Teen Titans III The Titans I (1989 1998)(joshua13)h33t

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Name:Teen Titans III The Titans I (1989 1998)(joshua13)h33t

Total Size: 1.46 GB

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Seeds: 7

Leechers: 3

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Torrent added: 2009-08-20 18:30:29

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1988-1996 The New Titans v1 050-130 (After NTT v2 049) (Size: 1.46 GB) (Files: 148)

 1988-1996 The New Titans v1 050-130 (After NTT v2 049)

  The New Titans v1 050-130 (After NTT v2 049)(1988-1996)

   The New Titans v1 057.cbr

12.46 MB

   The New Titans v1 056.cbr

9.61 MB

   The New Titans v1 055.cbr

15.23 MB

   The New Titans v1 054.cbr

13.25 MB

   The New Titans v1 053.cbr

13.04 MB

   The New Titans v1 052.cbr

14.10 MB

   The New Titans v1 051.cbr

13.44 MB

   The New Titans v1 050.cbz

18.12 MB

   The New Titans v1 058.cbz

12.67 MB

   The New Titans v1 059.cbr

5.93 MB

   The New Titans v1 060.cbr

12.57 MB

   The New Titans v1 061.cbr

9.69 MB

   The New Titans v1 062.cbr

6.03 MB

   The New Titans v1 063.cbr

6.10 MB

   The New Titans v1 064.cbr

10.80 MB

   The New Titans v1 065.cbr

10.55 MB

   The New Titans v1 066.cbz

10.71 MB

   The New Titans v1 067.cbr

9.21 MB

   The New Titans v1 068.cbr

8.61 MB

   The New Titans v1 069.cbr

9.04 MB

   The New Titans v1 070.cbr

6.20 MB

   The New Titans v1 071.cbr

9.05 MB

   The New Titans v1 072.cbz

9.69 MB

   The New Titans v1 073.cbr

10.18 MB

   The New Titans v1 074.cbr

11.21 MB

   The New Titans v1 075.cbr

6.00 MB

   The New Titans v1 076.cbr

6.05 MB

   The New Titans v1 077.cbr

5.57 MB

   The New Titans v1 078.cbr

5.93 MB

   The New Titans v1 079.cbr

6.65 MB

   The New Titans v1 080.cbr

6.42 MB

   The New Titans v1 081-War of the Gods.cbr

5.93 MB

   The New Titans v1 082.cbr

6.21 MB

   The New Titans v1 083.cbz

9.40 MB

   The New Titans v1 084.cbr

6.43 MB

   The New Titans v1 085.cbr

6.83 MB

   The New Titans v1 086.cbz

7.61 MB

   The New Titans v1 087.cbr

5.29 MB

   The New Titans v1 088.cbz

6.75 MB

   The New Titans v1 089.cbz

7.34 MB

   The New Titans v1 090.cbz

9.40 MB

   The New Titans v1 091.cbz

9.56 MB

   The New Titans v1 092.cbr

9.45 MB

   The New Titans v1 093.cbz

8.20 MB

   The New Titans v1 094.cbz

9.44 MB

   The New Titans v1 095.cbz

10.25 MB

   The New Titans v1 096.cbz

10.75 MB

   The New Titans v1 097.cbz

8.83 MB

   The New Titans v1 098.cbr

8.92 MB

   The New Titans v1 099.cbr

10.27 MB

   The New Titans v1 100.cbz

14.27 MB

   The New Titans v1 101.cbr

4.75 MB

   The New Titans v1 102.cbr

8.36 MB

   The New Titans v1 103.cbr

4.95 MB

   The New Titans v1 104.cbr

15.65 MB

   The New Titans v1 105.cbr

8.02 MB

   The New Titans v1 106.cbz

8.61 MB

   The New Titans v1 107.cbr

8.35 MB

   The New Titans v1 108.cbr

7.64 MB

   The New Titans v1 109.cbr

5.62 MB

   The New Titans v1 110.cbr

5.97 MB

   The New Titans v1 111.cbr

6.09 MB

   The New Titans v1 112.cbr

5.61 MB

   The New Titans v1 113.cbr

5.82 MB

   The New Titans v1 114.cbr

18.59 MB

   The New Titans v1 115.cbr

6.28 MB

   The New Titans v1 116.cbr

7.97 MB

   The New Titans v1 117.cbr

8.82 MB

   The New Titans v1 118.cbr

8.45 MB

   The New Titans v1 119.cbr

7.91 MB

   The New Titans v1 120.cbr

8.94 MB

   The New Titans v1 121.cbr

7.82 MB

   The New Titans v1 122.cbr

13.31 MB

   The New Titans v1 123.cbr

14.83 MB

   The New Titans v1 124.cbr

14.99 MB

   The New Titans v1 125.cbz

20.99 MB

   The New Titans v1 126.cbr

14.00 MB

   The New Titans v1 127.cbr

13.69 MB

   The New Titans v1 128.cbr

8.06 MB

   The New Titans v1 129.cbr

7.20 MB

   The New Titans v1 130.cbr

6.04 MB

  The New Titans v1 Annual 05-11 (1989-1995)(After New Teen Titans v2 Annual 04)

