Answers for God believers, Collection for Atheists

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Name:Answers for God believers, Collection for Atheists

Total Size: 3.94 GB

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other Books (Size: 3.94 GB) (Files: 175)

 other Books

  Thomas Gilovich - How We Know What Isn't So.pdf

7.30 MB

  Theological Incorrectness 2004.pdf

1.39 MB

  Christopher hitchens - God is not Great.pdf

1.09 MB


0.49 KB

 Root of all Evil


348.08 MB

  The Root of All Evil - The God Delusion (1 of 2).avi

280.99 MB

 Other Articles

  Richard Dawkins, How dare you call me a fundamentalist.pdf

472.87 KB

  Richard Dawkins - Viruses of the Mind.PDF

129.58 KB

  Richard Dawkins - The Tanner Lectures on Human Values.pdf

3.55 MB

  Richard Dawkins - Good & Bad Reasons for Believing.doc.pdf

67.71 KB

  Richard Dawkins - Articles.pdf

7.09 MB

  Gods Christians Don't believe in - lol.jpg

589.68 KB

  Dawkins.Richard - Debating Religion.pdf

62.99 KB

  Dawkins, Richard - The Improbability Of God.pdf

30.71 KB

  Dawkins, Richard - Debating Religion.doc

0.16 KB

  Atheism Questions and Answers_files


1.99 KB

  Atheism Questions and Answers.pdf

127.11 KB

  Atheism Questions and Answers.htm

136.68 KB

 Have Your Say Richard


0.86 KB

  Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' 6.flv

19.78 MB

  Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' 5.flv

19.67 MB

  Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' 4.flv

20.33 MB

  Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' 3.flv

20.32 MB

  Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' 2.flv

20.18 MB

  Richard Dawkins on 'Have Your Say' 1.flv

20.02 MB

 God Under The Microscope


0.68 KB

  God Under The Microscope 4.flv

23.14 MB

  God Under The Microscope 3.flv

23.01 MB

  God Under The Microscope 2.flv

22.79 MB

  God Under The Microscope 1.flv

22.74 MB

 Enemies of Reason

  Richard Dawkins - Enemies of Reason (Part 2).avi

699.93 MB

  Richard Dawkins - Enemies of Reason (Part 1).avi

700.74 MB

 Dawkins Books


336.86 KB



2.27 KB


2.24 KB


0.35 KB


1.66 KB


0.99 MB


37.08 KB



1.61 KB


1.61 KB


0.38 KB



6.01 KB


5.78 KB


17.46 KB


20.58 KB


13.04 KB


12.03 KB


19.77 KB


13.39 KB


8.96 KB


139.14 KB


121.92 KB


10.77 KB


11.06 KB


10.57 KB


129.81 KB


147.45 KB


146.07 KB


160.52 KB


133.96 KB


141.44 KB


113.18 KB


102.33 KB


135.59 KB


175.92 KB


170.52 KB


70.31 KB


22.04 KB


56.39 KB


45.40 KB


62.42 KB


37.12 KB


57.20 KB


29.59 KB


31.82 KB


104.72 KB


110.05 KB


1.66 KB


914.23 KB

  The Selfish Gene- Richard Dawkins.pdf

712.26 KB

  The Blind Watchmaker.pdf

7.69 MB

  Richard Dawkins, The Extended Phenotype.djvu

2.55 MB

  Richard Dawkins - Unweaving The Rainbow


0.83 KB

   Richard Dawkins - Unweaving The Rainbow.pdf

671.73 KB

  Richard Dawkins - The Selfish Gene.pdf

712.26 KB

  Richard Dawkins - The God Delusion


1.49 KB


1.89 MB

  Richard Dawkins - The Blind Watchmaker.pdf

7.69 MB

  Richard Dawkins - The Ancestor's Tale.pdf

29.48 MB

  Richard Dawkins - A Devil's Chaplain (2003).pdf

7.48 MB

 Dawkins Articles

  Wonderful Life by Stephen J.pdf

12.75 KB

  Why dont animals have wheels.pdf

15.66 KB

  Why I am a secular humanist.pdf

33.43 KB

  Whole Earth Review, Spring 1989 n62 p90.pdf

51.12 KB

  Where do the real dangers of genetic engineering l.pdf

11.15 KB

  Where d'you get those peepers.pdf

16.08 KB

  When Religion Steps on Science's Turf & The Empti.pdf

20.86 KB

  Whats Wrong with the Paranormal.pdf

17.23 KB

  What your genes reveal about you.pdf

12.61 KB

  We asked 10 leading figures for their thoughts on.pdf

23.84 KB

  Trial by Jury.pdf

15.55 KB

  Viruses of the Mind.pdf

68.75 KB

  Thoughts on Cloning Humans.pdf

9.40 KB

  The noted Oxford scientist takes issue with the Ch.pdf

6.68 KB

  The know-nothings, the know-alls, and the no-conte.pdf

22.04 KB

  The Third Culture.pdf

8.02 KB

  The evolutionary future of man - A biological view.pdf

25.83 KB

  The Real Romance in the Stars.pdf

30.86 KB

