MTCDC From Z to A 004 WOO WEL (joshua13(h33t

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MTCDC From Z to A 004 WOO WEL (joshua13(h33t

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Name:MTCDC From Z to A 004 WOO WEL (joshua13(h33t

Total Size: 9.09 GB

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Whiz Comics (Size: 9.09 GB) (Files: 468)

 Whiz Comics

  Whiz Comics (1940-1953)

   Whiz Comics 073.cbr

43.18 MB

   Whiz Comics 072 (03-1946).cbr

49.99 MB

   Whiz Comics 071 ctc.cbr

15.49 MB

   Whiz Comics 070 ctc (1946).cbr

16.14 MB

   Whiz Comics 069 (12-1945).cbr

28.97 MB

   Whiz Comics 068 (11-1945).cbr

29.16 MB

   Whiz Comics 067.cbr

23.33 MB

   Whiz Comics 066 (07-1945).cbr

29.08 MB

   Whiz Comics 065 (fiche).cbr

12.37 MB

   Whiz Comics 064 36p ctc (1945).cbr

16.07 MB

   Whiz Comics 063 (03-1945).cbr

12.68 MB

   Whiz Comics 062 (02-1945).cbr

11.15 MB

   Whiz Comics 061 36p ctc (01-1945).cbr

42.05 MB

   Whiz Comics 060.cbr

29.42 MB

   Whiz Comics 058.cbr

28.75 MB

   Whiz Comics 057.cbr

40.75 MB

   Whiz Comics 056 (fiche).cbr

21.59 MB

   Whiz Comics 055 (06-1944).cbr

41.62 MB

   Whiz Comics 054 ctc (1944).cbr

43.23 MB

   Whiz Comics 053 (04-1944).cbr

27.88 MB

   Whiz Comics 051 (02-1944).cbr

47.01 MB

   Whiz Comics 050-m p29 (01-1944).cbr

29.47 MB

   Whiz Comics 049 68p ctc (12-1943).cbr

55.98 MB

   Whiz Comics 048 68p ctc (11-1943).cbr

52.26 MB

   Whiz Comics 047 ctc.cbr

59.62 MB

   Whiz Comics 046 ctc.cbr

61.32 MB

   Whiz Comics 045 68p ctc (08-1943).cbr

48.67 MB

   Whiz Comics 044 ctc.cbr

53.25 MB

   Whiz Comics 044 (alt)(07-1943).cbr

23.31 MB

   Whiz Comics 043.cbr

51.19 MB

   Whiz Comics 042.cbr

52.29 MB

   Whiz Comics 041.cbr

55.44 MB

   Whiz Comics 040.cbr

52.14 MB

   Whiz Comics 039.cbr

51.00 MB

   Whiz Comics 038.cbr

49.42 MB

   Whiz Comics 037 (11-1942).cbr

28.01 MB

   Whiz Comics 036.cbr

51.35 MB

   Whiz Comics 035.cbr

53.44 MB

   Whiz Comics 034 (09-1942).cbr

74.60 MB

   Whiz Comics 033.cbr

57.03 MB

   Whiz Comics 032.cbr

54.81 MB

   Whiz Comics 031 (06-1942).cbr

43.90 MB

   Whiz Comics 030.cbr

48.84 MB

   Whiz Comics 029.cbr

50.16 MB

   Whiz Comics 028.cbr

53.16 MB

   Whiz Comics 027 (02-1942).cbr

17.95 MB

   Whiz Comics 026 (Fiche).cbr

56.76 MB

   Whiz Comics 025.cbr

37.71 MB

   Whiz Comics 024.cbr

53.97 MB

   Whiz Comics 023.cbr

54.42 MB

   Whiz Comics 022.cbr

56.32 MB

   Whiz Comics 021 (Fiche).cbr

52.17 MB

   Whiz Comics 020 ctc.cbr

58.52 MB

   Whiz Comics 019 ctc.cbr

55.19 MB

   Whiz Comics 018 ctc.cbr

56.07 MB

   Whiz Comics 017 ctc.cbr

53.41 MB

   Whiz Comics 016 ctc fiche (04-1941).cbr

57.09 MB

   Whiz Comics 015-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

8.38 MB

   Whiz Comics 015 ctc.cbr

54.28 MB

   Whiz Comics 014 ctc-story p6 (R).cbr

57.84 MB

