DOS Collection A to D (Memories Project) (1 of 4) (824 Games) h33tFoo

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Name:DOS Collection A to D (Memories Project) (1 of 4) (824 Games) h33tFoo

Total Size: 2.10 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 6

Leechers: 4

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-21 01:23:37

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DOS Collection A to D (Memories Project) Part 1 of 4 (Size: 2.06 GB) (Files: 818)

 DOS Collection A to D (Memories Project) Part 1 of 4

  Dynablaster (1992)(Hudson Soft)(Rev1).zip

441.55 KB

  Dylan Dog Through the Looking Glass (1993)(Simulmondo).zip

572.41 KB

  Dylan Dog The Murderers (Simulmondo)(1992).zip

1.16 MB

  Dusk Of The Gods (1991)(Interstel).zip

925.86 KB

  Durak (1999)(Serge Birj).zip

32.08 KB

  Dungeons Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee).zip

39.47 KB

  Dungeons Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

38.98 KB

  Dungeons Of Kroz 2 (1990)(Apogee).zip

40.62 KB

  Dungeon Master (1988)(FTL Software).zip

929.71 KB

  Dungeon Master (1988)(FTL Software)(F).zip

978.83 KB

  Dungeon Master 2 The Legend Of Skullkeep (1994)(FTL Incorporated).zip

12.59 MB

  Dungeon Master 2 The Legend Of Skullkeep (1994)(FTL Incorporated)(F).zip

16.92 MB

  Dungeon Hack (1993)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

8.82 MB

  Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1993)(Avalon Interactive).zip

3.81 MB

  Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Avalon Interactive).zip

3.80 MB

  Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Avalon Interactive)(F).zip

4.33 MB

  Dune (1992)(Avalon Interactive).zip

1.68 MB

  Dune (1992)(Avalon Interactive)(F).zip

1.72 MB

  Dune 3 Russian (1994)(Sergei Bobrovsky).zip

104.71 KB

  Dune 2 The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Westwood Studios).zip

5.64 MB

  Duke Nukem Episode 3 Trapped In The Future (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

216.47 KB

  Duke Nukem Episode 1 Shrapnel City (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

241.22 KB

  Duke Nukem Compliation 2.0 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

658.67 KB

  Duke Nukem 3D It And Out In D.C. (1996)(3D Realms).zip

4.34 MB

  Duke Nukem 3d Atomic Edition 1.4 (1996)(Atari Inc).zip

19.99 MB

  Duke Nukem 3d (1996)(Atari Inc).zip

19.95 MB

  Duke Nukem 3d (1996)(Atari Inc)(Rev1.7).zip

20.76 MB

  Duke Nukem 3D (1996)(3D Realms).zip

15.99 MB

  Duke Nukem 2 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

1.38 MB

  Duck Tales The Quest For Gold (1988)(Disney).zip

605.13 KB

  Duck Tales Quest For Gold (1988)(Disney).zip

599.90 KB

  Dreamweb (1994)(Empire Interactive Entertainment).zip

7.40 MB

  Drakkhen (1989)(Atari Inc).zip

3.04 MB

  Dragonsphere (1994)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

10.31 MB

  Dragons Of Flame (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

284.55 KB

  Dragons Of Flame (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)(Rev).zip

284.55 KB

  Dragons Lair III The Curse Of Mordread (1992)(Readysoft Incorporated).zip

2.95 MB

  Dragons Lair II Escape From Singes Castle (1987)(Readysoft Incorporated).zip

2.84 MB

  Dragons Lair (1989)(Sullivan Bluth).zip

2.79 MB

  Dragons A Challenge In Chivalry (1989)(Freeware).zip

16.29 KB

  Dragonriders Of Pern (1987)(Everlasting).zip

143.71 KB

  Dragon Strike (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

980.60 KB

  Dragon Fly (1988)(Freeware).zip

5.17 KB

  Dracula In London (1993)(SDJ Enterprises).zip

773.03 KB

  Dr Who (1992)(Bbc Enterprises Ltd).zip

0.98 MB

  Double Talk Sport Edition (1994)(Boyle And Elggren Games Inc).zip

2.22 MB

  Double Dragon III The Sacred Stones (1991)(Avalon Interactive).zip

537.44 KB

  Double Dragon II The Revenge (1989)(Avalon Interactive).zip

895.36 KB

  Double Dragon (1988)(Arcadia Tradewest Inc).zip

421.53 KB


0.43 KB

  Doom Version (1993)(Id Software)(Rev1.2).zip

4.82 MB

  Doom II Hell On Earth (1994)(Atari Inc).zip

6.94 MB

  Doom II Hell On Earth (1994)(Atari Inc)(Rev1.7).zip

6.86 MB

  Doom Deluxe CDROM (1993)(Id Software).zip

14.23 MB

  Doom (1993)(Id Software).zip

4.82 MB

  Doom (1993)(Id Software)(Rev).zip

7.63 MB

  Doom 2d 1997 (Act).zip

2.77 MB

  Doom 2 Ultimate Mods (1996)(Id Software).zip

5.86 MB

  Doom 2 (1994)(Atari Inc).zip

6.94 MB

  Doofus (1993)(Prestige Software).zip

686.70 KB

  Dont Go Alone (1989)(Accolade).zip

291.65 KB

  Donkey Kong (1983)(Atari Inc).zip

27.12 KB

  Donald Ducks Playground (1984)(Sierra Online).zip

104.36 KB

  Dominium (1992)(Microids).zip

2.41 MB

  Dogfight 80 Years Of Aerial Warfare (1993)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

4.61 MB

  Dj Puff (1992)(Codemaster).zip

61.47 KB

  Dizzy Prince Of The Yolkfolk (1991)(Codemasters).zip

131.36 KB

  Dizzy (1987)(Codemasters).zip

61.77 KB

  Disneys Aladdin (1994)(Virgin Interactive).zip

1.78 MB

  Disneys Aladdin (1993)(Avalon Interactive).zip

4.69 MB

  Discworld (1995)(Perfect 10 Productions).zip

19.70 MB

  Discworld (1995)(Perfect 10 Productions)(Rev1).zip

19.89 MB

  Disc (1990)(Loriciel).zip

638.60 KB

  Diplomacy (1984)(Avalon Interactive).zip

49.06 KB

  Dinosaur Balls (1992)(Amwa Hk).zip

384.23 KB

  Dinosaur Adventure (1993)(Knowledge Adventure).zip

4.32 MB

  Dinopark Tycoon (1993)(Mecc).zip

1.41 MB

  Digital Downs 1.3 (1994)(Accidental Software).zip

593.32 KB

  Digging For Buried Treasure (1994)(Marathon Technology Inc).zip

0.99 MB

  Diggers (1994)(Millenium).zip

1.38 MB

  Digger Remastered (2000)(Andrew Jenner).zip

77.01 KB

  Digger (1983)(Millennium Interactive).zip

27.10 KB

  Digger 1.49 (1993)(Millennium Interactive).zip

1.37 MB

  Dig Dug (1982)(Namco).zip

12.35 KB

  Die Hard (1989)(Dynamix).zip

512.93 KB

  Die Hard 2 Die Harder (1991)(Grandslam Software Inc).zip

659.48 KB

  Dgeneration (1988)(Mindscape Inc).zip

976.71 KB

  Devastator (1984)(Compute).zip

26.11 KB

  Detroit (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

2.70 MB

  Detroit (1993)(Impressions).zip

2.57 MB

  Destroyer (1987)(Epyx).zip

103.55 KB

  Desert Strike Return To The Gulf (1994)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd).zip

2.74 MB

  Desert Strike (1995)(Front Street Publishing).zip

2.35 MB

  Descent Plus (1995)(Interplay).zip

7.04 MB

  Descent Plus (1995)(Interplay)(Rev).zip

7.01 MB

  Descent (1995)(Interplay).zip

2.75 MB

  Descent (1995)(Interplay)(Rev).zip

2.84 MB

  Des Chiffres Et Des Lettres (1987)(Loraiticles).zip

177.33 KB

  Der Planer 1 (2001)(Greenwood)(G).zip

6.85 MB

  Depth Dweller Episode 1 To 3 (1995)(Trisoft).zip

2.10 MB

  Demons Winter (1986)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

386.01 KB

  Deluxe Ski Jump Demo (2000)(Jussi Koskela).zip

213.97 KB

  Deluxe Ski Jump (2001)(Jussi Koskela).zip

256.00 KB

  Delta V (1994)(Bethesda Softworks).zip

7.37 MB

  Defender Of The Crown Ega (1983)(Mindscape Inc).zip

628.83 KB

  Defender Of The Crown Cga (1982)(Mindscape Inc).zip

1.45 MB

  Defender Of The Crown (1986)(Mindscape Inc).zip

216.33 KB

  Dedale (1986)(Softstar).zip

19.19 KB

  Decathlon (1982)(Microsoft).zip

68.45 KB

  Deathtrack (1989)(Activision Publishing).zip

484.28 KB

  Deathtrack (1989)(Activision Publishing Inc).zip

477.59 KB

  Deathtrack (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc).zip

464.37 KB

  Death Sword (1987)(Epyx).zip

50.35 KB

  Death Rally (1996)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

12.00 MB

  Death Knights Of Krynn (1991)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

611.40 KB

  Death Gate (1994)(Legend Entertainment).zip

34.75 MB

  Death By Backgammon (1990)(Kanaris).zip

95.55 KB

  Deadly Racer (1994)(Flair Software).zip

1.64 MB

  Day Of The Viper (1989)(Accolade).zip

249.13 KB

  Day Of The Tentacle Talkie (1993)(Lucas Arts).zip

200.80 MB

  Day Of The Tentacle (1993)(Lucas Arts).zip

7.78 MB

  Day Of Tentacle (1992)(Lucas Arts).zip

7.84 MB

  Dawn Raiders (1991)(Softstar).zip

407.61 KB

  Dawn Patrol (1994)(Empire Interactive Entertainment).zip

5.28 MB

  David Wolf Secret Agent (1989)(Dynamix).zip

1.52 MB

  Das Boot (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)(G).zip

407.12 KB

  Darklands (1992)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

12.05 MB

  Darklands (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev2).zip

6.73 MB

  Darklands (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev1).zip

11.90 MB


9.94 MB


5.56 MB

  Dark Woods 2 (2002)(Jocke The Beast).zip

64.92 KB

  Dark Wolf (1994)(Dindia Software).zip

699.40 KB

  Dark Sword (1987)(Crazy Club).zip

49.42 KB

  Dark Seed (1992)(Cyberdreams).zip

5.57 MB

  Dark Legions (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

9.23 MB

  Dark Heart Of Uukrul (1990)(Broderbund Software Inc).zip

435.14 KB

  Dark Heart Of Uukrul (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc).zip

559.60 KB

  Dark Half The (1992)(Symtus).zip

1.84 MB

  Dark Ages (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

381.91 KB

  Dangerous Streets (1992)(Micromania).zip

1.09 MB

  Dangerous Daves Risky Rescue (1993)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

416.80 KB

  Dam Busters (1984)(Accolade).zip

39.29 KB

  Deadline (1982)(Infocom).zip

105.61 KB

  Dam Busters 1 (1984)(Accolade).zip

29.94 KB

  Daffy Duck (1991)(Hi Tech Expressions).zip

124.85 KB

  D Generation Vga (1991)(The Software Toolworks).zip

392.23 KB

  D Generation Ega (1994)(The Software Toolworks).zip

355.43 KB

  D Generation Cga (1991)(The Software Toolworks).zip

310.05 KB

  D Day America Invades (1994)(Impressions).zip

1.11 MB

  Cyrus (1985)(Intelligent Chess Software).zip

100.72 KB

  Cyclones (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

6.48 MB

  Cyberdogs (1997)(Ronny Wester).zip

650.71 KB

  Cyber Race (1993)(Cyberdreams).zip

7.15 MB

  Cyber Race 1.22 (1993)(Cyberdreams).zip

7.12 MB

  Custers Last Command (1995)(Incredible Simulation).zip

1.63 MB

  Curse Of The Azure Bonds (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

663.45 KB

  Curse of Enchantia (1992)(Core Design).zip

5.29 MB

  Curse Of Enchantia (1992)(Core Design Ltd).zip

5.33 MB

  Cubix 1.0 (1996)(Jean Guy Lavallee).zip

71.62 KB

  Crystals Of Arborea (1990)(Silmarils).zip

393.92 KB

  Crystal Caves Compilation (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

542.01 KB

  Crystal Caves (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

187.44 KB

  Crystal Caves 3 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

179.98 KB

  Crystal Caves 2 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

162.30 KB

  Crux (1991)(Microlink).zip

32.37 KB

  Crusader No Remorse (1995)(Origin).zip

28.36 MB

  Crusader No Regret (1996)(Origin).zip

33.59 MB

  Cruise For A Corpse (1991)(Delphine Software).zip

3.07 MB

  Crown (1990)(Starbyte).zip

470.00 KB

  Crossword (1987)(G Doc).zip

227.82 KB

  Crossfire (1982)(Sierra Online).zip

5.50 KB

  Croisiere Pour Un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine Software).zip

2.82 MB

  Crisis In The Kremlin (1991)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc).zip

