More than Complete DC from Z to A 001 z x (joshua13(h33t

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Name:More than Complete DC from Z to A 001 z x (joshua13(h33t

Total Size: 4.30 GB

Magnet: Magnet Link

Seeds: 5

Leechers: 15

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

Last Updated: 2010-11-20 00:40:48 (Update Now)

Torrent added: 2009-08-20 18:18:16

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Torrent Files List

Young All-Stars (Size: 4.30 GB) (Files: 365)

 Young All-Stars

  Young All-Stars

   Young All-Stars 005 (1987).cbr

28.16 MB

   Young All-Stars 004.cbr

12.30 MB

   Young All-Stars 003.cbr

18.90 MB

   Young All-Stars 002.cbr

11.30 MB

   Young All-Stars 001 (1987).cbr

25.39 MB

   Young All-Stars 006 (1987).cbr

28.41 MB

   Young All-Stars 007 (1987).cbr

28.70 MB

   Young All-Stars 008-Millennium.cbr

9.38 MB

   Young All-Stars 009-Millennium.cbr

10.83 MB

   Young All-Stars 010 (1988).cbr

10.45 MB

   Young All-Stars 011 (1988).cbr

10.26 MB

   Young All-Stars 012 (1988).cbr

20.44 MB

   Young All-Stars 013 (1988).cbr

10.76 MB

   Young All-Stars 014 (1988).cbr

11.36 MB

   Young All-Stars 015 (1988).cbr

10.81 MB

   Young All-Stars 016 (1988).cbr

10.84 MB

   Young All-Stars 017 (1988).cbr

10.11 MB

   Young All-Stars 018 (1988).cbr

10.80 MB

   Young All-Stars 019 (1988).cbr

10.96 MB

   Young All-Stars 020 (1988).cbr

10.24 MB

   Young All-Stars 021 (1988).cbr

11.18 MB

   Young All-Stars 022 (1989).cbr

10.98 MB

   Young All-Stars 023 (1989).cbr

10.80 MB

   Young All-Stars 024 (1989).cbr

10.83 MB

   Young All-Stars 025 (1989).cbr

11.73 MB

   Young All-Stars 026 (1989).cbr

20.55 MB

   Young All-Stars 027 (1989).cbr

10.02 MB

   Young All-Stars 028 (1989).cbr

10.82 MB

   Young All-Stars 029 (1989).cbr

10.65 MB

   Young All-Stars 030 (1989).cbr

10.22 MB

   Young All-Stars 031 (1989).cbr

9.02 MB

  Young All-Stars Annual 001 (1988).cbr

15.91 MB

 Year One-Batman-Scarecrow

  Year One-Batman-Scarecrow 002.cbr

16.78 MB

  Year One-Batman-Scarecrow 001.cbr

19.73 MB

 Year One-Batman-Ra's al Ghul

  Year One-Batman-Ra's al Ghul TPB cover.jpg

61.05 KB

  Year One-Batman-Ra's al Ghul 002.cbr

21.22 MB

  Year One-Batman-Ra's al Ghul 001.cbr

21.94 MB


  Yeah! 009 (2000).cbr

17.01 MB

  Yeah! 008 (2000).cbr

15.52 MB

  Yeah! 007 (2000).cbr

15.13 MB

  Yeah! 006 (2000).cbr

15.51 MB

  Yeah! 005 (2000).cbr

17.53 MB

  Yeah! 004 ctc (2000).cbr

23.98 MB

  Yeah! 003 (1999).cbr

15.62 MB

  Yeah! 002 (1999).cbr

34.77 MB

  Yeah! 001 (1999).cbr

36.73 MB


  Xer0 012.cbr

7.82 MB

  Xer0 011.cbr

6.74 MB

  Xer0 010.cbr

7.20 MB

  Xer0 009.cbr

7.59 MB

  Xer0 008.cbr

7.56 MB

  Xer0 007.cbr

7.29 MB

  Xer0 006.cbr

8.81 MB

  Xer0 005.cbr

6.89 MB

  Xer0 004.cbr

6.69 MB

  Xer0 003.cbr

6.20 MB

  Xer0 002.cbr

8.51 MB

  Xer0 001.cbr

6.20 MB

 Xenobrood (1994)

