,328 AT&T_UNIX_System_V_Release_4_Version_2.1.rar

572,629 sysv-pdp11_man.cpio.bz2
14,522,484 sysv-pdp11_tape.tar.bz2
4,412,038 sysv-pdp11_usr.cpio.bz2 These are a set of SYSV for the pdp-11. SIMH ought to be able
to run it, although I've never tried.

6,281,003 sysvr2-vax.cpio.bz2
SYSV for the VAX
17,023,641 sysvr3.cpio.bz2
SYSV for the 3b2
12,448,931 sysvr4.tar.bz2 SYSV source for the i386 port, I'm guessing.
¦ +---4.2 These are all BSD UNIX OS's that simh can run in various capacities
¦ +---4.3 from the 11/780 emulator, or the microvax II.
¦ ¦ +---dist These were very big in the military back in the early 1980's.
¦ +---4.3RENO
¦ +---dist


52,407,046 Digital.Equipment.Corporation.-.Ultrix.VAX.v4.2 Unix.Source.Code-DEC.tar.Z
This is Digital's resell of BSD on the VAx...

19,144,314 Dynix.3.2.Source.tar.bz2 From what I understand an early SYSV port to a specialized i386
13,684,052 Dynix.PTX.Source.tar.bz2 that allowed multiple CPU's.
17,648,971 Dynix.PTX.Source.tar.gz

45,104,165 aix-4.1.3.tar.bz2 IBM's AIX. I know for a fact this is BIG for midrange systems
in banking.. I'm pretty sure it's all over. It's best described
as SYSVr3. IBM never did pony up for SYSVr4.
88,190,331 Motorola_m88k_SYSVR4_FH40.41.tar.bz2
92,107,974 Motorola_m88k_SYSVR4_FH40.42.tar.bz2
m88k images of SYSV.. the M88k was a stepping stone to the PowerPC.
I know these were popular in the MVE VME space for a while.
God only knows what these control, besides old phone switches. This
is a tape image.

65,228,290 OSF1-1.0-src.tar.bz2 I want to say this is for a DIGITAL MIPS. It's all mach based, this
was the high end answer to SYSV.. It failed badly. This would predate
the DIGIAL alpha. It should have MACH & other such nonsense.

+---starunix The star was the codename for the Digital VAX 11/780. These are various
¦ +---32v old 'free' unix systems that ran on them. From 32v is where the date/time
¦ +---3bsd bug originates as it's the first 32bit 'research' unix.
¦ +---4.0bsd

20,656,182 Solaris 1.40.rar
24,098,476 Solaris 2.6 Source Code.tar.bz2 Solaris was SUN's move to SYSVr4. Many say the bulk of SYSV came
from this move.
5,176,593 SunOS-4.1.1U1.tar.bz2 SunOS is SUN's version of 4BSD.
23,402,138 sunos-414-source.tar.bz2
27,546,044 sunos-414-source.tar.gz

14,331,561 sunos_2.0_sun2.tar.tar I'm unsure what the hell this is. It's probably a tape image.

141,789,800 sunos_4.1.4_install-(bin_cue).zip This should be a cd image for early SPARC's....

¦ +---www.sun3zoo.de
¦ +---sun3arc
¦ +---BootTapes
¦ +---Sun3 These are files for TME to boot up SunOS...
SUN's were all over the place, so I'm sure this will be
be somewhat helpfull.

+---xenix Sadly these are all binary, no source, no compiler. I thought I'd
include them at any rate. I have no idea if they
will help anyone.
They are anywhere from v7, to SYSV compatable...

The year 2008 was a general date by which time everyone will realize the world they
thought they were living in was over. The civil war in the United States will start
in 2004. I would describe it as having a Waco type event every month that steadily
gets worse. The conflict will consume everyone in the US by 2012 and end in 2015
with a very short WWIII.

Technology is not gone in 2036 nor is it the private domain of "government" leaders.
Computer printers just didn't work very well on 12 volts and many people just got
used to doing things the old way. After the war, the main problem was
Can anyone tell me how many companies in the United States still manufacture
bicycle tires today? (none)
Anyone who still has a bike in 2008 will find out.

By 2008, I would say the civil conflict is pretty much at everyone's doorstep.
Western instability during the conflict leads to the attack in 2015.
WWIII is very short with a longer period of mop up.

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