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James Grippando AudioBook Collection myanonamouse net

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Name:James Grippando AudioBook Collection myanonamouse net

Total Size: 4.53 GB

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Torrent added: 2009-08-20 08:50:57

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Jack Swyteck Series (Size: 4.18 GB) (Files: 237)

 Jack Swyteck Series

  James Grippando - Jack Swyteck 02 - Beyond Suspicion

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 13.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 12.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 11.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 10.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 09.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 08.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 07.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 06.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 05.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 04.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 03.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 02.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 01.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 14.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 15.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 16.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 17.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 18.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 19.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 20.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 21.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 22.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 23.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 24.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 25.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 26.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 27.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 28.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 29.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 30.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 31.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 32.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 33.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 34.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 35.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 36.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 37.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 38.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 39.mp3

4.29 MB

   James Grippando - Beyond Suspicion 40.mp3

3.70 MB

  James Grippando - Jack Swyteck 01 - The Pardon

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 09.mp3

19.34 MB

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 08.mp3

20.08 MB

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 07.mp3

18.96 MB

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 06.mp3

19.37 MB

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 05.mp3

19.03 MB

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 04.mp3

19.09 MB

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 03.mp3

18.43 MB

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 02.mp3

19.94 MB

   James Grippando - The Pardon CD 01.mp3

18.94 MB

  James Grippando - Jack Swyteck 03 - Last To Die

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 01.mp3

30.18 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 02.mp3

29.83 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 03.mp3

30.57 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 04.mp3

30.20 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 05.mp3

31.20 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 06.mp3

30.40 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 07.mp3

29.92 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 08.mp3

30.73 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 09.mp3

30.29 MB

   James Grippando - Last to Die CD 10.mp3

28.44 MB

  James Grippando - Jack Swyteck 04 - Hear No Evil

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 01.mp3

33.23 MB

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 02.mp3

31.93 MB

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 03.mp3

33.53 MB

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 04.mp3

33.34 MB

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 05.mp3

33.76 MB

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 06.mp3

32.47 MB

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 07.mp3

32.47 MB

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 08.mp3

32.86 MB

   James Grippando - Hear No Evil CD 09.mp3

32.61 MB

  James Grippando - Jack Swyteck 05 - Got The Look

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 01.mp3

21.50 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 02.mp3

21.11 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 03.mp3

21.69 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 04.mp3

21.82 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 05.mp3

21.92 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 06.mp3

21.92 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 07.mp3

21.53 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 08.mp3

21.72 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 09.mp3

21.47 MB

   James Grippando - Got The Look CD 10.mp3

21.58 MB

  James Grippando - Jack Swyteck 06 - When Darkness Falls

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 01.mp3

