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[size=6][color=red] -= EBOOK COLLECTION (ADDITIONAL) =- [/color][/size]

Additional Collection of EBOOK's for everyone's benefit, released under the [color=yellow]FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACT![/color]


[flash width=540 height=320 background=#000000 wmode=transparent/opaque]http://www.csiwembley.co.uk/gif/pdf.swf[/flash]



[color=yellow]Angels Don't Play This HAARP - Advances in Tesla Technology (2004).pdf
Apollo Moon Hoax.pdf
Brzezinski - The Geostrategic Triad - Living with China, Europe and Russia (2000).pdf
Brzezinski - The Grand Chessboard - American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives (1997).pdf
Da Vinci Code.pdf
Deschner - Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (German - 8 Volumes - 2005).pdf
Disclosure - Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Secrets in Modern History.pdf
Easy Way To Stop Smoking.pdf
George Orwell - 1984.Pdf
Global Tyranny Step By Step - The United Nations and the Emerging New World Order (1992).pdf
Hitler - New World Order (1928).pdf
Illuminati 666.pdf
Jewish Supremacism.pdf
JJ Luna - How to be Invisible.pdf
Kevin Trudeau - Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About.pdf
Michael Tsarion - Astrotheology And Sidereal Mythology.pdf
Michael Tsarion - Atlantis, Alien Visitation and Genetic Manipulation.pdf
Northwoods Document.pdf
Revelations of an Insider.pdf
Swartz - The Lost Journals of Nikola Tesla - HAARP.pdf
The Incredible Rockefellers (1973).pdf
The Insiders - By John F. McManus.pdf
The Jewish Utopia (Authentic Zionist Mein Kampf) (1932).pdf
Thompson - Our Financial Masters (How the Bank of England controls the British government) (1937).pdf
Thompson - The Coming Corporate State (British Fascism) (1938).pdf
U.S. Army Special Forces Caching Techniques (Hiding & Storing Stuff Safely).pdf
Unleash Your Telekinetic Ability.pdf[/color]

[color=red]29 files; 124,720,280 bytes[/color]

[color=red]Antony Sutton[/color]

[color=yellow]Antony Sutton - Americas Secret Establishment An Introduction to Skull and Bones.pdf
Antony Sutton - The Best Enemy Money Can Buy.pdf
Antony Sutton - Wall Street & The Bolshevik Revolution.pdf
Antony Sutton - Wall Street and FDR (1975).pdf
Antony Sutton - Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler.pdf[/color]

[color=red]5 files; 13,411,362 bytes[/color]


[color=yellow]Aristotle - Categories.pdf
Aristotle - History Of Animals.pdf
Aristotle - Metaphysics.pdf
Aristotle - Nicomachean Ethics.Pdf
Aristotle - On Dreams.pdf
Aristotle - On Generation And Corruption.pdf
Aristotle - On Interpretation.pdf
Aristotle - On Longevity And Shortness Of Life.pdf
Aristotle - On Memory And Reminiscence.pdf
Aristotle - On Sense And The Sensible.pdf
Aristotle - On Sleep And Sleeplessness.pdf
Aristotle - On Sophistical Refutations.pdf
Aristotle - On The Gait Of Animals.pdf
Aristotle - On The Motion Of The Animals.pdf
Aristotle - On The Parts Of The Animals.pdf
Aristotle - On The Soul.pdf
Aristotle - On Youth And Old Age.pdf
Aristotle - Poetics.pdf
Aristotle - Posterior Analytics.pdf
Aristotle - Prior Analytics.pdf
Aristotle - The Athenian Constitution.Pdf
Aristotle - Youth And Old Age.Pdf
Nicomachean Ethics.Pdf
On Sleep And Sleeplessness.Pdf
The Athenian Constitution.Pdf
Youth And Old Age.Pdf[/color]

[color=red]27 files; 4,166,790 bytes[/color]

[color=red]Billy Meier[/color]

[color=yellow]Billy Meier - Atrocities of War of the USA.pdf
Billy Meier - One More Important Word.pdf
Billy Meier - Professional Skeptics.pdf
Billy Meier - Randi Retracts Claim.pdf
Billy Meier - To the Statesmen in Power.pdf
Billy Meier on America.pdf
Billy Meier on Bush.pdf[/color]

[color=red]7 files; 691,221 bytes[/color]


