Arte Images Salvador Dalì [Jpeg] [Tntvillage Scambioetico]

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Name:Arte Images Salvador Dalì [Jpeg] [Tntvillage Scambioetico]

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 Salvador Dalì - La Morte Di Ofelia.jpg

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  Warrior, 1982.jpg

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  Warrior Mounted on an Elephant Overpowering a Cello, 1983.jpg

36.40 KB

  Velazquez Dying Behind the Window on the Left Side Out of Which a Spoon Projects, 1982.jpg

90.74 KB

  Velazquez and a Figure, 1982.jpg

45.49 KB

  Untitled - Series on Catastrophes, 1983.jpg

21.27 KB

  Untitled - Nude Figures after Michelangelo, 1982.jpg

99.04 KB

  Untitled - Head of a Spanish Nobleman, Fashioned by the Catastrophe Model from a Swallow's Tail a.jpg

96.18 KB

  Untitled - Equestrian Figure of Prince Baltasar Carlos, after Velazquez, with Figures in the Cour.jpg

66.96 KB

  Untitled (first study for The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala), 1982.jpg

47.20 KB

  Untitled (Figures, Pieta, Catastrophic Signs), 1983.jpg

57.26 KB

  Untitled (Composition - Courtyard of the Escorial with Figure and Sebastian De Morra, Veldzquez's.jpg

40.94 KB

  Untitled (After The Night by Michelangelo), 1982.jpg

61.03 KB

  Untitled (After The Day by Michelangelo), 1982.jpg

38.42 KB

  Topological Study for Exploded Head, 1982.jpg

115.39 KB

  Topological Contortion of a Female Figure, 1983.jpg

26.73 KB

  Topological Contortion of a Female Figure Becoming a Violoncello, 1983.jpg

55.03 KB

  Topological Abduction of Europe - Homage to Rene Thom, 1983.jpg

32.47 KB


7.50 KB

  The Truck (We'll be arriving later, about five o'clock), 1983.jpg

90.84 KB

  The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala, 1982.jpg

43.16 KB

  The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala (second version), 1982.jpg

41.44 KB

  The Swallowtail, 1983.jpg

36.36 KB

  The Infanta Margarita of Velazquez Appearing in the Silhouette of Horsemen in the Courtyard of th.jpg

76.57 KB

  Study for Ole (unfinished), 1982.jpg

45.92 KB

  St. George Overpowering a Cello, 1983.jpg

36.40 KB

  Sebastian de Morra with Catastrophic Signs (stereoscopic work, unfinished), 1982.jpg

98.04 KB

  Scene in the Courtyard of the Escorial with a Figure in the Foreground Inspired by Michelangelo's.jpg

98.73 KB

  Saint Sebastian, 1982.jpg

81.39 KB

  Rock Figure after the Head of Christ in the Pieta of Palestrina by Michelangelo, 1982.jpg

41.15 KB

  Pieta2, 1982.jpg

58.31 KB

  Pieta, 1983.jpg

42.47 KB

  Pieta, 1982.jpg

81.62 KB

  Othello Dreaming Venice, 1982.jpg

83.44 KB

  Ole, 1982.jpg

46.02 KB

  Mirror Women - Mirror Heads, 1982.jpg

71.01 KB


108.63 KB

  Landscape with Hidden Image of Michelangelo's David, 1982.jpg

76.86 KB

  In the Courtyard of the Escorial, the Silhouette of Sebastian De Morra, in which the Face of Gala.jpg

96.07 KB

  Head, after Michelangelo's, Giuliano di Medici, 1982.jpg

55.45 KB

  Head Inspired by Michelangelo, 1983.jpg

69.17 KB

  Giuliano di Medici by Michelangelo, Seen from Behind, 1982.jpg

111.90 KB

  Figure Inspired by the Adam of the Ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, 1982.jpg

57.14 KB

  Figure in the Water - After a Drawing by Michelangelo for the Resurrection of Christ, 1982.jpg

55.65 KB

  Figure after Michelangelo's Dawn on the Tomb of Lorenzo di Medici, 1982.jpg

107.41 KB

  Exploded Head, 1982.jpg

79.77 KB

  Enigma (unfinished version of The Three Glorious Enigmas of Gala), 1982.jpg

44.24 KB

  El Escorial and Catastrophe-Form Calligraphy, 1982.jpg

56.27 KB

  Double Victory of Gaudi, 1982.jpg

90.85 KB

  Cutlet and Match - The Chinese Crab, 1983.jpg

43.28 KB

  Bed, Chair and Bedside Table Ferociously Attacking a Cello, 1983.jpg

41.16 KB

  Bed and Two Bedside Tables Ferociously Attacking a Cello2, 1983.jpg

48.30 KB

  Bed and Two Bedside Tables Ferociously Attacking a Cello, 1983.jpg

49.13 KB

  Bed and Two Bedside Tables Ferociously Attacking a Cello (last state), 1983.jpg

59.98 KB

  Bed and Two Bedside Tables Ferociously Attacking a Cello (Final Stage), 1983.jpg

65.31 KB

  Bed and Bedside Table Ferociously Attacking a Cello, 1983.jpg

50.23 KB

  Atmospherocephalic Figures, 1982.jpg

57.82 KB

  Architectural Contortion of El Escorial, 1982.jpg

56.16 KB

  After the Head of Giuliano di Medici, Florence, 1982.jpg

86.39 KB

  After Michelangelo's Squatting Child, 1982.jpg

103.72 KB

  After Michelangelo's Moses, on the Tomb of Julius II in Rome, 1982.jpg

67.36 KB


  Woman on a Ram, 1981.jpg

41.36 KB

  Untitled (Skin of a Beach), 1981.jpg

27.35 KB

  Untitled (Landscape with Celestial Beings), 1980.jpg

54.02 KB

  Untitled (Imaginary Landscape at Pubol), 1981.jpg

91.75 KB

  Untitled (Head of a Woman_ unfinished), 1981.jpg

45.51 KB

  Untitled (Female Bust with Draped Cloth), 1981.jpg

81.34 KB

  Untitled (Bridge with Reflections_ sketch for a dual image picture, unfinished), 1980.jpg

42.81 KB

  Tower2, 1981.jpg

79.80 KB

  Tower, 1981.jpg

89.90 KB


7.50 KB

  Three Graces of Canova (unfinished), 1979.jpg

66.56 KB

  Three Female Figures in Festive Gowns, 1981.jpg

43.07 KB

  The Towers, 1981.jpg

33.38 KB

  The Tower of Enigmas, circa 1981.jpg

57.39 KB

  The Path of Enigmas (second version), 1981.jpg

60.71 KB

  The Path of Enigmas (first version), 1981.jpg

58.94 KB

  The Gaseous Swan, 1981.jpg

27.80 KB

  The Garden of Hours, 1981.jpg

64.97 KB

  The Exterminating Angels, 1981.jpg

85.20 KB

  The Cheerful Horse, 1980.jpg

28.87 KB

  Study for Compianto Diabeleby Canova (unfinished), circa 1979.jpg

74.08 KB

  Spanish Nobleman with a Cross of Brabant on His Jerkin, 1981.jpg

72.66 KB

  Sleeping Young Narcissus, 1980.jpg

50.97 KB

  Seated Figure Contemplating a Great Tapeworm Masturbator, 1981.jpg

70.25 KB

  Searching for the Fourth Dimension, 1979.jpg

19.88 KB

  Ready-to-wear Fashion for Next Spring Garlands, Nests and Flowers, 1981.jpg

110.75 KB

  Reading. Family Scene by Lamplight, 1981.jpg

39.52 KB

  Raphaelesque Hallucination, 1979.jpg

26.19 KB

  Phosphene, 1979.jpg

87.68 KB

  Pentagonal Sardana (stereoscopic work, right component), 1979.jpg

48.19 KB

  Pentagonal Sardana (stereoscopic work, left component), 1979.jpg

45.34 KB

  Nude and Horse with Metamorphosis (unfinished), circa 1979.jpg

52.58 KB

  More Beautiful than Canova, 1979.jpg

45.22 KB

  Mercury and Argos, 1981.jpg

81.23 KB

  Medea or Jason Taking Possession of the Golden Fleece, 1981.jpg

29.93 KB

  Long Live the Station at Perpignan, Long Live Figueras, 1979.jpg

50.10 KB

  Landscape, 1981.jpg

25.47 KB

  Landscape with Rock in the Shape of a Triumphal Arch, 1981.jpg

31.84 KB

  Jason Carrying the Golden Fleece (unfinished), circa 1981.jpg

69.30 KB

  Hermes, 1981.jpg

75.94 KB

  Group Surrounding a Reclining Nude - Velazquez, 1980-81.jpg

65.37 KB

  Great Tapeworm Masturbator, Appears Behind Arcades, 1981.jpg

40.16 KB

  Gala in a Patio Watching the Sky, Where the Equestrian Figure of Prince Baltasar Carlos and Sever.jpg

75.01 KB

  Figures (Scene after Goya), 1981.jpg

94.05 KB

  Dawn, Noon, Sunset, and Twilight, 1979.jpg

60.04 KB

  Copy of a Rubens Copy of a Leonardo, 1979.jpg

78.45 KB

  Classic Figure and Head (unfinished), 1981-82.jpg

67.92 KB

  Battle in the Clouds (stereoscopic work, right component), 1979.jpg

47.85 KB

  Battle in the Clouds (stereoscopic work, left component), 1979.jpg

30.63 KB

  Athens Is Burning! The School of Athens and the Fire in the Borgo (stereoscopic work, right compo.jpg

63.72 KB

  Athens Is Burning! The School of Athens and the Fire in the Borgo (stereoscopic work, left compon.jpg

56.72 KB

  Argus, circa 1981.jpg

34.51 KB

  Arabs2, 1980.jpg

69.57 KB

  Arabs, 1980.jpg

78.43 KB

  Apparition of the Visage of Aphrodite of Cnide in a Landscape, 1981.jpg

64.47 KB

  Amphitrite, 1981.jpg

39.74 KB

  A Soft Watch Put in the Appropriate Place to Cause a Young Ephebe to Die and Be Resuscitated by E.jpg