30.98 MB

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 02.mp3

35.48 MB

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 03.mp3

36.08 MB

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 04.mp3

33.82 MB

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 05.mp3

31.97 MB

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 06.mp3

33.15 MB

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 07.mp3

33.19 MB

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 08.mp3

27.38 MB

   James Grippando - When Darkness Falls CD 09.mp3

25.89 MB

  James Grippando - Jack Swyteck 07 - Last Call

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 01.mp3

29.87 MB

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 02.mp3

29.47 MB

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 03.mp3

29.55 MB

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 04.mp3

30.21 MB

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 05.mp3

32.74 MB

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 06.mp3

33.68 MB

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 07.mp3

35.34 MB

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 08.mp3

35.21 MB

   James Grippando - Last Call CD 09.mp3

34.12 MB

  James Grippando - Jack Swyteck 08 - Born to Run

   James Grippando - Born To Run CD 01.mp3

65.59 MB

   James Grippando - Born To Run CD 02.mp3

62.51 MB

   James Grippando - Born To Run CD 03.mp3

71.73 MB

   James Grippando - Born To Run CD 04.mp3

73.13 MB

   James Grippando - Born To Run CD 05.mp3

72.75 MB

   James Grippando - Born To Run CD 06.mp3

70.45 MB

   James Grippando - Born To Run CD 07.mp3

72.36 MB

   James Grippando - Born To Run CD 08.mp3

62.47 MB

 James Grippando - Found Money

  found money_01.mp3

3.29 MB

  found money_02.mp3

5.26 MB

  found money_03.mp3

6.03 MB

  found money_04.mp3

3.51 MB

  found money_05.mp3

2.18 MB

  found money_06.mp3

2.25 MB

  found money_07.mp3

2.71 MB

  found money_08.mp3

2.43 MB

  found money_09.mp3

3.14 MB

  found money_10.mp3

3.94 MB

  found money_11.mp3

2.14 MB

  found money_12.mp3

3.06 MB

  found money_13.mp3

3.82 MB

  found money_14.mp3

4.55 MB

  found money_15.mp3

6.02 MB

  found money_16.mp3

6.27 MB

  found money_17.mp3

2.82 MB

  found money_18.mp3

4.25 MB

  found money_19.mp3

3.90 MB

  found money_20.mp3

4.16 MB

  found money_21.mp3

2.07 MB

  found money_22.mp3

3.77 MB

  found money_23.mp3

4.70 MB

  found money_24.mp3

3.71 MB

  found money_25.mp3

4.54 MB

  found money_26.mp3

5.46 MB

  found money_27.mp3

3.72 MB

  found money_28.mp3

2.24 MB

  found money_29.mp3

3.11 MB

  found money_30.mp3

4.39 MB

  found money_31.mp3

4.00 MB

  found money_32.mp3

4.78 MB

  found money_33.mp3

1.52 MB

  found money_34.mp3

4.34 MB

  found money_35.mp3

3.46 MB

  found money_36.mp3

3.03 MB

  found money_37.mp3

7.26 MB

  found money_38.mp3

4.69 MB

  found money_39.mp3

3.09 MB

  found money_40.mp3

3.35 MB

  found money_41.mp3

5.10 MB

  found money_42.mp3

5.00 MB

  found money_43.mp3

5.66 MB

  found money_44.mp3

6.12 MB

  found money_45.mp3

3.67 MB

  found money_46.mp3

2.26 MB

  found money_47.mp3

5.79 MB

  found money_48.mp3

4.71 MB

  found money_49.mp3

4.85 MB

  found money_50.mp3

4.25 MB

  found money_51.mp3

4.83 MB

  found money_52.mp3

2.12 MB

  found money_53.mp3

4.34 MB

  found money_54.mp3

2.69 MB

  found money_55.mp3

5.06 MB

  found money_56.mp3

4.19 MB

  found money_57.mp3

4.12 MB

  found money_58.mp3

5.75 MB

  found money_59.mp3

3.22 MB

  found money_60.mp3

4.70 MB

  found money_61.mp3

2.78 MB

  found money_62.mp3

3.98 MB

  found money_63.mp3

5.23 MB

  found money_64.mp3

2.03 MB

  found money_65.mp3

3.87 MB

  found money_66.mp3

5.05 MB

  found money_67.mp3

5.55 MB

  found money_68.mp3

4.56 MB

  found money_69.mp3

2.35 MB

  found money_70.mp3

3.81 MB

  found money_71.mp3

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  found money_72.mp3

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  found money_73.mp3

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  found money_74.mp3

2.65 MB

  found money_75.mp3

4.78 MB

  found money_76.mp3

5.49 MB

  found money_77.mp3

644.09 KB

 James Grippando - Kings Ransom

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 01.mp3

47.10 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 02.mp3

46.36 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 03.mp3

45.60 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 04.mp3

46.71 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 05.mp3

48.16 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 06.mp3

45.27 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 07.mp3

47.79 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 08.mp3

43.24 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 09.mp3

45.65 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 10.mp3

43.71 MB

  James Grippando - Kings Ransom CD 11.mp3

47.89 MB

 James Grippando - The Abduction

  James Grippando - The Abduction 01A.mp3

18.63 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 01B.mp3

18.76 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 02A.mp3

20.34 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 02B.mp3

18.63 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 03A.mp3

20.42 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 03B.mp3

18.96 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 04A.mp3

20.50 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 04B.mp3

16.90 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 05A.mp3