  Xenobrood Zero.cbr

12.04 MB

  Xenobrood 006.cbr

10.48 MB

  Xenobrood 005.cbr

10.31 MB

  Xenobrood 004.cbr

10.22 MB

  Xenobrood 003.cbr

10.64 MB

  Xenobrood 002.cbr

11.00 MB

  Xenobrood 001.cbr

10.76 MB

 X-Patrol (From Amalgum series.cbr

6.92 MB

 What's Left to Scan (& Scanned) in the DC Universe (Dec 1,2008).xls

5.86 MB

 Torrent downloaded from

0.05 KB

 MTCDC fom Z to A 001.rtf

15.25 KB

 Young Heroes in Love (1997)

  Young Heroes in Love

   Young Heroes in Love 001.cbr

10.55 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 002.cbr

10.31 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 003.cbr

9.43 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 004.cbr

11.77 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 005.cbr

10.60 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 006.cbr

10.25 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 007.cbr

10.50 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 008.cbr

9.80 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 009.cbr

6.58 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 010.cbr

6.25 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 011.cbr

7.94 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 012.cbr

6.24 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 013.cbr

4.46 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 014.cbr

6.87 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 015.cbr

6.34 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 016.cbr

7.87 MB

   Young Heroes in Love 017.cbr

9.30 MB

  Young Heroes in Love 1,000,000 (1998).cbr

7.01 MB

 Young Justice


   Young Justice Read order-including Specials and X-overs.txt

3.70 KB

   Young Justice-A League of Their Own TPB (Omitted).jpg

16.68 KB

  Young Justice 1,000,000 (1998).cbr

8.00 MB

  Young Justice 80-Page Giant 001.cbr

41.18 MB

  Young Justice No Man's Land Special.cbr

6.36 MB

  Young Justice Our Worlds at War (2001).cbr

35.30 MB

  Young Justice Secret Files & Origins (1999).cbr

12.90 MB

  Young Justice Sins of Youth

   Young Justice Sins of Youth 001.cbr

15.99 MB

   Young Justice Sins of Youth 002.cbr

16.06 MB

   Young Justice Sins of Youth Secret Files & Origins (2000).cbr

34.28 MB

  Young Justice The Secret-Girlfrenzy.cbr

6.73 MB

  Young Justice v1 (2000-2003)