   The New Titans Annual 05 (1989).cbr

19.01 MB

   The New Titans Annual 06 (1990).cbr

32.52 MB

   The New Titans Annual 07-Armageddon 2001 (1991).cbr

19.60 MB

   The New Titans Annual 08-Eclipso (1992).cbr

20.84 MB

   The New Titans Annual 09-Bloodlines (1993).cbr

30.25 MB

   The New Titans Annual 10-Elseworlds (1994).cbr

14.00 MB

   The New Titans Annual 11-Year One (1995).cbr

30.19 MB

 1989 Secret Origins v2 46-JLA New Titans v2 LOSH.cbz

16.97 MB

 1992 Titans Sell-Out Special.cbr

16.22 MB

 1992-1994 Team Titans v1

  Team Titans v1 01-24

   Team Titans 01-Killowatt Edition.cbr

7.19 MB

   Team Titans 01-Mirage Edition.cbr

11.14 MB

   Team Titans 01-Nightrider Edition.cbr

10.47 MB

   Team Titans 01-Red Wing Edition.cbr

9.45 MB

   Team Titans 01-Terra Edition.cbr

17.44 MB

   Team Titans 02.cbr

9.71 MB

   Team Titans 03.cbr

15.01 MB

   Team Titans 04.cbr

12.98 MB

   Team Titans 05.cbr

9.88 MB

   Team Titans 06.cbr

9.79 MB

   Team Titans 07.cbr

10.52 MB

   Team Titans 08.cbr

10.22 MB

   Team Titans 09.cbr

10.38 MB

   Team Titans 10.cbz

9.29 MB

   Team Titans 11.cbz

8.50 MB

   Team Titans 12.cbz

7.41 MB

   Team Titans 13.cbz

9.90 MB

   Team Titans 14.cbz

9.63 MB

   Team Titans 15.cbz

7.83 MB

   Team Titans 16.cbz

6.78 MB

   Team Titans 17.cbr

7.57 MB

   Team Titans 18.cbr

8.04 MB

   Team Titans 19.cbz

7.39 MB

   Team Titans 20.cbr

7.38 MB

   Team Titans 21.cbz

10.26 MB

   Team Titans 22.cbz

6.72 MB

   Team Titans 23.cbr

6.96 MB

   Team Titans 24-Zero Hour.cbz

10.39 MB

  Team Titans v1 Annual (1993-1994)

   Team Titans Annual 01 (1993).cbz

27.16 MB

   Team Titans Annual 02-Elseworlds (1994).cbr

16.60 MB

 1994 Damage Zero aka Damage 06b (10-1994).cbz

17.73 MB

 1994 The New Titans v1 Zero aka 114b (10-1994).cbr

14.82 MB

 1994-1996 Damage

  Damage 01.cbr

7.79 MB

  Damage 02.cbr

7.54 MB

  Damage 03.cbr

3.39 MB

  Damage 04.cbr

7.76 MB

  Damage 05.cbr

6.97 MB

  Damage 06-Zero Hour.cbr

6.25 MB

  Damage 07.cbr

5.30 MB

  Damage 08.cbr

7.23 MB

  Damage 09.cbr

5.66 MB

  Damage 10.cbr

5.69 MB

  Damage 11.cbr

7.13 MB

  Damage 12.cbr

6.19 MB

  Damage 13.cbr

8.67 MB

  Damage 14.cbr

8.27 MB

  Damage 15.cbr

8.80 MB

  Damage 16.cbr

9.20 MB

  Damage 17.cbr

6.57 MB

  Damage 18.cbr

7.10 MB

  Damage 19.cbz

10.64 MB

  Damage 20.cbr

7.40 MB

 1996 Arsenal Special 001.cbr

16.19 MB

 1998 Arsenal

  Arsenal 01.cbr

7.05 MB

  Arsenal 02.cbr

7.50 MB

  Arsenal 03.cbr

7.43 MB

  Arsenal 04.cbz

6.05 MB


0.02 KB

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Torrent description

Teen Titans (1964-2008)
Era III The Titans I

Some people expressed interest in this, Eventually I will go all the way to the present but I plan to mix things up a bit with other requests.

Like the Justice League, The Teen Titans/Titans form and break up and form again. Not always teenagers, and appropriately sometimes they were just called Titans, but always the younger counter-part to the Justice League. This is their third. In this era Dick Grayson was Nightwing. The status of Robin is one of the ways I divide these torretns. The group had gotten older so they dropped the word "Teen"

Lots about them here or there if you google. Click on either of the quotes below for more info

The Teen Titans began when Kid Flash, Robin, and Aqualad banded together top save the town of Happy Harbor from a villain calling himself “Mr. Twister.” Shortly afterward, the three of them met again, along with Wonder Girl and Speedy, battling an alien called the Antithesis who had taken control of various JLA members. They decided to make the team permanent, and became known as the Teen Titans.

DC Comics Presents #26 introduced a team of new Titans, anchored by founding members Robin, Wonder Girl and Kid Flash, soon followed by The New Teen Titans #1 (November 1980).
It re-introduced the Doom Patrol's Beast Boy as Changeling and introduced the machine man Cyborg, the alien Starfire and the dark empath Raven. Raven, an expert manipulator, formed the group to fight her demonic father Trigon and the team remained together thereafter as a group of young adult heroes.

You probably should really read one of these if you want to unravel what happens with the various titles in these years. New Teen Titans, New Teen titans v2, Titans, Tales of the Teen Titans.. it gets confusing.

We have here
1988-1996 The New Titans v1 050-130 (After NTT v2 049)
1989 Secret Origins v2 46-JLA New Titans v2 LOSH
1992 Titans Sell-Out Special
1992-1994 Team Titans v1
1994 Damage Zero aka Damage 06b (10-1994)
1994 The New Titans v1 Zero aka 114b (10-1994)
1994-1996 Damage
1996 Arsenal Special 001
1998 Arsenal

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