19.49 KB


  Woman with Egg and Arrows, circa 1978.jpg

97.81 KB


7.50 KB

  The Wash Basin (stereoscopic work, right component), 1976.jpg

74.22 KB

  The Wash Basin (stereoscopic work, left component), 1976.jpg

75.21 KB

  The Unicorn (unfinished), 1976.jpg

54.28 KB

  The Harmony of the Spheres, 1978.jpg

48.69 KB

  The Happy Unicorn, 1977.jpg

30.49 KB

  The Eye of the Angelus (stereoscopic work, right component_ unfinished), 1978.jpg

48.61 KB

  The Eye of the Angelus (stereoscopic work, left component_ unfinished), 1978.jpg

53.02 KB

  The Chair (stereoscopic work, right component), 1976.jpg

70.90 KB

  The Chair (stereoscopic work, left component), 1976.jpg

69.99 KB

  Surrealist Angel, circa 1977.jpg

49.48 KB

  Stereoscopic Composition, Based on Millet's Angelus (unfinished)2, circa 1978.jpg

56.10 KB

  Stereoscopic Composition, Based on Millet's Angelus (unfinished), circa 1978.jpg

47.47 KB

  Soft Skulls with Fried Egg Without the Plate, Angels and Soft Watch in an Angelic Landscape, 1977.jpg

23.42 KB

  Soft Monster (Monstruo blando adormercido), 1976.jpg

43.44 KB

  Randomdot Correlogram - The Golden Fleece (stereoscopic work, right component_ unfinished), circa.jpg

42.66 KB

  Randomdot Correlogram - The Golden Fleece (stereoscopic work, left component_ unfinished), circa .jpg

36.98 KB

  Portrait of Gala, circa 1977.jpg

51.45 KB

  Portrait of Gala, 1976-77.jpg

62.37 KB

  Pierrot Lunaire (stereoscopic work, unfinished), 1978.jpg

22.40 KB

  Nike, Victory Goddess of Samothrace, Appears in a Tree Bathed in Light, circa 1977.jpg

150.23 KB

  Las Meninas (The Maids-in-Waiting) - first metaphysical hyper-realist painting (unfinished), 1977.jpg

46.64 KB

  Las Meninas (The Maids-in-Waiting) (stereoscopic work, right component), 1976-77.jpg

52.07 KB

  Las Meninas (The Maids-in-Waiting) (stereoscopic work, left component), 1976-77.jpg

47.39 KB

  Landscape Near Ampurdan, 1978.jpg

45.52 KB

  Gala's Christ (stereoscopic work, right component), 1978.jpg

42.53 KB

  Gala's Christ (stereoscopic work, left component), 1978.jpg

29.95 KB

  Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea Which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham L.jpg

59.72 KB

  Fertility, 1977.jpg

67.94 KB

  Dark Tapeworms, circa 1978.jpg

33.59 KB


35.60 KB


85.89 KB


82.62 KB

  Cybernetic Odalisque, 1978.jpg

64.20 KB

  Aurora's Head, After Michelangelo (detail of a Figure on the Grave of Lorenzo Di Medici), 1977.jpg

98.73 KB

  Angelic Landscape, 1977.jpg

29.15 KB

  Ampurdanese Landscape, 1978.jpg

48.28 KB

  Allegory of Spring, 1978.jpg

66.68 KB


  Wounded Soft Watch, 1974.jpg

38.53 KB

  Transformation of ‘Antiques’ Magazine Cover into the Apparition of a Face, 1974.jpg

120.69 KB

  To Meli, 1974.jpg

60.02 KB


7.50 KB

  The Prince of Sleep (El principe de ensueno), 1973-79.jpg

56.83 KB

  The Palace of the Wind2, 1974.jpg

95.80 KB

  The Palace of the Wind, 1974.jpg

102.42 KB

  The Chair (stereoscopic work, right component), 1975.jpg

104.32 KB

  The Chair (stereoscopic work, left component), 1975.jpg

97.55 KB

  Ruggiero Freeing Angelica, 1974.jpg

100.12 KB

  Portrait of Dr. Brian Mercer, 1973.jpg

53.81 KB

  Lullus - Homage to Raimundus Lullus (design for a ceiling painting), 1975.jpg

42.92 KB

  Las Galas of Port Lligat, 1973.jpg

48.74 KB

  Hitler Masturbating, 1973.jpg

36.71 KB

  Gala’s Castle at Pubol, 1973.jpg

41.18 KB

  Gala's Foot (right panel), 1974.jpg

46.90 KB

  Gala's Foot (left panel), 1974.jpg

43.68 KB

  Gala Contemplating the Mediterranean Sea Which at Twenty Meters Becomes the Portrait of Abraham L.jpg

60.09 KB

  Equestrian Portrait of Carmen Bordiu-Franco, 1974.jpg

42.03 KB

  Cranach Metamorphosis (Woman in a Mirror), 1974.jpg

75.79 KB

  Ceiling of the Palace of the Wind, circa 1973.jpg

158.49 KB

  Battle in the Clouds, 1974.jpg

47.61 KB

  Armchair with Landscape Painted for Gala's Chateau at Pubol, circa 1974.jpg

104.26 KB


  Winged Victory, 1970.jpg

82.77 KB

  View of Pubol, 1971.jpg

38.88 KB

  Untitled (Stereoscopic Painting), 1972.jpg

53.70 KB

  Untitled (Michelangelo Head with Drawers), circa 1970.jpg

90.28 KB

  Trajan on Horseback, 1972.jpg

85.25 KB


8.00 KB


97.56 KB

  The Sleeping Smoker2, circa 1972-73.jpg

50.97 KB

  The Sleeping Smoker, circa 1972-73.jpg

56.12 KB

  The Second Coming of Christ2, 1971.jpg

46.24 KB

  The Second Coming of Christ, 1971.jpg

55.76 KB

  The Horseman of the Apocalypse, 1970.jpg

56.20 KB

  The Face, 1972.jpg

71.27 KB

  The Daughter of the West Wind, 1972.jpg

99.64 KB

  The Dalinian Senyera (Catalonian National Flag), 1970.jpg

80.43 KB

  Study for the Decoration of the Ceiling in Pubol, circa 1970.jpg

82.56 KB

  Space Eve, 1972.jpg

77.53 KB


90.91 KB

  Roger Freeing Angelica (St. George and the Damsel), 1970.jpg

109.60 KB

  Radiators, Radiator-Covers, circa 1972.jpg

97.94 KB

  Quantification of Leonardo de Vinci's Last Supper, circa 1972.jpg

46.53 KB

  Portrait of John Theodoracopoulos, 1970.jpg

62.76 KB

  Polyhedron. Basketball Players Being Transformed into Angels (Assembling a Hologram - the Central.jpg

33.41 KB


40.25 KB

  Palace of the Winds, circa 1972-73.jpg

45.00 KB

  Overture in Trompe l'Oeil, circa 1972.jpg

72.06 KB

  Nude Figures at Cape Creus, 1970.jpg

57.41 KB

  Les Clemolselles D'Avignon (The Girls of Avignon), 1970.jpg

61.59 KB

  Le Char d'Or, 1971.jpg

147.18 KB

  Gala's Dream (Dream of Paradise), circa 1972.jpg

85.86 KB

  Figure with Flag. Illustration for Memories of Surrealism, circa 1971.jpg

84.95 KB

  Design for the Pool at Port Lligat, 1971.jpg

129.39 KB


49.55 KB


49.30 KB


56.49 KB

  Ceiling of the Hall of Gala's Chateau at Pubol, 1971.jpg

67.84 KB


98.84 KB


  Untitled (Surrealist Angel), circa 1969.jpg

75.17 KB

  Untitled (Still Life with White Cloth), 1969.jpg

66.42 KB

  Tuna Fishing, 1967.jpg

94.55 KB

  Tuna Fishing (advanced State)2, circa 1966-67.jpg

46.02 KB

  Tuna Fishing (advanced State),3 circa 1966-67.jpg

33.20 KB

  Tuna Fishing (advanced State), circa 1966-67.jpg

56.88 KB

  Toreo Noir, 1969.jpg

41.10 KB


8.00 KB

  The Swimming Pool in Port Lligat, 1969-70.jpg

148.18 KB

  The Progress ofTuna Fishing, circa 1966-67.jpg

36.66 KB

  The Pool of Tears. Illustration for Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll in an Edition Published .jpg

110.73 KB

  The Patio of Port Lligat, 1968.jpg

57.03 KB

  The Hallucinogenic Toreador, 1968-70.jpg

95.51 KB

  Tauromachia I - The Torero, the Kill (third and final round of the bullfight), 1968.jpg

86.69 KB

  Study of a Male Nude - Saint Sebastian, 1969.jpg

76.57 KB

  Moses and the Pharaoh, 1966.jpg

55.43 KB

  Mad Mad Mad Minerva - Illustration for Memories of Surrealism circa 1968.jpg

90.00 KB

  Hour of the Monarchy, 1969.jpg

72.85 KB

  Fisherman of Port Lligat Mending His Net, 1968.jpg

36.94 KB


  Untitled. Female Nude on a Palette, 1964.jpg

76.58 KB

  Untitled (Still Life with Lilies), 1963.jpg

42.50 KB

  Untitled (St. John), 1964.jpg

85.62 KB

  Untitled (St. John from Behind), 1965.jpg

112.48 KB

  Untitled (Apocalyptic Christ Christ with Flames), 1965.jpg

35.12 KB


7.50 KB

  The Sun of Dali, 1965.jpg

115.15 KB

  The Railway Station at Perpignan, 1965.jpg

42.54 KB

  Study for Fifty Abstract Pictures Which as Seen from Two Yards Change into Three Lenins Masquerad.jpg

72.49 KB

  Study for Deoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs, circa 1963.jpg

65.35 KB

  Study for Deoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs, 1963.jpg

35.53 KB


68.43 KB

  Portrait of My Dead Brother, 1963.jpg

71.43 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Ruth Daponte, 1965.jpg