   Young Justice 001.cbr

5.28 MB

   Young Justice 002.cbr

8.65 MB

   Young Justice 003.cbr

8.48 MB

   Young Justice 004.cbr

7.57 MB

   Young Justice 005.cbr

2.59 MB

   Young Justice 006.cbr

4.58 MB

   Young Justice 007.cbr

4.50 MB

   Young Justice 008.cbr

2.70 MB

   Young Justice 009.cbr

3.15 MB

   Young Justice 010.cbr

7.59 MB

   Young Justice 011.cbr

7.19 MB

   Young Justice 012.cbr

8.29 MB

   Young Justice 013.cbr

8.50 MB

   Young Justice 014.cbr

18.06 MB

   Young Justice 015.cbr

5.64 MB

   Young Justice 016.cbr

5.90 MB

   Young Justice 017.cbr

5.30 MB

   Young Justice 018.cbr

5.89 MB

   Young Justice 019.cbr

5.76 MB

   Young Justice 020.cbr

5.36 MB

   Young Justice 021.cbr

5.49 MB

   Young Justice 022.cbr

5.77 MB

   Young Justice 023.cbr

16.17 MB

   Young Justice 024.cbr

17.43 MB

   Young Justice 025.cbr

16.94 MB

   Young Justice 026.cbr

16.79 MB

   Young Justice 027.cbr

18.31 MB

   Young Justice 028.cbr

5.88 MB

   Young Justice 029.cbr

6.39 MB

   Young Justice 030.cbr

17.57 MB

   Young Justice 031.cbr

5.96 MB

   Young Justice 032.cbr

6.78 MB

   Young Justice 033 (2001).cbr

25.00 MB

   Young Justice 034.cbr

6.84 MB

   Young Justice 035.cbr

17.60 MB

   Young Justice 036.cbr

6.80 MB

   Young Justice 037.cbr

17.48 MB

   Young Justice 038-Last Laugh.cbr

16.92 MB

   Young Justice 039.cbr

17.59 MB

   Young Justice 040.cbr

6.76 MB

   Young Justice 041.cbr

17.57 MB

   Young Justice 042.cbr

15.72 MB

   Young Justice 043.cbr

16.80 MB

   Young Justice 044.cbr

3.13 MB

   Young Justice 045.cbr

4.40 MB

   Young Justice 046.cbr

5.60 MB

   Young Justice 047.cbr

2.87 MB

   Young Justice 048.cbr

13.84 MB

   Young Justice 049.cbr

10.31 MB

   Young Justice 050.cbr

16.07 MB

   Young Justice 051.cbr

10.00 MB

   Young Justice 052.cbr

7.86 MB

   Young Justice 053.cbr

7.54 MB

   Young Justice 054.cbr

6.96 MB

   Young Justice 055.cbr

8.65 MB

 Young Love 01-38 (Prize Comics

  Young Love 002.cbr

17.76 MB

  Young Love 004 (08-1949).cbr

19.20 MB

  Young Love 028 (v3 10) ctc.cbr

56.27 MB

  Young Love 031 (v4 01) ctc.cbr

56.16 MB

  Young Love 054 (v5 12).cbr

24.12 MB

 Young Love v2 039-126 (after Prize Comics YL 38)(1964-1977)