5.65 MB

  Crime Wave (1990)(Access Software Inc).zip

2.62 MB

  Crime City (1992)(Impressions Games).zip

507.62 KB

  Cribbage (1989)(Th Turner).zip

72.36 KB

  Creepers (1992)(Psygnosis).zip

846.16 KB

  Crazy Nicks Pick Roger Wilcos Spaced Out Game Pack (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

421.95 KB

  Crazy Nicks Pick Robin Hoods Game Of Skill And Chance (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

524.35 KB

  Crazy Nicks Pick Parlor Games With Laura Bow (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

630.62 KB

  Crazy Nicks Pick King Grahams Board Game Challenge (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

447.74 KB

  Crazy Cows (1998)(Runt Time).zip

1.09 MB

  Crazy Cars (1987)(Titus).zip

135.77 KB

  Crazy Cars 3 (1992)(Titus).zip

729.25 KB

  Crazy Cars 2 (1989)(Titus Interactive).zip

173.73 KB

  Crash Garret (1987)(Informatiove).zip

112.58 KB

  Crackers (1990)(The Corner Crackers).zip

25.96 KB

  Crack Of Doom The (1989)(Atari Inc).zip

93.38 KB

  Cover Girls Strip Poker (1992)(Emotional Pictures).zip

1.07 MB

  Countdown (1990)(Access Software Inc).zip

2.53 MB

  Cougar Force (1990(Coktel Vision).zip

1.00 MB

  Cosmos Cosmic Adventure Forbidden Planet (1992)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

18.78 KB

  Corsarios (1991)(Operasoft).zip

214.93 KB

  Corruption (1988)(Rainbird Software).zip

663.21 KB

  Corridor 7 Alien Invasion (1995)(Capstone Software).zip

2.37 MB

  Corporation (1990)(Avalon Interactive).zip

488.74 KB

  Corner 57 (1988)(Genus Microprogramming Inc).zip

204.46 KB

  Corewar Plus (1991)(Stefan Strack).zip

135.70 KB

  Cool World (1992)(Ocean).zip

721.19 KB

  Cool Spot Original Install (1993)(Avalon Interactive).zip

710.85 KB

  Cool Spot (1993)(Avalon Interactive).zip

695.39 KB

  Contraption Zack (1992)(Presage).zip

1.04 MB

  Conquests Of The Longbow The Legend Of Robin Hood (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

6.99 MB

  Conquests Of Camelot The Search For The Grail (1990)(Sierra Online).zip

2.68 MB

  Conquest (1983)(Windmill Software).zip

24.74 KB

  Conan The Cimmerian (1991)(Avalon Interactive).zip

1.88 MB

  Companions Of Xanth (1993)(Legend Entertainment Company).zip

167.54 KB

  Commander Keen Dreams (1992)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

284.33 KB

  Commander Keen 2000 (2000)(Apogee Software).zip

1.09 MB

  Commander Keen 6 Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter (1991)(Formgen).zip

523.11 KB

  Commander Keen 5 The Armageddon Machine (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

609.44 KB

  Commander Keen 5 The Armageddon Machine (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)(Rev).zip

618.03 KB

  Commander Keen 5 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

618.80 KB

  Commander Keen 4 Secret Of The Oracle (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

544.60 KB

  Commander Keen 4 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd).zip

578.97 KB

  Commando (1985)(Data East).zip

40.70 KB

  Commander Keen 3 Keen Must Die (1990)(Apogee Software).zip

133.77 KB

  Commander Keen 2 The Earth Explodes (1990)(Apogee Software).zip

125.40 KB

  Commander Keen 1 Marooned On Mars (1990)(Apogee Software).zip

165.71 KB

  Command Hq (1991)(Microplay).zip

249.33 KB

  Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Novalogic Inc).zip

13.05 MB

  Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Nova Logic).zip

6.68 MB

  Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Novalogic).zip

3.79 MB

  Columbus Discovery (1993)(Gamus).zip

584.18 KB

  Colored Lines (1992)(Gamos Ltd).zip

107.33 KB

  Colorado (1990)(Silmarils).zip

396.28 KB

  Color Lines Russian (1992)(Renmak).zip

176.07 KB

  Color Balls (1996)(The Elite Crew).zip

28.01 KB

  Colonels Bequest (1989)(Sierra Online).zip

2.96 MB

  Codename Iceman (1989)(Sierra Online).zip

2.34 MB

  Codebreaker (1994)(Pressman Toy Corporation).zip

36.12 KB

  Coachs Club NFL Football (1993)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

3.72 MB

  Cn (1991)(Anonymous).zip

324.64 KB

  Clockwiser Time Is Running Out (1994)(Rasputin Software).zip

0.98 MB

  Classic Concentration (1988)(Sharedata Inc).zip

161.86 KB

  Classic Concentration (1986)(Sydex).zip

138.96 KB

  Classic Concentration 2 (1989)(Sharedata Inc).zip

138.79 KB

  Civilization Russian Edition (1991)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

1.82 MB

  Civil War (1997)(Dagger Interactive Technologies).zip

6.44 MB

  Cisco Heat (1991)(Image Works).zip

260.79 KB

  Circuits Edge (1990)(Infocom).zip

627.41 KB

  Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

1.13 MB

  Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)(Rev).zip

1.14 MB

  Chopper Duel (1993)(Addict).zip

94.40 KB

  Chopper Commando (1989)(Gatecom).zip

61.29 KB

  Chickens 3 (2000)(Frey Development).zip

90.83 KB

  Chickens 2 (1998)(Martin Magnusson).zip

88.60 KB

  Chicago 90 (1989)(Mc2 Microids).zip

162.99 KB

  Chessmaster 2100 (1988)(Software Toolworks).zip

306.26 KB

  Chessmaster 2000 (1986)(Software Toolworks).zip

82.96 KB

  Chess (1981)(Mc Rakaska).zip

23.00 KB

  Chess 88 (1988)(Don Berg).zip

4.31 KB

  Chess 88 (1984)(Don Berg)(Rev2).zip

4.25 KB

  Cheats And Patches (1994)(Dox).zip

15.00 MB

  Chaos Engine (1993)(Renegade Software).zip

1.14 MB

  Championship Manager (1992)(Domark).zip

557.40 KB

  Championship Manager 97 To 98 (1997)(Eidos Inc).zip

2.92 MB

  Championship Manager 2 (1995)(Domark)(S).zip

5.40 MB

  Champions Of Krynn (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

715.17 KB

  Champ Centipede (1993)(Champeau).zip

73.07 KB

  Champ Asteroids (1993)(Champeau).zip

92.68 KB

  Chamber Of The Sci Mutant Priestess (1989)(Data East).zip

435.46 KB

  Chain Reaction (1996)(Webfoot Technologies Inc).zip

628.42 KB

  Centurion Defender Of Rome (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

909.81 KB

  Cd Man (1992)(Creative Dimensions).zip

172.59 KB

  Cd Man 2 (1994)(Creative Dimensions).zip

325.53 KB

  Caverns Of Kroz (1988)(Apogee).zip

34.08 KB

  Caverns Of Kroz 2 (1989)(Apogee).zip

42.13 KB

  Caveman Ugh Lympics (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

838.50 KB

  Catch Em (1989)(Edson Software).zip

35.60 KB

  Catacomb Abyss (1992)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

447.58 KB

  Castlevania (1990)(Konami).zip

329.34 KB

  Castles The Northern Campaign (1991)(Interplay).zip

518.13 KB

  Castles II Siege And Conquest (1992)(Interplay).zip

5.67 MB

  Castles (1991)(Interplay).zip

819.68 KB

  Castles (1991)(Interplay)(Rev).zip

854.94 KB

  Castle Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee).zip

40.12 KB

  Castle Of Dr Brain (1991)(Sierra Online).zip

2.42 MB

  Castle Master (1990)(Domark).zip

506.18 KB

  Castle Master 2 The Crypt (1990)(Domark).zip

227.82 KB

  Castle Adventure (1985)(Kevin Bale).zip

40.54 KB

  Castle (1984)(Kevin Bales).zip

45.60 KB

  Car And Driver (1992)(Looking Glass Technologies).zip

5.17 MB

  Captive (1990)(Mindscape Inc).zip

912.55 KB

  Captain Dynamo (1992)(Codemasters).zip

205.64 KB

  Captain Comic II Fractured Reality (1990)(Computereasy).zip

220.24 KB

  Captain Comic 2 Fractured Reality (1990)(Michael Denio).zip

218.08 KB

  Cannon Fodder Final Release (1993)(Avalon Interactive).zip

3.37 MB

  Cannon Fodder (1994)(Avalon Interactive).zip

2.80 MB

  Cannon Fodder (1993)(Avalon Interactive).zip

1.21 MB

  Cannon Fodder 2 (1994)(Avalon Interactive).zip

1.25 MB

  Cannon Fodder 1 (1993)(Sensible Software)(G).zip

3.37 MB

  Casino Games (1982)(Ibm).zip

1.10 MB

  Campanions Of Xanth (1994)(Legend Entertainment).zip

5.49 MB

  Campanions Of Xanth (1994)(Legend Entertainment)(Rev).zip

12.68 MB

  California Games II (1990)(Epyx).zip

857.83 KB

  California Games (1987)(Epyx).zip

234.18 KB

  Caesar II (1996)(Sierra Online).zip

16.94 MB

  Caesar (1992)(Impressions Games).zip

495.64 KB

  Caesar (1992)(Impressions Games)(Rev).zip

777.05 KB

  Caesar 2 (1996)(Impressions).zip

17.84 MB

  Cadaver (1990)(Bitmap Brothers).zip

797.76 KB

  Dynablaster (1992)(Hudson Soft).zip

423.70 KB

  Buzz Aldrins Race Into Space (1993)(Avalon Interactive).zip

9.06 MB

  Buzz Aldrins Race Into Space (1992)(Interplay).zip

9.05 MB

  Bust A Move (1997)(Taito).zip

604.73 KB

  Bust A Move (1997)(21st Century Entertainment).zip

266.78 KB

  Business Simulator (1987)(Reality Development Corp).zip

248.52 KB

  Bushido (1983)(Ebenel Enterprises).zip

48.74 KB

  Bush Buck Global Treasure Hunter (1991)(Pc Globe Inc).zip

462.26 KB

  Burntime (1993)(Max Design).zip

2.08 MB

  Burger Time (1982)(Data East).zip

18.32 KB

  Burger Blaster (1987)(Anonymous).zip

20.48 KB

  Bureaucracy (1987)(Infocom).zip

178.91 KB

  Bureau 13 (1995)(Gametek).zip

6.98 MB

  Bunny Bricks (1992)(Silmarils).zip

607.26 KB

  Bundesliga Manager Professional (1991)(Software 2000).zip

1.78 MB

  Bundesliga Manager (1991)(Software 2000).zip

118.96 KB

  Bumpys Arcade Fantasy (1992)(Loriciel).zip

346.98 KB

  Bullys Sporting Darts (1992)(Alternative Software).zip

160.23 KB

  Bugworld (1990)(Kd Games).zip

42.88 KB

  Bugs Bunny Hare Brained The (1990)(Hi Tech Expressions Inc).zip

45.01 KB

  Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop (1990)(Novotrade).zip

702.17 KB

  Bugs (1982)(Michael Ouye).zip

10.63 KB

  Bug Bomber (1992)(Kingsoft).zip

199.57 KB

  Budokan The Martial Spirit (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

697.66 KB

  Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom (1984)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

25.22 KB

  Buck Rogers Matrix Cubed (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

1.00 MB

  Buck Rogers Countdown To Doomsday (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

911.19 KB

  Bubble Ghost (1987)(Accolade).zip

49.64 KB

  Bubble Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters).zip

196.31 KB

  Bubble Bobble Featuring Rainbow Islands (1996)(Probe Entertainment).zip

4.90 MB

  Bubble Bobble Featuring Rainbow Islands (1996)(Acclaim Entertainment Inc).zip

4.57 MB

  Bubble Bobble (1990)(Taito Corporation).zip

372.77 KB

  Bubble Bobble (1987)(Taito Corporation).zip

350.27 KB

  Brutal Paws of Fury (1995)(GameTek).zip

2.61 MB

  Brutal Paws Of Fury (1994)(Gametek).zip

2.95 MB

  Bruce Lee Lives The Fall Of Hong Kong Palace (1989)(Software Toolworks The).zip

760.40 KB

  Bruce Lee (1984)(Datasoft Inc).zip

33.57 KB

  Brix (1992)(Epic Megagames Inc).zip

660.31 KB

  Brimstone (1985)(Broderbund Software Inc).zip

123.85 KB

  Bridge Baron (1989)(Great Game Products Inc).zip

232.39 KB

  Bridge 7.0 (1992)(Artworx).zip

258.29 KB

  Bricks (1984)(Vincent Bly).zip

9.78 KB

  Brick Layer (1993)(Steve Chamberlin).zip

1.07 MB

  Breakfree (1995)(Software Storm Inc).zip

507.71 KB

  Breakers (1986)(Broderbund Software Inc).zip

164.54 KB

  Breach (1987)(Artronic Limited).zip

132.44 KB

  Breach 2 Scenario Disk (1990)(Impressions Games Mindcraft).zip

154.98 KB

  Breach 2 (1990)(Impressions Games Mindcraft).zip

216.94 KB

  Bravo Romeo Delta (1993)(Frankennstein).zip

211.71 KB

  Bram Stokers Dracula (1993)(Psygnosis).zip

767.98 KB

  Boxer Rebellion (1980)(Kl Carpenter).zip

56.74 KB

  Bouncing Babies (1984)(Dave Baskin).zip

25.46 KB

  Bounce Zone (1990)(Compute Publications).zip

42.83 KB

  Boulderdash 2 (1985)(First Star Software).zip

16.54 KB

  Boulderdash 1 (1984)(First Star Software).zip

11.82 KB

  Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1986)(Epyx).zip

36.42 KB

  Boston Bomb Club (1991)(Silmarils).zip

294.54 KB

  Boston Bomb Club (1991)(Silmarils)(F).zip

250.87 KB

  Borrowed Time (1985)(Interplay).zip

188.08 KB

  Border Zone (1987)(Infocom).zip

137.25 KB

  Boppin (1992)(Apogee Software).zip

1.41 MB

  Bopn Wrestle (1985)(Mindscape Inc).zip

89.05 KB

  Boot Camp (1987)(Konami Corporation).zip

568.38 KB

  Bookie Bookworm The Ugly Duckling (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group).zip