70.44 KB

  Portrait of Gala (Gala Against the Light), 1965.jpg

43.48 KB

  Night in the Hotel (Abstract in Black and White), 1965.jpg

43.73 KB

  Mohammed's Dream, 1963.jpg

147.76 KB

  Madonna with a Mystical Rose, 1963.jpg

64.01 KB

  Laocoon Tormented by Flies, 1965.jpg

100.63 KB

  Landscape with Flies, 1964.jpg

101.70 KB

  Homage to Meirronier, 1965.jpg

35.46 KB

  Hercules Lifts the Skin of the Sea and Stops Venus for an Instant from Waking Love, 1963.jpg

57.90 KB

  Galacidalacidesoxyribonucleicacid, 1963.jpg

41.02 KB

  Fifty Abstract Paintings Which as Seen from Two Yards Change into Three Lenins Masquerading as Ch.jpg

63.85 KB

  Desoxyribonucleic Acid Arabs, circa 1963.jpg

34.24 KB


128.74 KB

  Character Masquerading in Pinning Up a Butterfly, 1965.jpg

114.07 KB

  Arabs - the Death of Raymond Lulle, 1963.jpg

49.31 KB

  Arabs - the Death of Raimundus Lullus, 1963.jpg

50.75 KB


  Vision of Fatima, 1962.jpg

32.16 KB

  Untitled, circa 1960.jpg

90.22 KB

  Untitled (The Lady of Avignon), circa 1960.jpg

143.48 KB

  Two Religious Figures, 1960.jpg

98.31 KB

  Twist in the Studio of Velazquez, 1962.jpg

34.80 KB


7.00 KB

  The Trinity (Study for The Ecumenical Council), 1960.jpg

95.19 KB

  The Servant of the Disciples at Emmaus, 1960.jpg

143.39 KB

  The Sacred Heart of Jesus, 1962.jpg

90.99 KB

  The Maids-in-Waiting (Las Meninas_ detail), 1960.jpg

144.39 KB

  The Maids-in-Waiting (Las Meninas), 1960.jpg

120.42 KB

  The Life of Mary Magdalene, 1960.jpg

33.30 KB

  The Infanta (Standing Woman), 1961.jpg

97.63 KB

  The Ecumenical Council2, 1960.jpg

88.78 KB

  The Ecumenical Council, 1960.jpg

59.18 KB

  The Battle of Tetuan, 1961-62.jpg

77.91 KB

  The Alchemist, 1962.jpg

107.32 KB

  Study of a Female Nude, circa 1962.jpg

56.34 KB

  Study for The Battle of Tetuan2, 1961.jpg

35.02 KB

  Study for The Battle of Tetuan, 1962.jpg

50.88 KB

  Study for The Battle of Tetuan, 1961.jpg

79.40 KB

  St. Peter's in Rome (Explosion of Mystical Faith in the Midst of a Cathedral), 1960.jpg

104.20 KB

  St. George and the Dragon, 1962.jpg

42.78 KB

  San Salvador and Antonio Gaudi Fighting for the Crown of the Virgin, 1960.jpg

83.23 KB

  Portrait of St. Jerome, 1960.jpg

139.64 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Fagen, 1960.jpg

85.72 KB

  Portrait of Mr. Fagen, 1962.jpg

88.50 KB

  Portrait of Juan de Pareja Repairing a String of His Mandolin, 1960.jpg

58.17 KB

  Portrait of Countess Ghislaine d'Oultremont, 1960.jpg

76.84 KB

  Portrait of Bobo Rockefeller (unfinished), 1960.jpg

46.72 KB

  Portrait of a Man (They Were There), 1960.jpg

91.86 KB

  Mohammed's Dream (Homage to Fortuny), 1961.jpg

127.15 KB

  Madonna, 1960.jpg

122.21 KB

  Macrophotographic Self-Portrait with the Appearance of Gala, 1962.jpg

144.64 KB

  Macrophotographic Self-Portrait with the Appearance of Gala (detail), 1962.jpg

157.14 KB

  Leda's Swan (Leda and the Swan), 1961.jpg

66.31 KB

  Hyperxiological Sky, 1960.jpg

31.92 KB

  Gala Nude From Behind Looking in an Invisible Mirror, 1960.jpg

50.98 KB

  Figure In the Shape of a Cloud, circa 1960.jpg

26.51 KB

  Female Seated Nude, circa 1960.jpg

73.78 KB

  Cathedral (unfinished), circa 1960.jpg

81.95 KB

  Birth of a Goddess, 1960.jpg

29.18 KB

  Birth of a Divinity, 1960.jpg

63.28 KB

  Beatrice, 1960.jpg

110.60 KB

  Arabs. Study for The Battle of Tetuan, 1961.jpg

17.39 KB

  Arabs. Study for The Battle of Tetuan, 1960.jpg

51.63 KB

  Arab, 1962.jpg

80.97 KB

  A Propos of the Treatise on Cubic Formby Juan de Herrera, 1960.jpg

75.96 KB

  A Fate of the Parthenon, 1960.jpg

146.30 KB


  Woman Undressing, 1959.jpg

121.21 KB

  Velazquez Painting the Infanta Margarita with the Lights and Shadows of His Own Glory, 1958.jpg

99.60 KB

  Untitled (Surrealist Landscape), 1957-58.jpg

127.72 KB


8.00 KB

  The Virgin of Guadalupe, 1959.jpg

111.66 KB

  The Vase of Cornflowers, 1959.jpg

81.87 KB

  The Sistine Madonna, 1958.jpg

152.89 KB

  The Sistine Madonna (detail), 1958.jpg

108.36 KB

  The Grand Opera, 1957.jpg

57.61 KB

  The Duke of Urbino (Portrait of Count Theo Rossi Di Montelera), 1957.jpg

59.42 KB

  The Discovery of America by Christopher Columbus, 1958-59.jpg

107.35 KB

  The Ascension of Christ, 1958.jpg

61.55 KB

  Study for Woman Undressing, 1959.jpg

86.64 KB

  Sorcery - The Seven Arts, 1957.jpg

30.60 KB

  Santiago El Grande, 1957.jpg

88.67 KB

  Rock 'n Roll, 1957.jpg

36.00 KB

  Religious Scene in Particles, circa 1958.jpg

129.95 KB

  Red Orchestra, 1957.jpg

30.08 KB

  Portrait of Sir James Dunn, 1958.jpg

57.68 KB

  Portrait of Reinaldo Herrera Marquis De Torre Casa, 1959.jpg

61.74 KB

  Portraif of Chester Dale and His Dog Coco, 1958.jpg

61.98 KB

  Port Lligat at Sunset, 1959.jpg

39.45 KB

  Modern Rhapsody - The Seven Arts, 1957.jpg

51.00 KB

  Metamorphosis of Hitler's Face into a Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment, 1958.jpg

43.30 KB

  Metamorphosed Women - The Seven Arts, 1957.jpg

37.51 KB

  Meditative Rose, 1958.jpg

47.11 KB

  Landscape Near Port Lligat, 1958.jpg

30.39 KB


141.09 KB

  Detail from Moonlit Landscape with Accompaniment, 1958.jpg

75.27 KB

  Cosmic Madonna, 1958.jpg

149.95 KB

  Clown for The Amazing Adventure of the Lacemaker and the Rhinoceros, 1958.jpg

42.02 KB

  Christ. From The Apocalypse of St. John, 1958.jpg

110.92 KB

  Celestial Ride, 1957.jpg

110.44 KB

  Butterfly Landscape (The Great Masturbator in a Surrealist Landscape with D.N.A.), 1957-58.jpg

83.86 KB

  Ascension, 1958.jpg

58.71 KB

  Angel, circa 1958.jpg

134.02 KB


  Young Virgin Auto-Sodomized by Her Own Chastity, 1954.jpg

64.42 KB

  Wine Glass and Boat, 1956.jpg

61.14 KB

  Untitled (The Amazing Adventure of Vermeer's Lacemaker), 1955.jpg

79.78 KB

  Untitled (Landscape with Butterflies), circa 1956.jpg

46.06 KB

  Two Adolescents, 1954.jpg

49.39 KB


8.00 KB


52.55 KB

  The Walls of Babylon, 1954.jpg

32.80 KB

  The Pyramids and the Sphynx of Gizeh, 1954.jpg

26.68 KB

  The Motionless Swallow. Study for Still Life - Fast Moving, 1956.jpg

77.42 KB

  The Maximum Speed of Raphael's Madonna, 1954.jpg

81.24 KB

  The Lighthouse at Alexandria2, 1954.jpg

120.38 KB

  The Lighthouse at Alexandria, 1954.jpg

98.55 KB

  The Last Supper, 1955.jpg

34.85 KB

  The Lacemaker (copy of the painting by Vermeer Van Delft), 1955.jpg

81.65 KB

  The Infant Jesus, 1956.jpg

65.80 KB

  The Colossus of Rhodes, 1954.jpg

114.24 KB

  Study for a fruit bowl in Still Life - Fast Moving, 1956.jpg

77.12 KB

  Statue of Olympic Zeus, 1954.jpg

79.18 KB

  St. Helena of Port Lligat, 1956.jpg

59.40 KB

  Soft Watch at the Moment of First Explosion, 1954.jpg

60.54 KB

  Saint Surrounded by Three Pi-Mesons, 1956.jpg

128.01 KB

  Rhinocerotic Portrait of Vermeer's Lacemaker, 1955.jpg

90.39 KB

  Rhinocerotic Gooseflesh, 1956.jpg

59.92 KB

  Rhinocerotic Figures, 1955.jpg

62.28 KB

  Rhinocerotic Disintegration of Illissus of Phidias, 1954.jpg

52.00 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Reeves, 1954.jpg

93.73 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Ann Woodward, 1954.jpg

