Complete NTSC US PSX Collection K NTSC US/Various/1995

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Name:Complete NTSC US PSX Collection K NTSC US/Various/1995

Total Size: 7.06 GB

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Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed [U] [SLUS-01125].rar (Size: 7.06 GB) (Files: 27)

 Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed [U] [SLUS-01125].rar

295.72 MB

 Krazy Ivan [U] [SCUS-94303].rar

410.27 MB

 Koudelka [Disc4of4] [U] [SLUS-01102].rar

274.34 MB

 Koudelka [Disc3of4] [U] [SLUS-01101].rar

272.26 MB

 Koudelka [Disc1of4] [U] [SLUS-01051].rar

215.38 MB

 Koudelka [Disc2of4] [U] [SLUS-01100].rar

214.78 MB

 Konami Arcade Classics [U] [SLUS-00945].rar

70.97 MB

 Knockout Kings 2001 [U] [SLUS-01269].rar

443.13 MB

 Knockout Kings [U] [SLUS-00737].rar

164.32 MB

 Knockout Kings 2000 [U] [SLUS-00993].rar

245.26 MB

 Klonoa - Door to Phantomile [U] [SLUS-00585].rar

420.13 MB

 KISS Pinball [U] [SLUS-01366].7z

54.85 MB

 King's Field II [U] [SLUS-00255].rar

291.24 MB

 Kingsley's Adventure [U] [SLUS-00801].rar

174.55 MB

 King's Field [U] [SLUS-00158].rar

124.91 MB

 King of Fighters '99 [U] [SLUS-01332].rar

143.56 MB

 King of Fighters '95 [U] [SCUS-94205].rar

537.11 MB

 Killing Zone [U][SLUS-00369].rar

155.65 MB

 Killer Loop [U] [SLUS-00938].rar

438.83 MB

 Kileak - The DNA Imperative [U] [SCUS-94102].rar

345.43 MB

 Kickboxing [U] [SLUS-01412].rar

79.17 MB

 Kensei - Sacred Fist [U] [SLUS-00600].rar

205.05 MB

 Kartia - The Word of Fate [U] [SLUS-00631].rar

233.34 MB

 Kagero - Deception II [U] [SLUS-00677].rar

327.72 MB

 K-1 Revenge [U] [SLUS-00766].rar

366.22 MB

 K-1 Grand Prix [U] [SLUS-00941].rar

397.87 MB

 K-1 - The Arena Fighters - In the Red Corner [U] [SLUS-00414].rar

327.24 MB


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Complete NTSC US PSX Collection K NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 5

NTSC-US PSX Collection Index
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This packages contains all of the ntsc-us playstation games in the K catagory. The games range in format with all standard formats, but all are tested in epsxe or my modded ps2 and confirmed full and working prior to being posted. All games are compressed with the serial tag in the title for recognition purposes. Further information on each game can be aquired by clicking the text link below the screenshot for the game you would like more info on.

The Following Games are in this torrent :

1 - K-1: The Arena Fighters - In the Red Corner [SLUS-00414]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection K NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 0

Details Images

[quote]Get the gloves and the mouthpiece, because it's time for a virtual boot to the head! For what it's worth, K1 The Arena Fighters is the first (and probably the only) kickboxing game since Best Of Best Championship Karate for the SNES. So is it a worthy contender in an already-crowded fighting game arena? Well...[/quote]

2 - K-1 Grand Prix [SLUS-00941]

Details Images

[quote]The rough and tumble world of professional kickboxing comes to the PlayStation with K-1 GRAND PRIX. Choose from 16 professional kickboxers including Andy Hug, Musashi, and Ernesto Hoost, and if you don’t like any of the professional contenders, create your own...[/quote]

3 - K-1 Revenge [SLUS-00766]

Details Images

[quote]Experience the action and excitement of professional kickboxing with K-1 REVENGE. You can choose from 15 professional kickboxers including Musashi, Sam Greco, Mirko Tiger, and Andy Hug, each fighter having the same strengths and weaknesses of his real-world counterpart.[/quote]

4 - Kagero - Deception II [SLUS-00677]

Details Images

[quote]For those of you not familiar with Tecmo's Deception, it was one of the most innovative games of the year when it was released back in 1996. Basically a real-time strategy RPG of sorts, Deception eschewed the usual sword and sorcery cliché, for a more unique approach to what people called a role-playing game. You were brought back from the dead after making a deal with the devil to wreak havoc on those responsible for your fate. Instead of leading the charge against an army of foes, like they do in most RPGs, you were trying to lure your enemies in your castle into your wide array of traps. Kagero: Deception 2 builds on that premise.[/quote]