   Whiz Comics 013 (02-1941).cbr

35.55 MB

   Whiz Comics 012 ctc.cbr

55.21 MB

   Whiz Comics 011 ctc.cbr

53.90 MB

   Whiz Comics 010 (1940).cbr

54.78 MB

   Whiz Comics 009.cbr

56.09 MB

   Whiz Comics 008.cbr

58.47 MB

   Whiz Comics 007.cbr

58.23 MB

   Whiz Comics 006 68p ctc (07-1940).cbr

46.67 MB

   Whiz Comics 005 (fiche)(06-1940).cbr

53.94 MB

   Whiz Comics 004 (fiche)(05-1940).cbr

55.09 MB

   Whiz Comics 003 ctc (fiche).cbr

54.69 MB

   Whiz Comics 002 ctc (02-1940).cbr

146.87 MB

   Whiz Comics 074 52p ctc (05-1946).cbr

41.69 MB

   Whiz Comics 075 52p ctc (06-1946).cbr

45.16 MB

   Whiz Comics 076 52p ctc (07-1946).cbr

41.16 MB

   Whiz Comics 078 ctc (09-1946).cbr

42.77 MB

   Whiz Comics 079 52p ctc (10-1946).cbr

65.39 MB

   Whiz Comics 080-missing ifc(1946).cbr

28.10 MB

   Whiz Comics 082 52p (1947).cbz

58.07 MB

   Whiz Comics 083 ctc-p 11-12 Incomplete (03-1947).cbr

30.63 MB

   Whiz Comics 084 (04-1947).cbr

13.42 MB

   Whiz Comics 086.cbr

8.87 MB

   Whiz Comics 087 (07-1947).cbr

29.92 MB

   Whiz Comics 088(i)-7p B&W.cbr

900.11 KB

   Whiz Comics 089 (09-1947).cbr

29.53 MB

   Whiz Comics 090 (10-1947).cbr

27.02 MB

   Whiz Comics 091 ctc.cbr

18.54 MB

   Whiz Comics 094 (02-1948).cbr

16.36 MB

   Whiz Comics 095 ctc (03-1948).cbr

16.22 MB

   Whiz Comics 096 (04-1948).cbr

34.82 MB

   Whiz Comics 098 36p ctc (1948).cbr

8.71 MB

   Whiz Comics 099 33p-m ifc, ibc, bc(07-1948).cbr

73.53 MB

   Whiz Comics 100 (10-1948).cbr

20.16 MB

   Whiz Comics 101 (09-1948).cbr

12.82 MB

   Whiz Comics 102 ctc.cbr

23.45 MB

   Whiz Comics 103 ctc (11-1948).cbr

24.11 MB

   Whiz Comics 105 ct.cbr

22.54 MB

   Whiz Comics 107 (03-1949).cbr

14.62 MB

   Whiz Comics 108-Ibis only (BW).cbr

1.21 MB

   Whiz Comics 109 (05-1949).cbr

45.87 MB

   Whiz Comics 110 ctc (06-1949).cbr

15.37 MB

   Whiz Comics 112 (1949).cbr

18.11 MB

   Whiz Comics 116 (12-1949).cbr

18.05 MB

   Whiz Comics 117 (01-1950).cbr

18.91 MB

   Whiz Comics 118 ctc (02-1949).cbr

16.50 MB

   Whiz Comics 119 (03-1950).cbr

18.48 MB

   Whiz Comics 122 ctc (06-1950).cbr

17.25 MB

   Whiz Comics 124 (08-1950).cbr

21.72 MB

   Whiz Comics 126 (10-1950).cbr

14.25 MB

   Whiz Comics 128 (12-1950).cbr

10.43 MB

   Whiz Comics 130 36p (02-1951).cbr

8.50 MB

   Whiz Comics 131 ctc (03-1951).cbr

24.00 MB

   Whiz Comics 133 ctc (05-1951).cbr

15.50 MB

   Whiz Comics 134 ctc (06-1951).cbr

22.66 MB

   Whiz Comics 135 ctc (07-1951).cbr

16.46 MB

   Whiz Comics 139 36p ctc.cbr

27.84 MB

   Whiz Comics 141.cbr

13.41 MB

   Whiz Comics 142 31p (alt).cbr

13.41 MB

   Whiz Comics 142 36p ctc (02-1952).cbr

9.26 MB

   Whiz Comics 143-18p 2 stories 1p partial corruption (03-1952).cbr

44.85 MB

   Whiz Comics 144 (04-1952).cbr

12.55 MB

   Whiz Comics 145 ctc (1952).cbr

16.14 MB

   Whiz Comics 146 36p ctc (06-1952).cbr