1.83 MB

  Bookie Bookworm Little Red Riding Hood (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group).zip

1.65 MB

  Bookie Bookworm Jack And The Beanstalk (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group).zip

1.82 MB

  Booly (1991)(Loriciel).zip

143.63 KB

  Bookie Bookworm Goldielocks And The Three Bears (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group).zip

1.65 MB

  Bones The Game Of The Haunted Mansion (1991)(Bruce Baker).zip

92.96 KB

  Bombuzal (1989)(Mirrorsoft).zip

92.85 KB

  Bomb Run (1991)(Pc Solutions).zip

9.82 KB

  Bolo Ball (1992)(Soleau Software).zip

104.18 KB

  Body Blows (1993)(Team 17).zip

1.25 MB

  Bob Winner (1986)(Loriciel).zip

140.98 KB

  Blues Brothers The (1990)(Titus Interactive).zip

458.06 KB

  Blues Brothers Jukebox Adventure (1993)(Titus Interactive).zip

499.02 KB

  Blues Brothers 2 The (1991)(Titus Interactive).zip

499.02 KB

  Blue Max Aces Of The Great War (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific).zip

764.36 KB

  Blue Force (1993)(Tsunami Media Inc).zip

9.71 MB

  Blue Force (1993)(Tsunami Games).zip

9.70 MB

  Blue Angels Formation Flight Simulation (1989)(Accolade).zip

301.28 KB

  Blue And The Gray The (1993)(Impressions Games).zip

911.74 KB

  Blort (1987)(Hennsoft).zip

4.41 KB

  Bloodwych (1989)(Konami Corporation).zip

359.47 KB

  Bloodstone An Epic Dwarven Tale (1993)(Mindcraft).zip

2.30 MB

  Bloodnet A Cyberpunk Gothic (1993)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

5.29 MB

  Blood Money (1989)(Psygnosis).zip

472.08 KB

  Blood Bowl (1995)(Microleague).zip

6.19 MB

  Blood Bowl (1995)(Destiny Software).zip

15.19 MB

  Blood (1997)(Monolith).zip

27.29 MB

  Blockout (1989)(California Dreams).zip

100.84 KB

  Blockout 1.0 (1989)(California Dreams Rainbow Arts).zip

99.62 KB

  Blockade 2.01 (1986)(Don Laabs).zip

23.14 KB

  Block O Mania (1989)(Cassiopeia).zip

471.08 KB

  Block Five (1986)(Keypunch Software Inc).zip

14.28 KB

  Block Buster (1990)(Brian Cotton).zip

97.88 KB

  Blitzkrieg Battle At The Ardennes (1989)(Raw Entertainment).zip

189.74 KB

  Blind Wars (1992)(Soleau Software).zip

146.85 KB

  Blasteroids (Image Works)(1990).zip

228.24 KB

  Blaster Master (1990)(Gary Maddox).zip

370.00 KB

  Blake Stone Planet Strike (1994)(Formgen Wizardworks Software).zip

2.04 MB

  Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold Original Install (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

2.81 MB

  Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

2.63 MB

  Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev2).zip

1.75 MB

  Blake Stone (1994)(Formgen Wizardworks Software).zip

1.28 MB

  Blades Of Steel (1988)(Konami Corporation).zip

190.77 KB

  Blade Warrior (1991)(Image Works).zip

566.18 KB

  Blackthorne Original Install (1994)(Interplay).zip

1.46 MB

  Blackthorne (1994)(Interplay).zip

1.40 MB

  Blackstar Agent Of Justice Episode 2 (1995)(Worwyk Software).zip

942.59 KB

  Blackstar Agent Of Justice Episode 1 (1995)(Worwyk Software).zip

618.03 KB

  Blackjack (1984)(Ibm).zip

22.51 KB

  Black Sect (1993)(Lankhor).zip

1.80 MB

  Black Hawk (1994)(Interplay).zip

1.41 MB

  Black Gold (1990)(Reline Software).zip

360.85 KB

  Black Gold (1990)(Reline Software)(Rev1).zip

2.41 MB

  Black Cauldron The (1987)(Sierra Online).zip

576.97 KB

  Black Cauldron (1987)(Sierra Online).zip

286.67 KB

  Black Cauldron (1987)(Sierra Online)(Rev).zip

318.95 KB

  Bit Bat (1986)(Albert Savoia).zip

24.30 KB

  Birds Of Prey (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

522.21 KB

  Bionic Commando (1988)(Capcom).zip

195.86 KB

  Bio Menace Episode 3 (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

496.98 KB

  Bio Menace Episode 2 (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

562.36 KB

  Bio Menace Episode 1 (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

1.63 MB

  Bio Menace Compilation (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

1.54 MB

  Bio Menace 1 Dr. Mangles Lab (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

563.60 KB

  Bill Elliotts Nascar Challenge (1991)(Konami).zip

927.41 KB

  Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure (1990)(Capstone Software).zip

1.39 MB

  Big Two (1990)(Tegl Systems Corporation).zip

172.09 KB

  Big Three (1989)(Sdj Enterprises).zip

311.82 KB

  Big Sea (1994)(Starbyte).zip

1.41 MB

  Big Red Adventure (1994)(Dynabyte).zip

23.37 MB

  Big Game Fishing (1991)(Simulmondo).zip

1.14 MB

  Big Business (1990)(Magic Bytes).zip

829.03 KB

  Big Blue Disk 31 (1989)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

69.41 KB

  Bicycle Poker (1992)(Swfte International Ltd).zip

325.81 KB

  Bicycle Cribbage (1991)(Swfte International Ltd).zip

259.62 KB

  Bicycle Card Games Xmas Edition (1996)(Swfte International Ltd).zip

1.51 MB

  Beyond Zork The Coconut Of Quendor (1987)(Infocom).zip

204.67 KB

  Bible Builder (1992)(Everbright).zip

1.53 MB

  Beyond Zork (1992)(Infocom).zip

192.77 KB

  Beyond The Titanic (1986)(Apogee Software).zip

93.23 KB

  Beyond The Black Hole (1989)(Software Toolworks The).zip

257.98 KB

  Beyond Columns (1990)(Sega Entertainment Inc).zip

16.70 KB

  Beverly Hills Cop (1990)(Tynesoft).zip

336.92 KB

  Betrayal At Krondor Original Install (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

8.47 MB

  Betrayal at Krondor (1994)(Dynamix).zip

10.18 MB

  Betrayal At Krondor (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

10.00 MB

  Betrayal (1990)(Rainbird Software).zip

468.71 KB

  Best Of The Best (1992)(Loriciel).zip

1.02 MB

  Bert And The Snake (1983)(William Piazza).zip

31.87 KB

  Berlin 1948 (1990)(Time Warp).zip

1.04 MB

  Berenstain Bears Learning Essentials The (1992)(Comptons Newmedia).zip

1.35 MB

  Beregis Automobia Russian (1998)(Watcom International Corp).zip

39.03 MB

  Beneath A Steel Sky (1993)(Avalon Interactive).zip

14.52 MB

  Below The Root (1984)(Telarium).zip

97.89 KB

  Beetlejuice In Skeletons In The Closet (1990)(Hi Tech Expressions Inc).zip

156.67 KB

  Beauty And The Beast (1994)(Infogrames).zip

2.30 MB

  Beat The House (1992)(Bridge Publications Inc Spirit Of Discovery).zip

1.25 MB

  Beast (1984)(Dan Baker).zip

7.18 KB

  Bcs Quest For Tires (1984)(Front Street Publishing).zip

12.20 KB

  Bc Racers (1995)(Front Street Publishing).zip

2.42 MB

  BC Racers (1995)(Core Design).zip

2.04 MB

  Battlezone (1983)(Atari Inc).zip

46.74 KB

  Battletech The Crescent Hawks Revenge (1989)(Infocom).zip

1.08 MB

  Battletech The Crescent Hawks Inception (1988)(Infocom).zip

317.34 KB

  Battlestar (1992)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

182.48 KB

  Battleship Bismarck (1987)(General Quarters Software).zip

148.74 KB

  Battles Of Napoleon (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

320.31 KB

  Battlemaster (1991)(Pss).zip

522.43 KB

  Battlehawks 1942 (1988)(LucasFilm Games).zip

397.12 KB

  Battlehawks 1942 (1988)(Lucas Arts).zip

368.38 KB

  Battle On The Black Sea (1992)(Bady).zip

38.48 KB

  Battle Of Britain 1940 Their Finest Hour (1989)(Lucas Arts).zip

757.73 KB

  Battle Of Austerlitz (1989)(Cornerstone Software Inc).zip

216.76 KB

  Battle Of Antietam (1985)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

77.94 KB

  Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte).zip

851.81 KB

  Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte)(Rev2).zip

1.26 MB

  Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte)(Rev1).zip

565.24 KB

  Battle Isle 2 (1994)(Blue Byte).zip

4.15 MB

  Battle Isle 2 (1994)(Blue Byte)(Rev1).zip

4.45 MB

  Battle Isle 2 (1993)(Accolade).zip

4.02 MB

  Battle For Midway (1982)(Avalon Interactive).zip

67.36 KB

  Battle For Atlantis (1990)(William Soleau).zip

119.50 KB

  Battle Command (1990)(Ocean).zip

519.69 KB

  Battle Chess II Chinese Chess (1990)(Interplay).zip

907.58 KB

  Battle Chess (1989)(Interplay).zip

492.01 KB

  Battle Chess (1988)(Interplay).zip

490.81 KB

  Battle Chess 4000 (1992)(Interplay).zip

10.38 MB

  Battle Chess 4000 (1992)(Interplay)(Rev1).zip

7.80 MB

  Battle Bugs (1994)(Sierra Online).zip

2.81 MB

  Battle Bugs 1 (1994)(Sierra Online).zip

3.00 MB

  Battle Arena Toshinden (1996)(Takara).zip

11.31 MB

  Batman The Movie (1989)(Ocean).zip

808.13 KB

  Batman The Movie (1989)(Ocean)(Rev).zip

376.44 KB

  Batman The Caped Crusader (1988)(Data East Corporation).zip

172.15 KB

  Batman Returns (1992)(Konami Corporation).zip

7.93 MB

  Batman Forever (1996)(Probe Software).zip

8.08 MB

  Batman 2 (1990)(Data East Corporation).zip

318.48 KB

  Batalia (1980)(The Right Brothers).zip

55.74 KB

  Bataille Pour Sirius (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)(F).zip

181.59 KB

  Bat (1990)(Ubisoft Entertainment).zip

669.99 KB

  BAT 2 The Koshan Conspiracy (1992)(Computers Dream).zip

7.83 MB

  Basstour (1992)(Dick Olsen).zip

203.73 KB

  Basketball Challenge (1987)(Xor Corporation).zip

146.07 KB

  Basket Master (1990)(Dinamic).zip

210.45 KB

  Basket Master (1990)(Dinamic Software).zip

20.26 KB

  Barney Bear Goes To Space (1992)(Free Spirit).zip

629.34 KB

  Barney Bear Goes To School (1991)(Free Spirit).zip

591.94 KB

  Bargon Attack (1992)(Coktel Vision).zip

5.77 MB

  Bargon Attack (1992)(Coktel Vision)(F).zip

6.31 MB

  Bards Tale The (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

517.91 KB

  Bards Tale III Thief Of Fate (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

828.46 KB

  Bards Tale II The Destiny Knight (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