130.66 KB

  Portrait of Laurence Olivier in the Role of Richard III, 1955.jpg

73.44 KB

  Portrait of Gala with Rhinocerotic Symptoms, 1954.jpg

83.63 KB

  Paranoiac-Critical Study of Vermeer’s ‘Lacemaker’, 1955.jpg

113.27 KB

  Noon (Barracks of Port Lligat), 1954.jpg

72.71 KB

  Nature Morte Vivante (Living Still Life), 1956.jpg

60.97 KB

  Microphysical Madonna, 1954.jpg

94.40 KB


130.53 KB


88.35 KB

  Gala Contemplating the Corpus Hypercubicus, 1954.jpg

68.68 KB

  Fancy Costumes, 1956.jpg

95.73 KB

  Equestrian Fantasy - Portrait of Lady Dunn, 1954.jpg

51.67 KB


87.76 KB

  Crucifixion, 1954.jpg

93.90 KB

  Crucifixion ('Corpus Hypercubus'), 1954.jpg

71.60 KB

  Blue Horns. Design for a Scarf, 1955.jpg

80.66 KB

  Assumpta Canaveral, 1956.jpg

59.98 KB

  Anti-Protonic Assumption, 1956.jpg

103.07 KB

  Ascensionist Saint Cecilia, 1955.jpg

127.51 KB



7.50 KB

  The Tree, 1952.jpg

174.29 KB

  The Disintegration of Persistence of Memory, 1952-54.jpg

64.57 KB

  The Angel of Port Lligat2, 1952.jpg

50.94 KB

  The Angel of Port Lligat, 1952.jpg

51.35 KB

  Raphaelesque Head Exploding, 1951.jpg

124.30 KB

  Study for Christ of St. John of the Cross, 1951.jpg

37.57 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Jack Warner, 1951.jpg

76.35 KB

  Portrait of Katharina Cornell, 1951.jpg

98.36 KB

  Portrait of Colonel Jack Warner, 1951.jpg

44.51 KB

  Opposition, 1952.jpg

145.00 KB

  Portrait of a Child (unfinished), 1951.jpg

64.50 KB

  Nuclear Cross, 1952.jpg

62.03 KB

  Madonna in Particles, 1952.jpg

130.28 KB

  Landscape with Cavalier and Gala, 1951.jpg

39.33 KB

  Galatea of the Spheres, 1952.jpg

88.48 KB

  Explosive Madonna, 1951.jpg

114.21 KB

  Eucharistic Still Life, 1952.jpg

25.48 KB

  Christ of Saint John of the Cross, 1951.jpg

74.97 KB

  Celestial Coronation, circa 1951.jpg

125.14 KB

  Asummpta Corpuscularia Lapislazulina, 1952.jpg

102.74 KB

  Arithmosophic Cross, 1952.jpg

94.60 KB


  Untitled (Male Nude in a Landscape), 1948.jpg

109.33 KB

  Untitled (Landscape), 1948.jpg

40.22 KB


8.00 KB

  The Madonna of Port Lligat (second version), 1950.jpg

91.44 KB

  The Madonna of Port Lligat (first version), 1949.jpg

79.41 KB

  The Madonna of Port Lligat (detail), 1950.jpg

103.26 KB

  The Elephants, 1948.jpg

32.91 KB

  Study for a Portrait (unfinished), circa 1948.jpg

54.97 KB

  Study for a Backdrop, circa 1950.jpg

51.25 KB

  Set design for the ballet Los Sacos Del Molinero2, 1949.jpg

124.61 KB

  Set design for the ballet Los Sacos Del Molinero, 5 1949.jpg

143.00 KB

  Set design for the ballet Los Sacos Del Molinero, 1949.jpg

27.74 KB

  Set design for the ballet Los Sacos Del Molinero 6, 1949.jpg

46.47 KB

  Set design for the ballet Los Sacos Del Molinero 4, 1949.jpg

41.76 KB

  Set design for the ballet Los Sacos Del Molinero 3, 1949.jpg

25.69 KB

  Portrait of Nada Pachevich, 1948.jpg

90.22 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Mary Sigall, 1948.jpg

59.13 KB

  Mystical Carnation, 1950-51.jpg

35.20 KB

  Leda Atomica, 1949.jpg

62.56 KB

  Leda Atomica (first unfinished version), 1948.jpg

59.32 KB

  Landscape of Port Lligat, 1950.jpg

33.94 KB

  Landscape of Port Lligat with Homely Angels and Fisherman, 1950.jpg

74.20 KB

  La Turbie - Sir James Dunn Seated, 1949.jpg

78.58 KB

  Four Armchairs in the Sky, 1949.jpg

45.16 KB

  Erotic Beach, 1950.jpg

34.79 KB

  Design for the death scene in Don Juan Tenorio, 1950.jpg

56.17 KB


53.58 KB


48.28 KB

  Cork (study for The Madonna of Port Lligat), 1950.jpg

96.87 KB

  Carnation and Cloth of Gold, 1950.jpg

64.04 KB

  Backdrop for Don Juan Tenorio, 1950.jpg

51.34 KB


  Women Metamorphosed - the Seven Arts, 1944.jpg

36.81 KB

  Wheat Ear, 1947.jpg

77.96 KB

  Victory - Woman Metamorphosing into a Boat with Angels, 1945.jpg

132.78 KB

  Untitled - Scene with Marine Allegory, 1945.jpg

34.64 KB

  Untitled - Portrait of a Woman, 1945.jpg

96.40 KB

  Untitled (Temple Frontage with Atomic Explosions), circa 1947.jpg

63.98 KB

  Untitled (Spanish Dances in a Landscape), 1946.jpg

92.76 KB


8.00 KB

  Three Apparitions of the Visage of Gala, 1945.jpg

49.04 KB

  The Three Sphinxes of Bikini, 1947.jpg

46.30 KB

  The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1946.jpg

40.50 KB

  The Stain, 1946.jpg

27.35 KB

  The Eye, 1945.jpg

23.41 KB

  The Broken Bridge and the Dream, 1945.jpg

48.53 KB

  Study for the dream sequence in Spellbound, circa 1945.jpg

37.68 KB

  Spellbound, circa 1945.jpg

61.07 KB

  Rock and Infuriated Horse Sleeping Under the Sea, 1947.jpg

81.58 KB

  Resurrection of the Flesh, circa 1945.jpg

137.64 KB

  Portrait of Picasso, 1947.jpg

50.70 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Isabel Styler-Tas, 1945.jpg

39.73 KB

  Nude in the Desert Landscape, 1946.jpg

29.59 KB

  Napoleon's Nose, 1945.jpg

56.03 KB

  My Wife, Naked, Looking at her own Body, 1945.jpg

48.89 KB

  Melancholy, 1945.jpg

42.48 KB

  Jour de la Vierge, 1947.jpg

72.63 KB

  Fountain of Milk Spreading Itself Uselessly on Three Shoes, 1945.jpg

60.79 KB

  Feather Equilibrium (Interatomic Balance of a Swan's Feather), 1947.jpg

36.32 KB

  Double Image for Destino, 1946.jpg

78.95 KB

  Design for the set of the film Spellbound, 1945.jpg

47.05 KB

  Design for the Film 'Spellbound' (2), 1945.jpg

31.21 KB

  Design for the Film 'Spellbound' (1), 1945.jpg

32.36 KB

  Design for Destino, 1947.jpg

43.63 KB

  Design for Destino 2, 1947.jpg

53.59 KB

  Desert Trilogy - Flower in the Desert, 1946.jpg

39.43 KB

  Desert Trilogy - Apparition of a Woman and Suspended Architecture in the Desert - for Desert Flow.jpg

52.53 KB

  Desert Trilogy - Apparition of a Couple in the Desert - for Desert Flower perfume, 1946.jpg

45.26 KB

  Dematerialization Near the Nose of Nero, 1947.jpg

80.02 KB

  Composition - Portrait of Mrs. Eva Kolsman, 1946.jpg

30.62 KB

  Christmas (Noel), 1946.jpg

108.96 KB

  Battle Over a Dandelion, 1947.jpg

48.17 KB

  Basket of Bread, 1945.jpg

22.40 KB


  Women Metamorphosed - the Seven Arts, 1944.jpg

39.53 KB

  Untitled - the Seven Arts2, 1944.jpg

56.55 KB

  Untitled - the Seven Arts, 1944.jpg

36.73 KB

  Untitled - Set Design (Figures Cut in Three), 1942.jpg

97.98 KB

  Untitled - New Accessoires, 1943.jpg

92.20 KB

  Untitled - for the campaign against venereal disease, 1942.jpg

81.87 KB

  Untitled - Design for the Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein, 1942.jpg

88.17 KB

  Untitled - Design for the ball in the dream sequence in Spellbound, 1944.jpg

28.14 KB


7.50 KB

  Tristan and Isolde, 1944.jpg

41.61 KB

  The Two on the Cross, 1942.jpg

92.82 KB

  The Triumph of Tourbillon, 1943.jpg

80.85 KB

  The Poetry of America (unfinished), 1943.jpg

89.83 KB

  The Flames, They Call, 1942.jpg

68.66 KB

  The Apotheosis of Homer, 1944-45.jpg

47.39 KB

  Study for the set of the ballet Tristan Insane (Act 1), 1944.jpg

53.10 KB

  Study for the set of Romeo and Juliet 1942.jpg

51.91 KB

  Study for the Backdrop of Mad Tristan (Act II), 1944.jpg

36.59 KB

  Stage Curtain for the Ballet Cafe De Chinitas 1943.jpg

58.03 KB

  Sentimental Colloquy (Study for a Ballet), 1944.jpg

58.20 KB

  Saint George and the Dragon, 1942.jpg

63.51 KB

  Romeo and Juliet Memorial, 1942.jpg

57.08 KB

  Princess Arthchil Gourielli (Helena Rubinstein), circa 1943.jpg

91.12 KB

  Portrait of the Marquis De Cuevas, 1942.jpg

110.12 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Ortiz-Linares, 1942.jpg

85.21 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. Luther Greene, 1942.jpg