  Young Love v2 039 (Missing).jpg

29.46 KB

  Young Love v2 040 (Missing).jpg

33.70 KB

  Young Love v2 041.cbr

22.64 MB

  Young Love v2 042 (Missing).jpg

32.21 KB

  Young Love v2 043 (Missing).jpg

26.48 KB

  Young Love v2 044.cbr

11.07 MB

  Young Love v2 045 (Missing).jpg

34.90 KB

  Young Love v2 046 (Missing).jpg

37.33 KB

  Young Love v2 047 (Missing).jpg

33.84 KB

  Young Love v2 048 (Missing).jpg

36.16 KB

  Young Love v2 049 (Missing).jpg

32.69 KB

  Young Love v2 050 (Missing).jpg

32.62 KB

  Young Love v2 051 (Missing).jpg

63.42 KB

  Young Love v2 052 (11-1965).cbr

11.61 MB

  Young Love v2 053.cbr

24.18 MB

  Young Love v2 054 (Missing).jpg

60.82 KB

  Young Love v2 055 (Missing).jpg

47.58 KB

  Young Love v2 056.cbr

24.10 MB

  Young Love v2 057 (Missing).jpg

72.90 KB

  Young Love v2 058 (Missing).jpg

58.13 KB

  Young Love v2 059.cbr

20.78 MB

  Young Love v2 060 ctc (1967).cbr

23.56 MB

  Young Love v2 061 (Missing).jpg

41.98 KB

  Young Love v2 062 ctc (1967).cbr

22.80 MB

  Young Love v2 063 (I'm Missing).jpg

67.46 KB

  Young Love v2 064.cbr

12.56 MB

  Young Love v2 065 (Missing).jpg

50.93 KB

  Young Love v2 066.cbr

25.43 MB

  Young Love v2 067 (Missing).jpg

38.63 KB

  Young Love v2 068 (Missing).jpg

45.91 KB

  Young Love v2 069 (Missing).jpg

51.71 KB

  Young Love v2 070 (Missing).jpg

45.69 KB

  Young Love v2 071.cbr

22.46 MB

  Young Love v2 072.cbr

23.02 MB

  Young Love v2 073.cbr

24.05 MB

  Young Love v2 074 (Missing).jpg

68.63 KB

  Young Love v2 075.cbr

22.10 MB

  Young Love v2 076 (Missing).jpg

64.52 KB

  Young Love v2 077 (Missing).jpg

71.35 KB

  Young Love v2 078 (Missing).jpg

58.89 KB

  Young Love v2 079.cbr

22.64 MB

  Young Love v2 080.cbr

26.14 MB

  Young Love v2 081.cbr

22.80 MB

  Young Love v2 082 (Missing).jpg

65.43 KB

  Young Love v2 083.cbr

22.36 MB

  Young Love v2 084 (Missing).jpg

71.87 KB

  Young Love v2 085 (Missing).jpg

116.17 KB

  Young Love v2 086 (Missing).jpg

70.73 KB

  Young Love v2 087.cbr

21.34 MB

  Young Love v2 088 (Missing).jpg

62.07 KB

  Young Love v2 089 (Missing).jpg

59.73 KB

  Young Love v2 090 (Missing).jpg

63.69 KB

  Young Love v2 091 (Missing).jpg

76.38 KB

  Young Love v2 092 (Missing).jpg

67.14 KB

  Young Love v2 093 (Missing).jpg

69.11 KB

  Young Love v2 094 (Missing).jpg

80.78 KB

  Young Love v2 095 (Missing).jpg

87.15 KB

  Young Love v2 096 (Missing).jpg

78.85 KB

  Young Love v2 097 (Missing).jpg

67.64 KB

  Young Love v2 098 (Missing).jpg

70.19 KB

  Young Love v2 099 (09-1972).cbr

18.02 MB

  Young Love v2 100 (Missing).jpg

78.76 KB

  Young Love v2 101 (Missing).jpg

68.20 KB

  Young Love v2 102 (Missing).jpg

47.74 KB

  Young Love v2 103 (Missing).jpg

69.43 KB

  Young Love v2 104 (Missing).jpg

66.76 KB

  Young Love v2 105 (Missing).jpg

59.97 KB

  Young Love v2 106 (Missing).jpg

75.16 KB

  Young Love v2 107.cbr

69.90 MB

  Young Love v2 108 (Missing).jpg

67.87 KB

  Young Love v2 109.cbr

69.50 MB

  Young Love v2 110 (Missing).jpg

76.75 KB

  Young Love v2 111 (Missing).jpg

66.94 KB

  Young Love v2 112.cbr

64.41 MB

  Young Love v2 113 (Missing).jpg

72.82 KB

  Young Love v2 114.cbr

67.59 MB

  Young Love v2 115.cbr

24.67 MB

  Young Love v2 116 (Missing).jpg

74.45 KB

  Young Love v2 117 (Missing).jpg

77.00 KB

  Young Love v2 118 (Missing).jpg

69.58 KB

  Young Love v2 119 (Missing).jpg

63.49 KB

  Young Love v2 120 (Missing).jpg

65.24 KB

  Young Love v2 121.cbr

34.11 MB

  Young Love v2 122 (Missing).jpg

86.54 KB

  Young Love v2 123.cbr

41.80 MB

  Young Love v2 124.cbr

35.21 MB

  Young Love v2 125 (Missing).jpg

76.68 KB

  Young Love v2 126.cbr

37.99 MB

 Young Romance 001-124 (Prize Comics

  Young Romance 038 (v5 02)(NC).cbr

39.38 MB

  Young Romance 040 (v5 04) (12-1951).cbr

46.18 MB

  Young Romance 060 (08-1953).cbr

43.91 MB

  Young Romance 065 ctc (01-1954).cbr

26.67 MB

  Young Romance 069 (05-1954).cbr

12.63 MB

  Young Romance 070 (v7 10) ctc.cbr

37.65 MB

  Young Romance 083-m centerfold.cbr

19.89 MB

  Young Romance 085 (1957).cbr

17.17 MB

 Young Romance v2 125-208 (after Prize Comics YR 124)(1963-1975)

