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RESEED Comedy Spoken Word Performance Art Collection

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Name:RESEED Comedy Spoken Word Performance Art Collection

Total Size: 2.23 GB

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Seeds: 7

Leechers: 3

Stream: Watch Full Movie @ Movie4u

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Torrent added: 2009-08-20 16:08:44

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Torrent Files List

Chris Morris (Size: 2.07 GB) (Files: 261)

 Chris Morris

  Blue Jam


6.74 MB

   04-4ft Car.mp3

2.37 MB

   05-Suicide Journalist.mp3

16.05 MB

   03-Lamacq Sting.mp3

424.13 KB

   01-Blue Jam Intro.mp3

1.91 MB

   02-Doc Phone.mp3

3.81 MB

   07-Bad Sex 2.mp3

3.69 MB

   08-Mayo Sting.mp3

664.13 KB

   09-Unflustered Parents.mp3

10.19 MB

   10-Moyles Sting.mp3

1.60 MB

   11-TV Lizards.mp3

5.53 MB

   12-Doc Cock.mp3

5.72 MB

   13-Hobbs Sting.mp3

1.23 MB

   14-Morton Interview.mp3

7.55 MB

   15-Fixit Girl.mp3

7.64 MB


4.92 MB

   17-Kids Party.mp3

964.13 KB

   18-Club News.mp3

4.86 MB

   19-Whiley Sting.mp3

336.13 KB

   20-Little Girl Balls.mp3

1.82 MB

   21-Blue Jam Outro.mp3

3.79 MB

 Barry Morrow

  Bill for Short

   01-Bill for Short.mp3

99.55 MB

 Andrei Codrescu

  No Tacos For Saddam

   19-The Earth Shuttle.mp3

7.23 MB

   18-Drug Wise.mp3

5.71 MB


4.12 MB

   17-Father And Son Talk.mp3

6.92 MB

   15-Obscenity In Search Of Art.mp3

3.26 MB

   14-Hitler And Chaplin.mp3

3.70 MB

   13-Everybody Suffers.mp3

1.27 MB


3.23 MB


2.36 MB

   09-I'm A Bear.mp3

5.52 MB


5.70 MB

   08-City Lights.mp3

6.62 MB

   07-Crab Enchiladas.mp3

3.59 MB

   05-Eternal Youth.mp3

7.03 MB

   04-Two Possibilities.mp3

1.72 MB

   03-The Normal Family.mp3

2.71 MB

   02-The Difference.mp3

2.64 MB

   01-Sibiu, Romania.mp3

2.11 MB

 Hugh Brown Shü

  Bomb The Womb

   01-Bomb the Womb.mp3

690.13 KB

   02-I'm such an alienated youth.mp3

6.15 MB

   03-A bedtime story.mp3

7.24 MB


2.98 MB

   05-Miles Davis owes me ten bucks.mp3

3.08 MB

   06-Might as well be swing, Frank.mp3

2.45 MB

   08-The bald dick.mp3

4.10 MB

   09-Three inches of terror.mp3

1.14 MB

   10-Cat Killer.mp3

3.65 MB

   11-Spick up_.mp3

1.54 MB

   12-The Artist.mp3

5.89 MB

   13-She's so damn big.mp3

3.55 MB

   14-A message to the Conchers.mp3

922.13 KB

   15-You've got a friend in Pennsylvania.mp3

1.08 MB

   16-I get so much pussy.mp3

2.21 MB

   17-Tenth Avenue Air King.mp3

2.12 MB

   18-A Real Talk Show.mp3

10.97 MB

   19-What the...Jimmy_.mp3

1.74 MB

   20-Subway jazz.mp3

2.02 MB


3.77 MB

   22-A Highly Motivated Agent of Darkness.mp3

6.91 MB

   23-It's 1992, what doesn't sound familiar_.mp3

1.83 MB

 Julia Sweeney

  God Said Ha!