17.30 MB

   Whiz Comics 146 36p ctc (alt)(1952).cbr

22.02 MB

   Whiz Comics 147 (1952).cbr

22.07 MB

   Whiz Comics 150 ctc (1952).cbr

20.62 MB

   Whiz Comics 151 ctc.cbr

19.50 MB

   Whiz Comics 153-Captain Marvel only (01-1953).cbr

2.81 MB

   Whiz Comics 154 (04-1953).cbr

7.21 MB

   Whiz Comics 155-Last Issue (06-1953).cbr

19.41 MB

  Reprint duplicates

   Whiz Comics 151-1st story only (11-1952).cbr

3.01 MB

   Whiz Comics 126-Captain Marvel only.cbr

7.51 MB

   Whiz Comics 116-Ibis only.cbr

3.50 MB

   Whiz Comics 025-Captain Marvel only.cbr

19.79 MB

   Whiz Comics 020-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

4.06 MB

   Whiz Comics 019-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

4.08 MB

   Whiz Comics 018-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

7.01 MB

   Whiz Comics 017-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

6.95 MB

   Whiz Comics 016-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

7.12 MB

   Whiz Comics 014-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

8.69 MB

   Whiz Comics 013-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

9.21 MB

   Whiz Comics 012-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

8.41 MB

   Whiz Comics 011-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

8.37 MB

   Whiz Comics 010-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

8.96 MB

   Whiz Comics 009-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

4.59 MB

   Whiz Comics 008-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

4.28 MB

   Whiz Comics 007-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

4.31 MB

   Whiz Comics 006-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

4.39 MB

   Whiz Comics 005-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

4.52 MB

   Whiz Comics 004-Captain Marvel only (R).cbr

4.36 MB

   Whiz Comics 003-Captain Marvel only (R)(04-1940).cbr

3.94 MB

   Whiz Comics 002-Captain Marvel only (R)(03-1940).cbr

4.18 MB

   Whiz Comics 001-Captain Marvel only (R)(02-1940).cbr

4.48 MB

  Whiz Comics 120-original art.cbr

2.30 MB

 Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego

  Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego 004.cbr

12.89 MB

  Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego 003.cbr

12.93 MB

  Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego 002.cbr

12.63 MB

  Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego 001.cbr

12.95 MB

 What's Left to Scan (& Scanned) in the DC Universe (Jan 1,2009).xls

5.88 MB

 Western Comics

  Western Comics 085 ctc (1961).cbr

12.64 MB

  Western Comics 084 ctc (1960).cbr

12.77 MB

  Western Comics 083 ctc (1960).cbr

12.89 MB

  Western Comics 082.cbr

14.28 MB

  Western Comics 081.cbr

14.47 MB

  Western Comics 080.cbr

25.38 MB

  Western Comics 079 ctc (1960).cbr