  Young Romance v2 125.cbr

23.39 MB

  Young Romance v2 126 (Missing).jpg

75.76 KB

  Young Romance v2 127 (Missing).jpg

83.02 KB

  Young Romance v2 128.cbr

24.06 MB

  Young Romance v2 129 (Missing).jpg

86.06 KB

  Young Romance v2 130 (Missing).jpg

88.03 KB

  Young Romance v2 131 (Missing).jpg

65.74 KB

  Young Romance v2 132 (Missing).jpg

60.85 KB

  Young Romance v2 133 (Missing).jpg

70.22 KB

  Young Romance v2 134 (Missing).jpg

110.52 KB

  Young Romance v2 135 (Missing).jpg

61.44 KB

  Young Romance v2 136 (Missing).jpg

143.76 KB

  Young Romance v2 137 ctc (1965).cbr

27.39 MB

  Young Romance v2 138.cbr

29.75 MB

  Young Romance v2 139 (Missing).jpg

69.66 KB

  Young Romance v2 140 (Missing).jpg

88.34 KB

  Young Romance v2 141 ctc.cbr

14.80 MB

  Young Romance v2 142 (Missing).jpg

74.54 KB

  Young Romance v2 143.cbr

27.07 MB

  Young Romance v2 144 (Missing).jpg

69.80 KB

  Young Romance v2 145 (Missing).jpg

69.64 KB

  Young Romance v2 146 (Missing).jpg

67.60 KB

  Young Romance v2 147.cbr

36.38 MB

  Young Romance v2 148 (Missing).jpg

82.70 KB

  Young Romance v2 149 (Missing).jpg

65.38 KB

  Young Romance v2 150 (Missing).jpg

66.64 KB

  Young Romance v2 151.cbr

24.14 MB

  Young Romance v2 152 (Missing).jpg

78.56 KB

  Young Romance v2 153.cbr

24.87 MB

  Young Romance v2 154.cbr

26.28 MB

  Young Romance v2 155 ctc (1968).cbr

28.18 MB

  Young Romance v2 156 (Missing).jpg

65.36 KB

  Young Romance v2 157 (Missing).jpg

82.31 KB

  Young Romance v2 158.cbr

36.69 MB

  Young Romance v2 159.cbr

24.56 MB

  Young Romance v2 160 (Missing).jpg

57.39 KB

  Young Romance v2 161.cbr

25.18 MB

  Young Romance v2 162.cbr

25.27 MB

  Young Romance v2 163.cbr

24.97 MB

  Young Romance v2 164 (Missing).jpg

74.39 KB

  Young Romance v2 165.cbr

25.28 MB

  Young Romance v2 166 (Missing).jpg

64.67 KB

  Young Romance v2 167 (Missing).jpg

73.37 KB

  Young Romance v2 168 (Missing).jpg

67.58 KB

  Young Romance v2 169 (Missing).jpg

70.76 KB

  Young Romance v2 170 (Missing).jpg

54.61 KB

  Young Romance v2 171 (Missing).jpg

73.20 KB

  Young Romance v2 172 (Missing).jpg

85.64 KB

  Young Romance v2 173 (Missing).jpg

66.65 KB

  Young Romance v2 174 (Missing).jpg

60.72 KB

  Young Romance v2 175 (Missing).jpg

74.03 KB

  Young Romance v2 176 (Missing).jpg

68.07 KB

  Young Romance v2 177 (Missing).jpg

69.77 KB

  Young Romance v2 178 (Missing).jpg

75.49 KB

  Young Romance v2 179 (Missing).jpg

79.50 KB

  Young Romance v2 180 (Missing).jpg

84.20 KB

  Young Romance v2 181.cbr

35.17 MB

  Young Romance v2 182 (Missing).jpg

68.06 KB

  Young Romance v2 183 (Missing).jpg

65.88 KB

  Young Romance v2 184 (Missing).jpg

84.86 KB

  Young Romance v2 185 (Missing).jpg

79.09 KB

  Young Romance v2 186 (Missing).jpg

65.53 KB

  Young Romance v2 187 (Missing).jpg

73.53 KB

  Young Romance v2 188 (Missing).jpg

69.80 KB

  Young Romance v2 189 (Missing).jpg

70.82 KB

  Young Romance v2 190 (Missing).jpg

88.68 KB

  Young Romance v2 191 (Missing).jpg

74.46 KB

  Young Romance v2 192 (Missing).jpg

60.25 KB

  Young Romance v2 193 (Missing).jpg

84.29 KB

  Young Romance v2 194 (Missing).jpg

84.14 KB

  Young Romance v2 195 (Missing).jpg

68.44 KB

  Young Romance v2 196 (Missing).jpg

84.59 KB

  Young Romance v2 197 (Missing).jpg

75.70 KB

  Young Romance v2 198 (Missing).jpg

81.33 KB

  Young Romance v2 199 (Missing).jpg

92.42 KB

  Young Romance v2 200 (Missing).jpg

79.33 KB

  Young Romance v2 201 (Missing).jpg

72.27 KB

  Young Romance v2 202.cbr

97.84 MB

  Young Romance v2 203 (Missing).jpg

82.10 KB

  Young Romance v2 204 (Missing).jpg

74.56 KB

  Young Romance v2 205 (Missing).jpg

87.89 KB

  Young Romance v2 206 (Missing).jpg

63.49 KB

  Young Romance v2 207 (Missing).jpg

77.05 KB

  Young Romance v2 208 (Missing).jpg

75.69 KB


  Zatanna (1993)

   Zatanna 001.cbr

20.29 MB

   Zatanna 002.cbr

19.60 MB

   Zatanna 003.cbr

20.85 MB

   Zatanna 004.cbr

20.57 MB

  Zatanna Special (1987).cbr

21.22 MB

  Zatanna-Everyday Magic (Vertigo(2003).cbr

24.47 MB

 Zero Hour (1994)