19.72 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 05B.mp3

19.64 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 06A.mp3

19.58 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 06B.mp3

18.93 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 07A.mp3

19.08 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 07B.mp3

18.08 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 08A.mp3

19.32 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 08B.mp3

18.21 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 09A.mp3

20.31 MB

  James Grippando - The Abduction 09B.mp3

18.96 MB

 James Grippando - The Informant

  James Grippando - The Informant 01A.mp3

19.58 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 01B.mp3

19.30 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 02A.mp3

19.53 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 02B.mp3

19.63 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 03A.mp3

18.81 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 03B.mp3

18.75 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 04A.mp3

19.23 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 04B.mp3

18.28 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 05A.mp3

18.71 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 05B.mp3

18.44 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 06A.mp3

20.95 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 06B.mp3

20.57 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 07A.mp3

20.79 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 07B.mp3

20.01 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 08A.mp3

20.24 MB

  James Grippando - The Informant 08B.mp3

18.38 MB

 James Grippando - Under Cover Of Darkness

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 01.mp3

48.33 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 02.mp3

48.68 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 03.mp3

48.95 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 04.mp3

49.14 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 05.mp3

49.33 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 06.mp3

49.07 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 07.mp3

45.51 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 08.mp3

50.34 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 09.mp3

47.27 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 10.mp3

45.96 MB

  James Grippando - Under Cover of Darkness CD 11.mp3

45.10 MB


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Torrent description

Head on over TODAY and become a member of our exciting new site for the BEST in audiobook, ebooks and ALL things for the musician such as sheets,music books, instructional videos, etc. See you there!

Jack Swyteck Series

1. The Pardon

Jack Swyteck is a young Miami lawyer defending death row inmates while leading a personal life that could fill Cupid’s Guide to Love and War (Idiot’s Edition). Things don’t always go smoothly for Jack and Cindy Paige, but Jack knows she is the one for him - and so does a sadistic psychopath. Two years ago, Jack’s father, the law-and-order governor of Florida, sent a man to the electric chair even though he was Jack’s client, and even though Jack insisted that the man was innocent. Now, a mysterious stranger driven by revenge is blackmailing Harry and stalking Jack and Cindy, claiming that he can prove the governor executed an innocent man.

2. Beyond Suspicion

After six exciting thrillers in seven years, bestselling author James Grippando is at last bringing back the main character from his blockbuster debut novel, The Pardon. Miami lawyer Jack Swyteck is in trouble. With more than a decade of experience in the criminal courts, Jack doesn't handle many civil cases. But this one is different. His exgirlfriend is being sued because she thought she was going to die. When Jessie Merrill was diagnosed with a deadly disease, she worked a deal with an insurance company to get cash fast. In exchange, a group of wealthy investors were supposed to collect on the policy at her death. But Jessie was misdiagnosed, and the investors want their money back. Now. At the trial, Jack pulls off a brilliant victory and Jessie gets to keep the USD1.5 million from the investors. Two days later, her body turns up in Jack's bathtub. As the evidence mounts against him, Jack finds himself on a collision course with dark secrets from the past and a possible killer who is beyond suspicion.

3. Last To Die

Tatum Knight is a former contract killer. Ruthless. Conniving. And he's Jack's newest client. Tatum is the older brother of Jack's best friend, Theo. Theo himself spent time on death row until Jack found the evidence to prove him innocent. Jack isn't so sure about Tatum. A gorgeous young woman has been shot dead in her Mercedes on a Miami street. Tatum denies that he had anything to do with it, but he admits to Jack that he did meet with her in Theo's bar, where she tried to hire him. Sally Fenning was worth forty-eight million dollars when she died. Money had never made her happy, so she left it all to her enemies - left it for them to fight over, that is. She named six heirs in her will, but there's a catch: No one gets a penny until all but one of the heirs are dead. It's survival of the greediest. Quickly the lawyers gear up for a bitter legal battle, but Jack braces himself for much worse. He alone knows that heir number six - Tatum Knight - is a professional killer. As the heirs begin to fall, Jack and his unforgettable sidekick, Theo, are in a race against time to discover if Tatum is behind all the killing. Or is someone even mor

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