13.65 MB

  Western Comics 078.cbr

25.18 MB

  Western Comics 077 ctc (1959).cbr

13.18 MB

  Western Comics 076 ctc.cbr

19.34 MB

  Western Comics 075 ctc (1959).cbr

11.36 MB

  Western Comics 074 36p ctc.cbr

8.99 MB

  Western Comics 073 ctc (1959).cbr

10.52 MB

  Western Comics 072.cbr

23.13 MB

  Western Comics 071.cbr

11.71 MB

  Western Comics 070 ctc (1958).cbr

9.58 MB

  Western Comics 069 ctc (1958).cbr

13.14 MB

  Western Comics 068.cbr

19.31 MB

  Western Comics 067 ctc (1958).cbr

14.36 MB

  Western Comics 066 ctc (1957).cbr

13.17 MB

  Western Comics 065 ctc.cbr

22.75 MB

  Western Comics 064 ctc (1957).cbr

15.45 MB

  Western Comics 063 ctc (1957).cbr

13.56 MB

  Western Comics 062 ctc (1957).cbr

10.66 MB

  Western Comics 061.cbr

9.71 MB

  Western Comics 060 ctc (1956).cbr

10.38 MB

  Western Comics 059 36p ctc.cbr

22.90 MB

  Western Comics 058 36p ctc (1956).cbr

12.63 MB

  Western Comics 058 33p (alt).cbr

8.20 MB

  Western Comics 057 ctc (1956).cbr

10.80 MB

  Western Comics 056 ctc (1956).cbr

10.99 MB

  Western Comics 055 ctc (1956).cbr

13.68 MB

  Western Comics 054 ctc (1955).cbr

11.62 MB

  Western Comics 053 ctc (1955).cbr

13.38 MB

  Western Comics 052 ctc (1955).cbr

12.65 MB

  Western Comics 051 36p ctc (1955).cbr

10.96 MB

  Western Comics 051 32p (alt).cbr

8.37 MB

  Western Comics 050.cbr

25.92 MB

  Western Comics 049 ctc (1955).cbr

14.54 MB

  Western Comics 048.cbr

5.12 MB

  Western Comics 047.cbr

15.19 MB

  Western Comics 046.cbr

4.05 MB

  Western Comics 045.cbr

5.51 MB

  Western Comics 044.cbr

3.92 MB

  Western Comics 043.cbr

5.70 MB

  Western Comics 042 ctc (1953).cbr

16.59 MB

  Western Comics 041.cbr

3.87 MB

  Western Comics 040 ctc (1953).cbr

10.93 MB

  Western Comics 039.cbr

11.88 MB

  Western Comics 038.cbr

13.99 MB

  Western Comics 037.cbr

6.00 MB

  Western Comics 036.cbr

9.77 MB

  Western Comics 035.cbr

5.98 MB

  Western Comics 034.cbr

5.13 MB

  Western Comics 033.cbr

5.60 MB

  Western Comics 032 36p ctc (1952).cbr

14.05 MB

  Western Comics 031.cbr

6.37 MB

  Western Comics 030.cbr

4.17 MB

  Western Comics 029.cbr

5.81 MB

  Western Comics 028.cbr

5.43 MB

  Western Comics 027.cbr

8.17 MB

  Western Comics 026.cbr

5.57 MB

  Western Comics 025.cbr

8.66 MB

  Western Comics 024.cbr

9.46 MB

  Western Comics 023.cbr

8.64 MB

  Western Comics 022 ctc (1951).cbr

15.55 MB

  Western Comics 021 52p ctc (1951).cbr

17.86 MB

  Western Comics 021 45p (alt).cbr

12.12 MB

  Western Comics 020.cbr

36.95 MB

  Western Comics 019.cbr

36.60 MB

  Western Comics 018 ctc (1950).cbr

21.02 MB

  Western Comics 017 ctc (1950).cbr

15.65 MB

  Western Comics 016.cbr

15.80 MB

  Western Comics 015 ctc (1950).cbr

15.91 MB

  Western Comics 014.cbr

20.97 MB

  Western Comics 013 ctc (1950).cbr

20.88 MB