   FAQ Zero Hour.txt

56.99 KB

   Info Zero Hour.txt

1.44 KB

   Wizard Special-Beyond Zero Hour.cbr

29.70 MB

   Wizard Special-Zero Month Supplement.cbr

5.65 MB

   Zero Hour Ashcan.cbr

0.98 MB

   Zero Hour Preview (1994).cbr

13.87 MB

   Zero Hour-Crisis in Time TPB (Omitted).jpg

82.02 KB

  Zero Hour

   Zero Hour-Crisis in Time 000.cbr

8.35 MB

   Zero Hour-Crisis in Time 001.cbr

9.28 MB

   Zero Hour-Crisis in Time 002.cbr

9.49 MB

   Zero Hour-Crisis in Time 003.cbr

10.43 MB

   Zero Hour-Crisis in Time 004.cbr

6.17 MB


0.02 KB

 zzBonus-The Complete Zero Hour

  The Complete Zero Hour Archives v1-DCP Archive Edition.cbr

83.31 MB

  The Complete Zero Hour Archives v2-DCP Archive Edition.cbr

58.84 MB

  The Complete Zero Hour Archives v3-DCP Archive Edition.cbr

63.71 MB

  The Complete Zero Hour Archives v4-DCP Archive Edition.cbr

74.98 MB

  The Complete Zero Hour Archives v5-DCP Archive Edition.cbr

59.00 MB

  The Complete Zero Hour Archives v6-DCP Archive Edition.cbr

78.76 MB

  The Complete Zero Hour Archives v7-DCP Archive Edition.cbr

81.12 MB

  The Complete Zero Hour Archives v8-DCP Archive Edition.cbr

58.36 MB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

The More than Complete DC from Z-A

This first installment is: Z-X
Zero Hour
Young Romance
Young Love
Young Justice
Young Heroes in Love
Young All-Stars
Year One Batman:Scarecrow
Year One Batman:Ra's al Ghul

Bonus-The Complete Zero Hour (DCP archive-Zero mini plus the rest of the related issues)

These are all that is scanned except for Young Love #63 but I do I have 99 which isn't listed as scanned in the Phantom's list, so I break even!
Young Love and Young Romance were acquired from Prize Comics and therefore do not start at #1. The prize issues do not represent characters who became DC so I make no extra effort to include them but include what I have, few are scanned at any rate, even of the DC issues. Romance comics are the final frontier of scanning!

What is this about?
You've seen the DC Chronology (massive cheers for everyone from Martyglick (founder) to nharding (current keeper of the flame) for that project, which I downloaded with great joy and contributed to in a small way.
You've seen the Marvel Chronology (sadly aborted) which I downloaded because I'm a completist and confess to liking some of it.:) Kudos to cyager69 for all his work on that, and those who made some supplements. Such a shame that never really got completed.

You've see The Complete Dark Horse (I cross posted parts of that at demonoid but don't me confused with mikpede, I had nothing to do with it other than asking if the mikpede would continue it on h33t when Demonoid was down, and doing the demonoid posts). You've seen The Complete Image (in progress), The Complete Vertigo, etc. This is The Complete DC with additions I feel belong, hence "More Than Complete"

This vs The DC Chronology
(that great and fabulous example of sharing and teamwork, unlike what happened to the Marvel one .. just sayin..)

So you have the DC Chronology - do you need this?
Probably not but I do have some few issues not found in that and many cases of what I believe are better or more complete scans. Also I will be doing some titles they did not, because they are really not DC, but are DC Precursors - Plastic Man, Blackhawk and golden age Captain Marvel are big examples

So you don't have the DC Chronology, which should you go for?
If you want everything published by DC or it's numerous imprints, or if you want any of it in chronological order, or you want just Golden age or Silver age, than the chronology is for you.

BUT If you want
1) complete sets of just certain titles, regardless of when they were published,
2) want the DC Universe without the numerous imprints which are largely unrelated to the DC universe,
3) you want to search for those better scans which I have for some issues, plus a few bonus issue not in the Chron.
4) you are more interested in a set sorted by title than publication date,
5) you realize there is no way the chronology will be all seeded long enough for you to get it all
6) or whatever else you can think of
this series is for you - and I do mean YOU!