71.93 KB

  Portrait of Ambassador Cardenas, 1943.jpg

73.63 KB

  Paranoia (Surrealist Figures), 1944.jpg

85.46 KB

  Painting for the backdrop of Cafe De Chinitas, 1943.jpg

42.93 KB

  One Second Before Awakening from a Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee Around a Pomegranate, 1944.jpg

79.85 KB

  Nude on the Plain of Rosas, 1942.jpg

56.63 KB

  Music - The Red Orchestra - The Seven Arts, 1944.jpg

62.00 KB

  Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (panel 3), 1942.jpg

80.47 KB

  Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (panel 2), 1942.jpg

42.97 KB

  Mural Painting for Helena Rubinstein (panel 1), 1942.jpg

83.21 KB

  Melancholy, 1942.jpg

93.79 KB

  Madonna, 1943.jpg

140.22 KB

  Juliet's Tomb, 1942.jpg

97.43 KB

  Giant Flying Demi-Tasse with Incomprehensible Appendage Five Meters Long, circa 1944-45.jpg

58.33 KB

  Geopoliticus Child Watching the Birth of the New Man, 1943.jpg

64.50 KB

  Galarina, 1944-45.jpg

58.68 KB

  Equestrian Parade (possibly Set Design for Romeo and Juliet), 1942.jpg

69.62 KB


69.77 KB

  Design for the set of Romeo and Juliet, 1942.jpg

46.17 KB

  Design for the set of Romeo and Juliet (backdrops and wing flats), 1942.jpg

51.62 KB

  Design for the Interior Decoration of a Stable-Library, 1942.jpg

117.18 KB

  Decor for Romeo et Juliet, 1942.jpg

62.87 KB

  Dance - the Seven Arts, 1944.jpg

65.64 KB

  Composition (Two Harlequins), 1942.jpg

31.16 KB

  Birth of a New World, 1942.jpg

71.96 KB


  Visage of War, 1940.jpg

38.23 KB

  Two Pieces of Bread, Expressing the Sentiment of Love, 1940.jpg

36.47 KB


8.00 KB

  The Triumph of Nautilus, 1941.jpg

67.80 KB

  The Sphere Attacks the Pyramid. Cover of the Catalogue of the Exhibition at Julien Levy's in New .jpg

78.27 KB

  The Golden Age - Family of Marsupial Centaurs, 1940-41.jpg

61.35 KB

  The Enigma of Hitler, circa 1939.jpg

38.04 KB

  The Dream of Venus, 1939.jpg

26.93 KB

  Temple - Sketch for a Set Design, circa 1941.jpg

47.97 KB

  Telephone in a Dish With Three Grilled Sardines at the End of September, 1939.jpg

49.53 KB

  Soft Self-portrait with Grilled Bacon, 1941.jpg

47.75 KB

  Slave Market with the Disappearing Bust of Voltaire, 1940.jpg

55.59 KB

  Shirley Temple, 1939.jpg

43.69 KB

  Set of Tristan and Isolde, 1941.jpg

73.72 KB

  Set for Bacchanale, circa 1939.jpg

39.65 KB

  Ruin with Head of Medusa and Landscape, 1941.jpg

76.36 KB

  Psychoanalysis and Morphology Meet, 1939.jpg

24.04 KB

  Portrait of Mrs. George Tait, II, 1941.jpg

86.46 KB

  Portrait of Gala (unfinished_ detail), 1939.jpg

76.26 KB

  Philosopher Illuminated by the Light of the Moon and the Setting Sun, 1939.jpg

31.76 KB

  Original Sin, 1941.jpg

35.08 KB

  Old Age, Adolescence, Infancy (The Three Ages), 1940.jpg

42.65 KB

  Mysterious Mouth Appearing in the Back of My Nurse, 1941.jpg

97.54 KB

  Metamorphosis of the Five Allegories of Giovanni Bellini, 1939.jpg

109.10 KB

  March of Time Comittee - Papillon, circa 1940.jpg

41.25 KB

  Maquette of the scenery for Labyrinth, 1941.jpg

37.62 KB

  Mad Tristan, circa 1939.jpg

58.77 KB

  Landscape with Telephones on a Plate, 1939.jpg

42.55 KB

  Lady Louis Mountbatten, 1940.jpg

65.19 KB

  Invisible Bust of Voltaire, 1941.jpg

64.45 KB

  Honey is Sweeter than Blood, 1941.jpg

37.35 KB

  Group of Women Imitating the Gestures of a Schooner, 1940.jpg

75.05 KB

  Freud’s Perverse Polymorph (Bulgarian Child Eating a Rat), 1939.jpg

40.60 KB

  Design for the Set of Labyrinth, 1941.jpg

65.11 KB

  Daddy Longlegs of the Evening... Hope!, 1940.jpg

48.17 KB

  Costume for a Nude with a Codfish Tail, 1941.jpg

119.55 KB

  Car Clothing (Clothed Automobile), 1941.jpg

56.32 KB

  Ballerina in a Death's Head, 1939.jpg

65.08 KB

  Bacchanale, 1939.jpg

46.55 KB

  Baby Map of the World, 1939.jpg

86.63 KB

  Allegory of Sunset Air (Allegory of the Everning), 1940-41.jpg

89.89 KB

  Actress Betty Stockfeld Is Metamorphosed into a Nurse, 1939.jpg

134.41 KB


  Woman with Drawers, 1936.jpg

73.80 KB

  White Calm, 1936.jpg

48.29 KB

  Visions of Eternity, circa 1937.jpg

83.50 KB

  Untitled, 1938.jpg

97.82 KB

  Untitled - Figure (unfinished), 1938-39.jpg

134.37 KB


7.50 KB

  Three Young Surrealistic Women Holding in Their Arms the Skins of an Orchestra, 1936.jpg

30.21 KB

  The Warning, 1938.jpg

84.32 KB

  The Vertebrate Grotto - Transfer Series, 1936.jpg

87.75 KB

  The Transparent Simulacrum of the Feigned Image, 1938.jpg

21.56 KB

  The Sublime Moment, 1938.jpg

39.08 KB

  The Pharmacist of Ampurdan in Search of Absolutely Nothing, 1936.jpg

22.79 KB

  The Man with the Head of Blue Hortensias, 1936.jpg

45.69 KB

  The Invention of the Monsters, 1937.jpg

42.75 KB

  The Image Disappears, 1938.jpg

65.76 KB

  The Great Paranoiac, 1936.jpg

91.22 KB

  The Fossilized Automobile of Cape Creus, 1936.jpg

63.01 KB

  The Forgotten Horizon, 1936.jpg

34.67 KB

  The Endless Enigma, 1938.jpg

37.30 KB

  The Dream places a Hand on a Man's Shoulder, 1936.jpg

43.09 KB

  The Burning Giraffe, 1937.jpg

78.12 KB

  The Ants, 1936-37.jpg

65.14 KB

  The Anthropomorphic Cabinet, 1936.jpg

36.66 KB

  Swans Reflecting Elephants, 1937.jpg

43.86 KB


69.07 KB

  Sun Table, 1936.jpg

43.70 KB

  Suburbs of a Paranoiac-Critical Town Afternoon on the Outskirts of European History, 1936.jpg

35.62 KB

  Spain, 1938.jpg

97.06 KB

  South (Noon), 1936.jpg

84.32 KB

  Soft Construction with Boiled Beans - Premonition of Civil War, 1936.jpg

64.62 KB

  Sleep, 1937.jpg

22.94 KB

  Singularities (Singularitats), circa 1936.jpg

33.49 KB

  Perspectives, 1937.jpg

35.39 KB

  Palladio's Thalia Corridor, 1937.jpg

64.80 KB

  Palladio's Corridor of Dramatic Surprise, 1938.jpg

68.53 KB

  Night and Day Clothes, 1936.jpg

48.83 KB

  Necrophiliac Springtime, 1936.jpg

26.51 KB

  Morphological Echo, 1936.jpg

31.06 KB

  Morphological Echo 2 circa 1936.jpg

59.71 KB

  Metamorphosis of Narcissus, circa 1937.jpg

47.90 KB

  Man with His Head Full of Clouds, 1936.jpg

65.96 KB

  Landscape with Girl Skipping Rope, 1936.jpg

19.27 KB

  Knights of Death, 1937.jpg

63.07 KB

  Invisible Afghan with the Apparition on the Beach of the Face of Garcia Lorca in the Form of a Fr.jpg

60.68 KB

  Impressions of Africa, 1938.jpg

39.59 KB

  Imperial Violets, 1938.jpg

25.83 KB

  Hypnagogic Monument, 1936.jpg

38.82 KB

  Herodias, 1937.jpg

49.52 KB

  Head of a Woman in the Form of a Battle, 1936.jpg

69.20 KB

  Geological Justice, 1936.jpg

32.39 KB

  Geodesic Portrait of Gala, 1936.jpg

28.26 KB

  Enchanted Beach with Three Fluid Graces, 1938.jpg

30.67 KB

  Enchanted Beach (Long, Siphon), 1937.jpg

25.75 KB

  Decalcomania, 1936.jpg

52.24 KB

  Debris of an Automobile Giving Birth to a Blind Horse Biting a Telephone, 1938.jpg

65.52 KB

  Cover of 'Minotaure' Magazine, 1936.jpg

59.60 KB

  Cannibalism of the Objects, 1937.jpg

99.01 KB

  Bread on the Head of the Prodigal Son, 1936.jpg

67.12 KB

  Beach with Telephone, 1938.jpg

38.50 KB

  Average Pagan Landscape, 1937.jpg

27.60 KB

  Autumn Cannibalism, 1936.jpg

70.59 KB

  Apparition of the Town of Delft, circa 1936.jpg

52.29 KB

  Apparition of Face and Fruit Dish on a Beach, 1938.jpg

46.90 KB


89.52 KB

  Anatomical Studies - Transfer Series, 1937.jpg

43.84 KB

  Ampurdanese Yang and Yin, 1936.jpg

53.07 KB

  A Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds2, 1936.jpg

35.97 KB

  A Couple with Their Heads Full of Clouds, 1936.jpg

31.87 KB

  A Chemist Lifting with Extreme Precaution the Cuticle of a Grand Piano, 1936.jpg

29.79 KB


  Woman with a Head of Roses, 1935.jpg

62.98 KB

  West Side of the Isle of the Dead - Reconstructed Compulsive Image After Becklin, 1934.jpg