495.95 KB

  Bards Tale Construction Set the (1991)(Interplay).zip

1.07 MB

  Bards Tale Construction Set (1991)(Interplay).zip

1.18 MB

  Barbie Super Model (1996)(Hi Tech Expressions).zip

1.63 MB

  Barbarian II Dungeons Of Drax (1988)(Epyx).zip

365.18 KB

  Barbarian (1987)(Mastertronic).zip

201.85 KB

  Bar Games (1989)(Accolade).zip

562.48 KB

  Banyon Wars (1990)(William Soleau).zip

96.13 KB

  Bank Street Music Writer (1986)(Mindscappic).zip

63.06 KB

  Bandit Kings Of Ancient China (1989)(Koei Co Ltd).zip

553.71 KB

  Banatron (1989)(Xtc).zip

40.85 KB

  Bananoid (1991)(Banana Development Inc).zip

46.56 KB

  Ballyhoo (1986)(Infocom).zip

108.92 KB

  Ballrace (1988)(Carl Mclawhorn).zip

25.41 KB

  Ballistix (1989)(Psygnosis).zip

177.54 KB

  Balance of the Planet (1990)(Incredible Technologies).zip

728.86 KB

  Balance Of Power (1985)(Mindscape Inc).zip

307.31 KB

  Balance (1993)(Kingsoft).zip

2.52 MB

  Badman A Night With Troi (1991)(Badman).zip

63.68 KB

  Bad Street Brawler (1987)(Mindscape Inc).zip

57.41 KB

  Bad Dudes (1988)(Data East Corporation).zip

256.91 KB

  Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts).zip

587.64 KB

  Bad Blood (1990)(Origin Systems Inc).zip

1.05 MB

  Back To The Future Part II (1990)(Image Works Mirrorsoft).zip

444.88 KB

  Back to the Future 3 (1991)(Probe Software).zip

845.32 KB

  Baby Jo in Going Home (1991)(Loriciel)(Rev1).zip

290.55 KB

  Baal (1988)(Psygnosis).zip

288.81 KB

  B 17 Flying Fortress (1993)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

4.26 MB

  B 17 Flying Fortress (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev1).zip

3.85 MB

  B17 Flying Fortress (1992)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

3.29 MB

  B17 Flying Fortress (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev).zip

4.21 MB

  B1 Nuclear Bomber (1980)(Avalon Interactive).zip

631.23 KB

  By Fire And Sword (1984)(Avalon Interactive).zip

79.10 KB


129.50 KB

  Axis Game Cheater (1996)(Quaterdeck).zip

96.88 KB

  Awesome Earl Stars In Skate Rock (1987)(Anonymous).zip

98.72 KB

  Avoid The Noid (1989)(Sharedata Inc).zip

126.90 KB

  Av8b Harrier Assault (1992)(Domark).zip

0.99 MB

  Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems Inc).zip

226.97 KB

  Austerlitz (1989)(Mirrorsoft Personal Software Services).zip

130.94 KB

  Aufschwung Ost (1993)(Sunflowers)(G).zip

1.05 MB

  Attack On Altair (1982)(Windmill Soft).zip

22.61 KB

  Attack (1982)(Ibm).zip

60.20 KB

  Atomix Thalion (1990)(Freeware).zip

72.67 KB

  Atomino (1990)(Psygnosis).zip

248.40 KB

  Atlantis World (1994)(Znderungen Und Neuerungen)(G).zip

3.94 MB

  Atac (1992)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

1.37 MB

  Astrotit (1987)(Rudeware Productions).zip

39.32 KB

  Astronomy Quiz (1988)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

18.68 KB

  Astro Fire (1994)(Ort Software).zip

397.17 KB

  Astro Dodge (1982)(Digital Marketing Corporation).zip

8.73 KB

  Asterix Operation Getafix (1989)(Coktel Vision).zip

350.13 KB

  Asterix And The Magic Carpet (1987)(Coktel Vision).zip

3.61 MB

  Aspetra (1996)(Zonarware).zip

933.87 KB

  Aspar Gp Master (1989)(Dinamic).zip

154.62 KB

  Ashes of Empire (1993)(Gametek).zip

1.40 MB

  Ascii Invaders (2002)(Corey Mercer).zip

15.44 KB

  Ascendancy (1995)(Softgold).zip

40.33 MB

  Arya Vaiv (1994)(Dongelware Selections)(Rev1).zip

404.67 KB

  Artura (1989)(Mastertronic).zip

125.31 KB

  Arthur The Quest For Excalibur (1989)(Infocom).zip

865.01 KB

  Arnie 2 (1993)(Eutechnyx).zip

381.90 KB

  Armour Geddon (1991)(Psygnosis).zip

1.01 MB

  Armored Fist (1994)(Novalogic Inc).zip

1.39 MB

  Armored Fist (1994)(Nova Logic).zip

36.31 MB

  Armor Alley (1996)(Three Sixty Pacific).zip

277.01 KB

  Armor Alley (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific).zip

294.65 KB

  Armchair Quarterback (1985)(Pseudonym).zip

27.39 KB

  Armaeth The Lost Kingdom (1993)(Grandslam Software Inc).zip

1.65 MB

  Armada (1990)(Interstel).zip

157.30 KB

  Armada 2525 Deluxe Edition (1991)(Interstel).zip

1.23 MB

  Armada 2525 (1991)(Interstel).zip

206.28 KB

  Arkanoid (1986)(Taito Corporation).zip

91.69 KB

  Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1988)(Taito Corporation).zip

123.20 KB

  Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1988)(Taito Corporation)(Rev).zip

179.54 KB

  Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1987)(Taito Corporation).zip

133.29 KB

  Arkanoid 1 (1986)(Taito Corporation).zip

113.23 KB

  Are We There Yet (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

1.04 MB

  Arcticfox (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

140.57 KB

  Arctic Baron (1993)(Readysoft).zip

1.32 MB

  Arctic Adventure Volume 4 (1991)(Apogee Software).zip

66.75 KB

  Arctic Adventure Volume 3 (1991)(Apogee Software).zip

66.80 KB

  Arctic Adventure Volume 2 (1991)(Apogee Software).zip

67.02 KB

  Arctic Adventure Volume 1 (1991)(Apogee Software).zip

67.09 KB

  Archon Ultra (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

1.79 MB

  Archon (1984)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

22.58 KB

  Archipelagos (1989)(Britannica Software).zip

82.10 KB

  Archery (1985)(Sicis).zip

20.73 KB

  Archer Macleans Pool (1993)(Virgin Games).zip

514.61 KB

  Archer Macleans Pool (1993)(Virgin Interactive)(Rev).zip

370.27 KB

  Arcade Volleyball (1987)(Einstein).zip

24.73 KB

  Arcade Pool (1994)(Team 17).zip

465.15 KB

  Arachnaphobia (1991)(Blue Sky Software).zip

1.02 MB

  Aquaphobia (1992)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

34.21 KB

  Aquanoid (1992)(Stefan Heineke).zip

75.13 KB

  Apple Panic (1982)(Broderbund Software Inc).zip

9.06 KB

  Apollo 18 (1988)(Accolade).zip

293.02 KB

  Apba Baseball Deluxe (1996)(Miller Associates).zip

1.52 MB

  Apb (1989)(Domark).zip

106.40 KB

  Apache Strike (1989)(Activision Publishing Inc).zip

200.32 KB

  Anvil Of Dawn (1995)(New World Computing Inc).zip

41.08 MB

  Anvil of Dawn (1995)(Dream Forge Entertainment).zip

69.44 MB

  Antixonix (1985)(Pavlovsky).zip

15.21 KB

  Anti Ballistic Missle (1984)(David Disk).zip

22.68 KB

  Antarctic Adventure (1984)(Friends Software Konami).zip

28.31 KB

  Anstoss Action (1994)(Ascaron Entertainment Gmbh).zip

4.06 MB

  Ansi Dude (1995)(Vectorscope Software).zip

119.82 KB

  Another World (1991)(Delphine Software).zip

1.10 MB

  Another World (1991)(Delphine Software)(F).zip

1.15 MB

  Annals Of Rome (1986)(Personal Software Services).zip

43.31 KB

  Animal Math (1986)(Donald Pavia).zip

26.12 KB

  Angband 2.8.2 (1997)(Robert Ruehlmann).zip

1.27 MB

  Andromeda Conquest (1982)(Avalon Interactive).zip

65.69 KB

  Andre Panzas Kickboxing (1992)(Loriciel).zip

750.98 KB

  Ancients 1 Deathwatch (1993)(Epic Megagames Inc).zip

317.15 KB

  Ancient Land of Ys (1989)(Nihon Falcom Japan).zip

352.19 KB

  Ancient Art of War in the Skies The (1992)(Evryware).zip

4.71 MB

  Ancient Art Of War In The Skies (1990)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

2.64 MB

  Ancient Art Of War At Sea (1987)(Broderbund Software Inc).zip

167.13 KB

  Ancient Art Of War (1984)(Broderbund Software Inc).zip

258.11 KB

  Ancient Art Of War (1984)(Broderbund Software Inc)(Rev).zip

155.41 KB

  Anacreon Reconstruction 4021 (1988)(Tma).zip

185.40 KB

  An American Tail (1993)(Capstone Software).zip

2.32 MB

  Amulet Of Yendor (1985)(Keypunch).zip

71.42 KB

  Amok (1996)(Scavenger).zip

6.89 MB

  Amnesia (1984)(Cognetics Corporation).zip

383.80 KB

  American Gladiators (1991)(Gametek).zip

1.44 MB

  American Challenge A Sailing Simulation (1986)(Mindscape Inc).zip

63.95 KB

  Ambush At Sorinor (1993)(Mindcraft).zip

2.64 MB

  Amberstar (1992)(Thalion Software).zip

1.19 MB

  Amazon Guardians Of Eden (1992)(Access Software Inc).zip

7.94 MB

  Amazon (1984)(Trillium).zip

247.45 KB

  Amazing Spiderman And Captain America Doctors Dooms Revenge (1989)(Paragon Software).zip

541.70 KB

  Amazing Spiderman (1992)(Oxford Digital).zip

109.80 KB

  Amazing Spiderman (1989)(Paragon Software Corporation).zip

107.12 KB

  Amazing Maze (1983)(Headlands Press).zip

28.41 KB

  Amazing Maze (1983)(Headlands Press)(Rev).zip

28.41 KB

  Amarillo Slim Dealers Choice (1991)(Villa Crespo Software).zip

194.29 KB

  Amarillo Slim 7 Card Stud (1991)(Villa Crespo Software).zip

160.19 KB

  Alternate Reality The City (1986)(Datasoft Inc).zip

210.17 KB

  Altered Destiny (1990)(Accolade).zip

2.02 MB

  Altered Beast (1988)(Sega Entertainment Inc).zip

572.13 KB

  Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc).zip

593.98 KB

  Alter Ego Female (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc).zip

568.29 KB

  Alqadim The Genies Curse (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

6.52 MB

  Alpha Waves (1990)(Infogrames).zip

124.64 KB

  Alone In The Dark (1992)(Interplay).zip

5.12 MB

  Alone In The Dark 3 (1995)(Interplay).zip

31.42 MB

  Alone In The Dark 2 (1994)(Interplay).zip

11.72 MB

  Alley Cat (1984)(Synsoft).zip

30.24 KB

  Amado (1990)(Yong Choi).zip

47.09 KB

  All New World Of Lemmings 3 (1994)(Psygnosis).zip

1.08 MB

  All New Family Feud (1989)(Sharedata Inc).zip

267.96 KB

  All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)(Mgm Interactive).zip

912.61 KB

  Alien Trilogy (1996)(Probe Entertainment).zip

18.79 MB

  Alien Syndrome (1987)(Sega Entertainment Inc).zip

245.81 KB

  Alien Rampage (1996)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

9.40 MB

  Alien Rampage (1996)(Softdisk Publishing)(Rev).zip

10.98 MB

  Alien Quake (1997)(Alien Quake Team).zip

5.77 MB

  Alien Olympics (1994)(Mindscape Inc).zip

2.48 MB

  Alien Logic (1994)(Mindscape Inc).zip

12.59 MB

  Alien Legacy (1993)(Sierra Online).zip

9.75 MB

  Alien Incident (1996)(Housemarque).zip

9.46 MB

  Alien Fires 2199 Ad (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

406.30 KB

  Alien Carnage Original Install (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