4.37 MB


11.73 MB

   04-My Future, My Reality.mp3

3.25 MB

   05-Jeri Sweeney Rant.mp3

3.02 MB

   06-Bob Sweeney Rant.mp3

5.07 MB


2.03 MB

   08-Mike Is Sick.mp3

4.37 MB


1.52 MB

   10-Halloween And Radiation.mp3

2.29 MB

   11-Book Soup.mp3

8.16 MB

   12-In A Lonely Place.mp3

3.93 MB


5.64 MB

   14-I Love My Shunt.mp3

5.46 MB

   15-Dr. Fu.mp3

5.13 MB

   16-House Guest.mp3

4.78 MB

   17-House Of Cancer.mp3

1.79 MB

   18-The Long, Long Drive.mp3

5.45 MB


4.16 MB

   20-Percodan And Mom And Dad Go Home.mp3

2.32 MB

   21-Fire Stop.mp3

2.03 MB

   22-Sister Antonella And My Ovaries.mp3

2.41 MB

   23-Jesus And The House Is Empty.mp3

3.87 MB

  Letting go of God - Julia Sweeney


    01 - Track 1.mp3

6.97 MB

    02 - Track 2.mp3

6.78 MB

    03 - Track 3.mp3

2.58 MB

    04 - Track 4.mp3

5.29 MB

    05 - Track 5.mp3

3.94 MB

    06 - Track 6.mp3

4.57 MB

    07 - Track 7.mp3

3.67 MB

    08 - Track 8.mp3

4.48 MB

    09 - Track 9.mp3

3.62 MB

    10 - Track 10.mp3

2.56 MB

    11 - Track 11.mp3

2.36 MB

    12 - Track 12.mp3

3.50 MB

    13 - Track 13.mp3

5.43 MB

    14 - Track 14.mp3

2.78 MB

    15 - Track 15.mp3

4.11 MB


    01 - Track 1.mp3

4.20 MB

    02 - Track 2.mp3

3.22 MB

    03 - Track 3.mp3

2.35 MB

    04 - Track 4.mp3

3.20 MB

    05 - Track 5.mp3

5.42 MB

    06 - Track 6.mp3

6.18 MB

    07 - Track 7.mp3

3.35 MB

    08 - Track 8.mp3

4.06 MB

    09 - Track 9.mp3

6.78 MB

    10 - Track 10.mp3

5.06 MB

    11 - Track 11.mp3

5.86 MB

    12 - Track 12.mp3

4.03 MB


1.79 MB


1.55 MB

 Kevin Kling

  Home and Away

   01-Easy Bob.mp3

3.58 MB


3.86 MB


4.89 MB


6.11 MB


12.18 MB


7.22 MB


10.34 MB

   08-The Loons.mp3

5.80 MB


18.36 MB

   10-Dad I.mp3

1.44 MB


12.21 MB

   12-Dad II.mp3

1.63 MB


13.44 MB

 Lynda Barry

  The Lynda Barry Experience

   01-The Lynda Barry Experience Song.mp3

1.26 MB


194.13 KB

   03-Naked Ladies.mp3

12.33 MB

   04-I'm Not Home #1.mp3

812.13 KB

   05-Halloween with Dad.mp3

5.50 MB

   06-Safety Patrol.mp3

5.08 MB

   07-I'm Not Home #2.mp3

1.83 MB

   08-Happy Father's Day.mp3

4.27 MB

   09-I Got an Accordion.mp3

5.62 MB

   10-I'm Not Home #3.mp3

2.02 MB

   11-House of the Rising Sun.mp3

11.01 MB

   12-I'm Not Home #4.mp3

1.98 MB

   13-Good Grief, It's the Aswang.mp3

5.44 MB

   14-The Lesbo Story.mp3

7.86 MB

   15-I'm Not Home #5.mp3

1.29 MB

   16-Soul Mama Number 14.mp3

5.60 MB


5.19 MB

   18-The Fourth of July.mp3

5.83 MB

   19-I'm Not Home #6.mp3

1.40 MB

   20-I Remember Mike.mp3

7.67 MB

   21-The Other Lynda Barry Experience Song.mp3

1.10 MB

 Rick Reynolds

  All Grown Up ... And No Place To Go

   01-Part 1.mp3

9.18 MB

   02-Part 2.mp3

11.69 MB

   03-Part 3.mp3

12.81 MB

   04-Part 4.mp3

17.84 MB

   05-Part 5.mp3

11.55 MB

   06-Part 6.mp3

20.76 MB

   07-Part 7.mp3

8.51 MB

   08-Part 8.mp3

10.06 MB

   09-Part 9.mp3

13.64 MB

   10-Part 10.mp3

8.18 MB

   11-Life, Kids, Marriage And Stuff.mp3

34.59 MB

  Only the Truth is Funny

   01-Only the Truth is Funny.mp3

103.61 MB

 Spalding Gray

  It's A Slippery Slope

   01-It's A Slippery Slope.mp3

95.97 MB

  Monster in a Box

   01-Monster in a Box (part 1).mp3

68.89 MB

   02-Monster in a Box (part 2).mp3

70.64 MB

  Swimming to Cambodia

   01-Part 1.mp3

60.78 MB

   02-Part 2.mp3

47.67 MB

 Tom Bodett



7.92 MB

   02-The Decent Thing To Do.mp3

14.62 MB

   03-Earth Views.mp3

22.97 MB

   04-A Fantasy.mp3

41.37 MB


70.97 MB

  Last Decent Parking Place in North America

   01 Part 1.mp3

34.83 MB

   01 Part 3.mp3

44.62 MB

   02 Part 2.mp3

38.38 MB

   02 Part 4.mp3

35.68 MB

 Wallace Shawn

  Wallace Shawn - 1 - I'm Travelling... .mp3

5.58 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 1 - Look Here's The Question... .mp3