Guiding philosophy aka Arbitrary rules:

1) The Phantom Stranger is the bringer of the holy DC list. The Phantom Stranger's list is my Bible.
2) I am not compelled to include the whole Bible, like most people I leave out the parts I don't like or that make me uncomfortable. (The Imprints)
3) I feel free to add to the Bible, this is known historically for the real Bible as the Apocrypha or in modern times whatever ancient document you can dig up and claim is a "lost book" will do for people who have no idea how the Bible was formed and think it was arbitrary. I definitely will do that.
4) I only have so much bandwidth and disk space,
5) I will make up arbitrary rules as I go along.

This translates to the following expanded rules each derived from one above:[
I) The Phantom Stranger's list is what I will use to know if I'm missing scanned issues, and what order to sort in. It does not tell me what to include or not. THEList is rude, crude, and hard to use by comparison and not needed since I'm doing just DC. (no insult intended, it serves a different purpose, and I just love saying "rude, crude and yada yada" ). I will use the title used by the Phantom Stranger list for alphabetizing. If he spells out a number, I will. If he doesn't, I won't etc.

A) I am sharing the TRUE, PURE ABSOLUTE DC, not Vertigo (uggh), !mpact, Wildstorm, etc. (or Lord help us CMX which mostly hasn't been scanned anyway). If it doesn't say DC on the cover it probably won't be here, but if it DOES say DC it will be - unless it is a "mixed" title with two names - like DC/Vertigo but it is truly and clearly Vertigo (or whatever) with DC just tacked on for introductory or sales purposes. I will include crossovers not actually published by DC (even Marvel :-) ) when they are one-shots and minis but I could miss some crossovers not published by DC. These are just a bonus, their absence does not mar the completeness of DC titles. I will not pretend to search out crossovers in the regular series of other publishers or imprints. I'm trying to get out all DC titles. That's the goal - not every place a character appeared.. I am the sole arbitrator of this but you can plead your case, I'm persuadable. I am also not going to go crazy searching for DC peripheral matter like the back of a cereal box with Batman on it someone scanned. There is much of this at the bottom of the Phantom's list. It's the comics I care about. But if I have it, or can easily get it, I will include it. I understand the impulse to have it all, I'm just not going to hold up this project for it. If you have it, please do share it, or send it to me and I will.

B) Contrary to rule A) If a DC Character or title is "perverted" in a Vertigo title, such as was done to the Creeper, House of Secrets, et. al. it WILL appear here as I am much more character than title oriented and title than publisher oriented. Who gives a crap whose name is on the cover anyway? (Unless it's Marvel, with pretend apologies to all you ultimate-616-fantastic-x-spider-hulk lovers out there, and with sincere apologies to fine content creators like a certain correspondent of mine who have penciled/written/inked in DC and Marvel. Mr X, my creator friend - you artists/writers are great, it's not your fault Marvel heroes suck. It's the editors I blame. :P )

C) Self contradictions such as you may see above are par for the course.

III) If a Non-DC Character, such as the original Golden Age Captain Marvel (now know as DC's Shazam for copyright reasons), Blue Beetle, or Plastic Man has been slurped up by the gigantic steamroller-amoeba-blob that is the DC of today I'm planning on including those titles. If DC can retcon the universe so Superman who was never Superboy in 1938 can later have been Superboy, and still later never have been Superboy, If Supergirl can well and truly die in 1985, then be ret-conned into oblivion, yet have a second coming later on, I can "ret-publish" and say that Police Comics, starring Plastic Man, is a DC title. Don't agree? Sue me.

IV) No reseed by me. My collection is constantly evolving so there is a good chance one or more issues may have been replaced by me with a better version ( I will share any choice additions in supplemental torrents). In that case I can't seed, and in any event I need to keep on with the project, no turning back. I beg you all to seed if you believe in this project. But when these torrents die, they die. Get 'em while they're hot.

A) I'm going Z-A, then numbers descending, just to be arbitrarily different or maybe because I think Zatana is hot.

B) There will be no descriptions of individual titles (unless I feel like it) though I may throw in a cover or ten from time to time. Sorry, google. This will be enough work as it is.