2.74 MB

  Alien Carnage (1993)(Apogee Software).zip

2.58 MB

  Alien Carnage (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev).zip

2.76 MB

  Alien Cabal 1 (1997)(Qasoft).zip

12.31 MB

  Alien Breed Tower Assault Enhanced (1994)(Psygnosis Team 17).zip

2.35 MB

  Alien Breed Tower Assault (1994)(Psygnosis Team 17).zip

1.07 MB

  Alien Breed (1993)(Team 17).zip

1.02 MB

  Alien Attack (1997)(Eldon Martin).zip

69.15 KB

  Alien Anarchy (1998)(Perceptum Informatica).zip

6.29 MB

  Alice In Wonderland (1985)(Dale Disharoon Inc).zip

156.77 KB

  Aliants The Desparate Battle for Earth (1989)(Star Soft).zip

219.74 KB

  Alfs Thinking Skills (1993)(Vision Software).zip

297.82 KB

  Alf The First (1987)(Box Office).zip

94.48 KB

  Alex Higgins World Snooker (1986)(Amstrad And Lindensoft).zip

32.60 KB

  Aldos Adventure (1987)(Yahoo Software).zip

16.06 KB

  Aldos Adventure (1987)(Yahoo Software)(Rev).zip

16.04 KB

  Alcatraz (1992)(Atari Inc).zip

729.48 KB

  Albion (1996)(Blue Byte).zip

33.61 MB

  Al Qadim The Genies Curse (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

6.50 MB

  Akalabeth World Of Doom (1980)(Origin Systems Inc).zip

58.35 KB

  Ajs World Of Discovery (1992)(Coktel Vision).zip

3.54 MB

  Ajax (1989)(Konami).zip

766.00 KB

  Airline (1991)(Falkan)(G).zip

1.60 MB

  Airlift Rescue (1995)(David Fleming).zip

131.63 KB

  Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

331.47 KB

  Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev).zip

282.73 KB

  Airball (1987)(Micro Deal).zip

137.46 KB

  Air Trax (1983)(Presearch Incorporated).zip

12.52 KB

  Air Traffic Controller (1996)(Cascoly Software).zip

41.11 KB

  Air Strike Usa (1990)(Cinemaware).zip

286.73 KB

  Air Force Commander (1992)(Impressions Games).zip

396.07 KB

  Air Bucks (1992)(Sierra Online).zip

1.18 MB

  Age (1991)(Coktel Vision).zip

1.88 MB

  Age (1991)(Coktel Vision)(F).zip

1.88 MB

  After Burner (1988)(Sega Entertainment Inc).zip

424.29 KB

  African Trail Simulator (1990)(Positive).zip

90.55 KB

  African Raiders (1986)(Tomahawk).zip

108.71 KB

  African Adventure (1984)(Fullerton).zip

46.52 KB

  Adventures Of Willy Beamish (1991)(Sierra Online).zip

5.97 MB

  Adventures Of Willy Beamish (1991)(Dynamix).zip

5.98 MB

  Adventures Of Robin Hood (1992)(Millennium).zip

475.93 KB

  Adventures Of Robin Hood (1991)(Millennium Interactive).zip

475.93 KB

  Adventures Of Robin Hood (1991)(Millennium Interactive)(Rev).zip

475.93 KB

  Adventures Of Microman (1993)(Brian Goble).zip

540.23 KB

  Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio).zip

83.09 KB

  Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio)(Rev4).zip

88.22 KB

  Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio)(Rev3).zip

86.73 KB

  Adventures In Serenia (1986)(Online Systems).zip

66.87 KB

  Adventures In Math (1983)(Ibm).zip

90.72 KB

  Adventure Game Toolkit (1993)(Softworks).zip

274.82 KB

  Adventure Fun Pack (1989)(Apogee Software).zip

133.33 KB

  Adventure Construction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

158.75 KB

  Adventure (1991)(Craig Pell).zip

31.26 KB

  Advantage Tennis (1991)(Atari Inc)(F).zip

422.01 KB

  Advanced Xoru (1989)(Castle Technologies).zip

132.04 KB

  Advanced Tactical Air Command (1992)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

1.37 MB

  Advanced Flight Trainer (1987)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

104.63 KB

  Advanced Destroyer Simulator (1990)(Futura).zip

269.33 KB

  Advanced Civilization (1995)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

13.37 MB

  Actua Soccer (1995)(Gremlin Interactive).zip

7.36 MB

  Actobots (1989)(Scott Emmons).zip

28.85 KB

  Activision Adventure Pack (1995)(Infocom).zip

922.75 KB

  Action Supercross (1998)(Bal).zip

1.63 MB

  Action Super Cross (1993)(Ervin Horvath).zip

2.01 MB

  Action Stations (1991)(Raw Simulations).zip

774.17 KB

  Action Soccer (1995)(Ubisoft Entertainment).zip

645.26 KB

  Action Soccer (1995)(Ludi Media).zip

8.15 MB

  Action In The North Atlantic (1989)(General Quarters Software).zip

137.64 KB

  Action Fighter (1986)(Firebird Software Ltd Kixx).zip

73.62 KB

  Ackack (1995)(Plbm).zip

54.55 KB

  Ack Ack Attack (1996)(Kurt Dekker).zip

115.35 KB

  Acid Tetris (1998)(Jason Pimble).zip

1.15 MB

  Acheton (1990)(Topologika).zip

122.10 KB

  Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix).zip

3.82 MB

  Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)(Rev1).zip

3.80 MB

  Aces of the Pacific WWII 1946 (1992)(Dynamix).zip

4.72 MB

  Aces Of The Pacific (1992)(Sierra Online).zip

1.38 MB

  Aces Of The Deep (1994)(Sierra Online).zip

5.81 MB

  Ace Of Aces (1987)(Accolade).zip

70.81 KB

  Ace Of Aces 2 (1987)(Accolade).zip

31.01 KB

  Ace Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Spinnaker).zip

26.52 KB

  Accordion (1990)(Softdisk Publishing).zip

34.47 KB

  Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com).zip

2.81 MB

  Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com)(Rev1).zip

2.85 MB

  Absolute Pinball (1996)(21st Century Entertainment).zip

4.27 MB

  Abrams Battle Tank (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

429.42 KB

  Abc Wide World Of Sport Boxing (1991)(Data East Corporation).zip

872.34 KB

  Abc Monday Night Football (1989)(Abc Interactive).zip

1.46 MB

  Abandoned Places A Time For Heroes (1992)(International Computer Entertainment Ltd).zip

2.24 MB

  Aaargh (1988)(Arcadia).zip

414.79 KB

  A Train Construction Set (1992)(Ocean).zip

599.08 KB

  A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc).zip

1.06 MB

  A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev).zip

1.88 MB

  A Nightmare On Elm Street (1989)(Monarch Software).zip

315.56 KB

  A Nightmare On Elm Street 1.0 (1989)(Monarch Software).zip

264.43 KB

  A Mind Forever Voyaging (1985)(Infocom).zip

179.58 KB

  A Line In The Sand (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc).zip

557.74 KB

  A IV Network$ (1995)(Infogrames).zip

4.81 MB

  A Dudley Dilemna (1989)(Lane Barrow).zip

134.59 KB

  A320 Airbus (1991)(Thalion Software).zip

341.99 KB

  A10 Tank Killer Enhanced (1989)(Dynamix).zip

1.81 MB

  A10 Tank Killer (1991)(Dynamix).zip

1.79 MB

  A10 Tank Killer (1989)(Dynamix).zip

1.06 MB

  100000 Pyramid (1988)(Basada).zip

97.93 KB

  20000 Leagues Under The Sea (1988)(Coktel Vision).zip

280.32 KB

  8088 Othello (1985)(Bayley).zip

2.58 KB

  2400 Ad (1987)(Origin Systems Inc).zip

124.08 KB

  1942 The Pacific Air War (1994)(Microprose Software Inc).zip

12.49 MB

  1942 The Pacific Air War (1994)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev1).zip

11.19 MB

  1869 (1992)(Max Design).zip

1.08 MB

  1830 Railroads And Robber Barons (1995)(Avalon Interactive).zip

3.94 MB

  1000 Miglia (1991)(Simulmondo).zip

1.15 MB

  688 Attack Sub (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

568.94 KB

  688 Attack Sub (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc).zip

172.66 KB

  221 B Baker St (1986)(Datasoft Inc).zip

254.02 KB

  15x15 Picture Puzzle (1996)(Freeware).zip

629.98 KB

  10th Frame (1986)(Access Software Inc).zip

29.31 KB

  9 Poker (1996)(Softstar).zip

492.74 KB

  7 Dni A 7 Noci (1994)(Pterodon Software)(C).zip

2.03 MB

  7 Colors (1991)(Infogrames).zip

157.25 KB

  7 Cities Of Gold (1993)(Ozark Softscape).zip

1.09 MB

  5th Fleet (1994)(Avalon Interactive).zip

6.06 MB

  3d World Boxing (1992)(Simulmondo).zip

372.07 KB

  3d Table Sports (1995)(Time Warner Interactive).zip

5.99 MB

  3d Helicopter Simulator (1987)(Sierra Online).zip

66.63 KB

  3d Helicopter Simulator 1.10 (1987)(Sierra Online)(Rev).zip

108.04 KB

  3d Cyberpuck (1995)(Dungeon Entertainment).zip

2.92 MB

  3d Cyber Blaster (1994)(Dungeon Entertainment).zip

1.32 MB

  3d Construction Set 2 (1992)(Domark).zip

524.38 KB

  3d Construction Set 1 (1991)(Domark).zip

518.61 KB

  3d Body Adventure (1994)(Knowledge Adventure Levande Bocker).zip

5.46 MB

  3d Ball Blaster (1992)(Dungeon Entertainment).zip

1.32 MB

  3 Demon (1983)(Pc Research).zip

22.93 KB

  1 To Nil Soccer Manager (1992)(Wizard Games Of Scotland Ltd).zip

309.35 KB

  Azalta The Cult Of The Raven (1996)(Psychosoft Ent).zip

490.87 KB

 DOS Collection A to D (Memories Project) Part 1 of 4.txt

35.34 KB


0.02 KB

Announce URL: http://www.h33t.com:3310/announce

Torrent description

This is the DOS Collection-A.to.Z-TorrentLeech-MEMORIES.PROJECT

This is the first one,

DOS Collection A to D (Memories Project) Part 1 of 4 (824 Games) 2.09 GB

DOS Collection E to L (Memories Project) Part 2 of 4 (604 Games) 1.67 GB
DOS Collection M to R (Memories Project) Part 3 of 4 (573 Games) 1.99 GB
DOS Collection S to Z (Memories Project) Part 4 of 4 (795 Games) 2.25 GB
DOS Collection Update (Memories Project) (adds 45 Games)