81.80 KB

  Untitled - Death Outside the Head Paul Eluard, circa 1933.jpg

66.57 KB

  Untitled (Dreams on the Beach), 1934.jpg

74.12 KB

  Untitled (Desert Landscape), 1934.jpg

61.27 KB


8.00 KB

  The Weaning of Furniture-Nutrition, 1934.jpg

45.20 KB

  The Triangular Hour, 1933.jpg

52.40 KB

  The Tower, 1934.jpg

64.91 KB

  The Surrealist Mystery of New York I, 1935.jpg

115.50 KB

  The Spectre of the Angelus, circa 1934.jpg

123.84 KB

  The Specter of Sex Appeal, 1934.jpg

105.91 KB

  The Signal of Anguish, 1934.jpg

77.64 KB

  The Ship, 1934-35.jpg

97.17 KB

  The Sense of Speed, 1934.jpg

94.56 KB

  The Phantom Cart2, 1933.jpg

23.81 KB

  The Phantom Cart, 1933.jpg

22.23 KB

  The Knight of Death, 1934.jpg

66.22 KB

  The Javanese Mannequin, 1934.jpg

50.55 KB

  The Isle of the Dead - Centre, Section - Reconstructed, Compulsive Image, After Becklin, 1934.jpg

62.97 KB

  The Invisible Harp, 1934.jpg

66.76 KB

  The Hour of the Crackled Visage, 1934.jpg

53.51 KB

  The Horseman of Death, 1935.jpg

66.95 KB

  The Ghost of Vermeer van Delft, circa 1934.jpg

108.04 KB

  The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table, 1934.jpg

75.47 KB

  The Enigma of William Tell, 1933.jpg

20.14 KB

  The Echo of the Vold, 1935.jpg

27.90 KB

  The Architectural Angelus of Millet, 1933.jpg

51.75 KB

  The Architectural Angelus of Millet 2, 1933.jpg

60.27 KB

  The Angelus of Gala, 1935.jpg

60.92 KB

  Surrealist Warriors for a Four-part Screen, Centre Left, circa 1934.jpg

67.10 KB

  Surrealist Poster, 1934.jpg

109.09 KB

  Surrealist Knights for a Four-part Screen, Centre Right, circa 1934.jpg

68.58 KB

  Surrealist Knight for a Four-part Screen, circa 1934.jpg

124.83 KB

  Sugar Sphinx, 1933.jpg

36.15 KB

  Sugar Sphinx (detail), 1933.jpg

70.97 KB

  Solitude - Anthropomorphic Echo, 1935.jpg

55.23 KB

  Soft Watches, 1933.jpg

26.78 KB

  Skull with Its Lyric Appendage Leaning on a Night Table which Should Have the Exact Temperature o.jpg

77.50 KB

  Puzzle of Autumn, 1935.jpg

47.48 KB

  Poster Project, 1935.jpg

133.20 KB

  Portrait of Gala with Two Lamb Chops Balanced on Her Shoulder, 1933.jpg

60.10 KB

  Portrait of Gala with a Lobster (Portrait of Gala with Aeroplane Nose), circa 1934.jpg

30.51 KB

  Portrait of a Woman, 1934.jpg

16.72 KB

  Persistence of Fair Weather, circa 1934.jpg

65.70 KB

  Paranonia, 1935-36.jpg

44.85 KB

  Paranoiac-Critical Solitude, 1935.jpg

45.32 KB

  Paranoiac Visage, 1935.jpg

38.92 KB

  Paranoiac Visage - The Postcard Transformed, 1935.jpg

34.78 KB

  Paranoiac Astral Image, 1934.jpg

24.58 KB

  Nostalgic Echo, 1935.jpg

70.90 KB

  Night Spectre on the Beach, 1934.jpg

39.59 KB

  Necrophilic Fountain Flowing from a Grand Piano, 1933.jpg

35.22 KB

  Myself at the Age of Ten When I Was the Grasshopper Child, 1933.jpg

42.82 KB

  Morning Ossification of the Cypress, 1934.jpg

49.56 KB

  Moment of Transition, 1934.jpg

33.99 KB


66.30 KB

  Mediumnistic-Paranoiac Image, 1935.jpg

31.84 KB

  Meditation on the Harp, circa 1934.jpg

76.80 KB

  Masochistic Instrument, circa 1934.jpg

52.01 KB

  Landscape After De Chirico (unfinished), 1935.jpg

73.75 KB

  Hairdresser Depressed by the Persistent Good Weather, 1934.jpg

68.80 KB

  Ghost of Vermeer Van Delft, circa 1934.jpg

90.98 KB

  Geological Destiny, 1933.jpg

43.11 KB

  Gala and the Angelus of Millet Preceding the Imminent Arrival of the Conical Anamorphoses, 1933.jpg

55.22 KB

  Fossil Cloud, 1934.jpg

50.84 KB

  Figure with Drawers for a Four-part Screen, circa 1934.jpg

125.24 KB

  Figure and Drapery in a Landscape, circa 1934.jpg

62.21 KB

  Face of Mae West Which May Be Used as an Apartment, circa 1935.jpg

112.55 KB

  Exquisite Cadaver, 1935.jpg

100.31 KB

  Enigmatic Elements in the Landscape, 1934.jpg

41.01 KB

  Eclipse and Vegetable Osmosis, 1934.jpg

69.35 KB

  Cardinal, 1934.jpg

49.71 KB

  Cannibalism of the Praying Mantis of Lautreamont, 1934.jpg

79.05 KB

  Atmospheric Skull Sodomizing a Grand Piano, 1934.jpg

58.38 KB

  Atavistic Vestiges After the Rain, 1934.jpg

62.91 KB

  Atavism at Twilight, circa 1934.jpg

46.20 KB

  Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet's Angelus, 1935.jpg

25.70 KB

  Apparition of My Cousin Carolinetta on the Beach at Rosas, 1934.jpg

32.08 KB

  Apparition of My Cousin Carolineta on the Beach at Rosas, 1933.jpg

25.07 KB

  Ambivalent Image, 1933.jpg

29.57 KB

  Allegory of an American Christmas, 1934.jpg

95.18 KB

  Aerodynamic Chair, 1934.jpg

106.13 KB


  Woman Sleeping in a Landscape, 1931.jpg

30.43 KB

  William Tell, 1930.jpg

87.04 KB

  Vertigo, 1930.jpg

62.85 KB

  Vegetable Metamorphosis, 1931.jpg

74.93 KB

  Untitled, 1931.jpg

33.86 KB

  Untitled - Female Figure with Catalonian Bread, 1932.jpg

22.90 KB

  Untided (William Tell and Gradiva), 1931.jpg

46.74 KB


7.00 KB

  They Were There, 1931.jpg

65.93 KB

  The Veiled Heart, 1932.jpg

76.71 KB

  The True Painting of The Isle of the Deadby Arnold Bocklin at the Hour of the Angelus, 1932.jpg

25.33 KB

  The Persistence of Memory, 1931.jpg

32.29 KB

  The Old Age of William Tell, 1931.jpg

33.25 KB

  The Mysterious Sources of Harmony, 1932-33.jpg

44.30 KB

  The Meeting of the Illusion and the Arrested Moment - Fried Eggs Presented in a Spoon, 1932.jpg

63.07 KB

  The Knight at the Tower, 1932.jpg

69.34 KB

  The Invisible Man, 1932.jpg

19.78 KB

  The Hand, 1930.jpg

30.59 KB

  The Great Masturbator, 1930.jpg

67.71 KB

  The Ghost of the Evening, 1930.jpg

32.96 KB

  The Font, 1930.jpg

111.65 KB

  The Feeling of Becoming, 1930.jpg

66.35 KB

  The Dream, 1931.jpg

35.92 KB

  The Dream Approaches, 1932-33.jpg

54.89 KB

  The Bleeding Roses, 1930.jpg

61.10 KB

  The Birth of Liquid Fears, 1932.jpg

56.57 KB

  The Birth of Liquid Desires, 1932.jpg

37.44 KB

  The Average Fine and Invisible Harp, 1932.jpg

54.30 KB

  The Average Bureaucrat, 1930.jpg

47.27 KB

  Symbiosis of a Head of Seashells, 1931.jpg

61.33 KB

  Surrealist Object Gauge of Instantaneous Memory, 1932.jpg

48.61 KB

  Surrealist Essay, 1932.jpg

59.17 KB

  Surrealist Architecture, circa 1932.jpg

26.94 KB

  Suez, 1932.jpg

39.31 KB

  Solitude, 1931.jpg

67.55 KB

  Shades of Night Descending, 1931.jpg

45.49 KB

  Remorse or Sunken Sphinx, 1931.jpg

26.99 KB

  Premature Ossification of a Railway Station, 1930.jpg

89.22 KB

  Portrait of the Viscountess Marie-Laure de Noailles, 1932.jpg

64.81 KB

  Portrait of Mr. Emilio Terry (unfinished), 1930.jpg

74.06 KB

  Portrait of Gala, circa 1932-33.jpg

106.64 KB

  Portrait of Gala, 1931.jpg

108.17 KB

  Phosphene of Laporte, 1932.jpg

40.94 KB

  Partial Hallucination. Six apparitions of Lenin on a Grand Piano, 1931.jpg

35.63 KB

  Paranoiac Woman-Horse, 1930.jpg

50.54 KB

  Ordinary French Loaf with Two Fried Eggs Riding Without a Plate, 1932.jpg

25.02 KB

  On the Seashore, 1931.jpg

26.88 KB

  Olive, 1931.jpg

9.78 KB

  Oedipus Complex, 1930.jpg

65.35 KB

  Nostalgia of the Cannibal, 1932.jpg

30.10 KB

  Mme. Reese, circa 1931.jpg

78.14 KB

  Memory of the Child-Woman, 1932.jpg

38.14 KB

  Le Spectre et le Fantome, 1931.jpg

58.65 KB

  Landscape, 1931.jpg

40.06 KB

  Invisible Sleeping Woman, 1930.jpg

61.94 KB

  Invisible Sleeping Woman 2, 1930.jpg

55.21 KB

  Gradiva, 1931.jpg

72.26 KB

  Gradiva Finds the Anthropomorphic Ruins, 1931.jpg

36.39 KB

  Eggs on the Plate Without the Plate2, 1932.jpg

46.31 KB

  Eggs on the Plate Without the Plate, 1932.jpg

34.83 KB

  Diurnal Illusion the Shadow of a Grand Piano Approaching, 1931.jpg

52.53 KB

  Diurnal Fantasies, 1932.jpg

27.08 KB

  Detail of Meditation on The Harp, circa 1932-34.jpg

103.69 KB


138.09 KB

  Chocolate, circa 1930.jpg

85.81 KB

  Board of Demented Associations (Fireworks), circa 1931.jpg

53.41 KB

  Babaouo - Publicity Announcement for the Publication of the Scenario of the Film, 1932.jpg