  The Joy of Living Dangerously.pdf

23.50 KB

  The Information Challenge.pdf

46.48 KB

  The Improbability of God.pdf

26.02 KB

  The Alternative Science Pages of Richard Milton re.pdf

111.77 KB

  The Alabama Insert - A Study in Ignorance and Dish.pdf

45.95 KB

  Stop respecting religion.pdf

25.09 KB

  Snake Oil and Holy Water.pdf

18.74 KB

  Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder.pdf

43.81 KB


75.10 KB

  Richard Dawkins - The Improbability of God.PDF

27.53 KB

  Richard Dawkins - 2004 - reply - extended phenotype.pdf

105.91 KB

  Review of Richard Milton - The Facts of Life, Shat.pdf

15.21 KB

  Review by Richard Dawkins of Narrow Roads of Gene.pdf

14.34 KB

  Religion's Misguided Missiles.pdf

14.08 KB


13.56 KB

  Postmodernism Disrobed.pdf

47.01 KB

  Postmodernism Disrobed By Richard Dawkins Sec.pdf

216.39 KB

  Obituary for Michael Cullen, ethologist.pdf

11.36 KB


22.86 KB

  Not in Our Genes, Biology, Ideology and Human Natu.pdf

20.08 KB

  No mercy on the violent river of life - An exchang.pdf

134.06 KB

  No faith in the absurd.pdf

16.14 KB

  Mike Godwin and Jaron Lanier debate a talk by Rich.pdf

56.18 KB

  Lament for Douglas.pdf

11.81 KB

  Is Science a Religion.pdf

27.02 KB


126.36 KB

  Human Chauvinism.pdf

46.52 KB

  Human gullibility beyond belief.pdf

16.41 KB

  How we got a head start on our animal natures.pdf

12.25 KB

  How do you wear your genes.pdf

10.78 KB

  Hall of Mirrors.pdf

15.74 KB

  Greenpeace's action was vandalism and inhibited th.pdf

10.79 KB

  Gaps in the Mind.pdf

49.23 KB


   What Does It Mean To Be A Radical, Stephen Jay Gould, By Richard C Lewontin And Richard Levins.rtf

16.50 KB

   Views That Facts Can't Shake.txt

4.91 KB

   To See or Not to See Evolution of Eye Degeneration in Mexican Blind Cavefish1.txt

32.84 KB

   The claim that creationism is a science rests above all on the plausibility of the biblical flood.txt

22.08 KB

   The Wars Over Evolution - New York Review of Books - By Richard C. Lewontin.txt

38.04 KB

   Darwinism defined the difference between fact and theory essay Stephen Jay Gould.txt

28.13 KB

  Don't turn your back on science - An open letter.pdf

82.42 KB

  Dolly and the cloth-heads.pdf

12.02 KB

  Dawkins, Richard - God's Utility Function.pdf

86.92 KB

  Dawkins - Skeptic - How Evolution Increases Information In The Genome.pdf

123.44 KB

  Darwin and Darwinism.pdf

21.12 KB

  Close Encounters with the Truth.pdf

11.20 KB

  Children must choose their own beliefs.pdf

16.93 KB

  Burying the Vehicle.pdf

10.98 KB

  Article in The Guardian December 27, 2001.pdf

12.16 KB

  Article in The Daily Telegraph March 18, 2002.pdf

12.65 KB

  An eclipse, It's my kind of magic.pdf

16.94 KB

  An early flowering of genetics.pdf

25.91 KB

  All Our Yesterdays.pdf

26.97 KB

  A scientist's view.pdf

6.09 KB

 Break the Science Barrier

  Break the Science Barrier - Richard Dawkins - Part 3 of 3.mp4

48.91 MB

  Break the Science Barrier - Richard Dawkins - Part 2 of 3.mp4

51.01 MB

  Break the Science Barrier - Richard Dawkins - Part 1 of 3.mp4

57.21 MB

 BBC The Atheism Tapes

  The Atheism Tapes 6of6 - Daniel Dennett.avi

255.50 MB

  The Atheism Tapes 5of6 - Denys Turner.avi

260.82 MB

  The Atheism Tapes 4of6 - Richard Dawkins.avi

256.42 MB

  The Atheism Tapes 3of6 - Arthur Miller.avi

255.50 MB

  The Atheism Tapes 2of6 - Steven Weinberg.avi

260.40 MB

  The Atheism Tapes 1of6 - Colin McGinn.avi

260.44 MB

  The Atheism Tapes - Jonathan Miller in Conversation.txt

1.58 KB

  Support Files for The Atheism

72.87 KB


0.06 KB

 Atheist FAQ (short and Nice).pdf

84.55 KB


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Torrent description

Answers for God believers, Collection for Atheists

Richard Dawkins -
Enemies of Reason
Root of all Evil
Break the Science Barrier
God Under The Microscope
Have Your Say Richard

BBC 2004 - The Atheism Tapes, Jonathan Miller in Conversation
Thomas Gilovich - How We Know What Isn't So
Christopher hitchens - God is not Great
Theological Incorrectness 2004

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