Here's the list.. for A-D

100000 Pyramid (1988)(Basada)
1000 Miglia (1991)(Simulmondo)
10th Frame (1986)(Access Software Inc)
15x15 Picture Puzzle (1996)(Freeware)
1830 Railroads And Robber Barons (1995)(Avalon Interactive)
1869 (1992)(Max Design)
1942 The Pacific Air War (1994)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev1)
1942 The Pacific Air War (1994)(Microprose Software Inc)
1 To Nil Soccer Manager (1992)(Wizard Games Of Scotland Ltd)
20000 Leagues Under The Sea (1988)(Coktel Vision)
221 B Baker St (1986)(Datasoft Inc)
2400 Ad (1987)(Origin Systems Inc)
3d Ball Blaster (1992)(Dungeon Entertainment)
3d Body Adventure (1994)(Knowledge Adventure Levande Bocker)
3d Construction Set 1 (1991)(Domark)
3d Construction Set 2 (1992)(Domark)
3d Cyber Blaster (1994)(Dungeon Entertainment)
3d Cyberpuck (1995)(Dungeon Entertainment)
3 Demon (1983)(Pc Research)
3d Helicopter Simulator 1.10 (1987)(Sierra Online)(Rev)
3d Helicopter Simulator (1987)(Sierra Online)
3d Table Sports (1995)(Time Warner Interactive)
3d World Boxing (1992)(Simulmondo)
4d Boxing (1991)(Mindscape Inc)(Rev1)
4d Boxing (1991)(Mindscape Inc)(Rev2)
4d Boxing Deluxe (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)
4d Prince Of Persia (1994)(Broderbund Software Inc)
4d Sports Driving 1.1 (1990)(Mindscape Inc)(Rev2)
4d Sports Driving 1.1 (1990)(Mindscape Inc)(Rev)
4d Sports Driving 1.1 (1990)(Mindscape Inc)
4d Sport Tennis (1990)(Mindscape Inc)
4 Queens Computer Casino (1992)(Applications Plus)
4th And Inches (1987)(Accolade)
4x4 Offroad Racing (1988)(Epyx)
5th Fleet (1994)(Avalon Interactive)
688 Attack Sub (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)
688 Attack Sub (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)
7 Cities Of Gold (1993)(Ozark Softscape)
7 Colors (1991)(Infogrames)
7 Dni A 7 Noci (1994)(Pterodon Software)(C)
8088 Othello (1985)(Bayley)
9 Poker (1996)(Softstar)
A10 Tank Killer (1989)(Dynamix)
A10 Tank Killer (1991)(Dynamix)
A10 Tank Killer Enhanced (1989)(Dynamix)
A320 Airbus (1991)(Thalion Software)
Aaargh (1988)(Arcadia)
Abandoned Places A Time For Heroes (1992)(International Computer Entertainment Ltd)
Abc Monday Night Football (1989)(Abc Interactive)
Abc Wide World Of Sport Boxing (1991)(Data East Corporation)
Abrams Battle Tank (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Absolute Pinball (1996)(21st Century Entertainment)
Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com)(Rev1)
Abuse (1995)(Crack Dot Com)
Accordion (1990)(Softdisk Publishing)
Ace Air Combat Emulator (1986)(Spinnaker)
Ace Of Aces (1987)(Accolade)
Ace Of Aces 2 (1987)(Accolade)
Aces Of The Deep (1994)(Sierra Online)
Aces Of The Pacific (1992)(Sierra Online)
Aces of the Pacific WWII 1946 (1992)(Dynamix)
Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)(Rev1)
Aces Over Europe (1993)(Dynamix)
Acheton (1990)(Topologika)
Acid Tetris (1998)(Jason Pimble)
Ackack (1995)(Plbm)
Ack Ack Attack (1996)(Kurt Dekker)
Action Fighter (1986)(Firebird Software Ltd Kixx)
Action In The North Atlantic (1989)(General Quarters Software)
Action Soccer (1995)(Ludi Media)
Action Soccer (1995)(Ubisoft Entertainment)
Action Stations (1991)(Raw Simulations)
Action Super Cross (1993)(Ervin Horvath)
Action Supercross (1998)(Bal)
Activision Adventure Pack (1995)(Infocom)
Actobots (1989)(Scott Emmons)
Actua Soccer (1995)(Gremlin Interactive)
A Dudley Dilemna (1989)(Lane Barrow)
Advanced Civilization (1995)(Microprose Software Inc)
Advanced Destroyer Simulator (1990)(Futura)
Advanced Flight Trainer (1987)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Advanced Tactical Air Command (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)
Advanced Xoru (1989)(Castle Technologies)
Advantage Tennis (1991)(Atari Inc)(F)
Adventure (1991)(Craig Pell)
Adventure Construction Set (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Adventure Fun Pack (1989)(Apogee Software)
Adventure Game Toolkit (1993)(Softworks)
Adventures In Math (1983)(Ibm)
Adventures In Serenia (1986)(Online Systems)
Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio)(Rev3)
Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio)(Rev4)
Adventures Of Captain Comic (1988)(Michael Denio)
Adventures Of Maddog Williams In The Dungeons Of Duridian (1991)(Game Crafters)
Adventures Of Microman (1993)(Brian Goble)
Adventures Of Robin Hood (1991)(Millennium Interactive)(Rev)
Adventures Of Robin Hood (1991)(Millennium Interactive)
Adventures Of Robin Hood (1992)(Millennium)
Adventures Of Willy Beamish (1991)(Dynamix)
Adventures Of Willy Beamish (1991)(Sierra Online)
African Adventure (1984)(Fullerton)
African Raiders (1986)(Tomahawk)
African Trail Simulator (1990)(Positive)
After Burner (1988)(Sega Entertainment Inc)
Age (1991)(Coktel Vision)(F)
Age (1991)(Coktel Vision)
Airball (1987)(Micro Deal)
Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)
Airborne Ranger (1987)(Microprose Software Inc)
Air Bucks (1992)(Sierra Online)
Air Force Commander (1992)(Impressions Games)
Airlift Rescue (1995)(David Fleming)
Airline (1991)(Falkan)(G)
Air Strike Usa (1990)(Cinemaware)
Air Traffic Controller (1996)(Cascoly Software)
Air Trax (1983)(Presearch Incorporated)
A IV Network$ (1995)(Infogrames)
Ajax (1989)(Konami)
Ajs World Of Discovery (1992)(Coktel Vision)
Akalabeth World Of Doom (1980)(Origin Systems Inc)
Albion (1996)(Blue Byte)
Alcatraz (1992)(Atari Inc)
Aldos Adventure (1987)(Yahoo Software)(Rev)
Aldos Adventure (1987)(Yahoo Software)
Alex Higgins World Snooker (1986)(Amstrad And Lindensoft)
Alfs Thinking Skills (1993)(Vision Software)
Alf The First (1987)(Box Office)
Aliants The Desparate Battle for Earth (1989)(Star Soft)
Alice In Wonderland (1985)(Dale Disharoon Inc)
Alien Anarchy (1998)(Perceptum Informatica)
Alien Attack (1997)(Eldon Martin)
Alien Breed (1993)(Team 17)
Alien Breed Tower Assault (1994)(Psygnosis Team 17)
Alien Breed Tower Assault Enhanced (1994)(Psygnosis Team 17)
Alien Cabal 1 (1997)(Qasoft)
Alien Carnage (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev)
Alien Carnage (1993)(Apogee Software)
Alien Carnage Original Install (1993)(Apogee Software)
Alien Fires 2199 Ad (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Alien Incident (1996)(Housemarque)
Alien Legacy (1993)(Sierra Online)
Alien Logic (1994)(Mindscape Inc)
Alien Olympics (1994)(Mindscape Inc)
Alien Quake (1997)(Alien Quake Team)
Alien Rampage (1996)(Softdisk Publishing)(Rev)
Alien Rampage (1996)(Softdisk Publishing)
Alien Syndrome (1987)(Sega Entertainment Inc)
Alien Trilogy (1996)(Probe Entertainment)
A Line In The Sand (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
All Dogs Go To Heaven (1989)(Mgm Interactive)
Alley Cat (1984)(Synsoft)
All New Family Feud (1989)(Sharedata Inc)
All New World Of Lemmings 3 (1994)(Psygnosis)
Alone In The Dark (1992)(Interplay)
Alone In The Dark 2 (1994)(Interplay)
Alone In The Dark 3 (1995)(Interplay)
Alpha Waves (1990)(Infogrames)
Alqadim The Genies Curse (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Al Qadim The Genies Curse (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Altered Beast (1988)(Sega Entertainment Inc)
Altered Destiny (1990)(Accolade)
Alter Ego Female (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc)
Alter Ego Male (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc)
Alternate Reality The City (1986)(Datasoft Inc)
Amado (1990)(Yong Choi)
Amarillo Slim 7 Card Stud (1991)(Villa Crespo Software)
Amarillo Slim Dealers Choice (1991)(Villa Crespo Software)
Amazing Maze (1983)(Headlands Press)(Rev)
Amazing Maze (1983)(Headlands Press)
Amazing Spiderman (1989)(Paragon Software Corporation)
Amazing Spiderman (1992)(Oxford Digital)
Amazing Spiderman And Captain America Doctors Dooms Revenge (1989)(Paragon Software)
Amazon (1984)(Trillium)
Amazon Guardians Of Eden (1992)(Access Software Inc)
Amberstar (1992)(Thalion Software)
Ambush At Sorinor (1993)(Mindcraft)
American Challenge A Sailing Simulation (1986)(Mindscape Inc)
American Gladiators (1991)(Gametek)
A Mind Forever Voyaging (1985)(Infocom)
Amnesia (1984)(Cognetics Corporation)
Amok (1996)(Scavenger)
Amulet Of Yendor (1985)(Keypunch)
Anacreon Reconstruction 4021 (1988)(Tma)
An American Tail (1993)(Capstone Software)
Ancient Art Of War (1984)(Broderbund Software Inc)(Rev)
Ancient Art Of War (1984)(Broderbund Software Inc)
Ancient Art Of War At Sea (1987)(Broderbund Software Inc)
Ancient Art Of War In The Skies (1990)(Microprose Software Inc)
Ancient Art of War in the Skies The (1992)(Evryware)
Ancient Land of Ys (1989)(Nihon Falcom Japan)
Ancients 1 Deathwatch (1993)(Epic Megagames Inc)
Andre Panzas Kickboxing (1992)(Loriciel)
Andromeda Conquest (1982)(Avalon Interactive)
Angband 2.8.2 (1997)(Robert Ruehlmann)
A Nightmare On Elm Street 1.0 (1989)(Monarch Software)
A Nightmare On Elm Street (1989)(Monarch Software)
Animal Math (1986)(Donald Pavia)
Annals Of Rome (1986)(Personal Software Services)
Another World (1991)(Delphine Software)(F)
Another World (1991)(Delphine Software)
Ansi Dude (1995)(Vectorscope Software)
Anstoss Action (1994)(Ascaron Entertainment Gmbh)
Antarctic Adventure (1984)(Friends Software Konami)
Anti Ballistic Missle (1984)(David Disk)
Antixonix (1985)(Pavlovsky)
Anvil of Dawn (1995)(Dream Forge Entertainment)
Anvil Of Dawn (1995)(New World Computing Inc)
Apache Strike (1989)(Activision Publishing Inc)
Apb (1989)(Domark)
Apba Baseball Deluxe (1996)(Miller Associates)
Apollo 18 (1988)(Accolade)
Apple Panic (1982)(Broderbund Software Inc)
Aquanoid (1992)(Stefan Heineke)
Aquaphobia (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)
Arachnaphobia (1991)(Blue Sky Software)
Arcade Pool (1994)(Team 17)
Arcade Volleyball (1987)(Einstein)
Archer Macleans Pool (1993)(Virgin Games)
Archer Macleans Pool (1993)(Virgin Interactive)(Rev)
Archery (1985)(Sicis)
Archipelagos (1989)(Britannica Software)
Archon (1984)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Archon Ultra (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Arctic Adventure Volume 1 (1991)(Apogee Software)
Arctic Adventure Volume 2 (1991)(Apogee Software)
Arctic Adventure Volume 3 (1991)(Apogee Software)
Arctic Adventure Volume 4 (1991)(Apogee Software)
Arctic Baron (1993)(Readysoft)
Arcticfox (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Are We There Yet (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Arkanoid 1 (1986)(Taito Corporation)
Arkanoid (1986)(Taito Corporation)
Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1987)(Taito Corporation)
Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1988)(Taito Corporation)(Rev)
Arkanoid 2 Revenge Of Doh (1988)(Taito Corporation)
Armada (1990)(Interstel)
Armada 2525 (1991)(Interstel)
Armada 2525 Deluxe Edition (1991)(Interstel)
Armaeth The Lost Kingdom (1993)(Grandslam Software Inc)
Armchair Quarterback (1985)(Pseudonym)
Armor Alley (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)
Armor Alley (1996)(Three Sixty Pacific)
Armored Fist (1994)(Novalogic Inc)
Armored Fist (1994)(Nova Logic)
Armour Geddon (1991)(Psygnosis)
Arnie 2 (1993)(Eutechnyx)
Arthur The Quest For Excalibur (1989)(Infocom)
Artura (1989)(Mastertronic)
Arya Vaiv (1994)(Dongelware Selections)(Rev1)
Ascendancy (1995)(Softgold)
Ascii Invaders (2002)(Corey Mercer)
Ashes of Empire (1993)(Gametek)
Aspar Gp Master (1989)(Dinamic)
Aspetra (1996)(Zonarware)
Asterix And The Magic Carpet (1987)(Coktel Vision)
Asterix Operation Getafix (1989)(Coktel Vision)
Astro Dodge (1982)(Digital Marketing Corporation)
Astro Fire (1994)(Ort Software)
Astronomy Quiz (1988)(Softdisk Publishing)
Astrotit (1987)(Rudeware Productions)
Atac (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)
Atlantis World (1994)(Znderungen Und Neuerungen)(G)
Atomino (1990)(Psygnosis)
Atomix Thalion (1990)(Freeware)
A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)(Rev)
A Train (1992)(Maxis Software Inc)
A Train Construction Set (1992)(Ocean)
Attack (1982)(Ibm)
Attack On Altair (1982)(Windmill Soft)
Aufschwung Ost (1993)(Sunflowers)(G)
Austerlitz (1989)(Mirrorsoft Personal Software Services)
Autoduel (1985)(Origin Systems Inc)
Av8b Harrier Assault (1992)(Domark)
Avoid The Noid (1989)(Sharedata Inc)
Awesome Earl Stars In Skate Rock (1987)(Anonymous)
Axis Game Cheater (1996)(Quaterdeck)
Azalta The Cult Of The Raven (1996)(Psychosoft Ent)
B17 Flying Fortress (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev)