42.11 KB

  Automatic Beginning of a Portrait of Gala (unfinished), 1932.jpg

47.18 KB

  Anthropomorphic Bread, 1932.jpg

38.32 KB

  Anthropomorphic Bread 2, 1932.jpg

78.13 KB

  Agnostic Symbol, 1932.jpg

21.83 KB

 1927 -29

  Untitled, 1928.jpg

42.17 KB

  Untitled, 1927.jpg

111.14 KB

  Untitled 3, 1928.jpg

38.58 KB

  Untitled 2, 1928.jpg

67.99 KB

  Untitled (the Sea and the Fishermen), 1928.jpg

69.72 KB

  Unsatisfied Desires, 1928.jpg

46.65 KB


8.00 KB

  The Wounded Bird, 1928.jpg

82.33 KB

  The Spectral Cow, 1928.jpg

67.69 KB

  The Ram (The Spectral Cow), 1928.jpg

45.39 KB

  The Invisible Man, 1929.jpg

117.12 KB

  The Great Masturbator, 1929.jpg

44.29 KB

  The First Days of Spring, 1929.jpg

33.49 KB

  The Enigma of Desire My Mother, 1929.jpg

49.12 KB

  The Donkey's Carcass, 1928.jpg

111.01 KB

  The Bather (Beigneuse), 1928.jpg

60.59 KB

  Symbiotic Woman-Animal, 1928.jpg

84.26 KB

  Surrealist Composition, 1928.jpg

65.97 KB

  Sun, 1928.jpg

37.36 KB

  Still Life by the Light of the Moon, 1927.jpg

87.79 KB

  Soft Nude (Nude Watch), circa 1928.jpg

110.88 KB

  Shell, 1928.jpg

83.77 KB

  Rotting Bird, 1928.jpg

49.16 KB

  Profanation of the Host, 1929.jpg

69.63 KB

  Portrait of Paul Eluard, 1929.jpg

82.33 KB

  Phantasmagoria, 1929.jpg

84.68 KB

  Ocell... Peix, 1927-28.jpg

40.73 KB

  Nude Woman in an Armchair, circa 1927.jpg

139.73 KB

  Moonlight, circa 1928.jpg

82.13 KB

  Lugubrious Game, 1929.jpg

119.75 KB

  Little Cinders (Senicitas), circa 1928.jpg

87.77 KB

  Imperial Monument to the Child-Woman, 1929.jpg

114.90 KB

  Honey Is Sweeter Than Blood, 1927.jpg

84.54 KB

  Head of a Woman, 1927.jpg

86.11 KB

  Harlequin, 1927.jpg

71.87 KB


22.78 KB

  Fishermen in the Sun, 1928.jpg

67.03 KB

  Feminine Nude (first State), 1928.jpg

54.74 KB

  Female Nude, 1928.jpg

66.18 KB

  Composition, 1928.jpg

27.61 KB

  Bird, 1928.jpg

64.76 KB

  Big Thumb, 1928.jpg

37.49 KB

  Bather, 1928.jpg

41.82 KB

  Barcelonese Mannequin, 1927.jpg

49.27 KB

  Apparatus and Hand, 1927.jpg

84.63 KB

  Accomodations of Desire, 1929.jpg

52.61 KB

  Abstract Composition, 1928.jpg

27.44 KB


  Women Lying on the Beach, 1926.jpg

79.89 KB

  Venus with Cupids, 1925.jpg

61.64 KB

  Venus with Cupids (detail), 1925.jpg

27.10 KB

  Venus and Sailor (Girl and Sailor_ Unfinished), 1926.jpg

91.42 KB

  Venus and a Sailor - (Homage to Salvat-Papasseit), 1925.jpg

88.14 KB

  Venus and a Sailor (2), 1925.jpg

45.44 KB

  Venus and a Sailor (1), 1925.jpg

113.47 KB


8.00 KB

  Thought, 1925.jpg

42.19 KB

  The Station at Figueras, 1924.jpg

56.13 KB

  The Girl of Figueras, 1926.jpg

63.37 KB

  The Basket of Bread, 1926.jpg

67.52 KB

  Study of Nude, 1925.jpg

83.49 KB

  Study for Blood Is Sweeter Than Honey, 1926.jpg

35.93 KB

  Still Life2, 1924.jpg

77.36 KB

  Still Life, circa 1925.jpg

98.33 KB

  Still Life, 1924.jpg

93.99 KB

  Still Life with Two Lemons, circa 1926.jpg

56.22 KB

  Still Life with Moonight, 1925.jpg

36.73 KB

  Still Life Watermelon, 1924.jpg

80.50 KB

  Still Life 1924.jpg

83.05 KB

  Siphon and Small Bottle of Rum, 1924.jpg

105.93 KB

  Self-Portrait Being Duplicated into Three, 1926-27.jpg

104.90 KB

  Seated Monk, 1925.jpg

68.37 KB


88.43 KB


61.95 KB


69.02 KB


77.96 KB

  Portrait of the Artist's Father, 1925.jpg

50.55 KB

  Portrait of Sefiora Abadal De'Argemi, circa 1926.jpg

71.59 KB

  Portrait of Maria Carbona, 1925.jpg

87.82 KB

  Portrait of Luis Bunuel, 1924.jpg

50.45 KB

  Portrait of Ana Maria, 1924.jpg

41.45 KB

  Portrait of a Woman, (unfinished), 1926.jpg

103.64 KB

  Port Alguer, 1925.jpg

76.44 KB

  Port Alguer, 1924.jpg

56.91 KB

  Plant, 1924.jpg

44.69 KB

  Pierrot Playing the Guitar, 1925.jpg

75.81 KB

  Pierrot and Guitar, 1924.jpg

58.94 KB

  Nude in the Water, 1925.jpg

53.88 KB

  Neo-Cubist Academy (Composition with Three Figures), 1926.jpg

84.04 KB

  Landscape Near Ampurdan2, 1925.jpg

81.08 KB

  Landscape Near Ampurdan, 1925.jpg

84.63 KB

  Homage to Erik Satie, 1926.jpg

101.78 KB

  Girl's Back, 1926.jpg

50.55 KB

  Girl with Curls, 1926.jpg

52.11 KB

  Girl from the Back, 1925.jpg

103.25 KB

  Figure on the Rocks (Penya Segats), 1926.jpg

38.27 KB

  Figure on the Rocks (Figura damunt les roques), 1926.jpg

28.03 KB

  Figure at a Window, 1925.jpg

72.76 KB

  Female Nude, 1925.jpg

52.72 KB

  Double-sided Verso (Studio Scene), circa 1925.jpg

94.43 KB

  Cubist Figure (Figura cubista), 1926.jpg

41.70 KB

  Cala Nans, 1925.jpg

57.41 KB

  Bouquet (L’Important c’est la Rose), 1924.jpg

67.19 KB


45.00 KB

  Bather, 1924.jpg

67.93 KB

  Ana Maria, Sewing, 1926.jpg

75.52 KB

  Ana Maria, 1924.jpg

90.40 KB


  Young Girls in a Garden, 1921.jpg

102.59 KB

  Woman Nursing Her Son (Mujer amamantando a su hijo), 1923.jpg

48.96 KB

  Voyeur, 1921.jpg

43.90 KB

  Villa Pepita, 1922.jpg

81.47 KB

  Untitled - Scene in a Cabaret in Madrid, 1922.jpg

43.00 KB

  Untitled - Landscape Near, Madrid, 1922-23.jpg

88.17 KB


8.00 KB


91.78 KB

  The Picnic, 1921.jpg

63.47 KB

  The Lane to Port Lligat with the View of Cape Creus, 1922-23.jpg

69.95 KB

  The Jorneta Stream, 1923.jpg

89.83 KB

  Still Life2, 1923.jpg

37.42 KB

  Still Life, 1923.jpg

47.98 KB

  Still Life, 1922.jpg

45.74 KB

  Still Life with Aubergines, 1922.jpg

64.26 KB

  Still Life Fish with Red Bowl, 1923-24.jpg

52.18 KB

  Still Life - Fish, 1922.jpg

63.61 KB

  Still Life (Pulpo y scorpa), 1922.jpg

56.78 KB

  Self-portrait, circa 1921.jpg

86.64 KB

  Self-Portrait, 1921.jpg

103.28 KB

  Self-portrait, 1921 2.jpg

102.63 KB

  Self-portrait with the Neck of Raphael, circa 1921.jpg

58.65 KB

  Self-portrait with L'Humanitie, 1923.jpg

68.43 KB

  Self-portrait (Figueres), 1921.jpg

49.60 KB

  Satirical Composition (The Dance by Matisse), 1923.jpg

78.85 KB

  Romeria - Pilgrimage, 1921.jpg

62.73 KB

  Poster Fieres i Festes de la Santa Creu, 1921.jpg

36.38 KB

  Portrait Ofjaume Miravidles, 1921-22.jpg

74.88 KB

  Portrait of My First Cousin2, 1923.jpg

86.79 KB

  Portrait of My First Cousin, 1923.jpg

98.00 KB

  Portrait of My Father, circa 1921.jpg

92.31 KB

  Portrait of My Cousin Ana, Maria Domenech, circa 1923.jpg

106.91 KB

  Portrait of Jaume Miravidles as a Footballer, 1921-22.jpg

126.37 KB

  Portrait of Grandmother Ana Sewing, circa 1921.jpg

56.17 KB


61.44 KB

  Nymphs in a Romantic, Garden, 1921.jpg

76.98 KB

  Nude in a Landscape, circa 1923.jpg

83.56 KB

  Motherhood, circa 1921.jpg

55.53 KB


65.79 KB

  Madrid, Architecture and Poplars, 1922.jpg

72.99 KB


72.57 KB


59.22 KB

  La Jorneta, 1923.jpg

102.18 KB

  Jug, 1922-23.jpg

93.65 KB

  Fried Egg on the Plate without the Plate, 1923.jpg

82.95 KB


51.76 KB

  Figures in a Landscape at Ampurdan, 1923.jpg

73.11 KB

  Figueras Gypsy, 1923.jpg

116.96 KB


54.52 KB

  Domestic Scene, 1923.jpg

67.09 KB

  Cubist Self-Portrait with 'La Publicitat', 1923.jpg

109.53 KB

  Cubist Composition - Portrait of a Seated Person Holding a Letter, 1923.jpg

78.57 KB

  Crystalline Still Life, 1923.jpg

66.98 KB


62.43 KB


67.30 KB


73.06 KB

  Cabaret Scene, 1922.jpg

96.92 KB

  Bathers of La Costa Brava - Bathers of Llaner, 1923.jpg