5 - Kartia - The Word of Fate [SLUS-00631]

Details Images

[quote]At the beginning of KARTIA, you must choose to play as the pious daughter of a high priest or as a free knight searching for purpose. Both characters have unique stories and endings. However, there is some crossover between both plots. The vast majority of the gameplay focuses on the use of a magical set of cards, which can provide useful resources, labor, weapons, and magic spells. Throughout the game the player will receive new cards that can be combined with older cards, thus creating more powerful and creative abilities. [/quote]

6 - Kensei - Sacred Fist [SLUS-00600]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection K NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 1

Details Images

[quote]Kensei: Sacred Fist is a fully polygonal 3D brawler with 360 degrees of movement. The control scheme is composed of your basic punch, kick, and block configuration, but, taking a small cue from DOA, Kensei also features a "catch" button. However, instead of reversing your opponent's attack (as in DOA), the catch button makes grappling your foe much easier.[/quote]

7 - Kickboxing [SLUS-01412]

Details Images

[quote]For those who love karate and boxing, the sport of kickboxing brings the best of everything. If you’ve never indulged in watching a few rounds of the rough-and-tumble contest when it’s broadcast late at night on ESPN, it’s basically like low-frills martial arts combat with boxing gloves.[/quote]

8 - Kileak - The DNA Imperative [SCUS-94102]

Details Images

[quote]As Captain Matt Coda you’re responsible for ending the threat of the evil Dr. Kim. Fight your way through 15 foe-filled levels, each with increasing difficulty as the game progresses. Using an unparalled first-person perspective (from inside a mech warrior), Sony proudly presents Kileak The DNA Imperative.[/quote]

9 - Killer Loop [SLUS-00938]

Details Images

[quote]When you first start up Crave's futuristic PlayStation racer Killer Loop, you'll be amazed by how much it looks, sounds, and feels like Psygnosis' Wipeout series. But while it does borrow heavily from that trilogy (and Psygnosis' Rollcage), Killer Loop has enough differences to give it its own identity, ruining perfectly good lines such as "Wipeout done by a cover band."[/quote]

10 - King of Fighters '95 [SCUS-94205]

Details Images

[quote]First game in SNK's long-running series to make it to the Playstation and second in the series (proper KOF games, not counting the Fatal Fury ones). Once again, fighters from all over the world receive an invitation to a team-fighting tournament, and yes, Rugal is behind it. This game also introduced for the first time Kyo's rival Iori Yagami, and placed Kyo as the main character for the rest of the series.[/quote]

11 - King of Fighters '99 [SLUS-01332]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection K NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 2

Details Images

[quote]Named for the year of its arcade release rather than the year of its arrival on the PlayStation, KING OF FIGHTERS ’99 is classic 2D fighting for gamers of all walks. Choose a squad of three brave brawlers, and then get set to challenge teams of fighters from around the globe.[/quote]

12 - King's Field [SLUS-00158]

Details Images

[quote]our beloved friends have drowned. Your possessions lie forever buried in the briny deep. Your honor is trampled. Your home, the prosperous kingdom of Verdite, faces annihilation at the hands of a power-hungry warlock's advancing armies. Verdite's last line of defense is the legendary Moonlight Sword, a long lost weapon of immense magical capacity. You are Alexander, royal knight and lone survivor of a perilous sea voyage to the island of Melanat, resting place of the Moonlight Sword. Your objective is all too clear: find the blade and escape.[/quote]

13 - King's Field II [SLUS-00255]

Details Images

[quote]King's Field II never deviates from its precursor's tried-and-true formula. Those familiar with King's Field will instantly feel at home in this second installment of the slow-moving, 3-D fantasy role-playing adventure.
Our story takes place fifteen years after the events of the first King's Field. Without warning, a terrible storm decimates the kingdom of Verdite, spiriting away the protective Moonlight Sword and the King's very soul in the process. Only Lyle, the son of the possessed King, has the ability to locate the source of the evil tempest and retrieve the Moonlight Sword and restore the kingdom.[/quote]

14 - Kingsley's Adventure [SLUS-00801]

Details Images

[quote]The Fruit Kingdom was world renowned for its wonderful food. That came to an end when the self-taught chef, Bad Custard, became the chief cook of Carrot Castle. After eating Bad Custard’s meals, the King suffered from several bouts of food poisoning, and Bad Custard was driven out of the castle. Wanting revenge, Custard steals the Queen’s magic book and starts to wreak havoc on the kingdom. [/quote]

15 - KISS Pinball [SLUS-01366]