1.43 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 2 - Dear God, What's Happening... .mp3

5.21 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 2 - My Parents Loved Me... .mp3

3.18 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 3 - Heat Runs All Over Me... .mp3

5.48 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 3 - And I Can't Stand The Way People... .mp3

5.15 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 4 - I Pull Myself Over To The Window... .mp3

3.38 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 4 - In My Own Country... .mp3

6.27 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 5 - So We Have Everything... .mp3

5.63 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 5 - About Six Months Later... .mp3

3.54 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 6 - And Now The Ugly Little Book... .mp3

3.97 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 6 - I Went Home... .mp3

7.59 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 7 - Do You Remember That Day... .mp3

4.50 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 7 - My Last Night... .mp3

1.66 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 8 - I'm Floating In Space... .mp3

2.04 MB

  Wallace Shawn - 9 - The Life I Live... .mp3

5.02 MB


  Dreams of Bali

   Dreams of Bali music.mp3

3.30 MB

   Dreams of Bali-01.mp3

31.32 MB

   Dreams of Bali-02.mp3

25.60 MB

   Dreams of Bali-03.mp3

30.19 MB

   Dreams of Bali-04.mp3

30.88 MB


   Ruby-01-Heres a kiss for you.mp3

2.91 MB

   Ruby-02-Four tentacles and a Red Fez.mp3

3.13 MB

   Ruby-03-I guess thats the spot.mp3

2.84 MB

   Ruby-04-Angel Lips Speaks.mp3

2.67 MB

   Ruby-05-Escape from the Slimeys.mp3

2.90 MB

   Ruby-06-The Digital Circus.mp3

3.00 MB

   Ruby-07-Nicola Tesla.mp3

2.78 MB

   Ruby-08-TJ Teru.mp3

2.68 MB

   Ruby-09-The Ancient Nullian City.mp3

2.72 MB

   Ruby-10-Wed better run Teru.mp3

2.84 MB

   Ruby-11-The Moles of Zeeboos.mp3

2.65 MB

   Ruby-12-Moliere Chief of the Mole People.mp3

2.85 MB

   Ruby-13-Cosmic Pinball.mp3

2.78 MB

   Ruby-14-Solar Sailing.mp3

2.89 MB

   Ruby-15-Monet the Aurorian.mp3

2.98 MB

   Ruby-16-Casno City.mp3

2.83 MB

   Ruby-17-A Walk with Monet.mp3

2.76 MB

   Ruby-18-Blam Blam The Slimeys.mp3

2.80 MB

   Ruby-19-The Android Sisters-Robots.mp3

2.96 MB

   Ruby-20-So Long Monet.mp3

3.30 MB

   Ruby-21-Onoffon and Offonoff.mp3

3.06 MB

   Ruby-22-The Island The Volcano The Trap.mp3

3.45 MB

   Ruby-23-Ruby Disarms.mp3

2.88 MB

   Ruby-24-Its coming from out there.mp3

2.87 MB

   Ruby-25-The Inflatable City.mp3

2.77 MB

   Ruby-26-Millies Milk Bar.mp3

2.82 MB

   Ruby-27-The Android Sisters-Treasury Wizards.mp3

2.80 MB

   Ruby-28-AndOr and The Electric 50s.mp3

2.64 MB

   Ruby-29-The Macho Bleepholes.mp3

2.62 MB

   Ruby-30-Ruby and Angel Lips Have a Little Talk.mp3

3.13 MB

   Ruby-31-Teru Tangos with the Moles.mp3

3.00 MB

   Ruby-32-More Mole Puns.mp3

2.94 MB

   Ruby-33-Surfing on Magnetic Waves.mp3

3.11 MB

   Ruby-34-Surfs Out.mp3

2.79 MB

   Ruby-35-The Android Sisters-The Bomb.mp3

2.54 MB

   Ruby-36-Hall of Shadows.mp3

2.92 MB

   Ruby-37-Ruby Meets Moonbeam.mp3

2.78 MB

   Ruby-38-AndOr Falls in Love.mp3

2.72 MB

   Ruby-39-The Android Sisters-Who Nose.mp3

2.92 MB

   Ruby-40-The Lowest Common Denominator.mp3

2.91 MB

   Ruby-41-AndOr Pops The Question.mp3

2.91 MB

   Ruby-42-Sam the Bardroid.mp3

3.02 MB

   Ruby-43-Teru and the Tookah Talk.mp3

2.95 MB