78.11 KB

  A Seated Man and a Dancing Couple, 1921.jpg

88.08 KB



65.47 KB


52.87 KB


94.93 KB

  Two Gypsy Lads, 1920-21.jpg

40.33 KB

  Tieta, circa 1920.jpg

133.54 KB


62.53 KB


53.38 KB

  The Vegetable Garden of Llaner, 1920.jpg

106.96 KB

  The Three Pines, 1919.jpg

79.50 KB

  The Tartan El Son, circa 1919.jpg

94.96 KB

  The Lake at Vilabertran, circa 1920.jpg

128.17 KB

  The Artist's Father at Llane Beach, 1920.jpg

68.61 KB

  Still Life, circa 1920.jpg

117.90 KB

  Still Life by a Window, circa 1920.jpg

150.12 KB


53.00 KB

  Saltimbanques, 1920-21.jpg

79.86 KB


93.01 KB

  Portrait of the Violoncellist Ricardo Pichot, 1920.jpg

108.25 KB

  Portrait of Jose M. Torres, circa 1920.jpg

64.41 KB


98.03 KB

  Man with Porron, 1921.jpg

89.58 KB

  Man Holding Up a Baby as Though He Were Drinking from a Bottle, 1921.jpg

86.03 KB


49.06 KB


61.30 KB


64.23 KB


78.52 KB


60.27 KB

  Grandmother Ana Sewing, circa 1920.jpg

87.25 KB

  Festival of St. Lucia At, Villamalla, 1921.jpg

46.25 KB

  Festival in Figueras, 1921.jpg

38.66 KB

  Festival at San Sebastian, 1921.jpg

46.29 KB

  Fair of the Holy Cross - The Circus, 1921.jpg

57.41 KB


66.75 KB

  Boxer, circa 1920.jpg

99.67 KB


57.83 KB


  Vilabertrin, 1913.jpg

46.83 KB

  Vilabertrin Church Tower, 1918-19.jpg

83.20 KB


77.67 KB

  Untitled - Landscape with Animals, circa 1916.jpg

36.94 KB


60.29 KB

  Still Life, 1918.jpg

61.62 KB

  Still Life Pomegranates, circa 1919.jpg

34.65 KB

  Self-Portrait in the Studio, 1919.jpg

99.89 KB

  Sea View, 1918-19.jpg

71.42 KB

  Punta es Baluard de la Riba d’en Pitxot, 1918-19.jpg

67.75 KB


106.91 KB

  Portrait of Mr. Pancraci, circa 1919.jpg

106.89 KB

  Portrait of Lucia (Retrato de Lucia), circa 1918.jpg

110.98 KB

  Portrait of a Gipsy, 1919.jpg

94.04 KB


58.56 KB


67.70 KB


67.22 KB

  Playa Port Alguer from Riba d’en Pitxot, 1918-19.jpg

74.64 KB

  Playa Port Alguer De La Riba, D'en Pitxot, 1918-19.jpg

64.17 KB


72.56 KB

  My Cousin Montserrat, 1919-20.jpg

88.06 KB


89.79 KB


71.63 KB

  Landscape, circa 1916.jpg

48.43 KB

  Landscape Near Figueras, 1910.jpg

84.75 KB

  Landscape Near Ampurdan, circa 1914.jpg

43.58 KB

  Hort del Llane, 1918-19.jpg

67.14 KB

  Fiesta in Figueres, 1914-16.jpg

53.29 KB

  Es Poal - Pianque, 1919-20.jpg

76.15 KB

  Es Pianc, circa 1919.jpg

103.54 KB

  Dutch Interior, 1914.jpg

37.01 KB

  Duck, 1918.jpg

108.46 KB

  Crepuscular Old Man, 1917-18.jpg

134.78 KB


56.41 KB

  Boat, circa 1918.jpg

81.94 KB

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Arte Images Salvador Dalì [Jpeg] [Tntvillage.Scambioetico]

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su materiale fornito dall'utente LaMorte

SALVADOR DALI' - Immagini Arte

« Non comprate i quadri contemporanei, fateveli! » (Salvador Dalí)

« La sola differenza tra me e un uomo pazzo è che io non sono pazzo. »(Salvador Dalí)

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L'opinione sul ciclo "Conoscere l'Arte senza pretese"

Questo ciclo proposto senza nessuna velleità è destinato a far conoscere al più vasto numero di utenti possibile, che visitano TNT, alcune opere di artisti famosi e non, in modo che possano scegliere, vedere i diversi stili e capire se sono graditi. Le immagini proposte non sono moltissime e i files sono di piccole dimensioni in modo da essere scaricati e fruiti molto velocemente senza eccessivo impegno. La mia speranza è di avvicinare qualcuno all'Arte in modo che poi ricerchi da solo maggiori informazioni sugli artisti preferiti.

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Dopo qualche tempo dall'ultima release proposta ritorno con uno dei più singolari artisti del secolo appena passato, con una bellissima collezione fornitami da LaMorte con quasi tutte le opere divise per periodo.
Nell'anteprima qui fornita le riproduzioni sono volutamente grandi perchè ci si possa fermare un pò ad apprezzare alcuni dei capolavori proposti.

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Figlio di un notaio di Cadaqués, seguì i primi studi nella città natale e all'età di quattordici anni partecipò sia ad una mostra collettiva di artisti locali sia ad una mostra a Barcellona patrocinata dall'Università, nella quale ricevette il premio intitolato al Rettore.

Nel 1921 morì di tumore la madre. Il padre sposò la cognata, sorella della defunta e Salvador andò a studiare a Madrid dove nel 1922 visse nella Residenza degli Studenti, istituita dalla ILE, nella quale conoscerà altri grandi artisti della sua epoca, come Luis Buñuel e Federico García Lorca, con i quali strinse grande amicizia mentre studiava nella Reale Accademia di Belle Arti di San Fernando. Negli anni 1924-1925 produsse numerosi ritratti della sorella Anna Maria e in generale esplorò gli stili in uso all'epoca in successive fasi conosciute come 'freudiana' e 'lorquiana' per arrivare ad essere influenzato prima dal cubismo e poi dal surrealismo.

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Nel 1926 effettua il suo primo viaggio a Parigi dove conosce Pablo Picasso. Collabora con Luis Buñuel nella realizzazione del film Un chien andalou, proiettata a Parigi nel 1929. Nello stesso Years si recarono a Cadaqués per conoscere Dalí una serie di personaggi del surrealismo tra cui il poeta Paul Eluard e sua moglie Gala che il giovane pittore sedurrà e trasformerà nella sua musa e compagna per il resto della vita. Diviene il punto di riferimento del movimento surrealista e nel 1940, a causa della seconda guerra mondiale, va a vivere con Gala negli Stati Uniti dove rimane fino al 1948. È questo uno dei periodi più produttivi della sua vita.

Dalí realizzò nel 1969 (in un'ora) il celebre logo dell'industria dolciaria Chupa Chups[1].

Nel 1974 inaugura il Teatro-Museo Dalí nella sua Figueres natale. Dopo la morte di Gala nel 1982, la salute di Dalí peggiora moltissimo e si trasferisce da Cadaqués nel castello di Pubol, un piccolo centro catalano in provincia di Girona.
Il Re Juan Carlos I di Spagna gli concesse il titolo di Marchese di Pubol. Un incendio del castello nel 1984 lo indusse a traslocare in alcune stanze nella Torre Galatea del castello che nel 1996 verrà aperto al pubblico.
Qui abitò, praticamente in reclusione, fino alla morte per infarto cardiaco [2] che lo colse il 23 gennaio 1989.

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* Il Salvador Dalí è il nome di un treno che viaggia di notte sulla tratta Barcellona-Torino-Milano.
* Il pittore è stato un amico dell'attore italiano Guido Nicheli.
* Per il forte attaccamento al denaro, Breton e gli altri surrealisti lo denominarono "Avída Dollars" (anagramma del suo nome), riferendosi alla permanenza del pittore negli Stati Uniti.
* Ha avuto una relazione con Amanda Lear.
* Ha avuto una presunta relazione con Federico García Lorca dalla quale è stato tratto il film Little Ashes.

[size=6] - Salvador Dalì [/size]

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Genre: Collezione di 1175 immagini divise in 23 cartelle per periodo
Dimensione totale dei file: 82,4 MB (86.425.600 byte)
Formato dei files : Jpeg (varie risoluzioni)

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