B17 Flying Fortress (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)
B 17 Flying Fortress (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev1)
B 17 Flying Fortress (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)
B1 Nuclear Bomber (1980)(Avalon Interactive)
Baal (1988)(Psygnosis)
Baby Jo in Going Home (1991)(Loriciel)(Rev1)
Back to the Future 3 (1991)(Probe Software)
Back To The Future Part II (1990)(Image Works Mirrorsoft)
Bad Blood (1990)(Origin Systems Inc)
Bad Cat (1987)(Rainbow Arts)
Bad Dudes (1988)(Data East Corporation)
Badman A Night With Troi (1991)(Badman)
Bad Street Brawler (1987)(Mindscape Inc)
Balance (1993)(Kingsoft)
Balance Of Power (1985)(Mindscape Inc)
Balance of the Planet (1990)(Incredible Technologies)
Ballistix (1989)(Psygnosis)
Ballrace (1988)(Carl Mclawhorn)
Ballyhoo (1986)(Infocom)
Bananoid (1991)(Banana Development Inc)
Banatron (1989)(Xtc)
Bandit Kings Of Ancient China (1989)(Koei Co Ltd)
Bank Street Music Writer (1986)(Mindscappic)
Banyon Wars (1990)(William Soleau)
Barbarian (1987)(Mastertronic)
Barbarian II Dungeons Of Drax (1988)(Epyx)
Barbie Super Model (1996)(Hi Tech Expressions)
Bards Tale Construction Set (1991)(Interplay)
Bards Tale Construction Set the (1991)(Interplay)
Bards Tale III Thief Of Fate (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Bards Tale II The Destiny Knight (1986)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Bards Tale The (1985)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Bar Games (1989)(Accolade)
Bargon Attack (1992)(Coktel Vision)(F)
Bargon Attack (1992)(Coktel Vision)
Barney Bear Goes To School (1991)(Free Spirit)
Barney Bear Goes To Space (1992)(Free Spirit)
Basketball Challenge (1987)(Xor Corporation)
Basket Master (1990)(Dinamic Software)
Basket Master (1990)(Dinamic)
Basstour (1992)(Dick Olsen)
Bat (1990)(Ubisoft Entertainment)
BAT 2 The Koshan Conspiracy (1992)(Computers Dream)
Bataille Pour Sirius (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)(F)
Batalia (1980)(The Right Brothers)
Batman 2 (1990)(Data East Corporation)
Batman Forever (1996)(Probe Software)
Batman Returns (1992)(Konami Corporation)
Batman The Caped Crusader (1988)(Data East Corporation)
Batman The Movie (1989)(Ocean)(Rev)
Batman The Movie (1989)(Ocean)
Battle Arena Toshinden (1996)(Takara)
Battle Bugs 1 (1994)(Sierra Online)
Battle Bugs (1994)(Sierra Online)
Battle Chess (1988)(Interplay)
Battle Chess (1989)(Interplay)
Battle Chess 4000 (1992)(Interplay)(Rev1)
Battle Chess 4000 (1992)(Interplay)
Battle Chess II Chinese Chess (1990)(Interplay)
Battle Command (1990)(Ocean)
Battle For Atlantis (1990)(William Soleau)
Battle For Midway (1982)(Avalon Interactive)
Battlehawks 1942 (1988)(Lucas Arts)
Battlehawks 1942 (1988)(LucasFilm Games)
Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte)(Rev1)
Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte)(Rev2)
Battle Isle (1991)(Blue Byte)
Battle Isle 2 (1993)(Accolade)
Battle Isle 2 (1994)(Blue Byte)(Rev1)
Battle Isle 2 (1994)(Blue Byte)
Battlemaster (1991)(Pss)
Battle Of Antietam (1985)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Battle Of Austerlitz (1989)(Cornerstone Software Inc)
Battle Of Britain 1940 Their Finest Hour (1989)(Lucas Arts)
Battle On The Black Sea (1992)(Bady)
Battleship Bismarck (1987)(General Quarters Software)
Battles Of Napoleon (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Battlestar (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)
Battletech The Crescent Hawks Inception (1988)(Infocom)
Battletech The Crescent Hawks Revenge (1989)(Infocom)
Battlezone (1983)(Atari Inc)
BC Racers (1995)(Core Design)
Bc Racers (1995)(Front Street Publishing)
Bcs Quest For Tires (1984)(Front Street Publishing)
Beast (1984)(Dan Baker)
Beat The House (1992)(Bridge Publications Inc Spirit Of Discovery)
Beauty And The Beast (1994)(Infogrames)
Beetlejuice In Skeletons In The Closet (1990)(Hi Tech Expressions Inc)
Begin 2 A Tactical Starship Simulation (1991)(Clockwork)
Below The Root (1984)(Telarium)
Beneath A Steel Sky (1993)(Avalon Interactive)
Beregis Automobia Russian (1998)(Watcom International Corp)
Berenstain Bears Learning Essentials The (1992)(Comptons Newmedia)
Berlin 1948 (1990)(Time Warp)
Bert And The Snake (1983)(William Piazza)
Best Of The Best (1992)(Loriciel)
Betrayal (1990)(Rainbird Software)
Betrayal At Krondor (1993)(Sierra Online)
Betrayal at Krondor (1994)(Dynamix)
Betrayal At Krondor Original Install (1993)(Sierra Online)
Beverly Hills Cop (1990)(Tynesoft)
Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1983)(Muse Software)
Beyond Columns (1990)(Sega Entertainment Inc)
Beyond The Black Hole (1989)(Software Toolworks The)
Beyond The Titanic (1986)(Apogee Software)
Beyond Zork (1992)(Infocom)
Beyond Zork The Coconut Of Quendor (1987)(Infocom)
Bible Builder (1992)(Everbright)
Bicycle Card Games Xmas Edition (1996)(Swfte International Ltd)
Bicycle Cribbage (1991)(Swfte International Ltd)
Bicycle Poker (1992)(Swfte International Ltd)
Big Blue Disk 31 (1989)(Softdisk Publishing)
Big Business (1990)(Magic Bytes)
Big Game Fishing (1991)(Simulmondo)
Big Red Adventure (1994)(Dynabyte)
Big Sea (1994)(Starbyte)
Big Three (1989)(Sdj Enterprises)
Big Two (1990)(Tegl Systems Corporation)
Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure (1990)(Capstone Software)
Bill Elliotts Nascar Challenge (1991)(Konami)
Bio Menace 1 Dr. Mangles Lab (1993)(Apogee Software)
Bio Menace Compilation (1993)(Apogee Software)
Bio Menace Episode 1 (1993)(Apogee Software)
Bio Menace Episode 2 (1993)(Apogee Software)
Bio Menace Episode 3 (1993)(Apogee Software)
Bionic Commando (1988)(Capcom)
Birds Of Prey (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Bit Bat (1986)(Albert Savoia)
Black Cauldron (1987)(Sierra Online)(Rev)
Black Cauldron (1987)(Sierra Online)
Black Cauldron The (1987)(Sierra Online)
Black Gold (1990)(Reline Software)(Rev1)
Black Gold (1990)(Reline Software)
Black Hawk (1994)(Interplay)
Blackjack (1984)(Ibm)
Black Sect (1993)(Lankhor)
Blackstar Agent Of Justice Episode 1 (1995)(Worwyk Software)
Blackstar Agent Of Justice Episode 2 (1995)(Worwyk Software)
Blackthorne (1994)(Interplay)
Blackthorne Original Install (1994)(Interplay)
Blades Of Steel (1988)(Konami Corporation)
Blade Warrior (1991)(Image Works)
Blake Stone (1994)(Formgen Wizardworks Software)
Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)(Rev2)
Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold (1993)(Apogee Software)
Blake Stone Aliens Of Gold Original Install (1993)(Apogee Software)
Blake Stone Planet Strike (1994)(Formgen Wizardworks Software)
Blaster Master (1990)(Gary Maddox)
Blasteroids (Image Works)(1990)
Blind Wars (1992)(Soleau Software)
Blitzkrieg Battle At The Ardennes (1989)(Raw Entertainment)
Blockade 2.01 (1986)(Don Laabs)
Block Buster (1990)(Brian Cotton)
Block Five (1986)(Keypunch Software Inc)
Block O Mania (1989)(Cassiopeia)
Blockout 1.0 (1989)(California Dreams Rainbow Arts)
Blockout (1989)(California Dreams)
Blood (1997)(Monolith)
Blood Bowl (1995)(Destiny Software)
Blood Bowl (1995)(Microleague)
Blood Money (1989)(Psygnosis)
Bloodnet A Cyberpunk Gothic (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)
Bloodstone An Epic Dwarven Tale (1993)(Mindcraft)
Bloodwych (1989)(Konami Corporation)
Blort (1987)(Hennsoft)
Blue And The Gray The (1993)(Impressions Games)
Blue Angels Formation Flight Simulation (1989)(Accolade)
Blue Force (1993)(Tsunami Games)
Blue Force (1993)(Tsunami Media Inc)
Blue Max Aces Of The Great War (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)
Blues Brothers 2 The (1991)(Titus Interactive)
Blues Brothers Jukebox Adventure (1993)(Titus Interactive)
Blues Brothers The (1990)(Titus Interactive)
Bob Winner (1986)(Loriciel)
Body Blows (1993)(Team 17)
Bo Jackson Baseball (1991)(Data East)
Bolo Ball (1992)(Soleau Software)
Bomb Run (1991)(Pc Solutions)
Bombuzal (1989)(Mirrorsoft)
Bones The Game Of The Haunted Mansion (1991)(Bruce Baker)
Bookie Bookworm Goldielocks And The Three Bears (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group)
Bookie Bookworm Jack And The Beanstalk (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group)
Bookie Bookworm Little Red Riding Hood (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group)
Bookie Bookworm The Ugly Duckling (1994)(Cloud Nine Creative Group)
Booly (1991)(Loriciel)
Boot Camp (1987)(Konami Corporation)
Bopn Wrestle (1985)(Mindscape Inc)
Boppin (1992)(Apogee Software)
Border Zone (1987)(Infocom)
Borrowed Time (1985)(Interplay)
Boston Bomb Club (1991)(Silmarils)(F)
Boston Bomb Club (1991)(Silmarils)
Boulderdash 1 (1984)(First Star Software)
Boulderdash 2 (1985)(First Star Software)
Boulder Dash Construction Kit (1986)(Epyx)
Bounce Zone (1990)(Compute Publications)
Bouncing Babies (1984)(Dave Baskin)
Boxer Rebellion (1980)(Kl Carpenter)
Bram Stokers Dracula (1993)(Psygnosis)
Bravo Romeo Delta (1993)(Frankennstein)
Breach (1987)(Artronic Limited)
Breach 2 (1990)(Impressions Games Mindcraft)
Breach 2 Scenario Disk (1990)(Impressions Games Mindcraft)
Breakers (1986)(Broderbund Software Inc)
Breakfree (1995)(Software Storm Inc)
Brick Layer (1993)(Steve Chamberlin)
Bricks (1984)(Vincent Bly)
Bridge 7.0 (1992)(Artworx)
Bridge Baron (1989)(Great Game Products Inc)
Brimstone (1985)(Broderbund Software Inc)
Brix (1992)(Epic Megagames Inc)
Bruce Lee (1984)(Datasoft Inc)
Bruce Lee Lives The Fall Of Hong Kong Palace (1989)(Software Toolworks The)
Brutal Paws Of Fury (1994)(Gametek)
Brutal Paws of Fury (1995)(GameTek)
Bubble Bobble (1987)(Taito Corporation)
Bubble Bobble (1990)(Taito Corporation)
Bubble Bobble Featuring Rainbow Islands (1996)(Acclaim Entertainment Inc)
Bubble Bobble Featuring Rainbow Islands (1996)(Probe Entertainment)
Bubble Dizzy (1991)(Codemasters)
Bubble Ghost (1987)(Accolade)
Buck Rogers Countdown To Doomsday (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Buck Rogers Matrix Cubed (1992)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Buck Rogers Planet Of Zoom (1984)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Budokan The Martial Spirit (1989)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Bug Bomber (1992)(Kingsoft)
Bugs (1982)(Michael Ouye)
Bugs Bunny Cartoon Workshop (1990)(Novotrade)
Bugs Bunny Hare Brained The (1990)(Hi Tech Expressions Inc)
Bugworld (1990)(Kd Games)
Bullys Sporting Darts (1992)(Alternative Software)
Bumpys Arcade Fantasy (1992)(Loriciel)
Bundesliga Manager (1991)(Software 2000)
Bundesliga Manager Professional (1991)(Software 2000)
Bunny Bricks (1992)(Silmarils)
Bureau 13 (1995)(Gametek)
Bureaucracy (1987)(Infocom)
Burger Blaster (1987)(Anonymous)
Burger Time (1982)(Data East)
Burntime (1993)(Max Design)
Bush Buck Global Treasure Hunter (1991)(Pc Globe Inc)
Bushido (1983)(Ebenel Enterprises)
Business Simulator (1987)(Reality Development Corp)
Bust A Move (1997)(21st Century Entertainment)
Bust A Move (1997)(Taito)
Buzz Aldrins Race Into Space (1992)(Interplay)
Buzz Aldrins Race Into Space (1993)(Avalon Interactive)
By Fire And Sword (1984)(Avalon Interactive)
Cadaver (1990)(Bitmap Brothers)
Caesar (1992)(Impressions Games)(Rev)
Caesar (1992)(Impressions Games)
Caesar 2 (1996)(Impressions)
Caesar II (1996)(Sierra Online)
California Games (1987)(Epyx)
California Games II (1990)(Epyx)
Campanions Of Xanth (1994)(Legend Entertainment)(Rev)
Campanions Of Xanth (1994)(Legend Entertainment)
Cannon Fodder 1 (1993)(Sensible Software)(G)
Cannon Fodder (1993)(Avalon Interactive)
Cannon Fodder (1994)(Avalon Interactive)
Cannon Fodder 2 (1994)(Avalon Interactive)
Cannon Fodder Final Release (1993)(Avalon Interactive)
Captain Comic 2 Fractured Reality (1990)(Michael Denio)
Captain Comic II Fractured Reality (1990)(Computereasy)
Captain Dynamo (1992)(Codemasters)
Captive (1990)(Mindscape Inc)
Car And Driver (1992)(Looking Glass Technologies)
Casino Games (1982)(Ibm)
Castle (1984)(Kevin Bales)
Castle Adventure (1985)(Kevin Bale)
Castle Master (1990)(Domark)
Castle Master 2 The Crypt (1990)(Domark)
Castle Of Dr Brain (1991)(Sierra Online)
Castle Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee)
Castles (1991)(Interplay)(Rev)
Castles (1991)(Interplay)
Castles II Siege And Conquest (1992)(Interplay)
Castles The Northern Campaign (1991)(Interplay)
Castlevania (1990)(Konami)
Castle Wolfenstein (1984)(Muse Software)
Catacomb Abyss (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)