  Western Comics 012.cbr

13.73 MB

  Western Comics 011.cbr

9.72 MB

  Western Comics 010.cbr

13.46 MB

  Western Comics 009.cbr

16.22 MB

  Western Comics 008.cbr

25.58 MB

  Western Comics 007(i)-1p mostly missing.cbr

15.72 MB

  Western Comics 006.cbr

21.28 MB

  Western Comics 005 52p ctc (1948).cbr

15.27 MB

  Western Comics 005 51p (alt).cbr

13.03 MB

  Western Comics 004.cbr

15.18 MB

  Western Comics 003 52p ctc (1948).cbr

15.38 MB

  Western Comics 003 48p (alt).cbr

12.43 MB

  Western Comics 002 52p ctc.cbr

16.01 MB

  Western Comics 001.cbr

15.91 MB

 Welcome Back to the House of Mystery (Vertigo)(1998).cbr

26.12 MB

 Welcome Back Kotter

  Welcome Back Kotter 010 (1978).cbr

4.59 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 009 (1978).cbr

4.86 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 008 (1977).cbr

4.97 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 007 (1977).cbr

4.94 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 006 (1977).cbr

4.93 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 005 (1977).cbr

5.41 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 004 (1977).cbr

5.25 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 003 (1977).cbr

5.28 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 002 (1977).cbr

5.35 MB

  Welcome Back Kotter 001 (1976).cbr

5.45 MB

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608.76 KB

 MTCDC from Z to A 004.rtf

19.61 KB

 Who's Who in Star Trek

  Who's Who in Star Trek 001.cbr

17.68 MB

  Who's Who in Star Trek 002.cbr

16.64 MB

 Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes (1988)

  Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 001.cbr

7.20 MB

  Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 002.cbr

7.26 MB

  Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 003.cbr

7.33 MB

  Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 004.cbr

7.27 MB

  Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 005.cbr

7.54 MB

  Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 006.cbr

7.65 MB

  Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes 007.cbr

7.63 MB

 Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe

  Who's Who 1985-1987

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 001 (1985-03).cbr

12.16 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 002 (1985-04).cbr

19.70 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 003 (1985-05).cbr

10.90 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 004 (1985-06).cbr

19.71 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 005 (1985-07).cbr

11.17 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 006 (1985-08).cbr

11.28 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 007 (1985-09).cbr

11.07 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 008 (alt)(1985-10).cbr