[color=yellow]An overview of buddhism.pdf
Buddhism - Buddhism In A Nutshell.pdf
Buddhism - Essentials of Insight Meditation.pdf
Buddhism - Fundamentals of Meditation by Ting Chen.pdf
Buddhism - Fundamentals of Meditation.pdf
Buddhism - Living Meditation, Living Insight.pdf
Buddhism - Living Meditation.pdf
Buddhism - Loving Kindness Meditation.pdf
Buddhism - The Art Of Attention.pdf
Buddhism - The Natural Cure for Spirtual Disease.pdf
Buddhism - Vipassana Meditation.pdf
Buddhism as a Religion - Ven. Dr. K. Sri Dhammananda.pdf
Buddhism Gautama Buddha - The Dhammapada .pdf
Buddhism Mahayana Texts.pdf
Buddhism, Hanh, Thich Nhat -- Ich pflanze ein L?heln.pdf
Buddhism, Mahayana Texts.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - A Critical Analysis of the Jhanas in Theravada Buddhist Meditation.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - A Critical Analysis of the Jh?as in Therav?a Buddhist Meditation.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - A Guide to Awareness.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Anapanasati - Mindfulness of Breathing.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Brahmavihara Dhamma.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Contemplation of the Mind.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Dhamma Discourses on Vipassana Meditation.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Essentials of Insight Meditation Practice.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - For the Stilling of Volcanoes.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Fundamentals of Ch'an Meditation Practice.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Guided Meditation for Primary Students.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Hello - with Love & Other Meditations.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Insight Meditation Workshop Online.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Keeping the Breath in Mind & Lessons in Samadhi.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Knowing and Seeing.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Living Meditation, Living Insight.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Loving-kindness Meditation.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Mindfulness_The Path of the Deathless.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - On The Path To Freedom.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Practical Vipassana Exercises.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Seeding the Heart.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Settling back into the moment.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Seven Stages of Purification & Insight Knowledges.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - Taming The Monkey Mind.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - The Art of Attention.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - The Four Sublime States.pdf
Buddhist Meditation - The Practice which Leads to Nibbana.pdf
Buddhist Texts - Popular Deities of Chinese Buddhism.pdf
Buddhist Texts - Teachings in Chinese Buddhism.pdf
General Buddhism - A Guide to a Proper Buddhist Funeral.pdf
General Buddhism - A Tree in the Forest.pdf
General Buddhism - Beyond Belief_A Buddhist Critique of Fundamental Christianity.pdf
General Buddhism - Buddhism as a Religion.pdf
General Buddhism - Buddhism as an Education.pdf
General Buddhism - Buddhism for the Future.pdf
General Buddhism - Buddhism in a Nutshell.pdf
General Buddhism - Buddhist Pilgrimage.pdf
General Buddhism - Dharma Mind, Worldly Mind.pdf
General Buddhism - Essential Themes of Buddhist Lectures.pdf
General Buddhism - Fundamentals of Buddhism.pdf
General Buddhism - Good Question, Good Answer.pdf
General Buddhism - Handbook For Mankind.pdf
General Buddhism - Liao-Fan's Four Lessons.pdf
General Buddhism - Now is the Knowing.pdf
General Buddhism - Reading the Mind.pdf
General Buddhism - Scientific Acceptability of Rebirth.pdf
General Buddhism - Snow in the Summer.pdf
General Buddhism - The Art of Living.pdf
General Buddhism - The Buddha, His Life and Teachings.pdf
General Buddhism - The Buddhist Way.pdf
General Buddhism - The Eightfold Path for the Householder.pdf
General Buddhism - The Four Noble Truths.pdf
General Buddhism - The Light of Asia.pdf
General Buddhism - The Many Faces of Death.pdf
General Buddhism - The Natural Cure for Spiritual Disease.pdf
General Buddhism - To Cherish All Life.pdf
General Buddhism - To Understand Buddhism.pdf
General Buddhism - What Buddhists Believe.pdf
General Buddhism - Wind in the Forest (Poems).pdf
Manual of Zen Buddhism - Suzuki (ebook).pdf[/color]

[color=red]76 files; 81,009,256 bytes[/color]

[color=red]Ogg - Buddhism Introduction - Lama Ole Nydahl[/color]

[color=yellow]1 Cause Effect.ogg
2 Mahamudra.ogg
3 TeacherStudent.ogg
4 Relationships.ogg
5 Death Rebirth.ogg
6 Meditation.ogg[/color]

[color=red]6 files; 24,574,548 bytes[/color]

[color=red]Creative Science & Research Documents[/color]