Catch Em (1989)(Edson Software)
Caveman Ugh Lympics (1988)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Caverns Of Kroz (1988)(Apogee)
Caverns Of Kroz 2 (1989)(Apogee)
Cd Man (1992)(Creative Dimensions)
Cd Man 2 (1994)(Creative Dimensions)
Centurion Defender Of Rome (1990)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Chain Reaction (1996)(Webfoot Technologies Inc)
Chamber Of The Sci Mutant Priestess (1989)(Data East)
Champ Asteroids (1993)(Champeau)
Champ Centipede (1993)(Champeau)
Championship Manager (1992)(Domark)
Championship Manager 2 (1995)(Domark)(S)
Championship Manager 97 To 98 (1997)(Eidos Inc)
Champions Of Krynn (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Chaos Engine (1993)(Renegade Software)
Cheats And Patches (1994)(Dox)
Chess (1981)(Mc Rakaska)
Chess 88 (1984)(Don Berg)(Rev2)
Chess 88 (1988)(Don Berg)
Chessmaster 2000 (1986)(Software Toolworks)
Chessmaster 2100 (1988)(Software Toolworks)
Chicago 90 (1989)(Mc2 Microids)
Chickens 2 (1998)(Martin Magnusson)
Chickens 3 (2000)(Frey Development)
Chopper Commando (1989)(Gatecom)
Chopper Duel (1993)(Addict)
Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)(Rev)
Chuck Yeagers Air Combat (1991)(Electronic Arts Inc)
Circuits Edge (1990)(Infocom)
Cisco Heat (1991)(Image Works)
Civilization Russian Edition (1991)(Microprose Software Inc)
Civil War (1997)(Dagger Interactive Technologies)
Classic Concentration (1986)(Sydex)
Classic Concentration (1988)(Sharedata Inc)
Classic Concentration 2 (1989)(Sharedata Inc)
Clockwiser Time Is Running Out (1994)(Rasputin Software)
Cn (1991)(Anonymous)
Coachs Club NFL Football (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)
Codebreaker (1994)(Pressman Toy Corporation)
Codename Iceman (1989)(Sierra Online)
Colonels Bequest (1989)(Sierra Online)
Colorado (1990)(Silmarils)
Color Balls (1996)(The Elite Crew)
Colored Lines (1992)(Gamos Ltd)
Color Lines Russian (1992)(Renmak)
Columbus Discovery (1993)(Gamus)
Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Novalogic Inc)
Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Novalogic)
Comanche Maximum Overkill (1992)(Nova Logic)
Commander Keen 1 Marooned On Mars (1990)(Apogee Software)
Commander Keen 2000 (2000)(Apogee Software)
Commander Keen 2 The Earth Explodes (1990)(Apogee Software)
Commander Keen 3 Keen Must Die (1990)(Apogee Software)
Commander Keen 4 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Commander Keen 4 Secret Of The Oracle (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Commander Keen 5 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Commander Keen 5 The Armageddon Machine (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)(Rev)
Commander Keen 5 The Armageddon Machine (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Commander Keen 6 Aliens Ate My Baby Sitter (1991)(Formgen)
Commander Keen Dreams (1992)(Softdisk Publishing)
Command Hq (1991)(Microplay)
Commando (1985)(Data East)
Companions Of Xanth (1993)(Legend Entertainment Company)
Conan The Cimmerian (1991)(Avalon Interactive)
Conquest (1983)(Windmill Software)
Conquests Of Camelot The Search For The Grail (1990)(Sierra Online)
Conquests Of The Longbow The Legend Of Robin Hood (1993)(Sierra Online)
Contraption Zack (1992)(Presage)
Cool Spot (1993)(Avalon Interactive)
Cool Spot Original Install (1993)(Avalon Interactive)
Cool World (1992)(Ocean)
Corewar Plus (1991)(Stefan Strack)
Corner 57 (1988)(Genus Microprogramming Inc)
Corporation (1990)(Avalon Interactive)
Corridor 7 Alien Invasion (1995)(Capstone Software)
Corruption (1988)(Rainbird Software)
Corsarios (1991)(Operasoft)
Cosmos Cosmic Adventure Forbidden Planet (1992)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Cougar Force (1990(Coktel Vision)
Countdown (1990)(Access Software Inc)
Cover Girls Strip Poker (1992)(Emotional Pictures)
Crackers (1990)(The Corner Crackers)
Crack Of Doom The (1989)(Atari Inc)
Crash Garret (1987)(Informatiove)
Crazy Cars (1987)(Titus)
Crazy Cars 2 (1989)(Titus Interactive)
Crazy Cars 3 (1992)(Titus)
Crazy Cows (1998)(Runt Time)
Crazy Nicks Pick King Grahams Board Game Challenge (1993)(Sierra Online)
Crazy Nicks Pick Parlor Games With Laura Bow (1993)(Sierra Online)
Crazy Nicks Pick Robin Hoods Game Of Skill And Chance (1993)(Sierra Online)
Crazy Nicks Pick Roger Wilcos Spaced Out Game Pack (1993)(Sierra Online)
Creepers (1992)(Psygnosis)
Cribbage (1989)(Th Turner)
Crime City (1992)(Impressions Games)
Crime Wave (1990)(Access Software Inc)
Crisis In The Kremlin (1991)(Spectrum Holobyte Inc)
Croisiere Pour Un Cadavre (1991)(Delphine Software)
Crossfire (1982)(Sierra Online)
Crossword (1987)(G Doc)
Crown (1990)(Starbyte)
Cruise For A Corpse (1991)(Delphine Software)
Crusader No Regret (1996)(Origin)
Crusader No Remorse (1995)(Origin)
Crux (1991)(Microlink)
Crystal Caves (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Crystal Caves 2 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Crystal Caves 3 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Crystal Caves Compilation (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Crystals Of Arborea (1990)(Silmarils)
Cubix 1.0 (1996)(Jean Guy Lavallee)
Curse Of Enchantia (1992)(Core Design Ltd)
Curse of Enchantia (1992)(Core Design)
Curse Of The Azure Bonds (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Custers Last Command (1995)(Incredible Simulation)
Cyberdogs (1997)(Ronny Wester)
Cyber Race 1.22 (1993)(Cyberdreams)
Cyber Race (1993)(Cyberdreams)
Cyclones (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Cyrus (1985)(Intelligent Chess Software)
Daffy Duck (1991)(Hi Tech Expressions)
Dam Busters 1 (1984)(Accolade)
Dam Busters (1984)(Accolade)
Dangerous Daves Risky Rescue (1993)(Softdisk Publishing)
Dangerous Streets (1992)(Micromania)
Dark Ages (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Dark Half The (1992)(Symtus)
Dark Heart Of Uukrul (1989)(Broderbund Software Inc)
Dark Heart Of Uukrul (1990)(Broderbund Software Inc)
Darklands (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev1)
Darklands (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)(Rev2)
Darklands (1992)(Microprose Software Inc)
Dark Legions (1994)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Dark Seed (1992)(Cyberdreams)
Dark Sword (1987)(Crazy Club)
Dark Wolf (1994)(Dindia Software)
Dark Woods 2 (2002)(Jocke The Beast)
Das Boot (1990)(Three Sixty Pacific)(G)
David Wolf Secret Agent (1989)(Dynamix)
Dawn Patrol (1994)(Empire Interactive Entertainment)
Dawn Raiders (1991)(Softstar)
Day Of Tentacle (1992)(Lucas Arts)
Day Of The Tentacle (1993)(Lucas Arts)
Day Of The Tentacle Talkie (1993)(Lucas Arts)
Day Of The Viper (1989)(Accolade)
D Day America Invades (1994)(Impressions)
Deadline (1982)(Infocom)
Deadly Racer (1994)(Flair Software)
Death By Backgammon (1990)(Kanaris)
Death Gate (1994)(Legend Entertainment)
Death Knights Of Krynn (1991)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Death Rally (1996)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Death Sword (1987)(Epyx)
Deathtrack (1986)(Activision Publishing Inc)
Deathtrack (1989)(Activision Publishing Inc)
Deathtrack (1989)(Activision Publishing)
Decathlon (1982)(Microsoft)
Dedale (1986)(Softstar)
Defender Of The Crown (1986)(Mindscape Inc)
Defender Of The Crown Cga (1982)(Mindscape Inc)
Defender Of The Crown Ega (1983)(Mindscape Inc)
Delta V (1994)(Bethesda Softworks)
Deluxe Ski Jump (2001)(Jussi Koskela)
Deluxe Ski Jump Demo (2000)(Jussi Koskela)
Demons Winter (1986)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Depth Dweller Episode 1 To 3 (1995)(Trisoft)
Der Planer 1 (2001)(Greenwood)(G)
Descent (1995)(Interplay)(Rev)
Descent (1995)(Interplay)
Descent Plus (1995)(Interplay)(Rev)
Descent Plus (1995)(Interplay)
Des Chiffres Et Des Lettres (1987)(Loraiticles)
Desert Strike (1995)(Front Street Publishing)
Desert Strike Return To The Gulf (1994)(Gremlin Interactive Ltd)
Destroyer (1987)(Epyx)
Destruction Derby (1996)(Reflections Interactive)(Rev1)
Destruction Derby (1996)(Reflections Interactive)
Destruction Derby 2 (1996)(Psygnosis)
Detroit (1993)(Impressions)
Detroit (1993)(Sierra Online)
Devastator (1984)(Compute)
Dgeneration (1988)(Mindscape Inc)
D Generation Cga (1991)(The Software Toolworks)
D Generation Ega (1994)(The Software Toolworks)
D Generation Vga (1991)(The Software Toolworks)
Die Hard (1989)(Dynamix)
Die Hard 2 Die Harder (1991)(Grandslam Software Inc)
Dig Dug (1982)(Namco)
Digger 1.49 (1993)(Millennium Interactive)
Digger (1983)(Millennium Interactive)
Digger Remastered (2000)(Andrew Jenner)
Diggers (1994)(Millenium)
Digging For Buried Treasure (1994)(Marathon Technology Inc)
Digital Downs 1.3 (1994)(Accidental Software)
Dinopark Tycoon (1993)(Mecc)
Dinosaur Adventure (1993)(Knowledge Adventure)
Dinosaur Balls (1992)(Amwa Hk)
Diplomacy (1984)(Avalon Interactive)
Disc (1990)(Loriciel)
Discworld (1995)(Perfect 10 Productions)(Rev1)
Discworld (1995)(Perfect 10 Productions)
Disneys Aladdin (1993)(Avalon Interactive)
Disneys Aladdin (1994)(Virgin Interactive)
Dizzy (1987)(Codemasters)
Dizzy Prince Of The Yolkfolk (1991)(Codemasters)
Dj Puff (1992)(Codemaster)
Dogfight 80 Years Of Aerial Warfare (1993)(Microprose Software Inc)
Dominium (1992)(Microids)
Donald Ducks Playground (1984)(Sierra Online)
Donkey Kong (1983)(Atari Inc)
Dont Go Alone (1989)(Accolade)
Doofus (1993)(Prestige Software)
Doom (1993)(Id Software)(Rev)
Doom (1993)(Id Software)
Doom 2 (1994)(Atari Inc)
Doom 2d 1997 (Act)
Doom 2 Ultimate Mods (1996)(Id Software)
Doom Deluxe CDROM (1993)(Id Software)
Doom II Hell On Earth (1994)(Atari Inc)(Rev1.7)
Doom II Hell On Earth (1994)(Atari Inc)
Doom Version (1993)(Id Software)(Rev1.2)
Double Dragon (1988)(Arcadia Tradewest Inc)
Double Dragon III The Sacred Stones (1991)(Avalon Interactive)
Double Dragon II The Revenge (1989)(Avalon Interactive)
Double Talk Sport Edition (1994)(Boyle And Elggren Games Inc)
Dracula In London (1993)(SDJ Enterprises)
Dragon Fly (1988)(Freeware)
Dragonriders Of Pern (1987)(Everlasting)
Dragons A Challenge In Chivalry (1989)(Freeware)
Dragons Lair (1989)(Sullivan Bluth)
Dragons Lair II Escape From Singes Castle (1987)(Readysoft Incorporated)
Dragons Lair III The Curse Of Mordread (1992)(Readysoft Incorporated)
Dragon Slayer (1992)(Silmarils)
Dragons Of Flame (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)(Rev)
Dragons Of Flame (1989)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Dragonsphere (1994)(Microprose Software Inc)
Dragon Strike (1990)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Drakkhen (1989)(Atari Inc)
Dreamweb (1994)(Empire Interactive Entertainment)
Dr Who (1992)(Bbc Enterprises Ltd)
Duck Tales Quest For Gold (1988)(Disney)
Duck Tales The Quest For Gold (1988)(Disney)
Duke Nukem 2 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Duke Nukem 3D (1996)(3D Realms)
Duke Nukem 3d (1996)(Atari Inc)(Rev1.7)
Duke Nukem 3d (1996)(Atari Inc)
Duke Nukem 3d Atomic Edition 1.4 (1996)(Atari Inc)
Duke Nukem 3D It And Out In D.C. (1996)(3D Realms)
Duke Nukem Compliation 2.0 (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Duke Nukem Episode 1 Shrapnel City (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Duke Nukem Episode 3 Trapped In The Future (1991)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Dune (1992)(Avalon Interactive)(F)
Dune (1992)(Avalon Interactive)
Dune 2 The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Westwood Studios)
Dune 3 Russian (1994)(Sergei Bobrovsky)
Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Avalon Interactive)(F)
Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1992)(Avalon Interactive)
Dune II The Building Of A Dynasty (1993)(Avalon Interactive)
Dungeon Hack (1993)(Strategic Simulations Inc)
Dungeon Master (1988)(FTL Software)(F)
Dungeon Master (1988)(FTL Software)
Dungeon Master 2 The Legend Of Skullkeep (1994)(FTL Incorporated)(F)
Dungeon Master 2 The Legend Of Skullkeep (1994)(FTL Incorporated)
Dungeons Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee Software Ltd)
Dungeons Of Kroz (1989)(Apogee)
Dungeons Of Kroz 2 (1990)(Apogee)
Durak (1999)(Serge Birj)
Dusk Of The Gods (1991)(Interstel)
Dylan Dog The Murderers (Simulmondo)(1992)
Dylan Dog Through the Looking Glass (1993)(Simulmondo)
Dynablaster (1992)(Hudson Soft)(Rev1)
Dynablaster (1992)(Hudson Soft)

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