C) At my sole discretion very large titles like Detective, etc which have well-seeded and reasonably complete torrents will be skipped but I will post a link to them and include the torrent file in my torrent. I will also post any supplements to said torrents (new issues, new scans, alternate covers, whatever) in their stead. But If for any reason I feel my torrent needs to be out there despite this, I'm gonna do it. Nobody can or should tell me what to share or when.

Naming Conventions
absence of these marks means nothing it may be still be ctc, (i) etc. I mark what I know or was passed that way to me. Corrections welcome.

ctc= cover to cover ()
(i) = incomplete story content. Missing ads or editorial content does not get an (i)
m xxxx issue is missing xxxx. usually page numbers
(NC) no cover
(BW) black and white.
(fiche) was scanned form microfiche. some of these are very clear, some are very poor to almost unreadable.
(R) a scan of a reprint of the issue or single story if a partial issue.
(remix) a reconstructed issue from various reprints of stories, not a reprint of whole issue.
xx corrupt. A page (xx) is corrupt in the cbr or cbz but partially readable and I could not get a better copy. Hopefully there won't be any, but there are known bad comics out there that haven't been fixed.
damaged or torn - part of original page was missing or damaged at scan time.
(missing).jpg or (missing.placeholder) a cover image or marker file for comics not scanned.
(I'm missing) comic is scanned but I couldn't find it. I can't stop the series for a couple missing issues, but will keep looking.

Volume numbers are what the Stranger says they are even if I do not agree. Do NOT GET ME STARTED on volume numbers. :-)

Things I beg and plead for you to tell me about:
1) Incorrect or damaged or incomplete comics. I will post corrections w/o fail if I can obtain them, and notices in all cases, All comics have been subjected to an integrity check, but I don't have time to check them all for page order, missing pages, or even that every one is what it says it is. I found numerous corrupt comics in the DC Chronology and reported them, but I got tired of reporting ones to one poster who wouldn't post fixes or learn to check future torrents (kept posting corrupt issues in the same title, torrent after torrent) . Perhaps there was a language barrier. He still did a great work and I thank him, but I hope to maintain higher standards

2) Tell me that you have and will give me, or a public source has, an issue I'm missing or a better copy. I will get the daily hitllist from the hubs so you need not report that unless I post a supplement that misses one. I am on komics-live but that's hard to keep up with so if you see something there I may well not have done so.

Things I do NOT want to hear from you:
1) Requests to do this in a different order. See rule I and V.

2) Statements about the demonoid "no dupe" rule. This series is not just on demonoid, is a different and never before done project so far as I know, and you really shouldn't bug me with stupid complaints. If you really think I'm destroying demonoid by putting up a torrent that has the the exact same scans (very unlikely) as another torrent, complain to the mods. They live for that sort of thing. If they agree with you and take down my torrent or "warn" me I may take my football and go home, so be sure you really wanna do that.

3) Reseed requests. I can't., I'm sorry. See rule 4 and IV.

4) Complaints about the speed of my postings. I may do this too fast for you at times or too slow, I may have have long gaps (life interferes) but I pledge to finish.

5) Complaints about the quality of the scans. I post what I have. Some of the fiche are unreadable or not worth having in some people's opinions. Others treasure them. Not all fiche are marked, Feel free to point this out in comments as some may wish to know. Please supply better scans if you have them! But no whining.

6) Other stupid criticisms of the way I choose to do this, see rules 5 and V. By definitions pretty much any criticism will be defined as stupid because this project is a go. we have lift off. It's too late to abort, and most of all, I DONT CARE!

[size=5][color=red]Oh btw - get a bigger hard drive now. [/color][/size]This will be hundreds of gigabytes. My DC folder contains 522GB. That does contain many dups I won't be including as I finally am forced to sort through them for this project but still, this will be huge. For comparison my "imprints" folder (not counting MAD) total a mere 55GB (with a much higher percentage of dups to be eliminated in those folders. I'm told the DC Chronology is about 420gb. Subtract the Imprints but add stuff in, this is likely about the same.

Enjoy people, enjoy!
This is my legacy. This is my gift to you. This is what joshua13 was born to do. :-)


You can see my other torrents Demonoid HERE or h33t here. The lists should be (but aren't) the same.

Thanks to Scanners, Original Uploaders and Seeders - We need you all!
But thanks most of all to the seeders-the thankless anonymous
chore that make the work of the scanners and unloaders multiply!
Better than a thousand thank-you comments is the seeder to me!
Everyone can seed!
See Yah!

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