26.83 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 008 (1985-10).cbr

10.89 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 009 (1985-11).cbr

11.23 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 010 (1985-12).cbr

10.96 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 011 (1986-01).cbr

11.13 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 012 (1986-02).cbr

12.44 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 013 (1986-03).cbr

12.21 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 014 (1986-04).cbr

11.38 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 015 (1986-05).cbr

11.60 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 016 (1986-06).cbr

11.69 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 017 (1986-07).cbr

9.39 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 018 (1986-08).cbr

11.52 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 019 (1986-09).cbr

7.81 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 020 (1986-10).cbr

12.06 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 021 (1986-11).cbr

11.60 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 022 (1986-12).cbr

10.72 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 023 (1987-01).cbr

12.11 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 024 (1987-02).cbr

7.97 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 025 (1987-03).cbr

8.05 MB

   Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 026 (1987-04).cbr

12.47 MB

  Who's Who 1987 Update

   Who's Who Update '87 001.cbr

8.64 MB

   Who's Who Update '87 002.cbr

15.20 MB

   Who's Who Update '87 003.cbr

11.63 MB

   Who's Who Update '87 004.cbr

9.15 MB

   Who's Who Update '87 005.cbr

8.49 MB

  Who's Who 1988 Update

   Who's Who Update '88 001.cbr

7.64 MB

   Who's Who Update '88 002.cbr

8.62 MB

   Who's Who Update '88 003.cbr

8.63 MB

   Who's Who Update '88 004.cbr

7.52 MB

  Who's Who 1990

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 001.cbr

17.41 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 002.cbr

16.33 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 003.cbr

15.88 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 004.cbr

15.05 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 005.cbr

14.81 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 006.cbr

18.79 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 007.cbr

18.08 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 008.cbr

16.44 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 009.cbr

18.06 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 010.cbr

17.96 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 011.cbr

17.29 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 012.cbr

17.73 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 013.cbr

21.96 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 014.cbr

18.35 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 015.cbr

20.02 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe 016.cbr

21.43 MB

  Who's Who 1993 Update

   Who's Who in the DC Universe Update 1993 (1992-12) 001.cbr

25.30 MB

   Who's Who in the DC Universe Update 1993 (1993-01) 002.cbr

25.36 MB

 Wild Dog

  Wild Dog Special (1989).cbr

22.86 MB

  Wild Dog

   Wild Dog 001.cbr

33.39 MB

   Wild Dog 002.cbr

9.93 MB

   Wild Dog 003.cbr

10.04 MB

   Wild Dog 004.cbr

9.08 MB

 Will Eisner

  Will Eisner Companion HC (Missing).jpg

86.57 KB

  Will Eisner Reader TPB (Missing).jpg

48.22 KB

  Will Eisner's A Contract With God SC.cbr

56.99 MB

  Will Eisner's A Life Force TPB.cbr

48.54 MB

  Will Eisner's City People Notebook SC.cbr

49.40 MB

  Will Eisner's Dropsie Avenue SC.cbr

76.36 MB

  Will Eisner's Invisible People TPB (Missing).jpg

67.92 KB

  Will Eisner's John Law, Detective 001 (Eclipse(1983).cbr

12.03 MB

  Will Eisner's John Law-Angels and Ashes, Devils and Dust (2006).cbr

14.23 MB

  Will Eisner's John Law-Dead Man Walking-extended (2004).cbr

16.75 MB

  Will Eisner's Life on Another Planet SC.cbr

60.75 MB

  Will Eisner's Minor Miracles HC (Omitted).jpg

57.58 KB

  Will Eisner's Minor Miracles SC.cbr

25.82 MB

  Will Eisner's Name of the Game SC (Missing).jpg

11.51 KB

  Will Eisner's New York-The Big City SC.cbr

58.26 MB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v1 HC.cbr

96.15 MB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v10 HC (Missing).jpg