[color=yellow]1055 - Roof Cleaner.pdf
359 - Free electricity from the Phone Co.pdf
362 - Fuelless Engine 1-50Hp.pdf
362 - Fuelless Engine 50-350Hp.pdf
363 - Capacitor Step-Up Transformer.pdf
371 - Free Electricity From The Sky.pdf
371 - Free Energy from the Sky.pdf
372 - Tesla Coil.pdf
373 - 100kv from a Bike Generator.pdf
376 - Permanent Magnet Motor.pdf
377 - Reuse Flourescent Bulbs.pdf
378 - 50000 Vdc Power Supply.pdf
386 - Make your own Light Bulbs.pdf
393 - Tesla turbine.pdf
396 - Homemade Batteries.pdf
400 - Air Engine.pdf
401 - Homemade Solar Cells.pdf
409 - Antigravity Aircraft.pdf
412 - Windmills.pdf
459 - Free Energy from the Earth.pdf
4789 - Make High Voltage Diodes.pdf
500 - Spiral Coil Generator SP500.pdf
579 - 5000 Watt Inverter.pdf
757 - Capacitors That Recharge Themselves.pdf
878 - Fuelless Heater a.pdf
878 - Fuelless Heater.pdf
Fuel From Water Part 1.pdf
Fuelless Gravity Engine.pdf
High Efficiency Generator HFG9.pdf
Make Your Own High Voltage Capacitors.pdf
Make Your Own High Voltage Electromagnets.pdf
Screen Printing Booklet.pdf
Screen Printing Press.pdf[/color]

[color=red]33 files; 44,305,296 bytes[/color]

[color=red]David Icke[/color]

[color=yellow]David Icke - A Concise Description Of The Illuminati.pdf
David Icke - Aids - The Great Con Trick.pdf
David Icke - Alice In Wonderland And The World Trade Center (Chap 1-7).pdf
David Icke - Alice In Wonderland And The World Trade Center (Chap 8-9).pdf
David Icke - An other-dimensional view of the american catastrophe.pdf
David Icke - And The Truth Shall Set You Free, 21st Century Edition (2004).pdf
David Icke - Are There Aliens Among Us.pdf
David Icke - Attack.pdf
David Icke - Bush exposed blatant lies.pdf
David Icke - Bush, Bin Laden, Illuminati .pdf
David Icke - Federal Reserve System Fraud.pdf
David Icke - I Am Me I Am Free - The Robots' Guide To Freedom.pdf
David Icke - Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion (2005).pdf
David Icke - Innocents attacked.pdf
David Icke - Lucid - 666 Human Control System.pdf
David Icke - Mapped layout of the U.S. Media.pdf
David Icke - Masonic Occult Numerology.pdf
David Icke - Mind Control - Awareness - Wake Up America.pdf
David Icke - Nagas - Schlangenwesen - Interview with David Icke (1999).pdf
David Icke - Nasa Masonic Conspiracy Apollo Missions.pdf
David Icke - Occultic Numerology.pdf
David Icke - Origins of Christianity- David Icke - Religious Frauds Archive.pdf
David Icke - Problem - Reaction - Solution.pdf
David Icke - Reptilian Research.pdf
David Icke - Spiritual Answers to Global Conspiracies.pdf
David Icke - Tales from the Time Loop.pdf
David Icke - The Biggest Secret - The Book That Will Change The World.pdf
David Icke - The European Spider's Web.pdf
David Icke - The Hidden Codes in the Bible.pdf
David Icke - The Hidden Gears Of Freemasonry.pdf
David Icke - The New Mark Of The Beast! Part 1 of 5.pdf
David Icke - The New Mark Of The Beast! Part 2 of 5.pdf
David Icke - The New Mark Of The Beast! Part 3 of 5.pdf
David Icke - The New Mark Of The Beast! Part 4 of 5.pdf
David Icke - The New Mark Of The Beast! Part 5 of 5.pdf
David Icke - The Reptilian Connection.pdf
David Icke - The Robots' Rebellion - The Story of the Spiritual Renaissance.pdf
David Icke - The Rothschild Dynasty.pdf
David Icke - The Round Table - Bilderberg Network.pdf
David Icke - The Secret History of the USA.pdf
David Icke - The Truth is negative - Since when.pdf
David Icke - The Windsor - Bush Bloodline.pdf
David Icke - Was Hitler a Rothschild.pdf
David Icke - Who Really Rules The World.pdf[/color]

[color=red]44 files; 46,332,632 bytes[/color]

[color=red]Drunvalo Melchizedek - Sacred Geometry ebooks[/color]

Drunvalo Melchizedek - Living in the heart (sample chapter).pdf
Drunvalo Melchizedek - Merkaba Meditation.pdf
Drunvalo Melchizedek - Mother Earth, New Consciousness and Sacred Water (7 letters, 1994-1999).pdf
Drunvalo Melchizedek - The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 1.pdf[/color]

[color=red]5 files; 4,693,119 bytes[/color]

[color=red]KJV King James Bible 1611, original facsimile, HiRes.djvu
KJV King James Bible 1611, original facsimile, HiRes.pdf
WinDjView 0.5.exe[/color]

[color=yellow]3 files; 117,095,624 bytes[/color]

[color=red]Total: 10 directories; 235 files; 461,000,128 bytes[/color]

[size=6][color=red](ADDITIONAL COLLECTION)[/color][/size]

by CSIWEMBLEY - [color=orange]TORRENT LIST[/color]



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