   Ruby-44-The Tookah Puffs Up and Explodes.mp3

2.64 MB

   Ruby-45-Ive got the drop on you Kapoor.mp3

2.93 MB

   Ruby-46-The Android Sisters-Electric Sheep.mp3

3.12 MB

   Ruby-47-Teru and Angel Lips.mp3

3.02 MB

   Ruby-48-AAAChoo The Citadel.mp3

2.91 MB

   Ruby-49-Ruby Found At Last.mp3

2.93 MB

   Ruby-50-Too Many Mutants.mp3

2.66 MB

   Ruby-51-Toots Mutant of the Zoot Mutants.mp3

2.97 MB

   Ruby-52-The Android Sisters-Money.mp3

3.03 MB

   Ruby-53-The Voices of the Old Ones.mp3

2.87 MB

   Ruby-54-Lazars Android Works.mp3

2.96 MB

   Ruby-55-How To Activate a Male Android.mp3

2.99 MB

   Ruby-56-The Programmer Matisse.mp3

3.08 MB

   Ruby-57-Matisse Talks.mp3

2.79 MB

   Ruby-58-Mother Kapoor and Her Rodent.mp3

3.08 MB

   Ruby-59-Teru Fondly Reminisces.mp3

2.92 MB

   Ruby-61-The Nest.mp3

3.05 MB

   Ruby-62-Big Battle With The Slimeys.mp3

2.69 MB

   Ruby-63-Conclusion of the Slimeys.mp3

2.73 MB

   Ruby-64-This must be the end.mp3

2.77 MB

   Ruby-65-Teru Ad Libs The Credits.mp3

3.45 MB

  The Maltese Goddess

   The Maltese Goddess-01-The Waking Man Dreams.mp3

25.65 MB

   The Maltese Goddess-02-All Shadows and Light.mp3

24.63 MB

   The Maltese Goddess-03-She Opens Her Eyes.mp3

23.58 MB

Announce URL:

Torrent description

***NOTE*** - In my previous attempt to create this torrent, The Julia Sweeney album LETTING GO OF GOD was corrupted. This is now corrected. The old torrent at: still works, but that file is screwed up. Sorry.

Back in 1991, an amazing new label emerged for the production of spoken word albums, called the GANG OF SEVEN. Predictably, a lack of marketing money and the specialized nature of the genre led to its folding within a few years. Contained in this torrent are all the original GO7 albums, along with some additional later albums by the same and similar artists.

Before you skip this one as some high-falutin? artsy fartsy crapola (I won?t lie, there IS some of that in here), There is also some hysterically funny comedy, some pure art, and some great ideas that will leave you thinking. Have you ever had the pleasure of listening to a master story teller ply their trade? Spalding Gray?s monologues and Tom Bodett?s (yeah, the motel commercial guy) stories fit that mold. Rick Reynolds is a comedian that makes his true life the basis for his act, and it is unforgettably funny. Anyone who ever liked Jack Kerouac should try Hugh Brown Sh?, and the somber melancholy of Wallace Shawn (THIS is the same guy from Princess Bride???) is exquisite.

If you like Doug Stanhope, George Carlin, Mark Twain ? there is something here for you. Only the very limited, ignorant, or stupid will not enjoy most of this material. An absolute must for English majors or anyone with a profound love of the English Language. Fans of quality Rap will love this one, while hip-hop fans probably will not. American Idol fans need not apply.

Andrei Codrescu - No Tacos For Saddam
Barry Morrow - Bill for Short
Chris Morris - Blue Jam
David Byrne - Music for the Knee Plays
Hugh Brown Sh? - Bomb The Womb
Julia Sweeney - God Said Ha!
Letting go of God
Kevin Kling - Home and Away
Lynda Barry - The Lynda Barry Experience
Rick Reynolds - Only the Truth is Funny
All Grown Up ... And No Place To Go
Spalding Gray - It's A Slippery Slope
Monster in a Box
Swimming to Cambodia
Terrors of Pleasure
Tom Bodett - Exploded
Last Decent Parking Place in North America
Wallace Shawn - The Fever
ZBS - Dreams of Bali
The Maltese Goddess

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