58.09 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v11 HC (Missing).jpg

53.48 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v12 HC (Missing).jpg

92.31 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v13 HC (Missing).jpg

57.48 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v14 HC (Missing).jpg

65.77 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v15 HC (Missing).jpg

81.09 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v16 HC (Missing).jpg

78.95 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v17 HC (Missing).jpg

39.56 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v18 HC (Missing).jpg

63.88 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v19 HC (Missing).jpg

199.61 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v2 HC.cbr

93.51 MB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v20 HC (Missing).jpg

71.87 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v21 HC (Missing).jpg

51.22 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v22 HC (Missing).jpg

37.12 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v23 HC (Missing).jpg

47.12 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v3 HC.cbr

91.37 MB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v4 HC (Missing).jpg

43.35 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v5 HC (Missing).jpg

63.21 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v6 HC (Missing).jpg

54.45 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v7 HC (Missing).jpg

63.95 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v8 HC (Missing).jpg

50.37 KB

  Will Eisner's Spirit Archives v9 HC (Missing).jpg

59.80 KB

  Will Eisner's The Building TPB (Missing).jpg

44.37 KB

  Will Eisner's The Dreamer SC.cbr

15.59 MB

  Will Eisner's To the Heart of the Storm SC.cbr

91.77 MB

 Windy And Willy

  Windy And Willy 001.cbr

22.76 MB

  Windy And Willy 002.cbr

22.58 MB

  Windy And Willy 003.cbr

22.49 MB

  Windy And Willy 004.cbr

22.19 MB

 Wisdom of Lobo, The (64 page special only available in Lobo Slipcase).cbr

696.77 KB

 Witching Hour

  Witching Hour HC (Omitted).jpg

35.39 KB

  Witching Hour TPB (Omitted).jpg

48.94 KB

  Witching Hour v1

   Witching Hour 001 (02-1969).cbr

12.02 MB

   Witching Hour 002.cbr

12.59 MB

   Witching Hour 003.cbr

6.46 MB

   Witching Hour 004 (09-1969) cimmerian32.cbr

28.03 MB

   Witching Hour 005.cbr

12.28 MB

   Witching Hour 006.cbr

13.35 MB

   Witching Hour 007.cbr

18.63 MB

   Witching Hour 008.cbr

6.36 MB

   Witching Hour 009.cbr

15.93 MB

   Witching Hour 010.cbr

20.95 MB

   Witching Hour 011.cbr

13.03 MB

   Witching Hour 012.cbr

12.06 MB

   Witching Hour 013.cbr

25.57 MB

   Witching Hour 014.cbr

10.72 MB

   Witching Hour 015.cbr

8.82 MB

   Witching Hour 016.cbr

21.01 MB

   Witching Hour 017.cbr

19.31 MB

   Witching Hour 018.cbr

32.01 MB

   Witching Hour 019.cbr

15.32 MB

   Witching Hour 020.cbr

17.41 MB

   Witching Hour 021.cbr

18.85 MB

   Witching Hour 022.cbr

11.33 MB

   Witching Hour 023.cbr

24.39 MB

   Witching Hour 024 ctc (10-1972).cbr

18.08 MB

   Witching Hour 025.cbr

21.51 MB

   Witching Hour 026.cbr

11.52 MB

   Witching Hour 027 26p (01-1973).cbr

12.45 MB

   Witching Hour 028 ctc (02-1973).cbr

20.08 MB

   Witching Hour 029.cbr

11.93 MB

   Witching Hour 030.cbr

13.01 MB

   Witching Hour 031.cbr

10.95 MB

   Witching Hour 032.cbr

13.93 MB

   Witching Hour 033 ctc (08-1973).cbr

14.88 MB

   Witching Hour 034.cbr

10.71 MB

   Witching Hour 035.cbr

13.00 MB

   Witching Hour 036.cbr

12.81 MB

   Witching Hour 037.cbr

10.63 MB

   Witching Hour 038.cbr

28.00 MB

   Witching Hour 039 ctc (02-1974).cbr

14.21 MB

   Witching Hour 040.cbr

10.39 MB

   Witching Hour 041.cbr

14.40 MB

   Witching Hour 042.cbr

23.67 MB

   Witching Hour 043 ctc (06-1974).cbr

13.51 MB

   Witching Hour 044 ctc (07-1974).cbr

21.09 MB

   Witching Hour 045 ctc (08-1974).cbr

10.08 MB

   Witching Hour 046 ctc (09-1974).cbr

22.05 MB

   Witching Hour 047.cbr

11.99 MB

   Witching Hour 048 ctc (11-1974).cbr

22.25 MB

   Witching Hour 049.cbr

10.50 MB

   Witching Hour 050.cbr

20.40 MB

   Witching Hour 051.cbr

13.43 MB

   Witching Hour 052.cbr

10.17 MB

   Witching Hour 053 ctc (04-1975).cbr

24.87 MB

   Witching Hour 054 ctc (05-1975).cbr

25.45 MB

   Witching Hour 055 ctc (06-1975).cbr