Details Images

[quote]Do you like pinball? Do you like the over-the-top antics of the most influential arena-rockers ever? If so, you’re in luck. This marriage of two unlikely influences is pure, unabashed raucousness. Launch the ball out onto the table, then get ready to earn points for nailing drum solos, hitting wicked guitar licks, and screaming at the top of your lungs. [/quote]

16 - Klonoa - Door to Phantomile [SLUS-00585]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection K NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 3

Details Images

[quote]Why is that people cannot remember their dreams? It is because the energy from dreams is collected in the Moon Kingdom where it is given substance. This rule was broken when Klona, a cat-like creature with wings on his ears, dreams that an airship crashes violently into a hill and a mysterious shadow hangs over the wreckage. When the dream comes true, Klona and his friend Huepow go to investigate. [/quote]

17 - Knockout Kings [SLUS-00737]

Details Images

[quote]Professional boxing comes to the PlayStation with KNOCKOUT KINGS. Choose from 38 professional boxers from all weight classes including Evander Holyfield, Ike Quartey, Lennox Lewis, Michael Moore, Shane Mosley, Oscar De La Hoya, "Sugar" Ray Leonard, and Muhammad Ali.[/quote]

18 - Knockout Kings 2000 SLUS????

Details Images

[quote]Enter a slugfest, and try to knock out your opponent opposition in an arcade-style boxing match. If you are looking for something more realistic, put the boxers into an Exhibition match. For the most hardcore boxing fanatics, you can recreate great boxing matches, including the Thrilla in Manilla.[/quote]

19 - Knockout Kings 2001 [SLUS-01269]

Details Images

[quote]True fans of the sweet science will enjoy being able to recreate classic bouts in the Classic Fights mode, or you can take on the challenges of fighting through the ranks in the Career mode. This year, you must choose trainers and cut men that will affect your boxer’s abilities. KNOCKOUT KINGS 2001 offers the most realistic boxing simulation possible, and boxing fans owe it to themselves to run out and get this game.[/quote]

20 - Konami Arcade Classics [SLUS-00945]

Details Images

[quote]Ten action-packed arcade games come to the PlayStation with KONAMI ARCADE CLASSICS. Enjoy 10 classic arcade games like SCRAMBLE, SUPER COBRA, TIME PILOT, POOYAN, GYRUSS, ROC ‘N ROPE, CIRCUS CHARLIE, ROAD FIGHTER, SHAO-LIN’S ROAD, and YIE AR KUNG-FU.[/quote]

21 - Koudelka (1of4) [SLUS_010.51] / Koudelka (2of4) [SLUS_011.00] / Koudelka (3of4) [SLUS_011.01] / Koudelka (4of4) [SLUS_011.02]

Complete NTSC US PSX Collection K NTSC US/Various/1995 preview 4

Details Images

[quote]Perhaps best described as survival horror meets witchcraft, Koudelka is another perfect example of a game with a heavy focus on CG movies and not enough focus on gameplay. Koudelka is the first PlayStation game from newcomer Sacnoth, a company composed of ex-SquareSoft employees. Hiroki Kikuta, whose previous credits include the music for Seiken Densetsu 2 and 3 for the SNES and Soukaigi for the Sony PlayStation, takes the helm in the development of Koudelka as director and music composer. You shouldn't expect Koudelka to be another Square title; the game certainly presents things quite differently.[/quote]

22 - Krazy Ivan [SCUS-94303]


[quote]Aliens are attacking the world, and there is only one person who can stop them: the pride of Mother Russia, KRAZY IVAN. Take control of Ivan as he straps into a 40-foot mech and blasts the aliens back to space in five different parts of the world. In each area, Ivan must destroy all of the alien mechs and then fight a boss character to destroy the alien generator. [/quote]

23 - Kurt Warner's Arena Football Unleashed [SLUS-01125]

Details Images

[quote]Combining the award-winning NFL Blitz gameplay with the fast-and-loose world of the Arena Football League must have really seemed like a good idea at the time. Midway even went through the trouble of licensing the name and likeness of Kurt Warner, 1999 Super Bowl MVP and former AFL quarterback. But the game doesn't really do much to differentiate itself from NFL Blitz 2000, save for the obvious change in field size necessary for an arena football game and a few other minor interface changes.[/quote]

24 - Killing Zone SLUS????
The last game i needed for the torrent. and bought by kevlar for the torrent.

Details [No Images]

[quote]Seven species champions have come together to duke it out in this 32-bit polygonal ultimate Death Tournament. At the end, the winning species governs the world for the next 1000 years so the rules are wait, there are no rules! The more you fight, the better you become as you struggle for your species honor and survival. Enter the killing zone to save the fate of the world.[/quote]

Please check [size=4]Here[/size] for games we desperatley need to complete other letters of this collection.

Thank you!

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