25.99 MB

   Witching Hour 056.cbr

19.91 MB

   Witching Hour 057.cbr

7.74 MB

   Witching Hour 058.cbr

8.72 MB

   Witching Hour 059.cbr

17.69 MB

   Witching Hour 060.cbr

12.98 MB

   Witching Hour 061.cbr

6.19 MB

   Witching Hour 062.cbr

13.44 MB

   Witching Hour 063 ctc (05-1976).cbr

14.30 MB

   Witching Hour 064 ctc (07-1976).cbr

21.01 MB

   Witching Hour 065 ctc (09-1976).cbr

21.27 MB

   Witching Hour 066 ctc (11-1976).cbr

31.84 MB

   Witching Hour 067.cbr

5.93 MB

   Witching Hour 068.cbr

8.62 MB

   Witching Hour 069.cbr

9.78 MB

   Witching Hour 070.cbr

16.16 MB

   Witching Hour 071.cbr

16.72 MB

   Witching Hour 072.cbr

8.41 MB

   Witching Hour 073.cbr

8.82 MB

   Witching Hour 074.cbr

27.31 MB

   Witching Hour 075.cbr

7.67 MB

   Witching Hour 076.cbr

16.76 MB

   Witching Hour 077 ctc (02-1978).cbr

10.59 MB

   Witching Hour 078 ctc (03-1978).cbr

21.64 MB

   Witching Hour 079 (04-1978).cbr

15.15 MB

   Witching Hour 080 ctc (05-1978).cbr

13.79 MB

   Witching Hour 081 ctc (06-1978).cbr

25.72 MB

   Witching Hour 082 ctc (07-1978).cbr

14.29 MB

   Witching Hour 083 ctc (08-1978).cbr

10.20 MB

   Witching Hour 084 ctc (09-1978).cbr

25.52 MB

   Witching Hour 085 ctc (10-1978).cbr

18.21 MB

  Witching Hour v2 (Vertigo

   The Witching Hour 001.cbr

13.61 MB

   The Witching Hour 002.cbr

13.51 MB

   The Witching Hour 003.cbr

12.74 MB


0.02 KB


leech seeds

Torrent description

The More than Complete DC from Z-A

This fourth installment is: Woo-Wel

Omegapsical order: a term I may have invented meaning reverse alphabetical order.

Remembering this is DC not DC plus imprints like the chronology, this is all that's scanned of woo-wel of DC titles according to the Phantom Stranger's DC scanned list of January 1. Thus we are complete. We are more than complete today by including a couple Vertigo titles that are versions (perversions?) of DC titles and nearly all that's scanned of Fawcett's Whiz Comics according to TheList of 01-04-2009. Whiz was a Fawcett title that was the home of Captain Marvel, who is now a DC character. DC bought the rights to the character when Fawcett Comics folded and eventually revived him. He is now more commonly known as Shazam! since DC let the rights to the name lapse and Marvel Comics created their own Captain Marvel in the interim. I hate the name Shazam!, but it could be worse - he could have been "Captain DC" (It could also be raining).

Today's offering:
Witching Hour v1 & v2 (v2 is Vertigo but earns citizenship by it parent :-))
Wisdom of Lobo, The (64 page special only available in Lobo slipcase) - A rare gem not even mentioned as existing in the chronology list. I don't know why. An extremely fine example of the scanners art, it should not be missed, nor should the words of wisdom it contains. Some may question if such a work was actually created by DC thinking perhaps it was the work of brilliant fans, but it's genuine DC.
Windy and Willy
Will Eisner titles including the available volumes of Will Eisner's Spirit Archives. The Spirit character will be the reason for some of the non-DC to come.
Wild Dog
Who's Who, The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe 1985 and 1990 editions (with updates)
Who's Who in the Legion of Super-Heroes (1988)
Who's Who in Star Trek (TOS)
Whiz Comics (Issues reported not scanned have a (Missing).placeholder file. 52, 59 and 77 have (I'm missing) as the reportedly are scanned but I don't have them for you. I'll keep looking or con DieSmrurfDie into doing it. He found 3 that are included. Thanks DSD!
Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?
Western Comics (one issue has most of a story splash page missing, but no missing issues)
Welcome Back to the House of Mystery (Vertigo)(1998) it s the scion of a great house (cough) and so included, though its Vertigo
Welcome Back Kotter

Feel free to cross post this other places if you know how and are so inclined


You can see my other torrents Demonoid HERE or h33t here. The lists should be (but aren't) the same. (my fault)

Thanks to Scanners, Original Uploaders and Seeders - We need you all!
But thanks most of all to the seeders-the thankless anonymous
chore that make the work of the scanners and uploaders multiply!
Better than a thousand thank-you comments is the seeder to me!
Everyone can seed!
See Yah!

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